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“WE WANT JUSTICE..WE WANT JUSTICE..WE WANT JUSTICE” These were the words from each Indian after brutal gang rape on 16th December night which awaked sleepy India. There were rallies, gatherings in each street, village city crying for justice. Is this because it was in national capital? In a country where a rape is reported every 21 minutes, even these most horrific of crimes soon get forgotten - except by the victims and their families. Who cares for them? They are left to fight their long lonely battles for justice which, more often than not, is denied to them. There are enough laws in the constitution which contribute to women empowerment and upliftment, eg: Reservation in parliament(women reservation bill,2010),dowry is punishable under (Dowry Prohibition Act) framed in 1961, helpline numbers and fast track support against domestic violence(Domestic violence act 2005),reservation in jobs, The Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill, 2010, Factory act which allows women to work in night shift from 10 p.m to 6 a.m, Still the scenario has not changed, according to reports 5,000 women die each year because of dowry deaths, and at least a dozen die each day in 'kitchen fires' thought to be intentional, the incidence of violence against women in the home has climbed by nearly 11%,eve teasing in public places continues fearlessly, and if found guilty provision of maximum jail sentence of three months The law to protect women from violence at home has fallen short of meeting its purpose by 100% in Delhi. Of the 14,887 cases filed under the Domestic Violence Act, a central law, since 2007, the courts have failed to settle even one. CONCLUSION: As it is rightly said “You are what you think”. Our actions, behaviour are controlled by thoughts. According to me there is more need to focus on changing the mindset of what people think. Implementing new laws and policies will help not more than one percent of applicants. As every coin has two sides, if harsh rules are made they may be misused as law shows lot of sympathy towards women. So, in my view there must come an amendment which equalizes the burden of proof on both the sides and the law works smoothly. We need to think other day it can be our sister, teaching a girl how to dress we should teach a boy how to behave. “We need good conscience and the right education for everyone in India”. We are to blame ourselves instead of blaming each other.

Shivansh Sharma - Himachal Pradesh - Essay 2  

The whole country raised its voice against recent Delhi gang rape. While in the short run, protests have pressurized the government to speed...