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Publisher’s Note

Chase Backer Publisher

One thing I love about New York is of course the change in seasons; autumn has always been a favorite of mine. Long Island is a great place to go apple or pumpkin picking this time of year, and even better when you get to share it with family and friends. What a great time of year to live on Long Island! So many different places to see and experience! In this issue of 25A Magazine we feature Sheila Rosenblum on our cover and her passion for the high stakes world of horse racing, and her determination to have women take the reins in this mostly male dominated sport. Staying with an equestrian theme, come with 25A Magazine to the 2014 Hampton Classic Horse Show. Take a trip back in time, with our article on The Lakehouse, and then enjoy a glamorous piece of Europe in the Caribbean at Le Sereno in Saint-Barthelemy. Victoria Crosby really takes us to Europe in her article about the Banqueting House in London, England. I wish you a lovely fall season, enjoy the autumn foliage while its here, New York’s colorful landscape, and the cool, crisp weather and be happy that you are a Long Islander and that we live on this most unique, one of a kind island we call HOME.

Dramatic, yet graceful. Effortlessly simple, with cutting-edge technology. Ghost Series II forges a silent path of serenity through an ever-changing world. No ordinary power. Experience it for yourself.

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Fall Fashion

AMARA JACKET IN TRIBAL MATELASSE SILK BROCADE, $2,990 ALICE SKIRT IN TRIBAL MATELASSE SILK BROCADE, $1,650 BEADED TRIBAL SILK CHIFFON SHAWL, $2,190 New York designer Cynthia Rose redefines luxury with her Fall 2014 collection. The extraordinary collection combines statement furs, beaded embellishments, bold coats and plush knits. Inspired by the rich colors, exotic patterns and unique textures of Africa, this tribal collection of fitted sheaths, sexy suits and cashmere coats creates an air of mystery. Shades of teal, ebony, mud and stone are highlighted with luxurious fox, mink and sable.






P I L Y Q Barcelona



The Celestial Collection

18k yellow gold, tanzanite and diamonds

26 | 25A


The lattice Collection

18k yellow gold, with pave and rose cut diamonds




The estate Collection

18k white gold with diamonds, blue quartz and dark blue corundum

28 | 25A


Sterling silver

Sterling silver with white sapphires



The ambrosia Collection

Sterling silver with green quartz, and white and evergreen sapphires

30 | 25A

classic rocks

800.257.0611 -



Hugo Boss

204 Left. Suit T-Halbert/Glover – 50274425 – 401, Shirt T-Swain – 50272630 – 402, Eyewear BOSS 0636/S, Neckwear T-Tie – 50274631 – 402, Neckwear T-Pocket Square – 50275581 – 402, Shoes T-Savilo – 50272243 – 405. 11 Middle. Blush paillette embroidered silk top, Blush 36 paillette embroidered chiffon skirt, Black patent tuxedo slipper. Right. Suit T-Jenart/Court3 – 50274464 – 201, Shirt T-Christo – 50272635 – 673, Neckwear T-Tie – 50274531 – 205, Neckwear T-Pocket Square – 50274900 – 204, Shoes T-Counno – 50272245 – 203, Bag Nicklasy – 50272363 – 204

32 | 25A

Hugo Boss

Bag. Bordeaux Romy bag

Bordeaux Romy bag


Shoes. Left. Gray watersnake lace-up sandal Right. Black watersnake lace-up sandal

t 27 Gray watersnake lace-up sandal 58


Black watersnake lace-up sandal

Left. Needle punched satin jacket, Black cigarette pant, Black lace-up boot. Right. Ivory silk dress 59 with chiffon insert, Black lace-up boot Black watersnake lace-up sandal


September 2014 | 33 High Summer- Autumn 2014

465 – 001



Hugo Boss

Bag. Bag Torsted – 50273468 – 212



Torsted – 50273468 – 212


Shoes. Shoe T-Sanillo – 50272244 – 203

Left. Coat Devon – 50274056 – 275, Suit River/Windor – 50274720 – 010, Shirt Dwayne – 50272702 – 100, Neckwear Tie – 50274762 – 001, Shoes Stokko – 50272359 1– 001. Right. Jacket Ronney – 50274431 – 001, Knitwear Mardon-D – 50274422 – 264, Shirt, Henner – 50273071 – 002, Trousers Wilhelm – 50274686 – 010, Neckwear Tie – 50275078 – 001, Neckwear Pocket Square – 50275385 – 001, Shoes Stokko – 50272359 – 001

34 | 25A


Hugo Boss

Bag. Norrmalm – 50272364 – 204


Norrmalm – 50272364 – 204


Shoes. Shoe Luxio – 50273913 – 202

20 – 280 204 74912 – 205

Left. Suit T-Herwin/Gibbs WE – 50274427 – 230, Shirt T-Thob – 50272638 – 402, Eyewear BOSS 0636/S, Neckwear T-Tie – 50274512 – 204, Neckwear T-Pocket Square – 50274920 – 402. Right. 9 Suit T-Richards1/Crow2 – 50275320 – 280, Knitwear Musso-D – 50274456 – 204, Neckwear T-Pocket Square – 50274912 – 205, Belt Calindo – 50240022 – 205, Shoes Stossen – 50272135 – 205, Bag Torsted – 50273468 – 212, Shoes T-Counno – 50272245 – 203, Bag Norrmalm – 50272364 – 204

35 Shoe

Luxio – 50273913 – 202


High Summer- Autumn 2014



Hugo Boss

Bag. Printed ponyskin Romy bag

Quilted flannel Romy bag Printed ponyskin Romy bag

48 49

Shoes. Left. Black lace-up sandal. Right. Black lace-up boot

8 Black lace-up sandalinsert, Gray watersnake lace-up sandal. 56 Left. Bespoke tailored suit, Black silk top with chiffon Right. Black lace-up sandal Baby camel cashmere epaulette dress, Patent tuxedo slipper, Quilted flannel Romy bag.

36 | 25A

9 Black lace-up boot



Black lace-up boo



S A L E S | R E N TA L S | R E L O C AT I O N | N E W D E V E L O P M E N T S | R E TA I L | M O R T G A G E | P R O P E R T Y M A N A G E M E N T | T I T L E I N S U R A N C E


As the largest regional and global network of real estate experts, Douglas Elliman has a way of understanding your home and what makes it unique. With a powerful combination of talent and technology, we have the experience, insight and access to guide you skillfully from beginning to end. Visit for a list of our office locations in your area and put the power of Elliman to work for you.



Best Skin Care Products

FOR LIGHT COVERAGE AND SUN PROTECTION Natural Finish BB Cream Light Tint, $55 A sheer moisturizing face tint that evens skin tone while providing sun protection.

38 | 25A

FOR A GLOWING COMPLEXION Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion, $32 Creates a subtle veil of shimmer designed to warm and smooth the complexion.

AN ULTRA GENTLE CLEANSER Thesis Facial Cleanser Tender as Petals, $18.95 A mild and gentle cleanser that washes all makeup while soothing your skin.

THE ULTIMATE EXFOLIATOR Thesis Body Scrub Lemongrass Shire Hydrating Oils, $13.95

To keep skin soft and smooth during the colder months, try this natural exfoliator.

ENHANCE YOUR LASHES neuLASH速 by Skin Research Laboratories Lash Enhancing Serum, $95.00 - $150.00 This formula is proven to produce healthier, fuller and longer looking lashes in 30 days.



25A Fall back into


By Kristy Castagna, LMT


Photo Courtesy of Bart Speelman

he kids are back in school, the stress of summer activities is over, now it is important to consider your own well-being. Both men and women experience an overwhelming amount of anxiety in the summer months. Family vacations, summer camps, weddings and holidays are fun activities but often involve a lot of planning and physical exertion. This, in turn, can bring notable strains, both physical and mental to our everyday lives. The benefits of massage therapy go much further than neck and back pain relief. They go deeper than “working out Charlie horses” or relieving over-exertion or treating athletes. Massage is not just a “treat” for the well off. Massage therapy can increase range of motion, increase bloodflow, and contribute to the overall well-being of every one. Many people today are involved in some sort of exercise. Whether it be a spin class, yoga, cross-training or simply swimming in the back yard pool or chasing around a toddler. In this day of fitness awareness, it is important to understand that all muscles, including the mind should be in harmony and no one muscle group be emphasized. Clients often ask how they can optimize their daily workout. Overexertion and muscle strain can limit our range of motion which, in turn, can limit our ability to keep on track with our fitness goals. Massage therapy in combination with your regular workout routine, can increase you range of motion with less strain and risk of injury, as well as increase

40 | 25A

metabolism. Massage is also found to speed up muscle recovery after a hard workout resulting in greater results. Choosing the right therapist can often be a challenging experience. Having and developing a healing relationship is essential to achieving your overall wellness goals. Before making your appointment, it is imperative you do your homework to ensure your therapist is licensed, insured, and qualified. Irreversible damage can occur from therapy administered by untrained individuals.

Often massage therapists take a team approach to healing, working closely with chiropractors, acupuncturists and nutritionists. This approach permits us to develop a more well-rounded diagnosis and positive healing experience. When a therapist is in tune with client’s particular needs, the massage will be both healing and enjoyable. Wholistic body work has been known to increase blood flow, regulate hormone production and alleviate anxiety. In addition, many individuals seeking massage therapy enjoy the spiritual wellness, relaxation and serenity inherent with the spa experience. The synergy between mind and body is a powerful connection and creating a balance is the goal. No matter your level of fitness or flexibility, taking a wholistic approach to your health and well-being is the most beneficial path to your overall wellness.

Photo Courtesy of FoundryParkInn

Photo Courtesy of Terre et Cote Basques


As a Licensed Massage Therapist at Massage on the Run Wholistic Wellness Center, located in Huntington village, I work closely with a team of chiropractic doctors, acupuncturists, Tai chi instructors and nutritionists, where we successfully achieve the goal of treating the whole person. This allows us to treat tough cases and not be limited by stand-alone therapy. We focus on the mind, body and spirit, thus getting maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Kristy Castagna, LMT, is a licensed massage therapist. A graduate of the New York College of Health Professions. An active member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She can be reached at or at (631)351-9898




Is Gluten-Free For Me? by Lindsay Brustein Rosen, MS, RD


luten-free diets: you’ve either read about it, seen it on TV, tried it yourself, or know someone who has. Many followers of a glutenfree diet do not even have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance. Originally, gluten-free diets were designed to combat celiac disease, a serious autoimmune disorder that virtually destroys the intestinal tract. Today, some people try gluten-free diets to combat lethargy, bloating, or depression, and find that reducing gluten correlates with improved symptoms and even weight loss. However, it is possible that these outcomes are related to the fact that you’ve cut out the excess calories and sugars found in many flour-based snack foods, and you mistakenly attribute feeling better to taking out

42 | 25A

the gluten. But let’s back up… What is gluten any ways? Gluten is a protein found in wheat as well as barley, bulgur, couscous, durum, farro, graham flour, kamut, malt, rye, semolina, spelt, and oats. Naturally gluten-free whole grains include brown rice, whole corn, gluten-free oats, millet, teff, sorghum, wild rice, buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa. While some people cut out gluten-containing products like wheat breads and cereals, others look for gluten-free replacements for their favorite foods. Many “gluten-free” products are made with refined, unenriched grains and starches, which contain plenty of calories but very few vitamins or minerals. For this reason,

gluten-free diets can be seriously nutrientdeficient; they can be low in fiber, iron, folate, calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus and zinc. Additionally, packaged gluten-free products are high in fat, trans fat and sugar, and can actually lead to weight gain. Without gluten-containing ingredients, which have a sticky component, gluten-free products may contain extra oil, butter or eggs to compensate. This creates a very calorie-dense product that may contain unexpected (and certainly unwanted) calories. Since these items eliminate fiber-rich, glutencontaining products, you may feel less satisfied and want to eat larger portions of food, ultimately leading to weight gain. The bottom line: as with all processed foods, it is best to pick a natural source over the packaged stuff.

Photo by Tim VanReenen

If you think you have sensitivity to gluten, or you are curious about the “rage,” follow my tips below to ensure you are getting maximum nutrition while going gluten-free


Photo by Seth Sawyers

Photo by Jorge Paparoni


Meet with a physician and a registered dietitian. If you think you may have gluten sensitivity, you should see your doctor, who can help you determine the problem at hand. Often times, the doctor will suggest reducing, but not eliminating, your gluten intake to assess the symptoms. It is also recommended to meet with a registered dietitian who can work with you to create healthy meal plans that fit into a gluten-free diet. If your doctor and dietitian advise a gluten-free diet, look for whole foods that are naturally gluten-free such as beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, eggs, meats and poultry, fish and shellfish, fruits and vegetables, and most dairy products.


When using gluten-free products, opt for those that are lower in fat and have a short ingredient list. As always, avoid ingredients that you cannot pronounce or do not recognize- your body likely won’t recognize them either!


Don’t avoid ALL grains. There are many gluten-free grains out there. Instead of depending on wheat, you can have naturally gluten-free grains such as buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa, millet and some oats.


Because gluten-free diets are low in a variety of nutrients, it is good idea to take a daily multivitamin to “fill the gaps” and get the nutrients that you may be missing.


25A Fillers vs. Face-Lifts Fantasy and Facts By Gerald A. Acker, M.D.

