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Martcos Domingo Sanchez

Raised by a father photographer, his passion for photography comes out very early. After his studies of architecture he goes to live in Barcelona at the age of 22. It is here that he takes his first steps as a professional photographer although it will be in Milan, in the year 2000, when his career starts to take off. He works as an assistant to still life photographer Luca Ugolini and for the Publicity Agency Boutique Creativa, which allows him to work for clients as Giacomini, Prisma, Klewe, Selection Top, Osram, Gordon’s, Universal Music, YKK and others. In 2004 he starts as a freelancer and opens his own studio in Milan, turning his interest towards fashion photography. He gets to work with the major model agencies in Milan, like Why Not, Beatrice Models, Fashion, Riccardo Gay etc. In February 2006 he moves on to Paris to be able to express through his photography his critical vision on political, religious and social life. As customers, he never stopped collaborating since his early years with the multinational TOTAL on various advertisement campaigns; he was responsible for the campaign of a big Italian political party coordinated by Milan Agency Parisi Ferrandi; he realised the 2006 calendar “Fight against AIDS” for 3 organizations in Italy, France and Spain; he has done a campaign for Home Shop Barcelona and various adverts in Italian fashion magazines; several expositions in Paris; among his customers are Different fashion magazines like Vanity Fair and DAMAN Magazine Indonesia. Actually Marcos has opened his own studio, production company and artistic platform in Barcelona, DeeBee Creative Group,through which he works as an art director, photographer and videographer.

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