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Myth: energy efficient comfort too expensive. The perception that premium comfort in a home is too expensive, is a myth. two coffees a day The running cost of heating your whole home with a warm water central heating system is similar to the cost of two coffees a day or running two air-to-air heat pumps which only heats two areas in the home. While the capital cost can be less than 8m2 build cost.


Compared to other forms of heating, the comfort from a warm water central heating system is unsurpassed. This is because the heat is spread quietly and evenly throughout a home, unlike other systems that can be noisy and blast high heat in one area, hoping that the heat eventually travels to the rest of the home. It is acknowledged worldwide by heating engineers that warm water central heating provides the best comfort to people, which is why it is the preferred method of heating homes and businesses all over the world.


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Live in an even temperature throughout your home

Our custom designed warm water central heating systems offer the most energy efficient heating solution for heating a whole home to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

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abode - issue 28