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Public Relations & Reputation Management Proposal For:

Film Production Presented On June 25, 2012 By: Justin Jonoubei, Founder of 25,000 Likes Wish Granter 916-605-8411


25,000 Likes Company Overview 25,000 Likes is a full service web-based company that focuses on the innovative social media market to provide clients a creative and unique leading path into this industry. In this day and age the web is expanding to globally connect users to enjoy consumerism in a way that individually caters to giving fun interactive experiences that they can relate to and share with others. Our research and dedication to acknowledge a new era of thinking has allowed 25,000 Likes to be professionals in designing strategies of gamification, to create promotion in a creative light of making interaction like a game that everyone can be a part of. With this said, the present social media platform is a sufficient way to gain your company’s exposure and create loyal followers and fans to be satisfied and engaged with your product. 25,000 Likes is composed of a result-driven team of designers, strategists, and marketing professional to drive successful marketing campaigns. 25,000 Likes provides outstanding values for clients through superior service, attention to detail, determination to highlight company’s uniqueness, and push results to outperform competitors. We assist businesses achieve greater online visibility to rise above competition by developing strategies that leverage website design & development, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO) & search engine marketing (SEM), graphic design, HD video production & editing, SMS marketing & mobile website applications, public relations, & advertising services. 25,000 Likes core principles are: establishing long-lasting relationships that are built with trust, emphasizing the value of service, and delivering the most innovative and out of the box strategies to elevate partners. We are dedicated to implementing marketing strategies with the eccentric design of gamification to bring your company to the cutting-edge of your industry. 25,000 Likes will partner with your business to offer marketing services, strategy, and design that will expose you beyond the given competitors and drive customers to your products.


We work for companies on the array of industries that vary from pro athletes, new upcoming music artists, yoga studios, law firms, and all the way to mom and pop businesses. We develop our services to fit your business and budget, our methods have proven results to show that the realm of social media will be beneficial for your company to easily grow towards success. With our brilliant ideas and your amazing company, Lets get the ball rolling!

Service Offerings: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Strategic Integrated Branding Solutions Website Design and Development Social Media Marketing and Management Content Creation Social Media Design and Programing Public Relations and Media Relation Services Advertising Coordination (traditional and web) HD Video Production Email Marketing Campaigns Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Site analytics reporting and support Online Reputation Monitoring Social Media Promotion Campaigns Mobile Web Design SMS Marketing (help sell products through text/ SMS) E-Commerce to sell products online


Public Relations Services 25,000 Likes will develop a comprehensive public relations launch to be implemented in what serves your company’s needs in the local or national level. An effective strategy will measure the strengths in your company to align with a designed business plan, mission statement and current websites. The public relations plan will be implemented around the next major websites updates that includes the web version of the application. 25,000 Likes will create a customized public relations campaign that is appropriate for promoting the websites targeting the lifestyle and entertainment industries of your main audiences. The first step after setting goals and key messages is to develop a targeted media list in each market in which your company wishes to penetrate locational exposure. Through press releases, media relations, social media engagement, online advertising, event promotions, networking andmore, we’ll begin to get the ball rolling for your business online, in your community, and nationwide. Social Media is an important step to supporting this campaign by directing people to follow the new company on Facebook,Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and blogging. This is where the opportunities arise for collecting and sharing articles written about the company and services, success stories, endorsements, etc. Social Media becomes the key tool to gain supporters and fans that want to interact with the company and strengthen the company’s image. With Social Media hand in hand with Public Relations it becomes an important part of a company launch phase and a given must to keep the company’s “success ball” rolling momentum to be continually headed in the direction of exposure and long-term awareness.


Reputation Management 25,000 Likes developers design a strategic plan to ensure that your company continues to remain associated with a positive image and focuses on highlighting the integrity within brand recognition. The developing team optimization strategy entails analyzing the search terms that are unbeneficial to the company’s reputation and establish an online network of content creation that will replace the negative content. Content creation will prevail in a good light and allow the company to gain control of what information is appropriate for a successful image. Within our team, it is our duty to build a network of search sites through in-house blogging and integration of social media marketing to strengthen a positive recognition of the company’s employees and product. The content will be tailored to the various niches of your company that draws followers to your uniqueness and builds directs interest and loyalty. It is important to intune all verticals of the company’s production and develop public relations to manage the information that is associated with the company. Through press releases the information will be catered to strengthening brand awareness in efforts to minimize negative content.


How Does Gamification Play A Part Gamification is the process of using game thinking and mechanics to engage audiences and measure behavioral patterns. Gamification holds the key ideologies behind 25,000 Likes designs and strategies to make it within our core creativity to instill themes of innovative fun to keep interest and have users enjoy their experience with our products. Gamification research has shown that with this design we can easily create a loyalty program that is intended to get a user to take actions in our favor when competing competitors are equal in the industry. 25,000 Likes uses gamification strategic model in Social Media to initiate to followers, fans, and customers an opportunity to be connected with the company in a way that both parties can benefit from.

The Matrix of Gamification:


Public Relations Services BASIC



• 10 hours week

• 20 hours week

• 35 hours week







Reputation Management • Price varies due to the amount of keywords selected Cost: $3,000-$7,500






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25,000 Likes is a full service web-based company that focuses on the innovative social media market to provide clients a creative and unique...

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