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FORKLIFT 2010 The A-Z of Forklift Trucks in Ireland


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Irish electric LCV showcased in Brussels Investing in quality used forklift trucks Prolonging the life of handling equipment Irish freight forwarders get AEO status

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The Magazine of the Irish Handling & Distribution Industry

JAN/FEB 2010

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Forklift 2010 Despite the economic downturn, materials handling equipment is still being purchased, rented, serviced and repaired. And so it must be – for practically everything around us: food and drink; building and maintenance materials; clothing and medicines; office furniture and equipment …you name it, it’s been moved by a forklift truck at least once before it gets to us, the end user. This may well be a good time for buyers to check what’s on offer from the twenty-five plus forklift distributors and dealers who market over thirty-six brands in the Republic of Ireland. To help out, we include in this issue a pull-out A-Z listing of forklift brands available in this country.

Lifting Innovation ���������������������������������� ���������������������������������������� Since the forklift truck first appeared on the scene some 90 years ago, every ���������������������������������� ������������������������������������� once in a while innovative engineering minds come up with a totally new ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������� design. Now a Swedish company has given us a sneak preview of its patented ������������������������������������� ���������������� ���������������������� ������������������������������������ Maxtruck M2 – a machine with some truly remarkable abilities and which the ����������������������������������� ������������������������������������ company plan to bring to market by the end of this year. ����������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ������������������������������������ ������������������������������������ The truck, described����������������������������������� inside on page 17, has a unique travel system, incorporat��������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� ����������������������������������� ing a patented wheel design which provides multi-directional drive to give the �������������������������������������� forklift exceptional ��������������������������������������� manoeuvrability in tight spaces and allow it to transport ����������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������� long loads through ����������������������������������� narrow doorways. We await further news with interest. ���������������������������� ����� �������������������������������������� ���������������������� �������������������������������������� 23 ������������������������� ������������������������� 23

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Moonwalking The fortieth anniversary of the first Moonwalk has just passed. As Matthias Hochuli of Mettler-Toledo, global provider of precision instruments and weighing equipment says, it was “a small step carrying a lot of weight.” Writing in this issue, he tells about the vital role played by weighing instrumentation in the 1960s NASA Apollo space programme. To help NASA astronauts cope with zero gravity in space – as well as lunar gravity one-sixth that of Earth – advanced instruments with levels of precision extraordinary for the time were employed. Large quantities of ‘platinum black’ had to be weighed to within ? 0.1 milligram – a far cry from our typical warehouse pallet load!

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JAN/FEB 2010



HYSTER picks to order with the K1.0L

Warehouse equipment manufacturer Hyster has launched a new order picking machine for businesses storing and picking items at heights of up to 6.5m. The new compact K1.0L series travels and lifts simultaneously, delivering high performance and productivity from just a single 24-volt battery. The machine is designed to help managers increase pick rates, reduce operating costs and improve energy efficiency. “Order picking at height relies on good travel and lift speeds, in a truck designed to make it easy for the operator to pick and drop off loads,” says Robert O’Donoghue, Warehouse Product Manager for Hyster Europe. The K1.0L uses similar technologies to those developed for Hyster’s VNA


(very narrow aisle) trucks. The model is available in various configurations, with platform heights up to 4.8m and with a 1,000kg load capacity. The K1.0L can also be ordered with fixed forks, supplementary lift (SL) or a walk-on pallet cage (WP). “Travel to and from the pick face is optimised, saving valuable seconds and helping to maintain hourly target pick rates,” O’Donoghue says. “Electronic fly-by-wire power steering provides effortless operation from a spacious compartment that allows the operator to move freely. These trucks make it easy to switch from driving to picking in an instant.” The rising cab, with proportional lowering, has a low step height to ease access during stopand-go operations, with operator presence automatically detected by full platform sensing. Forks can be raised or lowered independently from the cab, thereby minimising the need for the operator to stretch and so reducing fatigue. To help reduce damage to stock and the machine, a slack chain detection device, mounted on the mast, prevents further lowering if an obstacle is encountered. The new Hyster K1.0L models are available from Irish Lift Trucks, the Hyster distributors for the Republic of Ireland, in numerous configurations to suit all types of picking operation and options include a choice of cab widths, guidance options and cold store operation.

