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28 The AWOL Anthem


AwolNation’s Megalithic Masterpiece

The BARE’s Wild Life – The hard-hitting legend is out of the cage and has his claws hooked in L.A.

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From Melbourne with Love

Mayor Mayor takes Detroit

The odd couple’s Classical/Dubstep fusion – Debut Album

A special movement indeed, just without all the politics





The Bilz & Kashif 14



Check out this band, and see if their music has you saying their name

Flipsyde is bringing the dark underbelly of Oakland into the spotlight










This issue of 24OurMusic Magazine features many new artists; From rising talents debuting out of their hometowns, to artists who have put years into their art and seen the results of their efforts. As always, we’re proud to support these musicians and we are striving to bring you some of the best that are making their marks in the ever-growing Independent music scene. This edition of the magazine features an exclusive interview with the respected Montreal funk-rock duo SiM, a look at Flipsyde’s eye opening album Tower of Hollywood, and much more on what’s happening with bands around the world. Delve into the pages and let the music play; Here is the 4th edition right in front of you, with much to provide to all who love music.



DYSPHEMIC & MISS ELIZA “Bloomed in Melbourne, Australia from a kiss in the depths of a drum and bass party” Synthetic is a common term in raver communities, however a lovely young duo—“Dysphemic & Miss Eliza”—has created a new wave in the party scene with hits administered not by capsule, but rather in MP3’s. These tracks are all performed live, even when being recorded (Neither cut nor mixed), and are making their way from the duo’s origins in Melbourne, to Japan and across Europe, now finally on the stages of the US. A breathtaking (and nerve shaking) debut album, “Synthetic Symphony”, offers up a whole new world of dubstep. The opening of the recently dropped, six track debut album “Synthetic Symphony” kicks off with “Hungarian Dance”; A haunting melody, adapted from the sametitled classical piece written by composer, Johannes Brahms. Miss Eliza introduces with dazzlingly accurate strokes, dabbling her violins fingerboard in a giddy walk down that makes way for Dysphemic’s sloshy wub’s to trace his partner’s rhythm. As the parts seem to acquaint, grimy bass rhythms overcome, tossing you about like that badass shark in Jaws...until he sputters out, deflating. His classical counterpart endures, where she creates an atmospheric bridge that cleanly ties up their opening track with a recount of the smashing first drop. “Drum’n’Bach”, although light-heartedly named, opens with swelling, breathy violin strokes. Miss Eliza feels what she plays, and 4


it shows (it’s hurtin’ my heart!). The tension builds and with one last draw, and the calm is broken by a sporadic interruption, setting the following three minutes up for a fast paced brawl, and a growling synth.

Writer of the story Chris Fisher Photographer Diva Hamm

defending against cannonball bass womp’s.

“Synthetic Symphony” burst through as a powerful debut album, from an innovative and awesomely talented duo. Nice and easy now; “Scripture Slickness”, track number three, comes in, well...quite slick indeed. Miss Eliza holds a steady, repeating melody while Dysphemic distorts and morphs the bass in minimalistic rhythms. He drops out, leaving Miss Eliza in the spotlight when a voice breaks through! For the first time on the album Dysphemic speaks, and he uses the opportunity to introduce Heinz. Now, just when you think you’re getting a feeling for the album, an Emcee comes in a rattles off a fast, but clean rap. This song produces a unique energy, fusing the newly introduced classical dubsteb finally with nice (Australian accented) linguistics. “You are your Fathers Daughter” is

track four; This is an interlude if i’ve ever heard one. Short and incredibly sweet (probably one of my favorites on the album actually) melody play on this song, and it is beautifully felt. This beauty doesn’t last, and turns to distress when the bass comes in accenting with harsh tones until it all smolders and dies down. This short interruption in beat carries nicely into the less poetically titled fifth track, “Bounce Dat Shieet”. The name definitely speaks for the part you might have guessed; The bass bounces along a flurry of violin strokes. The song transforms from solid to liquid, almost interchangeably, softening into full and long notes from Miss Eliza’s delicate end of the spectrum,

