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Photo: Chris Anton

Letter from the Editor We are delighted you have chosen Antigua & Barbuda

Don’t forget to indulge yourself in a duty free shopping

for your holiday. Welcome to the most enchanting tourist

spree at Heritage & Redcliffe Quays, which are situated on

destination in the Caribbean!

the waterfront in the heart of our capital, St.John’s.

These tropical gems are embraced by pristine white and

After the sun has set you can feast on a sumptuous

pink sand beaches and surrounded by translucent turquoise

selection of local and international delights while being

waters creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

serenaded by lively Caribbean rhythms. Or, you can just

We invite you to participate in a unique selection of

enjoy a quiet romantic evening under the stars. Whatever

island activities. Explore and discover the natural beauty,

captivates you, sit back, relax and savour the warm and

rich history and exciting local culture as you circumnavigate

welcoming island charm extended by our gracious

by air, land or sea. You’ll experience breathtaking beauty


and memorable vistas as never seen before. If you rent a car remember that driving is on your LEFT and please always look out for our four-legged friends who often share the road with us.


Life in Antigua will be your guide every step of the way ensuring you take home memories that will last a lifetime. Have fun and we hope to see you again.

S T. J O H N ’ S A N T I G U A • 2 0 4 H E R I TA G E Q U AY, 268 481 1880 • ANTIGUA@SHOPDI.COM W W W. D I A M O N D S I N T E R N AT I O N A L . C O M

Government of Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation & Culture Queen Elizabeth Highway, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: (268) 462 0651/462 0787/463 9522/3 Fax: (268) 462 2836/462 6398

P.O. Box W351, ACB Financial Centre High Street, St. John’s Phone: (268) 562 7600 Fax: (268) 562 7601 Email:

Relax….You are in paradise on the beautiful and awe-inspiring islands of Antigua and Barbuda. Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, we have been endowed with an abundance of natural beauty, fascinating history, rich culture and friendly, peace-loving people. We welcome you to try a new beach for each day that you spend with us. We boast 365 of some of the best in the world. The possibilities for leisure and excitement are endless. There is zip lining through the rainforest canopy, an eco tour to one of our offshore islands – you are sure to find land and sea adventures at every turn. We offer a range of accommodation from the ultra exclusive to the all inclusive. Whether you choose a romantic resort or a charming escape at a villa, we can help you make your dreams come true. Dining in Antigua and Barbuda will certainly be unforgettable! Sample our delectable cuisine – a succulent Barbudan spiny lobster, a fresh snapper or a few slices of our naturally sweet Antigua Black Pineapple. Our calendar is packed with exciting events, so it’s always a good time to visit. Come celebrate Antigua’s Carnival, the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival or Caribana in Barbuda. Our warm tropical climate is matched by the warmth and friendliness of our people who are eager to cater to your every need. You will find that these little sister islands have an unrivaled quality and flavour that makes those who visit our shores reluctant to leave and always planning to return. Enjoy your stay and we look forward to your return to our sun kissed shores! Hon. John Maginley

Colin C. James

Minister of Tourism,

Chief Executive Officer Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

Civil Aviation & Culture

Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association P.O. Box 454, Island House, Newgate Street, St. John’s, Antigua, West Indies Telephone: (268) 462 3703/4928 Fax: (268) 462 3702 E-mail: On behalf of the Antigua Hotels & Tourist

Antiguans and Barbudans are very hospitable people with a rich

Association, I would like to welcome you to

culture steeped in the history of their English and African ancestry.

Antigua & Barbuda! There is so much to see

Throughout the islands you will observe relics of the past. You can also

and do while on vacation here and we hope

visit historical sites at Nelson Dockyard, Betty’s Hope, Fort James and in

that this publication will help you to fulfill all

Barbuda the Martello Tower and Two Foot Bay.

your dreams for a perfect holiday.

So whether it is for business or pleasure, fun or adventure, relaxation

Antigua and her sister isle Barbuda are

or romance, sailing or just getting away from it all, there is no place

geographically nestled in the heart of the

like Antigua & Barbuda. Once you have experienced the warmth of our

Caribbean. Antigua, only 108 sq. miles, boasts

people, you will not want to leave our shores.

some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Barbuda is blessed with miles of pink sandy beaches. While on vacation, take the time to explore and discover the many

Have a wonderful holiday and we hope you will come back soon. Make ‘Life in Antigua & Barbuda’ your companion while on vacation and take it home as a treasure of special memories.

wonders of our islands. Sail around the coastline on a catamaran anchoring in one of the many secluded inlets to enjoy a breathtaking Caribbean sunset whilst sipping a local rum punch. If you are more adventurous there is scuba diving, round-the-island safari jeep tours, horseback riding, sailing or hiking in the lush green countryside. For the young at heart,

Andrew Hedley

zip-lining in the rainforest will certainly bring on that adrenaline rush.

Chairman, Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association



d es i g n a n d tec h n o lo gy. lu m i n o r 1 9 50 r egat ta 3 days c h r o n o flyba c k t i ta n i o ( r ef. 5 26 )

Heritage Quay, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: (268) 481-1880 •

Photo: Shelly Chadburn

General Information



St. John’s

Emergencies . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 911 or 999 Fire .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 462 0044 Mount St. John’s Medical Centre . .. .. . 462 0251 Ambulance .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 911 Police Headquarters . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 462 0125 Antigua & Barbuda Search and Rescue .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 562 1234 Office of Disaster Preparedness .. .. .. . 462 4207

POPULATION Approximately 85,000

CURRENCY Eastern Caribbean dollar – exchanged at the rate of US$1 to approximately EC$2.70. Both are normally accepted by stores, restaurants and hotels. You may receive change in EC dollars. Major credit cards are accepted at most establishments.


Banks can be found in St. John’s, at some shopping centres and at the airport. ATMs that accept Mastercard and Visa can be found at most banks and elsewhere around the island. General Banking Hours: Mon-Thurs: 8.00am-2.00pm Fri: 8.00am-4.00pm – Some banks are open on Saturdays.

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Voltage is 110, however please check before plugging in as 220 volts can sometimes be found.

When calling from outside Antigua & Barbuda please use the prefix (268).




Elegance is an attitude Kate Winslet

Heritage Quay, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: (268) 481-1880 Email:

Longines DolceVita


This 108 square mile island paradise, best known for its 365 beaches, has so much to see beyond the white sand and sparkling water. If you have been for your daily swim and had your beach nap why not rent a car or taxi and explore an old fort; visit a village and learn from locals, or just gaze out at a beautiful vista from a good vantage point.


Prickly Pear Island

Boon Point Beggars Point BLUE WATERS HOTEL Soldier Point Crosbies Jabberwock Weatherills Point Beach Hodges Bay HALCYON BY REX RESORT SANDALS GRANDE ANTIGUA RESORT & SPA Cedar Grove High American Point ANTIGUA VILLAGE Dickenson Bay JUMBY BAY A ROSEWOOD RESORT Mount Pleasant University of Antigua SIBONEY BEACH CLUB TRADEWINDS BUCCANEER BEACH CLUB Coolidge US Airforce HOTEL MARINA BAY RESORT Base New McKINNON’S POND Winthorpes Shell Beach Paradise View Barnes Hill Cedar Valley Runaway Bay ANCHORAGE INN 1 Golf Course Powells DOVE COVE Crabbs Cassada Fort Bay Peninsula V.C. BIRD Gardens INTERNATIONAL Carlisle 4 2 AIRPORT Shipstern Point Fort James Fort Barrington Fitches Fitches Creek Bay Gambles COCONUT Piggotts Creek 3 Deep BayBEACH CLUB YEPTON ESTATE CITY VIEW HOTEL COTTAGES St. John's THE GRAND ROYAL ANTIGUAN RESORT Parham St. Georges Paynters Harbour Harbour Anglican GALLEY BAY RESORT & SPA Five Islands HERITAGE HOTEL Guard Point Church JOE MIKE’S PLAZA Potters Village Hawksbill Bay Village 5 ST. JOHN’S Parham HAWKSBILL BY REX RESORT Tomlinson Denfields CITY Parham Long Bay Indian Town Point Mercers Devils Bridge Anglican Creek Bay Cooks GRAYS HILL Gulf Point GRAND PINEAPPLE Church Gunthorpes Belmont BEACH CLUB Main Roads Golden Grove Hansons Bay Branns Sir. Vivian Richards THE VERANDAH RESORT & SPA 6 Lightfoot Hamlet Stadium Secondary Roads Creekside Five Islands Harbour Seatons Herberts North Sound Bellevue Hotels & Resorts New Division Leonards Heights Willikies Seaview Farm Friendship 7 MONTEROS Hermitage Point Pares Bridge Points of Interest Freemans Glanvilles HERMITAGE BAY HILL Stony Horn Bay Village Betty’s Hope Nonsuch Bay Green Churches Bakers Cellar B a SADDLE Yorks Ebenezer Castle Hughes Point Conk Point HILL Pearns Point P e Cedar Hall NONSUCH BAY Jennings Police Stations HARMONY RESORT Mosquito Cove HALL St Lukes Dunnings Buckleys 8 Hospitals Jolly Harbour Blubber Valley Emanuel Bendals Reads Point Medical Clinic All Saints Village 11 JOLLY HARBOUR MARINA Christian Valley Potworks Dam Mill Reef Airport Bolans TRANQUILITY BAY ROCK PEAK McNISH JOLLY BEACH RESORT MOUNTAIN SUGAR RIDGE RESORT 9 Petrol Stations Newfield COCO'S 1120' Valley Church Bay Tyrells Swetes Sawcolts BOLAN HILL Friars Head Donkey Sanctuary Catholic Freetown Friar’s Hill Road SAGE HILL COCO BAY RESORT Valley Church MILL REEF CLUB Crossroads Church St. Philips 1160' Bethesda Ffryes Point 10 Centre Fort Road Exchange Bay Table Hill St. Philips Anglican Church John Hughes Orange Valley Mill Gordon Darkwood Beach Half Moon Bay Old Parham Road MT. OBAMA Darkwood Christian Point Liberta 1319' Soldier Point CHRISTIAN SHERKERLEY Crab Point Sir George CRAB HILL MOUNTAINS SIGNAL HILL HILL Hudson Point MONKS HILL Willoughby Bay FIG TREE HILL Walter Highway Lynch Point Wallings Cades Reservoir Johnsons SUGARLOAF HILL CADE PEAK Sir Sydney Falmouth Point Urlings Bay Johnsons Point Walling Highway Tremontaine CHERRY HILL Issac Point Cobbs Claremont Pineapple Cross CATAMARAN HOTEL PELICAN ISLE VILLAS All Saints Road Farm Old Road Cades Bay English University Falmouth of Health Doigs Harbour Harbour Collins Road ST. JAMES'S CLUB Science Goats Head Morris Bay CARLISLE BAY CLUB ANTIGUA YACHT CLUB Mamora Bay FISHER CURTAIN BLUFF HOTEL MARINA RESORT Nelson’s Dockyard Jonas Road Indian Creek HILL Rendezvous Bay Curtain Bluff AYC Carlisle Proctors THE INN AT ENGLISH HARBOUR Matthews Road Bay Point Standfast Point Pigeon Shirley Heights Lookout Old Road Bluff Point English Fig Tree Drive 1/ Point 1 0 2 Nanton Point 2 Harman Point ADMIRALS INN Valley Road GALLEON BEACH CLUB © West Indies Publishing 2013 1/ COPPER & 1 2 2 0 3 1 LUMBER STORE HOTEL

Long Island


Maiden Island

Great Bird Island


Rabbit Island

Guiana Island

Crump Island


Pelican Island



Green Island


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Pelican Island





ST. JOHN’S AREA ARTS & CRAFTS MARKET (next to the fruit and vegetable market and near to the West Bus Terminal) – A delightful, colourful gathering of local artists actively working in their small shops producing 100 percent Antiguan products. Some items are actually made on the spot for you to see – natural vegetable based soaps; artwork done with fish scales and sea shells; leather craft such as shoes, belts and bags, as well as straw hats and items made of other natural fabrics. Open Monday to Saturday. CENOTAPH – Situated at the top of High Street, the war memorial to Antiguans who died serving in World War I was unveiled in 1919. Remembrance Day is celebrated annually with a service for those who gave their lives during World Wars I and II.


FORT JAMES – is named after King James II, who reigned during the years the fort was being built. Work started in 1706 at the entrance to St John’s Harbour. Most of the buildings seen today date back to 1739. By 1773, thirty-six guns were mounted in place with barracks for about 75 men. In the 19th century, a gun was fired at sunrise, sunset and to salute visiting warships. GOVERNMENT HOUSE – is the office of the Governor General of Antigua & Barbuda. Owing to its continual alterations and additions, this house has an unconventional architectural history. It originally started out as two wooden buildings side-by-side. Today, it possesses three fine interiors dating from 1800, with an imposing facade with a two-storey colonnade. Restoration is ongoing and not yet re-opened to the general public.

MUSEUM OF ANTIGUA & BARBUDA – This is one of those ’don’t miss’ attractions. Displays interpret the story of the islands from their geological birth through political independence to the present day. Lively displays include ancient tools and artifacts, shells, various flora and fauna and the island’s plantation, naval and slavery history. The gift and souvenir shop includes marvelous colour prints and etchings of 18th and 19th century Antigua, local handmade pottery, handicrafts and books. The Historical and Archaeological Society and the Environmental Awareness Group are also located on the premises. Admission – US$3.00 or EC$8.00. Tel: 462 4930/1469.

ST JOHN’S CATHEDRAL – is between Newgate and Long Streets and was originally built of wood in 1681 as ordered by governor, Sir Christopher Codrington. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1843, it was rebuilt in freestone and three years later was re-opened and consecrated on 25th July, 1848 (having been initially elevated to the status of a cathedral in August 1842). The very majestic interior is completely encased in pitch pine, which is intended to secure it against hurricanes and earthquakes. Some interesting memorial stones and many other objects of interest lie in this peaceful oasis, designed by architect J. Fuller of Bath, England. Tall, bronze, white-painted figures of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Divine stand atop the pillars of the iron south gates. This imposing baroque-style, twin spired structure still dominates the capital’s skyline. At present the cathedral is closed for major renovations. Photo: Alison Archer

PUBLIC MARKET – The market sits at the southern end of Market Street and is a good place to sample Antigua’s unusual fruit and vegetables. Especially lively on Fridays and Saturdays when you can feel the unchanged atmosphere of bygone days, with the loud chatter of merchants plying their trade. Well worth an early morning visit. At the entrance to

the market is a large, painted statue of Sir Vere Cornwall Bird, one of our national heroes.


Photo: Kevin Johnson

ENGLISH HARBOUR AREA DOW’S HILL INTERPRETATION CENTRE – Set on the hill on your way to Shirley Heights, this centre gives a wonderful historic summary of Antigua. The presentation, ’Reflections of the Sun’, is a colourful journey through this island’s history. Well worth a visit. FORT BERKELEY – is situated on the western entrance to English Harbour on the narrow spit of land behind the Copper and Lumber Store Hotel. Built in three stages between 1704 (21 years before the Dockyard was built) and 1745, it served as the most critical defense to this landlocked harbour with 29 large cannons. A superb vantage point to view some of the world’s most exotic and beautiful yachts under sail. HIKING TRAILS IN THE NATIONAL PARK, NELSON’S DOCKYARD – There are five walkable trails each up to 1-1/2 miles long into the hills around Nelson’s Dockyard. Set in the National Park, the trails go through wooded valleys, across hill tops, past old fortifications with stunning vistas that are seldom seen by visitors and few Antiguans. To find these trails, start at the entrance to the dockyard or the museum.


NELSON’S DOCKYARD – This is the only surviving Georgian naval dockyard in the world. The museum and several other restored buildings stand as a memorial to Admiral Horatio Nelson and the Royal Navy that used it for many years during the Caribbean wars with the French, Spanish and Dutch in the 18th and 19th centuries. This National Park houses restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and gift shops. It is also the home of leading yacht charter companies and headquarters for the annual Antigua Sailing Week Regatta. All buildings have been faithfully restored with many fascinating facts and history detailed on mounted showboards.

ELSEWHERE ON THE ISLAND BETTY’S HOPE – For more than 300 years, this prominent sugar plantation, located on the eastern side of the island, has played a leading role for, and influenced the lives of, many generations of Antiguans. Its unique twin mills sit amid gently rolling countryside. Please visit their onsite interpretation centre which displays excellent exhibits. Be sure to sign the visitors’ book.

DEVIL’S BRIDGE – A national park since the 1950s and site of archaeological excavations, it is situated at the extreme eastern point of the island, just off the road to Long Bay. Atlantic breakers culminate here with dramatic swells, after a 3,000-mile fetch from Africa. Over the centuries these spectacular breakers have carved out a natural limestone arch called Devil’s Bridge, creating blowholes where spouting surf crashes through and up. FIG TREE DRIVE – A very worthwhile and picturesque drive through the lush vegetation of the rain forest, featuring mango, guava, orange, coconut and banana trees. Along the scenic southwest coast to Old Road, Fig Tree Drive climbs up and down hillsides and inland roughly to the centre of the island. Travelling this way, you will pass near the village of Swetes and come out opposite the pink Tyrells Church and the main road to English Harbour. Fruit and vegetable vendors sell their produce from stalls along the way.

