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Graeme Green of Active Refrigeration offers an insight into how easy it is to achieve a warm, healthy and comfortable living environment – year round

WHAT IS A DUCTED AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM? Providing air-conditioned comfort throughout the home, a ducted air conditioning system sees the main unit concealed in your ceiling or under the floor, with ducting then distributing air to vents discreetly positioned throughout. Providing excellent heating and cooling with no drafts, noise or visual impact on your walls, a ducted air conditioning system offers a whole-house solution.

AT WHAT POINT IN MY BUILD PROCESS SHOULD I THINK ABOUT INTEGRATING A SYSTEM LIKE THIS? We like to be involved in the early stages of the design to ensure there is space available for equipment, and to provide advice on the best options. For new homes we are keen to see the plans early, and work with the architect or designer to ensure structural integrity for the positioning equipment and discreet space for the outdoor unit.


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CAN IT BE RETROFITTED? With existing homes it is generally difficult to access ceiling space to enable installation of a ducted system; however, with the use of high wall or floor mounted units, we are still able to provide a solution. WHAT MAKES YOUR SYSTEM AND COMPANY STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD? Part of what makes us unique is our holistic approach to each project. It is our aim to design and build a solution that will improve the livability and energy efficiencies of your environment. We specialise in design build solutions for all types of air conditioning and heating solutions to ensure your home is comfortable year round, be it fully ducted air conditioning heat pumps, underfloor hydronic systems, high wall heat pumps, floor mounted heat pumps, or a combination of several systems. We supply and recommend Daikin systems, as we have found their products to be reliable, quiet and efficient. Not only are they well proven, but

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abode - issue 28  

abode - issue 28