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Li-Chun Shen illustrator designer

P O RT F O L I O 沈里均 個人作品集 2015-2018

B al est bu m

C VA olle R ctio IA n T IO N



Life Keeps Changing 人生,不斷在轉換

So Many Teritories 許多領域

So Many Challenges 許多挑戰

And All Will Be My Greatest Nutrition


轉 化






The Craking World Stop Domestic Violence No Longer Human Wukong In The Real World

Unchained melody of memories in Taiwan REC Endangered Hidden Beauty Taiwanese Acappella Hakka Sharing Journey How can I Breathe

CD#03 Project


VI for R.D.E.Commssion Guitar Book Cover Design Ailiao Village Community Project VI for Seminar of ZHONG ZONG Community VI for YANGIN MOUSIKE DM for Lumic Technology VI for Publications of Teachers

Mapping Composer Habit Breaker Under the Water Close


Work Experience

Li-Chun Shen 沈里均

2018.11 Design of visual Identity system for YANGIN MOUSIKE. 楊音樂集標誌設計

National Tsing Hua University of Department of Electronic Engineering

2017.11 Design of visual Identity system for Seminar of Zhong Zong Community.



National Taichung University of Sience and Technology of Commercial Design

2017.04 Ailiao Village Community Project.

國立臺中科技大學商業設計研究所 Graphic design, layout, illustration and branding 專長平面設計、編輯排版、插畫設計及企業識別

106 年大專院校農村實踐共創示範計畫 2016.07 Design of visual Identity system for R.D.E Commission, Taichung City Government. 臺中市政府研考會視覺標誌設計 2015.05 Assistant instructor for North Union, Publishing & Educational Institute. 北聯文教新竹分校課輔講師

參加海鷗 K 人聲樂團征戰各類舞台及比賽


悲慘世界音樂劇,飾演 Marius 一要角

一切都是好的,生活會因不斷地嘗試而綻放地更精彩。 All shall be well, and life will be breathtakingly beautiful if we keep trying.



2017. 12 Outstanding Serivice-Learning Teaching Assistant Award.

English, Mandarin, Korean 英語、中文、韓語

獲得傑出教學助理 2012.04 Solo-Marius for Musical Les Misérables 以 Marius 一角參與《悲慘世界》音樂劇演出 2011 .03 Seagull-K Vocal Band 加入海鷗 K 人聲樂團參與演出 2010.09 Student Conductor, art designer for Glee Club, National Tsing Hua University 清華合唱團擔任美術長及譜務長

YAMAHA piano level IV passed 鋼琴檢定四級 Semifinalist of Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016 & 2017 2016 & 2017 年 ADAA 獎項 入選 Selected for 14th The International Biennale of Poster in Mexico 第 14 屆墨西哥海報雙年展 入選 Jury Award of 2009 Vivace International Festival vivace 國際合唱節榮獲評審團大獎

Rational Like Music Sometimes Rational Sometimes Sentimental


CD#01 ILLUSTRATION The Craking World / 崩解的世界 Stop Domestic Violence / 拒絕家暴 No Longer Human / 人間失格 Wukong In The Real World / 悟空入世


The Cracking World 以人臉之碎裂及想像力的轉化呈現環境的崩解, 是人類過度開發抑或大地的反撲? 期望透過強烈的視覺畫面讓觀者反思。 入選 ADAA 國際競賽 Fine Art 插畫類。 Drawing a cracking face and using the transforming imagination to show the disintegrating environment. Semifinalist of Adobe Design Achievement Award 2016

Semifinalist Fine Art - Illustration Li-Chun Shen Presented July 25, 2016 Adobe Systems Incorporated congratulates you for achieving semifinalist status in the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Adobe and ico-D applaud your talent and skills.


Stop Domestc Violence 於新竹馬階醫院擔任醫療志工時, 對於一受暴婦女的親身經歷感同身受, 因此嘗試用插畫表現其碎裂不可彌補之心境。 When being a volunteer in Mackay Hospital, I had a strong feeling with the words from a patient suffering from domestic violence. So I decided to draw it down, and hope it means a lot to her. Semifinalist of ADAA 2017


Picture Book Wukong in the Real World 繪本 Wukong In The Real World, 描繪當生於虛擬世界的孫悟空, 偶然躍入我們的現實生活。 反映出進入陌生環境的真實感受。 This Picture Book named "Wukong In The Real World". It tells a trip story that Wukong which came from the virtual world, suddenly fell into the real world. And that trip also reflects to me whenever I enter unfamiliar places.


No Longer Human 由太宰治《人間失格》回想 己之曾經墮落與躊躇迷惘。 Recalling my memories of ups & downs. Semifinalist of ADAA 2017

CD#02 Poster Unchained Melody of Memories in Taiwan / 憶鄉 REC / REC 海報 Endangered / 生物絕跡 Hidden Beauty / 隱藏的美 - 馬桶刷 Taiwanese Acappella / 臺灣人聲樂團 Hakka Sharing Journey / 客家分享之旅 How Can I Breathe / 如何生存


Unchained Melody of Memories in Taiwan 運用水中倒影之映襯及細緻插畫手法 , 同時勾勒出鄉村島嶼以及臺灣傳統樂器月琴。 入選 2017 年 ADAA Traditional Taiwan music represents our former times of remembrance, and the traditional musical instrument named ”Moon” can produce breathtakingly beautiful sound, which bring us lots of memories in Taiwan. Semifinalist of Adobe Design Achievement Award 2017


REC 仿同志電影海報。 A movie poster of gay issue. An experience of Self-Breakthrough.