The album ends with, possibly the grimiest song on the whole debut, morbidly named “Melbourne’s Burning”. I could see the whole city going on in flames to this track (Is that bad? Sorry, Melbourne.). The intensity rises with the heat of it all, with extremely rapid— rather stressful!––violin strumming and washy dub’s. This song has style and vision, and hey, at least Australia’s biggest city seems to go down with heavy groove. All in all, “Synthetic Symphony” burst through as a powerful debut album, from an innovative and awesomely talented duo. This is one work that Dysphemic & Miss Eliza ought to be proud of, and for the audiences to appreciate for its stand-out nature, in comparison to all their credited pioneering musical style prior. The album itself can be mailed, with a full color booklet (For all you artsy freaks out there) and excellent bonus material from collaborating producers.



Writer of the story Karl Nicolas

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED Why should you take time to listen to the We, The Undersigned – “Bleed the Constants” album, besides the charming album art? Well, for the charming music of course. And of course by charming, I am actually saying hard-core, edgy, and categorically riveting. We, the Undersigned are essentially an upand-coming metalcore/rock band hailing from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Their group consists of members Tyler Feeney, Jai Sadler, and Andy Stevens, who have been praised time and time again for their undeniable potential – and I absolutely agree, judging from glimpses within the album of outstanding guitar riffs, impressive vocals, and a sensational drummer that apparently has three arms. The album certainly has its golden moments; unfortunately, there is a lack of constancy (ironic) within their music. The recurrent tempo shifts and myriad of riffs suggests that they never really settled on just their initial strategy to distinguish each song, settling on a rather messy escapade of misplaced rhythm and out-of-place bass. But like I mentioned before, it has its irresistible, oppressive moments that just beg for acknowledgment. Tracks like “IDDQD” which showcase the band’s versatility and latent potential – is something to watch out for. In fact, of all songs existing within the album, it was this one that got me finally 6


“We, the Undersigned” are set to dredge the stagnant waters of music’s auto-tuned leaches’

bobbing to We, The Undersigned. It is not a chef-d’oeuvre per se, but it’s definitely enough to turn a lot of heads and grab your attention. As somewhat comedic relief, the band has placed a song christened “Tonight I Dine on Turtle Soup” in the album. It is a relatively short track, like “Making a Break for the Ocean”, but with double the personality. Whoever does not swoon over the first-rate guitar riffs and hair-raising drum-manship is just not listening to the song correctly. It

even dares to leave you on somewhat of the cliff-hanger at its conclusion with a drawn breath, making you curious as to exactly how much more noteworthy things could have been had they continued with this train of thought. Their flagship track, “Bleed the Constants”, had me actually hoping to just flat-out rock out to something hard-core and raw. Regrettably, it just lacked the “chops” I was meticulously looking for in the track. Instead of pushing the envelope like some of their

‘A group with a true hardcore, edgy charm and an underestimated potential’

other songs attempted to do, it held back and stopped short of it was what it was capable of. On the other hand, it also was not tame enough to step into a different categorical arena. The technical expertise the band exercises during the course of their other nine songs is still there, but not as powerful. As a result, Bleed the Constants does not seem like the song the album is evidently titled for, but just another track. It is truly unfortunate that We, The Undersigned could not maintain a more constant rhythm and trajectory in a majority of their songs. If they were able to do so, I am confident that more listeners would have their tracks on replay, and admiring their distinguishable instrumental mastery. In the end however, it is still a great album – delivering smashing vocals, riffs to pass out for, and a drummer that

On the left: The Undersigned from, left to right, is Jai Sadler, Tyler Feeney, and Andy Stevens rhythm and trajectory in a majority of their songs. If they were able to do so, I am confident that more listeners would have their tracks on replay, and admiring their distinguishable instrumental mastery. In the end however, it is still a great album – delivering smashing vocals, riffs to pass out for, and a drummer that puts most professionals to shame. Add in the wonderful mastery of almost all tracks, and the sense that if they tried, they could just blow your shirt off – We, the Undersigned clearly has a remarkable future ahead of them.

Keep your eyes peeled; they won’t be the undersigned for much longer.






Chris James has been artistically inclined from a very young age. His taste in various musical genres and sense for unique sounds compliments his talented skills in creative song writing and harmonious guitar playing. The combination of his extroverted personality and melodic creations offers a fresh unique style for poprock culture. He is an emerging musician that holds a bright future and has the potential for great success.

