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An unexpected journey to motherhood By CRAIG KLEIMEYER


While growing up in Homewood, Jill always knew she wanted to be a mom. “I knew since I was a little girl,” Jill said. “I used to babysit all the time, and I always loved children.” But after struggling with infertility, she never thought her dream would come true. Jill met her husband, Shawn, while working as a traveling nurse in California. They were married in October 2004 and in 2005 moved back to Homewood to a house about a mile from where she grew up. “I can’t imagine having a family anywhere else,” she said. The couple immediately tried to start a family. After a year of unsuccessful trying, Jill visited a fertility specialist. While being treated for infertility, Jill had a sudden change in heart. She was sitting at her desk about to make a call to schedule another appointment with the fertility specialist when she said God spoke to her. “I will never forget it,” she said. “I was literally frozen. You pray for a sign and sometimes it’s not very clear, but it was so clear. He spoke to me and said we needed to adopt.” A month shy of their third wedding

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Everyone in Homewood will come out to play at Homewood Central Park and Community Center on May 5 for the annual We Love Homewood Day festivities. “We have always gone because we like the way it brings the community together,” Hollywood resident Tammy Stone said. “We see friends from other schools. It makes us realize how much we love our community.” The evening street dance in Edgewood featuring The Shadowboxers will be longer this year by popular demand. Also new this year, a $15 wristband will provide unlimited access to rides. Individual tickets will also be for sale for 50 cents each; some rides require up to five tickets. This will also be the second year for the Spirit Scamper run, which starts at Homewood High School at 7:30 a.m. “We love that at We Love Homewood Day we get to see so many people who we don’t get to see other times in the year,” said Cindy Wade, a Re/Max realtor who moved to Homewood in 1969. “It’s a major gathering for current residents and Homewood family Jill, Shawn, Abigail and Luke. Photo by Madoline Markham.

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Rebirth of an heirloom gardening legacy

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Sims Garden resident caretaker Laura Rogers, Homewood City Council President Allyn Holladay and Southern Environmental Center Director Roald Hazelhoff were all instrumental in bringing the Edgewood community garden back to life. Photos by Madoline Markham.

By RICK WATSON For decades, heirloom shrubs and flowers with standout roses lined five lots at 908 Highland Road. Thanks to new efforts, the legacy

of Catherine Sims, the “Plant Lady of Homewood,” is living on in her Edgewood home’s garden. The lots are now filled with heirloom plants you might have found in a garden half a century ago. “Of all the projects I’ve done for the

city, this is one that I’m really proud of because it can go on forever,” City Council President Allyn Holladay said. “It’s a quiet place in the neighborhood where people

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| May 2012 |

The Homewood Star

The Homewood Star

| May 2012 |

Public Involvement Meeting For

Project Number: STPBH-9802(916) Roadway Improvements on Oxmoor Boulevard From Green Springs Highway to Barber Court

Begin Project

End Project

Meeting Location


Thursday, May 24th at the Homewood Senior Center The Open House Session will begin at 4:00PM and end at 7:00PM 816 Oak Grove Road Homewood, Alabama 35209

During this meeting:

During this meeting, the public may review project information and maps, ask questions and discuss the project with ALDOT staff and the Design Consultants. Written comments may be completed during the meeting or submitted by mail or fax to the Third Division Office. Comments must be received by Friday, June 8, 2012.


Mr. Brian C. Davis, Division Engineer Alabama Department of Transportation – Third Division P.O. Box 2745 Birmingham, Alabama 35202-2745 Attn: Mrs. Sandra F. P. Bonner (205) 581-5725 REQUEST FOR SPECIAL ASSISTANCE SHOULD BE RECEIVED AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE MEETING



| May 2012 |

The Homewood Star

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Two-year old Challis Greggs hunts for eggs at the city -wide Easter Egg Hunt at Homewood Central Park. Photo courtesy of Mitchell Greggs.

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May is here, and for many of our readers that means school is almost out for the summer! The Homewood pool opens on Memorial Day weekend, and Free Friday Flicks are headed back to Homewood’s Central Park. I personally look forward to late summer sunsets, ice cream runs to Edgewood, kids playing in the sprinkler, summer nights on the porch swing listening to crickets and just plain summer fun. For those of you traveling this summer we invite you to participate in our Summer Fun Photo Contest. Capture the fun of summer with your camera, and send us your favorite shots of the backyard, lake, beach, mountain, neighborhood and wherever you and your family are. Prizes will be awarded for winners in our September issue. The early days of May have become a tradition as Homewood residents celebrate We Love Homewood Day, and there are many reasons to love our city. You can check out the details of this year’s “We Love Homewood Day” on our cover, and also be sure to visit our Facebook page May 1-15 to tell us what you love most about our community. We will draw from all of your posts, and the winners will receive prizes such as gift certificates from The Homewood Chamber of Commerce, Harmony Landing and Hunter’s Cleaners, or a Home Tee’s T-shirt. May brings a time of celebration for our Hispanic friends, who pay special tribute to their rich culture on the fifth day of the month, or “Cinco de Mayo.” Check out our restaurant spotlight on page 17 on Homewood’s most recent restaurant to open, Little Donkey. May is also the month where we honor our mothers. Motherhood is a special gift – one that I am experiencing in a new way now with the recent birth of my second son. Although special, it is a hard job, and,

at the same time, it offers me the opportunity to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all of you moms out there for all that you do, and especially to my own dear mom for guiding me in grace and God all of my life. Anna Cate Little got a behind-the-scenes peak at how moms of multiples handle the double duty of motherhood, and even went so far as to learn about triple and quadruple duty with a few Homewood moms. Find out more about our “Moms of Multiples” on page 9. And if you are still looking for that perfect gift for your mom, we have provided some great Mother’s Day gift ideas from local businesses on page 14. In case you weren’t aware of it, we do have some pretty cool people living here among us in Homewood! We have spotlighted a few of them for you throughout this issue. You can read on page 19 about Homewood High School swimmer, Genny Pittman, and her attempts to qualify for the upcoming Olympic trials. As you go about your summer adventures, the Homewood Fire Department wants to remind you to stay safe, especially around water. Their water safety article is featured on page 6. Finally, check out the Spring Break photos on page 15 to see where your friends spent their vacation in March. You can easily view all of the submitted photos online at www.thehomewoodstar. com. As always, we appreciate your feedback and story ideas. You can reach me at From our staff here at The Homewood Star, we wish you a safe and relaxing summer!

Win prizes in We Love Homewood Facebook contest In conjunction with We Love Homewood Day on May, 5, we want to know what you love about Homewood! Visit our Facebook page May 1-15 to tell us what you love most about our community.

We will draw from all of your posts and the winners will receive prizes such as gift certificates from The Homewood Chamber of Commerce, Harmony Landing and Hunter’s Cleaners or a Home Tee’s T-shirt.

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Mayor’s Minute Dear friends and neighbors, Each year I provide some information to the City Council for their reference and to keep everyone informed of where the City of Homewood stands financially. Half way through the fiscal year, the city is doing extremely well. Compared to monthto-date 2011, our revenue (net income) is up by $503,000. I realize it is only a half way mark and we need to continue monitoring our expenses, but it’s a great outlook. Thanks to you and your family shopping in Homewood and helping create a city that attracts others to our area, our sales tax is up from this time last year by $115,000, business licenses are up by $110,000, and our building permits are up by $313,000. A big reason our building permits are up is because of the Target now under construction, and I am happy to report we are still on schedule to open in March 2013. Sidewalks have been a major discussion in our city, and I am also pleased to announce the Council has passed the Sidewalk List and construction will begin very soon in all areas of Homewood. For many years no sidewalks have been built, but we are now about to start nearly $1 million in sidewalk construction. I will also add that nearly $100,000 of that will be dedicated to improving existing sidewalks. I want to thank each of you who called or wrote emails supporting our capital projects. It is really encouraging to live in a city where our neighbors support the improvements presented and rally behind good ideas to get them implemented.

Soon to follow will be other much needed projects such as the West Oxmoor Road and Patriot Park. I would also like to thank Dr. Frederick Hamilton from Jefferson County, who has been working with us to get additional funding for sidewalks in Rosedale. Phase One is now complete, and we are working to complete surveys for the start of Phase Two. Working together allows so much more to be accomplished, and I am very proud you allow me to participate in the process as mayor. And lastly, let me thank you for your support of our new K-9s. Our police dogs are here and currently receiving training with the K-9 Officers. This has been a two-year process, and the council and community have stood with me to get this important program in Homewood. Our three elementary schools participated in the naming of the dogs by submitting essays, and the dogs are now named Shiloh and Justice. Thanks so much to Hall-Kent, Shades Cahaba and Edgewood Elementary Schools! Thanks again for all of your support and as always, please call or email if my office can assist in any way. With kindest regards I remain Sincerely,

Scott McBrayer Mayor City of Homewood

La Tavolo

Learn to cook Italian - Sicilian comfort food Hands on cooking classes

The Perfect Gift for Mom Sicilian Cooking classes starting at $50 per class

| May 2012 |


Meet the Homewood Planning Commission

Planning Commission Board Members: Billy Higginbotham – Chairman, Battalion Chief Rusty McCombs, James Riddle, Michael Brandt – Vice Chairman, Mark Woods, Joe Falconer, Fred Azbik. Not pictured: Vance Moody and Jamie Ponseti.

