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01. General At first, thank you for purchasing Phenick Field (ICAO: CCA1)! The airfield is located nearby Newark, Ohio. Nowadays it doesn‘t exist anymore but it provides a nice environment for flights in the area, lovely surrounded by fields and forests. Phenick Field is inspired by Bill Lyon‘s famous FS2004 scenery portraying the 1930s. Therefore we added some details from that time, for example a 1934 Ford Model B pick-up. Check out the section „features“ for more details.

02. Installation Unzip the .zip-file you received after purchasing Phenick Field There‘s one .exe included and one .zip-file, both contain the same version of Phenick Field. Some people feel more comfortable doing a manual installation. Either extract the included .zip-file to your FSX main folder or run the installer which will guide you through the installation process. You need to accept the EULA (installation step or page of this manual) The installer will automatically create a shortcut to the „Phenick Field Manager“ on your desktop. If you installed Phenick Field manually, check out the section „Phenick Field Manager“ for further instructions. After a successful installation of Phenick Field the following files are created in your FSX main folder: [FSX dir]\Addon Scenery\Phenick Field [FSX dir]\Addon Scenery\Phenick Field\scenery\* [FSX dir]\Addon Scenery\Phenick Field\texture\* [FSX dir]\Addon Scenery\Phenick Field\Phenick Field Manager.exe [FSX dir]\Addon Scenery\Phenick Field\Phenick Field Manual.pdf

03. Scenery Library [FSX dir]\Effects\Cntrl_29Palms_PF.fx [FSX dir]\Effects\fx_29Palms_aa.fx [FSX dir]\Effects\fx_29Palms_bird.fx [FSX dir]\Effects\fx_29Palms_fa.fx [FSX dir]\Effects\fx_29Palms_fmb.fx [FSX dir]\Scenery\World\Scenery\29Palms_CCA1_ALT.BGL [FSX dir]\Sound\29Palms_PF_AirfieldAmbient.wav [FSX dir]\Sound\29Palms_PF_Bird.wav [FSX dir]\Sound\29Palms_PF_FMB.wav [FSX dir]\Sound\29Palms_PF_ForestAmbient.wav [FSX dir]\29Palms I Uninstal Phenick Field FSX.exe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Info: Uninstalling Phenick Field If you installed the scenery manually, delete the scenery in FSX‘s scenery library prior deleting all files above. Phenick Field is deinstalled. If you installed the scenery using the installer, delete the scenery in FSX‘s scenery library prior running the Uninstaller: [FSX dir]\29Palms I Uninstal Phenick Field FSX.exe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After installing Phenick Field either manually or automatically you have to add it to the scenery library. • Run Flight Simulator X and go to Settings -> Scenery Library. • Click on Add Area. • Navigate to the [FSX dir]\Addon Scenery folder. • Select the Phenick Field folder and click OK. • The folder will be entered and the folders scenery and texture appear. Click OK again if you‘re not using Windows 7. • Windows 7 users: Instead of clicking OK, click anywhere in the white space of the browser because there‘s a bug with FSX under Windows 7. • Phenick Field will now be displayed at the top of the list. • You‘re ready to fly! Go to the „Free Flight“ menu and search for the airport name (Phenick Field) or the ICAO code (CCA1).


04. Features Phenick Field contains a lot of specials and eyecandies. First of all the airfield is equipped with VOLUMETRIC GRASS which is a feature rarely seen in flight simulator add-ons. The idea behind volumetric grass is to create the illusion of three dimensions by placing partly transparent textures above each other, in this case ten to twenty. If you‘re interested in how this process works, check out the ‚Developers Corner‘:

Another feature are DETAILED TREES. They are no simple trees like normally seen in FSX landscape. Every tree consists of modelled branches and a realistic looking log. They‘re located nearby the main buildings on Phenick Field, have custom shadows and change their colour depending on the selected season. Below are screenshots of the design process and in game to give you an idea of how they‘re modeled and how they finally look in FSX. To provide best performance, the trees still have a low polygon count.

As 29Palms designed Phenick 1930s-style, the scenery contains some sweet eyecandies from that time such as the „Ford Model B“.

Volumetric grass brings a new realistic feeling to small airports and airfields. Check out the section „Phenick Field Manager“ for further instructions on how to chose between levels of detail. Below are two screenshots of how volumetric grass looks like in FSX.

Animated Car Traffic livens the street around the main buildings up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------An airfield is never quite, it lives as its surroundings do. Therefore Ambient Sounds care for a real 1930s experience: • • • •

Forrest Ambient (birds twittering) Airfield Ambient (engine noise) Fly-Bys (about every three to five minutes) Radio playing music

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A „Fly-Through Barn“ is also located at Phenick to give you a nice adrenaline rush because flying through it (with crash activated of course) is a real challenge. Besides that car traffic and fences cross the flightpath so get ready to test your skills! Tip: Chose your aircraft wisely. 03

Besides animated car traffic further animations make Phenick Field even more realistic. The main hangar features Animated Gates. They‘re opened by default and can be closed during dawn, day and dusk. All gates are closed during the night. To open the gates, simply tune to NAV 112.00. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Phenick Field has been designed having performance always in mind. Therefore a program is included that gives you the opportunity to control every performance related object in the scenery, the Phenick Field Manager. Please read the 5th chapter for further information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Besides High Resolution Textures Phenick offers you another feature, the so called Texture Baking. Texture baking is the process to „bake“ special conditions into a texture using a 3D-Design program which is able to do rendering. You can see an example below. Pay attention to how the light fades and even the fridge is properly lit. Every object in the scenery has texture baking applied. So even if you‘ve shadows switched off in FSX you‘ll still have nice shadow casting in Phenick and this doesn‘t affect performance in any way because its a condition that the texture itself holds. But because of that, shadows don‘t move depending on the sun.