The Montreal-based artist is first and foremost an expert drummer. But moving beyond that – he has done what others have rarely even attempted – adding his own vocals into the mix of his drumming. People seem to love this amalgamation of talents; his many fans skyrocketing him into the

KATIE MORGAN From Wales of the United Kingdom hails soul singer Katie Morgan. Collaborating with Brian Clayton, they form a label by the name of Soul and More, a project dedicated to collaborating with other artists and seeking work with other music producers...

‘I Will Never Be The Same is bringing a new wave of electro-rock to the L.A homefront’ 24ourmusic

There is definitely no shortage of typical electronic producers nowadays, but the dubstep duo of Johnny Atar and Mark Emmanuel are far from the typical. Better known of course – as Klaypex, their explosive style incorporates eye-opening drops, spotless synth lines, as well as cleverly-selected vocal samples. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg...


Writer of the story Brandon Edward Minia




‘California 4 piece has drawn the attention of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction’

This experimental group has a cold, grimy undertone contrasted with a brightness that has given them their originality Los Angeles-based electronic rock artist I Will Never Be The Same mashes a plethora of sounds together to create a something dark, tantalizing, and memorable. Josh Atchley, the mastermind behind this musical act, writes, produces and sings all the songs. Blending melodic rock and cold industrial ambience, IWNBTS is ready to transport its listeners into an audio world of intrigue.

to be a continued propagation of today’s powerhouse act 30 Seconds To Mars. Indeed, IWNBTS seems to be part of a wave of new wave of music that confidently marries the sounds of European electronic music with the melodic power of American rock. Grimy and cold yet bright and melodic, I Will Never Be The Same seems to emanate something that is continuously absorbing potential.

Acclaimed by Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addcition, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and featured on Navarro’s radio show “Dark Matter,” I Will Never Be The Same has already been turning heads of the musical universe. In a world dominated by club-pulsing pop, there is something here that is new and vibrant. Compounding cinematic vocals with industrial sounds from Nine Inch Nails, dark melodies, crunching drums, and laced by humming electronic ambience and a Muse-like energy, I Will Never Be The Same channels an extraordinary audio treat that seems

More of this fiery musicality awaits you in his latest album Tornadoes, a storm of a record that is powerful, heartfelt, and pure with a shadowy and theatric demeanour. With heartfelt and epic tracks like “This Will All Be Over Soon,” IWNBTS seems to have the tools, the talent, and the potential to continuously burn into the musical galaxy for a long time to come. There is something exciting climbing over the musical horizon; indeed, it seems that I Will Never The Same has only just begun an epic musical saga. 24ourmusic


CHECK OUT THESE REVIEWS AT 24OURMUSIC.NET There’s always something new to discover in the 24OurNetwork; Here are a few select artists with various styles, yet consistent quality

A FINE BALANCE RICHY NIX Next up is “Light Years 2.0”.Sporting off a more mature and refined sound, Nix only gets better in this (his most recent) album.

Richy Nix is a singer/ rapper based in Windsor, Ontario – who has released two different albums worthy of note: “Hell City” and “Light Years 2.0”. Both are incredible and showcase the musician’s talent and impeccable ability of finding the right balance between alternative metalcore, rock, rap and hip-hop. We’ll begin with “Hell City”. “Waking Up” is an absolute oddity. To be honest, the flow is very similar to that of a foreign rap song. But a very good foreign rap song. This is where the title or main lyrics are repeated and emphasized (in this case 10


“Waking Up”) supplemented by an unending flow of lyrics and energetic guitar riffs. “Foreign” may not have been the intended effect he wanted for the song, but it works great, and even those not familiar withthe “feel” will love the fast pace of this excellent track. A more provocative song is “Lost Her Wings”, which dabbles in metal and rock. All-in-all, it turned out great. Your attention is never lost from the intro to the outro – and you are going to love the multi-genre mix that Nix effortlessly implements. A similar track is “You Are The One”, which accomplishes the same effect with a harder edge... To keep reading click here!