Short and long-term facial fillers have become wildly popular. They provide a quick and easy alternative to surgery. However, over time, they become increasingly repetitive and expensive. Many practitioners rely on fillers exclusively. The only permanent filler is liquid silicone, a highly controversial substance that has been known to create irreparable problems. In our practice, my nurse injects the appropriate filler agent. Fillers have the ability to beautifully “fill� the deflation of the aging face. However, some of my overseas colleagues feel that they present a major disadvantage; they do not support (and may even increase) the sag of the collapsed face. Adding weight to a sagging sock makes the sock sag faster. Weight and fill will hasten the collapse of an already drooping structure. I sincerely believe that a face-lift procedure is preferable to expensive, repetitive and temporary fillers. Face-lifts are permanent, more costeffective and they address many defects, which cannot be approached by fillers. They represent an all-inclusive rejuvenation of the face. With over 30 years of experience and 2,000 patients later, my face-lift technique has evolved. Much of my skill set has developed over many visits with the leading cosmetic surgeons in the world. This surgery is now applicable to younger women and to what was the more difficult male patient.

44 | 25A

Photo by Nicole Gonzales

Photo by Julia Smirnova

“The ideal face-lift should have no bandages, no change in the hairline and no to minimal discomfort.” Even more important than a brilliant result is absolute safety. As a caveat, I choose to do my surgery in a hospital outpatient setting. The hospital provides life support, diagnostics, the availability of blood and immediate access to all medical and surgical disciplines. Lest we forget, Joan Rivers has taught us that the hospital is still the measure of safety and oversight in surgery. The ideal face-lift should have no bandages, no change in the hairline and no to minimal discomfort. There should be little bruising and swelling. The patient should never, ever look tight or taut. I now feel this is readily achievable. Though the patient will age from the time of surgery, I believe that results are both predictable and sustainable for life. Be assured that this is not lesser surgery, thereby yielding lesser results. In addition to standard practice, my procedures have become more expansive over time. Subject to what the patient dictates, I address

the crow’s feet of the eyes, the fullness of the cheek, and the posture and support of the mouth. Surgery may include a repair of the “turkeygobble” or “iguana-like” neck. Generally, patients may wear makeup in two to three days and be up and about in a few days. For me, the face-lift operation has been a long and arduous journey. Satisfaction has been accepting the thanks and smiles of grateful patients. Lastly, as age ensues, patients want to redeem who they were, and not become someone else. Gerald A. Acker, M.D. is a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Roslyn Heights, N.Y. and is affiliated with St. Joseph Hospital. He received his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and has been in practice for over 30 years. He has been elected to the organization of Leading Plastic Surgeons In The World.




















Old Brookville | $6,850,000 | True luxury on 4 acres. Brick 8,000 sf Georgian Colonial and finished 4,000 sf lower level with dynamic wine tasting room. Olympic‑sized pool and 2‑story pool house. Web#2591089. Ludmilla Stanco C 516.426.9536 | Richard Stein C 516.708.6001

Sands Point | $3,499,000 | Spectacular 5‑bedroom home with floor‑to‑ceiling windows, giving the feeling of living within a nature preserve. Amazing great room and master suite. Two acres with pool and tennis. Web#2694569. Jill Berman C 516.375.9101

Sands Point | $2,880,000 | Six‑bedroom, 4.55‑bath brick Colonial. Luxe master suite with new bath. Graciously scaled rooms. Updated systems. Pool and pool house. 1.36 lavish, private acres. Prime location. Web#2643671. Denise Silverstein C 917.859.3500 | Maggie Keats C 516.449.7598

Lloyd Harbor | $4,500,000 | Stunning 1906 Cold Spring Harbor waterview estate. Elegant and gracious. 5 bedrooms, 6.5 baths and 4 fireplaces on 7 incredible acres. Cottage, pool and tennis create a singular offering. Web#2684565. Ruth Ann Hyne C 631.261.5877 | Kelley J. Taylor, C 631.553.6923

Sands Point | $3,399,000 | Light, bright and elegant Tudor reflects a stunning marriage of exceptional appointments and original detail. Nearly 4,750 sf on 2.16 acres. Five bedrooms and 5.5 baths, with pool and pool house. Web#2672821. Maggie Keats C 516.449.7598

Old Westbury | $2,799,000 | Amazing opportunity to own a stately 1909 Center Hall Colonial redone with great attention to details, 12‑foot‑high ceilings and 10,000 square feet of luxury living. Must see. Web#2662154. Agnes Jarzabek C 516.551.6880 | Jyll Kata C 516.330.2321

Lloyd Neck | $3,900,000 | 300 feet of waterfront on the Sound. Three level acres with private deeded beach where you can enjoy both sunsets and sunrises. Four bedrooms and 4 baths with spectacular views from every room. Indoor gunite pool. Web#2598368. Mary Luca C 631.741.4389

Upper Brookville | $3,198,000 | Built with master craftsmanship by renowned architect. Dramatic open floor plan, soaring ceilings and walls of glass overlooking lush property with pool and tennis. Web# 2695739. Roberta Feuerstein C 516.364.2505

Muttontown | $2,798,000 | New construction. Luxury lifestyle in 24‑hour gated community with amenites and full grounds care. Soaring ceilings and rare master suite with loft on main floor. Web#2676840. Roberta Feuerstein C 516.364.2505, DE Development Marketing




















East Patchogue | $1,999,999 | 181‑foot secluded beach front home with 10 rooms and 6,000 feet of luxury on 2 protected acres. Electric gate leads to 750‑foot driveway with 3 stone bridges and in‑ground pool on the Great South Bay. Web#2667496. Joyce Roe C 631.235.8621

Laurel | $1,495,000 | Magnificent house on 100 feet of bayfront beach on the Great Peconic Bay. Five bedrooms, 3 baths and 2 en‑suites. Hardwood floors, garage and bay views from every room, plus studio Cottage. Web#2687177. Lynn Pisani C 516.547.1356

Freeport | $599,000 | New construction. Ocean Watch at Harbor Pointe, nestled between Merrick and Freeport, is designed in the best of taste for maximum comfort, style and convenience. Web#2677571. Doreen Teta C 516.581.7652, DE Development Marketing

Oakdale | $1,600,000 | 6,500‑foot Post‑Modern Victorian, 8 feet above sea level on perfectly manicured 3/4‑acre. Custom‑built with the highest quality of materials, with Atzec trim, 3/5 boat dock with electric, water and bubble system. Web#2687958. Joyce Roe C 631.235.8621

Oyster Bay Cove | $1,249,000 | Secluded and tranquil compound. Open floor plan,1st floor master with new bath, 3 additional bedrooms and 2 baths. Custom cook’s kitchen, in‑ground pool, shy 3 acres of flat usable land. Web#2674347. Jyll Kata C 516.330.2321

Garden City | $599,000 | Nestled within the Avalon Garden City Community are 19 classic Brick Colonial homes. “General’s Row” is conveniently located at the center of it all. Web#1194596. Catherine Gerspach C 516.238.2771, DE Development Marketing

Wading River | $1,595,000 | Four‑bedroom, 3.5‑bath waterfront estate offers unparelleled views of Long Island Sound from tip of Herod’s Point. Luxurious master suite with private balcony. Web#2694888. Jeffrey Vricella C 516.903.9016 | Thomas McGiveron C 631.486.4867

Greenlawn | $999,500 | Custom‑designed home offers a peaceful getaway with its location, style and walls of glass allowing waterviews to Connecticut. Elegance, comfort and an open floor plan. Web#*1200290. Pat Naples C 631.266.6106

Old Brookville | Prices Upon Request | Welcome to the Estates at Green Fields in Old Brookville, a premier Gold Coast community of 16 Estate homes. New construction. Web#2688492. Patricia Pascullo C 516.921.2262, DE Development Marketing

Showcasing true luxury real estate on the North Shore

Newly built Georgian style estate on 4 acres


on’t be surprised if the elegant, newly constructed luxury residence at 33 Chicken Valley Road, Old Brookville, N.Y., surpasses your expectations upon first visit. The owner has truly thought of everything during and after construction to solidify this property as one of the best in all of the North Shore and Nassau County, according to Michael Stanco and Richard Stein, associate real estate brokers at Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

48 | 25A

“You will not find a better built home with all that this property has to offer in terms of quality, amenities, location, size and sheer beauty,”

Sequestered on four acres in a prime location and a very special address, the property is accessed via a long private driveway, which leads to magnificently designed grounds. Perfectly landscaped and thoughtfully planned, the backyard is an entertainer’s dream, complete with a professional outdoor summer kitchen, expansive patio space, an Olympic-size heated swimming pool and a two-story resort-style pool house lounge. Enjoy year-round privacy and the pleasure of relaxing in a country club setting. An inviting and grand entrance foyer welcomes you, as the quality interior is evident immediately. Stylish moldings, 10’ ceilings, Brazilian cherry wood floors, mahogany finishes, including a custom bar in the family den, coffered ceilings, as well as marble and onyx baths are just a few

of the luxury appointments you will find inside. In addition, a completely finished lower level features the most incredible wine tasting room and Runco home theater. Smart Home Technology, a generator, surround sound indoors and outdoors and more creature comforts abound, as no amenity has been left off the list in what one would expect in a home and property of this caliber. The interior space offers 8,000 square feet, plus the 4,000 square foot delightful lower level. A short drive from international airports and just 25 miles from midtown Manhattan, this property is accessible and conveniently located for today’s busy lifestyle. Fabulous shopping and dining options are an easy find within close proximity. The Village of Old Brookville is just down the road from the Americana Manhasset as well.


ADAM Celebrity Trainer, Fitness and Wellness Expert This Long Island native is taking the fitness world by storm By Chelsea Kate Isaacs

Is it possible to be fit, lean and healthy without restrictive diets and long hours at the gym? According to fitness expert and celebrity trainer Adam Rosante, the answer is yes. Rosante, who was named one of the sexiest trainers in the country by Self magazine and one of the six hottest trainers to watch in 2014 by DETAILS, has proven that you don’t need a lot of time to achieve your fitness goals, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the things you enjoy, such as food and experiences, to get in shape. “I believe in fast, functional fitness that gets you looking and feeling amazing, without losing any of the fun on the way,” Rosante, a Long Island native, told 25A magazine. “To me, it’s not about living a restricted life, but living an amazing life. When you do that and train with regularity, a lean, toned body is almost a byproduct.” His plan combines high-intensity workouts with normal physical activity five days a week. Some of his workouts are just 12 minutes long, but they effectively burn fat and rev your metabolism. The plan is simple enough to sustain long-term and fits into even the busiest of schedules. But it’s not just the intense workouts that bring results. Self-acceptance and a positive self-image are the keys to success, according to Rosante. “I always tell people to work out because you love your body, not be-

50 | 25A

cause you hate it,” Rosante said. “I want everyone to stop talking shit about their bodies and embrace it. When you start from a place of acceptance and move from there, then that’s true wellness. Looking hot in a bathing suit is the easy part. For someone who struggles with weight issues, it can be very hard to accept that, but changing your physicality is actually a fairly simple process. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. The real key is in addressing your mentality so that you understand that you’re beautiful right now, exactly as you exist. And any work you do is just enhancing that.” His unique approach has attracted worldwide attention and a loyal fanbase. He now stars in Hearst Digital Studios’ new CosmoBody channel, and Target named him an ambassador for their popular C9 fitness apparel brand. His 60-Second Workout on Target’s A Bullseye View blog proved that short workouts can deliver great results. He’s also on the verge of releasing his first book, “The 30 Second Body: Eat Clean, Train Dirty & Live Hard,” a six-week fitness, diet and lifestyle program, to be published by Random House in March. In the midst of his exploding career, 25A magazine chatted with Rosante about how he became an international fitness sensation, his favorite things to do when he’s home on Long Island, and the fitness and diet tips he swears by.