FORKLIFTS STILL STRUGGLING Hamburg… According to German lift truck manufacturer Jungheinrich, worldwide demand for material handling equipment experienced a marginal resurgence towards the end of 2009. The world market shrank in size by 45% over the first nine months, with Asia doing a bit better with just a 32% decline. Europe’s market volume contracted by 51%, with Western Europe experiencing a 44% decline and Eastern Europe coming off worse. North America reported a 44% drop in forklift demand. A company spokesperson commented that the global economy’s emergent recovery has not yet been reflected in forklift sales. ENGINE/ELECTRIC TRUCK LAUNCHED Tokyo… Forklift manufacturer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has launched what it believes is the world’s first engine/battery hybrid forklift truck on to the Japanese market. The hybrid truck, which comes in 4.0 to 5.0 tonne lift capacities, combines a lithium-ion battery and high-efficiency motors with a small low-emission diesel engine. European production will commence in 2011. MHI claims a 39 percent increase in fuel efficiency over traditional IC engine trucks of similar capacity. It will feature the Mitsubishi Mast and Travel Interlock System, a safety system to boost accident prevention and a digital speedometer as standard equipment. CYBER CRIMINALS AUTOMATE Redwood Shores, California… Data Security specialists Imperva says that automation of hacking will be a major threat in the coming years, but that ‘”as we approach the dawn of a new decade, organisations must square up to cyber criminals.” Key security trends to watch for over the next ten years include an increased threat to data security, phishing attacks on social network sites and credential theft. Imperva says more offerings around early warning systems will be essential in order to fight cyber criminals. “However, with due diligence and good technology the odds are in our favour,” a spokesman added.

TOYOTA launches hightonnage electric truck

EUROnews LOGISTICS FAILING CO2 TARGETS Copenhagen… Everyone in the logistics industry should be aware that the outcome of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference has major implications for the global transport industry. However, industry analysts Transport Intelligence says that constraining demand and regulating supply will have inevitable implications for the transport industry and the wider global economy. As a major contributor of greenhouse gases, the transport industry is now under considerable pressure to reduce its emissions, as current progress has been considered too slow if the EU is to meet targets by 2020. DHL DELIVERS THE NEWS

The all-new Traigo HT from Toyota Material Handling Europe, recently introduced to the Irish market, has been designed to excel in safety, productivity, durability and driveability. The introduction of the new heavyduty models means Toyota now offers customers a complete electric forklift range, with load capacities from 1.0 to 8.5 tons – comprising 24-volt models (Traigo 24), 48-volt models (Traigo 48) and 80-volt models (Traigo HT). With load capacities from 6.0–8.5 tons and lift heights up to 6.5 metres, the Traigo HT is a true electric alternative to heavy-duty enginepowered forklifts. Like other Toyota forklifts, the Traigo HT has safety designed in from the ground up including the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS), the unique active system for controlling forklift stability. SAS uses advanced technology to support safe operating practices, excellent productivity and lower costs related to accidents, injuries and damage to goods. In this way it addresses costs in two key areas, driver

costs and damage costs, both collectively accounting for more than 70% of the truck life cycle cost. Features also include the SAS Active Mast Function, which helps reduce the risk of dropped loads and forward truck tip-over by limiting the mast tilt angle and tilting speed at height. In addition, SAS automatic speed reduction when cornering ensures safe, productive operation by optimising driving speed when taking corners. Built on the AC2 power system, the Traigo HT’s 80-volt motors and controllers maximise both performance and efficiency. Acceleration is smooth and rapid to a class-leading top speed of 16 km/h. And every time the truck decelerates or the brakes are applied, energy is regenerated and reused to extend battery life. The new range is produced at the Toyota forklift production plant in Bologna, Italy, and marketed in the Republic by Toyota Material Handling Ireland through its nationwide network of forklift dealers.

London… DHL Supply Chain has been awarded a multi-million pound 5-year contract with News International to handle the delivery of four leading national newspapers from printing plants to wholesalers across England and Wales. The deal will see DHL delivering The Sun, The Times, News of the World and The Sunday Times - amounting to over 25 million newspapers every week. News International is the largest publisher of newspapers in the UK. The deal will cover distribution from its four print plants, through the DHL Supply Chain network, to over 68 locations, seven days a week, 364 days a year. EXPLORER ENTERS NEW MARKETS Murcia, Spain… Mecano Continental S.A., manufacturer of the Spanish-built Mast Explorer range of rough-terrain forklift trucks, has launched an innovative new product, the DSI 25/30 range. The DSI Series – a Diesel Semi-Industrial model – is designed to handle materials on industrial sites where limited space is available. The new range comes in either 2WD or 4WD versions, and offers a wide variety of masts from 3,3m up to 6,0m lifting heights. Mecano Continental exports the Mast Explorer forklift to 50 countries around the world. In Ireland, the range is distributed by Cork-based Trident Industrial Trucks.



