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Homewood Public Library Events 1721 Oxmoor Road May 5: Technology Tuesdays. 2-4 p.m. Get the most out of your iPad and iPhone.

May 19: The ABCs of Medicare. Noon. Karen Haiflich answers questions about Medicare.

May 7: Above and Beyond the Call of Duty: The Medal of Honor with Niki Sepsas. 6:30 p.m. Learn more about the Medal of Honor with Niki Sepsas.

May 20: Small Business Seminar & Brown Bag Lunch. Noon. Getting the Most From Your Employees with Jane O’Brien, a Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer.

May 8-9: Dolores Hydock and PanHarmonium Spring Show. 6:30 p.m. Storyteller Dolores Hydock pairs with music trio PanHarmonium to tell two medieval tales.

May 21: Neuroscience Café. 6:30 p.m. Neurobiology of Suicide: Relevance to Diagnosis and Treatment with Yogesh Dhivehi, Ph.D., director of translational research at the UAB Mood Disorder Program.

May 12: Oxmoor Page Turners Book Club. 6:30 p.m. Discuss All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

May 27: The Better Than Therapy Book Club. 2 p.m. Discuss We Are Water by Wally Lamb.

May 13: Next Step Wednesdays. 2 p.m. iPads and iPhones intermediate classes. May 14: Introduction to Genealogy with Laura Gentry. 6:30 p.m. Learn more about genealogy with Laura Gentry. May 18: Children’s Summer Reading registration begins online. Program for ages birth to fifth grade.

May 28: Super Reader’s Training Academy. 6 p.m. The first summer reading program will feature games, crafts, snacks and summer reading registration. May 31: Friends Bookstore Bag Sale. 2-4:30 p.m. Lower Level. Fill a grocery sack with books and pay only $5 per bag at this book sale. Paper grocery bags will be provided, cash and checks accepted.


Ordinary Days By Lauren Denton

Reasons why I love Homewood This September will mark 14 years since — case in point, the recent digital sign debaI moved into a little house in Homewood cle. I love that neighbors in Homewood (and a few months after college graduation. I neighboring cities) stood their ground and made their case heard. didn’t know a thing about this town when I arrived, but after living here for 14 out of 7. All Saints Preschool. Love resides behind the last almost 14 years, it truly has become those red doors. I’m confident that everyone a home to me. So, in the spirit of We Love in that school loves my kids and wants the Homewood Day, I thought I’d give my best for them. I’m sad it’s Kate’s last year own reasons for why I love Homewood. there, but I’m thankful we have a couple 1. The Homewood Public Library. Rarely more years there with Sela before we have a week goes by when we don’t go to the to say good-bye. Denton library at least once, if not two or three times. The big tables in the adult section allow me to 8. The “Buy Local” idea. It’s is so easy in Homewood spread out with my computer and notebooks, and the — you can purchase almost anything you need within a children’s department is like a second home to my few square miles. daughters, Kate and Sela. 9. The Homewood City Council. They are receptive to 2. The hill behind Sam’s Deli. Yes, the Dentons are crea- hearing neighbors’ concerns, and I’m certain they love tures of habit, and we eat at Sam’s most Friday nights Homewood and want what’s best for it. when the weather is nice. Friendships are furthered and 10.Mayor McBrayer. He is so visible and well-known, new ones are built over countless cheeseburgers, chicken even to my 5 year old. This morning, I asked Kate who salads, skinned knees and tree-climbing contests. the boss is and she replied without hesitation, “Mayor 3. The friendly, familiar faces at both “The Pig” and McBrayer.” Publix. I love that I can go to either of my usual grocery 11. A health-conscious town. Everywhere you look, you stores, and someone will ask how my girls are or offer see cyclists, runners, walkers, kids on scooters, or famthem a lollipop. ilies on the Lakeshore Trail. 4. The firemen who wave to kids on the playground. I 12. La Concoccion at Little Donkey. O’Henry’s bluehope they know what a treat it is when a firetruck roars berry muffins. Chocolate Peanut Butter popsicles at Steel by and a fireman pauses to wave to the wide-eyed kids. City Pops. Nabeel’s chicken salad. I think I’m getting 5. The We Love Homewood Day Parade and the Christ- hungry… mas Parade. Caught in the chaos of flying candy, hear- 13. The cycle of life. It makes me smile to think Kate ing the beat of the marching bands, watching my oldest and Sela could grow up in this town and turn into people daughter’s eyes light up when she sees the sparkle of the who, like so many adults I know, can look back and say, Star Spangled girls — a mama can get a little choked up “I used to climb on that red caterpillar when I was a kid!” with small town pride! Lauren can be reached at LaurenKDenton@gmail. 6. People here really get behind causes they care about com. You can also find her on Twitter @LaurenKDenton.


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