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Ata Kam

KAM is a New York / Istanbul based studio, established in 2010 by Atalay Yeni, working on a wide variety of projects, focusing mainly on Photography. KAM STUDIO aims to go beyond what’s in our minds and in the clients’ minds when they start a project, to take the challenge a little further both in terms of technique and of concept, and to always end up with a contemporary and fresh result. Ata Kam has a fascinating point of view which is revealed in his photographs.Regardless whether he shoots fashion, people, landscapes or creates shots from his travels his captured points in time and on specific locations are showing a feel of casual observation and reality. His images are not just shots which show life but they basically are life and the world around us themselves. In photography what he ultimately interested in is that moment of transcendence, where one is transported into another place, into a perfect, still world or it’s own nature.

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