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2010 − 2013

Resume + Autobiography

Resume + Autobiography




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Education National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Sep. 2009 – Jun. 2013 Bachelor of Design / Interior and Furniture Design Program Major / Industrial Design

Work Experience Weng Collection Jul. 2012 – Aug. 2012 Student Worker Jewelry and Graphic Designer

Awards 2011 Presidential Award

Activities 2013 Graduation Exhibition “Methods & the Path” / Graphic Designer 2012 Taiwan Tech Design Week / Writer 2012 Bopiliao Recycled Furniture Exhibition 2011 Taiwan Designers’ Week / Volunteer 2011 NTUST Wayfinding Workshop 2011 DUHP 13th Student Association / Group Leader of IT 2010 REV Winter Storm Party / Venue Decoration Group

Computer Skills Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, After Effect, Auto CAD, Pro/ENGINEER, Alias, Showcase, KeyShot

Language Skills English, Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese

Certifications Jewelry Design Certificate (GIA) Wax Letter of Completion (GIA) Auto CAD 2D&3D Certificate of Completion (Autodesk)

The Time of Inspiration

I am Yu-Chi Chien. I just graduated from the department of industrial design. I developed strong interest in design since childhood. Because my parents are jewelry retailer, I grew in the environment surrounded with various metals and gems. Therefore, I could feel the material and the design of jewelry directly. With the inspiration, I asked my parents to let me learn drawing when I was a child. I gained confidence and sense of accomplishment through getting lots of prize in drawing contest during my teenage years. At university, I chose to study industrial design, because I thought it could improve my ability in full aspects. In Taiwan, industrial design is regarded as a more and more important subject that its education system is fully integrated. Therefore, I could absorb diverse nutrients in this better environment. My school helped me grow distinctive characteristics and grasp the principle of design through different courses.

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Resume + Autobiography

The Experience of Study

When I was a freshman, there was a required course, modeling. The purpose is to make students improve their styling skill and be patient. We had to grind every model by hand, and we must keep its size as accurate as teachers requested. Otherwise, our work would be rejected, and we would need to do it again. On high standard in the class, we receive the spirit to be practical, and finish every difficulty step by step. I have good team spirit and strong sense of responsibility. Throughout my second years, professors always asked us to do team projects. They thought it would benefit us to learn from different talented members. I was usually the one who controlled whole progress of a project and urged members to work. I was also responsible for communicating and conducting with members when we met some difficulties or problems. Thus, we could always turn in assignments on time. At third grade, I had more time to take different courses. I took marketing, photography, graphic design and editorial design, etc. When I designed my work, I not only focused on design itself but also paid attention on the realistic opportunity in the real market. Furthermore, I could handle works such as packaging, promoting and graphic design all by myself. Therefore, I could present it more completely.

After the training of industrial design, I could think more logically and find the best solution to problems. I learned many design methods and technologies to help us analyze and solve problems. In one course, the professor taught us to realize the importance of user experience. He requested us to interview users and work the using process in reality. The course made me understand that the real solution may not be as same as you think. That is to say, only after you get involved in the process that you could understand what the true solution is. At the last year, I learned how to work independently in my graduation project. We were requested to work in groups of two students, found topic together, and discussed with our adviser every week. Furthermore, we had to take charge of the final exhibition, too. At the end of the process, we consulted companies to help us produce our product. Without a doubt, we had to adjust our design and communicate with engineer at every step. In addition, we must negotiate a good price with the company to let our exhibition be profitable.

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Resume + Autobiography

The Vision of Future

Besides academic courses, I took additional jewelry courses outside campus. I wanted to merge my experience of industrial design with jewelry pieces. The courses enabled me to realize jewelry is a functional art rather than a simple drawing. I should consider the workability and wearability on design. In addition, I also understood metallic properties through taking the metalsmithing class.

In the future, I hope to keep studying in jewelry design. I plan to combine various materials in jewelry, and apply jewelry design on different fields. I can make cooperation with several departments, and improve myself to connect with the world. If I have a chance, I wish to have a personal brand in future days. I am eager to gain a position that will offer me opportunities. I hope you could give me a chance to fulfill it.