HARMONY HALL – Situated on the east coast of the island, its six acres overlook gorgeous Nonsuch Bay. The former Great House of Brown’s Bay Mill dates back to 1843. This cultural haven houses a restaurant and patio with a sugar mill and tower lookout. There is a craft shop and art gallery with a collection of work by top Caribbean artists and sculptors. MEGALITHS, GREENCASTLE HILL – Located about three miles due south of St John’s between the villages of Jennings and Emmanuel. For the adventuresome, a climb to the 565 foot-high rounded grassy hilltop, the remains of an isolated volcano will reveal many interesting megaliths and panoramic views. These unusual geological formations, some say, were scenes of religious ceremonies and phallic worship. Others say the remains of the upright stone circles suggest the hill was once an astronomical outlay for the measurement of time. An Amerindian site exists not far from Tomb Rock. Photo: Ted Martin

FORT BARRINGTON – The fort is located on the promontory at the northern beach side of Deep Bay, on an area called Goat Hill. This imposing signal station reported ships’ movements to Rat Island via flag and light signals. The ruins are of a fort that saw the most action in Antigua’s history. It was captured by the French in 1666 and returned

to England the following year, when it was named after Admiral Barrington who had captured St. Lucia from the French the year before. The present fortifications were built in 1779, and from this prominent hill excellent sightings of St. Kitts and Nevis are possible against the backdrop of stunning sunsets.


POTWORKS RESERVOIR AND DAMS – This is reputed to be the largest expanse of freshwater in the Eastern Caribbean; a mile long and half a mile wide, covering 320 acres and holding one billion gallons of water when full. This large lake, held by two dams, is a welcome and surprising sight (when there are no prolonged dry spells) as you drive in the direction of Harmony Hall, Half Moon Bay or the Bethesda route to English Harbour. There is also interesting bird-watching around the western edge of the reservoir. ST. GEORGE’S ANGLICAN CHURCH – This colonial-era church dating back to 1687 sits on land granted to Daniel Fitch. The area, known as Fitches Creek, was remodelled in 1735 and given its present name. There is a marble ledger of the first English settler to be interred within a place of worship in Antigua, which can still be seen. Its setting is particularly lovely with views overlooking Fitches Creek on one side and Parham Harbour on the other. ST. PETER’S ANGLICAN CHURCH IN PARHAM – The earliest British settlement in Antigua, the centre of seaborne trade and the island’s first port with a protected harbour, Parham Town exported the refined products of some 20 sugar estates in its area. The village is noted for its unique church, St. Peter’s, which was once described as ’the finest church in the British West Indies.’ It was rebuilt in the 1840s after the original wooden church, built in 1711, had been burnt down and its replacement of 1754 dismantled. Although the exterior is in need of restoration, the interior is beautifully proportioned with an octagonal shape and fascinating rib-like wooden ceiling. Designed by Thomas Weekes, the famous British architect of the mid-1800s, the very neat keystone work and excellent smoothness in the wall joints was the work of the Antiguan master mason. WALLINGS FOREST AND RESERVOIR – One of the finest mixed evergreen deciduous forest walks, reached by a nature trail from John Hughes Village. After about half a mile along the path, the awesome wide-stepped spillway of the dam appears almost as if it were a spectacular folly. A magnificent example of Victorian industrial architecture and workmanship, it is an extraordinary sight in such surroundings, with its rounded capping and small round tower. Started in 1890 and finished three years later, this incredible overflow system was designed to hold 13 million gallons of water. This was a great feat over 100 years ago, considering the tunnels for the water pipe were dug through solid rock at least 50-60 feet underground – as yet an unexplained marvel. In 1945, a small additional dam was finished, creating the Fig Tree reservoir. Together these two dams cover 268 acres.


DONKEY SANCTUARY Antigua’s Donkey Sanctuary, operated by the Antigua & Barbuda Humane Society, is located just outside the village of Bethesda. Get up close and personal with these wonderful creatures. The donkeys love to receive visitors and are happy to pose for photographs. Ask about our “Adopt an Antiguan Donkey” programme. Admission is free. Open Monday to Saturday 10.00am-4.00pm. Visit: or call us at Tel: 461-4957 for more information.

Photos: Itchy Feet

Calendar of Events

There is something happening on the island year-round, from local festivals and activities to major sporting events. Look out for posters, flyers and in the local news media for important diary dates. Note that some holidays and festivals may affect the working hours of government offices, banks, shops and stores. The main events are listed below:

Sailboat Racing – Jolly Harbour every Saturday of the year, meeting at 1.30pm latest – Tommy Paterson, Tel: 464 3424 Disappearing Cultural Traditions (Christmas Masquerades) – Museum of Antigua & Barbuda,Tel: 462 4930


JANUARY 1st NEW YEAR’S DAY – Public Holiday Round the Island Race – Antigua Yacht Club, Tel: 460 1799 Field trip – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236


Black History Month Wadadli Day – Cultural Division, Tel: 720 2431/722 8881 Field trip – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236 28th One Day International Cricket - West Indies v England – Sir Vivian Richard’s Stadium, Tel: 481 2469 Royal Ocean Racing Club offshore race circumnavigating the Caribbean Islands – Antigua Yacht Club, Tel: 460 1799 Jolly Harbour Valentine’s Regatta – Jolly Harbour Yacht Club. A two-day event consisting of four yacht classes and seven short races – Tommy Paterson, Tel: 464 3424

Disappearing Cultural Traditions (continued) – Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, Tel: 462 4930

MARCH 2nd and 5th One Day International Cricket - West Indies v England – Sir Vivian Richard’s Stadium, Tel: 481 2469 Antigua & Barbuda Phonecard Exhibition – Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, Tel: 462 4930 International Laser Open – Antigua Yacht Club, Tel: 460 1799 Field trip – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236

APRIL 13th Shark Bait Swim –Jumby Bay to Shell Beach,Tel: 764 0430 18th Good Friday – Public Holiday Kite Festival – Various venues, Tel: 560 5693 or 774 4879 21st Easter Monday – Public Holiday

Photo: Oliver Davies

Photo: Oliver Davies


9th Whit Monday – Public Holiday Field trip – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236


Antigua & Barbuda Phonecard Exhibition (continued) – Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, Tel: 462 4930 Annual Model Boat Race Competition – The Catamaran Club, Falmouth. An unusual opportunity to see these perfectly scaled-down marine works of art compete and be proudly shown by their owners, boat builders and skippers. Tel: 562 6304 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta – One of the world’s foremost classic yacht regattas, events include the Parade of Classics, Tall Ships race, Heritage Day & Gig-racing, Tel: 460 1799 Antigua Open Golf Tournament – Cedar Valley Golf Club, Tel: 462 0161 Guadeloupe to Antigua Race – Antigua Yacht Club, Tel: 460 1799 47th Annual Antigua Sailing Week Regatta – The world’s finest sailing craft meet for this famed week of competitive racing and beach parties, Tel: 462 8872 Earth Day Celebration – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236

MAY Blind Awareness Month – The main fund-raising period for The Antigua and Barbuda Society for the Blind. Various activities help to raise local and visitor awareness of the blind or visually impaired, Tel: 462 0663 5th Labour Day – Public Holiday


Anglican Food Fair – The Deanery Grounds, St. John’s. A variety of stalls and stands with a feast of Antiguan, Barbudan and Caribbean fare, Tel: 462 0820 Annual Antigua Tennis Week – Curtain Bluff Hotel. Join international tennis professionals for a stimulating combination of world-class tennis and instructional clinics, Tel: 462 8400 48th Antigua & Barbuda Sports Fishing Tournament – Phillip Shoul, President, Tel: 460 7400 Green Island Weekend (Full Moon) – Antigua Yacht Club, Tel: 460 1799 Field trip – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236 Red Cross Day – Tel: 462 0800 Caribana – Carnival ’jump-up’ in Barbuda, Tel: 562 7066

AUGUST 2nd Caribbean Premier League Cricket – West Indies 20/20 Domestic Tournament with Antigua and five other regional teams at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Tel 481 2469 4th & 5th Carnival – Public Holidays Carnival Exhibition (cont.) – Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, Tel: 462 4930 Photo: West Indies Cricket Board


Turtle Watch – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236 Antigua Carnival Celebrations – end of July to the beginning of August. A week of non-stop feting, music and dance culminating in a spectacular costume parade, Tel: 720 2431/722 8881 The Sir Vivian Richards Heineken Classic Golf Tournament – Cedar Valley Golf Club, Tel: 462 0161 Carnival Exhibition – Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, Tel: 462 4930 2nd Caribbean Premier League Cricket – West Indies 20/20 Domestic Tournament with Antigua and five other regional teams at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Tel 481 2469

Photo: Kevin Johnson

Turtle Watch – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236 Seafood Fiesta – Urlings, Tel: 462 1259 Mango Festival – Christian Valley, Tel: 462 1259

SEPTEMBER 2014 Police Week – Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force, Tel: 462 0125 Turtle Watch – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236 Frankie Nunes Memorial Fishing Tournament – Philip Shoul, Tel: 460 7400 Step Back in Time (Antigua Then and Now) Exhibition – Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, Tel: 462 4930

OCTOBER Step Back in Time Exhibition (cont.) – Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, Tel: 462 4930 World Hospice Day – “Wet Your Foot and Come” – fund-raising dinner St. John’s Hospice, Tel: 562 8221 Turtle Watch – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236 Pre–Independence Celebrations – Commencing with a thanksgiving service, various programmes and events up to the 31st – the National Dress Day, Food Fair and Exhibition. Cultural Division, Tel: 720 2431/722 8881 Tinman Triathlon - An annual halfiron distance triathlon, Tel: 720 6492 Spring Gardens Moravian Independence Food Fair – Tel: 461 0656 Rotary Club of Antigua Sundown Fundraising Golf Tournament – Cedar Valley Golf Club, Tel: 462 0161

NOVEMBER 1st Antigua & Barbuda’s 33rd Anniversary of Independence – Public Holiday Independence Exhibition – Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, Tel: 462 4930

Curtain Bluff Hotel Tennis Challenge – An event of world-class tennis, Tel: 462 8400 Field trip – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236 Moods of Pan – An exciting showcase by steelband orchestras and musicians, Tel: 462 5644, Ext. 31 Jolly Harbour Annual Regatta – Jolly Harbour Yacht Club. Four races, different categories, primarily for local yachts and a great spectator event. Tommy Paterson, Tel: 464 3424 Antigua & Barbuda Independence Golf Tournament – Cedar Valley Golf Club, Tel: 462 0161

DECEMBER 9th National Heroes’ Day – Public Holiday 53rd Antigua Charter Yacht Show – The world’s oldest charter yacht show where boats from the world over converge on English and Falmouth Harbours. From sloops and cutters to schooners and catamarans plus luxurious motor yachts, Tel: 460 1059 Christmas Hamper Tournament – Cedar Valley Golf Club, Tel: 462 0161

Christmas Masquerades Party – Museum of Antigua & Barbuda, Tel: 462 4930 Field trip – Environmental Awareness Group, Tel: 462 6236 25th Christmas Day – Public Holiday 25th Champagne Party in Nelson’s Dockyard – Something completely different and fun – an annual tradition in which many visitors and locals gather from noon onwards for partying to live bands, quaffing reasonably priced bottles of champagne. Proceeds go to the Hourglass Foundation charity which funds projects for those in need, Tel: 462 4601 26th Boxing Day – Public Holiday High Tide Series – Antigua Yacht Club, Tel: 460 1799 World Aids Day – The Aids Secretariat has a week of activities, Tel: 460 6209 Nelson’s Pursuit Race – Antigua Yacht Club, Tel: 460 1799

NOTE: All information is correct at time of going to press, but may be subject to change.


Shopping in Antigua is a uniquely Caribbean experience. St. John’s is the Mecca with two duty free shopping areas, vendor’s malls and markets with local handiwork and stores carrying clothing, accessories and household items. Just outside the city, on Friar’s Hill Road, you will find a bustling strip of malls with unique and exciting shops, restaurants and businesses. There are also shopping opportunities in English and Falmouth Harbours as well as Jolly Harbour. Most hotels have small boutiques where you can buy jewellery, beachwear and something special to take home. If you need to do any last minute shopping, the V.C. Bird International Airport’s duty free shops carry alcohol, perfume, jewellery, unusual gift items and local CDs to help you remember your magical time in Antigua. No Antiguan holiday is complete without having returned with a bottle of locally aged Antiguan rum or some of our local fiery and spicy pepper sauce.


Photo: Christine Hughes


ST. JOHN’S BAJEZ SOAP GIFTS & SOUVENIRS Arts & Craft Market, Tel: 723 9719 An array of local handmade soaps, available in different shapes and fragrances. Cheryl is always happy to explain soap making and to arrange a beautiful gift basket. There are also other Antiguan made gifts and souvenirs. BEST OF BOOKS Lower St. Mary’s Street, Tel: 562 3198 The Best of Books is Antigua’s most comprehensive bookshop offering a wide variety of Caribbean and international best sellers, old favourites, newspapers and magazines. FLO’S PERFUME + Lower Long Street, Tel: 562 5618 A wide selection of perfume and other cosmetics to suit everyone. Excellent gift ideas at reasonable prices. ISLAND PHOTO Redcliffe Street, Tel: 462 1567 Village Walk, Tel: 562 7404 One-hour photo processing including

a digital lab for enlargements; film; photo albums; frames and framing with custom matting and photographic accessories. Top quality work by Allan Aflak, an established and experienced local photographer is available for all occasions. THE MAP SHOP Redcliffe Street, Tel: 462 3993 This quaint and charming shop sells old and new map prints, sea charts, postcards, stationery supplies, educational books and a fascinating selection of work by West Indian writers and poets. MUSEUM GIFT SHOP Long Street, Tel: 462 4930 You can find locally made pottery, national dress dolls, miniature Antiguan estate rums, Warri boards, books on local topics, old prints, maps, postcards and museum related historical items – profits go towards the upkeep and restoration of the museum.


PATRAVI TRAVELTEC The Patravi TravelTec makes an impression with its distinctive style and refined functionality. With sophisticated interplay between case and movement, it displays three time zones at once. And the hour display can be set in precise hour-intervals independently of the movement – so the exact time is conserved throughout the operation. A chronograph with personality, that stands out from the run-of-the-mill time-zone watches. BOUND TO TRADITION – DRIVEN BY INNOVATION

Heritage Quay · St. John’s · Antigua · 268.462.3107

St. John’s

To North West Coast

Royal Palm Place Jasmine Court EPICUREAN DRIVE


F R I A R ’ S HI L











East Bus Station





Holy Family Cathedral E MOUN



To South Coast OAD

To English Harbour LS



Traffic Lights


Petrol Stations








To South Coast


To Police Headquarters








Medical Clinics

Fire Station





Public Market


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West Bus Station


Churches Police Stations

To Airport

Mount St. John’s Medical Centre



Points of Interest

Multi Purpose Cultural Centre















Antigua Recreation Grounds



Historic Redcliffe Quay

St. John’s Harbour



Heritage Quay



Museum & Archives

Government House






Post Office





Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association

Bareboat Express Pickup

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Medical Surgical Associates


Spring Gardens ST. JOHN’S STRE ET Moravian Church BISHOPSGATE STREET















To Deep Water Harbour

Village Walk Shopping Center Woods Mall



Adelin Medical Centre




To Fort James



To North Coast



LONGCHAMP Heritage Longchamp was founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, and is still owned and run by the Cassegrain family today. Longchamp’s luggage, handbags and accessories have a worldwide reputation for craftsmanship, creativity and design and are complemented by shoes and ready-to-wear collections. Refreshing advertising campaigns and exciting collaborations with artists underline the contemporary and sometimes playful spirit of Longchamp, which owns more than 236 exclusive boutiques worldwide.

Quadri : the stylish girl’s new best friend The casual-chic Quadri is everything she wants a bag to be. Crafted from cowhide leather with a distinctive crisscross grain, it feels as supple and worn-in as her favourite pair of jeans. She loves the rock ‘n’ roll spirit of the nickel-finish hardware – the Longchamp signature, the rivets, and especially the cute metal plaque engraved with Longchamp emblems. She loves the choice of colours, each one a contemporary classic – from everyday staples such as Black, Clay and Ecru to vibrant Carmine and sophisticated Cedar.

Photo: Christine Hughes

PARIS SHOES Market and Nevis Street, Tel: 462 0107 Retailer of Timberland shoes and boots as well as other well-known brand name footwear. SHOUL’S TOYS, GIFTS AND HOUSEWARES Newgate Street, Tel: 462 4357 One of Antigua’s biggest department stores stocking toys, beach gear, kitchenware, home and garden supplies, cards, books and wrapping paper. THE SOURCE CLOTHING COMPANY Lower Redcliffe Street, Tel: 562 1212 Offering a large selection of ladies and gentlemen’s designer apparel, accessories and shoes. Cool and comfortable shopping with excellent customer service. WORKSHOP FOR THE BLIND All Saints Road (by the market), Tel: 462 0663 This non-profit organisation welcomes visitors to browse and talk with those who expertly weave fine displays of craftwork such as baskets of all shapes and sizes, straw hats, placemats and mops.


HERITAGE QUAY Overlooking St. John’s Harbour, this duty free shopping area offers virtually everything you desire from fine cigars and spirits to fragrances, artwork, leather goods, china, crystal and designer labels including watches and elegant jewellery. The complex also houses a hotel, restaurants, a world-class casino, and numerous bars. Heritage Quay comes alive when cruise ships are docked at the finger piers of the harbour. Enjoy steelband and other local entertainment while you browse through some of the best duty-free shops in the Caribbean. Remember to show proof of your status as a traveller (airline ticket and some form of identification) to enjoy the best duty free prices. ABBOTT’S JEWELLERY & PERFUMERY Tel: 462-3107 Abbott’s, the authorized Rolex retailer, also carries Swissmade brands such as Cartier, Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Gucci, Raymond Weil, Tissot, Longines, Hamilton, Carl F. Bucherer, 88 Rue Du Rhone, Frederique Constant and Seiko. It also offers exquisite jewellery collections by David Yurman, John Hardy, Roberto Coin, Tacori, Marco Bicego,

Photo: WIP

Chimento, Rebecca and Chamilia. In the adjoining Fragrance Boutique you can find the latest selection of fragrances with gift ideas for any occasion, including Cross and Parker pens, Lladro figurines, crystal and jewellery by Swarovski and pieces by Kosta Boda, Orrefors and Nachtmann. This Antiguan family owned and operated business selects the finest merchandise available worldwide and offers excellent customer service. Visit Abbott’s for luxury at its best! ALL IN THE BAG Tel: 562 7080 The name says it all. Antigua’s largest selection of name brand handbags, luggage and travel accessories. Great duty free prices. AQUASPORTS Tel: 462 3474 The #1 location in Antigua for all your sports fishing and snorkeling gear, as well as beach supplies and apparel. We carry aquatic footwear and clothing, beach umbrellas and chairs, inflatables for kids & adults, and much more all at duty free prices. ATHLETE’S FOOT Tel: 462 9772 A comprehensive selection of brand name athletic footwear, accessories and clothing for all sports including basketball, golf, cricket, football, ballet and the gym. BAOBAB COMPANY TEL: 562 8305 Baobab Company is a T-Shirt and Ready To Wear Brand born in the Indian Ocean in 1995. We represent a collection of casual, stylized and highly graphic impressions conveying the soul and culture of the islands. Much emphasis is placed on ethnic patterns and textures which are always creatively presented.