A.F. ENGINEERING takes to RollerForks

Dublin-based handling equipment supplier A.F. ENGINEERING has expanded its product range by taking on the official dealership in Ireland for the patented RollerFork® system from the Dutch manufacturer MSE-Forks. The RollerFork palletless handling system consists of a special lift truck fork equipped with a built-in roller system. The fork has a special hinge in the heel that allows it to always lie flat on the floor. Inside each fork are two layers of rollers, one on top of the other, that drive each other when the forks are moved over the floor. The system allows lifting and transporting of loads using a slip-sheet instead of a standard pallet – thus saving space in containers and warehouses, while


cutting costs and benefiting the environment. The basic principle is that the upper rollers rotate at exactly the same speed but in the opposite direction as the lower rollers, which are in contact with the ground. When the RollerFork is lifted from the ground the rollers automatically lower and the load rests on the forks in the normal way. The RollerFork and the rollers are made of high-grade materials, and because there are no axial forces there is hardly any wear and tear. Any dust and dirt simply ends up on the floor. RollerForks are used by many leading companies and are available in more than 50 countries across the globe. Based at Beechlawn Industrial Complex, Dublin 12, A.F. ENGINEERING was formed in 1989 by Tony Fallon. Tony spent 10 years as an engineer with the CPM Group of companies involved with the manufacturing and supplying of packaging throughout Europe.

Birmingham… Although Eco Concept, the new owners of the assets of collapsed British van maker LDV, has said it has plans to build some vans at Longbridge, it is believed that production will eventually be transferred to China, according to a recent report in the Birmingham Post. LDV was backed by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska but collapsed into administration in June 2009 with debts of £75 million following sharp falls in commercial vehicle sales. About 900 employees lost their jobs. Eco Concept Limited is owned by the Chinese consultant Dr Qu Li, who previously acted for MG Rover. TEXTING TO BATTLE TRUCK THEFT Tunbridge Wells… The Freight Transport Association (FTA) says it supports the UK online truckers’ group TruckersWorld in its campaign to reduce truck theft through its Truck Theft Text Alert (TTTA) texting scheme. The scheme has been organised following an increase in thefts of trucks and trailers, sometimes with violence to drivers, as a result of the economic downturn. The TTTA scheme works by passing details of stolen vehicles by text to HGV drivers and encouraging them to be on the look-out. If spotted, drivers can alert the police who can execute a recovery and proceed with prosecutions. TOYOTA PARKS VIPs AT IMHX Birmingham… The world’s largest fork lift truck producer, Toyota Material Handling, has confirmed its commitment to sponsor the VIP Valet Parking scheme at IHMX 2010, the UK’s largest materials handling exhibition, to be held at Birmingham’s NEC from 16th to 19th November this year. VIP valet parking was introduced to IMHX in 2007 for those exhibitors who had invited their most important customers and prospects. Under the scheme, VIPs can drive straight up to the entrance of the event, whereby a professional driver will park their car in a secure covered area.


JAN/FEB 2010


CROWN celebrates a Wave of advantages Ten years ago, Crown introduced its Wave® Work Assist Vehicle. Originally developed as an alternative to using ladders for small parts picking, since its introduction customers continue to find innovative uses for the machine. Today, thousands of companies utilise the WAVE, from retail stores to hospitals, with new applications being found daily. Take for instance Swiss Textile manufacturer Charles Vögele: “Our employees pushed or pulled ladders and a trolley up and down the aisles. Every time goods were removed from the upper level a ladder was needed – and there was always

a risk that the ladder might slide,” explains Peter Kohler, responsible for distribution logistics. “Also, to save time, workers often carried too many goods at once, which meant they could easily trip over or drop them. It was basically a safety nightmare and a situation which could not be allowed to continue. So we decided to search for an alternative. As soon as we found the WAVE from Crown, we knew we’d found the solution.” The WAVE will allow a typical operator to safely reach up to 5 metres. The machine is capable of manoeuvring in compact work aisles as narrow as 900mm and supports up to 90kgs on the load tray and up to 115kgs on the load deck. A family-owned firm, Crown is one of the largest lift truck manufacturers in the world, employing some 8,300 people worldwide. The company operates a global distribution and servicing network – including in Ireland, where Masterlift is the distributor for the product range.

Combilift raises safety levels An 8-tonne Combilift 4-way forklift is helping the Aberdeen-based oil and gas sector supplier Schoeller Bleckmann Darron to ensure safe and space-saving handling of long loads around its site. SBDL services offshore sector customers in the UK, Russia, Vietnam and Singapore, and many of the products are awkward to handle with counterbalance forklifts or sideloaders. With the new Combilift however, SBDL has been able to exploit the truck’s manoeuvrability and 4-way capabilities to make the most of restricted yard space whilst ensuring efficient handling of its 10m long loads. The diesel powered C8000 model Combilift plays an integral role in the handling of SBDL’s long length tools and bars: it offloads incoming materials from HGVs; transports them around the facilities; works in racking to a height of 4.6m and then reloads refurbished parts back onto trucks for


dispatch to customers. Four heavy-duty forks on the truck ensure the stable handling of even the longest pieces of equipment: “The Combilift’s ability to travel sideways with the tools resting on the platform is much safer than the hazardous practice of having to travel with a raised load,” said a company spokesperson. For the operators, making the switch from the company’s old sideloaders was straightforward. Combilift’s ergonomic cab design and joystick controls are extremely simple to operate,

and its quick changeover to sideways travel speeds up operations. Hydrostatic drive for driving and braking also keeps maintenance to a minimum.