We asked fourteen-year Planning Commission board member and past chairman Michael Brandt to tell us about what exactly they do and when you might need to interact with them. What is the basic mission of the Planning Commission? The Planning Commission has three primary missions or functions. First, state law delegates to the Planning Commission the authority to adopt and manage a Master Plan for the city. We adopted our latest master plan in October 2007. Next, the Commission reviews requests for rezoning properties and for amendments to the zoning ordinance. The Commission’s decisions or zoning are advisory, that is, we make recommendations to City Council, who has the final authority in adopting revisions to the zoning ordinance. Finally, the Commission reviews all requests for subdivisions. The Commission’s decision on subdivisions is final. We have delegated certain administrative subdivision approvals to the City planning staff, such as combining lots under common ownership.

How is the Commission structured? By state law, the Commission consists of nine members: (i) the mayor or his designee; (ii) an administrative official of the City; (iii) a member of the City Council and (iv) six at-large members. All except the City Council liaison are selected by the Mayor. When would a resident need to go before the board? When wanting to rezone a parcel for development or some other use than is presently permitted by the zoning ordinance, or when subdividing or combining lots. How can a resident become involved with the Commission or become a board member? The Mayor makes all the appointments, except for the City Council liaison, so letting the Mayor’s office (332-6103) know of any interest in serving would be a good start.


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We Love Homewood A Father and Sons Operation Mon-Thur: 7-7 Fri: 7-6:30, Sat: 9-4 1915 Oxmoor Rd. • 871.6131

Hunter Payne and sons Winston and Collier.


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The Homewood Star


Armor Insurance Loves Homewood Commercial/Personal Auto & Home Owners Insurance

Excellence in Education Luncheon The Homewood Chamber of Commerce will hold the Excellence in Education Membership Luncheon at Homewood Middle School on May 15 at 11:30 a.m. The event will honor an outstanding student from each school and announce the 2011-12 Achievement Award winners. The high school recipient will receive a

$1,000 scholarship. The luncheon will also showcase Homewood City Schools’ Fine Arts with a presentation from Homewood High School’s Show Choir. Homewood Gourmet will cater, and Iberia Bank is the sponsor. Tickets are $17. For more information visit, or call 8715631.

Police department looking for old photos The Homewood Police Department is asking people to submit old Homewood Police Department photos. The department can make copies and return the photos.

Contact Sergeant Andrew Didcoct at 3326217 or Andrew.Didcoct@Homewoodal. org for more information.

Burglary prevention tips By SGT. ANDREW DIDCOT, HPD A lot of car burglaries in Homewood can be prevented by these simple steps: ff Lock your car door.

ff Do not leave valuables in your car. ff Do not leave a purse or wallet in the car. Lock it in your trunk if needed.

Billy Wade

107 Columbiana Rd Homewood, Al 747.0770

Citizens Police Academy underway By MADOLINE MARKHAM

“The Wade Team” Danielle Wade & Cindy Wade 966-9600

Thieves are after cell phones, GPS’s, money, checkbooks, credit cards, driver’s licenses, social security cards, CDs, computers and any electronic item. Let’s not make it easy for a criminal in Homewood. Call 911 if you see a suspicious person or vehicle in your neighborhood.

283-2349 •

Twenty-two Homewood residents have been learning firsthand about their police department on Tuesday nights in the latest session of the Citizens Police Academy. The academy has been running since 1998, but this seven-week session is the first one held in the past couple of years and has the largest class to date. The next session, to begin in September, is already half way filled. “I have always had a lot of respect for police officers, but I have never had the compassion I have for them now,” said academy student Jacque Meyer, who is the executive director of the Birmingham Humane Society. “I think it’s interesting to see what they do on a daily basis,” said Nancy Ferrell, another student and CASA advocate. “I have learned how each department does something different but that they can all come together when needed.” Both Meyer and Ferrell said that the academy’s visit to the jail was humbling and made them realize how badly the city needs a new jail. The group also visited the 911 call center, where they met the special team for domestic violence and a woman who had talked three women through childbirth. “You don’t know that kind of thing

Seargant Doug Finch explains an open homicide case he investigated to the academy including Elizabeth Jones and Liz Slater. Photo by Madoline Markham.

unless you have been to something like this,” Ferrell said. “It’s all been amazing.”

Enjoy the water safely By JASON HALLMAN

We are head over hills in love with HOMEWOOD!!

Playing in the water can be fun but can also be dangerous for children and adults. Being safe can prevent injuries and drowning. ”Homewood Fire & Rescue Service has greatly improved its water rescue capabilities over the past few years through specialized training, but the best rescue method is prevention,” Homewood Fire Chief John Bresnan said.

ff Never swim alone or in bad weather. ff Learn CPR; you could save a life. ff Learn to swim and teach your children

ff Avoid

ff Prevent sunburns by applying plenty of

alcohol when swimming or boating. Alcohol is involved in numerous water-related injuries and up to half of all water-related deaths.

ff Wear a life jacket when you are on a boat.

ff Provide a life preserver ring with an

attached rope at your pool, on your pier and in your boat.

to swim. Homewood Parks and Recreation offers swimming lessons taught by certified lifeguards.

ff Always supervise your children when they are in the water.

ff Teach your children to walk, not run around a pool area.

sunscreen to you and your children.

ff Drink plenty of fluids. It is easy to get dehydrated in the sun.

ff Only dive in safe areas. ff Before you go out on a boat, let somebody on land know where you are going and how long you will be out.

The Homewood Star

| May 2012 |


West Homewood Farmer’s Market Urban Cookhouse farmer’s helps create community market returns to SOHO

The West Homewood Farmers Market runs Saturday mornings starting in June at Shades Valley Community Church. Photo courtesy of the West Homewood Farmers Market.


By CRAIG KLEIMEYER After a successful first year, the West Homewood Farmer’s Market will return this summer with locally grown fruits, vegetables and more. “We wanted to create a space where people can come and have community and also have a good farmer’s market,” Market Manager Kenyon Ross said. The Market will have picnic tables set up with games, children’s activities, live entertainment, Alabama farmers, arts and crafts booths, as well as pasta, eggs, cheese, meat, flowers and other plants. Ross has heard that the market is “the best thing to happen to West Homewood since Publix, a way to bring the community together” and “worth putting off heading to the lake to stop in.” The market is intentionally small with about 14 booths and a small green sitting area in the center designed to invite fellowship.

“We just want to do something good and enjoy the community it creates,” Ross said. The Market is hosted by a small group based out of Shades Valley Community Church, but the event is not just for the church members. The Farmer’s Market invites one non-profit vendor each week to promote their cause, and the Market’s goal is to develop community relationships. The 2012 market will run every Saturday in June and July from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. The fall night market will be August 16, September 13 and October 18 from 5 to 8 p.m. Check out to see which vendors will be attending each market and to see what products will be sold in particular booths, as well as for more information on the West Homewood Community Exchange and other West Homewood happenings.

Starting on Saturday, May 5, Urban Cookhouse will present up to 20 vendors, including farmers and artists, at the Homewood Market. The Market will take place in the SOHO parking lot from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The Market will be closed for Memorial Day, but it will be held every other Saturday until August 4. Urban Cookhouse owner Andrea Snyder said that many vendors from last year will be back again, including the infamous “Peach Man.” Kenneth Easterling has been selling his harvests from the back of his pickup truck on 18th Street for years. He sells 12 unique varieties of Chilton County peaches in $10 peach baskets. Also, Harvest Farm will be back with 10 varieties of heirloom tomatoes. “The heirloom tomatoes come in different varieties and have different tastes and textures,” Snyder said. Owl’s Hollow from Gadsden will

again sell their hydroponic lettuces, grown floating in water with all the nutrients they need. The Market will also sell pasta, coffee, specialty breads and cheeses, glass tile pendants, sausage, seasonal produce, salsas and jams, dog attire, fresh flowers and more. A chef will give a cooking demo every week. “We’re trying to focus on Homewood restaurants and chefs in the area for the demos,” Snyder said. Market sponsors for this year include Millie Ray’s, BB&T Bank and the Homewood Chamber of Commerce. Urban Cookhouse sponsors and manages the market and puts on the event on Saturdays. If you are interested in being a vendor, contact Laura Powell at lpowell1@ For more information, visit or checkout Urban Cookhouse’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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The Homewood Star

HCS Spirit Scamper, 5K, 10K, Fun Run

Rogan to speak about management

The Second Annual Homewood City Schools Spirit Scamper 5K/10K Race and 1 Mile Fun Run will be held on Saturday, May 5. The race starts at 7:30 a.m in front of Homewood High School’s main office. The 5K will head toward the Armory and the 10K will head toward Greensprings. Both races finish in the gym parking lot. The D. B. Cooper Project band will perform at the finish line. Registration fees for the 5K and 10K are $20 for non- HCS employees, or $15 for

The Homewood Chamber of Commerce and Samford After Sundown/ Samford University will present Instructor Fred Rogan and his seminar, What Your Employer Meant to Tell You When They Made You a Manager: Help for Managing People. Rogan will talk about his book at the Homewood Public Library on May 23, and a copy will be offered as a door prize. Managers will learn what is expected of a people manager, how their individual behavior as a manager is important, better behaviors in their role as a manager, how they can more effectively manage

HCS students and employees. The Fun Run is free. On Friday, May 4, you can pick up registration packets and see demonstrations from HCS Physical Education programs and The Movement, as well as see local businesses who will be featured.. For more information or to register, visit The Movement website at wordpress/nspurlock and click on the “Spirit Scamper” tab at the top; visit active. com; or call 870-4203.