ROSANTE 25A magazine (25A): You grew up on Long Island! Where? Adam Rosante (AR): I’m from the East End, born in Southampton. My family and I settled in Westhampton. I have a huge Italian family scattered all across the East End. Now, my wife and I have a house in Montauk and I live the city. We have a little kitten named Annie, rescued from a boat yard out east. She’s a salty kitty. 25A: What do you love most about Montauk and the East End? AR: I have the beach and the salt water in my blood. I have been surfing for most of my life, and a beach baby since I was born. One of the oldest photos of me is on the beach under an umbrella that my mom took. I would fall asleep to the sound of waves. I love being outdoors more than anything, and when I’m out east, that’s what I want to do. We do beach bonfiring and cook outdoors. We do huge cook-outs. We have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett. Basically, a CSA is when you invest in a farm, and in return, you get wonderful, beautiful vegetables. I get a great surprise crate of what they just picked off the farm. We use whatever comes in the crate to cook an amazing meal. My wife and I will pop over to the farm and pick some wild flowers, make a big dinner -- one of my favorite things to do. It’s still tomato season and I’m iItalian, and a fantastic Italian cook, so those often get turned into a delicious marinara. Amber Waves Farm is also a grain farm, so they grow and harvest wheat. They are partnered with Carissa’s Breads, who turns it into the most amazing whole wheat bread. That will often be the base for an amazing bruschetta that I’ll make on the weekends. 25A: Your workout programs and overall approach to getting in shape have become incredibly popular with people all over the world. What’s your overall fitness philosophy? AR: I empower people with the knowledge and information they need to make choices to help them achieve their goals in the easiest way possible. I simplify fitness. I strip out all the BS, all the nonsense, and give you the quick, actionable information. When you have a plan, it’s very easy to succeed. If I send you in the jungle with no map, what would you do? If I gave you a GPS, you’re like, ‘Oh, OK. I know where I’m going.’ It’s made infinitely easier by having this GPS. I can motivate you all day long, but if you don’t have a step-by-step plan on what to do, you won’t

know what to do. Fitness and being healthy should be simple. People have enough going on - health and wellness shouldn’t stress them out more. Most importantly, life is meant to be enjoyed. In my opinion, the fitter and healthier you are, the more you’ll be able to enjoy it fully because you’ll have more zest and passion for life. 25A: Did you ever struggle with your weight? AR: I never really struggled with weight issues - I was chunky as a child, but nothing very dramatic. A growth spurt helped me out of that. I have been working out since I was 13-years-old. I started working out because I wanted to look like Marky Mark. All the girls in my junior high class were obsessed with Marky Mark. When he took his shirt off in the Calvin Klein ads, they were even more obsessed. I started working out in the basement with workout equipment. It started working and it helped me get more dates in junior high. Then, I discovered high-intensity training. For the first time, it allowed me to see what my body was capable of when it was pushed. 25A: You are a believer in high-intensity training. What exactly is highintensity training and how does it help us get fit? AR: It’s basically working at a very intense capacity; faster or harder. It’s working out intensely in a very specific format. My general approach to fitness is intense - almost athletic training. High-intensity workouts ignite the after-burn effect - your body continues to burn calories for about 36


hours after the workout is done. If you do a long, boring run on a treadmill, once you get off the treadmill, those calories are done. That long, slow cardio does nothing to help you burn calories once the workout is over. A high-intensity workout can be four minutes long. I start with a four-minute workout in my living room everyday, with no equipment. It’s simple and short, and it revs my metabolism. While it’s not the only workout I do, that short four minutes supercharges my body for the day. 25A: What kind of exercise routine do you recommend for the average person? AR: It’s different for everybody - not every single one of my workouts is intense. It should be mixed. I would recommend five days a week for someone who wants to get in great shape. Three days on, one day off, two days on, one day off. That’s enough work for your body to grow and look amazing, but it also gives you flexibility and time during the day. 25A: So, you don’t need a lot of time to do a highintensity workout? AR: No, you don’t. My plan allows more flexibility in your life and schedule. When people work out for long hours every single day and then they miss a day, it often causes them to abandon their work schedule entirely. Most people are not being paid to work out; they have lives, they have families, they have reality. That’s why I love high-intensity workouts so much. You don’t need a lot of time at all. You can get a great workout and get on with your day. I did a 12-minute workout with a group and they all thought they were going to die. One looked up and said, ‘This is the best workout I’ve ever done in my life.’ 25A: Is there an ideal time of day to exercise? AR: For me, I train myself and work out at different times throughout the day, but ideally, the best time to train is first thing in the morning, in my opinion. 25A: Should you eat before exercising? AR: You have to think of food in this context: food is fuel. If you don’t have any gas in the tank, you won’t have as much energy. Working out first thing in the morning without food will burn more fat, but you may not have as much energy. I recommend eating something simple and light 30 to 60 minutes before a workout. Have a couple of tablespoons of raw almond butter, an apple or something like that, just to get fuel in the tank so that you’re not running on empty. 25A: That brings us to our next question: What is your diet like? How should we eat to stay fit, lean and healthy? AR: People over-complicate the hell out of eating. It does not need to be so complicated. Skip the fads, and eat clean whole foods that are as minimally processed as possible. If you want to indulge, indulge. The fact of that matter is that this is my life and I need to enjoy it fully. If I have to give up wine and food with family and friends, that does not interest me at all, and there is no reason why you have to do that. My 21-Day Wellness Program shows

you how to get in shape while being able to indulge every single day. You don’t need one day where you go hog wild. You can have an indulgence every single day - there’s a key to doing that, and I show you in the wellness challenge. 25A: Can we really indulge every day and reach our fitness goals? AR: When I say that you can indulge everyday, it means indulge in whatever you enjoy. If you like sweet, salty, savory, or even if it’s alcohol, you can have it, but it’s in a very specific framework. It needs to be monitored and consumed in moderation. 25A: What is one thing that is essential to fitness, health and weight loss? AR: At the base of everything is sleep. It is the single most important thing to your overall wellness. You need seven to nine hours of quality sleep every night. I address sleeping, and strategies on how to do that, in my wellness program. There is a scientific reason why your body needs that kind of sleep, and there are things that happen when you don’t get it. There are hormonal issues at play when you don’t get enough quality sleep. There are very specific issues that can completely sabotage your workout goals and many other areas of life. If you want to lose weight, be fit, excel at work, be happy in your personal life, sleep is so important. 25A: Your fitness programs WaveShape and The People’s Bootcamp have been so successful. Can you tell us about them? AR: The People’s Bootcamp is a fitness boutique in the city, which has been called one of the hardest workouts in the city. WaveShape is a high-intensity workout that gets you lean and strong, originally designed for professional surfers. I created it for pro surfer friends of mine. They are female pro surfers who needed a training program that keeps them fit and looking amazing, because they’re also bikini models. The first video we ever did was a workout video designed for the surfers. I put it on my website and the word got out. It was just a super low-budget and quick video of the workout. I figured that a couple of hundred people would sign up, but over 5,000 people signed up after the first video. Then, people all over the world started signing up. I decided to blow it out, make it a bigger program. I created a four-week challenge, five days a week for four weeks, that gives you all different styles of workouts and a full community to connect with. It’s a monthly subscription program that gives you full access to the whole four weeks of training, all of which you can do from home. It’s a comprehensive program and incredibly effective, that gets you a long, lean body, super fast. 25A: Wow! So, what are your future plans for innovating the fitness industry? Are you introducing any other programs soon? AR: Yes, I’m launching the 21-Day Wellness Challenge. It will kick off Jan 1. It goes beyond fitness and helps you address every aspect of your life - body, mind and soul. We get everything aligned over the course of 21 days. Every day, you get an e-mail from me with tips on how to live a healthy, happy life. Plus, you get a 21-day workout plan and nutritional advice.

R o s l yn

Photos by Stacey Skordas

Driving into the historic Village of Roslyn always feels so nostalgic. The village was settled in 1643, and officially named Roslyn in 1844. Today, Roslyn is a melding of past and present; the Roslyn Clock Tower, erected in 1895, stands at the center of town. Meanwhile, the village has become a popular destination for shopping and dining. The upscale boutiques, restaurants, shops and Roslyn’s old-world charm attract people from the Gold Coast and beyond.


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Shag: A favorite of Gold Coast fashionistas, Shag is known for its ontrend, hip clothing. The boutique offers rare styles from top designers, chosen by Shag’s very selective, fashion-forward owners. With such a homey and inviting atmosphere, you may be tempted to shop till you drop. Yolo: Frozen yogurt is very trendy, and Roslyn has one of the best yogurt shops around. Yolo’s recipe is deliciously addictive, and luckily, the shop offers many healthy, “guilt-free” options. The salted caramel frozen yogurt is so popular, it’s often sold out by afternoon. You can also indulge in Yolo’s custom cakes and freshly-made gelato. Revival: Revival is a shopping gem, offering fabulous vintage finds and rare designer pieces. This unique vintage boutique sells hard-to-find pre-owned designer clothing, shoes and accessories in great condition, including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and many more. It’s hard to leave without purchasing something. Transitions: Whether you’re looking for trendy, chic or sophisticated fashion, Transitions has it all. The stylish staff makes you feel at ease, and will assist you with finding the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Kyma: Kyma offers some of the most delicious Greek cuisine on the North Shore. The owners and chef have expertly created an incredible menu of mouth-watering Mediterranean specialties and Greek favorites. The friendly and hospitable staff makes the experience that much more memorable. Thursday nights at Kyma are especially popular, as the restaurant has live music in addition to fine-dining. The grilled octopus is a best-seller, as well as the fried zucchini. The restaurant is also known for its fresh fish specialties. Bistro citron: This Parisian-style eatery is a popular lunch locale. Enjoy French food in an elegant setting. The mussels are among the most popular dishes to order, or treat yourself to one of Bistro Citron’s signature French pastries or desserts. LA BOTTEGA: While La Bottega is famous for its paninis, this rustic restaurant has an extensive menu of delicious Italian offerings, including fresh salads, antipasti, pasta, specialty pizzas, Italian main courses, and even a gluten-free menu. This high-quality restaurant is perfect for casual dining.




Roslyn continued...

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Lady Sheila Stables 2014



Photo Courtesy of Greg Lee

Straight Up…

Drybar Blows into Roslyn Heights By Melissa Argueta

Alli Webb has finally returned t o h e r ro o t s . Standing under a buttercup-yellow hair dryer chandelier, the Long Island native smiled brightly and posed with clients during the recent opening of her new Drybar salon in Roslyn Heights. Named to the 2013 Fast Company 100 Most Creative People in Business and the Fortune 40 Under 40 list, Webb has become the undisputed queen of hair with an empire that keeps expanding – with 37 locations in total – across the country. Sitting down for an interview with 25A magazine, Webb said that hair has always been her passion. Leaving the shores of Long Island and growing up in South Florida, she recalls always being ‘obsessed’ with blowing out her own hair as a teenager in high school. “I have natural curly hair so I struggled with my hair my whole life,” she explained.

a blow-dry business where I was running around town blow drying all my ‘mommy’ friends.” Webb named the small business Straight-At-Home and word spread like wildfire. “It was an instant success. It was such a great way to get me out of the house and make a little extra cash,” she commented. In 2008, Webb decided it was time to bring her concept to a salon. “I just realized there was a hole in the market. I felt there wasn’t a good option for women like me who couldn’t afford to spend a fortune on blowouts.’” Webb’s brother and company co-owner, Michael Landau was slightly skeptical at the no cuts, no color, only blowouts concept at first. Webb recalled, “I told him all I want to do is just blowouts. I said ‘I think at the right price, people will come. It won’t be just for special occasions.’ My brother lent me the money and the rest is history.” Her first salon opened in Brentwood, CA, in February of 2010.

“We’re not selling blowouts; we’re selling confidence. That’s really to me is the special part of the business is how we make women feel.” — Alli Webb

In her early 20s, she made the decision to go to beauty school where she found what would become her true calling. Her talents as a hair stylist led her to work under the late great hairstylist John Sahag. While living in New York City, Webb met her husband Cameron. The couple got married and headed out west to Los Angeles to start a family. “I always wanted kids and I thought I would always be a stay-at-home mom. After being home for five years or so, I got the itch to get back out there. So I started

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The marketing genius behind the Drybar brand is Webb’s husband Cameron. Everything is well thought out – from the fun products to the interior décor. “When we were developing it, I had this vision. I wanted it to be an actual bar; I wanted it to be an escape for women. Basically for 45 minutes, you can watch a movie. You’re relaxing and everyone gets taken care of. Customer service is such a big thing and you walk out of there with confidence ... we’re not selling blowouts; we’re selling confidence. That’s really to me the special part of the business: how we make women feel.”

The entire experience at Drybar is designed to offer a top-notch customer Financial Planning service experience. On arrival, your stylist will give you a lookbook to pick your hairstyle, while you watch TV or sip fruit water. The signature Bradley dedicated to learning and meeting a client’s Drybar styleislist reads more like a cocktail menu with funpersonal names goals. like the Whether it’s building a financial plan focused on one’s own needs, Cosmopolitan (lots of loose curls), the Southern Comfort (big hairsuch with as purchasing a new homeand or setting aside for future (sleek retirement, volume), the Mai Tai (messy beachy) andincome the Manhattan and or if it’s financing for a child’s college education, Michael will work to smooth). Every blowout costs a flat fee of $40. establish a plan that is right for each individual client. WithMichael plans in the works to take Drybaran brand international, Webb knows how hard it is tothe establish excellent staff of hardworking people and is fortunate to have put together an amazing crew, remains focused onhehow her clients feel after they come to the salon. been theabackbone to his success. confident “Youwhich don’thas have to be celebrity;and youkey don’t have to haveHea iswhole teamin his longtime co-workers whose dedicationtohas helped mold an unstopget you ready. You have these opportunities come to Drybar and look pable team and a formidable working experience. Having a team of highly red carpet-ready. That’s why it worked so well.” motivated and dedicated staff members is fundamental to this business. With highly financial advisors, with Heights, their own Drybar area of expertise, Located at the skilled 250 S. Service Road ineach Roslyn found a Bradley Lux Investing can be relied upon to fit any client’s needs. perfect home alongside other female-inspired brands such as Truth + Beauty, SoulCycle and LuluLemon Athletica. “We listen to our customers and Behind they wanted This shopping center couldn’t be better. Women thethis. Scenes care about the way they look,” Webb said. “I think our opening day is a pretty good indication of what is to come.” When Michael isn’t at the office, he likes to kick back, relax and enjoy time with family and friends. But even when he’s out and about, he never puts work aside and always has his eye on the prize. He enjoys helping small businesses through social networking and has a great love for the town of Huntington. A dog lover, Michael has four dogs and works against animal cruelty with a number of organizations. He also participates in charity events all over New York. One charity close to his heart is DDI (Devel-

To book an appointment, opmental Disabilities Institute), which supports both children and adults visit disabilities and or provides them with exceptional care and innovative get the Drybar app. individual service for their futures. A man of great taste, Michael Bradley enjoys the many restaurants in HunDrybar tington. A couple of his favorites include Porto Vivo, which serves Ital250 S. Service Road ian cuisine, and a new Huntington favorite, Acacia, a seafood restaurant Roslyn Heights (Chef Matt Maxwell, with 25+ years experience and former chef of the 516.283.5190 Water Club, has easily become Michael’s new favorite chef). Acacia is the perfect setting for Bradley to hold seminars and private events each month for his business, as well as a new networking business he established called Global Tuesdays, run by the president of the company, Sarah Martin. Global Tuesdays focuses directly on making business connections through a social networking, or ‘Speed Networking.’ Michael Bradley Bradley Lux Investing (631) 271-5122 712A E. Jericho Tpke. Huntington Station, NY 11746 Sarah Martin Global Tuesdays 631.759.7128 631.885.0857 Elite Social Networking

Photo Courtesy of Lionel Rieder

At a Glance. Masters Degree (University of Texas.) 10 years SEAL Team experience. Extensive real estate experience. Pros. Trust. Committment. Excellent follow through and really great service. Cons. Be ready to move. Randell is all about results!