JAN/FEB 2010



To view our top videos, just type in the headline on – or type in the address on your Internet browser. Forklift brings down a warehouse in Russia feature=player

A forklift driver accidently bringing down the entire contents of a warehouse in Moscow. The clip shows the driver carefully reversing a forklift before his foot apparently slips onto the throttle. The driver got away with just a few scratches.

Rota goes Stateside With doom and gloom the talk of the day, Cork-based company Rota Industries has bucked the trend and started to export its MULTI SWEEP yard sweeper to the American and Canadian markets, with good success reported to date. Rota MD Sean O’Riordan is pictured here with the company’s first American dealer, Read Forklifts of Jacksonville Florida. “We hope to counteract the slowdown in sales in the Irish markets by setting up a dealer network throughout North America,” says Sean. “We’re particularly looking at the advantages of dealing with large organisations like Oldcastle (owned by CRH Group), Hanson and Home Depot –corporations with multiple outlets.” “Marketing our product range in the USA is like selling to 50 different countries, but with no language barrier. The fact that there are 40 million IrishAmericans also helps. If we’re successful, we will have turned the downturn here

to our advantage, resulting in our Irish operation becoming an international company in the future.” Rota is well aware that the US is not an easy market to crack, but as O’Riordan says: “The selling techniques are the same – just on a much bigger stage. We’re just determined not to throw away 20 years building up our company.” Rota Industries hope to have two new dealers, in Virginia and Ohio, up and running by the first months in 2010. So as Sean says: “watch this space”.

Extreme fitness BMW parking failure

Caught on camera…Isn’t it really annoying when someone dents your car in a car park – and then drives off? Here’s an example of one of those situations – except this is the ultimate example of bad driving… Crane crash at H&W

Left to right: Johnny Read, Sean O’Riordan and Wes Jonson

This remarkable incident occurred at the Belfast shipyard in 2007. The event was filmed by personnel working on an adjoining crane – and shows you can’t be too careful when it comes to heavy lifting equipment. Luckily, no one was injured.


The Original. Linde Hydrostatic Drive

Linde Material Handling Excellence at work

Ahead Through Precision Linde’s launch of the first hydrostatic transmission in 1958 marked a milestone in the history of forklift engineering. Many features have been enhanced and optimised in the meantime. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the leading international position held by Linde hydrostatic drive.

Seamless acceleration and reversing, pinpoint accuracy when positioning, virtually maintenance-free: the difference is compelling. The truck responds smoothly and instantly to every command with masterful precision. This is expressed in the exceptional efficiency, safety, reliability and economy with which loads are moved; performance that ensures your business goals are realised. Linde Material Handling (Ireland) Ltd. welcomes you to an exciting new wave of supply chain solutions: combining proven nationwide local customer support with the resources of a global leader, we set new standards for productivity, safety, cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Now all our customers can exploit Linde’s worldwide expertise in engine powered and electric counterbalance trucks, as well as our comprehensive range of warehouse equipment.

For access to the best handling solutions to match your individual business requirements call 01 456 6626 or visit

Voicing Expectations Glambia’s new voice-directed system for warehouse and production operations has brought logistics accuracy close to 100%.

Heavey RF managing director Ronan Clinton supplies Glanbia’s Supply Chain Manager John Mee with ‘hands-on’ service

In four of its Irish divisions, leading international cheese and nutritional ingredients group Glanbia plc has implemented a logistics solution from Dublin-based IT company Heavey RF. The new system, which comprises voice directed and handheld computers worth seven figures, has provided a significant increase in productivity, while bringing accuracy up close to 100%. Heavey RF replaced Glanbia’s manual system with the advanced technologies in two warehousing sites as well as two manufacturing sites, where it is integrated with the company’s SAP system. “The new system is going very well and has already surpassed our expectations in a short space of time,” said Cormac McCarthy, Transport Development Manager for Glanbia. “A massive amount of information is provided in real-time, which is invaluable as we can see exactly what’s happening and where we need to reposition our resources to ensure total customer satisfaction.”