Writer of the story Karl Nicolas

Capital Boom Records has done just that. Founded in May of 2011 by entrepreneurs Shawn Dauphin and Pierce White-Joncas, the label is still relatively fresh in the industry. Unlike others with similar aspirations however, they would not have to wait long to top the charts. One of Capital Boom’s many gifted artists, Bold Equation, would quickly put out a hard-hitting track which just screamed for musical recognition.

Hailing from Portsmouth, UK, Kassassin Street are a five-piece alternative/psychedelic/electronic band who have opened for artists such as The Big Pink, The Sheepdogs, 2:54 and Art Brut at UK venues and who have been playing together since two years.

The Watermelons. No they’re not a collection of large melon-like fruits. Rather, we are referring to a Brighton based indie pop group that is steadily on the rise. They have recently released their sixsong EP “Better Together” on iTunes, and it truly is a pleasure to listen to. If you haven’t already – it would be a great idea to purchase the album the first chance you get (it’s a great investment, trust me).





Orphan - Logan Ave



Influenced by the greatest rappers to ever grab a mic, Orphan is a no bullshit straight facts type of MC. He refuses to settle for common and simple lyrics often heard, coming instead with the type of punchlines to make you hit the rewind button.

Born in Jamaica, raised in south Florida, Brandon StarFox Walton is the human torch of his city. Suspect in numerous murders of beats, StarFox is determined to take over the game killing one beat at a time.

Founder of MakeWay Studios, born and raised in Montreal. Graduate of Recording Arts Canada and is now a registered sound engineer. He records, Mixes and Masters in any studio he is presented with. BuDz is at the center of the Montreal Hip-Hop community, managing artists and help them connect with the right people to perform and get involved in local events, venues and radio shows.

He shares opinions, thoughts, hopes and also, his disregard for the haters. Be on the look out for this young rapper from RealCity’s South Shore, sure to make some noise in the future years. Enjoy Rapfiends!

The much anticipated up & coming mixtape is said to be a rap lovers 50 shades of gray. Although The lyrical content of this young spittas verses may fly over the head at times, the flo is undeniably dazzling. Swift cunning and smooth, star is the apidemy of what it would be like if a fox could actually rap.

makeway networks

With this experience and large network, building and starting a career for new talent is never a problem. From building your image to recording albums and mixtapes, BuDz has done it for many artists and continues to look for anything new and unique in the music scene.



Writer of the story Chris Fisher

A BRIGHTER THE SYDE OF LIFE Flipsyde came out of Oakland, CA, with a bright and positive message to share with the world “They said rock by rock, we’ll build a tower that will have no top, we’ll get up right beneath the sun”

Flipsyde is one of those groups that has a niche for keeping their fans happy, while still gathering followers who have the opportunity to hear their music. I have immense respect for what it is that they say and how they say it. With two albums, five mixtapes, and the newly released EP Tower of Hollywood, their messages are heard loud and clear, with no bias, as they speak for the people of the world. Carefully composed songs range from profound happiness and feeling unstoppable while keeping in mind the struggles that people overcome, struggles many of us share but maybe don’t talk about so much. Tower of Hollywood was released just before 2013, and is getting plays all over the world. The trio—consisting of rapper Piper (who’s flow seems to have been influenced by 2pac), vocalist Steve Knight, and guitarist Dave Lopez—have released six more songs in the new EP that fits beautifully into their discography. One thing that stands out in the group as a whole is their distinctive sound and their 14


individual voices. Piper offers his intelligent social commentary in poetic raps, and personalized flow, Steve Knight brings a Blues-Rocks vibe into the mix, with lyrics sung in a naturally gritty but refreshing style, and Dave Lopez produces well coordinated guitar licks with unforgettable rhythms. The attention that the group is receiving is well deserved, and the attraction people have will only increase their fan base from where they are now. The EP begins with “One More Trip”, which speaks with haunting honesty, about the affects of drugs and alcohol on their personal lives (without forgetting what they’ve witnessed for a large population of people). Yes, it’s a bit of a low note to kick off an EP with, but they speak with the power of lessons learned, and offer a healthy dose of hopefulness. The song fits all of its parts (the vocals and rap, to beautiful guitar riffs) in a perfect bind, like lock and key. A great opener that’s bound to get plenty of replay time while pressing one’s curiosity to play through the whole set list.