02.3 Endangered 萬物共生環境保護海報。 Protect where we live and what we live with, as we're all connected.


Hidden Beauty Brushes don’t care how perfect the shapes are, they just keep working, serving others, and making stuffs cleaner. The spirit is worth our appreciation. So fascinated by not only the beautiful, disordered shape, but also its inner beauty. If we keep finding the hidden beauty from normal things, then we can find more inner beauty from each other, making the world better!

02.5 Taiwanese Acappella 為宣揚臺灣人聲樂器所模 擬之海報 , 以抽象及具象之 圖示混合表現。 A poster design for "Taiwanese Instrument plus Acappella". Sing loudly and proudly.


Hakka Sharing Journey A commercial poster and menu designed for introducing traditional Hakka food in Taiwan, which mainly consists of "rice". The outside part is a poster, which uses different tableware to represent the hospitality of Hakka people, and the position to symbolize clock and journey. The inner part can be foldered as a zine. The types of rice food are diverse, and they respectively represent certain "Hakka Spirit".


How Can I Breathe 在台中讀書這一年,深受空氣毒害及水污染, 於是利用映襯及轉化,表達內心無比的憤怒。 The reflection of my past year in Taichung is the air pollution and emissions problem. The poster is selected by 2016 14th The International Biennale of Poster in Mexico, and semifinalist of Adobe Design Achievement Award 2016.

THE INTERNATIONAL POSTER BIENNIAL IN MEXICO certificates that the poster How Can I Breathe by Li-Chun Shen from Taiwan

Semifinalist Social Impact - Photography / Print / Illustration / Graphic

has been selected for the exhibition of its 14th edition. August 2016, Mexico City, Mexico.

Li-Chun Shen Presented July 25, 2016 Adobe Systems Incorporated congratulates you for achieving semifinalist status in the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Adobe and ico-D applaud your talent and skills.

L.D.G. Xavier Bermúdez Bañuelos BICM General Director

CD#03 Project VI for R.D.E.Commisson / 研考會企業識別設計 Guitar Book Cover Design / 吉他譜書封設計 Ailiao Village Community Project / 隘寮社區服務計劃 VI for Seminar of ZHONG ZONG Community / 中宗社第二屆《大佛頂首楞嚴經》研討會展場平面及標誌設計 VI for YANGIN MOUSIKE / 楊音樂集形象識別設計

DM for Lumic Exposition / 光吶全球科技 DM 設計 VI for Publications of Teachers / 教師著作區主視覺設計


VI for R.D.E. Commission Logo Design Li-Chun, Shen / Wei-Yu, Chu 設計者 沈里均 / 朱唯瑜 2015.07 R.D.E.Commission Taichung city government 臺中市研究發展考核會形象標誌設計


Guitar GuitarBook BookDesign Design Use thethe figure and imaginary space to to Use figure and imaginary space symbolize thethe shape of of guitar and symbolize shape guitar and a man holding hishis beloved girlfriend. a man holding beloved girlfriend. Client: LaiLai Fu-Yuan Client: Fu-Yuan Style: Modern Style: Modern Completion Date: Aug. 31,31, 2017. Completion Date: Aug. 2017.


Where Where are are Leopard Leopard Cats? Cats? Ailiao Ailiao Village Village Community Community Project Project Rural Regeneration Project, For For Rural Regeneration Project, found Ailiao Village We We found Ailiao Village of human resource, distinctive features. lacklack of human resource, and and distinctive locallocal features. Therefore, we create project of Leopard cat painting, Therefore, we create this this project of Leopard cat painting, the creature is now endangered there. withwith the creature is now endangered there. Besides, we plained to paint on treeholes, the treeholes, Besides, we plained to paint it onitthe for better combining the local in Ailiao Village. for better combining the local storystory in Ailiao Village. Through research, prototyping, refinements, Through fieldfield research, prototyping, and and refinements, we finally an exhibition to display in June. we finally holdhold an exhibition to display it in it June. 2017.2017.

Ailiao village

Expectation Searching Searching for for unexpected unexpected opportunities opportunities and and local stories to to design design aa relevant relevant project.

Ailiao Elementary School

Education Collaborated with a local school to teach students painting and education of bio-consearvation

Green Tunnel

Execution conducted the project with painting and local techniques in the green tunnel in Ailiao.