anyone who has ever lived in Homewood. Most people sit there for hours and talk to people.” Each year the festivities feature rides and inflatables, an arts and crafts and vendor expo, barbecue by the West Homewood Lions Club, a Rotary bake sale and sidewalk chalk expo, a silent auction and live entertainment. The stage in the park will feature a dance exhibition at 10 a.m., local band The Hearts at 11 a.m., a pep rally with the Homewood High School band at 1 p.m. and local band The Perishables at 2 p.m. The climax of the day is the parade of the high school band, cheerleaders and all kinds of vehicles and floats who proceed from the Homewood Library to Edgewood

starting at 6 p.m. “The parade is the most fun part to me,” said Rusty Holley of Homewood Parks and Recreation. “I remember riding in the parade one year, and we saw as we topped the hill at Trinity United Methodist the whole area was solid people. It was neat to see.” Wade agreed: “I love a parade! I think it’s exciting. It’s mostly businesses and groups related to Homewood, so you get to see more people.” For more information on We Love Homewood Day, visit homewoodparks. com/special-events/we-love-homewoodday or contact Rusty Holley at 332-6705 or

We Love Homewood Day Schedule 7:30 a.m.- Spirit Scamper 5K / 10K / 1 Mile Fun Run, Homewood High School 10 a.m.-5 p.m.- Spring in the Park Festival 10 a.m.-4 p.m.- Vendor Business Expo, Homewood Central Park 10:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.- West Homewood Lions BBQ Fundraiser, Homewood Community Center Auditorium 6 p.m.- We Love Homewood Day Parade, route from the library to Edgewood 7-9:30 p.m.- We Love Homewood Day Street Dance, Edgewood Business District

people, how to better communicate with employees, how to better train employees, what is the best way to communicate performance problems, how to write better job requirements, how to make more defensible and more accurate hiring decisions, and the importance of following organizational policies and procedures. The event will begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 8:45 a.m. Cost is $10 for chamber members and $15 for non-members. To register, visit the Chamber website at www.

Rotary Chalk Art Festival Homewood Rotary Club will sponsor its fourth annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival during We Love Homewood Day on Saturday, May 5. Chalk artists of all ages are invited to participate in the competition at Homewood Park on Oxmoor Road. The hands-on event allows artists to show their creativity and compete for cash prizes. The project supports Homewood Rotary’s Education Foundation, which awards about $12,000 in scholarships to outstanding Homewood High School graduates each year.

Artists will make chalk drawings on large sidewalk panels (about 8-feet square) surrounding the children’s playground. Competitors may draw from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. All must use nonpermanent artist’s chalk, which will be provided, and agree to draw subject matter that is appropriate for viewing by all ages. Prizes will be awarded at the We Love Homewood Day street dance at 6 p.m. For registration information, contact chalk art project coordinator Sandy Nelson at 8716314 or email

Vulcan’s Birthday Bash On Sunday, June 5, head to the Vulcan Park and Museum to celebrate the biggest birthday bash in Birmingham. The whole community can come celebrate and enjoy a fun afternoon of family friendly festivities from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $3 for ages 5 and up and free for children ages 4 and under. At 2 p.m., attendees will honor Birmingham’s Honorable William Bell and sing “Happy Birthday” to Vulcan, and the Vulcan Center Museum will present a new

exhibit. Free Blue Bell Ice Cream will be served while supplies last, and additional food and refreshments from Tropical Adventure Shaved Ice and Coca-Cola will be available for purchase. Parking is limited, but a free shuttle will be provided. Guests are encouraged to bring donations for tornado relief that will be given to the Red Cross for distribution. For more information, visit www.visitvulcan. com.

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The Homewood Star

Homewood moms of multiples By ANNA CATE LITTLE In May we salute our mothers, and Homewood has no shortage of busy moms racing about. While every mother is special, perhaps there are some who catch our eye a bit more than others – moms of multiples. To birth two, three, four (or more) children

at once is nothing short of amazing, difficult and rewarding. For this special Mother’s Day issue, we have profiled four Homewood moms of multiples. Their stories are funny, uplifting, and most of all, very unique.

Kate and Gray Garrett

Quads Virginia, Jane, Broox and Rainer Age 3

| May 2012 |


Have You Seen...

Wallace -Burke?

Virginia, Jane, Broox and Rainer Garrett with parents Kate and Gray

What was your first reaction when you discovered you were having multiples? We were in complete shock. It was the most surreal moment of my life. As we waited on the doctor after the ultrasound, our minds raced. We wondered how we were going to tell our family and friends the news, and who was actually going to believe us. Everything about my pregnancy and our lives had been changed in an instant. It took about a month for it to really sink in, and we still had no idea what to expect. Describe your quads’ personalities/ relationship. Our children are very different but extremely close. Daily there are many squabbles over attention, toys, name it! However, even though they are very competitive for our attention, they want the others to do well and act as cheerleaders. They have a great concern for one another.

What is special or unique about having multiples? It is amazing to watch four siblings learning and discovering the world together. To witness a three-year-old’s curiosity about nature, joy from their first ice cream cone, excitement for Christmas and hysterical laughter from a ride on the swing are all wonderful, but to get to watch those milestones from four of your children simultaneously is pretty special. What is something interesting or surprising about your quads? Our children share such a unique bond with their grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles and nanny, due to the hours they have spent helping us raise the children. They have put in so much effort and supported us in every way to help us lead a normal life. It truly has “taken a village,” and I think that makes our children very lucky.

Katey and Scott Fuller Triplets Khaki, Drew, and Griffin, Age 8, Hall-Kent second grade

What was your first reaction when you discovered you were having multiples? My initial reaction -- tears! Lots of crying. I was overwhelmed and scared. All I kept thinking was, “How will we do this?” It took several weeks for excitement to set in. Describe your triplets’ personalities. There is an interesting dynamic between the three of them. They would do anything for each other. Naturally, the boys often pair up, and Khaki is left as the odd man out. But that just gives us more mother-daughter time. They are all three very competitive, constantly taking in who is getting more attention, who is doing better at something, who is taller, who got more of something. They have the normal sibling rivalries, but sometimes it is just easier to compare yourself to someone your same age.

What is special or unique about having multiples? There is something so unique and sweet about their bond. They have experienced the same things in life, at the same age. And even though their life experiences have for the most part been identical, they could not be more individual in their personalities. What is something interesting or surprising about your triplets? As overwhelming as having triplets was in the beginning, it has been very interesting to see how in the end, it all balances out. For everything that made it harder to have three children at one time, there is always something else that has made it easier.

See MULTIPLES | page 11


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CONTINUED from page 1 anniversary, she and Shawn called Lifeline Adoption Agency. They were approved for adoption in the spring of 2008. Throughout the process, there were no doubts in the couple’s mind that they were making the right move. “We completely resolved to God’s plan and never wavered in our decision, and God was so faithful,” Jill said. “There was never a second when I thought we shouldn’t consider adoption. They put us on the waiting list and told us it might take three to five years, but we were okay with that.” But, to their surprise, Jill and Shawn didn’t even have to wait a year. In fact, they realized later that their son’s birth mother had found out she was pregnant around the time they were beginning the adoption process. Jill had just been accepted to the doctoral program at UAB, but she decided to delay starting until the next year. It was hard for them to believe how perfect the timing really was. “We prayed the whole way through, and at points we prayed specifically for the birth mother,” she said. “Had we not been faithful to what God was telling us to do, who knows what would have happened?”

The minute the couple saw their new son, Luke, in the summer of 2008, Jill said there was a perfect bond. “I’ll never forget it. He was a super happy baby boy.” Today, she says Luke is the cutest little boy and is also so smart and healthy. The couple soon wanted to adopt again but kept postponing an appointment with the agency because Jill was busy with her doctorate program. When they were finally ready to make the appointment, Jill discovered she was pregnant. Abigail was born on February 28, 2011. “I was blessed a second time when Abigail was born. When I held her for the first time I experienced the same instant bond that I felt with Luke.” She enjoys watching her children spend time together. “Your life changes with one child. With two, it has been such a great joy to see them interact. They have a very strong sibling connection.” Jill loves taking care of her children, and she loves being a mother. “Being a mother has been my complement to life,” she said. “I love my career, but being a mother really has been my biggest joy in life.” Editor’s note: The Homewood Star has respectfully withheld the family’s last name.

Third Thursdays Wine Down event presented by Homewood Chamber On May 17, participating merchants in Homewood will stay open until 7 p.m. for the Third Thursday Wine Down event. The event is presented by Homewood Chamber Merchants Committee. Refreshments will also be served. Participating merchants include A Touch of Whimsy, Alabama Goods, Alabama Outdoors, Ambiance, d’Trespa Boutique, Doree, Dorothy McDaniel’s

Flower Market, Four Seasons Art & Antiques, Generation Dog, Harmony Landing, Homewood Friends and Family Chiropractic, Homewood Sporting Goods, Molly Green, Nadeau, NeedCo., O’Henry’s Coffee, Penzeys Spices, Seasons to Celebrate, Shoefly, SoHo Retro, The Briarcliff Shop and Urban Cookhouse. For more information, visit or call 871-5631.

