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supplement of 2007


2610 SOUTH ARCHITECTS 2 6 ’ 1 0 South Architect s has cre ated a DIY-home kit th at can be built wherever a r o a d or helicopter c a n ta ke y ou – the in spiring Karoo land scape, for in stance.

Container concept

In order to create a four-bedroom, three-bathroom family home, two standard containers have been combined with an additional roof and verandah. The inclusion of the roof and verandah in the plan results in the creation of a loft on the second storey, and the open-plan verandah can be utilised in such a way that there is enough space for two lounge areas. The roof consists of a pre-cut and drilled timber/steel structure and composite roof sheeting, and the walls are made from polycarbonate sheeting. For a green alternative: face the verandah north to admit winter sun and block summer sun, use solar collectors to heat water on the roof, use grey water from the shower to flush the toilet, and use ventilation fans in the verandah and two wind-powered rotating vents on the roof instead of air-conditioning.

Company profile

26’10 South Architects was started by Thorsten Deckler and Anne Graupner in 2004. This award-winning practice, recently awarded the Daimler Chrysler Award for young South African Architects, specialises in all spheres of the South African environment. Their portfolio boasts a variety of residential, commercial, community and urban design projects. While both partners have worked and lectured internationally, they feel that the most appropriate solutions can be developed through observation of what can be found on their own doorstep. The team that worked on this project comprised: Thorsten Deckler, Anne Graupner, Eugene Cloete, Sue Groenewald and Carl Jacobz.

Contact details:

011 830 0220, thorsten@2610south.co.za, anne@2610south.co.za, www.2610south.co.za

Ground floor

Turbine roof vent Solar collectors Bird-watching slot Roofing with integral insulation and ceiling finish

Pre-cut components assembled on site Polycarb facade

Timber deck

Sliding doors Bathroom module to be ‘pushed’ out from container on site

Loft Polycarb panels for security

TOP RIGHT Architects Thorsten Deckler and Anne Graupner. MIDDLE An impression of the family home situated in the veld. RIGHT, TOP North elevation. RIGHT, BOTTOM South-west elevation. FAR RIGHT Assembly diagram.

Two 6m containers Units to be placed 1,5m apart Platform cast in situ Corrugated metal water tank for rain water collection (grey water)

Side-mounted prefabricated steel stair