After graduated from industrial design, I want to devote myself to jewelry design. As a result, I put myself into a jewelry company. I served as both jewelry designer and graphic designer in the company. Through working in the company, I truly understood the working process in a real business: a successful designer has to not only make good design but also know how to promote their work. In addition, the control of product cost is really important. How to balance cost and profit smartly is the key to survival in the market. It is much more important to keep your original design spirit in this calculation.

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Resume + Autobiography

Jewelry + Drawing

Jewelry + Drawing

Link / Earring 2012 430(L) mm Silver

18 19

I want to create a form of jewelry between necklace and earring, so I make a line to connect two ears. I keep it as simple as possible, because the simple structure let people focus on the connection rather than the complex shape. It includes two forms of line: hard line and soft line which add more fun on the piece. In addition, it has different wearing styles. You can put it in front of your chest, in back of your neck, or make more change by adjusting the length of the chain.

Pendulum / Pendant 2012 31.4 Ă— 13.4 Ă— 5.9 mm, 460(L) mm Silver

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Jewelry + Drawing

I like the shape of razor blade which is thin and sharp. It also symbolizes the sub-culture in the society. I just catch and simplify the characteristic of the crack on razor blade. Then, I create the outline of kite shape to match the crack in the middle. Besides, I don’t want to destroy the complete shape of the pendant, so I choose to make the bail at the back of it.

Ore / Between the Finger Ring 2012 61.6 Ă— 44(R) mm Silver, White Crystal

22 23

I like natural structure of original material, so I want to reproduce that quartz grows on natural mother rock. Therefore, I choose imperfect crystal columns with some deficiency. I replant them on a coarse silver base to imitate the situation. Besides, I want to make the structure more interesting. I place the crystal in the middle of a geometric circle which can make contrast between natural and artificial, and also make the structure look like floating between fingers.

I liked to watch cartoon in my childhood. My most favorite cartoon is Tranzor Z which is a giant robot. I redesign Tranzor Z in my own style from my image. I want to make it tough and cool but still keep a feeling of cute and childish. I flatten the image of its head to make it like graphic. In addition, I wash it with sulfur and polish it to create coarse texture. I also set a black agate on it to make it tougher. All characteristics form a tough but cute feeling in one piece.

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Jewelry + Drawing

Robot / Badge 2012 60.2 × 36.5 × 7.7 mm Silver, Black Chalcedony, Sulfur

26 27

Unicorn / Pendant 2013 25.9 Ă— 14.8 Ă— 34.2 mm, 428(L) mm Silver

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Jewelry + Drawing

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Jewelry + Drawing

Jewelry Design / Drawing 2011 Transparent Watercolor, Tracing Paper, Mechanical pencil In the jewelry design course, I understand how to draw a precise sketch and how to control tiny watercolor brush. In addition, I realize different structures to combine various kinds of metals and gems. It also improved my patient and concentration through the long time drawing on meticulous jewelry.

Product + Installation

In a Greek myth, a woman named Arachne was good at weaving. However, she was so arrogant that goddess Athena transformed her into a spider for punishing. To represent this topic, we try to combine the weaving structure and industrial materials in order to express a classic and modern style. In addition, we make an experiment to arrange fluorescent tube and bulb on the same light.

Product + Installation

Aracne / Chandelier 2011 320 Ă— 102(R) cm Bicycle Wheel, Hula Hoop, Wire, Screw Nut, Chain, Nylon Rope, Paint, Bulb, Fluorescent Tube

34 35

We use various media to represent organic and inorganic. They include electronic component, building material, soil, moss, and plant tissue, etc. We follow their different properties to arrange them into the scene, and retouch them after photographing.

