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AUG 2014



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Muse: Daragan Natalia Make-up and Hairstyle: Marc Sole Styling: Eulaie Martin

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BCN Talents

editorial_ Daragan

International Model & Talent Management email: info@bcntalents.com

Martyna Gumula



Martyna Gumuła was born in September 14, 1988 in a small countryside. She graduated from Wyższa Szkoła Humanistyczna in Gdańsk, where she studied journalism and PR. She’s been a devoted artistic photographer for five years and a lover of fashion photography for a year. Martyna tries to present the original way of doing the whole work. She’s dedicated, persistent and ambitious in pursuit of her own dreams. Martyna wasn’t looking for it, photography found her itself, in moments of sadness or despair she took the camera. Later she became overwhelmed with fascination for women, trying to reveal their souls she dipped in art photography creating her own style of capturing moments and post-production, few years later she started to search the completely new way until she was fascinated by beautiful simplicity, so she started to learn and create her own fashion portfolio. She says, that she will never be perfect, because there’s nothing worse than self-aggrandizement, you should learn during the whole life. She was also publicated in such magazines as Invited Magazine, Confashion Magazine, LaMode Info, Live & Travel, Prestiż, Nous Magazine, Positive Magazine, Modo Magazine, Invision Magazine, Vogue It. Martyna takes photographs from passion and with passion. When you ask her a question, whom she would like to be for the whole life, she answers that she can’t imagine her life without what she does now – photography.

Martyna Gumula Martyna Gumula



editorial_ Ever sea mal

Eva Corbella



editorial_ Ever mal

email: martyna_gumula@vp.pl


Studied Visual Arts and Photography in Spain, in 1998 he took up photography, with its first analog SLR camera, located in Barcelona has won several major awards for photography. Used to live on the Costa Brava in Spain, and watch the sunset near the sea, he thought of making editorial fashion and transmit the glimpses of sun. The publisher was a personal project, a team of nine professional fashion models, stylist, makeup artists and hairdressers. When I proposed my project, the team quickly got the idea from the publisher. For this we have three designers Fashion, ready-to-wear, lingerie and leather shoes, spanish. From fashion runways, where the most prestigious models parade clothing designer Esther Noriega, footwear Paco Herrero and elegant and sophisticated lingerie of suggestiveness designer, we have created the perfect symbiosis of elegance and combined sophistication with tissues Wild West. Some prom dresses, fringe and leather mixed with steel fittings and metal get to see the sunset. We chose the location east of Madrid, between fields and cornfields in a scenario where all soft and warm sunset colors blend. The powerful light highlights the beauty of the models with the ideal makeup colors of the earth. "There is only one way of seeing and expressing light"

Eva Corbella Eva Corbella



email: eva_corbella@hotmail.com

editorial_ Fashion Country and Sunset editorial_ Made in Spain





email: tapisha.janna@gmail.com



Nicole Marcelli


editorial_ Bad Lands

Pavel Parshin


editorial_Russian Punk

Pavel Parshin was born in Moscow, Russia. After graduating from University of Technology was searching for himself, and finally selected photography. There is no place for monotony and boredom. He works in Beauty, Fashion, Portreit . 23 april 2011 was opened his first personal exhibition about the inner beauty “Pain. Silence. Joy». Languages you speak: Russian, English Country/address: Russian Federation, Moscow email: mail@pavelparshin.ru

Yuji Watanabel



editorial_Mon Amour

I am a photographer currently based in Paris. I was born in Japan in 1987. I studied photography in New York. I moved to Paris 2012. My hobby is listening music. Inspiration is everywhere, but I always check Tim Walker and Paolo Roversi’s work.! !Languages I speak / English, Japanese! ! Country/ Address / France, 54 Avenue D’Italie, 75013, Paris! email: yujiwatanabe.tbr@gmail.com


Muse: Daragan Natalia & BCN Talents Stylism : Eulalie Martin Make up & Hair: Marc Sole

Daragan Photography by Tito Lopez

Dress and accesoriesStylist privat collection

Dress by Jorge Terra acesories own stylist

Dress by Jorge Terra acesories own stylist

Clothes and accesories by Eulaie Martin


Bress by Jorge Terra accesories by Stylist privat collection

EVER SEA MAL Photography by Martyna Gumula

Martyna Gumula

Necklace: Bershka / Peral bracelet & ring: Bijou-Brigitte / Fabric bracelet Mango


Photography by Eva Corbella

Shorts: Stradivarius / Necklace: Bershka / Pearl bracelet & ring: Bijou-brigitte /Fabric bracelet : Mango /Belt: El Corte InglĂŠs

Muse: Jaika Lumbreras Alicia Conde Make up & Hairstyle: Toni Espada Isabel Saura Elen Sanchez Styling: Merche Cruz Assistant camera: J.E.Bermejo

Bodice: Esther Noriega / Necklace: Albahabha / Brecelets:Mango / Ring: Bijou-brigitte

Cowgirl Clothing: Stradivarius / Vest: Bershka / Necklace: Bershka / Belt:Primark / Brecelets: Leather artisanal Designer

Bodice: Esther Noriega Necklace: Albahabha Metal bracelet:Primark Pearl bracelet & ring :Bijoubrigitte Fabric Bracelet: Mango Shoes:Paco Herrero Designer

Leather Dress: Esther Noriega Designer / Bracelets Accessories: Primark / Necklace: Stradivarius

Denim vest: New Yorker / Skirt: Zara / Pendant feather & Bracelet: Bijou-brigitte / Belt: Surkana

Leather Dress: Esther Noriega / Necklace: Bershka / Brecelets: Stradivarius


Modelo Rubia: Veronica Castrillo Modelo Morena: Rocio Zeta Dise単adora: Inma Castrejon Estilista: Merche Cruz MUAH: Tony Espada e Isabel Saura

Photography by Eva Corbella

Made in Spain / moda flamenca de la dsie単adora Inma Castrejon.