The second song, of the same title as the EP, “Tower of Hollywood” is one that simply needs to be heard. Everything about it has a striking quality with powerfully written lyrics of rising and fading in the public eye and all of the work that goes into living out their dreams. Building the Tower of Hollywood is a great metaphor that brings many strong points into the light. “They said rock by rock, we’ll build a tower that will have no top, we’ll get up right beneath the sun”. - Knight, Chorus. “That’s entertainment, live and die inside the public eye, it always was and will forever be a pretty lie” - Piper, 1st Verse. The first three tracks, the third being “I’m Tired”, are very strong and only make up the first half of the release. Before the turn of the album, “I’m Tired” brings a pick up, a sort of peak with strong, motivating rhythms and words to fight injustice. This song has heavy groove, but above all speaks powerfully about the tediousness of social issues. “I’m tired of hearing motherf***ers blame white people, and I’m tired of white people blaming my


Oakland trio has been releasing albums and mixtapes since 2005, getting attention worldwide. 24ourmusic


Guitarist Dave Lopez offers a natural rock sound to the mix; A stand out guitarist in the rap-rock community.

people” - Piper says with painstaking honesty and a tone of voice that goes straight to your tender spot. The innovation of this song lies in the lyrics combined with a powerful beat that will get your heart racing will showing you the need for change. Not only is this a truly well composed song, but an important piece of musical activism that deserves recognition for anyone who’s seen and can sympathize with the cultural problems we face here in the U.S. People from all walks of life know what it means to struggle, in one sense or another, a message thats portrayed perfectly in the song “Paradise”. We are all confronted by the overwhelming presence of the fact that all things come to an end. A song that speaks of living to fullest with a Bluesy tone and beautiful melodies, and will surely show you appreciation for what you have and what you can achieve. We never know what tomorrow will bring, but it’s that uncertainty that pushes us forward out of simple necessity to survive; “Tomorrow” is the fifth song on the EP and it shines with this blatant fact of life. Piper 16


speaks of his family (his children specifically), in that he knows his role in raising them and the importance them having knowledge of the harsh realities of the world. This isn’t, however, a warning but rather a message to stay strong and true to who you are. Out of all the songs on this EP, “Tomorrow” tells us what many of us know for ourselves but still remains an important reminder that there are no guarantees, simply what we make of ourselves. This is a perfect follow up to the song “Paradise”, and a high point of the album that is likely to show you light in a dark place.

“Gave them the holy spirit, and they chose to fear it”

“Gave them the holy spirit, and they chose to fear it” states Piper in the final song, “Oh God”. A dark gospel that speaks on the contradictions of religion. We are only human, which is made painfully clear as the gifted MC speaks about mistakes made. “Oh God, Please have mercy on me, please have

Steve Knight brings a lot of soul to the stage, great rhythm guitar and fulfilling lyrics

Piper spits well organized verses that connect with all sorts of people

mercy on me...”, the haunting hook reigns in a pleading tone from Steve Knight. This song is a prime example of the fearless nature of this talented trio, with things said that no other artist has been able to capture in the way they have; A colorful show of their unique voice, and a powerful ending track that closes with a flowing guitar solo from the talented Dave Lopez. It’s artists like Flipsyde that bring joy to my job, not only with the pride of being able to support such a group, but with the new discovery of a band that I’ll continue to follow for as long as they are (or I am) around. I have officially added this group to

my list of “must-see” bands, as they stand out as a rare gem that shines with honesty and beauty. Overall, this EP has connected with me in ways that very few do, being one that deserves a full play through every time. I can say with absolute certainty that there was not a single song on this release that I didn’t play all the way through; I simply could not turn it off. I thank Flipsyde for their hard work and dedication that has benefited me as a listener and will continue to bring light to those who need it.