Randell Beck

Carle Place Office 356 Westbury Ave., Carle Place, NY 516.334.3606 ext.15 c.516.509.6943




Free To Ride Free To Ride 60 | 25A


High Stakes World of

Sheila Rosenblum By Diana Pinck, Photos by Wayne Herrschaft


he afternoon sun illuminates the sprawling grounds of Sheila Rosenblum’s Southampton estate, where she and her two children, Kara and Erik, retreat to spend quality time together. For Sheila, family comes first and foremost – when they aren’t at their beautiful Hamptons home, they reside at their beyond lavish Park Avenue apartment.

consuming international controversy. Sheila also bought eight yearlings – too many for a new stable with no older horses racing. Eventually, her hard work and determination paid off. Sheila teamed up with renowned equestrian trainer Linda Rice. Under Linda’s expert guidance and training, Lady Sheila Stable quickly broke into the winner’s circle with famed horse La Verdad, one of the fastest sprinters in the country.

The Swiss-born beauty is, of course, a known staple of high society, but wealth is not her only claim to fame. Sheila is a woman of many interests and achievements. At 19, she was discovered by Ford Models, which launched a successful modeling career and years of traveling around the world. A lifelong fitness enthusiast and natural athlete, she also proved to be a talented ballerina. Unexpectedly, it was ballet that led Sheila to one of her greatest life passions: horseback riding. Her dance background gave her an advantage at dressage riding, an equestrian sport where horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements from memory, similar to dance choreography.

Lady Sheila Stable also owns Hot City Girl, La Verdad’s half-sister. The eight yearlings have been culled down to two promising racers, Erik and Kara, named after Sheila’s children. The horses were relocated from Kentucky to New York, where Sheila is able to carefully supervise their training, care and overall well-being.

Like many ballerinas, Sheila was initially discouraged from pursuing another sport, due to the potential for injuries. Once she got the approval of her coaches and instructors, she began immediately. “I always loved horses, so finally, I was free to ride and I got into dressage riding,” Sheila said. “I felt it was a natural transition, since dressage is like ballet on a horse.” Recreational riding evolved into a career path. Sheila became heavily involved in thoroughbred horse ownership, which propelled her to launch the acclaimed Lady Sheila Stable, now ranked in the top 100 stables in the country, with earnings of over $1 million in 2014. However, success didn’t come easily. Sheila’s start in the industry seemed to be riddled with challenges and setbacks. Tragically, one of her horses had to be put down because of an injury, and the purchase of a $300,000 horse named Neon Light instigated a stressful and time-

Encouraged by the success of her first stable, Sheila launched Lady Sheila Stable Two, a horse racing industry syndicate that relies primarily on female investors. The new syndicate currently has six female investors, including Sheila’s close friend, Jill Zarin, former star of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New York.” “I am not a feminist, but I want female investors to feel comfortable with breaking into the male-dominated investment side of this sport, whose spectators, interestingly enough, seem to be predominately female,” Rosenblum said. According to NBC Sports, 52 percent of the 16.2 million viewers of the Kentucky Derby in 2013 were women. “For Lady Sheila Stable Two, female investors can benefit from what I learned so far. The goal is to gain exposure and experience in an often male-dominated game. Women who would like to get involved in the business side may be less intimidated when in the company of other female investors,” Rosenblum said. Sheila’s competitive edge has allowed her to enjoy not only the horses, but the races and the ‘win circle’ as well. She describes her current sense of satisfaction and achievement as “one of the greatest feelings.”

Sheila Rosenblum at her Southampton estate

Sheila Rosenblum

Competitive Nature Earned

At the age of 19, Sheila was discovered by Eileen Ford’s Modeling Agency. Years of modeling for Wilhelmina and Ford agencies followed. When Sheila was 21, she was briefly married to a soap opera star. After the marriage ended, she continued to model and travel the world. Sheila spent several years in London and New York, training as a ballerina at the Royal Ballet School in London and the School of American Ballet. While she was a ballerina, Sheila was discouraged from pursuing other sports because of the potential for injury. But, Sheila always had a passion for horses. Her strong will to pursue horseback riding convinced Sheila’s ballet instructors and coaches to permit her to start dressage riding, a type of horseback riding where horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements. “It’s like ballet on a horse,” Sheila said.

Sheila An Invitation To

The Royal Ballet School Of London

Credits: Thanks to Richard Piana and all of nuBest Salon & Spa, including Hair by Mervat Girgis, Makeup by Jessica DeRosa. Stylist: Sonjja Baram, Photos by: Wayne Herrschaft

A Sport of Kings and Queens “I

Photo by Wayne Herrschaft

Photo by Adam Coglianese

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want female investors to feel comfortable to break into the male dominated investment side of high stake horse racing. It’s one of the greatest feelings - being in the ‘win’ photo with the horse, jockey, trainer, family and friends.”

Rosenblum Family at Southampton Estate

Photos by Wayne Herrschaft

At 31, Sheila married her now estranged husband, Daniel Rosenblum, deputy chairman of a commodities company, and father of her children, Kara, 17, and Erik, 15. Mr. Rosenblum gifted Sheila with a few hours of riding on a Grand Prix schoolmaster horse, which renewed her love for the equestrian life. “That was it for me! I had never experienced anything like it,� Sheila said. Over the next two years, she gradually expanded her stable with more race horses, which led to the launch of Lady Sheila Stable, one of the most successful stables in the country.



25A Michael Bradley Bradley Lux Investing


ichael Bradley is a hard-working man from the North Shore of Long Island. He is the branch manager of Bradley Lux Investing. Bradley Lux Investing clears through LPL Financial and is one of the country’s largest independent brokerage firms in the nation. Michael Bradley has been affiliated with LPL Financial for 22 years and has been a financial advisor for over 23 years with Bradley Lux Investing. During this time, he has seen the market rise and fall, then fall and rise again. As a financial advisor, he considers all of your specific financial needs, plans and goals. He will provide you with a durable source of unbiased financial options to better accommodate your needs. He has also established long-lasting client relationships that have been fundamental to his success in the business. With all of his experience and wealth of knowledge in the business, let

68 | 25A

Michael Bradley walk you through a financial plan that better serves you, your family and your future.

Financial Planning Michael Bradley is dedicated to learning and achieving your personal goals. Whether its building a financial plan focused on your own needs, such as purchasing a new home or setting aside income for future retirement, or if it’s financing for your child’s college education, Michael will continue to work with you, and together you can establish a plan that’s suitable for your needs. Michael knows how hard it is to hire and establish an excellent staff of hard-working people on Long Island. He’s been fortunate enough to have an amazing staff, which has been the

Photo Courtesy of Ken Teegardin

As a financial advisor, he considers all of your specific financial needs, plans and goals. He will provide you with a durable source of unbiased financial options to better accommodate your needs.

backbone and key to his success, and he’s confident to say that he can confide in long-time co-workers. Their amazing hard work and dedication has helped mold an unstoppable team and a great working experience. Having a team of highly motivated staff members is fundamental to this business. With over 10,000 square feet of office space and many skilled financial advisors, each with their own area of expertise, you can rely on Bradley Lux Investing to fit your needs.

Behind the Scenes

Photo Courtesy of 401(K) 2012

When Michael isn’t at the office, he likes to kick back, relax and enjoy time with family and friends. While he’s out and about, Michael never puts work aside as he’s always focusing on improving his business connections. He also enjoys helping small businesses through social networking and has a great love for the town of Huntington. As a genuine dog lover, Michael has four dogs himself. He’s against animal cruelty and any violence towards animals. Michael also enjoys participating in charity events all over New York. Michael is involved in the Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI), a charity that supports both children and adults with disabilities, provides them with exceptional care and innovative individual services for their futures. A man of great taste, Michael Bradley enjoys many restaurants in Huntington, including Italian restaurant Porto

Vivo, and a new Huntington favorite, Acacia, a seafood restaurant with a delicious menu by his new favorite chef, Matt Maxwell, formerly the chef at The Water Club, with over 25 years of experience. Michael also hosts monthly business seminars and private events at the restaurant, as well as events for his new networking business, Global Tuesdays, operated by the president of the company, Sarah Martin. Global Tuesdays focuses directly on making business connections through social networking or “Speed Networking.”




Chyten of Long Island Helps To Improve Students’ Academic Performance Through Unique Programs

Photo Courtesy of CollegeDegrees360

Anna Levitan, owner and director

Based on excellent test results overall, Syosset schools received a near-perfect rating of 9 out of 10 by GreatSchools, the leading national source of school information for families. Meanwhile, Syosset Senior High School is a Gold Medal-awarded school, ranked 158 out of 19,400 public high schools in the country, according to US News & World Report. With such impressive statistics as these, Syosset schools are revered both locally and nationally. Perhaps Chyten of Long Island, a leading tutoring and test preparation center, is part of the reason why. Located in Syosset, Chyten of Long Island offers the highest quality one-on-one test preparation, subject tutoring, SAT/ACT/AP test preparation, and full college admissions counseling services for students of all ages and levels. All Chyten tutors have a minimum of a master’s degree or Ph.D.

70 | 25A

“We have professional tutors of the highest caliber – some are even professors of colleges, and they all have relevant teaching experience. That’s how we get results that are proven,” Anna Levitan, owner and director of Chyten of Long Island, said. Levitan, who has a master’s degree of her own, is a mother of three children and president of the local Parent Teacher Association. Her continuous involvement in Syosset school programs and passion for top-notch education led her to buy the Chyten of Long Island franchise so that she would be able to serve local students and the community.

Photo Courtesy of Bill Selak

“We have professional tutors of the highest caliber – some are even professors of colleges, and they all have relevant teaching experience. That’s how we get results that are proven,” “As a local parent who is very involved with our schools and educational programs, I know what the parents want and I’m there to give it to them,” Levitan said. “Kids need a lot of extra help that they don’t get in school, both private and public, because the curriculum is changing everyday. At Chyten, we provide that.” Chyten of Long Island offers tutoring in all subjects and AP courses. All tutoring is done at the center to eliminate distractions that can be present at home or school. The center also offers private rooms and a stadium-style classroom.

Chyten of Long Island is located at 623 Jericho Turnpike Syosset, NY 11791. Anna Levitan, owner and director of Chyten of Long Island, can be reached by e-mail at To learn more about Chyten of Long Island, visit or call the center at (516) 677-9595.

Photo Courtesy of Steven S.

Levitan said that one of the reasons why Chyten students are accepted to the country’s best colleges, including every Ivy League school, is because of the center’s unique practice testing program: students are tested under real conditions. Chyten administers real SAT and ACT tests that were used in the past, and students are timed and tested in the most authentic testing environment possible. Parents and students are given access to full diagnostics so they can identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

According to Levitan, it’s not just the students who struggle in school that need help - it’s also the very best students aiming for top colleges. Chyten of Long Island serves all students at every grade level.

“The practice tests we use are the most accurate predictor of your score – we mimic the actual test,” Levitan said. “Students are timed and tested in an actual test environment, which builds endurance. When they go to the real test, they have less anxiety.”




Little Irritations

By Victoria R. Crosby

Little irritations are not a major tragedy, they are simply a nuisance, like a tiny grain of sand. Life never follows the path that you’d like it to, no matter how carefully the course that you’ve planned. There are many things in life that create problems, many little waves that disrupt the smooth flow. When things go wrong in life, it helps to remember that from a little irritation a lovely pearl can grow. Just as it takes a lot of pressure over many years of time, to produce a precious gemstone found deep within a mine, so is your reaction to life’s pressures from deep within your soul that determines if you’re a diamond or just a lump of coal. So don’t burn up in anger in a fiery flash leaving all around you in the falling ash, but let your brilliant facets reflect your inner calm and self respect.