BEACH STUFF Tel: 462 3610 ’Live the life’ with Beach Stuff – a bright bustling store stocked with everything you need for the beach. There is also a great selection of Antigua logo t-shirts and polos.

BIJOUX TERNER Tel: 562 7659 Luxury at US$10.00. Choose from an array of fashion jewellery, silk scarves, purses, watches and other handy travel and fashion accessories. All at one affordable price.

BENETTON Tel: 462 3273 Provider of the finest in Italian sportswear and colourful and stylish casual wear for all ages, sizes and seasons. Excellent values for your shopping in St. John’s.

CAMERA PLUS Tel: 462 3619 A comprehensive centre for all your camera and video equipment needs. Also available are memory cards for digital cameras and a wide variety of other electronics.

Te l : 5 6 2 8 3 0 5


Photo: Christine Hughes

CARIBBEAN GEMS Tel: 462 3670 A large selection of gold and fine jewellery, loose diamonds, tennis bracelets and name brand watches. CATTLEYA CLOTHING BOUTIQUE Tel: 462 8191 Style at it’s best! If you are looking for glamorous, trendy, stylish and sophisticated resort wear, Cattleya Boutique offers a wide selection of day, dinner and dressy attire. We will dress you for every occasion with quality brands by CP Shades, Flax, Analili, Eva Varro and Comfy. Be modern and well dressed. Excellent, experienced customer service.


COLOMBIAN EMERALDS INTERNATIONAL Tel: 462 3462 Boasting a breathtaking selection of exquisite emeralds, fine jewellery and brand-name watches, Colombian Emeralds International has established an enviable reputation for quality, integrity, service and value. GINGERLILY Tel: 462 3168 This wonderful Pandora’s box of a boutique is an absolute must to visit. Offering fashionable resortwear for the stylish woman with flattering wrap dresses, capris, silk tops, maxi dresses and a variety of linen outfits.

LAND Tel: 462 0746 Since 1969 Land has been providing the world with quality leather goods and this has been no exception for the past 30 years in Antigua. Come in and see our extensive assortment of accessories. LIPSTICK Tel: 562 1130/1133 Lipstick carries the widest selection of luxury fragrances, skin care and cosmetics on the island. Expert staff will infuse your senses with lines from Chanel, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Yves St. Laurent, Estee Lauder and many more.

THE LIQUOR SHOP Tel: 462 2606 In this state of the art liquor shop, you will find a wide range of beers, wines and liquors. Cigarettes, cigars and tobacco are also available at excellent duty free prices.

MIMOSA Tel: 462 2923 Established in 1994, Mimosa offers a wonderful assortment of Caribbean craft in ceramic, glass, straw, wood and cloth.

NEW GATES Tel: 562 1627 Shop in air-conditioned comfort for an extensive selection of international brand name clothing for men and women at duty-free prices. QUIN FARARA’S LIQUOR STORE Tel: 462 3198 Wine, spirit and tobacco merchants with a comprehensive choice of duty-free champagnes, spirits, wines and local rums; Cuban, Jamaican, Dominican Republic and other cigars as well as internationally known tobaccos at extremely attractive prices. Photo: Alison Archer

A LITTLE BIT OF PARADISE Tel: 562 3881 A treasure-trove of wonderful local gift items to take home with you as a memento of your vacation in Antigua. There are recipe books, pottery, minibottles of seasonings and alcohol – you name it, they’ve got it!

LONGCHAMP Tel: 562 5301 Longchamp continues in the tradition and exclusivity that has been Longchamp Paris since 1948, carrying the softest and most durable leather handbags, both classic and collection pieces, as well as luggage and accessories.



Photo: Christine Hughes

SHADES Tel: 562 5662 Designer sunglasses at great duty free prices. Shop in spacious comfort with the best selection of sunglasses that Antigua has to offer. STERLINGS Tel: 562 5662 A jewellery store with a difference. Silver, gold, steel and costume jewellery from different designers make our collections the most varied you will find. SUNSEAKERS Tel: 462 4523 Sunseakers is brimming with vibrant swimwear, beachwear and accessories for men, women and children. THE BODY SHOP Tel: 462 4779 This eclectic outlet carries world famous lines of ecofriendly cosmetics, skin-care products and accessories. THE MUSIC SHOP Tel: 460 6858 A wide variety of International and Caribbean music, as well as DVDs and electronic accessories and games. TROPIC WEAR Tel: 462 6251 Excellent duty free prices for men and women’s Levi’s and Dockers clothing. Shop where quality never goes out of style.

HISTORIC REDCLIFFE QUAY Located at the bottom of Redcliffe Street, Historic Redcliffe Quay is a quasi-19th century shopping area nestled alongside the cruise ship pier. There is a wonderful Gallic feel to the atmosphere within this courtyard. Outdoor patio restaurants and bars, surrounded by exquisite landscaping, allow you to sit back and enjoy a drink while absorbing the majestic charm of this area. You will find a variety of clothing and accessories, artistic souvenirs, unique gifts, spices, ethnic jewellery and unusual local handicraft. Later, why not take a stroll along the quay where yet another bargain may await you. DESHAUN Tel: 460 5680 Inside this eclectic boutique, local fashion designer, Adalia Joseph, displays her ’one of a kind’ evening gowns along with a collection of feminine flirty silk dresses and casual linens.



THE GOLDSMITTY Tel: 462 4601 Jewellery is handmade and designed by the owner, Hans Smit. Hans studied at the Academy of Modern Art in Holland and has been in Antigua since 1965. Black Opal, Imperial Topaz, Tanzanite, Namibian blue green Tourmaline and other exotic gemstones are set in exquisite creations of 14 and 18 karat gold, argentium silver and accentuated with a sprinkle of diamonds. Goldsmitty’s “Caribbean Corner” offers indigenous, authentic Caribbean mementos - rare pink Conch pearls, Larimar and Amber and their new discovery Antiguanite (Petrified Coral - 30 million years old). INIZIO CLOTHING STORE Tel: 562 1381 Inizio is best known for its wide selection of trendy and fashionable clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery and makeup to complete your style and taste. ISIS Tel: 462 4602 Isis offers exotic ranges of Egyptian clothing, artifacts, silver jewellery and small furniture items. They carry exquisite bone and ebony chess sets inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

30 Years of Making Women Look Beautiful Shopping takes on a whole new dimension at Noreen Phillips Couturière in Redcliffe Quay. We feature one-ofa-kind accessories, and casual and sophisticated evening wear for women with the most discerning tastes.

Open Mon–Sat, 9am to 6pm, or until the last client leaves.

Telephone 268 462 3127

The Most Fashionable Address in Antigua


ISLAND CREATIONS Tel: 562 4160 Casual and colourful Caribbean creations for guys and girls can be found at this delightful shop with an array of accessories to dress it up or down. There is also a large assortment of small items to take home as mementos of your vacation in Antigua. NOREEN PHILLIPS COUTURIERE Tel: 462 3127 Noreen Phillips is an internationally-acclaimed fashion designer, specializing in fabulous evening wear, semiformal and easy casuals for women, as well as an assortment of fashion jewellery, cocktail purses, hair accessories, and a selection of linen and cotton shirts for men. Free alterations while you wait. THE POTTERY SHOP Tel: 462 5503 The Pottery Shop has Caribbean inspired designs by Sarah Fuller, handcrafted using local clay. This quaint shop has the widest selection of colourful pottery – a charming blend of art and nature. RASTAPASTA Tel: 562 1754 or 460 6303 Rastapasta specializes in Afro, Caribbean and Latin American crafts, handmade beaded items and multicoloured clothes and accessories. Also located in Heritage Quay. SILVER CHELLES Tel: 789 2662 This exquisite new jewellery boutique specializes in seashells set in sterling silver. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted and unique. You will also find elegant seashell adorned evening bags, small gifts and specimen shells. Capturing the beauty of the beach and sea, Silver Chelles is a boutique not to be missed. ZEITGEIST Tel: 562 2259 Our exclusive Italian linen selection brings on the summer breezes, with fashionable styles in bold, vibrant colours. ZEMI ART GALLERY Tel: 562 7662 Zemi Arts & Craft carries a collection of indigenous and local art and unique craft items. Zemi Lifestyle boasts a collection ranging from unprecedented originals, limited editions and reproductions.

ELSEWHERE ON THE ISLAND FRIAR’S HILL ROAD Spend an afternoon exploring this expanding area just outside of town which comprises many favourite, well known stores as well as a host of new and exciting places. Listed geographically leaving St. John’s. WOODS SHOPPING CENTRE You will find extensive parking and all the necessities you require for holiday, home, business and personal health. There is also a free shuttle bus available to and from St. John’s. The main stores and services include banks, a shoe shop and clothing boutique, medical lab, doctors’ offices, pharmacy, cellular phone company and post office.


Photo: Ted Martin

EXOTIC ANTIGUA Tel: 562 1288 This shop offers the finest selection of Caribbean ladies’ and men’s clothing and accessories. All at unbeatable prices!

VILLAGE WALK COMMERCIAL CENTRE This mall offers a variety of stores including stationery, upmarket home-furnishings, photography and photographic supplies, cafe, liquor, pizzeria, hardware, educational, clothing boutique and banking facilities. EPICUREAN FINE FOOD AND PHARMACY Tel: 481 5400 Just a little further up Friar’s Hill Road is the Epicurean mega food emporium, offering one stop shopping with a wide range of household goods and an extensive pharmacy. You can also find International gourmet products from France, Italy, India, and Japan to name a few, as well as boasting the freshest fruit and vegetables in the Caribbean. Open seven days a week. AEROPOST Tel: 562 8038 Shop on line and have Aeropost do everything else for you, including delivery to their door for pick up. GAZEBO Behind Jasmine Court, Tel: 460 2776 Just off the road is a veritable emporium of ’tropical ethnic’ furniture and home accessories. Exotic and unusual gift items including hand blown glassware, cushions and clay pots. Don’t forget to check out East/West Antiques upstairs. ROYAL PALM PLACE This mall offers a variety of shops as well as a gourmet restaurant, dentist, stationers, American Airlines ticket office, optometrist, a fashionable clothing storep, a beauty salon and Digicel Cellular Company.




Enjoy a day browsing through historic Nelson’s Dockyard and the marina at Falmouth Harbour where you are sure to find that perfect sundress, book, or necessity for your stay!

This picturesque waterfront complex overlooks the gardens, boardwalk and marina of Jolly Harbour. The shopping centre has a variety of boutiques, shops, supermarket, pharmacy, banking facilities, restaurants, bars and a gym.

GALLEY BOUTIQUE Nelson’s Dockyard, Tel: 460 1525 The pink bougainvillea adorned doorway leads you to displays packed with internationally known labels, swim, beach, resort as well as day and evening wear. LORD JIM’S LOCKER Tel: 460 1147 Located at Antigua Yacht Club Marina, this bookshop has a wide range of novels, coffee table books, guidebooks, charts and nautical flags, as well as Goldsmitty’s jewellery. PORTOBELLO BOUTIQUE Falmouth Harbour, Tel: 460 5851 An eclectic collection of vintage jewellery and original clothing designs from Italy, concentrating on natural fabrics (linens, cottons and silks). SHIRLEY HEIGHTS LOOKOUT GIFT SHOP Tel: 728 0636 Situated at this perennial sightseeing and favourite partying spot, this sweet little shop is packed with perfect holiday items and souvenirs, unusual t-shirts, handicrafts, ceramics, paintings, books and postcards.

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA INVESTMENT BANK (ABIB) Tel: 480 2840 EPICUREAN FINE FOODS Tel: 481 5480 A branch of the larger version on Friar’s Hill Road. PINEAPPLE RENT A CAR Tel: 771 9422/728 9422 QUIN FARARA’S LIQUOR STORE Tel: 462 6245 Wine, spirit and tobacco merchants. A varied selection of fine wines from France and Italy, and a good choice of spirits, liqueurs and tobacco. SYSCO PHARMACY Tel: 462 5917 TAINO’S ART GALLERY AND GIFT SHOP Tel: 773 3544 Arts and crafts by West Indian artists in the vivid colours and style of the Caribbean. THINGS ANTIGUAN Tel: 562 3522 A unique little shop offering many local items. Photo: WIP

CRAB HOLE LIQUORS Cobbs Cross, Tel: 460 1212 Nelson’s Dockyard,Tel: 462 9082 The best liquor this end of the island, stocking a vast range of wines from all over the world and an extensive variety of spirits, sodas, juices, plus cigars, cigarettes and ice.

SUNSEAKERS Falmouth Harbour, Tel: 562 6523 This unisex boutique specializes in swimwear and all the accessories for sailing or going to the beach. Browse through the colourful selection they have to offer. ZENERGY BOUTIQUE Dockyard Drive, Tel: 728 7552 This lovely bric-a-brac shop offers a wide variety of colourful, natural clothing and accessory items to delight everyone. ’Nice things...Good energy’.


Photo: Shelly Chadburn

V.C. BIRD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ABBOTT’S PERFUMERY AT THE AIRPORT Tel: : 562-3726 You will find the best assortment of fragrances such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Aura by Swarovski, David Yurman, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jennifer Lopez, Mont Blanc, Juicy Couture, Prada, Bvlgari, Perry Ellis, Kenzo, Versace, Burberry, Givenchy, Guerlain, Thierry Mugler, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden & Michel Germain, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Abbott’s Perfumery at the airport is your last chance for duty free shopping in Antigua so, don’t miss it! BEST OF BOOKS An excellent assortment of books, specialising in Caribbean titles. Upper level of the departure lounge. CAFE BRITT Tel: 562 7944 This store has a little bit of everything from last minute travel items to Costa Rican coffee products and candies along with locally produced arts and crafts. COCO SHOP Tel: 462 1128 Supporting local artisans since 1959, we boast a full range of Antiguan made specialty items in a variety of fabulous batik fabrics. Hand made gift items from soaps to coconut bird houses, as well as cushion covers, napkins, placemats, Ipad, Iphone and macbook covers. It’s the last and best stop before you board. COLOMBIAN EMERALDS INTERNATIONAL Tel: 462 5461 A breathtaking selection of exquisite emeralds, fine jewellery, and brand name watches, Colombian Emeralds International has established a 50-year reputation for quality, integrity, service and value with international guarantees, certified appraisals and a free 90-day insurance policy. FLO’S PERFUME + Tel: 562 6718. A wide selection of perfume for everyone. JAY BEE LIQUOR STORE Tel: 462 3136 KING PROGRESS MUSIC AND SNACK SHOP Tel: 462 9278 An incredible range of Caribbean and International snacks and music for that special friend and for those special memories of your holiday in Antigua.


Hiking In Antigua Article by Karron James-Scholl, PhD, President Environmental Awareness Group. Photos by Alan Scholl

Who would have guessed this about such a small island? Although Antigua is best known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, the island has a lot more to offer the discerning traveller in spite of its small size. When you think of hiking on a small tropical island, what comes to mind? Asked this question, someone who regularly participates in field trips with the Environmental Awareness Group replied, “exploring, exercise, camaraderie, birds, nature”. Another replied, “plants and trees, the vistas, the sounds of the wind”. So, is there really enough on this island to warrant your packing anything but beach slippers? The Body Ponds Nature Park allows you to stretch your legs without feeling like you are climbing Mt. Vesuvius. If the name of this Park, off the beaten path, sounds slightly eerie, it really isn’t. One of the largest watersheds in Antigua, the Body Ponds is located near the centre of the island, thereby deriving its name. The Nature Park’s 2.4km (1.5 miles)


path within the much larger watershed area gently traces the shoreline of Fisher’s Dam. Just after heavy rains, water cascading over the edge of the dam gives the appearance of a mini-waterfall. Across the stream, the leaf-strewn path is lined by bamboo, coconut, mango and other types of tropical trees. This forest trail opens onto a brief lemongrass savannah that soon loops, near a giant silk cotton tree, back into the canopied forest. Crossing the stream is a bit tricky but, once on the trail, persons of varying abilities can fairly easily traverse this small slice of nature in the centre of Antigua. Mount Obama presents more of a challenge for those who might sneeze at the Body Ponds Nature Park. This hike can start with the Christian Valley Birding Trail in Jennings Village. Parts of this approximately 4km (2.5 miles) trail are wheelchair accessible and offer the possibility of viewing 9 of 11 Lesser Antillean restricted-range bird species. Past the Birding Trail, one starts to encounter the gentle, upward sloping of the forest path. Near the summit of the 402 metre (1,319 ft) high Mount Obama, “gentle” gets left behind and the climb becomes much steeper. The almost 1 hour hike (one-way) goes from easy to moderate to difficult. However, the breath-taking, panoramic view of mainland Antigua and the ensuing ocean makes any difficulty fade into oblivion… the epitome of the ’other side’ of Antigua. History buffs will appreciate a hike to Monk’s Hill, named after the former owner (Nathaniel Monk) of the slavery-era estate built thereon. This hill was home to Great Fort George—named after the Patron Saint of England— built in the 1680’s to serve as both a garrison and a signal station. The stand that harboured the flagstaff is visible to this day. Access to this 213m (699 ft) high hill is easiest from Table Hill Gordon, Liberta Village. The relatively gentle trek upwards includes a green limestone path lined by a variety of plant life. Once through the fort’s stone-work archway entrance, a glance backwards gives you the feeling that you’re at a doorway to the central-to-north eastern side of Antigua that stretches before you. Other remnants such as the powder room, water cistern and other structures are still standing, albeit in various stages of repair. Overall, Monk’s Hill certainly combines a bit of colonial-era mystique with a look-out onto modern day Antigua that lies below, including a bird’s eye view of the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park.