Bringing Another National Championship To Alabama

Presents The Birmingham Salvation Army National Pro/Am Pie Eating Championship

Ordinary Days Moms, you’re doing a great job By LAUREN DENTON A few weeks ago, I was shopping in a large children’s clothing store. I saw a young mother walk by, and hot on her heels were two very discontent children. I could tell the mom was in a hurry to pay for her items before the inevitable meltdown hit, but she didn’t make it. There in the middle of the store, the two little girls both started crying, thrashing and generally creating a huge scene. My first thought was, “I am so glad I only have one child right now, because I have no idea what to do with two kids who are melting down.” I watched this mother with rapt attention to see how she handled the situation. After quietly (and unsuccessfully) asking the girls to stop yelling, she calmly walked them into a fitting room in the back of the store. Since the room only had a half door, I could still hear the goings on behind it. Instead of the pleading or yelling on her behalf that I expected, I heard her talking quietly and calmly to the girls. They were in the room for a full ten minutes, the amount of time it took them to calm down and stop crying. The mother never raised her voice. She remained calm and steady the whole time. I don’t know what magic words she said, but I hoped some of her magic would float out to where I stood, transfixed by the circular racks. When she exited the fitting room with two contrite and almost smiling girls, I said to her, “You did a really good job.” At first, she looked at me like I was crazy, perhaps thinking I was kidding or making fun. I reiterated my point. “I’m pregnant with my second child, and when I heard yours starting to cry, I thought, ‘Oh what is that

poor mother going to do?’ But you handled it perfectly. You did a great job.” She sighed and thanked me, and walked away with a smile. There must be something to this maternal fear of not doing a good enough job, because for a while, there was a Johnson’s baby commercial on TV that brought me to tears each time I saw it. It showed tiny babies and their mothers in various sweet poses and caresses. At the end of the commercial, it said, “Mom, you’re doing a great job.” The thought of my own daughter one day turning to me and saying those words never fails to make me teary—both from the sweet sentiment she’d be sharing with me and the deep down fear of whether or not that sentiment is actually true. Mothering (and parenting in general) is a hard job, one that requires 100 percent of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies, not to mention healthy doses of creativity, patience and self control. This Mother’s Day, there are countless things you could say to the mothers around you, but perhaps what would mean the most are the simple words, “You’re doing a great job.” For our own mothers and other mothers who blazed the trail before us, I’d imagine that hearing us tell them they did a great job would quicken their step and bring a smile to their face as well, no matter how old their kids are. Happy Mother’s Day, and let me be the first to tell you—YOU’RE DOING A GREAT JOB! Lauren can be reached at LaurenKDenton@

Grill out with The Pig

Saturday May 12, 2012 Railroad Park 11:30am-3:30pm Kicking Off Salvation Army Week Featuring the #1 Ranked Eater Kids 10 & Under FREE Food & Fun for the Whole Family For all the info go to: *All Proceeds Benefit The Salvation Army*

Like us on facebook at Piggly Wiggly Homewood 93 Euclid Avenue 3800 River Run Drive 3000 Independence Crestline 776-8755 Drive, Homewood 870-5640 879-0084

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Homes featured in Glorious Gardens Three Homewood homes will be among the six residential gardens around Birmingham to be shown in the biennial Glorious Gardens event held by Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The June 2 event will also showcase the public garden of Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham. Homewood gardens are: Barbara Saurer and Brad White at 316 Greenwood Street; the John and Catherine Close Garden at 321 Greenwood Street; and the Ross Cottage, owned by Neil and landscape architect Jane R. Ross at 501 Kenilworth Drive. Each of the six tours provides an in depth view of each garden while educating visitors about the art of planting, gardening and landscape design. The mission of Glorious Gardens is to promote public

knowledge and appreciation of plants, gardens and the environment as a whole. All-access tickets to the event are available to the public for $25 at www. Tickets may also be purchased at Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Leaf & Petal at The Gardens, Leaf & Petal in Mountain Brook Village, Leaf & Petal at the Summit, Oak Street Garden Shop, Colliers Nursery, Sweet Peas, Myers Plants & Pottery and Plant Odyssey. Volunteer guided tours will be available during Glorious Gardens hours, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 2. The Alabama Symphony Orchestra will perform on Sunday, June 3 at 6 p.m. For more information about the event, contact Shelly McCarty at 414-3965 or


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underwrite many of our scout programs such as monthly campouts and annual high-adventure trips,” said Steve Lloyd, Troop 97’s Scoutmaster. Last year the troop raised more than $19,000, and its goal is to exceed last year’s total. Please contact Bert Allen at 5405343 or for more information or to arrange a pickup. All donations are tax deductible. The troop leadership wishes to thank the community for faithfully supporting the boys over the years.


Cary and Daniel Murray

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Louisa and Tom Jeffries

Twins Grayton and Ben, Age 7, Shades Cahaba first grade Little brother, Parks, age 3

Twins Anne and Eva, Age 2 Big sister, Reed, attends Edgewood










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What was your first reaction when you discovered you were having multiples? We were absolutely thrilled! My husband said when he learned it was going to be two more girls, he considered adding a second job, but he just made an appointment with a urologist instead. Describe your twins’ personalities/ relationship. Eva is very independent, friendly and feisty. Anne is really funny, and she’s always trying to take care of Eva. They have a lot of fun together, and they both adore their big sister. What is special or unique about having multiples? They are always aware of where the other one is and what she is doing. Eva is very proud of herself when she shares with Anne, and if Anne has something, she always wants to make sure Eva has one, too. What is something people would find interesting or surprising about your twins? People often ask which twin is “the dominant one,” but they take turns being in charge. Now that they are older, it’s easy to keep them on the same schedule, but it was really hard for most of the first year. They have always slept in the same room, and the sound of the other twin waking up (even loud crying or yelling) does not wake the other one!

What was your first reaction when you discovered you were having multiples? Beyond shocked! We had just gotten used to the idea of being pregnant. We thought when the ultrasound technician said, “there are two of them,” she was referring to ovaries – but she meant two babies! Daniel and I went to lunch after the first ultrasound and could barely talk to each other. We were in such shock. Now, we can’t imagine life any differently. Describe your twins’ personalities/ relationship. They are best friends but have very different interests and motivations. Ben plays soccer and baseball and is dying to play football and really loves running. He is the trophy collector of the two! He follows his Dad around at night asking about football plays, scores, highlights, etc. Grayton would spend all of his time camping under the stars if we let him – he loves the outdoors, especially hiking. He is our free spirit! When we go to Auburn football games, Ben is completely into the score, the plays, the players and Grayton is concerned with the health of the Eagle! What is special or unique about having multiples? I think what is key is to not let things that are out of your control get to you, not to let the messes and crazy days get to you and most importantly, to enjoy every stage because it goes by at twice the speed with twins. Daniel is a very handson dad, which is beyond helpful. I think what is particularly important as a parent of multiples is to cultivate their differences. For two children who look just alike, it can be easy for people to think they are just two versions of the same person, but they are so different in personality, interests and temperament.


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Boy Scouts to hold pancake breakfast, silent auction, garage sale at Trinity Boy Scout Troop 97 is hosting its annual Pancake Breakfast, silent auction and garage sale on Saturday, May 12 at Trinity United Methodist Church, 1400 Oxmoor Road. The event runs from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall and church gym. The now-famous Pancake Breakfast includes pancakes, sausages, coffee, juice and Boy Scout-manned table-side service. Tickets for the all-you-can-eat breakfast are only $5 per person and may be purchased in advanced or paid at the door. “Our annual fundraiser allows us to


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3/12/12 9:16 PM

LAMB’S EARS, LTD. Treasures for Living and Giving

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters....

Mother's Day, May 13th

70 Church St. • 802-5700 • Crestline


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HOMEWOOD PARKS & RECREATION Homewood Community Center Activities Zumba

ZUMBA is the new craze sweeping America! It is Latin inspired aerobic dance and every class feels like a party. ZUMBA is for all ages, and both sexes! You can burn 500 to 1000 calories in one fun hour! Homewood Community Center now has two instructors offering classes: Instructor: Camille Scruggs Contact Info: 256-452-2500 or Days & Times: Homewood Community Center Auditorium Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm Thursday 5:30-6:30pm Saturday 9:00-10:00am

Young Rembrandts

Draw amazing things with Young Rembrandts! We believe that drawing is a skill that can, and should be learned by all children. Young Rembrandts classes are both fun and educational, and our step-by-step curriculum is developed to teach fundamental art skills in a nurturing environment that gives children an academic advantage. Our weekly classes are for boys and girls 5 to 12 years of age. Class will be held at the Homewood Community Center. Enroll anytime - all new lessons each session and each year. Please contact Chris Roberson at 943-1923 for more information or to register.

Belly Dancing with Aziza

Homewood Community Center Auditorium Class fee: $60 cash only Learn the ancient art of Middle Eastern belly dance (classic Egyptian style) with Aziza, award winning dancer, with 36 years of experience in performance and instruction. Women only, ages 13 and up are welcomed in class with no dance experience necessary to enroll. Each session is 5-weeks long on Tuesday night for beginners, Wednesday night for intermediates and Thursday night for advanced. Times are 7:00-8:30pm for beginners and 7:00-8:45pm for intermediates and advanced. Beginners start with the basic steps, isolations and shimmies and progress to the intermediate class where you will learn to put the dance together with more advanced steps and combinations plus dancing with the veil; advanced classes include performing with zills, cane, veil with more advanced and longer performances. The classes are for anyone who wants to dance for fun and fitness, as well as those who wish to perform. Aziza has trained dancers to perform for many events in the Southeastern area in addition to dancers who perform regularly at Ali Baba Persian Restaurant in Hoover.