“This was one of the largest and most complex voice directed systems we have installed to date, and one which we are proud to stand over and support,” said Heavey RF managing director, Ronan Clinton. Commenting on the installation, Glanbia’s Supply Chain Manager John Mee said: “Heavey RF came back to us with suggestions above and beyond the initial brief…an approach that was refreshing and assisted us to get the best out of the system.” Instead of relying on paper for various warehouse transactions, the staff now uses speech recognition and handheld terminals to perform their daily assignments and orders. Electronic orders are automatically converted to speech, which are directed to the warehouse staff using a secured wireless technology provided by Heavey RF. The capability has made the Glanbia operation more accurate and more productive as its operators move from order to order. Heavey RF provided the Psion Teklogix

handheld computers and wireless access points, as well as the Vocollect voice directed computers. Heavey RF has been authorised partners of both manufacturers for many years. The new system has improved production planning and also labour planning within Glanbia. All available warehouse resources can be focused on key tasks and workloads can be quickly altered to ensure that Glanbia can respond instantly to its customers evolving demands. “We operate a 24hour shift cycle and can now accurately calculate the number of staff needed per shift to fulfil every order. Before this we could only estimate how many operatives were needed, which led to excess workers on some shifts,” said McCarthy. Training of staff to the new system was very straightforward and was completed in approximately two days per site. Heavey RF personnel were on site 24/7 during the implementation to cover the continuous shift changes and were able to tweak the system during go-live to ensure everything ran smoothly and efficiently. 24/7 support was also a key component of the selection phase as Glanbia operate around the clock. “The Glanbia solution was a very significant win for Heavey RF,” said Ronan Clinton (Managing Director, Heavey RF). “ It was an adventurous journey into voice logistics in manufacturing; a journey which has surpassed our expectations. After just two weeks, planned efficiencies were exceeded. The net result has been an improvement to the overall service levels to Glanbia’s customers, as can be seen by a reduction in claims of over 80% at very early stages.” ■

JAN/FEB 2010


And now, for something entirely different…

The amazing MAX TRUCK from Sweden

At the Technical Fair in Stockholm last October the Swedish company Max Truck AB introduced its Maxtruck 2T prototype – a revolutionary 2-tonne electric counterbalance forklift featuring some remarkable innovations. The Maxtruck 2T has a unique travel system, incorporating a patented ‘Max Wheel’ which provides multidirectional drive. Each of the truck’s four wheels can rotate 360 degrees and are fixed on a vertical drive shaft. This gives it exceptional manoeuvrability in tight spaces and allows it to transport long loads through narrow doorways. Max Truck AB is located in Frösön, near Östersund. Owner and founder of the company Conny Lindström told

Handling Network: “This is a unique and completely new fork lift truck. We are now in the process of setting up a production facility to be able to deliver the product to the market.” Lindström added that they intend to establish the product, which is fully patented, on the Swedish market before launching it on European and world markets. He expects to launch the production version of the MaxTruck 2T by the end of 2010. The Max Wheel was developed by

“To see a video of the Maxtruck 2T in action log on to” the Swedish inventor Max Segerljung on behalf of the Max Truck AB company. The unique wheel system enables the truck to move in all directions, running sideways, rotating even while moving in a specific direction and avoiding the necessity to reverse in the conventional manner. While drive is by the two front wheels, steering is by all wheels via servomotors controlled by a central processor via a driver joystick. The forklift’s telescopic boom gives the driver a completely unobstructed view of the fork carriage. The boom, which allows the unloading of a lorry from one side only, is mounted on the right-hand side of the chassis, with a safety glass screen between it and the cab to

protect the driver. All functions are ‘drive-by-wire’ controlled and special patented safety systems prevent the operator exceeding load safety limits. A servomotor swivels the driver’s seat and controls in order to give the operator the optimum position for safe visibility when lifting and travelling.

MAXTRUCK T2 Protype Max Lift capacity: 2000kg Load centres: 500mm Max Lift height: 4200mm Forward reach: 2500 mm Ground clearance: 80mm Step height: 305mm Track width: 750mm Overall length: 1965mm Overall width: 1196mm Overall height: 1981mm Wheel base: 1500mm Max Speed: 20 km/h Lifting speed: 0.42-0.58m/s Lowering: 0.57-0.50m/s Max slope: 8% loaded Electric motors: 4xSteer, 2xDrive, 3xHyd. Batteries: 210 Ah/5h Drive voltage: 72 Volt Fork spread: 200-1000mm Truck weight: 3858 kg



JAN/FEB 2010



To the Moon and Back Weighing for NASA Moving in one-sixth the gravity of the Earth. Source: NASA

Over forty years have passed since man first stepped on to the Moon’s surface. The effort to put him there was colossal – not least in terms of the most extensive research and development programmes ever undertaken. To help NASA astronauts cope with zero gravity in space – as well as lunar gravity one-sixth that of Earth – advanced instruments, with levels of precision extraordinary for the time, were employed.

Matthias Hochuli of MettlerToledo, global provider of precision instruments and weighing equipment, writes here about the vital role played by weighing instrumentation in the 1960s NASA Apollo space programme. A small step carrying a lot of weight: The 1969 lunar landing. It sent TV viewer ratings rocketing into the stratosphere and drove innumerable companies and universities to extraordinary accomplishments. The objective: To ensure the success of the Apollo II mission. Mettler Instrument Corporation was one of the companies that supported NASA – a collaboration that is still alive and well. “The eagle has landed!” Those are the words Neil Alden Armstrong transmitted back to the space adminis-


tration on July 20, 1969. Shortly before, he had planted the Eagle lunar module in the Mare Tranquillitatis, the “Sea of Tranquility”. It was a long journey for the astronauts of the Apollo II mission – the average distance from the Earth to the moon is about sixty-times around the world, or about 384,401 kilometers.