Antigua offers a host of other hiking trails. On the western side of the island near Deep Bay, Goat Hill offers a brief, easy-moderately steep climb to Fort Barrington. In the south, Wallings Reservoir is easily accessed from the main road in John Hughes village. Once on the bank of this dam, the path past the Victorian-era pump house begins a moderate climb to the top of Signal Hill. As you emerge from the forest path, the refreshing, citrus smell of lemongrass ushers you to yet another amazing view of Antigua. There is also the option of bypassing Signal Hill for the 3-hour hike to Rendezvous Bay, one of the most pristine beaches on undeveloped coastline remaining in Antigua. In the east, a starting point in Bethesda Village winds past farmland and an old sugar mill toward Ayres Creek. This


mangrove-lined, gentle ’creek’ includes one of the deeper inlets of Antigua’s coastline. In the north, a path that borders Weatherill’s Estate continues for about 4 miles before it emerges onto the beautiful, white sands of Soldier Bay. The variety is endless and, no matter your fitness level, Antigua offers hiking for everyone. (Since many trails are not well-marked, a local guide may be necessary to point you in the right direction.) You may not have guessed that there was so much more on offer on this small island. But, now that you do, as you pack the swim suit and camera, don’t forget your hiking boots. For information on hiking tours, contact the EAG at or call (268) 462-6236.


As you would expect, Antigua has land and water activities of every description – in the water, under the water or participating in a sport skimming along the surface. Our numerous legendary beaches make the sea easily accessible to you. Likewise, our lush tropical rain forest and spectacular scenery await you. Whether your

Photo: Chris Anton

Adventures by Air, Land & Sea

intention is to pursue familiar activities or experience a new type of adventure, Antigua offers a tempting selection. Activities are also available through hotels and, in some cases, to non-guests for a fee, as a half or full day package. There are also a number of private facilities offering attractive tours to suit everyone.

ADVENTURE TOURS ANTIGUA RAINFOREST ZIPLINE TOUR Tel: 562 6363 This unique eco-tour through Antigua’s lush rainforest, high above the trees, is an unforgettable 21- element journey. The zip lines offer uncompromised safety. There are suspension bridges connected to typical challenge elements that do not require physical strength, giving a wonderful opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of flora and numerous bird species in the rainforest. A bar/café, gift shop and viewing platform overlook the zipline tour.

FREE STYLE ATV TOURS Tel: 726 3572 Enjoy this adventurous guided off-road tour on our allterrain vehicles (ATVs), where you travel from the north east of Antigua on old cane roads, passing through estates and rural farm lands, arriving at Guinea Bush Hill. There are wonderful views overlooking the harbours of the south coast with neighbouring islands on the horizon. You can also have a tour customized to suit your own special needs.

CARIBBEAN HELICOPTERS Tel: 460 5900 Combine the exhilaration of a helicopter flight with the tropical scenery of the Caribbean while on a pilot narrated tour with Caribbean Helicopters. Choose from a 20 or 30 minute island tour - each boasting dramatic views of Antigua’s historic sites, azure waters and pristine beaches. Or opt for a 50 minute tour to the Montserrat volcano and the surrounding areas no longer inhabited. A once in a lifetime experience.

RESERVOIR RANGE Potswork Dam, Tel: 726 1234 The most things to do in one place in Antigua. Start your morning with clay pigeon shooting, pistol shooting or archery, enjoy a lunchtime lake-side picnic, then mountain bike through the beautiful countryside, finishing the day with a cold beer and a game of pool in the bar.

FAMOUS FOR A DAY PHOTO TOUR Tel: 726 3148 Discover Antigua’s unspoiled beauty with Ted, one of Antigua’s top photographers, who will take you to places to capture Antigua in all its splendour.


TROPICAL ADVENTURES Tel: 480 1225 The Island Safari Eco-Adventure tour offers you a half-day in our 4x4 jeeps exploring the island. The other half-day is spent kayaking in lush mangroves and snorkelling at Bird Island. Have a leisurely sail onboard our catamaran, Mystic, or on the high-speed power catamaran, Excellence, taking you around the island or to Barbuda.



ur Southern Rays are without doubt ‘The Biggest and Brightest in the Caribbean’ with the most gentle and affectionate temperament. Your visit to Stingray City will be a fun, educational and unforgettable experience. The adventure begins on arrival at our land-base, located in Seatons on the east coast of the island where you can enjoy the company of our monkeys, iguanas, parrots and of course the hospitable Stingray City crew. After a very informative briefing on shore, it is then a short speedboat ride out to Stingray City - a calm, crystal clear, shallow natural pool, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs about a mile off-shore. After arriving at the floating docks and stepping down the ladders into the shallow waters, the adventure of swimming, petting and feeding these beautiful creatures begins - and all in their natural habitat! (There is no enclosure) Our Stingray City crew are always with you, taking pictures of these exciting moments and showing you how to handle and feed the rays. We will teach you all about these amazing animals who greet you with the familiarity of an old friend. There is also the added bonus of snorkeling through magnificent coral reefs with an abundance of colourful tropical fish.

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Photo: Shelly Chadburn

DEEP SEA/SPORT FISHING There is a wide choice of deep-sea fishing options with experienced crew and full safety equipment. A day’s sports fishing is one of the island’s greatest attractions. Fine catches can be made of tuna, wahoo, kingfish and dorado, with our relatively constant water temperatures giving almost year-round fishing opportunities. MISSA FERDIE Tel: 462 1440 /721 2358 This fine 38-foot Phoenix Sports Fisherman has twin 435hp diesel engines, extensive safety equipment and a prizewinning crew who are available for full and half-day charters. Open bar. A maximum of six people per charter. OVERDRAFT/H2O Tel: 725 6169/720 4954 Overdraft is a fully equipped 40-foot fibreglass fishing boat, available for picnic charters, deep sea fishing and any other pleasure cruise you may desire. H2O is a 26-foot fishing boat, great for bone, tarpon and snook fishing.

Photo: Shelly Chadburn

VITAMIN-B Tel: 464 4665 Vitamin-B is coast guard approved and licenced for fishing. Services include half-day, three-quarter-day and all day trips. Strictly billfish charters are done on request. Guests are reminded to bring along sunglasses and sun block.

DIVING Antigua and Barbuda are blessed with an abundance of reefs that offer endless underwater exploration for divers. There are many different dive sites with coral canyons, wall drops, sea caves and wrecks, home to all manner of exotic marine creatures and tropical fish. As well as professional diving instruction, most dive shops offer day and night dives. AQUANAUT English Harbour, Tel: 770 0729 DOCKYARD DIVERS English Harbour, Tel: 460 1178/729 3040 JOLLY DIVE Jolly Harbour, Tel: 462 8305



Choose from 3 cruises ...

25 years of sailing fast and living slow!


There’s no better boat than the ‘Spirit of Antigua’ for this 60-mile trip. Your day includes exciting open ocean sailing along the north coast, as well as snorkelling and lunch at Green Island. In the afternoon you take a leisurely sail past English Harbour before returning to your departure point.

CADES REEF CRUISE Cruise along the calm leeward coast past Pelican Island to Antigua’s most impressive barrier reef. Anchor in shallow waters at this snorkellers’ paradise stretching for an amazing two miles.

BIRD ISLAND CRUISE Set sail with Wadadli Cats and you’ll remember the day forever. Choose between 3 exciting cruises showcasing anything from Antigua’s crystal clear bays and uninhabited islands to its fish-stocked reefs just perfect for snorkelling. Your cruise will also include great music and fun company, and it couldn’t be easier to get on board as you’ll be picked up right on the beach from one of the island’s main hotels. Wadadli Cats offer 5 well-established catamarans, the 66ft ‘Spirit of Antigua’ a state-of-the-art vessel that guarantees the fastest and most exhilarating sailing speeds available in Antigua. Such speedy cruising means that you’ll not only have access to the best beaches and snorkelling sites, but you’ll also have plenty of time to relax over your Caribbean-style buffet lunch. An open bar, snorkelling gear, convenient stem ladders and freshwater showers are all part of the deal too, deck awnings and spacious roofed areas also available to provide you with plenty of shade. And, of course, if you’re looking for a special way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or wedding, don’t forget to consider one of the company’s private charters. So come on, get into the ‘Spirit of Antigua’ and sail away with Wadadli Cats!

WADADLI CATS or 268.462.4792

Sail the tranquil waters of the north-east coast to Bird Island, one of Antigua’s most famous National Parks. Enjoy a tour of the island and a mouthwatering lunch before swimming in the calm protected bay. This cruise is a particularly good choice for children and beginner snorkellers. Private day and sunset cruises can also be arranged for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and corporate events. Call: (268) 462 4792 Email:

w .. . o Sail Fas l t, Live S

circumnavigation I cades reef I bird island

WATERSPORTS AND DAY CHARTERS ADVENTURE ANTIGUA Tel: 726 6355 This Extreme Circumnav is an adventure on a 45 foot off-shore racer taking you to various exciting marine and historic destinations. Sail on a classic traditional 40 foot Carriacou sloop or take the Eco-Tour for an inside look at the hidden offshore islands of the North Sound on a 52 foot power catamaran.

CREOLE CRUISES Tel: 784 9654 Step aboard and experience the most memorable day of your vacation. Enjoy mouthwatering freshly grilled lobster served on a secluded island. Discover Antigua’s magical underwater world while snorkelling. Our custom built 40 foot speedboat is ideal for your enjoyment and comfort.

ANTIGUA OCEAN ADVENTURES Tel: 464 7576/561 1835 Escape on an ocean adventure around Antigua for a day on Coconut Kiss or Sunsplash. Antigua Ocean Adventures offers full day, half day or hourly rates on one of our motor cruisers – all fully licensed, insured and skipper driven.

DRAGON BOAT SAILING Harmony Hall Yacht Club, Tel: 460 4120 This yacht club now has its own Dragon Fleet. All eight Dragons can be chartered for regattas or rented for pleasure racing.

BARBUDA EXPRESS FERRY SERVICE AND DAY TOURS Tel: 560 7989 Visit Barbuda, Antigua’s sister isle, one of the few unspoiled islands left in the Caribbean. Spend the day on pristine white and pink sand beaches; view the largest frigate bird colony outside the Galapagos; the lobster breeding lagoon and majestic caves at Two Foot Bay. An al fresco lunch on the beach – with time for a swim can be included in this day trip.

KITESURF ANTIGUA Jabberwock Beach, Tel: 720 5483 Learn to fly with Antigua’s No. 1 kitesurfing team. Kitesurf Antigua offers a variety of courses with certified instructors to suite every stage of learning to master this skill. Rentals are provided for experienced surfers only. Lessons should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. ONDECK Falmouth Harbour, Tel: 562 6696 Offering private charters on sailing

boats. Trips can be from a few hours, taking in relaxing snorkelling and Caribbean sunsets, to a few days of sailing around Antigua and Barbuda. PADDLES Tel: 463 1944 This half-day event takes place on Antigua’s beautiful east coast, combining mangrove kayaking, fast power boating, live reef snorkelling and a gentle nature hike on an uninhabited island and beaches. Paddle with topnotch guides exploring the North Sound Marine Park. SNEAKY PETE’S Dickenson Bay, Tel: 462 3355 A complete watersports facility, established in 1980. Situated between Sandals and Halcyon by Rex Resorts, activities include waterskiing, jet skis, kayaks, snorkelling, sunfish sailing and hobie cat rentals. Relax at our beach bar and grill while enjoying a beautiful sunset. SOUTH COAST HORIZON Tel: 562 4074 South Coast Horizon is an ecofriendly place to spend the day. Take a breathtaking eco fantasy tour in our exotic palm tree garden, kayak through the peaceful mangroves and snorkel around Cades Reef. You can also just relax and sunbathe on our secluded white sand beach. STINGRAY CITY Seatons, Tel: 562 7297 A short boat ride on calm water will take you to Stingray City. Here you will be able to interact and feed Southern stingrays in their natural environment. You will learn all about these amazing animals from your experienced guide. Snorkel on coral reefs with colourful fish life. The calm, clear, shallow water makes this easy and fun for everybody.


Photo: Chris Anton

TREASURE ISLAND CRUISES Five Islands, Tel: 461 8675 Our Cades Reef cruise offers excellent snorkelling, cultural entertainment and live steelband music, with a beach barbeque buffet. Our circumnavigation takes you to see Antigua’s hidden treasures and the Bird Island cruise is an eco-tour offering calm and tranquility in a picturesque setting.

Photo: Stingray City

WADADLI CATS Tel: 462 4792 Imagine sailing off to a deserted tropical island; feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair as you sail through the Caribbean Sea... snorkelling in crystal clear water before enjoying a Caribbean style buffet with new found friends. Wadadli Cats has a cruise to suit everyone’s sailing dream with a fleet of five spacious catamarans, offering many different cruises. You are conveniently picked up and dropped off right on the beach nearest your hotel with memories you will never forget.



Photo: D Stubbs

Shark Bait Swim

Antigua – 10th anniversary

One for the bucket list! – April 2014 By Gillian Noel-Bigler In Antigua, there is something magical about the ocean that keeps persons returning to her shores year after year. There is a certain freedom that is associated with swimming in the ocean. A connection with nature allows ocean swimming to be a therapy of sorts that balances mind, body and soul. There becomes an added attraction when the swimming is done in a tropical climate in the warm, turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. With this in mind, the Shark Bait swim evolved in 2005. Swim coordinator, David Stubbs, along with other innovators, Imogen Hunt, Michael Hunt and Carlos Blanco, the previous manager of Jumby Bay Hotel, decided that it would be a great idea to swim from Jumby Bay Island to Antigua. The Jumby Bay Island homeowners, through Ron Budacz, wished to not only participate but also to get involved by donating to the swim on the understanding that all monies would go towards a charity of choice on Antigua. So it was with this incentive that 37 persons embarked on their journey through the waters from one island to another to accomplish the first ever “Shark Bait” swim.


What a great idea, but what a name! Over the years, this swim has challenged many persons to add it to their bucket list. The name gives a sense of thrill and excitement – the course allows the swimmer to use a great combination of tactics, endurance and pure adrenalin to get to the other side. To participate and to finish this race was an achievement for all including the youngest (4) and eldest (78), there is a feeling of camaraderie amongst all the participants. On entering the water, you experience anticipation, excitement and a willingness to support each other to get to the other side. The youngest swimmer at 4 was supported greatly by parents swimming along, parents in safety vessels keeping close tabs and with the major support and congratulations on completion by all onlookers and participants. With swimming ever on the increase in Antigua, the numbers have increased to levels that I am sure the organisers never envisioned. In April 2013, they had 99 swimmers who participated. The expectations are that next year the 10th anniversary, they will exceed 100 swimmers. The majority of the swimmers this year were club swimmers which heralds the energies of the Antiguan swimming clubs across the island, who have carefully moulded and encouraged the youth to get active, swim, support and stay

Photo: Giselle Hadeed Photo: Sally Gobinet

healthy. So here we are nine swims later and to think of all the charities that have been grateful for those swimmers who have supported their cause by swimming from island to island. Over US$450,000 has been raised in the nine years and has helped with the following charities: The Grace Foundation, Sunshine Home for Girls, Boys Home, Adele School, Home for the Elderly, Good Shepherds Home. The monies have assisted in building many structures ranging from playgrounds to classrooms. In 2008, my daughter and I participated in this race, which has become an exhilarating memory that I will have for the rest of my life. I have now changed my bucket list to say “complete the Shark Bait swim at least twice.” I think that a celebration of the 10th year should be that year. Anyone want to join us? For more information on the Shark Bait’s 10th anniversary swim, which will take place on Sunday, April 13th 2014; please advise any of the local swim clubs that you would like to participate.



There are various sports available in Antigua for both participants and spectators, as well as excellent gyms. Activities on land can be fun – competitive or relaxing – with as much or as little action as you wish.

CYCLING Cycling is an excellent way to explore the island and its less accessible regions. You can even participate in organised road races or casual fun-rides. Contact the Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Association at 725 8011 for further details.


Fitness, Form & Fun

EXERCISE & FITNESS There are many first-class gyms in Antigua – weight training and workout enthusiasts needn’t worry – you will be able to keep yourself as toned and fit as you wish whilst on holiday. Some hotels have gym facilities and there are also a number of local fitness and yoga centres.

BIKE PLUS St. John’s, Tel: 462 2453/6050 Mountain bike rentals. Open six days a week.

ANTIGUA ATHLETIC CLUB 24 Pavillion Drive, Tel: 460 2582 The island’s premier fitness facility with 3,800 sq. ft of maple wood floor classrooms featuring extensive cardiovascular equipment. It boasts a 25 metre competitive swimming pool , a discreet open air massage room, 100 lockers and 3 private showers. Come enjoy this world class facility for the entire day at a very reasonable price.

PARADISE BOAT SALES Jolly Harbour, Tel: 460 7125 Rent mountain bikes by the day, week or longer. Boat rentals are also available, which include luxury power yacht charters. Open six days a week.