© Copyright 2005 Victoria R. Crosby All Rights Reserved

Victoria Crosby is available for poetry readings, which entertain and inspire, at libraries and other venues. For further information, contact info@25amagazine. Victoria Crosby, Glen Cove’s poet laureate for 20 years, whose poetry is featured regularly in 25A Magazine and heard weekly on radio WHPC, 90.3 FM will help you to read and write your own work, and to express yourself in an encouraging environment, in a weekly workshop offered by Glen Cove Continuing Education series. In addition, you will be entertained by Ms. Crosby’s humorous poetry and moved by her inspirational work. Four weeks, Tues., Oct. 7 - 28, 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. For further information, call 516-801-7032. If you like to write poetry and/ or song lyrics, or thought you would like to learn, these classes are for you.

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Anna Levitan Director

The Lakehouse Story & Photos by Monica Randall

Main house facing east


uring the late 1950’s and 1960’s the Gold Coast was full of unexpected surprises, but none was more charming than the classical temple style home known as the Lakehouse. It was originally a twenty-eight acre property of gently rolling hills and meadows studded with long glades of towering pines and weeping willows that surrounded a tranquil lake filled with water lilies. It was built during the 1920’s by the celebrated Hollywood interior designer Ruby Ross Wood, who was born in Monticello, Georgia, in 1880. She came to New York as a young girl and began her career as a writer for the popular magazine, The Delineator, and soon found herself ghostwriting articles and a book for the flamboyant but inarticulate, Elsie De Wolfe. Ruby Ross wore thick, rose colored glasses, chain smoked, and was highly opinioned and in time took on the persona of, Norma Desmond, (Sunset Boulevard). Believing her style to be the only style, she eventually wrote her own book, The Honest House, which she opened with: “Happiness is dependent on good taste and not on things,” and yet things seemed to be the only thing that mattered to her.

At some point she met and married Chalmers Wood, a fox-hunting, tallyhooing, fence leaping stockbroker. They moved to Syosset and spent two years working with architects Delano and Aldrich on their country retreat, first calling it, Little Ipswich, but soon nicknamed it, The Lakehouse. Mrs. Wood wanted a near replica of a charming gatehouse she had seen in Europe’s Kimolton Castle that was designed by the famed Robert Adam. The new rambling, one story, Palladian style house was reached by a long gravel drive surrounded by perfect rows of towering Linden trees. At its end a one hundred foot square courtyard was framed by a white stonewall flanked by a pair of imported limestone Egyptian sphinxes. Gleaming at its center was a white Greek Doric portico entrance that soared up to a copper domed roof crowned at the top with a turquoisehued swan shaped weather vane. The front façade was often compared to Jefferson’s Monticello, and there were also similarities to La Petit Trinon at Versailles, located just outside of Paris. Both had large round entrance halls, which rose, up to a high towering ceiling. Wood had the hall entrance painted with colorful murals copied from Isabella d’Este’s famed rendering at the Palazzo Del Te in Mantua, in Italy. The fanciful murals depicted swans gliding amid terra cotta hued garlands and hearts. Below on each side of the tall French doors stood four life sized statues depicting the four seasons.

The Lakehouse was one of those magical places that had to be seen and experienced at different times of the day, when the sunlight played along the lush bowers of wisteria that all but engulfed the house, and then again in the fog or rain, to be truly appreciated. The view from the rear veranda was breathtaking; it was like stepping into a painting by Monet with its ethereal gliding of swans, their white feathers luminescent in the setting sun. There were many other birds that made their homes in that secluded paradise. Herons, Canadian geese, and ospreys roosted in the twenty-foot perches built on pilings that rose up from out of the lake. From the moment you entered the house, you were aware of the owners passionate love of swans. There were swans everywhere, on the Aubusson rugs, the china tea cups, bath towels, ash trays, and objects of art found all over the house. In the master bath, a pair of solid gold swans held a roll of toilet paper. To the right of the main hall, one entered a handsome English style library with polished mahogany walls and tall glass doors that opened out to a slate paved terrace that overlooked the lake and riding fields beyond. A long passageway from the library led to the French style master bedroom suite with its four-poster blue satin covered canopy bed. Antique linen drapes with allegorical scenes of nymphs cavorting with nude Greek Gods complemented the elegant carved Adam-styled fireplace. At the farthest end of the house was a ballroom that overlooked the lake. Above the marble mantle were fourteen foot, old leather sporting panels that originally came from a castle in England. All around the fireplace there were comfortable leather chairs and couches, and teak wood cabinets filled with rare objects of Eastern and Chinese art. During the summer months the room was always fragrant with the scent of roses, as the French doors that overlooked a magnificent sunken rose garden were kept open. At one time peacocks and an occasional swan or two were known to wander into the house. To the South, a series of stone steps led to a secluded area where a large heated swimming pool was surrounded by tall clipped cedars and classical marble statues. The pool was always shaded by towering black pines that cast dark shadows on a velvety carpet of moss.

Count Uzielly

After Mrs. Wood passed away in 1950, the main house and property remained intact and was purchased by Count M.G. Uzielly, who owned a popular restaurant in Manhattan that bore his name.

Guests at Lakehouse I first met Count Uzielly in 1975 while renting Bridlewood, the property next to his; one of my boarding horses had run off in the direction of the Lakehouse and while chasing after him I suddenly came across a scene reminiscent of an Edwardian novel. The Count and his wife were having a glass of wine on their veranda while two of their guests were floating across the lake in old blue painted boat with its mast strung at either end with Japanese paper lanterns. The woman in the boat was wearing a white vintage dress and carried a parasol. The sun was setting and a group of snowy egrets were perched on the branches of a low hanging willow tree. Life had once been like that here on the Gold Coast, but such visions were rare during the 1970’s. I often wondered whether it was the architecture of those dreamlike manor houses or the settings that surrounded them, which inspired such unaffected poetic gestures of beauty.

25A 76 | enjoying Guests lake

After being introduced to the owners, it wasn’t long before their butler wandered over to my property with a simple, cream colored card stating: “You are cordially invited for cocktails from five to six-thirty pm”. Thrilled at the chance to see the inside of his home, but unsure how to dress, I overdid it, and ended up on a tour sloshing through the bogs and moss around the lake in satin high heels. Inside the house the Count was proud of his objects of art and a rare collection of books that filled the shelves of his vast mahogany library. Count Uzielly was the personification of

The entrance to the main house seen from the long alley of linden trees

Palladian style entrance with glided swan on domed roof

Swans at Lakehouse

European nobility, he walked with an assured and studied gait; always accompanied by his two pampered and prized dalmatians. Whenever the Count paused to point out some view, statue, or imported tree, his faithful dogs stopped, stood by his side, and didn’t make a move until their master did.

Victorian outfits, we decided to brave the cold. When the lake finally froze, we would stage old-fashioned skating parties. If there were a full moon at night we would surround the pond with flaming torches for light. There was a small gilded swan shaped ice sleigh in one of the barns where the old steel runners had to be sanded down to remove the rust. The sleigh had most likely been left there from Ruby Ross Woods time?

The Lakehouse in Winter

While Count Uzielly spent his winters at his villa in Italy, being the gracious neighbor, he told me I could use his lake and rowboat anytime. While sunny Italy must have been grand during the cold winter months here, it seemed the property was the most beautiful when covered in the snow. In the stillness of a cold weather afternoon you might see a deer standing alone in a meadow where icicles clung to the bare branches making them sparkle in the sun like diamonds. In the distance the Palladian white mansion looked like a huge frosted wedding cake, the formal topiary gardens were covered in bowers of snow that glistened with tiny prisms of light. Years before my little sister and I had rescued several vintage velvet and fur trimmed skating outfits from a local mansion that was being bulldozed during the early sixties. They remained in a trunk in the attic and might never have seen the light of day until we were given the gift of the lake. With such a setting available to us, and inspired by that collection of

The ice was often the best early in the morning as great swirls of fog floated along the frozen surface as the sun began to rise. We used a battery operated cassette player for music, and would spend the day waltzing to Strauss and classical Hungarian polkas. It was our way of traveling back in time to a better place when people still knew how to go outside, use their imaginations and create a reality full of joy and wonder. Count Uzielly passed away in the mid 1980’s. The house was abandoned with many of the furnishings and priceless art books left inside. For years it stood empty, at the mercy of the elements and creeping vines that worked their way into the broken windows. Despite its enormous salability due to its manageable size and lake front views, the property was sold to a developer, who demolished the house in 1994. Authors note: There is a one hour illustrated lecture on this estate along with many others and their winter stories call “Winter Dreams” for further info call 516-921-7438



25A Designing Women By Victoria Crosby

million trust fund from his railway fortune. Her father’s sister, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney wasn’t happy with the way Gloria’s mother was overseeing and spending Gloria’s trust fund. There was a sensational custody trial, which Mrs. Whitney won and little Gloria was made the ward of her Aunt Gertrude. This tumultuous childhood story was made into a television miniseries “Little Gloria Happy at Last” from the book by Barbara Goldsmith. The television show won several Emmys.

Gloria Vanderbilt


any of the female illustrious alumni of the Green Vale School became well known “fashionistas,” either for their own designs or the way they wore the clothes designed by others. They were born into a life of wealth and privilege but chose to follow their creative muse.

Gloria Vanderbilt (GreenVale ’39) today is well known for being the mother of Anderson Cooper, by her fourth husband Wyatt Emory Cooper, but at the height of her career in the 1980’s was a very popular designer. Gloria was the daughter of Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt and his second wife Gloria Morgan. Young Gloria had a half sister from her father’s first marriage. Her father died when she was less than two years old in 1925, and she inherited a half share of a $5

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Gloria attended Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut then the Wheeler School in Rhode Island. She studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse and made her acting debut in 1953 in the play “The Swan.” Later the swan became her signature logo on all her designs. She acted on stage and in television in the 1950’s, and a collection of her poetry was published in 1954. Her artistic side was further developed at the Art Students League in New York. She worked in oils, watercolors and pastels and was soon selling her art. Her painting on scarves was her first fashion venture. In the 1960’s she began designing glassware, linens, and Hallmark Cards. Then in the mid 1970’s she found great success designing tight blue jeans that had the swan logo and her name embroidered on the back pockets. These were followed by a line of Gloria Vanderbilt perfumes, dresses and other clothing items. In 1969 Gloria Vanderbilt received the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award and in 1970 was inducted into the Fashion Hall of Fame. In 1976 she started her own company GV Ltd.

Today Gloria Vanderbilt spends her time painting and writing. Her artwork can be seen on her own website, along with this personal statement; “One of the goals of life is to try to be in touch with one’s most personal themes, values, ideas, styles, colors that are the touchstone of one’s individual life its real texture and substance.”

Mary was in Africa and was unable to find clothes she liked, so she purchased African textiles and asked her dressmaker to create dresses for her. Soon people were buying her clothes and her fashion industry was born, with her inspiration for fashion derived from ancient cultures. Like Gloria, Mary has many talents. She was a writer and has also worked in public relations and as a travel and political journalist.

“One of the goals of life is to try to be in touch with one’s most personal themes - the values, ideas, styles, colors that are the touchstone of one’s individual life its real texture and substance.”

Her work has received many honors including the Coty American Fashion Critics award in 1976, ’78 and in the Coty Hall of Fame in 1979.

Dina Merrill (‘37 ) is a socialite, philanthropist and actress, a glamorous star with great style. She attended Miss Porter’s School and George Washington University then dropped out to study acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Art. It is rumored that she took the surname of her father’s competitor, Charles Merrill founder of Merrill Lynch, as her stage name when he (E.F. Hutton) forbade her to become an actress. Dina Merrill who starred in many films and on television programs, mostly in the 50’s and 60’s and on the stage in drama, comedy, musical comedy and also as a producer, co-producing and starring in an award winning television movie, The Brass Ring. Her face was seen on the covers of many magazines including Town and Country and Harpers Bazaar. She married and divorced her first two husbands, Stanley Rumbough Jr., and movie actor Cliff Robertson, then married her present husband, Ted Hartley, in 1989. Merrill now devotes her time to painting as well as her longtime interest in philanthropy and the corporate world.

Mary McFaddon (GreenVale ’53) is the daughter of Alexander Bloomfield McFadden and Mary Josephine Cutting. Like Gloria Vanderbilt, Mary lost her father when she was young. He was killed in an avalanche in 1948. Mary attended Foxcroft, Ecole Lubec and the Sorbonne, Columbia University and the New School for Social Research, She also studied in Rome, Italy. Mary had no design training, she studied sociology and anthropology (the study of people and their culture, not the clothing store) and came into the fashion world by accident in a similar way that Lilly Pulitzer did. ( 25A May issue)

Dina Merrill



Amanda Jay Mortimer (Green Vale ‘59) or as she is now known Amanda Burden, another renaissance woman, is the daughter of socialite and fashion icon Barbara (known as Babe) Paley and her first husband Stanley Grafton Mortimer Jr., heir to the standard oil fortune. She attended Wellesley College, Sarah Lawrence College and Columbia University. She married Carter Burden, a descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt, in 1964 and they divorced in 1972. She married the head of Warner Communications, Steven J. Ross in 1979 and they divorced in 1981. Although her background is in design, it is not fashion design but architecture and city planning, but her sense of style and fashion didn’t go unnoticed. She was one of the darlings of the designers of the 1960’s especially Halston. In 1966 at the age of 22, Amanda Burden replaced Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis on the best dressed list of New York Couture Group. Cornelia



Guest (’78)

daughter of Winston Guest and Lucy Douglas Cochran Guest (known as C.Z. Guest.) Cornelia’s father was Winston Churchill’s cousin and her godparents were the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Cornelia attended Foxcroft School, but didn’t graduate. She didn’t attend college, but became an accomplished equestrian, like her parents. She was a celebrity debutante and was 1982’s Deb of the Year and Deb of The Decade in 1986. That same year she wrote a book called The Debutante’s Guide to Life. In those years she was surrounded by her mother’s celebrity friends, including artist Andy Warhol, designer Halston and fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo. She was often photographed with her mother at clubs like Studio 54. Now she has left those party years and has her own business designing and selling handbags and catering parties. As a vegan and animal rights activist she uses no leather in her handbags, her food is organically grown and she uses no animal products. She has written a book, Simple Pleasures, on entertaining and healthy cooking. She loves to cook vegan recipes, especially cookies, for her friends and for charities. Her home, Templeton, on more than 15 acres in Old Westbury, where Cornelia lived with her menagerie of animals, although no horses, was recently sold for $5.8 million, originally listed in 2008 at $20 million. The 1924 Georgian-style mansion and property may become another statistic if the land is used for development. These are all women of different generations, with many talents, who have made great contributions in fashion and style.