Featherweight Astronauts Mission commander Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin moved about like featherweights on the powdery surface of earth’s orbiter. Instead of the 360 pounds on Earth, their suits weigh only 60 pounds because of Moon’s gravity, which is only one-sixth that of the Earth. Meanwhile, Michael Collins, the third Apollo II astronaut, orbits the moon in the space ship and shoots the pictures that on the next day are circulating around the world: They

show the Eagle lunar module on its return voyage from the lunar surface to the mother ship. Around 400,000 people and 20,000 companies and universities worldwide supported the Apollo programme at its height. Among them was Mettler Instrument Corporation of Greifensee near Zurich. They provided balances for precise weighing of food, as Swiss television reported in a TV piece commemorating the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing. With their 10 mg readability, the Mettler balances used by NASA were extraordinary for their times. Along with precision and analytical balances, NASA used also Mettler Instrument Corporation combination analytical instruments. A recording vacuum thermoanalyzer was used, for example, for studying different substances, such as metals under varying temperature and environmental conditions.

JAN/FEB 2010

news Life-supporting Fuel Cells Even before the first Apollo flights Metter balances supported space exploration. In the early sixties, long before Armstrong’s words, “That’s one small step for [a] man; one giant leap for mankind” – the Jet Engine Division of General Electric (GE) opened the door to successful lunar exploration. GE received the NASA contract for modifying the fuel cells – developed in 1838 – of the rocket drives of the spaceship. When doing this GE took advantage of prior knowledge regarding the separation of hydrogen and oxygen from water by applying an electrical current. Combined with a catalyst, these two gases supply electrical energy. In 1969 this energy brought the astronauts to the moon and back. The water produced by this reaction in the fuel cells was further utilized by the life-support system of the spaceship.

testing in the service module of the Apollo spaceship. The voyage to the moon and back could disembark. In 1972 Apollo 17 was the eleventh and to date last so-named flight to the moon. After that, NASA shelved the lunar exploration programme for financial reasons. But the NASA collaboration with the precision instrument manufacturer Mettler-Toledo continues to the present day.

Ares and Orion This collaboration includes work on the new Ares rocket, currently being developed under the Constellation space programme – a multi-part system involving the Aries I and V rockets and the Orion crew capsule. Ares I will carry Orion, which is expected to conduct the first manned mission in 2014 delivering crew and cargo to the International Space Station. By the year 2020 Ares and Orion are scheduled to take a new generation of astronauts to the Moon. After this Orion is expected to play a major role in the manned exploration of the planet Mars. NASA’s analytical chemistry division uses the model XS205, an analytical balance, and density measuring instruments in its laboratories. The Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida uses an XP504s in testing materials that are destined for the Ares I launch vehicles.

Illustration of NASA’s new Ares and Orion spacecraft. Source: NASA

Weighing ‘Platinum Black’ The key element of the catalyst was ‘platinum black’, a very expensive element. Large quantities of “platinum black” had to be weighed to within ? 0.1 mg. At the time, the only balance that was capable of such precise weighing performance was the B5C1000: a Mettler Instrument Corporation analytical balance with a 1000 g capacity and a readability of 0.1 mg. GE – extremely satisfied with the performance of this balance – installed the fuel cells after scrupulous


To date the long voyage to the moon and back is looking for a match. Scientists are searching for ice on the moon using a variety of probes; different specialists are talking about a permanent lunar station. But now that Google Earth has made interactive lunar exploration available, anyone can be an Armstrong or an Aldrin. Even so, their trip to the moon and back remains forever unique. ■

Whether it’s weighing minute particles for space exploration or truckloads of heavy ore from mining operations, METTLER TOLEDO can offer equipment to handle the application. The steel-deck weighbridge shown above is designed for weighing heavyduty trucks used for off-road hauling – such as in mining, logging, aggregate, steel, and construction operations. Design specifications are impressive and feature a 250,000lb dual tandem axle weighing facility, a 3/8-inch tread-plate deck, sealed orthotropic rib chambers to prevent rusting from the inside out and epoxy-painting of steel to resist corrosion. The load cells have self-diagnostic capabilities, while the junction boxes and cables have stainless steel sheaths, as well as protection against lightning-strikes. The weighbridge also carries a 5-year guarantee. Other weighing equipment supplied by METTLER TOLEDO for the logistics sector includes hand pallet truck scales, conveyor scales and goods weighing floor units.