For more information contact Aziza at 879-0701 or



Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Homewood Community Center from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm in the Auditorium. Monthly tuition is $55 - $65. Classes are for children and teenagers ages 4 and up. For more information please contact Master Joe at 966-4244

Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga? Hatha Yoga is the practice of physical yoga postures completed in a gentle flow along with breathing techniques. Classes Offered: Tuesday & Thursday 8am – 9am @ Homewood Community Center Room 100 Next Step: Please contact Jessica for more information: Instructor: Jessica Bell (678-907-3188)

Special Events at Homewood Park Park Players (Alabama Community Theater) Presents: Cyrano De Bergerac

By: Edmond Rostand Directed By: Brad Waters Venue: Homewood Central Park Dates & Times: May 10th – 13th & May 17th – 19th – All Shows begin 7:30pm Admission: Adults $10 – Under 16 Free with a paid adult admission For more information please call or visit: 205-590-0155 –

Free Friday Flicks 2012

2012 Movie Schedule

June 1st – Cars 2 June 8th – The Muppets June 15th – Alice in Wonderland June 22nd – Hugo June 29th – Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked July 6th – Kung Fu Panda 2 July 13th – Puss in Boots July 20th -Toy Story 3 July 27th – RAIN DATE (Only used if one of the previous dates rains out)

Flicks Rules

1) Once movie begins all spectators are to be seated in main lawn area of Homewood Central Park. 2) Please refrain from talking during the movie as it disturbs others around you. 3) Pavilions, playground, amphitheater/stage, parking lot and skate pad are closed once movie begins. 4) You should only be up from your seating location during the movie for the following: * To use the public bathroom * Purchasing items from vendors * Departing from the event 5) No alcohol or tobacco on Park property. 6) Homewood Police and Homewood Parks & Recreation employees reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the event.

Summer Information Pool Memberships

Pool badges go on sale Monday, May 7th. Homewood Community Center Main Office. Homewood Residents: $100 for the First Person. $25 for each additional Family Member Non-Residents: $200 for the First Person. $50 for each additional Family Member

Pool Hours & Information

Homewood Central Pool at Homewood Community Center Pool Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00am – 7:00pm Sunday: 1:00pm – 6:00pm Deck Phone: (205) 879-5012 Homewood Central Pool opens for summer! Friday, May 25th 2012 West Homewood Pool at West Homewood Park Pool Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00am – 7:00pm Sunday: 1:00pm – 6:00pm Deck Phone: (205) 942-4572 West Homewood Pool opens for summer season! Friday, May 25th 2012

Pool Parties

We will begin booking pool parties on Monday, May 7th. They can be reserved for the dates June 3rd August 5th. Pool parties are booked at Homewood Community Center Main Office.

Homewood Swim Team

This is not a learn to swim program but no experience is necessary. Swimmers compete against other swimmers with the same age and times during the meets. A pre-competitive program (GUPPY) is available for kids that can but are not quite ready to compete, ages 8 and under. They must be able to swim across the pool. Children who are ready to compete, ages 5 – 18, will be divided into groups- older (more experienced) and younger (less experienced) at the Central Homewood Pool. We compete through the Jefferson County Swim League (JCSC) against other teams from our area. Registration begins May 5th at We Love Homewood Day and runs through late May. JCSC fees will be assessed at a later date. Practices are Monday through Friday 8am – 10am, specific times will vary depending on the age of the child. For additional information call Brook Gibbons at 401-9656


Homewood Patriot Youth Football League

Homewood Patriot Youth Football League is responsible for organizing youth football in Homewood and oversees its operation. Please visit their website for more information.

Homewood Youth Cheerleading

Homewood Youth Cheerleaders are a dynamic group of girls who areexcited to cheer for the Homewood Youth Football League. HYC is a community cheerleading program for girls in grades 1st through 6th who live in Homewood and/or attend Homewood Schools. The girls are organized into 5 squads by grade level – 1st & 2nd grades cheer together, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades have individual squads. Please visit our website for more information:

The Homewood Star

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Homewood City Schools Foundation would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their 2011/2012 contribution. LIFETIME LEGACY DONORS




$10,000 & ABOVE

$9,999 - $5,000

$4,999 - $2,500

$2,499 - $1,000

Alabama Power Foundation

Edgewood Elementary PTO

BP Products North America/Vulcan Oil

Ferlisi-Jolley Associates, Inc.

Hall Kent Elementary PTO

Over The Mountain Optimist Club

Jimmy and Julie Cash

Shades Cahaba Elementary PTO

Zoe’s Restaurants, LLC

Larry and Jane Weygand

Homewood Middle School PTO

Merrill Lynch

Homewood High School PTO

Scott Abney and Eunie McDavid

Regions Bank

Sen. Roger Smitherman (Ed. Grant)

Robins & Morton

BB&T Brookwood Medical Center Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham Davis Architects HOAR Program Management iBeria Bank MBA Structural Engineers Royal Cup Coffee Twin Construction, Inc. Susan Schein Grant and Mary Frances Haines Carey and Amy McRae David and Sally Livingston Bill and Emmie Smith

Ted and Venita Mann The Caring Foundation - BC/BS

Signature Homes Trust Building Services

Wells Fargo Bank

COLLABORATOR $500 - $999

Atomic Pictures, Inc. Bank of America Calvert Capital Management, LLC LBYD, Inc. Oxmoor Automotive Inc. Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics PC RealtySouth

Whitaker & Rawson, Inc. Suzanne Ashe Carol Chesnutt Bill and Jennifer Cleveland Geoff Clever and Julee Potter David P. Condon, PC Jody Brant, First Lenders Mortgage

Joe Falconer, RealtySouth Jerry and Stacy Flippen John and Betsy Garlington Kelli Gunnells, RealtySouth Fred and Angela Hawkins Pete and Pam Holby Joe and Tricia Joseph Dave and Ashley Condon

Mac and Maya Logue Michael and Kristie McAbee Jay and Leah Murrill Representative Paul DeMarco Rob and Leslie Riley Tom and Kristi Selden Keith and Laura Stansell Jim and Gwen Williams



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Mother’s Day Gift Guide By CRAIG KLEIMEYER

Are you looking for something special to give your mom for Mother’s Day? Many Homewood shops offer great gift ideas for her day on May 13.

Harmonize her life with a gift from Harmony Landing Mudpie tan paper straw hat with flowers ($28); Twenty-nine eleven sand pearl cross necklace ($68); Wooden cross photo frame ($25); Mudpie tang-colored tote bag ($25). 2925 18th Street South, 871-0585

Give her some sugar with O’Henry’s Gimme Some Sugah and You’re the Cream in My Coffee cream and sugar set by Our Name is Mud ($28.95); Mom peacemaker tumbler ($13.95); Chocolate Espresso Beans ($6.50); La Florida Peru Fair Trade Coffee ($13.99); Jamaica Me Crazy (Vanilla Rum) and O’Henry’s Blend, 2 oz sampler coffees ($2.95 each). 2831 18th Street South, 870-1198

Be good to your mom with a gift from Alabama Goods Love Y’all T-shirt ($24.95); High Cotton Soy Candle with wooden stick ($18); Cotton Bloom peppermint shower gel, ($9.99); green tea lotion ($9.99); peach milk bath ($12.99). 2933 18th Street South, 803-3900

Indulge luxury from White Flowers Lollia trademark Breathe Peony and White Lily fine bathing salts ($38); bottle of Lollia classic petal bubble bath ($44); bar of Lollia Imagine Flowering Willow and Lotus Finest Perfumed Soap ($15). 2800 18th Street South, 871-4640

Experience the happiness from Ambiance “Love You More” white box sign ($12.99); Toyko Milk Eden 03 perfume ($32); “Behind Every Kid is a Great Mom” frame ($24.99); wide cuff bracelet ($24)—one quotes Proverbs 31:28, and the other says, “The greatest thing she learned is that there’s no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.” 2824 18th Street South, 871-4640

Enjoy the spa treatment at Nail World Spa Pedicure Pedicure, which includes hot stones on your legs and feet and a towel with sea salt rub ($34); Deluxe Pedicure, just like the spa pedicure plus sugar scrub and honey butter and a mask ($45). 1919 28th Avenue South, #133, 870-5202

New Line....Sofas starting at $995


t 108

Kids 4 and under and Vulcan Members



2925 18th Street South • Homewood 205-871-0585 • Monday-Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

SUNDAY, JUNE 3 12-4 PM at Vulcan Park and Museum ®



clowns balloons face painting ice cream kids activities live music AND MORE!

FOR MORE PARTY DETAILS LOG ON TO 1701 Valley View Drive | Birmingham, Alabama 35209

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Spring break pictures Mother’s Day?

Wedding? Graduation? Father’s Day?

Bennett and Fletch Smith visit Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.

Mickey and Marjorie Trimm attended a luau on an Oahu beach on their trip to Hawaii.

Bill, Jack, Riley and Rea Rea Nix took The Homewood Star atop the mountain at Lake Tahoe.


Paintings. Prints. Ceramics. Glass. Photo frames. Gift items. Custom framing. Gift certificates.