03.4 VI for Seminar of ZHONG ZONG Community Logo / Graphic Design of Exhibition Li-Chun, Shen 設計者 沈里均 2017.11 ZHONG ZONG Community 中宗社第二屆《大佛頂首楞嚴經》研討會展場平面及標誌設計



Application for Seminar of ZHONG ZONG Community 應用系統設計 Invitation Design 邀請卡設計

Sign Design 會場指標設計 : 引導標示、人員掛牌、席位牌、橫幅、直幅等

Application for Seminar of ZHONG ZONG Community 應用系統設計

Package Design 提袋設計

Billboard Design 廣告牆設計

Exhibition of the Seminar 會場展示


VI for YANGIN MOUSIKE Logo Design Li-Chun, Shen 設計者 沈里均 2018.11 YANGIN MOUSIKE 揚音樂集形象標誌設計

Conceptual thinking

Color palette






Logo 及標準字


DM for Lumic Technology exposition DM Design Li-Chun, Shen 設計者 沈里均 2019.03 LumicTechnology Inc. 光納全球科技 DM 設計


VI for Publications of Teachers VI Design Li-Chun, Shen 設計者 沈里均 2019.02 VI for publications of Teachers 教師著作區主視覺設計

A款 生命科學院 College of Life Science Publications of Teachers

工學院 College of Engineering


及 升 等 代 表 作,本 區 典 藏 限 館 內 閱 覽,歡 迎


架,提 供 外 借,歡 迎 多 加 利 用。

原子科學院 College of Nuclear Science


設計理念: 運用拓印風格及色塊達成視覺的統一,並呈現舒服文青 的視覺基調,再以不同抽象形及象徵圖案代表各院所。


B款 √




工學院 17










設計理念: 以山水之圖像作基底使人心境沈澱,再以不同的抽象圖 形連結山稜線。在各院所延伸的部分則運用不同的抽象 圖形做區隔,如數學圖表代表理學院。 ■


CD#04 Integral Design Mapping Composer / 音樂視覺聯覺地圖 Habit Breaker / 打破習慣 Under the Water / 在水中 聯覺創作 Close / 臺灣傳統歌謠《望春風》圖像動畫創作研究


Mapping Composer Established a “Sound & Visual Synesthesia” system to make the environment musicalized. Through field research & the system, I conducted a prototype of “Mapping Composer” that aimed to better guide blinde people, and can be applied on web applications.

- Torget peolpe: - Media through: - What does it provide:


Construction Pond


- You can find your destination when the specific song is right clear and loud !

1. 1. Field Field Research Research

Find - Find this this construction construction roadroad full of full“DANGER”, of “DANGER”, and and the music the music will will be played be played automatically, automatically, which which is composed is composed by the by surroundings! the surroundings!

3. 3. Music Music Softwares Softwares

Create - Create the music the music and and sound sound effect effect of this of this place place withwith music music softwares, softwares, thenthen put put this this specifically specifically experimental experimental songsong intointo the app! the app!

2. 2. System System Establishment Establishment

Song Song Name Name / WATCH / WATCH OUT OUT ! ! Place Place / Construction / Construction Road Road Danger Danger 1 / Safety 1 / Safety Island Island Drum Drum Danger Danger 2 / Ditch 2 / Ditch

Danger Danger 3 / Sands 3 / Sands

Danger Danger 4 / car 4 / car

Danger Danger 5 / Machines/Bulidings 5 / Machines/Bulidings

Danger Danger 6 / Dog 6 / Dog

Distance Distance > Pitch > Pitch Value Value Pace Pace > mood > mood

- Translate - Translate these these information information intointo certain certain music music instrument instrument relevant relevant to the to color the color of the of items. the items. - The- The items items will will be transformed be transformed intointo music music notes notes and and become become an unexpected an unexpected song. song.


Habit Breaker A User Journey Map simulated for an app "Habit Breaker", which encourages people to share unxpected things of their daily lives. Then use technical virtual reality to help people interested to experience it.


Under the water Music & Visual Synesthesia Through my M.A. research “Music & Visual Synesthesia�, I use the system to deal with the graphics, like the color and the motion of the shape, which relates to the sound of diverse traditional music instruments. At my personal exhibition, I use posters & motion graphics to translate the story.

04.4 將臺灣傳統歌謠《望春風》製成一圖像動畫 , 並運用音樂與色彩造型之聯覺進行設計 , 此 外亦此曲重新改編並注入圖像敘事 A animation creation consists of motion graphics and music & visual synesthesia, The story is adapted from Taiwanese traditional song "Bang Chhun-hong".

CLOSE X 臺灣傳統歌謠《望春風》圖像動畫創作研究 Anumation Creation 動畫創作 Designer Li-Chun, Shen 設計者 沈里均 含編劇、導演、插畫、動畫製作、音樂製作、混音 Premiere 發布日期 2018.07.10. Advisor Yu Yen Chan 指導教授 詹玉艷

Public Promotion 大眾宣傳 Info Graphics Poster




海報及 邀請卡

資訊 圖表

Keep Trying And Never Give Up

人 不 散

曲 終 It is not the end of the music...

but the start of a brand new journey.

I Draw I Design And I Dream

Life Keeps Changing, and I Keep Trying 人生不斷變換,而我也不斷努力嘗試

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2019 沈里均 個人作品集

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2019 沈里均 個人作品集

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