Matthias Hochuli Editor External Communication Mettler-Toledo International Inc. Today, Mettler-Toledo instruments and services are used in research, industry and the commercial retail sector. Solutions range from in-line process control and end-of-line packaging control, to logistics and shipping.


A Year of Materials Handling in Ireland

Forklift 2010

AZ In this first issue of 2010 we feature our annual A-Z Listing of forklift brands available to buyers in the Republic of Ireland.

Even the most irrepressible, gungho forklift salesman will concede that trade is down. Way down. Which means there are good deals out there for equipment buyers. It appears there’s little point in waiting for our Government to come up with incentives or stimulus packages that might help Irish businesses. But forklift folk are a resilient lot. Most have seen it all before. Dealers know things will get better, eventually. In the meantime imaginative marketing is the order of the day, so this may be a good time for buyers to

check what’s on offer. To help out, the following pages give a comprehensive A-Z listing of forklift brands available in the Republic. Machinery is still being purchased, rented, serviced and repaired. Practically everything around us – food and drink; building and maintenance materials; clothing and medicines; office furniture and equipment …you name it, it’s been moved by a forklift truck at least once, often many times, before it gets to the end user. We just can’t do without them!

2010 23 23

AISLE-MASTER Articulated Forklifts

BAUMANN Sideloaders Multi-directional Trucks

One of the leading manufacturers of articulated forklift trucks for the global market and a sister company of Combilift, maker of multi-directional forklifts, the County Monaghan-built Aisle-Master range is available with both LPG and electric power. It is designed primarily to operate in narrow warehouse aisles and can achieve a dramatic reduction in warehouse aisle widths, often increasing storage space by up to 50%. The machine can work indoors in 1.75m wide aisles (lifting pallets up to 12.5m) and outside, and can do the work of both reach trucks and conventional counterbalance forklifts. Most of the Monaghan factory’s production is exported to the UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

One of two completely separate forklift organisations to carry the Baumann name, the Italian-built range described here is distributed throughout Ireland by Suirway Forklifts & Access of Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary. Established in 1980, Suirway Forklifts offers full sales, service, parts and rental packages for forklift trucks and work platforms. Suirway Forklifts holds the sole franchise in the Republic of Ireland for the Italian-built Cavaion Sideloader Baumann range. The range covers payload capacities from 3 to 40 tonnes, with higher capacities for special applications. The Baumann Foxx 4-way diesel model is offered in capacities up to 4 tonne and features a four-wheel layout for extra manoeuvrability.

Aisle-Master Limited Clontibret, Co Monaghan 047 80400

Suirway Forklifts & Access Carrick-on-Suir, Co Tipperary 051 640000

ATLET Warehouse Equipment The Swedish Atlet organisation, which celebrated its 50th year in operation two years ago, is now one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of indoor trucks. Although ownership of this previously family-owned company passed over to Nissan Forklift Truck Europe in 2007, marketing and distribution arrangements for the products have remained as before within the Republic of Ireland. Atlet offers a comprehensive range of electric-powered warehouse materials handling equipment – including reach trucks, 4-way trucks, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks, order pickers, powered stackers and powered pallet trucks. The company operates subsidiaries in eight countries. Henley Forklift Group Limited Killeen Road, Dublin 10 1850 946 392


BAUMANN Sideloaders Multi-directional Trucks All-Terrain Trucks Distributed throughout Ireland by Cork Truck Services Limited, the German-Austrian Baumann organisation’s equipment includes sideloaders, allterrain trucks and four-way machines. The company’s sideloader capacities range from 4 to 18 tonnes; its four-way directional sideloader trucks from 2 to 35 tonnes; and its all-terrain trucks from 4 to 6 tonnes. The products manufactured by each of the two Baumann organisations carries their own individual and distinctive logo. As well as standard applications, the German-Austrian Baumann organisation specialises in providing and customised handling equipment to heavy-duty sectors such as oil and natural gas fields, shipbuilding and aircraft industries. Cork Truck Services Limited Kilnap, Mallow Road, Cork 021 430 1202

BENDI Articulated Forklifts The Bendi range of articulated forklift trucks is produced by Translift Engineering, a company with a reputation for innovation in all aspects of materials handling solutions. The full Bendi range is marketed throughout Europe, America, South Africa and Australasia and is distributed in Ireland by The Forklift Centre. The range is marketed as a versatile and ‘affordable’ Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) forklift truck, capable of working in aisles as narrow as 1.6 metres. The truck can do the work of both conventional counterbalance trucks and warehouse reach trucks, unloading goods in outside yards and then coming indoors to lift pallets 12.5 metres high in the warehouse. The Forklift Centre Limited Lr Ballymount Road, Dublin 12 01 450 8600