Check them out at, Facebook, and Twitter 24ourmusic


24OURMUSIC PRESENTS: FABE We’re happy to add FABE, a talented rapper from Puerto Rico, to our artists page and are looking forward to his future releases In an industry full of chameleons, FaBe effortlessly manages to stay true to himself and the music he was born to produce. An artist with a taste of Hip-Hop infused with a positive message, one that seems to be lost in the contemporary music world. Bridging the gap between society and today’s issues

every ounce of music regardless of language or location of where it was produced. “I’ve always been into music-whether it was Spanish Hip-Hop, or old school Hip-Hop from around the world. FaBe embraces the greats such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Al Green, Slick Rick, Andre 300, Mos Def, Talib Kwali, Joell Ortiz, and many more. With his basis centered on different artists, he is able

to create a sound collaborating many genres of music with an urban-esque appeal.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, his cultural diversity enabled him to be receptive to

Dry Sofrito mixtape In his new mixtape, titled Dry Sofrito, FaBe took a culinary approach. Simply put, Sofrito is a fragrant blend of herbs and spices used throughout the Caribbean, especially Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Hundreds of recipes from the Latin Caribbean and other Latin American countries begin by instructing the cook to “make a Sofrito”. It is integral to Latin cuisine, the foundation upon which the rest of the recipe is built. With “Dry Sofrito” FaBe aims to do the same musically, bringing you the flavor of his island through his well crafted sound. It’s pretty obvious to the listener that several verses are in Spanish. To someone who doesn’t speak the language, it leaves a portion of FaBe’s message open to interpretation. By writing and performing with an innovative combination of real world issues, stoner flow, and true to self style, his music has something almost anyone can relate to. Follow him on twitter and find his music on soundcloud



Jazz from Warsaw 4 piece Polish jazz band composing awesome Contemporary Jazz

Da Da-da Daaa! We have our own theme song – That’s right, check out the new 24OurMusic theme song performed by FABE

“Play Hard” with Krewella Three piece dubstep group from Chicago, and they’re really not messing around.

Capital Boom Records talks with 24OurMusic CBR took some time to speak with 24Our Staff writer, Karl Nicolas




Writer of the story Chris Fisher

Over the decades, R&B has changed drastically, taking on faces of the many significant personalities that became Idolized for their talent. The Bilzs & Kashif have brought their own take on R&B to the table—sprouted in the city of Montreal—and are achieving international success as multilingual world musicians.

The Bilz & Kashif are making major movement as a diverse Southeast Asian Pop/R&B trio 20


All three members are relative to regions in Southern Asia as well as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, giving them both the stylistic and musical attributes that has appealed to many cultures, while also presenting the Canadian-urban (rather suburban) musical

style. This year the group dropped their third album, “The Trinity”, on April 13th, featuring eleven new tracks with two flashy videos to illustrate. The singles are getting relayed through live performances in large venues and radio stations, globally. They released their first single off the album on Bilz Music (their label), titled “My Ride”. The song starts out like so many singles before it, with a popping synth line that gets dropped into the beat with a careful spatter of electric drums. Kashif opens the album with a strong melody, and yet questionable metaphors

The group has received great reviews and worldwide attention, even performing at Bollywood Music Awards for their song “2Step Bhangra”, best dance video of the year. comparing cars and women. “Tere Nainon Mien” is the next recognized single on the album but fills the middle of the album nicely, being fifth on the tracklist. The story seems to be that of a lost love, however, the first verse is in Hindi, until Kashif takes over on the second, pressing on in English and bringing their signature, culturally rich sound. “Tere Nainon Mein expresses feelings shared by many, but in a simple and minimalistic way. “Deewana” and “Su Kare Che” stand out most

brightly in the spectrum of diversity. “Su Kare” has a loose, eastern influence, and a jungly, asiatic beat with a hook that does its job well, keeping listeners caught up in the hype. “Deewana” on the other hand adds nice contrast as a dubbed out summertime groove, with accenting trumpets over smooth vocals. The upbringing of this recent glittered and glamoured release has an especially spirited story, as The Bilz & Kashif have put some of their music into raise money for charity. To many people, this has highlighted their strong communal sense and dignifies their

diversity, furthering their influence across the globe.

networks 24ourmusic


JAZZPOSPOLITA “Poland has a rich Jazz heritage and passion for this genre, which has filtered into this supremely gifted quartet from Warsaw.”

