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Proverbs 1 GOD'S WORD® Translation King David’s Son Solomon Writes Down The Disciplines & Applied Knowledge Of Wisdom​ Given From God 1The proverbs ​[short statements of truth or general advice] ​of ​Solomon​, ​David​'s son who was ​king of Israel​, [given]

Definitions Of These Proverbs & How They Are Applied 1. 2 to ​grasp​ ​wisdom​ and ​discipline​, 2. to u ​ nderstand​ ​deep thoughts​, 3. 3 to a​ cquire​ the ​discipline of wise behavior​a. righteousness​ and j​ ustice​ and ​fairness​4. 4 to ​give​ ​insight​ ​to gullible people​, 5. to ​give​ ​knowledge​ and ​foresight​ t​ o the young​6. 5 a ​wise person​ will ​listen​ and ​continue​ to ​learn​, 7. and an ​understanding​ p ​ erson​ will ​gain​ ​direction​6to ​understand​ ​a proverb and a clever saying​, the ​words​ of ​wise people​ and ​their​ ​riddles​. [when you study these Proverbs the above is what you can expect to gain.]

The Main Purpose To Have Knowledge And ​Wisdom ● 7 The​ fear​ of the ​LORD ​is ​the beginning​ of ​knowledge​. ● Stubborn fools​ ​despise​ ​wisdom​ and ​discipline​. [​Fearing the Lord is fearing His judgment on your life. Once you realize He is who you answer to you will want to not have His wrath or punishment placed on you. This is the first part of knowledge. This will have you searching the scriptures on what to do next. The very first thing to do is to give your life over to Jesus Christ. That alone is Wisdom and is the very beginning of your knowledge from that point forward. Applying Wisdom, having discipline to turn from sin and repent, will allow you to not become a stubborn fool. You will see the end results of stubborn fools in this book of Proverbs.]

A Parent’s Order Given To Their Son With Reasoning 1. 8 ​My son​, ​listen​ to ​your father's​ ​discipline​, 2. and ​do not​ ​neglect​ ​your mother's​ ​teachings​, Reasoning:​ 9 because ​discipline​ and ​teachings​ are a ​graceful garland​ on ​your head​ and a​ ​[golden] chain around ​your neck​.

A Father’s Right Hook Warnings To His Son Order:​ ​10​My son​, if ​sinners​ ​lure​ ​you​, d ​ o not go along​. Example​: 11 If ​they​ say, "Come with ​us​. ​Let's​ ​set an ambush​ to ​kill ​someone​. ​Let'​s ​hide​ to ​ambush innocent people​ for fun. 12​We'll​ s​ wallow​ ​them ​alive like the ​grave​, like ​those in good health​ who go into the ​pit​. 13​We'll​ find all kinds of ​valuable possessions​. ​We'll ​fill ​our homes​ with ​stolen goods​. 14Join ​us​. We'll ​split the loot​ equally." Order:​ ​15 ​My son​, ​do not follow​ them​ in ​their​ way. ​Do not​ ​even set foot​ on ​their​ path, Reasoning:​ 16because ​they​ ​rush to do evil​ and ​hurry to shed blood​. 17 It ​does no good​ to spread a net within the sight of any bird. 18 But ​these people​ ​set an ambush​ for ​their own​ ​murder. Result:​ ​They ​go into ​hiding​ only to ​lose​ ​their lives​. 19 ​This is​ what happens to ​everyone who​ is ​greedy for unjust gain​. ​Greed​ takes away ​his life​.

Wisdom​’s Location During These Warnings 1. 20 ​Wisdom​ ​sings her song​ in the streets​. 2. In the ​public squares​ ​she raises her voice​. 3. 21 At the ​corners of​ ​noisy streets​ ​she calls out​. 4. At the ​entrances to the city​ ​she speaks her words​, [In today’s modern world, what do you see on street corners, public squares, off turnpikes into the city? These are modern cities today with the same problems from thousands of years ago. Not only do you see people with situations in their life asking for help, but you also see Churches they also call out to you. Ask yourself how would it be wise to avoid that same suffering? Seek the Lord for daily guidance on everything.]

