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By Katherine Sempecos, Owner of PRISM Med Spa

very year women spend over $54.89 billion in the U.S. searching for just the right Anti- Aging treatment or product regimen. Of that number, 27% or $844 million goes toward skincare and that is the largest consumption in the world. In fact, research shows that women have a definite emotional attachment to their make-up and skin care lines. Nearly half of women in the United States feel that wearing skin care and makeup makes them feel ‘in control’. 82% of women believe it makes them feel more self-confidence and 86% of women find that it improves their self-image. Like so many women who have already experienced the changes of aging, including deep wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes and mouth, sun damage, large pores, that annoying ‘chicken skin’ and loss of cheek volume and collagen, creating skin laxity… ugh! With so many product lines and brand names out there…how do you know if you have the right one for you? Finding just the right regimen is crucial to maintaining your skin. NOW, with this new innovative skincare line, younger looking, visibly wrinklefree skin is now a happy reality. Prism Med Spa is launching a new Physician’s Grade Cosmeceutical line of products that takes all the guess work out of

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choosing the proper skin care line and regimen for home use. Designed to literally take years off your appearance in the most natural way possible, but all backed up by advanced science with results right from the first application. PRISM Rx’s™ fool-proof ‘Beauty Kits’ makes pinpointing your skin’s needs and finding the right solution no longer an endless process of trial and error. After many years of scientific research and experience with a multitude of different women, we have finally developed the anti-aging skincare solution that has taken NY by storm. Utilizing their over 30 years of experience, Prism’s Owners, Katherine Sempecos, U.S. and European Cosmedic Exclusive Distributor & Aesthetician and Dr. Maria Levada, Anti-Aging & Hormone Specialist, F.A.C.O.G. have remained dedicated to excellence, beginning with the research and development of quality skin care formulations. PRISM Rx’s™ offers an extensive product portfolio which provides you with numerous product options, enabling us the ability to provide “patient skin-type” and “condition driven regimens.”, as well as ingredients to provide patients with system-based, results-driven, cosmetically effective formulations.

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25A May Issue 2016  

25A May Issue 2016