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Cornelia Cochrane Churchill Guest


25A The Kings Presence Chamber Dinner

At the Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace By Victoria Crosby Photos courtesy of The Historic Royal Palaces


y recent visit to London (see the July issue of 25A) came about because I was in-vited as a guest to the Kings Presence Chamber Dinner at the Banqueting House at Whitehall Palace by the Historic Royal Palaces. This annual formal dinner is given as a thank you to major donors to the HRP, a charitable organization which looks after six royal palaces. I was invited, certainly not as a large donor but because I have promoted visits to the palaces through British organizations in America, including the Daughters of the British Empire, of which I was NY State president for two terms, four years in all. I have been on the HRP Board of Trustees in USA for two years.

82 | 25A

It was a great privilege to be invited, and to be in the company of close to 200 people, including some titled ladies and gentlemen. HRP receives no government funding or funding from the Royal Family, and relies on support from membership, visitors and sponsors. The cocktails and champagne were served in the undercroft of The Banqueting House, then we were heralded to the very large room upstairs where we were first treated to a concert by the Gabrieli Consort & Players who played harpsichord, cello and lute with a soprano performing baroque and renaissance music from composers Purcell and Haydn and some also traditional songs.

After the concert the heralds announced musically once again, this time from the Minstrel’s Gallery, that dinner was about to be served. So everybody took their seats and a delicious four course dinner with paired wines followed. The Banqueting House is all that survives of what was once the great palace of Whitehall, designed by architect Inigo Jones, built in 1606, the first building in England to be built in the Palladian style. Most of the palace, which used to reach to the River Thames, was destroyed by fire in 1698. The ceiling was painted by the Flemish artist Sir John Paul Rubens commissioned by King Charles I to celebrate the reign of his father who was King James I of England and Vl of Scotland. Each of the nine panels were painted on a canvas and then applied to the ceiling where they are adorned in gilded frames; unlike the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican where Leonardo de Vinci painted frescos directly onto the ceiling lying on his back on a scaffold. Ironically the paintings were the last thing King Charles saw as he was led from the hall to his execution on the morning of January 30 in 1649, which is still now remembered and commemorated on that anniversary every year at the Banqueting House.

For those who don’t know the history, Oliver Cromwell ruled as the Lord Protector of The Commonwealth, until his death in 1658. His eldest surviving son Richard Cromwell was Lord Protector until the monarchy was restored in 1660, and Charles the second, became king. The undercroft was once used by kings and queens for a court entertainment known as “The Masque” which was a mix of amateur theatre and a ball. And the Main Hall was used for banquets as the name suggests. Today the banqueting house is used for charity events, royal and society occasions and corporate functions. I am very fortunate to have attended the Kings Presence Chamber Dinner and to have had this unique experience, and will be writing articles about the other palaces in future issue of 25A Magazine. The Banqueting House is open to the public so be sure to make this a destination on your next visit to London. For information on this and other Historic Royal Palaces Courtesy of the Historic Royal Palaces.

Allows Individuals To Hire Local Young Adults For Jobs At Affordable Costs


Photo by Nicole Horton Photography

ave you ever found yourself in this predicament: you need someone to clean out your garage, take down your storm windows, pull weeds, help with gardening, move heavy objects, walk your dog, mow your lawn or any type of chore that requires time, effort and maybe some muscle? Perhaps you need help with childcare. How do you find someone to perform these types of jobs at an afford a b le cos t? A We b s i t e c a l l e d Yo u t h i re .c om, w hic h launched last January, allows you to post these types of jobs

84 | 25A

for local young adults to perform. “We see this site as a way to help young adults earn income in an otherwise tough economy for this age group,” Tom Cer na, founder of, said. “It allows them to choose jobs t h a t f i t t h e i r s k i l l l e v e l a n d i n t e re s t s , w h i l e p ro v i d i n g t h e m flexibility to perform them in their spare time.” R e g i s t r a t i o n i s f re e f o r a l l u s e r s . B y re g i s t e r i n g a s a “ J o b Provider,” you can post “odd-jobs” to the site in minutes. Young adults ages 16-26 can register as a “Youthire,” and browse jobs

Photo by Nicole Horton Photography

by zip code. Upon completion of a job, they are securely paid by Job Providers via online credit card payment, and funds are deposited via PayPal or directly to the job seeker’s bank account. Job Providers can view a detailed profile page of each Youthire who is interested in their listed job; the profile information can help them determine who to hire. The site has recently begun to attract more interest, according to Cerna. “In the beginning, when we first launched, traffic to the site was slow given the time of year and the fact that we had just launched,” Cer na said. “Lately, however, traffic to the site has picked up, more people have registered and are starting to use the site.” Cerna described jobs that were recently c o m p l e t e d t h ro u g h Yo u t h i re . c o m , i n c l u d i n g a woman who hired two individuals to clean out her garage. “The woman said that she had wanted to do the job for years and could never motivate herself to get it done,” Cerna said. “After a couple of hours, the garage was completely cleaned out

and organized. This is a perfect example of how Yo u t h i re . c o m c a n h e l p y o u w i t h t h o s e n a g g i n g jobs that never seem to get done.” Based on his own experience, Cerna said the site may help young adults by teaching basic life lessons such as self-reliance, financial i n d e p e n d e n c e , p e r s o n a l re s p o n s i b i l i t y a n d a n appreciation for the work ethic. “When I was a high school and college student, I was constantly performing odd jobs to earn money for myself,” Cer na said. “Working these types of jobs taught me how to problem-solve, to appreciate the value of earning money through hard work and a sense of financial independence t h a t c a n o n l y c o m e f ro m b e i n g e m p l o y e d . I t ’s important to learn these lessons early on in life so as to be prepared for any struggles or setbacks that may come about later on.” Yo u t h i r e . c o m r e c e n t l y l a u n c h e d a s e r v i c e f o r local business owners seeking employees; for a minimal fee, they can post an advertisement to be viewed by job seekers on the site.




cauliflower takes center stage

Andrea Correale, president of Elegant Affairs, is a celebrity caterer and the new national entertaining expert for the Lenox brand. Andrea has been featured in multiple magazines and on television networks such as People magazine, Woman's Day magazine,, FOX 5, WCBS, Bravo, VH1, Lifetime , and Martha Stewart Living. L'Oreal Paris Academy calls her their lifestyle expert with a series of entertaining videos used to inspire women nationwide.

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By Andrea Correale


ood trends are like fashion – some styles are here to stay, but most come and go. For the last few years, kale and brussel sprouts have been extremely trendy, but they’re stepping aside to make way for cauliflower. Cauliflower is quickly taking center stage as the rising food trend and it’s popping up in more kitchens, as well as on restaurant menus. Cauliflower is extremely healthy – it comes from the same family as broccoli and brussel sprouts and is a nutritious super food. It offers nutrients such as a daily dose of vitamin C, as well as vitamin B-6, iron and calcium. It also has anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties, boosts heart health and provides antioxidants to name a few, so it’s a wonderful ingredient to incorporate into your meals.

Cauliflower & Leek Soup with Quinoa and Calamari. Top Right. Cauliflower Parsnip Puree. Bottom Right. Cauliflower Crust Pizza with Pesto Ricotta , Zucchini Noodles, and Sauteed Mushrooms. Top Left.


auliflower also provides the versatility to make a range of healthy meals. It can be served in a variety of ways: mashed, boiled, grilled, steamed, etc., as well as in unexpected ways, such as a cauliflower steak. Cut cauliflower into thick slices and brown it into a steak-like dinner. Add flavors such as lemon and parsley, ginger scallion sauce or a tangy yogurt curry sauce and you have a tasty, healthy meal. Another meal option with cauliflower at the center of it is a gluten-free cauliflower pizza. It’s possible to make a delicious, crispy crust out of cauliflower. Top your “crust” with toppings and sauce of your choice, and you have a much healthier pizza option.

While cauliflower can make a fabulous main course, it can obviously be used as a side dish, as well. A great option is to sub it in for mashed potatoes. It removes some of the heavier carbs from your meal and replaces them with a nutritious vegetable. Other options to consider for a side course are a roasted cauliflower salad, grilled cauliflower, cauliflower fritters, as well as soup. Cauliflower makes a great replacement for cream-based soup, while still maintaining a thicker, satisfying consistency. Next time you’re cooking a healthy, trendy meal, consider cauliflower – it’s a delicious, versatile vegetable that provides many different options.


dance Looking to add a little pep in your step the last few weeks of summer? It’s time to throw on your dancing shoes, grab a partner and join the Midnight Summer Dances at The Vanderbilt Museum. Celebrate the end of summer on a dance floor with professional instructors learning and perfecting your favorite dance moves with your favorite people. This event is ongoing through the end of the summer with styles ranging from the Waltz, to the Cha Cha and Salsa. The evening begins at 6 p.m. sharp with dance lessons and a light catered dinner to follow. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn a different step each week.

ever wunder

By Gwen Wunderlich-Smith

The air is crisp and the leaves are changing but your weekend’s activities calendar is just heating up. This guide of shopping, adventures and autumn happening is what you need for the ultimate fall season. Grab your pumpkin spice latte and follow our editor Gwen Wunderlich-Smith for Country Fairs, Hot Air ballooning and star gazing galore. Enjoy and we’ll see you there!

88 | 25A

gaze With warm summer nights comes the perfect opportunity to carefully explore the stars in the clear night skies. The Astronomical Society of Long Island is one of the most inviting, active, and dedicated groups in the New York metropolitan area that welcomes anyone with a common passion of star-seeking skills. If you make a wish on every shooting star, attend or observe these sessions every Wednesday at the Vanderbilt Planetarium for only $5.00. Don’t waste these last few summer weeks sitting inside watching T.V. Go on and join in on a fun-filled evening where you can navigate the wonders of the night sky.

ride Come witness the wonder as hot air balloons of all colors, shapes and sizes set launch all at once over the Adirondack countryside at several events throughout the weekend of September 18- 20. An awe-inspiring event for children and adults alike, the Adirondack Balloon Festival is the oldest and largest balloon gathering on the east coast and is fun and free to attend. The three days have multiple balloon launches, musical performances, car shows and craft fairs. Kids can enjoy bounce houses, rock climbing walls and aircraft displays. Balloon take offs are weather permitting so make sure to plan ahead, but prepare for the most breathtaking show you’ll see this fall.

enjoy Celebrate the simpler things in life at the annual old-fashioned Country Fair hosted by The Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society. Offering a mix of history and entertainment with a real working blacksmith, Colonial-era games for kids, and tours of the historical SandsWillets house and barn, this event is an enjoyment for all ages. For the crafty-kind there will be booths displaying crafts and products by local artisans. And what is a country fair without some great food? With lots to sample, offers include artisanal burgers, Mexican corn on the cob, bakery fresh cookies and more. A great way to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the local culture, be sure to turn out on September 27 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

cycle Pedal your way into fall with The 20th Annual Escape New York ride on September 20, 2014 hosted by New York Cycle Club. This classic ride offers four scenic, well-marked routes that begin and end in Sakura Park in Manhattan. See the leaves change colors across the Hudson River and Palisades as you cross the George Washington Bridge and ride the serene roads of Bergen and Rockland counties. Enjoy the hospitality of the New York Cycle Club as they deliver a food and fun-filled, fabulous day of riding. With breakfast available at the start and well-stocked refueling stops on all routes you will be well nourished, whichever route you choose. Make sure to stick around for the fabulous Finish Line Festival where you can enjoy local New York hero sandwiches and ice cream, visit with sponsors and listen to live music. Proceeds benefit a number of great organizations that support and promote cycling in the Tri-state area, including Recycle-a-Bicycle, I Challenge Myself and Transportation Alternatives.

shop The latest in luxury shopping is now available to East Enders at the Hamptons Collective popup shop in Bridgehampton. As a result of collaborative efforts between PopUpSummer! and Republic Spaces, shoppers will find everything from Italian-made footwear to eco-friendly, intricate jewelry. Cosmetics, gifts, and apparel are available to purchase from luxury brands like Tess Giberson, Anatomie, Face Stockholm, Forma de Ser, Oak 73, and Stella Flame. Additionally, cocktail parties, book signings, and designer galleries will be hosted throughout the pop-up run. The shop closes its door September 14 so don’t miss out on this unique shopping experience. 2411 Main Street, Bridgehampton NY