Why Do You Not Listen To ​Wisdom​? ● 22"​How long​ will ​you gullible people​ love being ​so gullible​? ● How long​ will ​you mockers​ find joy in​ your​ ​mocking​? ● How long​ will ​you fools​ ​hate​ ​knowledge​? [Again the beginning of knowledge is to fear the Lord. The immediate part after that is to know that the Lord sent you a gift in the form of a man named Jesus Christ who died for your sins. Why are people still off on their own paths of gullible false believes?]

Here Is ​Wisdom​’s Advice For You

Wisdom: 1. 23 "​Turn to​ ​me ​when​ I​ ​warn​ y​ ou​. 2. I​ ​will generously​ ​pour out​ ​my spirit ​for ​you. 3. I ​will make​ ​my words ​known​ to ​you. [This wise advice from Wisdom is to Turn to Jesus Christ Himself! He will pour out the Holy Spirit on you and also make His Word known to you!]

Wisdom​’s Right & Left Hook Warnings To You 1. 24 " ​I​ ​called​,​ and ​you ​refused​ ​to listen​. 2. I ​stretched out​ ​my hands ​to ​you​,​ and n ​ o one​ ​paid attention​. ​[where were Jesus’ hands on the cross?] 3. 25 ​You​ ​ignored​ all ​my ​advice​. 4. You​ ​did not want​ ​me​ to ​warn ​you​. 5. 26​ I ​will laugh​ at ​your​ ​calamity​. 6. I​ ​will make fun​ of ​you​ when ​panic strikes​ ​you​, a. 27 when ​panic strikes​ ​you​ like ​a violent storm​, b. when ​calamity strikes​ ​you​ like ​a wind storm​, c. when ​trouble and anguish​ come to ​you. 7. 28 "​They ​will ​call​ to ​me​ at that time, but​ I ​will not​ answer. 8. They​ ​will ​look for ​me​, but ​they​ ​will​ n ​ ot​ find ​me​, 9. 29 because ​they​ ​hated​ ​knowledge 10. and ​did not​ ​choose the ​fear​ of the ​LORD​. 11. 30 ​They​ ​refused​ ​my ​advice​. 12. They ​despised​ ​my ​every warning. [We never know when our time is up here on this Earth. When at that moment you know you will no longer have another day or even minute to live, it may be too late for you. You will want to give your life over to Jesus right now if you have not done so already.]

Some Of The Results Of Refusing ​Wisdom ● 31 ​They​ ​will ​eat the fruit​ of ​their ​lifestyle​. ● They​ ​will be​ stuffed with ​their own​ ​schemes. ● 32 "​Gullible people​ ​kill​ ​themselves​ because of ​their​ ​turning away​. ● Fools​ ​destroy​ ​themselves​ because of ​their​ i​ ndifference. [A fool’s own lifestyle, schemes, and turning away because of the indifference Jesus brings to their lifestyle structure will be their end. A fool is very gullible for following another religious idol in their life that pushes them away from God.]

Listen To ​Wisdom​ To Be Free 33But ​whoever​ ​listens to​ ​me ​will ​live without worry​ and ​will ​be free from​ the ​dread of disaster​." ​[Jesus is this peace.]

QUICK SUMMARY: ● King David’s Son Solomon Writes Down ​The Disciplines & Applied Knowledge Of ​Wisdom​ Given From God ● Definitions Of These ​Proverbs & How They Are Applied ● The Main Purpose To ​Have Knowledge And ​Wisdom ● A ​Parent’s Order Given To Their Son​ With Reasoning ● A Father’s ​Right Hook Warnings​ To His Son ● Wisdom​’s Location​ During These Warnings ● Why Do You Not ​Listen To ​Wisdom​? ● Here Is ​Wisdom​’s Advice​ For You ● Wisdom​’s ​Right & Left Hook Warnings​ To You ● Some Of The ​Results Of Refusing​ ​Wisdom ● Listen To ​Wisdom​ To Be Free

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Proverbs 1  

The book of Proverbs chapter 1 study guide by 2COR4.

Proverbs 1  

The book of Proverbs chapter 1 study guide by 2COR4.

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