NATIONAL FITNESS CENTRE Campsite, St. John’s, Tel: 462 3681 Step, spin, Zumba and aerobic classes daily at this fully equipped gym. Visitors are welcome and trainers are readily available. Open six days a week.


XTREME HEALTH & FITNESS Friar’s Hill Development/Marble Hill Road, Tel: 562 7482 Xtreme is a cutting edge facility where health and fitness is at the forefront. It offers a variety of classes for levels of fitness, from high energy spinning and boot camps to restorative yoga and pilates. Whether you want to work up a sweat in the studio or sauna, Xtreme has something for you.

GOLF Antigua has golf courses to challenge the increasing number of golfers who don’t want to leave their clubs at home. Golf, after all, is best enjoyed under sunny skies in balmy climates. Should you wish for an easier day, golf carts are also available. CEDAR VALLEY GOLF CLUB Cedar Valley, Tel: 462 0161 Cedar Valley Golf Club is an exciting and challenging 18hole championship course with elevated tees and greens of varying levels to test your skills. The fully stocked pro shop has rental clubs and carts. The clubhouse features showers, an excellent restaurant and bar offering 19th hole libations! Open from 8.00am, seven days a week.

HIKING, RUNNING, JOGGING & WALKING Many of the most frequented tracks and trails lead to the different hilltops and fortifications which are well worth exploring. The Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) (Tel: 462 6236) frequently arranges interesting hiking trips. On early mornings and late afternoons you may wish to join the local runners, joggers and walkers as they follow their chosen routes – a very popular and safe place is around the Sir Vivian Richards stadium. Our roads can be narrow and hilly so take care to keep well to the edge of the road and face oncoming traffic. Alternatively, for something more organised and enormous fun, contact the Antigua Hash House Harriers, (Tel: 461 0686). Not necessarily for the super-fit, there are fascinating parts of Antigua to discover on foot. FOOTSTEPS HIKING Fig Tree Drive, Tel: 460 1234/773 2345 Discover the hidden secrets of our rainforest. Dassa, your knowledgeable guide, will lead you to Signal Hill where you can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree view of the island. Tours take approximately 2 hours. Custom tours to Rendezvous Bay also available.

Photo: Stef Morrish

Photo: Rory Butler

Photo: Stef Morrish

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA TINMAN TRIATHLON Tel: 720 6492 The Tinman is a fun but challenging half-iron distance triathlon held every year in memory of the late student and triathlete, Jonathan Rohr. The race is known for bringing local athletes together with the world’s best triathletes.


Photo: Shelly Chadburn

TENNIS & SQUASH Most tennis courts, many floodlit, are part of hotel amenities and are reserved for guests. If your hotel doesn’t have courts, a call to another hotel should result in a reservation. Most hotels have a weekly guest tournament and clinics, and many have their own tennis professional for instruction. Antigua also has first-rate, glass-backed squash courts. HALYCON COVE BY REX RESORT Dickenson Bay, Tel: 462 0256 This resort has four tennis courts available for rent. Equipment can also be rented from the hotel and balls are provided. Enjoy a good game of tennis while being cooled by the fresh breezes of the Caribbean Sea. Tennis lessons also available.

HORSE RIDING A very popular four-legged recreation! Some hotels have local horses and operators outside their gates for gentle beach saunters, but we also cater to those who wish for a professional, more organised ride.

TEMO SPORTS Falmouth Harbour, Tel: 463 6376 Located adjacent to the Antigua Yacht Club in Falmouth, Temo offers tennis on floodlit synthetic grass courts and two excellent glass-backed squash courts. Equipment can be rented or bought from the sports shop. There are facilities to show international sporting events via satellite TV. Also check out the excellent food at Bar-B’s. Photo: Ted Martin

SPRING HILL RIDING CLUB Falmouth, Tel:773 3139 Home of the Antigua Barbuda Horse Society (ABHS), this superb Caribbean horse riding centre is set amidst gorgeous countryside and near the sea. Horse riding lessons are offered by a professionally trained instructor. There are trail rides through the scenic countryside with treks to the beach where you can swim with your horse in the warm Caribbean sea.

JOLLY HARBOUR SPORTS CENTRE Jolly Harbour, Tel: 462 7771 ext 630 Boasting four tennis courts, (two artificial and two hard) along with one squash court, the sports centre is open 7 days a week from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm (last booking taken at 5.00 pm). Resident tennis pro, Earl Grant, is available to coach all ages and standards. Private and group sessions are offered. Equipment is also available for rent.


Article by Andrew Robinson To take in the view of Antigua’s magnificent fifty million year old coastline from the sea can lead to any number of adventures! For, you see, Antigua’s coastline is an extremely diverse collection of different experiences. It’s little wonder then that there are so many ways to enjoy the various offerings of marine treats. For a first time experience it may be hard to beat a circumnavigation of our gem of an island. In a comfortable day you can view each and every island aspect. Many trips start at Heritage Quay St. John’s, where you’ll find a collection of sailing catamarans and power boats offering different excursions, from all day booze cruises, short sunset cruises to ecologically sound trips designed to inform as well as entertain. Sailing has been an integral part of the Caribbean islands since people first moved here from South America; the sea being an extension of the river system of the Orinoco, the highway used by the Kalinago people who travelled these islands by canoe. From these humble beginnings through the European invasion, the pirates, the trading schooners that were the lifeblood of each community and so to the present day sailors: there have been some serious developments in sailing vessels plying the Caribbean waters, not to mention

Photo: Ted Martin Photo: Kevin Johnson



sights; or peacefully enjoying the cooling Caribbean breeze a few feet from the pure white sands in one of Antigua’s many legendary secluded anchorages. Although for most of us, the megayacht world may be one just to glimpse, there does exist a plethora of choices to sail along in your own dream world! Charter yacht bases exist all around the island. You can have your cake and eat it! Well at least you can have your very own, self contained, floating hotel. Why Photo: Kevin Johnson

the creation of new rules and regulations. Mega yachts first spring to mind when you think about the pinnacle of yacht design. Fast, sleek, satisfying the senses and luxurious to a fault, the finest of this exclusive breed will turn even the most discerning of heads. Antigua has become de riguer, the place to see these beautiful creations in the setting that they were designed to complement. Either in Nelson’s Dockyard, jostling for space amongst similar stunning


Photo: Kevin Johnson

Photo: Kevin Johnson

restrict yourself to just one view when you can navigate yourself around the island from bay to white sand fringed turquoise clarity bay? Nowadays sailing is somewhat of a spectator sport enjoyed by millions all over the world. The recent America’s Cup race is a point in hand ... you may have seen a huge Antiguan flag flying proudly on the race course - that was to announce the presence of Antigua’s own Shannon Falcone who just happened to be on the winning team! Shannon learned to sail from an early age at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. Nowadays the Antigua Yacht Club (http://www. as well as the Antigua National Sailing Academy ( continues to train kids to be the finest sailors in the world. And the rest of the world’s finest sailors congregate each year in Antigua, why? Because of the incredible sailing conditions, and the annual events taking place. Sailing regattas are to Antigua what Formula One is to Monaco. Antigua Sailing Week ( being

the oldest and most famous of regattas enjoyed by a huge cross section of folk from all over the world. My personal favourite is the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta (http://www. started in 1986 by Kenny Coombs. Sadly and rather suddenly Kenny recently slipped his mooring for the last time and headed out to calmer seas. Kenny’s legacy will forever be the amazing regatta that he founded and chaired for so long. The youngest of our international regattas is the RORC Caribbean Six Hundred ( A grueling 600 miles of intense ocean yacht racing that circumnavigates a few neighbouring islands before finishing back in Antigua, days later. Not recommended for beginners! Beginners, from kids aged 8 and up, can enjoy regular dingy racing and tuition from a few different locations, including several hotels. So there you have it - sailing in Antigua can be anything from a romantic and sublime sunset cruise to testing challenges for the fittest of race crews. It can even be enjoyed from a ringside seat at a waterside bar with a cocktail in hand!


Photo: Ted Martin

Dining Dining out in Antigua offers a melting pot of options. From mouth watering West Indian dishes, international and exotic cuisines to impeccably fresh seafood – there’s something to please every palate. Most places accept credit cards, however, it is wise to check beforehand. Dinner reservations are recommended, especially in season. The following is a selected list of some of the island’s best restaurants.

ST. JOHN’S AREA BIG BANANA Historic Redcliffe Quay, Tel: 480 6985/6967 This casual dining restaurant is a popular Antiguan institution and has been serving some of the best pizzas for over 25 years. With its wide menu selection, affordable prices and indoor/outdoor dining, Big Banana is sure to satisfy everyone in your party. CAFÉ BELLA Village Walk, Tel: 462 3552 Enjoy freshly brewed cappuccino, latte and espresso as well as a wide variety of herbal and regular teas. Try our ’all day’ breakfast. Delicious pastries baked in house, with daily specials including soup, salads and sandwiches – all fresh, fresh, fresh! There are also smoothies, iced coffee and cold drinks. Open 8.00am-4.30pm Mon-Fri and Sat 8.30am-4.00pm. CAFÉ NAPOLEON Historic Redcliffe Quay, Tel: 562 1820 This lovely little restaurant provides exciting cuisine for breakfast and lunch. Tasty salads, fresh seafood and homemade desserts are just a few of the offerings. Relax and enjoy a cappuccino, espresso or our famous Napoleon cocktail on our trendy outdoor patio.


DELIGHTFUL CHINESE RESTAURANT Upper St. Mary’s Street and Old Parham Road, Tel: 462 5780 Excellent Chinese food served in delightful surroundings. ’Sizzling’ dishes are their specialty and are highly recommended. A truly good value-for-money menu. Take away service also available. Open daily. HARBOUR VIEW BAR AND CAFE Tel: 462-2972 From its elevated vantage point on the waterfront of St. John’s, this delightful bar and café offers cool sea breezes while sampling a selection of fresh exotic salads and a wide range of sandwiches and paninis. A must are the guilty chocolate brownies, Exotic Antiguan banana split and unique Antiguan rum drinks. Open for breakfast and lunch. HEAVENLY JAVA 2GO Historic Redcliffe Quay, Tel: 562-7184 Heavenly Java 2Go is the home of Java Roast 2Go, Antigua’s newest coffee, roasted and blended locally. Relax and enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed cappuccino, espresso or latte, made from one of our signature blends, or pick up a bag of ground or whole beans at supermarkets and specialty stores. Join us on Thursday nights for our popular Jazz on the Quay, starting at 8:30pm.

KFC Upper High Street, Tel: 481 1543 Fort Road, Tel: 481 1535 (WiFi) Old Parham Road, Tel: 481 1527 KFC’S most distinguishing characteristic is the delicious, satisfying, one of a kind taste of its chicken. Whether you choose original or spicy, a zinger or fish burger, no one does it better than KFC. Its famous secret recipe for ’so good’ food satisfies every taste bud. Life just tastes better with KFC! All branches open seven days a week. Drive through service available at their Fort Road and Old Parham Road branches.

THE LARDER Royal Palm Place, Friar’s Hill Road, Tel: 562 7880 The Larder is a unique retail outlet and gastronomic restaurant focusing on upscale gourmet to go, delightfully prepared meals and catering for all occasions. The menu features the freshest produce including fish, meat and poultry with an excellent sushi bar. Their fully stocked deli case offers exquisite culinary delights. PAPA ZOUK Hilda Davis Drive, Gambles, Tel: 464 6044 Well-frequented for its sought-after house specials, seafood and a small selection of chicken and meat dishes by request. They boast the largest rum selection in the Caribbean! Shuttle service provided from Jolly Harbour and English Harbour on request. Closed on Sundays and public holidays. ROADRUNNERS Village Walk, Tel: 562 8075 Open Monday–Saturday 11.30am– 10.00pm. Delivery between 5.00pm– 9.00pm. Serving thirteen types of 13 and 16inch thin crust pizzas – a truly mouth watering experience.

RUSSELL’S Fort James, Tel: 462 5479 Situated at historic Fort James, this intimate restaurant serves a variety of sumptuous seafood dinners from red snapper to delectable grilled lobster. Relax and enjoy the panoramic view. Reservations advised. SUBWAY Redcliffe Street and Old Parham Road, Tel: 562 5639 Two great locations open seven days a week and public holidays. Your healthy dining option in Antigua, serving freshly made subs, salads, wraps and personal pizzas. Photo: Kevin Johnson

HEMINGWAY’S CARIBBEAN CAFÉ & RESTAURANT St. Mary’s Street, Tel: 462 2763 Located upstairs an historic wooden West Indian house built around 1829. Hemingways is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks and tropical drinks are served on the verandah overlooking bustling St. Mary’s Street and duty-free Heritage Quay. Enjoy salads, sandwiches, fresh seafood, island dishes and delicious desserts. Or try the best creole cuisine in the evening in a romantic West Indian setting. Closed on Sundays.


Photo: Alison Archer

DICKENSON & RUNAWAY BAY AREAS BAY HOUSE RESTAURANT Tradewinds Hotel, Tel: 462 1223 This informally elegant restaurant and bar is set on the crest of the hill overlooking beautiful Dickenson Bay. Romantic dining al fresco is an option in the extensive open dining area or in the air-conditioned dining room, serving excellent international and Caribbean-flavoured cuisine. Reservations advised. CHIPPY ANTIGUA On the road to Runaway Beach, Tel: 724 1166 A traditional fish & chip van. Also featuring shrimp, homemade meat pies, Indian curries, sausages, mushy peas and its speciality, lobster bites. Open on Wed and Fri from 4.00pm-9.00pm. Take away available. COCONUT GROVE RESTAURANT & BEACH BAR Dickenson Bay, Tel: 462 1538 Set among the palms on the water’s edge, this openair restaurant has earned the distinction of being a favourite on the island. Very popular happy hour from 4.00pm-7.00pm. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reservations advised.

PEPPERZ ’N’ LIME Tel: 562 8235 Eat by the beach and choose from a menu filled with Mexican and Caribbean variations of wraps, finger food, salads and daily specials. On Sundays bring the family to our beach party from 3.00pm-6.00pm. There are DJ nights and Mexican style tequila shots!


Photo: Shelly Chadburn

LA BUSSOLA Runaway Beach, Tel: 562 1545 Serving traditional Italian dishes with a ’modern touch’ in an alfresco beachfront environment, La Bussola offers quality cuisine, an extensive wine selection and impeccable service. Delicious brick oven baked pizza! Closed on Sundays. Reservations advised.

AL PORTO Tel: 562 7848 Great quality, freshly prepared pizza and home-made pasta served in stylish surroundings.Boats can sail up for dinner! Open seven days a week from 5.00pm. 2-4-1 pizza on Tuesdays, live jazz on Thursdays. Reservations advised. CASTAWAYS Tel: 562 4446 Relaxed and friendly atmosphere – excellent for a family day at the beach. Lunch and dinner specials - offering a variety of Caribbean, International and Chinese cuisine CROW’S NEST Tel: 562 2637 Come to where the action is - live bands, movie nights, happy hours and a restaurant which offers fresh fish daily as well as wonderful Caribbean delights. MELINI’S Tel: 562 4173 Serving fabulous Italian/International cuisine, as well as stone oven baked pizzas. Extensive wine list to compliment your dining experience. Take away service also available.


WEST & SOUTH COASTS CARMICHAEL’S Sugar Ridge, Tel: 562 7700 Quite literally above it all at Sugar Ridge, Carmichael’s commands breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, neighbouring islands and Jolly Harbour Marina. One of Antigua’s finest restaurants, with an international menu and dishes that reflect ’what’s fresh now’ from Antigua’s local markets, complimented by an excellent range of wines. Open for lunch and dinner. Reservations advised. COCOS Tel: 462 9700 A traditionally-styled West Indian building complete with ’gingerbread’ decorations, its superb and romantic location boasts fabulous views overlooking Jolly Beach. The freshest of produce is used in their varying menu, including seafood specialities. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. KEYONNA BEACH Crab Hill Beach, Tel: 562 2020 An amazing location on the beach, our wooden terrace set under a shady grape tree is perfect for intimate casual beach dining. The diverse a la carte luncheon menu offers

an interesting selection of fine food with an excellent wine list. Open for lunch and dinner. OJ’S BEACH BAR & RESTAURANT Crab Hill Beach, Tel: 460 0184 Great pride is taken to personal attention and service at OJ’s. Lobster salad, fresh fish, steaks, burgers and sandwiches are served on the shady terrace overlooking the sea. THE SEAGRAPE RESTAURANT Curtain Bluff Resort, Tel: 462 8400 Sitting right on the sand, yards from the gently lapping waves, this intimate restaurant serves from an Italian a la carte menu with an Antiguan twist. Open four nights a week . Reservations advised. SHEER-ROCKS AT COCOBAY RESORT Valley Church, Tel: 464 5283 Since it’s take-over in 2010, the young owners have successfully turned Sheer Rocks into a stylish hangout, perfect for a sunset aperitif. Supporting local produce, the Mediterranean influences are brilliantly interpreted by the chef. Where the dinner menu is small, the tapas menu is large, both equally hard to choose from, complimenting this fun eatery. Closed on Tuesdays. Reservations advised.


Photo: Ted Martin

SUGAR CLUB Sugar Ridge, Tel: 484 3702 Sugar Club is the social epicentre of Sugar Ridge. This chic restaurant and bar provides indoor and outdoor dining on the covered verandahs. The menu offers international cuisine including salads, pizzas, pastas, steaks, fish and also tapas and sushi. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is usually live entertainment in the bar at night.


THE TAMARIND TREE RESTAURANT Curtain Bluff Resort, Tel: 462 8400 Looking out onto the tree-canopied terrace, perfect for cocktails, after-dinner dancing and drinks, this delightful restaurant offers an a la carte menu of Continental cuisine that is infused with Caribbean flavours. A different band livens up the atmosphere each evening.