BT FORKLIFTS Warehouse Equipment Credited with inventing the hand pallet truck over 60 years ago and now a major force in warehouse materials handling equipment, this Toyota-owned Swedish-built range is distributed in the Republic by Toyota Material Handling Ireland through its network of dealers. New BT products launched recently include the Reflex M-series reach truck, which has a capacity of 1.6 tonnes and a lift height up to 8.5 metres; the Levio range of electric-powered pallet trucks and the Staxio pedestrian stackers – as well as the Lifter Silent, an extremely quiet-running hand pallet truck. Other innovations include lateral battery extraction systems and a new control handle for powered lifters. Toyota Material Handling Ireland Killeen Road, Dublin 12 01 419 0200

CLARK Counterbalance Trucks Reach Trucks

CROWN Counterbalance Trucks Warehouse Equipment

E-P FORKLIFT Counterbalance Trucks Warehouse Equipment

Since Young An Hat Company of Korea acquired the CLARK Material Handling Company in 2003 the brand has once again become a major force in the global market. Late last year the first companyoperated Clark Dealer Support Centre was opened in Lyon, France, with further such centres planned for the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Clark is acknowledged as the inventor of the counterbalance forklift truck 90 years ago and soon became a by-word for quality in both America and in Europe. The company built its millionth truck in 1997. In 2005 Clark Europe appointed Dublin-based Peter Keogh Fork Lift Maintenance as its exclusive dealer in the Republic of Ireland.

Although headquartered in Ohio, USA, Crown products available in Ireland come largely from the company’s European manufacturing plant in Roding, Germany. Recent new models include the SC 4200, a 3-wheel electric counterbalance, and the ESR 5000 warehouse reach truck. A new IC-engine truck, a departure for Crown, has just been launched in the US but is not yet available in Europe. Crown products cover a wide selection of handling equipment – ranging from hand pallet trucks to very narrow-aisle (VNA) turret trucks. The machines are at the leading edge of technology, earning numerous awards in recognition of its ability to produce innovative products that sets new standards for design excellence.

Claiming to supply the most complete materials handling equipment range in China and with some 200 dealers globally, E-P Equipment is undoubtedly one of the major forklift players in Asia. Through its Dublin-based distributor A.W.E Limited, a significant number of its machines are already in use in Ireland. From its three factories on the China mainland E-P (standing for ‘East Power’) offers both AC powered electric reach trucks and counterbalance forklifts; IC-engine machines with LCD multi-display instrument panels and ‘soft-landing’ fork lowering systems; pedestrian stackers, manual and powered pallet trucks – as well as a range of scissors lifts and warehouse dock levellers.

Peter Keogh Forklift Maintenance Rosemount Business Park, Dublin 15 01 885 3940

Masterlift Ireland Greenogue, Rathcoole, Co Dublin 01 458 0190

A.W.E Forklift Limited Greenogue, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin 01 401 9919

COMBILIFT Multi-Directional Forklifts Sideloaders

DOOSAN Counterbalance Trucks Reach Trucks

Founded in 1998 by Martin McVicar and Robert Moffett to develop the world’s first all-wheel-drive engine-powered multi-directional forklift truck, the Monaghan-based Combilift organisation has become a global leader in long-load handling equipment. 94% of production is exported from a new purpose-built factory to some 50 markets worldwide. Just over a year ago the company launched the Combi-CB, a 2,500kg capacity multi-directional counterbalance truck. This highly compact machine is designed to handle both palletised and long loads. Combilift trucks can work both inside and outdoors. They are available in LP Gas, Diesel and Electric power, and in capacities from 2.5 to 14 tonnes.

The Korean Doosan Infracore Group acquired the forklift and construction equipment manufacturer Daewoo Heavy Industries in 2005. Today, with its portfolio of over 550 models, the brand has become a leading force in the materials handling industry under the ‘Doosan’ nameplate. The forklift range covers IC-engine counterbalance trucks, 3 and 4-wheel electric counterbalance machines and warehouse reach trucks. Doosan materials handling equipment is distributed in the Republic of Ireland by Castle Mechanical Handling, based in North Co Dublin. A family owned Irish company established in 1973, the company also markets the Finnish-built Rocla range of warehouse forklift trucks.

Combilift Limited Gallinagh, Co Monaghan 047 80501

Castle Mechanical Handling Damastown Industrial Park, Dublin 15 01 869 4711

FLEXI Articulated Forklifts The standard Narrow Aisle Flexi range of articulated electric and LPG powered trucks can work in aisles less than 1.75m wide and lift loads up to a height of over 11m. A three-stage lift mast is available on all models – along with a wide range of standard and nonstandard features designed to suit individual applications. A recent addition to the Flexi forklift truck range is the EURO, a compact four-wheel model designed primarily for use in low-bay warehouses where high-lift performance is not required, but where space is at a premium. The model is capable of working in 1,642 aisles with a Euro pallet and can lift 1,500kg loads to 7 metres. Masterlift Ireland Greenogue, Rathcoole, Co Dublin 01 458 0190



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