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F our C orners G allery Conveniently located next to The Fresh Market and Starbucks on 280 East. 205 980 2600 • A piece of the old Homewood City Hall is now a garden bench. Photo by Madoline Markham.

can take their children in the afternoon and show them plants they won’t see just anywhere.” In her will, Sims offered the property to the City of Homewood, but there was a catch – the city had to utilize the property as a botanical gardens. City leaders weren’t initially excited about the gift because they weren’t sure how to manage and maintain it, so from 2006 when she passed away until last year, the property fell into disrepair. The Sims property and a few other properties in the neighborhood had been eyesores for the neighbors in the area, according to Mary Ellen Snell, president of the East Edgewood Neighborhood Watch (EENW). Residents and members of EENW pushed for development of the city-owned Sims property. Change came when Holladay, who helped bring Patriot Park into fruition, got involved behind the scenes with the help of fellow council members David Hooks and Tony Smith to cobble together a partnership between the City of Homewood, the Community Foundation, and Birmingham-Southern College’s Southern Environmental Center (SEC). The Sims Garden became one of several “EcoScapes” the SEC manages in the area. The Center serves as a platform for the Urban Environmental Studies program on campus and is the only program of its kind in Alabama. Together the group developed a plan that wouldn’t cost the city a lot of money. To bring the garden back to life, the city would put up the initial $30,000 to renovate the house and make it livable, and the SEC role would be to develop a plan to help manage the property. “We’ve gone to great lengths to save what was already there and to find other similar plants,” said Roald Hazelhoff, director of the SEC. “We see this as an outdoor classroom, so in that way we can work with local scout groups, garden clubs and neighbors in the community who might want to learn

about things like composting, rainwater harvesting, etc.,” said Hazelhoff. The Sims Garden has a lot more than just pretty flowers according to landscape contractor Arnold Rutkis, owner of StoneShovel landscaping. “There are a lot of edible things like muscadines, figs, Japanese persimmons, plums, peaches, mayhaw, rosemary and thyme,” he said. The garden is also distinctly Homewood; limestone salvaged from the old Homewood City Hall lines its paths. “The old city hall was built in 1926,” said Holladay, “and we couldn’t bring ourselves to toss it. I’m sure Catherine would be proud that we used remnants of city hall in her garden.” The lower lots of the garden are covered with native grasses, plants and heirloom roses. The upper garden includes a brick patio, moss rock seating wall, a bamboo fence and a tool shed, which showcases a green roof and rainwater collection system. Hazelhoff said that the Sims Garden is still in transition and that it’s taken a lot of work to bring the property back to life. The neighborhood involvement has been phenomenal, according to Holladay. On work weekends 25 to 30 people showed up to help landscape. “The city was convinced that with minimal outlays, they could have maximum benefit, and also honor one of our citizens who wanted to honor us by leaving us this property,” said Holladay. AmeriCorps volunteer Laura Rogers is resident caretaker of the Sims Botanical Garden and coordinates the EcoScape program. The garden officially opened in April for groups by appointment. The facility is also available for special functions. Everyone is invited to the Sims Garden’s official opening May 4 from 2 to 4 p.m. To keep up with the latest happenings in the Sims Garden, visit SimsEcoscape. Community work days are held Fridays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Call 226-4934 if you are interested in volunteering


Where two sides meet to find one suitable solution. MIDDL EMEDIAT ION.COM | 205. 4 6 7.8552 or 205. 271. 3153



| May 2012 |

Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight

General Pest Control |


397 West Oxmoor Road 941-9882

Terry Freeman has been capturing wildlife since he was a child in the late 1950s. Growing up on the bayous in Gulfport, Miss., he quickly realized his love for hunting and capturing animals. Today, he owns and operates General Pest Control and his newest business endeavor, Wildlife Management. Freeman got into the business in 1987. A friend suggested Freeman open a cable company, but he started a pest control business instead. “I thought that I just needed a truck and a sprayer and to put some flowers out, and I could go to work,” Freeman said. “But, I ended up having a difficult time.” He soon learned he needed certification and licensure by the State Department of Agriculture and took a crash course from Purdue University on pest control technology. Freeman decided that the best way to get the news out about his new business, which opened in 1988, was to go door to door around Homewood with flyers. The first month of business might have seemed unsuccessful to some, but to Freeman, he was on the right track. “I sold my first account in two weeks, and two weeks later, I sold the second account,” he said. “I had only made $40 in the first month of business, but I thought it was great that I doubled my business in size so quickly.” The optimist soon had more to feel proud of as business began to pick up. Today, General Pest Control has more than 10,000 clients. His 20 employees have a combined 168 years of experience in the

Terry Freeman owns General Pest Control and has recently started a new business, Wildlife Management. Photo by Craig Kleimeyer.

company. “It was kind of like a snowball effect. Our neighbors were our first customers, and then they told their friends and relatives. Business kept rolling in.” Word of mouth has been his best form of advertisement to this day for him. “Nothing beats a customer selling for you,” Freeman said. He said he has been blessed by the immeasurable amount of friends he has gained throughout his business, as well as by the business’ success. “I have learned that you get out of business what you put into your business,” he said. “When you do a good job, it comes back tenfold.” Freeman and his wife, Karen, who works alongside him, are careful to make sure their employees have good conduct in the homes and to make sure they give customers the knowledge they need. “You don’t have pests because you’re a poor housekeeper,” Freeman said. “The pests come in, and they want to make your

Red Balloon Sale Saturday May 19th! antiques, furniture, artwork, gifts, children’s items, custom nursery bedding, area rugs, jewelry, home accessories, lamps, monogramming, upholstery service, custom slip covers, and so much more!!!

home their home.” This spring, ants are a problem in the home and yard because of the mild winter, and it is a big year for fleas. Because of all of the trees and old landscaping in Homewood, there are a lot of squirrels, and squirrels can cause flea problems in houses too. You don’t have to have a dog or a cat to have flea problems, he said. Also in Homewood, General Pest Control provides sponsorships to community organizations including the Homewood Parks and Recreation, the Jimmy Hale Mission and Youth for Christ Birmingham. They do pretreatments free for tornado victims rebuilding houses as well. In March Freeman started Wildlife Management, and his customer base is already keeping him busy. “We are on a path for heavy growth,” Freeman said. “Just in the past four weeks, I saw a great need.” New development in Homewood is pushing wildlife out of their natural

habitats, and Wildlife Management will relocate those animals in an environmentally and wildlife friendly way. “We obey all laws pertaining to wildlife capture and safely put the animals back into the wild if at all possible,” Freeman said. Wildlife Management employees get the permission they need from property owners, do not use poison and do everything in the most humane way possible. “People love wildlife, and there’s a place for it, but not in our attics or basements or garages,” Terry said. Freeman’s advice for homeowners is to avoid potentially dangerous situations by trying to handle them yourself. “Call a professional when you don’t know what you’re doing,” he said. “There is one number to remember, and we can take care of any need when it comes to insects, pests and wildlife.”



Certified Family Law Specialist by the National board of Trial Advocacy.

Sixteen years of experience helping clients with Divorce Custody Visitation Child Support Paternity Alimony Adoptions Appeals Wills and Trusts 930 Oxmoor Road (205)414-9945

No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.


1703 Oxmoor Road Birmingham, AL 35209

Restaurant Showcase

2821 Central Avenue 703-7000

Restaurant Showcase |

Little Donkey

May 2012 |




Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

A Steak Torta is one of the Mexican street sandwiches on the menu. Photo courtesy of Little Donkey.

Homewood native Joshua Gentry holds an order of Chiliquiles (pronounced “chili-killies”) as he stands by shelves of fresh produce and a machine that grinds corn in Little Donkey’s kitchen. Photo by Madoline Markham.

Gentry said. Gentry said the soups are the hidden gems on the menu. One he served soon after opening was filled with pork broth, chilies, pasta, smoked veggies, avocado and egg. He also recommends the tacos. The colossal La Taqueria takes two tortillas, one flour and one corn, to hold the pork, brisket, cheese, pintos, pico and crema that fill it. For another variety, fish is grilled and topped with queso, pickled cabbages and a chipotle cream. There are also brisket, pork,

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1/4 South of Hwy 280

205-980-4471 •

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A machine from Mexico grinds corn to be freshly pressed into tortillas. The smoker cooks only whole hogs from nearby farms with humane practices. A wood-burning oven bakes bread for street sandwiches. The kitchen at Little Donkey renders fat from pigs for tamales, squeezes the limes for their margaritas, and grills and smokes arbol chilies and habanero peppers for earthy tones in their salsa. “We wanted real Mexican food that isn’t dumbed down and all melty cheese,” Chef and Managing Partner Joshua Gentry said. “We wanted to be respectful to this culture and their food.” The kitchen goes through six cases of tomatoes a day and boxes of organic avocados that are shipped the day they are picked in Mexico. Something about this fresh, local, authentic concept has attracted huge crowds since the restaurant opened in the old ABC store location in April. “I thought we would have to be out on the street explaining our food to people,” Gentry said. “But we are busy like it’s spring break or something.” The flavors at Little Donkey are truly Mexican, but the hospitality is truly Southern. The recycled pine walls and glazed windows of the space give it a rustic, warm flair. A garage door opens to a patio lined with colored lights. The owners chose the spot for its central location. “Here we are still far enough from downtown Homewood that it feels like we are in a neighborhood,”

smoked chicken, steak and veggie tacos. Tortas, Mexican street sandwiches, are served on freshly baked bread. The Drunken Hog is piled with pinto, guacamole, cheese and pickled onions with tomato broth served on the side. Each is served with a side like a street-style full cob of corn topped with queso fresco. The La Concoction side serves black beans and rice in a small skillet, topped with an egg. Full of a distinctly Little Donkey voice, the menu speaks of the “gooey goodness” in the veggie fundido and tells you to “love

the tortilla and she will love you back” (and that’s pretty easy when it’s made with corn freshly ground the day you put it in your mouth). What you see on the menu is collaboration inspired by trips to Mexico and Mexican restaurants all over; Nick Pihakis, who started Jim N Nicks with his father and owns Little Donkey’s parent company; Gentry; and countless other big names in the food world. Gentry lives behind Homewood Central Park and has started skateboarding to work most days. A 1991 graduate of Homewood High School, he went to school in Colorado and worked on the Gulf coast and in Nashville before moving back five years ago. “It’s funny how I kept running away from living in Homewood,” Gentry said. “Now I love working seven minutes from home. What’s even more awesome is that people who I didn’t even realize knew me have been in here to support me and my family.” Gentry said his team’s vision for fresh, local, authentic food is still evolving. “We want our food to be different and better every day,” Gentry said.