ADMIRAL’S INN Nelson’s Dockyard, Tel: 460 1027 We serve all meals a la carte, with a varied selection from which to choose, including local seafood and fresh produce. Our tree-shaded terrace is a delightful place to relax and dine, overlooking the historic Nelson’s Dockyard. A fine selection of wine is also available.

TURNER’S BEACH BAR & RESTAURANT Johnson’s Point, Tel: 462 9133 If you crave authenticity or want to be a part of the island experience, enjoy a meal at Turner’s with the surf just a few steps away. This local beach restaurant serves great seafood lunches. Open daily from 10.00am.

BUMPKINS Pigeon Beach, Tel: 562 2522 A definite must for that first rum punch on a Sunday at Pigeon Beach. Bumpkins is tucked in the corner of the beach, a step away from the sea. Excellent reasonable menu with a variety of tasty delights.


ABRACADABRA Dockyard Drive, Tel: 460 2701 Abracadabra is a true southern Italian restaurant where homemade pastas, fresh fish, live lobster and a selected variety of meats are prepared to the highest standards. Reservations advised.

CAMBUSA ITALIAN RESTAURANT Catamaran Marina Tel: 562 2226 Located on the waterfront, Cambusa Italian Restaurant is renowned for its show kitchen, offering traditional “comfort food” with Mediterranean flavours, and specializing in fresh fish and vegetables. The two Italian chefs prepare fine food right in front of you. Also offering excellent Italian yacht catering services. CATHERINE’S CAFÉ Pigeon Point, Falmouth, Tel: 460 5050 An authentic French café atmosphere offering fabulous snacks and meals, with bar and alfresco dining and splendid views of Falmouth Harbour. Open every day for lunch, afternoon drinks and on to dinner. Call for further information about this new location. CLOGGY’S CAFÉ Falmouth, Tel: 460 6910/764 8083 Offering fresh salads, grilled seafood and meat - something special for everyone. On Wednesdays, in season, we have a BBQ night. Lunch from 11.00am-4.00pm, and dinner from 6.30-10.00pm. Sunday brunch from 10.30am-4.00pm with DJ entertainment from 2.00pm until late - in season.

THE COPPER & LUMBER STORE Nelson’s Dockyard, Tel: 460 1058 Featuring the Mainbrace, an English-style pub with a full bar and restaurant, open for lunch and early supper. The Wardroom is a stylishly renovated old English restaurant, offering fine dining around the very pretty enclosed courtyard – a must for corporate and special events. Come and experience our seafood Friday’s at the back of the hotel. Great local specialities, great atmosphere with cultural background music. HAMILTON’S WINE BAR & BISTRO Nelson’s Dockyard, Tel: 562 7151 A chic and stylish wine bar and bistro located within Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. The exciting menu features simple, fresh, fabulous dishes which are complemented by an exciting selection of wines from around the world. Closed Sundays. Reservations advised. LE CAP HORN FRENCH RESTAURANT English Harbour, Tel: 460 1194 Chef Gustavo skillfully combines French cuisine with fresh local ingredients to create delectable plates. Open for dinner only from November to mid May. Reservations advised.


SHIRLEY HEIGHTS LOOKOUT Shirley Heights, Tel: 728 0636 Serving lunch daily, and dinner from Tuesday through Sunday, we offer a wide and varied menu that includes local soups, fresh lobster and fish, and calypso coffees. Full bar service is available and the rum punch is legendary. Choose to eat in the pretty dining room or outside under umbrellas. Serving up spectacular sunsets almost daily with terrific barbeque parties every Thursday and Sunday. Open 9.00am-10.00pm in season. Closed on public holidays.


TRAPPAS BAR English Harbour, Tel: 562 3534 Fine dining at very affordable prices with an extensive mouth-watering menu in a festive atmosphere. Closed on Sunday and Monday. The bar is open from 5.00pm until... Reservations advised.

BIG BANANA V. C. Bird International Airport, Tel: 480 6979 Conveniently located upstairs at the V. C. Bird International Airport, this Big Banana location provides the perfect place for travellers to sit back, relax, and have a bite before departing. Open daily from 7.00am. VIP Lounge also available upstairs the departure lounge. CECILIA’S HIGH POINT CAFE Dutchman’s Bay, Tel: 562 7070 Cecilia produces the most delicious bistro style meals and daily specials, with emphasis on fresh local produce and seafood. Located a few minutes from the airport. Photo: Ted Martin

WOOD OVEN PIZZERIA English Harbour, Tel: 460 1194 This pizzeria offers a great selection of thin crust gourmet pizzas freshly baked in a wood oven as well as crispy salads and a variety of delicious desserts. Open for dinner only from November to mid May. Will take orders up to 11.00pm.

THE BAY @ NONSUCH Nonsuch Bay, Tel: 562 8000 This beautifully situated cliff top restaurant and bar offers first class internationally inspired cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Docking facilities allow you to arrive by boat at this luxury holiday resort which offers the highest standard of personal service and a passion for the real Antigua. Reservations advised.


Photo: Shelly Chadburn

THE COVE RESTAURANT Soldier Bay, Tel: 462 0290 Enjoy the sound of waves pounding below, overlooking Soldiers Bay with exquisite sunset views across the Caribbean Sea. The extensive French fusion menu offers the finest local ingredients with something to please every palate and an impressive wine list. Reservations recommended. HARMONY HALL Brown’s Bay, Tel: 460 4120 Excellent Italian restaurant with its historic sugar mill, overlooking beautiful Nonsuch Bay. Beach access, with pool and ferry to Green Island. Open daily for lunch and on Wednesday through Saturday for dinner, during the season. LE BISTRO Hodges Bay, Tel: 462 3881/461 2996 After dinner at this elegant French restaurant, you will come away feeling thoroughly spoilt. A varied menu, which also caters for vegetarians, includes lobster, snapper, salmon, veal, pasta, paté and salads – not forgetting the dessert trolley! An extensive wine list is also available. Open for dinner only (closed Mondays). Reservations advised.. THE TIDES Coolidge, Tel: 462 8433 Offering an international menu which specializes in seafood at lunch and dinner. Beachfront dining both in and outdoors on spacious verandahs, with constant cooling tradewinds, beautiful gardens and superb service. Tues-Sat lunch and dinner, Sunday brunch. Also check out the pool side BBQ on Friday night.


ABRACADABRA DISCO BAR AND RESTAURANT English Harbour, Tel: 460 2701 Situated just outside Nelson’s Dockyard, Abracadabra combines the latest in European and American music. This beautiful Italian restaurant transforms after dinner into ’party central’. The local and international deejays, and visiting performing artists throughout the season provide a great atmosphere where you can let your hair down and have a great time. C & C WINE BAR Redcliffe Quay, St. John’s, Tel: 460 7025 If the South African wine is the reason you come then the food is definitely a reason to return. We offer an excellent cheese platter, smoked salmon, coconut shrimp and on Thursdays – homemade lasagne. Closed on Monday nights. CARIBBEAN CINEMAS Friar’s Hill Road, Tel: 562 4000 Offers eight cinemas in a large complex just outside of St. John’s. DELUXE THEATRE LTD. High Street, St. John’s, Tel: 462 3664 Offering a variety of the latest movies in these three modern cinemas.


JOE MIKE’S DOWNTOWN HOTEL PLAZA Corner Nevis Street and Corn Alley, Tel: 462 1142/3244 Come out to play at this modern casino which is conveniently located within Joe Mike’s Plaza. There is a wide variety of slot machines, table games and a sports book. KING’S CASINO Heritage Quay, St. John’s, Tel: 462 1727 This popular casino offers roulette, blackjack and Caribbean stud poker, Spanish 21 and BJ Switch, plus a full range of ’state of the art’ slot machines. There is live entertainment most evenings and major sporting events are broadcast all day via satellite on four televisions with a super 10-foot screen in the sports lounge. Kings Casino also offers a sports book with live horseracing from around the globe, and where you can wager on your favourite sporting game. Open Mon-Sat from 10.00am-4.00am and on Sun from 6.00pm-4.00am. There is a dress code in effect. We accept all major credit cards with an ATM on the premises. MAD MONGOOSE BAR & RESTAURANT Falmouth Harbour, Tel: 463 7900 Dance until you can’t dance anymore. One of the hottest spots in Falmouth Harbour with live music, scrumptious food and a fully stocked bar. Enjoy live music on Fridays and play pool or watch your favourite sporting event at the sport’s bar.

Photo: Shelly Chadburn

After Sunset

When the sun begins to set over Antigua, lights begin to twinkle and the curtain rises on the evening’s entertainment. After basking in the sun, relaxing on our white sandy beaches and swimming in our crystal clear water, dress up in your party wear or as casual as you would like and enjoy the excitement of a warm Caribbean night. Most hotels offer evening entertainment featuring live bands and/or vocalists with the opportunity to dance both during and after dinner. Steel bands are also very popular and it is always a treat to watch them perform. For the late night party-goers, there is a nightclub or bar to satisfy every taste. Some have a dress code and so it might be wise to check before hand. For those feeling lucky, try one of our excellent state-of-theart casinos, offering the full gamut of games and slot machines.

SHIRLEY HEIGHTS LOOKOUT Shirley Heights, Tel: 728 0636 Topping your ’must do’ list has got to be our Sunday Barbeque Party! This 30 year old tradition features the AMP Halcyon Steel Orchestra who set the pace from 4.00pm. The sweet pulsating rhythms of pan accompany mouthwatering smells of barbecue. Spectacular sunsets are standard party fare, as are exotic drinks and dancing under the stars. At 7.00pm, the entertainment changes and some of the island’s finest party bands are featured until 10.00pm. This is a wonderful mix of tourists and islanders. From time to time, rub shoulders with a celebrity or two, who have come to experience firsthand, the much recommended food, drink music and revelry. Our Thursday barbecue features entertainment from 4.00pm and caters to those who prefer a quieter outing. Closed on public holidays. SUGAR CLUB Sugar Ridge, Jolly Harbour, Tel: 562 7700 Sugar Club is the clubhouse for Sugar Ridge. The piano lounge bar entertains residents, members and guests with jazz pianists, vocalists or bands several nights each week in Antigua’s most stylish setting. On the weekend, they are joined by the fashionable local crowd to dance the night away.




Photo: Kevin Johnson

Photo: Ted Martin


Environmental artist Jennifer Meranto started a personal art and documentary project she called Project Trash in 2010 after seeing a marked increase in shoreline trash. She founded Adopt a Coastline in 2013 in order to expand the one person efforts in and around the shorelines of English and Falmouth Harbours, where birds and turtles nest and hunt and whose habitats are threatened by man made trash. The foundation seeks to educate about the dangers of sea pollution, and cultivate the natural caretaking inclinations of the youth so they can become future stewards of nature. Donations go directly to the hands that clean the beaches, in this case villagers from the polluted areas, focusing on single mothers and youth. We ask a donation to help us keep our important wildlife coastlines and habitats trash free. Visitors can leave a positive footprint behind and follow our work online from home. The sustainable design studio, gallery, and perma culture garden is located in Turtle Bay and open to the public everyday 2-5pm or by appointment 764-8035. Visit us online for events, workshops, donations and volunteer information.


Here is her story : For years I have mined the beaches for art material and have picked up trash, but never made trash collecting a focus until a few years ago when I noticed that the trash situation was getting so bad that it affected the wildlife. I watched pelicans diving for trash, mistaking it for food. I have seen a floating plastic bag and mistaken it for a jellyfish, just like the turtles do. I did not like learning that the never ending flow of man made material that moves from shoreline to shoreline kills animals along the way. I decided I needed to become part of a solution to this dangerous problem. I decided I should start with myself if I was going to have anything to say, or any impact at all. I decided to attempt to clear my own slate by offsetting my trash contribution to this beautiful island I have called home for almost 20 years. I needed a goal that anyone could obtain, since we all make trash, it was obvious that this formula could translate to anyone, anywhere. I would collect the same amount of trash I have input over 20 years off the shorelines I hike – mostly remote and pristine places. After just three short years, I obtained my

goal – a “whopping” 1000 overflowing hefty bags. Sadly I did not feel much joy about this achievement. It just made me realize how bad the problem really is, especially since the places I cleaned were off the beaten track – like mangroves, hikes to beaches and places where wildlife is trying to survive. I documented my process, and built trash bins and planted trees. I made some installations on the beach, like benches and places to rest. I created a body of artwork to fund my project, but most importantly I learned about stewarding nature which has changed my life. With every piece of trash you pick up, there is the potential of saving the life of a turtle, bird or fish. Trash kills not only wildlife, but it contaminates our water and food chain. Even though I have been a nature lover all my life, I had no real understanding of the profound relationship between nature and all of us, until I started this project. I want to share it with others because I think there are many people like me

who want to give back. One person can make a difference, but together we can help to solve a problem that affects all life. The human race can learn a lot by how nature works. Nature recycles everything. Nothing is wasted, everything and every part of everything is used and reused. I like this model and I admire that kind of intelligence. Now I use it as a mentor in my art making and lifestyle choices.


Photo: Kevin Johnson

Real Estate

A Little Bit of Paradise – Small Community Feeling. Contributed by Geoffrey Pidduck, Stanley’s Estate Agents, The property market has seen moderate recovery and is expected to be stimulated with the introduction this year of the Citizenship Investment Programme. Property developers have already introduced new designs. New construction is already having a positive impact on our economy. Investors, retirees and second home purchasers are buying into the desirable Antigua lifestyle and culture. Our beautiful island nation of Antigua & Barbuda, abounds with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. There is a wide variety and excellent inventory of new and resale property at realistic prices. Quite simply, there has never been a better time to take a serious look at acquiring your piece of our island paradise. Property purchasers are demanding of product quality and value. They are choosing Antigua more for the lifestyle than for potential gain, yet the latter should always be a consideration. With direct flights from Europe and North America, a stable government, sound economy, and small community feeling, many are choosing Antigua as a second home or as a permanent residence. Available properties are primarily located on hillsides with gorgeous views, or on the waterfront and beaches. Property investment decisions come down to location or position, with many choosing gated communities. Gated communities often encompass a hotel with services


and amenities. Property owners may use the amenities while enjoying the privacy of their own homes. These developments offer rental, management and maintenance services, or property owners can engage their own managers, gardeners, helpers and chefs. The Caribbean Sea’s west coast, with calm waters, sunsets and excellent boating, has become the hotspot of Residential Tourism. There is a wide selection of property both in gated communities and on the hills and beaches. The Jolly Harbour Beach Resort, Marina and Golf Club is the largest gated community in Antigua offering apartments, townhouses on the waterfront and a golf course ,with large custom made homes on the beachfront. Sugar Ridge Hotel opened in 2010 is a small 32 room boutique hotel with spa, shops and restaurants. They are now selling and developing residences on 54 fully serviced building plots. On the east coast is the private membership Mill Reef Club, established in the late 1940s by Eastern Seaboard Americans. This residential community combines a boutique hotel, golf club with 56 residences. Jumby Bay Island is our top Residential Tourism resort with a boutique hotel and over 60 high end residences. Emerald Cove, the Peninsula and Nonsuch Bay Resorts have easy access to the calm waters of the north sound archipelago, its reefs and small uninhabited islands.

Realize Your Dream STANLEY’S ESTATE AGENTS LTD. A n t i gua’s M o s t Experienc ed Real Estate A ge nt s

Antigua’s most experienced real estate agents with over 60 years of combined experience. We provide “Knowledge and Experience You Can Trust”. Our full range of professional real estate services includes Antigua Villas and Properties For Sale, Commercial Real Estate, Vacation Villa Rentals, Long-term Rental Properties, and Property Management Services. Our team of highly trained agents specialize in quality waterfront, beachfront & ocean view properties. Stanley’s Estate Agents . . . Your Experienced, Trusted Connection to Luxury Properties on the island paradise of Antigua. Stanley’s Tavern, Dockyard Drive, English Harbour, Antigua W.I. Tel: +1 (268) 562 7599 Email:

A Member of The Antigua & Barbuda Association Of Realtors.


Photo: Ted Martin

The south east sector encompasses the historic Nelson’s Dockyard National Park and many surrounding fortifications. There is growing Residential Tourism in this area, a hot spot for real estate. Yacht owners, captains and crew invest in property in the area. English Harbour, is the home base of the Caribbean yacht charter fleet. Adjacent to the Antigua Yacht Club Marina is the tasteful hotel/apartment complex, South Point. Nearby Windward Estates at Pigeon Point Beach, already under construction is a boutique hotel and spa with 24 plots being offered for high end homes, some already under construction. The north west section of Antigua, the location of choice for many island residents and businessmen, includes the capital St. John’s, the Cedar Valley Golf Course and the V.C. Bird International Airport. Popular residential areas are: Paradise View, McKinnon’s, Blue Waters, Hodges Bay, Cedar Valley and Coolidge. Returning Antiguans, wishing to own a ’piece of the rock’, tend to invest in this sector. Other amenities include: the multiplex cinema, two very impressive supermarkets, malls with a variety of stores and restaurants, the Mount St. John’s Hospital, the American University of Antigua and several new private health service facilities/clinics. Antigua’s architects favour Caribbean and Georgian style homes with pitched roofs and covered verandahs. The


peaked roof is the most important element in a Caribbean home, providing protection from the sun and rain as well as security against strong winds. Hurricane shutters provide protection against high winds and added security for vacant homes. Louvred windows and doors are common. Construction is mainly in concrete block and wood with corrugated galvanized roofs. Many of the materials and supplies for new construction or renovations are readily available on island. Custom windows and doors in wood and other materials are manufactured on island as are kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counters, roof tiles and paving stones. There is an excellent assortment of stores where household fittings and fixtures, furnishings, linens, utensils and flatware, etc. are available. Your real estate needs can best be satisfied by a local estate agent. The Antigua & Barbuda Association of Realtors was established in 2012, as the mark of professionalism for property clients. Members are required to adhere to high ethical standards. Property purchasers and vendors are advised to choose estate agents with a high degree of professionalism, and with a track record of experience and trustworthiness. For conveying property it is best to work through a lawyer. The use of other registered professionals including architects, builders and contractors, quantity surveyors and property management and rental firms is advised.