Le Sereno

The New Jewel in the Glamorous Saint-Barthélémy By Gwen Wunderlich-Smith


he gold coasters already know when it’s time to get away there’s nothing quite like Saint-Barthélémy, a small but glamorous piece of Europe in the Caribbean. Enter, Le Sereno the island’s newest jewel tucked away inside Grand Cul de Sac on one of the most desired and exclusive islands of the French Indies. Le Sereno is truly a gem of a five-star luxury resort that subtly and quietly screams sheer elegance and luxury while maintaining the ethos of the

90 | 25A

island, low-key glamour. The minute you arrive to the Indies, Le Serenos concierge will meet you at the St. Martin airport to help you through customs and to the ferry or to your connecting flight right into SaintBarthélémy airport. From the second you pull up to the white washed hotel and walk into the open-air lobby your eyes are treated to feast on a vibrant turquoise blue ocean and an impeccable, stylish sun deck and the freshwater pool. Samy Ghachem, the general manager,

“Details are not forgotten here, from the rain showers to the iPod’s to the custom cotton gift bag, which includes Havaianas specially made in Brazil for Le Sereno.”

whom makes it a point to get to know each visitor, greets each guest upon arrival. Consider Samy your resident insider, he will divulge the islands secrets to you from the hottest nightclubs to the must visit stores to restaurants, evening bonfires, intimate events and local treasures. The resort’s design was created and executed by Christian Liagre, best known for The Mercer hotel in Manhattan. Modern and tranquil, 36-room hotel and villa property is inherently laid back. The rooms are spacious and open with doors leading out to a private deck; the dark wood floors,

the white walls and décor is the perfect juxtaposition of simple and exceedingly chic. Details are not forgotten here, from the rain showers to the iPod’s to the custom cotton gift bag, which includes Havaianas specially made in Brazil for Le Sereno. Grand suites, bungalows and luxurious villas complete with butler service and private pools are available. With your hardest choice being where to lay by the pool and whether you want champagne or a cocktail, you can guarantee that everything else is taken care of for you.


“The Spa seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces to create a Caribbean oasis for the senses and its waterfront treatment pavilion only one of its kind on the island.”

92 | 25A


he hotel is situated on pristine white sand and private beach, protected by coral and sea turtles (swim a bit out and you can say hi to them). The Grand Cul de Sac is also renowned spot for kite surfing. Le Sereno provides kayak’s and paddle boards for some great morning exercise as well as having a water sport rental just a few feet away next door to ensure no lack of choices. Le Sereno Restaurant feels like a fiercely protected secret that only the true insiders know about, blending decadent French cuisine with the simplicity and elegance of Japanese influence, while drawing on the island’s fresh seafood. The signature Sereno roll is not to be missed, blending lobster, asparagus and salmon flawlessly. You absolutely cannot leave Le Sereno without trying the Nutella waffles, just don’t think about it. No matter how full the hotel is you will never feel that there is a crowd or you are not being given the staff’s undivided attention. The Spa at Le Serano brings essence of the beach to the massage. Spa director Simao da Silva gave us some insight on the menu of facials, wraps and massages that use Ligne St. Barth products and techniques. As important as the products and techniques used, the setting Le Sereno provides is unmatched. The Spa seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces to create a Caribbean oasis for the senses and its waterfront treatment pavilion only one of its kind on the island. For our session, we chose the Eau de Reve Massage that took us on a spiritual journey. With the sound of the ocean and the sun shining through the room, you feel completely weightless as this gentle yet stretching massage releases tension and gives you the feeling of floating on the sea. Spend time at the hotel’s restaurant or by the pool and you’ll find a diverse international clientele, due to the ultimate privacy and sensitivity a fair share of Le Sereno’s guests are celebrities (they will not share who, part of the attraction), high fashion designers and industry titans. Le Sereno truly caters to every type of guest looking for an upscale sanctuary to escape to from its one-bedroom suites to its four bedroom villas. We recommend renting a car to explore the islands alcoves and beaches and many restaurants like Bagatelle, Sante Fe and L’Isola. After a beyond comparison meal, be sure to check out Elo’Dine, Divine and Lunett to score unique pieces that combine Riviera couture and California beach bum. Le Sereno can take care of the rental for you on site. September and October are a bit lower key and high season is December and January. Rooms book up fast and sell out up to a year in advance, so to plan your escape from reality and make sure to reserve now!


25A Visiting

The Village of Greenport

By Victoria Crosby

Greenport on the north fork of the east end is a lovely village to visit, either as a day trip or to stay for a weekend. There are vineyards and farm stands to stop by and savor as you drive the picturesque roads through the countryside.

side streets, where I have purchased several items in the past few visits. At Dreaming Buddha and East of the Moon, you can find wonderful gift items for yourself or others, and great leather items can be found at DiAngela Leather Manufacturing Company.

The waterfront restaurants in Greenport include Claudio’s Clam Bar, Scrim Shaw and Crabby Jerry’s, where I enjoyed very good fried oysters. I also enjoyed BBQ Bill’ Texas Barbeque restaurant with a view of the water from the upstairs open air deck. You can find delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt on Main Street

Taste Boutique has some unique style clothing and jewelry, as does Impulse Boutique and Kharmah. Doofpot is crammed with Italian imported, hand painted ceramics, and Lydia’s Antiques and Stained Glass is a fascinating shop to browse, but if you want to buy have cash ready as they don’t accept credit cards.

For the young and young at heart there is the carousel which overlooks the water, and is nestled in its own glass house. There are some stylish clothing and jewelry shops on Main Street and the

The variety of shops, galleries, restaurants, places to see and things to do in Greenport is so abundant, that I have barely touched the surface. It’s not a place you can go to just one time, you have to return.

94 | 25A


delicious cuisine, stylish presentation, impeccable service

OFF-PREMISE CATERING & EVENT DESIGN for your HOME, BUSINESS or VENUE Southampton 631 324 9825 路 Glen Cove 516 676 8500 路 Manhattan 212 991 0078




realism The Art of vladimir kush By Diana Pinck


was strolling in Sausalito, the artsy village hugging the shore of the San Francisco Bay Area some 15 years ago, when I came upon Vladimir Kush’ painting FIERY DANCE in a gallery. I was mesmerized. Never had I seen a seemingly surrealist painting so full of life, love and joy. The petals of the giant sunflower were transformed into figures dancing around a huge bonfire, and butterflies floating around them seemed like lanterns at a garden party. Kush’s painting transposed me. I felt like one of the dancers. I could almost smell the smoke, the sweat and the scent of the summer sun on plowed earth, and hear the drums and the roaring flames.

Fiery Dance

96 | 25A

Indeed, Kush is not a surrealist, but rather a metaphorical realist. The difference is that surrealists point out the irony and insignificance of man in time and space, whereas Kush’s paintings use metaphors to describe the joy of the world, the interconnectedness and dichotomy of all the powerful and driving forces of nature and the universe. Visual metaphors are subconscious and often universally understood by most. For example: the symbol of the heart for love, the sun for warmth and energy, flowers for joy and happiness. Furthermore Kush draws

TOP. The Last Supper. BOTTOM LEFT. Departure of the Winged Ship. MIDDLE. Shell. BOTTOM RIGHT. Icarus.

on myths and legends, like in his sculpture, THE FLIGHT OF ICARUS. Another thread that is woven in most of Kush’s paintings is love in all its shapes and forms, like in his painting THE SHELL which shows the creative love between a man and a woman entwined in the double helix of the shell. Kush started painting on the lap of his father when he was 3 or 4 years old.

Although his father was a scientist, he was an accomplished artist himself, as were all the members on his side of the family. At the age of 7 little Vladimir started attending 2 schools, his regular school in the morning and art school every afternoon, which he reached riding one and a half hours each way by metro through the heart of Moscow.




Arrow of Time

“I steadfastly believe that what I do is not only a style of painting, but something universal, large and profoundly human.”

Kush became an accomplished artist when at the age of 25 he took the opportunity of a foreign exhibit in Munich to defect to America. His success was not immediate; on the contrary, nearly penniless he slept on benches and painted in a boiling hot garage that he rented cheaply. Then one day, somebody gifted him a ticket to Hawaii. In Hawaii, the land of his childhood dreams, Kush finally made the breakthrough. Recently, his painting LOVE MATRIX fetched a six digit figure in a charity auction. Kush is profoundly thankful and loves America, the country that made his dreams come true. “I steadfastly believe that what I do is not only a style of painting, but something universal, large and profoundly human.” Vladimir Kush Event

Vladimir Kush

98 | 25A

For more information visit



Catering • Lori Cohen 516.680.6271 • NISEN RESTAURANT • 1197 Walt Whitman Road • Melville, NY 11747 • 631.421.8000 •

A Striped Wedding!

Michael Russo & Richard Piana A pair of Christian Louboutin striped sneakers were the inspiration for event planner Michael Russo when he planned his own wedding to Richard Piana. “I loved the stripes and I carried that through the entire event in a glamorous and sophisticated way,“ Russo said. The ceremony took place on the outdoor deck of Harbor Club at Prime. After the ceremony, guests made their way into the ballroom. Among the guests were some of Russo’s celebrity clients.

certified collision specialists certified collision specialists 20 lakeview avenue rockville centre, nY 11570 • 516. 766. 0101 •

Esther Fortunoff

Westbury location 1964 homecoming 2014

Founded 1922

fortunoff JEWELRY is back

Photos by Stacey Skordas

“My goal for the new store is to exceed my customers expectations for selection, quality, design and service” said Esther Fortunoff “I want to continue to earn our customers confidence, just as my family has for generations”

Almost 50 years after the famed retailer Fortunoff first opened its doors, Fortunoff announces its return to Long Island with the opening of Fortunoff Fine Jewelry in Westbury, NY. Located at 1504 Old Country Road in Westbury, Fortunoff Fine Jewelry is a distinctive jewelry boutique featuring curated collections of women, children’s and men’s jewelry. The store will house over 15 showcases of jewelry collections. Many of which are exclusive to Fortunoff and designed for the retailer. In addition to the classics for which Fortunoff is known, customers of the fine jewelry boutique will find pieces from new, local designers, elegant styles from overseas, and a selection of men’s and women’s vintage jewelry.

Fortunoff was founded in 1922 as an East New York housewares store. Throughout the years, generations of customers have come to trust Fortunoff as the go-to destination for their most precious purchases to mark special occasions. Esther Fortunoff, granddaughter of Max and Clara Fortunoff, founders of the Fortunoff regional chain of department stores, is heading up the reintroduction of the Fortunoff Fine Jewelry brand. An award-winning jewelry authority and leader in the fine jewelry industry, Ms. Fortunoff began her career at Fortunoff as a teen, and over a 30-year period became Executive Vice President of Fortunoff’s fine jewelry division, helping turn Fortunoff into a New York institution beloved by millions.



Urban Chic Contemporary Japanese Dining By Diana Pinck

Nisen 110 owners Robert Beer, David Peskin and Jason Levy


ince it opened last spring, Nisen 110 has quickly become a Long Island dining hot spot. Located in Melville, Nisen 110 is a hip, contemporary Japanese restaurant with an innovative menu for virtually every palate. Expertly designed by co-owners Jason Levy, David Peskin and Robert Beer, the cuisine blends signature Japanese dishes, exotic fusionstyle appetizers and entrees, and an outstanding selection of creative sushi rolls, sashimi and hand rolls. Nisen 110 is known for its wide range of hot and cold appetizers. Asian and Latin-inspired dishes are served up “tapas” style – perfect for sharing. According to Mr. Beer, some of the most popular dishes are the crispy rice spicy tuna, black cod miso zuke, rock shrimp tempura, and the best-selling salmon dried miso, drizzled with Spanish extra virgin olive oil, lemon yuzu, and dusted with dried miso and micro scallion chips. The Kobe beef meatballs exemplify the very best of Nisen 110’s Asian-fusion specialties. Glazed with teriyaki and sweet wasabi aioli, the meatballs are soft and juicy, with a kick of spice.

104 | 25A

The lobster tacos are a must-try. The delightfully crispy taco shell filled with ceviche-style prepared Maine lobster is a winning combination of sweet, tart, crunchy and chewy. Of course, the menu also includes many vegetarian options, such as udon and soba noodles, fried rice dishes and vegetarian hand rolls. Nisen 110’s décor is warm and rustic, with a swank, trendy vibe. Adding to the Zen atmosphere, wood planks and sidings from a 150-year-old barn were used to create the restaurant’s cozy, earthy interior. “We wanted a timeless look,” Beer said. Meanwhile, the restaurant prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients. All fish is thoroughly inspected before it enters the restaurant, and other ingredients, such as produce, undergo a complete evaluation for freshness. If you’re in the mood for sushi, the Black Angel Roll, with seared white tuna, fresh salmon, avocado, jalapeño, wasabi sesame, sweet soy and spicy chili, is a fantastic option. If you’re a fan of spicy food, try the Monkey Jump Roll, with tuna, avocado, mango, chopped yellowtail and chili padi paste on top.


IIO Nisen 110 offers 20 percent off on Sunday from 5-10 p.m. and weekday happy hours with half-off drinks and appetizers. A live DJ spins music at Nisen 110 after-hours on Thursday night. Nisen 110 also offers a kid-friendly menu, with shumai, Kobe beef meatballs, Kobe sliders and more.