Phenick Field isn‘t located in a dessert (as the brand „29Palms“ could suggest). Ohio has seasons and so has Phenick. The scenery provides Seasonal Textures: Summer, fall and winter. Not only the custom made Groundpolygon is optimized for optimal texture blending. It may happen that you can‘t find the way back to Phenick Field because it integrates perfectly into the landscape. Phenick is surrounded by a forest which is not just simple autogen, every single tree is either placed by hand or by a technique directly inside the 3D-design program to provide a realistic look. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------An Animated Flag indicates wind speed and heading. It has a total of 18 conditions: Wind velocity: low - medium - high. Wind heading: 0° - 60° - 120° - 180° - 240° - 300°. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Two Static Aircrafts breathe even more life into the airfield. One is located inside the main hangar covered by a blancket, the other one stands right outside the gates undergoing maintenance by an Animated Mechanic. => simply feel the passion for detail - at Phenick!


05. The „Phenick Field Manager“ This scenery includes a program that allows you to control different options in terms of performance. If you used the installation program, a shortcut is automatically placed on your desktop. The program is located in “[FSX dir]/Addon Scenery/Phenick Field/Phenick Field Manager.exe”. Do not move the program to a different directory as it won’t work anymore. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• Volumetric Grass [on/off] [low/high] This option controls whether volumetric grass is activated. Unless you don’t have a powerful system, keep it off or at low quality. On systems that operate Windows XP and/or older graphics cards volumetric grass may cause rendering problems. If you notice this behavior first try to switch it off, if that doesn’t help contact our support. • Detailed Trees [on/off] This option controls whether detailed trees are activated. Detailed trees are located nearby buildings such as the gas station. They may affect performance. • Static Aircraft [on/off] This option controls whether static aircrafts are activated. There are two static aircrafts located at Phenick Field, one inside the main hangar and the other outside with an animated mechanic working on it. Those static aircraft are highly detailed and therefore may affect performance. • Ambient Sounds [on/off] This option controls whether ambient sounds are activated. Around the main objects twittering of birds, airport ambient sounds and sometimes fly-bys are audible if you have “Environment Sounds” activated in the “Sound” settings of FSX.

• Textures [High Resolution Textures / Low Resolution Textures] This option controls whether high resolution or low resolution textures are activated. If you have an older graphics card consider using low resolution textures if you experience problems with textures taking time to pop up. • Animated Traffic [on/off] This option controls whether animated traffic is activated. There are two cars driving on the road around Phenick Field. Having this option activated may affect performance. • Seasons [summer + spring / fall / winter] This option controls the seasons as FSX is limited in doing it automatically. There’s another feature implemented that reminds you of what season is currently activated directly in FSX. When selecting “Phenick Field” as the current location in the “Free Flight” menu of the FSX main page, the selected season appears in brackets after the airport name. This isn’t directly shown in the “Go To Airport” menu because of FSX limitations so you have to click “OK” to get the current season displayed.

• Done If you selected everything that you wanted, exit the program by clicking on the “Done” button. The program stores the settings and shows them again on its next start. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To ensure that the manager works correctly, do not rename, move or edit any of the files that are contained in the “Phenick Field” folder. If you want to edit the AFCAD please contact us first for further instructions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Specifications: Microsoft NET Framerwork 4.0 is recommended to run the „Phenick Field Manager“. We can‘t ensure that the program runs properly on older frameworks. If you have problems running the program please contact our support:


06. End User License Agreement The purchaser understands that by installing this product that they agree to the stipulation that this product remains the sole property of Twentynine Palms Scenery Design that they may not copy, alter or redistribute the software without express written permission of Twentynine Palms Scenery Design. Copyright march 23 2012 all rights reserved

07. Special Thanks Special thanks go to: • Golden Age Simulations • The FSDeveloper community • Arno Gerretsen for his incomparable support for not only me but the whole flight simulator community. • Jon Patch • Jörg Dannenberg • Paul Corish

08. 29Palms Freeware Twentynine Palms Scenery Design also release „San Pedro de Atacama“ as freeware for FS9 and FSX. San Pedro de Atacama is situated in the Atacama Dessert, Chile. Features: • • • • •

high resolution textures baked textures on many objects realistic vegetation large groundpolygon with details added animations (car traffic, reading man)

Download: @ Twentynine Palms Scenery Design


[29Palms] Phenick Field Manual  

This is the manual for Phenick Field. The scenery is for FSX only and published by Twentynine Palms Scenery Design.

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