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Category II The primary education system in India is abysmal and it’s deteriorating day by day, which leads to illiteracy and poverty in the country. What do you think are the reasons behind the poor primary education system? How do you suggest approaching this problem to improve the primary education system in India?

Education is always a topic for a heated debate since independence. Even the framers of the constitution had this point in mind while framing the constitution. Primary Education is the backbone of the future engineers, doctors, lawyers etc. & indirectly of the economy of any nation. India is still considered to be a developing country in spite of the fact that it has great people with great brains to run the entire people. It can be easily seen from the concept of the brain drain to developed countries. The concern for the primary education is not a new concept; it was already given concern in early 19th century when India was still under the colonial rule by Sri Dadabhai Naoroji, but it could not turned to be in reality till now. The main issue with our education system is the subject of education is kept under concurrent list and state & center both are free to make arrangements for the same. Now if we look in reality then we see in 28 states & 9 Union territories the main role is played by the state while the center only helps in financial aid & other necessities. There are very less primary schools like K.V & Army Public Schools, which are under purview of center government. Even state governments have several plans and schemes to uplift the standards of the primary education but the problem arises in the implementation of such kind of schemes & plans. State machinery is a total failure to implement such kind of schemes & plans. No proper check is maintained to see the working of such kind of schemes. Another problem is with attitude of the teachers towards the students who come from rural background. They are looked upon as they can’t study & are meant for only household work or some domestic work. Language used to communicate with students in Governments schools is another problem. Most important factor, which is responsible for the bad primary education in present context, is division of standards education among the private schools &Government schools. In private school the standard of education is much higher than the government schools as to give competition to the other private schools. Even the salary of the teachers are much good than the teachers in government schools. The attitude of the teachers due to job security in government schools is the most important factor, which I think is responsible for the bad standards of primary education in India. Eligible people don’t join the job of a teacher to educate the children but to secure their future. Even the free primary education will not play any role in improvement of education system unless it is implemented or regulated by the authority. New amendment has made reservation in private institutions for free education up to primary level but it is sad to come to an conclusion that it will again create differences among the students who is studying free & who is paying huge amounts.

The only solution to the uplift the standards of the primary education are to make it uniform all over the country. A great role needed to be played by the regulating authority in checking the working of various schemes under it. Even awareness among the poor who don’t know about the free primary education should be brought in picture. Last but not the least the attitude of teachers to be changed for a brighter India.

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The primary education system in India is abysmal and its deteriorating day by day which leads to illiteracy and poverty in the country. What...

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