For on and off premise catering, call (516) 680-6271 or e-mail Nisen 110, 1197 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747 Phone: 631-421-8000 Website:





Baz Luhrmann at an exclusive pre-release screening of The Great Gatsby last year.

The Gold Coast Arts Center, in conjunction with the Town of North Hempstead, will present the 4th Annual Gold Coast International Film Festival (GCIFF), and everyone’s invited to join in on this special week of films, parties, panels, and glamour, from Nov. 3 to 9. This year, the four-time Academy Award-winning production and costume designer Catherine Martin (The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge) will be accepting the Gold Coast International Film Festival Artist of Distinction Award at our Opening Night Gala, taking place at Leonard’s Palazzo 555 in Great Neck on Mon., Nov. 3. Also, being honored is President of the Gold Coast Arts Center, Michael Glickman, who will accept the Man of the Year Award, and Marie Cecile Flageul and Jonathan Cohen, known as Meres One, who will receive the Art & Activism Award.

106 | 25A


Featured film: Human Capital

Screenings and events at this year’s festival will take place at the Soundview Cinemas in Port Washington and at Bow Tie Cinemas in Great Neck, Port Washington, Manhasset and Roslyn as well as at other venues including the Gold Coast Arts Center in Great Neck. Plus, on Sunday, Nov. 9, as part of our closing ceremonies, the Festival will host a screening of ESPN Films’ When the NBA guests. To coincide with this screening, the Gold Coast Arts Center will be holding an exhibit in partnership with the National Basketball Hall of Fame featuring vintage jerseys, photographs and the NBA Trophy. Over the past several years, the festival has brought the latest Hollywood hits and Indie favorites to the fabled Gold Coast of Long Island. Add A-list celebrities and unforgettable events to the mix and its easy to see why GCIFF has become the “go to” Festival for film buffs (it is also the last major film festival on the East Coast before Awards season).

Featured film: Dior and I

Last year, the Festival honored legendary actor, Paul Sorvino (GoodFellas, Bulworth, The Cooler) with a Lifetime Achievement Award during their Annual Benefit Gala. The Gala also honored Susie Essman, (co-star of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm) with the Artist of Distinction Award for Comedy. From across the “pond” young British actress Bonnie Wright (of the Harry Potter film series), Melanie Lynsky (2 ½ Men, Ever After), Emmy Nominated Actor, Jason Ritter (Parenthood), Sean Young and Robert Clohessy were among others who attended last year’s festivities. GCIFF presents sensational events to SRO audiences year-round. Some past highlights include: an exclusive pre-release screening of The Great Gatsby with Baz Luhrmann, plus screenings and events with notable filmmakers and artists Edward Burns, Brian Dennehy, Phil Donahue, Isabella Rossellini, Bill Plympton, Bruce Dern, Joan Allen, Gabriel Byrne, Celeste Holm, Eli Wallach, Robert Klein, Nelson DeMille, Francis Ford Coppola, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Alan King and Kelli O’Hara to name a few. For the latest, information and updates visit

Featured film: The Wonders

Highlights of this year’s festival Kids Film Day at the Gold Coast Arts Center. An afternoon of great shorts film and hands on art activities for kids of all ages who have the day off of school on November 4th (Election Day) A screening of the Denis Leary Produced firefighting documentary “Burn”, with a special Q&A after the film with producer Jim Serpico, moderated by Kristin Thorne from WABC 7; The premiere of the new documentary on Pulitzer Prize Winning Playwright August Wilson, with a Q&A with Actor/Director Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Director/Producer Sam Pollard, Executive Producer Darryl Ford-Williams and other special guests; A re-screening of the film Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, with a panel of very special guests; Several Long Island premieres including: Zero Motivation, the 2014 winner at the Tribeca Film Festival, Dior and I, about the famed fashion house, Match, starring award-winning actor Patrick Stewart and Mudbloods, about the world cup of Quidditch, the “sport” made famous by the Harry Potter series. Great new comedies, dramas and thrillers from France, Israel, South Korea, Italy and the UK.

Matt Copko

The award-winning actor, writer, director and producer

110 | 25A

The 'Werewolf Rising’ star gets rave reviews


att Copko is receiving great reviews for his starring role in the soon-to-be released feature film, “Werewolf Rising.” Even veteran actor and co-star Bill Oberst Jr. is extolling this rising star as “impressive.” Copko is dangerously beguiling as Johnny Lee, an escaped con who returns to his old stomping grounds and angles his way into the life of Emma, a city girl seeking refuge in the country. Often compared to

“I believe Cinema is the highest art in the modern world, because it combines elements of all the others, and the effect can be exquisitely moving, because it reflects the essence of humanity in all its dazzling colors, rich textures, phenomenal sights, and inspiring sounds and conveys overwhelming emotion that touches the soul. The power of cinema is undeniable. The responsibility of filmmakers should not be taken lightly.” Nicholas Cage and Christian Bale, Copko is described by critics as sexy, sensuous, and intense. “Werewolf Rising” centers around Emma (Melissa Carnell), a recovering alcoholic who returns to her childhood home to escape the big city and all its temptations. As she settles into the secluded residence for some well-needed rest, relaxation, and soul searching, a mysterious neighbor emerges from the shadows. They say Johnny Lee (Matt Copko) is dangerous, but Emma can’t deny her attraction to him. He seems harmless enough... but a darker persona lurks, and when it rises from the depths, even Johnny Lee can’t control the outcome. She’s in for a wild ride with Johnny. Emma’s peaceful retreat soon shifts to chaos, as a recurring violent nightmare plagues her sleep and howling wolves echo through the trees. When Emma discovers

Johnny in an abandoned church, shivering in a pool of blood, barely alive, the nightmare suddenly becomes real. Copko was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the multi-talented Copko moved to Los Angeles as a young man garnering his first screen credit in Bradford May’s Devil’s Prey. He then joined the Screen Actors Guild following a role on TNT’s Bull and appeared opposite Craig T. Nelson on The District. His prodigious talent made an immediate impression in Hollywood landing him quite a number of lead and supporting roles over the years. For his most recent starring role, Copko has received rave reviews in Werewolf Rising, a feature film by writer-director BC Furtney. He also appears in a pivotal supporting role in Omega Kayne’s Her, named Best Short Film at the San Diego Black Film Festival. Copko gives outstanding performances in the feature films Rediscovered, shot in Manila, Philippines, and The Lavender Field, which was also written, produced, and directed by Copko. Copko’s other producing credits include numerous feature films such as the action/comedy Just Another Day in the Neighborhood, starring Ryan Francis (Hook) and Zane Huett (Desperate Housewives), and the horror film Harvest Moon, now available on Netflix. Copko produced several award-winning short films such as Lost Love, Till We Stop Having Fun, and What Are the Odds, starring Sharon Leal (Dream Girls), Jon Abrahams (Scary Movie), and Steven Shirippa (Sopranos). He also wrote, directed, and starred in Odd Man Out with Philip Jeanmarie (Power Rangers Wild Force) and crowd favorite sex-comedy Dirty Laundry. Copko divides his time between New York, Los Angeles, and Pennsylvania. He is presently in development with numerous feature projects, including a vigilante justice trilogy with a supernatural twist, to be filmed in Philadelphia.



Kevin Babington of Ireland guided the young mare Shorapur to the fastest fault-free jump-off time (39.16 seconds) to claim the $250,000 Hampton Classic Grand Prix, presented by Land Rover, in an exciting climax to the 39th Annual Hampton Classic. Brianne Goutal of New York City rode Nice De Prissy to second place (0 faults/40.34 seconds), and Richie Moloney of Ireland rode Freestyle De Muze to third place, with 4 faults in 44.26 seconds. Ramiro Quintana of Argentina guided Whitney to fourth place, with 8 faults in 38.58 seconds. The Hampton Classic Grand Prix was an FEI-sanctioned qualifier for the Longines FEI World Cup Final in Las Vegas next April. Moloney’s third-placed finish was more than enough to put him on top in the $30,000 Longines Leading Rider Challenge for the second consecutive year, earning 300 points from the week’s 10 open jumper classes. Fellow Irishman Darragh Kenny held on to the runner-up spot with 283 points, even though he left on Saturday night for the Alltech FEI World

112 | 25A

Grand-Prix Equestrian Games in France. Quintana finished third (195) and Shane Sweetnam of Ireland finished fourth (177.5).

Darragh Kenny galloped Picolo to the fastest jump-off time to claim the $40,000 Longines Cup, presented by the Crown Family, at the Hampton Classic. “It was nice to go into the jump-off and know that I’d done it already. I had a great week, and winning the Longines award was a great way to finish it off,” said Moloney, of Wellington, FL.

Babington’s day ended better than it started: As the first rider in the ring at 8:00 a.m. for the 7/8-Year-Old Jumper Championships, he fell in the water jump. Since he was completely soaked, he had to wear his back-up jacket for the grand prix, the one missing the lowest front button. “Maybe I should start wearing this jacket for good luck,” he quipped. Stephanie Danhakl of Pacific Palisades, CA, rode her horses Golden Rule and Enough Said to first and second places in the $10,000 Hermes Junior/Amateur-Owner Hunter Classic, the final hunter class of the 39th Annual Hampton Classic. Seven of the nine riders who reached the jump-off by recording faultless first rounds repeated their efforts in the jump-off. Kenny, the final rider on course, stopped the timers in the fastest time 40.32 seconds. Molly Ashe-Cawley and Carissimo scored a comeback victory in the $50,000 Douglas Elliman Grand Prix Qualifier, presented by Longines, at the Hampton Classic. Their jump-off time of 43.80 seconds defeated Karen Polle, representing Japan, on With Wings (44.38) and Ronan McGuigan, representing Ireland, on Capall Zidane (46.99).





An evening of dining and dancing at the Parrish Art Museum benefiting the Prostate Cancer Foundation with a BENEFITING PROSTATE CANCER FOUNDATION IN SUPPORT OF THE special performance by Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins, hosted by Michael Milken.



Luke Jensen

Howard Shore, Olya Kislin, Arik Kislin


Glenn Myles, Kenny Loggins, David Koch, Michael Milken

Dancing to the Music by Kenny Loggins

James Cerretani, Adil Shamasdin, Rameez Junaid

Vince Spadea, Brielle Strickland

Bonnie Pfeiffer Evans, Glenn Myles, Jennifer Myles, Barbara Duffy, Joel Pashcow

James Coleman, Cynthia Ott

Jean Shafiroff

Sybil Yurman, David Yurman

Karen LeFrak, Richard LeFrak

Kenny Loggins

Sally Ein, Mark Ein

Jill Zarin

Margo Manhattan

Ramona Singer

Julianne Michelle, Daniela Montemosso

Nouriel Roubini, Anna Maria Lewiarz

Mei Sze Greene, Jeff Greene

Erin Nikita, Barbara Casey, Amer Delić, Bonnie Pfieffer Evans

Alisa Roever, Dovile Drizyte, Lauren Nicolas, Kathleen Ryan




HAMPTONS PARTY CIRCUIT Photos by Daniel Torok/ and Owen Hoffmann/ By Clara Morgan


Jill Stuart, Sophie Curtis

Jill Zarin, Zach Erdem, Matea Brozincebic

Teddy Bensimon with Corn & Co Popcorn

Teddy Bensimon, Kelly Bensimon

Tilly Moross, Celina Dubin

Lindsey Metselaar, Lily Fraser, Kate Fraser

116 | 25A

Michael Heller, Alfred Culbreth

Charlie Pardoe, Jeff Banastey, Andy Lack

East Village’s Whitman’s Restuarant Served Up Burgers

Larry Kramer


James Coleman, Cynthia Ott

James Cerretani, Timothy Cherotti

Jonathan Canter, Arik Kislin

Brendan Evans, Kate Bergin

David Schneider, Malek Jaziri

Mike Milken, Jason Pinsky, Bill Ackman, Bonnie Pfeifer Evans

John Paulson

Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Julia Koch

Shelly Davis, Richey Reneberg

Kara Rosenblum, Sheila Rosenblum, Danny Rosenblum, Michael Milken

Plum Simons, Chantelle Boulle, Azure Boulle

Mark Ein, Brielle Strickland, Vince Spadea

Roger Stein, Cyril Saulnier






Jill Zarin’s 2nd Annual Luxury Ladies Luncheon: Simon Van Kemp, Roble Ali, Jill Zarin, Cynthia Bailey, Alex McCord, Noelle Roboinson, Dr. Ronald Blatt ©Johnny Nunez

Rand Luxury Aston Martin Brunch: Josh Guberman and Meggan McCabe ©Harley Hall Photography

Blues For My Father Album Release at the Cutting Room Berneta Miles, Erin Pellnat, Angela Clemmons, Vanesse Thomas, Nick Moroch ©Getty Images

A Long Way Down New York City Premiere: Jean Shafiroff, Pierce Brosnan and Toni Collette ©BFA

Botox & Bubbles MedSpa44 Lauch Party: Aviva Drescher, Dr. Ronald Blatt and Elise Blatt ©


10th Annual Hamptons Golf Classic: Guest, Larry Holmes Jr., Mark Selden, Michael Pollak, Glen Roberts, Johnnie Roberts, and DJ Steve Powers ©Steph Jensen via GOAG

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