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Product + Installation

(IN)ORGANIC / Installation 2010 109 × 78.5 × 18 cm Wood Board, Gesso, Aluminum Mesh, Moss, Celluloid Film, CD-ROM Drive, Acrylic Rod, Soil, Wire, Electronic Component, Rope, Styrofoam Glue, Acrylic Paint, Spray Painting, Bulb, Steel Bar, Plant

38 39

Product + Installation

Intersexual / Bag 2011 470 Ă— 310 Ă— 130 mm Latex Balloon, Plastic Spoon, Spray Painting, Leather, Cloth I use soft latex balloon and hard plastic sphere to represent the intersexuality of human organs, and I duplicate large amounts of the same element to express the organic feeling. Besides, I adopt skintextured leather and skin-colored cloth as the body of the bag.

Product + Installation

Mania & Depression / Chair 2011 195 × 45 × 42 cm / 110 × 45 × 38 cm Cement, Discarded Furniture, Plywood, Pallet, Wood Paint, Camphor, Stake, Screw You show your teeth and raise your paw liked a wild tree, but I hide my mind and imprison myself liked a solid cement. We compromise and coordinate with each other. Through adjustment and adaptation, finally, we can reach reality a little.

40 41

We made these chairs with discarded wood and cement. This set of chairs represents two types of extreme emotion in manic depression. The core concepts of mania are restless and broken. We adopt more original and rugged materials to express the feeling of agitated. On the other hand, the main ideas of depression are isolated and self-enclosed. The high wall symbolizes the imprisoned mind of patients, and the form of highchair reveals cold and distanced characteristics of them.

We want to create a dream-liked space, so we set the installation on the lonesome rooftop, and we use reflection to introduce the sky to the ground. In addition, we put birds into the water to image the concept of Skepticism: Is it a bird that dreams of itself as a fish or is it a fish that dreams of itself as a bird?

Product + Installation

Dreams of itself as a fish / Installation 2012 320 × 310 × 15 cm Acrylic Board, Plywood, Cutting Sheet, Water, Birdcage, Model Bird, Feather, Fishing Line, LED Strip, Infrared Sensor, Speaker, Wire, Poly, Silicone Sealant 42 43

44 45

Product + Installation

Geometric Sound / Speaker 2010 230 Ă— 140(R) mm / Alias, Showcase ABS, Aluminium, LED, Magnet People can combine four speakers and one controller (with bass) into one set by geometric structure and inside magnets. As a result, people can carry the whole speaker set out conveniently. In addition, people can control volume and music instinctively by rotating the controller.

46 47

Long-time decocting and complex steps of Chinese herbal medicines make lots of people decline to them. It is our hope to improve the cookware, simplify the using process, and shorten the decocting time to make Chinese herbal medicines more available.

Herban Herban / Electric Kettle 2013 Graduation Design Project 242 Ă— 200 Ă— 337 mm PCTG, Enamel, High Borosilicate Glass, Ceremic, Electronic Component

Modeling + Graphic

50 51

Modeling + Graphic

Gilan Ring / Model 2011 18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, Sapphire, Diamond Pro/ENGINEER, KeyShot

Gemini TT-04 Turntable / Model 2011 Pro/ENGINEER, KeyShot

52 53

Modeling + Graphic

Vintage Car / Model 2011 Pro/ENGINEER, KeyShot

54 55

Modeling + Graphic

56 57

Prostitution / Monthly Calendar 2011 Photography PhotoShop, Illustrator

Modeling + Graphic

The behavior of prostitution gives our five senses strong stimulation, but our mind is still empty and hollow. Just like an epitome of a city: even though there are various color, smell, and noise in a hustle and bustle city, people still only care themselves and they are usually unconscious and blind.

Modeling + Graphic

58 59

CON un DITO / Branding 2012 Photoshop, Illustrator Music is a medium of thinking. It brings the feeling of beauty and expresses human emotions. “Con un Dito� is an instrument brand which devotes itself to subvert traditional ideas and create incredible instruments. It leads the trend of creative and improves the development of alternative and indie music.

60 61

Modeling + Graphic

2013 Methods and the Path / Graduation Project Book 2013 232 Ă— 171 Ă— 57 mm The book set is coated with white wax. People need to break it by tools in order to take out the books. Through the behavior of excavating, people can experience the theme of the project. Besides, the color and the texture of wax also represent our Chinese version theme which is about ore and poem.

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