Prices from US$950,000

+1 (268) 562 7727

Luxury Homes Boutique Hotel Carmichael’s Restaurant Sugar Club Aveda Concept Spa


et on a sunset facing bluff on Antigua’s glorious west coast between Darkwood and Ffrye’s, two of Antigua’s most beautiful beaches, Tamarind Hills takes five star luxury to new heights with a stunning collection of residences designed for contemporary Caribbean living.

• Beach and ocean front villas, cottages and apartments for sale on freehold basis • Rental programme available with 24 hour concierge and butler facilities • Beach Club, restaurant, boardwalk and shopping galleria • Beauty salon, gym, pilates and yoga studio • Prices from $425,000 upwards • Approved development for the Antiguan Citizenship by Investment Programme *

designed for contemporar y caribbean living

TEL: +1 268 736 4028 EMAIL: W E B : w w w. t a m a r i n d - h i l l s . c o m * Please enquire for details

PROPERTY ACQUISTION CONSIDERATIONS 11. Insurance coverage is approximately 1.4% of insured risk; deductible of 2% includes earthquakes and named storms. 12. Bank financing is available but interest rates are high by world standards. 13. Most houses are serviced by septic tank. Water cisterns are required. 14. Most properties are fully serviced with electricity, water, cable television, telephone and internet. 15. The Antigua & Barbuda Investment Authority offers attractive fiscal incentives to developers. 16. Permanent residency and other residency programmes are available. New residency programmes are being introduced to attract investment. Inquire of your lawyer or estate agent about these. 17. Antigua’s new Citizenship Investment Programme applies to specifically identified real estate products.

Photo: Stanley’s Estate Agents

1. For non-citizens a license is required to purchase property. The cost is 5% of the value of the property. 2. On vacant land, building must be completed in compliance with the non-citizen’s license terms. 3. Government transfer fees to the buyer, 2.5% and to the seller, 7.5%. 4. Property taxes/rates are based on rental value and are reasonably set. 5. Most property is fee simple or freehold. Leaseholds are rare and usually held by the Crown. 6. Legal cost 1% to 2% depending on the value of the transaction. 7. There is no title insurance. Properties are registered at the Land Registry. 8. Real estate commissions are from 5% to 7%. 9. The property management fee is usually 10%. Rental commissions 8.33%. 10. Withholding taxes are 25% of net rental income for non-residents.



Discover the exceptional benefits of ownership Welcome to South Point, a boutique condominium hotel nestled in coveted Falmouth Harbour. Each experience, the units, the service and the many amenities have been thoughtfully designed to deliver modern, international standards of luxury. As one of the few properties qualified for the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program, South Point is an unparalleled investment opportunity. Contact us to learn more about the few remaining opportunities to own at South Point.


Photo: Stanley’s Estate Agents

Antigua .... A Preferred Destination By: Brian Stuart-Young, Chairman & CEO, Global Bank of Commerce, Ltd.

Antigua and Barbuda is ideally located in the north of the Eastern Caribbean and, as a crossroad for financial services within the Caribbean, it hosts a 30-year-old financial centre for international financial services. There are eight domestic commercial banks and fifteen financial institutions providing international financial services. Antigua’s international financial centre was established in 1982, one year after its independence from the United Kingdom, and it is now a favourite Caribbean destination for both tourism and international financial services. The domestic economy is largely dependent on tourism drawn from Europe and North America and was therefore affected by the world financial crisis that imposed financial constraints on many travelers by sea and air. Notwithstanding the challenges of the prevailing world financial environment, Antigua and Barbuda is relatively well positioned as an up-market tourism destination to sustain tourism growth from the more discriminating visitor and from its annual international sailing and fishing events. With the commitment of both its government and private sector, it has also been able to ensure a banking infrastructure which can respond to the special business needs and financial services of Caribbean and international client relationships.


A REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT FOR INVESTMENT The jurisdiction has maintained a solid reputation for foreign direct investments and international banking services. Antigua strives to balance the client’s needs for confidentiality with the requirements of meeting all international financial standards. Its robust mutual legal regime facilitates a transparent process under which information may be exchanged. It will not allow itself or its banks to be used as a secret tax haven and recognizes the requirements for tax compliance and anti-tax fraud policies. It was one of the first Caribbean jurisdictions to establish a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the United States, and has held tax treaties with the United Kingdom and the Caribbean Commonwealth Community for many years. It successfully completed a number of additional tax information exchange agreements, which made it fully tax compliant with the OECD requirements and was placed on the OECD’s “white list”. Mutual legal assistance in anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism matters is also provided for under the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act (MACMA). There is no legal or practical impediment for rendering assistance

where both countries criminalize the underlying offence. The jurisdiction also benefits from being a member of the Egmont Group through Antigua’s supervisory authority, Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP), which assists communications between Financial Intelligence Units to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The governing legislation for the management of its international financial centre is regularly updated to ensure compliance with international standards. An important feature of earlier legislation is the prohibition on Antigua’s international financial institutions from accepting cash deposits. This requirement has removed the serious threat posed by the anonymous nature of cash, making it necessary that all deposits must be made via a banking instrument that would be either a wire transfer or a bank cheque. In both cases the bank issuing the instrument would have been required to obtain customer information and practice due diligence on the remitting party. Therefore, if any suspicious circumstances should occur in respect of a deposit to an account in Antigua, the beneficiary bank will have a clear path on which it can direct an investigation.

BANKING SUPERVISION The regulatory environment of banks providing international financial services is strongly supervised for the safe and ethical depository of foreign currencies and the delivery of wealth management solutions. The jurisdiction undergoes regular peer evaluation by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force as well as reviews by the World Bank and the IMF, all of which give enhanced scrutiny to the operations of the financial centre. The supervision of banks is divided with domestic commercial banks under the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), and international service banks licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC). The international service banks must maintain internal policies to govern compliance with international standards. Requirements include annual third-party audits of their anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist financing (ATF) practices which must be submitted to the ONDCP for review. The jurisdiction has been aggressively emulating the actions being taken worldwide to strengthen the regulatory oversight of all financial systems. The FSRC has already adopted stronger levels of supervision for its annual examination of all


Photo: Ted Martin

international service banks and must approve the audit firm conducting the required annual audit carried by the institution. Annual financial audits are mandatory and are conducted by resident offices of well recognized auditing firms including Grant Thornton, PKF and KPMG.

BUSINESS CENTRE The combination of well-regulated financial services, world class communications, a convenient time zone, an English-speaking and skilled workforce and strong professional resources offers a positive environment for electronic and international business services. Antigua provides ideal support for information technology services and Internet-driven business opportunities that demand more sophisticated financial services. There are three major providers of telecom services, namely Cable and Wireless, Digicel and the local Utilities Authority. The Antigua & Barbuda Investment Authority, established by the Government, assists the investment process and identifies related incentives for certain investment categories. Modern financial services include Internet banking, telephone banking, wire transfers in major currencies, corporate and trust administration, pension and fund management, payroll services, electronic commerce facilities that allow online sales of international services and products, and the development of multi-functional prepaid debit cards. These are powerful financial tools that enable business people to compete in an international and open market environment. The remarkable growth of the Internet is impacting economies around the world, and Antigua is no


exception. As an independent nation, it is well positioned to attract international business for electronic commerce. The government has passed the relevant legislation to govern e-commerce, the Electronic Transactions Act, and also to control abuse of electronic systems and protect the safety of online activity. The government is also committed to operate as an e-government and has positioned Antigua to become a leading Caribbean IT centre. A local data centre, known as Global Processing Centre, is well established as a fully certified PCI DSS processor of financial transactions, which operates a modern and integrated processing platform for all card, electronic wallet, mobile wallet, private label card services and ecommerce services. These services enable alternative payment systems to support retail trading, government payments, and international remittances.

WEALTH MANAGEMENT Antigua has become attractive to international investors from Latin America, Europe and the Far East seeking private banking services and wishing to balance their portfolios with certain commodity and foreign exchange trading services, and who may be interested in property investment in the jurisdiction. Increasingly, investors have been purchasing properties in Antigua and Barbuda as vacation and second homes. These investments also qualify them for Permanent Residency, and it is anticipated that new legislation will shortly allow investors to obtain citizenship by investment (CBI). The legislation that will allow qualified international persons to apply for citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda via a regulated due diligence and investment criteria had

its first reading in Parliament in June 2012. Clients can obtain advice from any of the major accounting firms with offices in Antigua such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, PKF, KPMG, or their own advisory resources for tax planning arrangements. Several major real estate developments are being undertaken in Antigua & Barbuda, and interest from international investors has been significant. The resident banks have been supportive to investors pursuing local real estate and tourism projects. Antigua’s financial centre has legislation to govern the operation of various types of formal structures often required to support wealth management strategies and property acquisition, including the establishment of trusts and foundations and the incorporation of international businesses and limited liability companies. There is a fully experienced and professional sector comprised of attorneys-at-law and licensed company providers that can assist in the clearing of names, registration of corporate entities and referring clients for bank account relationships in the jurisdiction.

GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Business persons who demand efficient international banking will appreciate the services offered in Antigua. Internet banking provides 24/7 access to view account

activity, establishes billpayments and standing orders, and initiates wire transfers and other necessary communications to the bank. To further assist and maintain financial control over accounts, banks will issue card products linked to customer accounts that permit access to funds around the world at banks, merchants and ATMs. Strong and secure communications now put the bank branch in the client’s backyard and full banking services at his fingertips. The expansion of technology-driven facilities to support mobile payments will now also position the jurisdiction to be able to attract micro-finance and payment services seeking more efficient means of money transfer facilities. Antigua’s international financial centre enjoys the commitment of its public and private sectors and has appropriately reorganized itself to meet the requirements of modern business and the surge of global demands for financial solutions for international business, wealth management and e-commerce services seeking a safe haven in the Caribbean. It is redefining the role of international banking relationships and complimenting global business opportunities that need financial solutions. The combination of well-regulated financial service providers and the ability to offer modern and technology-driven financial services in a stable environment makes Antigua and Barbuda a premier location for doing global business.


Body Beautiful, Health & Wellness

Can you think of a better place to be pampered than here in paradise? Indulge in a well needed massage or spa treatment with one of Antigua’s finest masseuses or enjoy some quality time at one of our many fine salons.

luxury gym contains 30 pieces of Cybex apparatus as well as offering aerobics, pilates and yoga classes. There is access to two swimming pools, great sunbathing decks and chill out shady areas through various membership plans.


THE CUTTING EDGE Marble Hill Road, Tel: 562 1415 Offering professional nail and hair care for that special occasion. Manicures, pedicures, haircuts and colouring for ladies, gentlemen and kids. Our services are offered by a team of courteous and friendly staff. Call for an appointment. Open Mon-Sat from 8.30am-6.00pm.

AKPARO Officer’s Quarters, Nelson’s Dockyard, Tel: 460 5705 Set in the most exquisite, relaxing location, overlooking the harbour, Akparo caters to your every need. Treatments include facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, various types of massage as well as osteopathy. Professional hairdressers specialize in foil highlights, colouring and hair cutting. AVEDA CONCEPT SPA & GYM AT SUGAR RIDGE Jolly Harbour, Tel: 562 7700 A place to work out or simply relax and be pampered, Aveda Concept Spa & Gym offers a wide range of treatments including the latest holistic therapies. This air-conditioned

EQUILIBRIUM Friar’s Hill Development, Tel: 462 7919 Fully qualified therapists offer passive exercise on therapeutic massage beds, a toning table exercise system, bodyslim electrotherapy treatment, plus body wraps, holistic massages, electrolysis, waxing, facial toning and facials all in a calm, relaxing setting.


Dr. SenGupta & Associates Dental Surgeons

Woods Centre, Friars Hill Road, P.O. Box W672, St. John’s, Antigua Tel: (268) 462-9312/3 Fax: (268) 462-9314 drsengupta.wi@ Email:

Dr. S. SenGupta BDS (UK) Dental Surgeon

Dr. K. Moursy BChD MFGDP (UK) General Dentist

Dr. R. I. Ng DMD MSD (USA) Orthodontist

SANDALS GRAND RESORT & RED LANE SPA Dickenson Bay, Tel: 462 0267 Situated in the Sandals Resort complex and open to anyone by appointment, this spa offers a refined world of breathtaking opulence and sophisticated luxury. Indulge in the finest curative treatments from Europe’s world renowned spas along with our signature Red Lane line of products. THE SPA AT BLUE WATERS Soldier Bay, Tel: 484 4308 Renowned for its exotic treatments, this Elemis spa is situated within The Cove at Blue Waters Hotel. Come and be pampered! Why not enjoy a body treatment or massage. Facials, waxing and paraffin treatments are available. Our therapists are happy to assist. Appointments recommended. THE SPA AT CURTAIN BLUFF Old Road, Tel: 462 8400 There are many reasons why magazines like ’Conde Nast Traveler’ and ’American Spa’ have ranked this spa among the world’s best. Perched at the water’s edge, it manages to mix seclusion, intimacy (just five treatment rooms) and the highest standards with a truly breathtaking location - looking out over the sea towards distant Montserrat. Appointments recommended.


General Dentistry Orthodontics Dental Implants Porcelain Veneers Cosmetic Dentistry & Tooth Whitening Dentistry for the nervous patient TOUCH THERAPIES Fort Road, Tel: 562 1286 Touch Therapies is a haven for renewal. Soothe and relax your body, mind and spirit at this full service day spa, offering massages, organic facials, microderm abrasions, laser hair removal and unique body treatments. Touch Therapies also has beach locations at Hawksbill by Rex Resorts and a travel spa at the V. C. Bird International Airport. Photo: Shelly Chadburn

s k a e p s e l i m s l u f i t u a e b A ! s d r o w d n a a thous

DR. SENGUPTA, B.D.S. & ASSOCIATES, DENTAL SURGEONS Woods Centre, Tel: 462 9312/3, Emergency 720 3756 Dr. SenGupta and his team have over fifteen years’ experience in general dentistry, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. SenGupta himself is a leading implantologist in the region and an international lecturer. Come see for yourself why our dentistry is so advanced – it’s simply beautiful!

Photo: Chris Anton


MEDICAL SURGICAL ASSOCIATES Woods Mall, Tel: 481-5200/1/4/6 After Hours: Dr. Joseph John: 464-9449 or Sonia Peterson RN: 779 5625. A modern, technologically advanced and comprehensive 24-hour medical and surgical facility that provides services related to: Urgent Care, General Surgery, Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, ENT Surgery, Neurology, Endoscopy, Radiology and Oncology. Walk-ins are welcome.


Countries around the world celebrate carnival for many different reasons. Antigua’s carnival starting in late July and culminating in early August celebrates that memorable day on August 1st 1834, when slavery was abolished. The newly freed slaves danced in the streets with hearts filled with joy. Centuries later joy still fills the streets of St. John’s. Come and join Antiguans and Barbudans from all over the world in celebration of the Caribbean’s greatest summer festival, Antigua’s carnival! If you are new to carnival in the Caribbean here is a quick rundown for you.

Photo: Laura Hall


CARNIVAL MUSIC ’Something’s got a hold on me, its the music I’m feeling’ – Claudette Peters; four time Antigua Soca Monarch.

CALYPSO Calypso is an Afro-Caribbean style of music that is used to tell topical stories of the time, whether it be fables, current events or feelings. Each year’s calypsos can educate the listener on what was going on in politics, society and the world at large. Annually calypsonians pen their songs and compete against each other at the Calypso Monarch show.

IRON BAND A collection of old pipes, tire irons, cow bells and any other metal object that can be beaten into a rhythm. With every person in the band carrying their own melody it all miraculously comes together to create this extremely contagious sound. People can be found ’chipping’ alongside the players of the iron band. If you were wondering – ’chipping’ is a slow rhythmic shuffle in time with the music.


Photo: Alan Aflak

The steel pan is the only musical instrument invented in the 20th century. Antigua’s claim to fame is that we allegedly have the oldest steel band in the world, the Hell’s Gate Steel Orchestra. The steel pan is capable of playing just about any genre of music. However, carnival time is dedicated to perfecting well arranged calypso and soca masterpieces for the Panorama competition.

Photo: Laura Hall


SOCA Soca is hard to describe, but when you hear it you will know it. Everyone around you will be jumping and waving their hands or rags. This infectious beat is the most popular type of carnival music. The Soca Monarch competition has in recent times become the most popular show for the carnival season. Artistes pull out all the stops on stage, in their fight for the Soca Monarch title. Their performances can include fireworks to jetting across the stage on high suspension wires.


’Thousands of happy feet, skipping without missing a beat...’ We Love to Play Mas – Red Hot Flames – one of Antigua’s top bands.

Photo: Laura Hall


J’OUVERT J’Ouvert, a shortened form of the French word ’jour ouvert’, meaning day break, starts at about that time. Yes, J’Ouvert starts just as the sun decides to begin waking up for the day. Flatbed trucks packed with speakers and a band, as well as steel bands, slowly roll through the streets entertaining the crowds that have gathered behind them. This street jump up goes from the wee hours until mid morning when the sun is blazing in all its glory.

MAS Mas, short for masquerade, is when everyone gets the opportunity to don costumes and parade through the streets of St. John’s. Feathers, beads and sequins glitter in the sun as everyone celebrates, jumping up in the streets on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.


Photo: Alan Aflak

After the awards ceremony there is one last jump up through the streets of St. John’s. At the stroke of midnight on Carnival Tuesday the music stops and, just like that, it’s all over. Then for another 364 days everyone anticipates the arrival of Carnival once again.


