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Writers' retreats We asked three authors of bestselling books for their favourite spots on the South Coast.

Chris Allen Thriller writer Chris Allen left an action-packed career in the Australian military – he was a paratrooper – to tackle a life-long dream to write action-packed fiction for a living. With five top-selling books published and another on the way, he's carving a spy niche all of his own in the global market. "Recently my wife and I made the decision to relocate our lives down here [Gerringong] on the south coast and we feel so lucky that we pinch ourselves almost everyday for having made the move," Chris Allen tells The South Coaster. "What we’ve found is that the South Coast is much more than just a lifestyle choice, it’s the feeling of community we’ve discovered here that has really put the icing on the cake. "Our two boys are just starting out in their school years and so the simple things in life are what’s making all the difference for our family. We’re blessed with the best neighbours you could ever hope for, so a great deal of our time – when it’s warm – is spent outside chatting, sharing a beer or a glass of wine with our new friends over a barbecue that’s been dragged out into a driveway, while all the kids play on their bikes and scooters or kick around a footy. "We’re walking distance to the beach and we have an unrestricted view of the escarpment. The mooing of cows from a nearby farm sets the scene. It’s absolute paradise. Community is everything here. "My days of jumping out of a C-130 Hercules or abseiling from a helicopter are well behind me now, so our adventure pursuits are much more configured towards things that are suitable for our boys. Need to start them off early!"



KANGAROO VALLEY: Canoeing in Kangaroo Valley – Glenmack Park: Who wouldn’t enjoy a canoeing adventure in Kangaroo Valley? There is some absolutely incredible scenery along the way – rainforest, wildlife, Tallowa Dam, Shoalhaven Gorge, Hampden Bridge, riding the rapids with the bush towering above you on both sides, clambering over rocks along the banks. Great family fun and a never-to-be forgotten experience.

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