Jacqueline Dillon DeMarco, PhD Clinical Psychologist

Individual and Couple Therapy (Adults ages 18+)

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500 Office Park Drive • Suite 216 • Mountain Brook, AL 35233

(205) 718-5433


| May 2012 |

Homewood Sports

Homewood Sports

HHS student receives track scholarship

HHS spring sports

All Star basketball team wins championship

Jack Smalley bats for HHS against Spain Park. Photo courtesy of Katie Dixon.

Homewood High School student Stephanie Simpson signed a track scholarship with the University of North Alabama. Pictured with Stephanie are Rebecca Singleton (HHS cross country coach), Stephanie’s parents, Tom Esslinger (HHS track coach), and Michael Niezgoda (HHS assistant coach).

Homewood Youth Cheer Registration Homewood Youth Cheer registration for the 2012 fall season is going on now and will end May 20. For more information and to register, visit www.homewoodyouthcheering. com.

The Homewood all-star team (Homewood Red) won the area championship in Jasper. Photo

courtesy of Marjorie Davis Trimm.

Prints Frames Lamps Lamp








Homewood varsity soccer player Paige McBride kicks against Chelsea. Photo courtesy of Katie Dixon.

1829 29 Ave. South • Homewood • 870-8110 th









Braces for All Ages

Homewood Sports

| May 2012 |


Swimming to make Olympic trials Fine Jewelry

Genny Pittman in the pool and ready to compete. Photo courtesy of Genny Pittman.

By BROOKE BOUCEK Genny Pittman swims every day of the week except Sunday. Three times a week she practices twice a day. Morning practices are as early as 5 a.m. and last until 6:45 a.m. Afternoons she swims from 3:40 p.m. until 6:40 p.m. This may seem crazy for a typical 16-year-old high school student. But for Genny, that’s just a normal day of the week. “It’s a lot of sacrificing, but it’s worth it to get to see the results,” Pittman said. Pittman has won the 100-meter backstroke at the state meet for the past three years and holds a two-year record. She has also won the 50-meter freestyle. And that’s just a glimpse of her accomplishments. Today Pittman is working to qualify for the Olympic trials in Omaha, Neb. In order to meet the national qualifying time, she must shave off .08 of a second in 50-freestyle or .80 seconds in backstroke. And this goal is far from impossible. “What do I do outside of swimming?” Pittman laughed. “When would I really have time for anything else?” Pittman has been competing year round for 8 years. She practices at Wald Park nearly every day in Birmingham Swim League’s Senior 2 Group. “When we go through stuff, he does

too,” Pittman said. “As my coach, he is always pushing me to do my best and is proud when he watches my hard work pay off.” After being out for 6 months due to mononucleosis, Pittman said it was hard to get back on track. She didn’t start back with normal training for 8 months. “That was definitely tough to watch everyone get better in training and not be able to go out there and be a part of it,” Pittman said. “It really put me behind but now I’m back where I need to be.” Before getting serious with swimming Pittman played soccer and participated in triathlons as well. She loves hanging out with her friends and serving as class president for SGA, being a peer helper and a member of Beta Club at Homewood High School. But most of the time, you’ll find Pittman in the pool. With colleges already on the lookout for her, Pittman hopes to be a collegiate swimmer and some day an Olympian. “Getting to go to the upcoming Olympic trials will be a huge achievement for me,” Pittman said. “This is something I really want, and I’m going to work hard to get there.”

On the hill in Homewood

The Diamond Dealer John K. Bromberg & William G. Bromberg II

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| May 2012 |

School House

Fine Arts night at Edgewood Edgewood Elementary School hosted Fine Arts Night for family, friends and the community to come together to celebrate success in the arts and see the outstanding works of art created by all Edgewood students. There were also performances from the student drummers and the student choir. Visitors even got a chance to participate in the Vincent Van Gogh Traveling Art Exhibit as they helped create the recycled bottle cap mural for the lunchroom.

Joe Falconer, Jr

1220 Alford Avenue 281-1831

I Love Homewood! Proud 38 year resident

Life Member Club of Excellence 38 Year Resident of Homewood Multi-Million Dollar Producer

Residential Commercial Investment Property


Edgewood students Liam Dwyer (second grade) and Lyons Dwyer (kindergarten) stand with their little sister in front of the Vincent Van Gogh Traveling Art Exhibit.

HCS Showcase The Homewood City Schools Foundation showed student art, held performances by various choirs and bands, and displayed other things happening in schools as a part of the annual Showcase at Homewood Middle School on March 13.


877-8797 2913 18th Street South Monday–Saturday 6:30am to 3pm Home of the Tilapia Greek Salad

The women’s show choir from HHS performed their competition pieces at HMS as a part of the festivities.

Ruby Raines, a first grader at Shades Cahaba Elementary, stands by her self portrait on display.

HHS graduates plan for the future

“I plan on taking the summer off. Then in the fall, I’ll enroll at either Boston College or Georgetown University.” -Caleb Weaver

“I will keep my job and work over the summer and then enroll at the University of Alabama in the fall.” -Ashley Roy

“I plan to work over the summer and then enroll at Auburn University, where I will study interior design.” -Carly Galbraith

“This summer, I’ll be working and then in the fall, I’ll be enrolling at Auburn University.” -Gillen Grant

Hall-Kent Dance Day

Molly Mitchell’s first grade class on PE Dance Day

As a culmination of the dance and movement unit at Hall-Kent Elementary School, the students performed dances they learned during their annual Physical Education Dance Day. Preschool through second grade students performed a variety

of 50s dances including Charlie Brown, Surfing USA, Rocking Robin and the Twist. Third through fifth grade students boot scooted all over the stage with their country line dances including the tush push, alley cat, electric slide and the Tennessee twister.

School House

OLS Art Show New police dog named

| May 2012 |



Jody Brant

Pam Smith

Joel Brant

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This program allows up to 95% LTV for qualified borrowers

• FHA (HUD) 96.5/LOANS UP TO $271,050 Zosia Penherski, a kindergarten student at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School, poses with her original picture of oil pastel butterflies at the school’s annual art show.

Edgewood fifth grader Daisy Valencia won the K-9 Naming Contest for Homewood City Schools with the name Shiloh.

HMS math teams win tournament honors

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This program is designed for qualified veterans/national guard.

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100% Loans for Moderate Income.



HMS sixth grade math team.

Homewood Middle School math team members successfully competed in four statewide competitions this school year. In the tournament held in Decatur, each grade level team earned a first place finish. Outstanding individual performances for sixth graders were Hrithik Praveen - second, Robert Gaddis - fifth, Annie Anninth, Carlo Baylon – tenth; for seventh graders, Will Smith - third, Eli Getman - fifth, Trey Sims - sixth, Paul Selden seventh, Emma Grace Doyal- tenth; for eighth graders, Andrew Boyd - first, Sam Miano - sixth, Jeffrey Ji- ninth, Duncan McDuff - tenth. The competition at Muscle Shoals featured only the sixth graders. The team finished in third place overall and second place in ciphering. Eric Hepp and Hrithik Praveen swept the first and second place individual trophies, respectively. In the competition held at Vestavia Hills High School, Homewood’s sixth grade team finished in first place in their division, bolstered by a first place finish in ciphering. Sixth graders had

five individual winners among the top 15: Robert Gaddis – third, Eric Hepp – fourth, Hrithik Praveen – fifth, Annie An – seventh, Stanford Massie – 12th. In the mental math competition, Homewood’s sixth graders had two individual winners: Eric Hepp – first and Hrithik Praveen – 12th. Homewood’s seventh grade math team finished in ninth place among 20 teams, and the eighth grade team finished in seventh place out of 20 teams. At the Pizitz Middle School tournament, the Homewood sixth graders finished in first place with two individual winners: Eric Hepp - first and Hrithik Praveen - fifth. The seventh graders finished in seventh place, and the eighth graders finished in fourth place. The sixth grade math team coaches are Amy Hacker and Jo Anna Laney. Tracy Colley is the seventh grade coach, and the eighth grade coach is Laura Thuirer. About 160 students at Homewood Middle School participated on the three grade level math teams this school year.

Shades Cahaba planet night Shades Cahaba Elementary School first graders met as the sun went down to observe and identify objects in the night sky. Planets Venus and Jupiter were aligned with the crescent moon, which created a beautiful celestial triangle in the night sky. Students in Lisa Mooresmith’s class and their families were able to catch a view of Mars, the constellation Orion, Orion’s nebula and even a shooting star! The students used iPod Touches purchased through a Homewood City Schools Foundation Grant to spot objects in the night sky as well as telescopes donated by Dr. David Gauntt.

Students Mary Gray Giardina and Mary Siena McBride look at the celestial triangle.




| May 2012 |

Homewood events

Calendar of Events

Honors outstanding Homewood students, salutes the arts and features the Homewood High School Show Choir. 11:30 a.m. Homewood Middle School. Tickets: $15. More information: or 871-5631.

at For more information, visit or check out Urban Cookhouse’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Homewood Library Events

5/4- Eco Sims Garden Official Opening. 2-4 p.m. 908 Highland Road, Edgewood.

5/17- Third Thursday Wine Down. Presented by Homewood Chamber Merchants Committee. Participating merchants will stay open late. Refreshments. Downtown Homewood. More information: Homewoodchamber. com or 871-5631.

