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Ewa’s trip of lifetime By Ewa Marczuk

Hawaii, Honolulu

Australia, Sydney

Kenya, Malindi


My Journey Hello everyone, my name is Ewa. One of my dreams is to go to Kenya, Australia and Hawaii. I will sail there on my yacht. The whole journey will take me about four months!


Kenya - Malindi Malindi is one of the African cities near the sea and its population is around 70,000 citizens. The trip from Seoul to Malindi will take about 40 days. To get there from Korea I will have to cross the China Sea, then the Pacific Ocean, then the tiny cross through the Timor Sea and finally the Indian Ocean. I chose Malindi because it’s nice and hot there. You can go to some beaches and see the coral reef. Also I would like to see the Pillar of Vasco da Gama.


Australia -Sydney Sydney is a city on the south east coast of Australia. Its population is about 4.6 million citizens. To get there from Kenya I will only have to cross the Indian Ocean but it will take me around 40 days!

I would like to see the Sydney Opera House, I think it is a beautiful building. Also, I would like to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It must be very exciting! I hope to see koala bears and kangaroos in Australia.


Hawaii - Honolulu Honolulu is the capital of the U.S. state of Hawaii. Its population is around 400 thousand citizens. I will have to cross the Pacific Ocean. I will pass by Micronesia and Melanesia islands. It will take me about 30 days. I would like to go there for a resting vacation and play on the beaches. I would like to learn to surf and learn the popular Hula dance.


a trip of a life time  

a trip by eaw

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