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Introduction 1. Stereotype 2. Hero’s picture and introduce

3. Conclude

Many people watched hero’s movie. And some people like hero. Because it is gorgeous. But it is very different from reality. In the movie, Hero is special.

He is Superman. His power is very great. And he can fly. Superman is one of the most famous heroes.

This movie is AVENGERS. We can see the new hero. In the past, Superman, Batman was famous. But now new hero are famous. Who are in movie.

This man name is Iron Man. He is wearing a special suit. His suit has continued to change. His characteristic is that it can fly. And He use the beam.

His name is Hulk. His body’s color is green. He is very strong. And he is very tall, When he transformation. When he was furious, he is be mighty.

My opinion Technologies in a movie can’t exist. If you use it, our technology will be developed. There can be a force of good people. However, the growing body, and change the color of the body. We can’t fly without wings. This can’t happened in the real world. Because it is movie.

Conclude Many Hero’s movie has stereotype. This is impossible. True hero without the use special techniques should be able to win.

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Final project  
Final project