5/5 - 2nd Annual Homewood City Schools Spirit Scamper 5K/10K Race and 1 Mile Fun Run. Homewood High School. 7:30 a.m. Admission: $20 fee for Non – HCS Employee, $15 Employee of HCS student. Fun Run is Free. More information: wordpress/nspurlock or call 870-4203.

5/23 – What Your Employer Meant to Tell You When They Made You a Manager: Help for Managing People. Room 101. 7:30 a.m.-8:45 a.m. Homewood Public Library. Cost: $10 for chamber members and $15 for non-members. More information: register at www.

5/8 – Oxmoor Page Turners Book Group: The Glass Castle. Homewood Public Library. 6:30 p.m. The book group will be discussing The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. More information: call Judith Wright at 332-6601 or visit http://www. bookgroup .

5/24- Public Involvement Open House for roadway improvements for Oxmoor Boulevard from Green Springs Highway to Barber Court. 4-7 p.m. Homewood Senior Center, 816 Oak Grove Road. More information: 581-5725.

5/4- “Angels, Saints, and Flowers” Gallery Show for Artist Thomas Andrew. Four Seasons Gallery. 5:30 p.m.-8 p.m. Will feature never before seen works by Thomas Andrew as well as recreations of beloved themes. The artist will be personalizing each piece purchased during the show. More information: 803-4059 or visit

5/6– 71st Annual Exhibition for The Watercolor Society of Alabama and Littlehouse Galleries. Littlehouse Galleries, 2915 Linden Avenue. 2 p.m.-5 p.m. Awards reception. More information: or contact Tora Johnson at 423-0922. 5/12 – Pancake Breakfast, Silent Auction and Garage Sale. Trinity United Methodist Church. 7 a.m.-12 p.m. Tickets: $5 per person and may be purchased in advance or at the door. More information: contact Bert Allen at 540-5343 or bertjudy@ to arrange a pickup. All donations are tax deductible. 5/15- Excellence in Education Luncheon.

5/28 – Real Estate Investing Meeting. Homewood Senior Citizens Center, 816 Oak Grove Road. 6 p.m. Come to the monthly meeting on How to Make Money in Real Estate Investing. We meet on the 4th Monday of every month. Admission: First time visitors, free; $72 a year to join. Fridays– Complimentary Wine Tasting. Piggly Wiggly, 3000 Montgomery Hwy. 4 p.m.-6 p.m. Weekly wine tasting. Free. More information: call 879-0884 or visit Saturdays- Homewood Market. SOHO parking lot. 8 a.m.-12 p.m. More information: If you are interested in being a vendor, contact Laura Powell

5/5 – Estate Planning Essentials Workshop. Room 101. 10 a.m. Presented by The Greene Law Firm, LLC. Seating limited and reservations required. Admission: Free. More information: for reservations, contact Attorney Jay Green at 746-2465. 5/15- Summer Reading program registration 5/11 – Library after Hours with Amy Plum. 7p.m. Grades 6 - Adult. Wear your most fashionable supernatural attire and join us for coffee and dessert with author Amy Plum, author of teen paranormal romances Die for Me and Until I Die. This is a free event. 5/23 – Better Than Therapy Book Club. 2p.m. Please join us for our new book club’s organizational meeting. All are welcome. More information: call Leslie West at 332-6621 or email lwest@bham.lib. 5/30- Kick-Off for summer reading. 10:30 a.m. The kick-off will also feature a concert by Eric Herman, a children’s musical. Only kids who have registered for summer reading will be able to attend.

Sports 5/1 – Samford University Baseball vs. Troy. 6 p.m. Admission: $5, adults; $3, children. More information: 5/11-5/13 – Samford University Baseball

vs. Appalachian State. 6 p.m., 2 p.m., 1 p.m. Admission: $5, adults; $3, children. More information: 5/15 – Samford University Baseball vs. Florida. 6:30 p.m. Admission: $5, adults; $3, children. More information:

Special Events 5/12- The Food Truck Roundup. Behind the Mountain Brook Mall, 2816 Culver Road, in the back parking lot of Leaf ‘N Petal. 10:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Tickets: $20. More information: tickets are available at www. Kids 10 and under get in free. Contact Allene Neighbors, Director of Development, at 936-3754. 5/26- Veterans Park hosts Orphan Run. 4800 Valleydale Road. 8 a.m. Help support families adopting orphans around the world as well as non-profit organizations that support orphans. Cost is $30 for the 5K race and $15 for the 1 mile Fun Run. More information: to register, visit www.

Save the Date 6/2-7/31– West Homewood Farmers Market. 8 a.m.-12 p.m. Shades Valley Community Church. Every Saturday and Sunday in June and July. More information: 6/2-6/3– Glorious Gardens. Birmingham Botanical Gardens. 6/2, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; 6/3, 12 p.m.-5 p.m. Tickets: $25. More information: purchase tickets at www. and at local retailers. Contact Shelly McCarty at 414-3965 or 6/5- Vulcan Birthday Bash. Vulcan Park and Museum. Admission: $3 for ages 5 and up, free for ages 4 and under. 12-4 p.m. More information: www.visitvulcan. com


The Art of Dentistry

Homewood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, LLC A Full Service Dental Office New Patients Welcome Most Insurance Accepted

Deanne L. Vail, DMD


Julie L. Webb, DMD

• • • • • • • • • •

Cosmetic Treatments Preventative Care Power Bleaching Tooth Colored Fillings Restorative Care Porcelain Crowns & Veneers Pediatric Dentistry Implant Restoration Nitrous Oxide Sedation Financing Available

1752 Oxmoor Rd.•

No representation is made that the quality of dental services to be performed is greater than the quality of dental services performed by other dentists.

The Homewood Star

| May 2012 |


Homewood Happenings Which Wich coming to SOHO

Genesis Nail Spa open in Hallman Hill

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches is set to open at the beginning of June in SOHO in the former Tutti Frutti location. The sandwich shop will be open seven days a week and will follow the Which Wich standards for sandwich making. Which Wich offers more than 50 varieties of “wiches,” from the signature Wicked®, loaded with five meats and three cheeses, to unique items such as Thank You Turkey®, with stuffing and cranberry sauce. The Which Wich menu also includes

Genesis Nail Spa has opened in Hallman Hill near Pinches Tacos. The fullservice nail spa will leave you renewed and feeling good. Services include natural nails care, nails enhancement, foot massages, scrubs, waxing and facials.

plenty of vegetarian options and several healthy wiches for less than 400 calories each. Other menu items include signature house chips, hand-dipped shakes and justout-of-the-oven cookies. Which Wich is located at 1830 29th Ave S. Hours will be 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 11 a.m.-6 p.m. on Sunday. Email for more information.

Shaia’s celebrates 90th anniversary with store expansion In the middle of June, Shaia’s James line collection, contemporary gentleman’s clothing store will celebrate menswear with a European influence. The its 90th anniversary by opening a new quality and fit of the clothing resembles expansion to the shop. The $250,000 project J. Crew and Banana Republic. Shirts will will add a 500-square-foot concept shop. range from around $90-$125 and pants “The shop will have its own storefront, around $120-150. expanding Shaia’s presence with a large “We still want to keep the luxury and arched window,” Director of Operations quality we are known for,” Shaia said. “But Ken Shaia said. Shaia said that Dungan we’re finding growth with people who Nequette Architects and Francis Bryant, want more moderately-priced items, so we who are leading the project, wanted to want to offer that.” build the arch to look like a bridge. It will Shaia’s also offers alterations, be the only store on 18th Street with such a wardrobe consultation, photo wardrobing design. and more. “The idea was that we are bridging Shaia’s is located at 2818 18th Street Shaia’s to a younger customer,” Shaia said. South. Hours are 9 a.m.-6p.m. Monday Since the store has been open for 90 years, through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Shaia said the shop has been seeing the Saturday. Call 871-1312 or visit fourth generation of customers shopping. for more information. The expansion will include the Scott BMC_WOMENS_Ad-mainƒ-10x7.5.pdf 1 4/13/12 1:55 PM

Genesis is located at 350 Hallman Hill East, Unit 51. Hours are 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 1 p.m.-5 p.m. on Sunday. Visit www.genesisnailspa. com for more information.

Festivity opening on 18th Street Atlanta-based boutique Festivity is scheduled to open the first week of May in the former Bryant Electric building in downtown Homewood. “The decision to open in Homewood was really customer driven,” said owner and founder Colleen Nilan. “We have so many customers from Birmingham who shop in Atlanta that we knew we had to be here!” The boutique sells clothing, gift items and accessories, and prides itself on its unique and local items, such as local landmark coasters and jewelry by local designers.

“We can dress you head to toe and have your hostess gift ready to go,” said Director of Stores Stephen Bright. Festivity has been featured in Lucky, NBC’s “TODAY’ show, Southern Living, and Atlanta magazine’s list of Best Boutiques. Festivity will be located at 2852 18th Street South. They will be open MondaySaturday, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m., and Sunday, 12-5 p.m. To learn more about the store, visit

Simple Auto Imports open Area residents can now vehicle shop locally at Simply Auto Imports in the former Bakery at the Culinard location. Inventory is growing, and Simple Auto is selling quality-owned Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Volvo and Nissan vehicles.

Simple Auto Imports is located at 197 Vulcan Road. Hours are 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. Call 290-2112 or visit for more information.

| May 2012 |

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The Homewood Star May 2012  

News, Sports, and Entertainment for Homewood, Alabama.

The Homewood Star May 2012  

News, Sports, and Entertainment for Homewood, Alabama.

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