Weddings can be extremely costly wherever you decide to ’tie the knot’. In Antigua & Barbuda, which is among the world’s top ten destinations for weddings and honeymoons, hotels offer various affordable packages from which the bride and groom can choose. So, besides the nuptials, couples get a tropical holiday thrown in for good measure! The catering, flowers, photography and music – even the cake and champagne – will be well taken care of and, if you’re short of bridesmaids, a best man or maid of honour, they can be supplied as well. The most romantic day of your life will be one that you will forever remember and cherish. Your wedding venue can be a tropical garden, the courtyard of your hotel, on the beach or out sailing – anything you desire to make this a very special day. The honeymoon will be just as unique and you can always come back next year to celebrate your first anniversary or, in the future, to renew your vows. All in all, the entire wedding and honeymoon package, including airfares, can be a lot more attractive than the cost of the nuptials at home.

Photo: Vanessa Hall Photo: Ted Martin



WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS Vanessa Hall Tel: 720 7400 Joseph Jones Tel: 562 7817 Ted Martin Tel: 726 3148 Jennifer Meranto Tel: 764 8035 Photogenesis Imaging Tel: 462 1066

CEREMONY 6. Every marriage must be solemnised or celebrated in the presence of two or more witnesses who are 18 years old or older.

CHANGE OF NAME If a change of name has taken place in the case of any applicant, then the deed poll under which this was done must be produced. Photo: Vanessa Hall

1. The wedding is performed by a civil marriage officer. 2. The day selected for the ceremony depends upon the parties. 3. There is a registration fee of EC$100.00 to be paid at the registrar’s office. 4. There is a marriage officer’s fee of EC$270.00 or US$100.00. 5. Ceremonies can be performed between the hours of 6.00am and 6.00pm.


SPECIAL LICENCE: There is NO waiting time in order to obtain a special licence. The petition for a special licence must be accompanied by a fee of US$150.00/EC$405.00. There is a registration fee of US$40.00/EC$100.00 and a certified copy of the marriage certificate costs US$10.00/EC$27.00. You will need: 1. Valid passport. 2. Proof of status: 1) single – a declaration is signed within Antigua & Barbuda; 2) divorced – original decree absolute which includes the seal of the court issuing the decree or certified copy of decree which includes the seal of the court where decree is issued or 3) widow/ widower – a) marriage certificate, b) death certificate of husband/wife. 3. Application form filled out and signed at the Ministry of Legal Affairs on Queen Elizabeth Highway. 4. Both applicants must be over the age of 18 years. If under, then written parental consent must be provided. 5. Both parties must be present at the time of the application.

Photo: Ted Martin


ORDINARY LICENCE: One of the parties must be resident in Antigua & Barbuda for a period of 15 days immediately preceding the date of the application for the licence. The application for an ordinary licence must be accompanied by a fee of US$40/ EC$100.00. There is a registration fee of US$40.00/ EC$100.00. A certified copy of the marriage certificate costs US$10.00/EC$27.00. You will need: 1. Valid passport. 2. Proof of status: 1) single – a declaration signed within Antigua & Barbuda; 2) divorced – original decree absolute which includes the seal of the court which issued the decree, or a certified copy of the decree which includes the seal of the court where the decree was issued, or 3) widow/ widower – a) marriage certificate, b) death certificate of husband/wife. 3. Application form filled out and signed at the Ministry of Legal Affairs on Queen Elizabeth Highway. 4. Both applicants must be over the age of 18 years. If under; then written parental consent must be obtained. 5. Both parties must be present at the time of the application. For further information please contact the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Tel: 562 0381.



Painting by Naydene Gonnella

PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS DINA DE BROZZI (Tel: 764 5594) was born in Italy and started painting large oil canvases at the age of ten, prior to attending art schools in Bologna, Paris and Florence. She finally settled in Antigua, working almost entirely from life, whether it be children, women or Caribbean people. She firmly believes that the way to bring life to a painting is to create wonderful relationships with her sitters. Her work can be viewed at Harmony Hall and her studio/gallery (The Workshop) at English Harbour. HEATHER DORAM (Tel: 461 4503) Heather’s work is crafted using a mix of layered fabric, natural objects and acrylic paint. Her latest vibrant collection - “We have so many stories to tell” - is inspired by the colour palette of flora outside her door, and the people and culture of Antigua. She graduated from the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts, Jamaica and The Savannah College of Art and Design, U.S.A. View her work at Harmony Hall, or by appointment at her home.


DEBORAH ECKERT (Tel: 723 3007) has a passion for people and has spent several years painting awardwinning portraits. Her other favourite subject is nature and particularly landscapes. However, recently she has begun exploring abstract paintings. In addition, Debbie creates sculpture from found objects and wall hangings from glittery fabrics called luminous landscapes. Her work can be viewed at Art at the Ridge galleries. JAN FARARA (Tel: 764 8803) Jan’s murals grace many hotels and restaurants on the island. Her large colourful canvases are much in demand in Antigua and around the world. The subject matter is always the Caribbean, becoming sometimes more, sometimes less abstract, but always capturing the feeling of the islands. Jan gives visitors a warm welcome to her gallery/studio in Buckleys. JILL FULLER (Tel: 725 5455) Jill moves between media, using photography as a tool whether she is painting, sculpting, working in ceramics or making collages. Her work reflects her love of the Caribbean and is often featured in magazines, catalogues and brochures.

GILLY GOBINET (Tel: 464 6084) is best known for her vibrant watercolours, true reflections of Antigua and the Caribbean. She uses her wide range of styles, including cartoons, to illustrate her very popular Cool Caribbean book series. Original paintings in watercolour, oil, acrylic, and pen and ink are available directly from the artist at her studio or Fig Tree Studio Art and Sandals Art galleries. NAYDENE GONNELLA (Tel: 720 2423) is best known for her encaustic and mixed media pieces of doorways, pelicans and plam trees. Her unique use of colours gives tremendous visual energy, particularly in her new abstract compositions. Her paintings can be viewed at Harmony Hall, Rhythm of Blue, Art at the Ridge as well as at her studio in Jolly Harbour. SALLIE HARKER (Tel: 460 1234) produces a range of oil and watercolour paintings which are inspired by the Antiguan coastline and the bird and marine life of the islands. Her originals are highly collectible and she also offers a wide range of affordable prints. Her paintings, along with the paintings of other well known island artists, are available at the popular Fig Tree Studio Art Gallery.

Painting by Jan Farara

GABRIELA LUERY (Tel: 727 3239) attended art classes in Salzburg, Austria and at McGill University in Canada. Having lived in Europe, Africa and Canada, she landed and built a life in Antigua over 25 years ago. Not being bound to one style or one medium, she experiments with many different media and subjects. Many of her paintings are exhibited at Yeptons Estate Cottages and Art at the Ridge. KATIE MCCONNACHIE (Tel: 460 1417) began her artistic career painting special effects for Hanna Barbera Productions before moving here. Katie loves working with prismacolor pencils and acrylic paints. Her subject matter spans from her pet portraits of birds, cats, dogs, etc. to native island and underwater wildlife. JENNIFER MERANTO’s (Tel: 764 8035) work hangs in public and private spaces worldwide. Her series of hand-painted photos of the Caribbean islands are collected by both tourists and island nationals and can be seen at finer gift shops and


Pottery by Nancy Nicholson

galleries, published under the name Yellowboat. She welcomes serious buyers to her artist’s hideaway in Turtle Bay. Please phone for appointment and directions. STEPHEN MURPHY (Tel: 562 7662) was born in Antigua and started exploring his passion for watercolours in the early 90s. Famous for his Streetcar paintings in Toronto, Murphy’s wonky, whimsical style has captured landscapes across the globe. Stephen’s work can be viewed at Zemi Art Gallery in Redcliffe Quay.


NANCY OFFERMANS (Tel: 464 9777) is inspired by the beauty of Antigua – its breathtaking beaches, landscapes and moonlit nights. Her work can be seen in prominent business places and private homes. She uses watercolours, acrylics and pastels, but her favourite medium is oils. Nancy has the ability to make the viewer feel they could step into her paintings.

Pottery shards in our museum date back to the Amerindians, so it is hardly surprising that the craft of pottery making in Antigua still flourishes. Different local clays from various parts of the island are lovingly hand formed and open pit-fired by several potters.

LYRIS TRACEY (Tel: 725 8561) draws on the Caribbean’s rich heritage of colourful folklore and carnival when creating her vibrant pieces. Well known for painted fabrics, her work on found objects like ’Dhole Drummer’ and ’Date Palm Fish’ show her versatility and range. Lyris’s unique art, gifts, fan coral and leather jewellery are available at Art At the Ridge, Sugar Ridge or by appointment at her studio in McKinnons.

KIM DERRICK (Tel: 560 4043) An ex-Chelsea potter has her studio in the garden at Hodges Bay on the main road, where she lives with her husband, Winston, one of Antigua’s local celebrities. The theme of her pottery and paintings features fruit, flowers and tropical trees in all their vibrant colours.

CEDARS POTTERY (Tel: 460 5293) is the creative venture of Antiguan born Michael Hunt and his wife Imogen Margrie. Commercially they are developing a range of wall light sconces and an evolving group of eclectic gift items, whilst also creating a growing portfolio of substantial sculptural commissions in such materials as wood and stone.

SARAH FULLER (Tel: 562 1264) has been expressing innovative vision through pottery since 1985, using natural clays of Antigua and inspired by the colours and light of her surroundings. The Pottery Studio is a must-see on your visit to Antigua. All works of art are 100% natural and Antiguan. NANCY NICHOLSON (Tel: 460 1614/770 7888) Nancy’s pottery is a vibrant expression of her kinship with the sea. She playfully refers to her pieces as ’mermaid ware’. Made with locally dug clay, her pottery is not only functional and beautiful, it is an extension of herself, a piece of her Antiguan soul. A visit to Rhythm of Blue Art Gallery, located in English Harbour (open Dec-May) or her studio (May-Nov) also in English Harbour, is an experience not to be missed! SEA VIEW FARM VILLAGE is rich with a history of traditional pottery making. Previous generations, learned the art from their mothers without the aid of a potter’s wheel. Make this stop a must particularly for natural clay cooking vessels, coal pots, plant holders and pots. A limited number of these items are sometimes available at St. John’s market. Contact Hyacinth Hillhouse at 463 1888. Michael at Cedars Pottery


SCRIMSHAW Scrimshaw is the ancient sailor’s folk art of engraving or carving whales’ teeth and other exotic materials found on shipboard in order to make objects as gifts for loved ones, or useful articles for trade or sale among shipmates. SCRIMBONES ENGRAVING & SCULPTURAL JEWELLERY MICHAEL ’SCRIM’ STRZALKOWSKI (Tel: 772 5275) sailed the Atlantic to the West Indies during the 1975-76 yacht charter season to engage in what would become his main occupation up to the present day. After acquiring a few whales’ teeth in the Grenadines he tried his hand at the old sailors’ folk art of scrimshaw and found that people readily wanted to buy the work. Over the past 40 odd years he has also sculpted jewellery pieces cast in silver and gold. Still working at his studio in Falmouth Harbour, St. John’s and the island of St. Barths. Michael ‘Scrim’ Strzalkowski

Painting by Katie McConnachie

SCULPTURE IN WOOD Artist and sculptor CARL HENRY (Tel: 562 5386/770 5780) is one of Antigua’s premiere wood sculptors with over forty years’ experience. Carl created Things Local, in Nelson’s Dockyard, English Harbour where you can view wood carvings mainly from Antiguan mahogany, eucalyptus, almond and other hard, locally grown wood. Carved fish, turtles, masks, sailboats, warri boards, fruit bowls and other collectors’ items are but a few of what’s on offer.

Painting by Stephen Murphy


Painting by Dina De Brozzi

ART GALLERIES ART AT THE RIDGE (Tel: 728 1558) Based at Sugar Ridge Village, this art gallery and gift shop features a wide and diverse range of genuine local art and crafts by well-known Antiguan artists and craftspeople. Paintings, pottery, fine art prints and cards, and gorgeous handmade crafts – great gifts, and souvenirs. Artwork is also displayed opposite at Sugar Club. They offer a full art gallery service including exhibitions, private commissions and viewings. FIG TREE STUDIO ART GALLERY (Tel: 460 1234/773 4321) is situated in the heart of the rainforest in the tropical gardens of the artist, Sallie Harker. The gallery features a selection of original oil and watercolour paintings. The craft section features the work


of leading contemporary Caribbean craftsmen. Emphasis is on the use of natural materials, an appreciation for the environment and traditional skills such as carving and ceramics. Come and enjoy good quality original works of art in a unique setting.

slice of paradise! Rhythm of Blue is the showroom of Nancy Nicholson’s brilliant blue pottery, as well as hand crafted silver jewellery, sculpture, photography and a vibrant display of Caribbean paintings. Located on Dockyard Drive.

HARMONY HALL ART GALLERY (Tel: 460 4120) features top Antiguan and Caribbean artists and their paintings, sculpture and pottery. There are exhibitions held between November and May. You can always find exclusive arts and crafts from all over the Caribbean.

THE WORKSHOP STUDIO ART GALLERY (Tel: 764 5594) Internationally renowned Italian artist Dina de Brozzi opens her workshop in Falmouth for viewing every Saturday evening between 7.00pm and 8.00pm. On view are some of Dina’s most recent paintings together with the work of several other local artists. For private visits and more information on other Workshop activities including movies, meditation and life drawing classes, please contact Dina directly. The workshop is located 400 yards west of Cobbs Cross.

THE RHYTHM OF BLUE ART GALLERY (Tel: 770 7888/562 2230) Inspired by a passionate love of the sea, this collection of original art, created by selected local and regional artists gives you the opportunity to take home a

Photo: Alison Archer

Beautiful Barbuda



BARBUDA INFORMATION Barbuda Council, Tel: 460 0077 Barbuda Tourism Dept., Tel: 562 7065/6

COMMERCIAL BANKS AND FINANCIAL SERVICES Antigua Commercial Bank, Tel: 481 4215

ELECTRICITY 220 volts however 110 volts are available at some locations (check in advance)

HOSPITAL/PHARMACY Hanna Thomas Hospital and Pharmacy, Tel: 460 0076


Photo: Creole Cruises

Photo: Creole Cruises


Welcome to Barbuda – the warmth and sincerity of these words touch the heart as you arrive - whether you have come by boat or plane. By boat it will take you approximately 90 minutes or fifteen minutes by air. Alternatively, you can get to Barbuda by helicopter or sailboat – whichever, the welcome is always the same! BARBUDA EXPRESS, Tel: 560 7989 CARIBBEAN HELICOPTERS, Tel: 460 5900 NICHOLSON YACHT CHARTERS, Tel: 460 1530 SVG AIR, Tel: 562 7183 Remember to carry your passport as identification in order to travel to Barbuda from Antigua.

A ten minute drive from the dock or the airport is the capital, Codrington Village. You can either take a taxi, rent a car, or if you have organised a tour, your tour guide will pick you up from the dock or airport and take you to wherever you want to go.

Photo: Sarah Trefry





WHERE TO STAY THE BUS STOP GUEST HOUSE Codrington, Tel: 721 2796 A ten minute drive from the ferry dock and two minutes walk into town – a perfect example of good value for money with two comfortable, air-conditioned suites and a very friendly owner, Linton Thomas. He will ensure that your stay in Barbuda always brings back wonderful memories.


Photo: Bridget Cadet

COCO POINT RESORT Tel: 462 3816 A very exclusive private hotel with 34 beachfront rooms on a spectacular pinkish/white sandy beach, which is the resort’s centrepiece. There are watersports, sumptious meals with sunsets supreme, and an array of evening stars that don’t have to compete with the lights of civilization. Open from November to the end of April. LIGHTHOUSE BAY RESORT Low Bay, Tel: 562 1481 A luxurious, fully appointed escape from the challenges of every day living. Guests can expect privacy, peace and pampering. With breathtaking views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea - unwind, relax and enjoy 17 miles of pristine pink and white sand beach. This paradise destination caters to your every pleasure. NORTH BEACH COTTAGES North Beach, Tel: 721 3317 Several small cottages situated around a main pavilion and kitchen in what can only be described as the ultimate getaway – surrounded by crystal clear waters and sandy beaches in every direction. There is excellent snorkelling, fly fishing and all other forms of light tackle sport fishing available. The cottages can only be accessed by boat. CARRIAGE HOUSE, Tel: 720 2544 ISLAND GUEST HOUSE, Tel: 720 2629 PALM TREE GUEST HOUSE, Tel: 784 4331


Photo: Sarah Trefry

EATING & LIMING In Codrington you can find quaint little restaurants, bars, outside grills and of course Burton’s General Store. Tasty homemade lunches/dinners of fresh fish, conch, sweet potatoes, plantain and peas and rice are always on offer. Ask anyone and they will direct you to the nearest restaurant, grocery shop or barbeque grill. It is completely safe to set out on foot for your evening meal and perhaps meet up for a chat on the street corner with the locals. Cold beer at reasonable prices and good conversations can be had at all the bars in Codrington where there are always plenty of stories to hear. No better way to spend a relaxing evening. There is not a lot of organised entertainment but check the calendar of events with the Barbuda Tourism Office.

THE ARTCAFÉ Just outside of Codrington, Tel: 460 0434 Open most days except Sunday for crafts, silk paintings, hand-painted t-shirts, maps and information. Drop by for a drink and chat about the island. We are not always there – might be on the beach or at the shop – but everyone in Barbuda knows where the ArtCafé is and taxi drivers will find us. ZABETH HANDICRAFT CENTRE Codrington, Tel: 562 7065/6 Well worth a visit. Ask for Teresa or Louise who will show you a wide range of Barbudan made jewellery, ornaments, bags and locally printed t-shirts – excellent gift ideas and mementos to take home.