Eva Corbella




Photography by Janna Kuzko


Muse: Ochur-ool San Muah:Tatiana Obukhova Hair stylist: Kamenskaya Valeria Muah:Tatiana Obukhova


LOVE MAL Photography by Martyna Gumula

Martyna Gumula

Muse: Lauren Hogue @ Donna Baldwin Agency Makeup & Hair: Jessica Rowell Fashion Designer: J-Chan’s Designs Wardrobe Stylist: J-Chan’s Designs Jewelry Designer: Basteroid (Canadian Private Label) bstrd.com Location: Paint Mines Interpretive Park (Calhan, Colorado)

Bad lands Photography by Nicole Marcelli

Gold Rose dress: J-Chan’s Designs Swarvoski Fringe Necklace in Silver worn as Face-chain: Bstrd Silk-wrap Bracelet in Brown: Bstrd Rose Gold Hand-chain: Bstrd

Cerulean Peacock Halter & Sheer Skirt: J-Chan’s Designs Seeing Double Necklace set in Silver worn as Headpiece: Bstrd Silk-wrap Bracelets with Antique Silver in Brown, Sea, Burnt Purple & Blue: Bstrd Silver-plated Necklace worn as bracelt: Bstrd

Multi-Color Cropped Body-con: J-Chan’s Designs Silk-wrap Bracelet in Burnt Purple: Bstrd Prayer Hand-chain: Bstrd

Nicole Marcelli

QUÉ ES Punto de encuentro de artistas, fotógrafos y modelos, donde relacionarse, enriquecer conocimientos, aumentar contactos y compartir experiencias en fotografía, pintura, escultura y audiovisuales, aunando trabajo, ocio y descanso con amigos y compañeros en el marco incomparable de la ciudad Salamanca los próximos días 12, 13 y 14 de septiembre de 2014 Spain Art OpenHouse Salamanca será el Contenedor Transparente, escaparate internacional, donde el esfuerzo y el trabajo diario, saldrá a luz, exponiendo los resultados de años de experiencia, profesionalidad y dotes Servirá para adquirir nuevos conocimientos, técnicas y materiales para desempeño de las Artes. Se mostrará de una manera fácil y rápida, el trabajo de empresas y artistas, tanto a los profesionales como al público en general, acercando el arte de todos y para todos CUANDO Congresdo Internacional Spain Art OpenHouse Salamanca se celebrarán los días 12, 13 y 14 de septiembre 2014, fechas que coinciden con las Ferias y Fiestas de Salamanca de las cuales habrá tiempo para disfrutar de sus teatros, concierto, casetas, toros, espectáculos y su variada gastronomía DÓNDE ES Calle Segunda 43, 37188 El Montalvo III Salamanca Tel. +34 696 800 600 - +34 923 197 920 www.open-house.es centrodenegocios@open-house.es

Salamanca que enhechiza la voluntad de volver a ella a todos los que la apacibilidad de su vivienda han gustado. Advierte hija m铆a, que estas en Salamanca. Que es llamada en todo el mundo madre de las ciencias. Y que de ordinario cursan en ella y habitan diez o doce mil estudiantes Gente moza, antojadiza, arrojada, libre aficionada, gastadora, discreta, diab贸lica y de buen humo... Miguel de Cervantes

Muse: Aleksandra Baryshnikova Make-Up and Hair: Irina Pavlova http://pavlovamua.ru Style: Angelika Ivanova http://angelikaivanova.ru

Design Studio «StudandSpike”: Jeans, pants, shorts, skirt, top, waistcoat. Yadviga Locika: Tutu skirt, perforated top and crop top. Sunglasses: Julia Che Jewellery - Giani Inspirations

RUSSIAN PUNK Photography by Pavel Parshin


Shirt : Alibellus+ Flower jacket and striped pants : Roberto Collina Double silver ring : Bijules Necklace : Maxime Llorens Green pony skin clutch with spider.

Mon Amour

Photography by Yuji Watanabel

Muse: Aleksandra Tsyganenko @Women Management Styling : Marine Souq Hair : Yumiko Hikage Make-Up : Yoana TG Post-Production : Ismael Villar

Jacket : Venera Arapu Print leather belt : Patrizia Pepe Pants : Byungmun Seo Leather and metal shoes : Tsolo Munkh Large silver ring : 14C JWLS Double silver rings : Bijules.

Duchess satin dress : Corrie Nielsen Black linen coat : Araisara Blue and beige nylon stockings : Nicolas Messina Gold ant brooch : Bernard Delettrez Leather boots : VIC MATIE, Bag : Patrizia Pepe.

Transparent top : Hofmann Leather jacket : Jitrois.

Sleeveless jacket : Sasha Kanevski, black leather top : Jitrois, red & orange flower jacket : Roberto Collina, red aluminium cuff : AND_i, bee bronze bracelet : Bernard Delettrez.

black and orange embroidered dress: Jonathan Liang printed shirt : Venera Arapu leather belt : Jitrois Butterfly ring : Bernard Delettrez.

Transparent dress : Is Not Dead silkscreened bicolor dress : Basil Soda earrings and silver ring with pearl : Bijules dark ring : 14C JWLS.

Black & red printed dress : Venera Arapu Skirt : JI OH long wool skirt : Is Not Dead braid cuff : Maxime Llorens.

Yuji Watanabe

Body : Sasha Kanevski Flower Jacket : Dirk Bikkembergs Oversize coat : Byungmun Seo Silver necklace : Bernard Delettrez.

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