Jazz is among the most colourful styles of music, with a vast culture rich with subgenres that run parallel with such artists continuing knack for innovation. It’s roots extend deep into World music, where many of the ostinatos seem to have originated, and its branches stretch out into the more solid contemporary sound, in contrast to the sporadic “freeform” that has been recognized for its eccentricity. Jazzpospolita is an outstanding four-piece band formed in 2008 by drummer Wojtek Oleksian and bassist Stefan Nowakowski, in the city of Warsaw, Poland. Since 2010, the group has had three releases, once Michael Break-Tetmajer and Michael Zaleski joined in on guitar and keys. The earliest release was 22


“Almost Splendid”; A ten-track album with an experimental attitude, one that clearly shows they aren’t afraid to explore their options and push their boundaries. The voice of their music sings in a relaxed tone that warmly sooths it’s way into the grooves of the songs, like sipping a glass of Glenlivit 12-year; Both are inclined to make me dance. Another two years passed but were filled with shows in several countries including Europe and the UK and then in 2012, the band released their second album, “Impulse”. Although the songs are all titled in Polski, the music speaks for itself. The first song of the album (which is very long with few vowels) picks up quickly, building up layers

like sediment and breaks out into a fiery and clever solo that I’ve come to know the band for. The whole album carries itself well with driving rhythms and captivating melodies that are constantly in motion. Over the eight tracks it contains, the band covers many fluxuating octaves, eery synths and sounds, and psychedelic song structuring. This is an album of serious musical versitility––though not always for faint hearts or narrow minds; An adventure through each scene that a song sets, that changes with the subtlety and quickness of seconds passing. Their most recent release “RePolished Jazz”, September 2012, gives previous songs new life with remixes from producers and the

Writer of the story Brandon Edward Minia

band themselves. This is a great third album in how it delves more into their experimental side, and they released it just months after an album filled with new material, while also acting as a follow up to tracks on their first EP. It ranges from dance beats to pure ambience without forgetting the qualities of jazz. I look forward to future albums from Jazzpospolita, and hope they make their way to North American stages. An original band with talent and vision is refreshing to hear, all of whom stand out in the giant world of jazz.

networks 24ourmusic


DO IT LIKE DOROTHEO Writer of the story Brandon Minia

Victor Gonzales presses psychedelic guitar licks as openers for Tame Impala in Guadalajara, MX.

Richard Dorotheo IV is a truly magical concoction. Somewhere, and somehow, someone decided to try and throw in the sounds of really trippy indie dream pop with the crisp ambience of The Weeknd, the reverberating echoes of hip hop drum beats, and a mellow Drake-like swagger crooning over rap and singing vocals. And it works. Amazingly. There seems to be a movement in today’s hip hop and pop music that embraces the new and seemingly infinite potential of electronic sounds, and that is absolutely fantastic. Tegan and Sara’s Hearthrob was an indie masterpiece that skillfully utilized the upbeat energy of dance and pop.

An emotional shot taken at the same Tame Impala show of Benjamin Zarate, singing with soul

Late rock band My Chemical Romance used a relatively-heavier amount of synths in their bombastic 2010 record Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, of which was hailed by many major music critics to have been the band’s best record. Frank Ocean has somehow managed to utilize the darker, more nostalgic sounds of electronic noise to create an eerie, self-reflective, and chilling brand of R&B that pulses throughout Channel Orange. It is the combination of sounds compounded



by today’s thirst for new and refreshing music that allows Dorotheo’s brand of alternative pop and hip hop music to blossom. The variety of sounds found within Dorotheo’s catalogue of music ensures something satisfying for a wide array of music listeners. “Cats Got Your Tongue” sounds like the perfect cooling off to a long day in class or at work while the straight-forward dance number “I’m Alive” sounds like a song to complement celebrating life with your friends. “The Climb” is a perfect melodic and cinematic outro, combining rap and chorus stitched together by the haunting crooning of a piano. Whatever Dorotheo is doing, I would only hope they continue it and continue to create. There’s definitely a new niche in the making for alternative pop and hip hop; with fantastic and refreshing acts like Richard Dorotheo IV, a revolutionary world of pop music seems to be closer than we think.


‘FROM THE WINDY CITY: SUNJACKET’ There are few things more refreshing than discovering a band, from seeing their name in print and curiously listening, and finding that you completely resonate with their music. You learn who they are and where they come from and their music becomes more than just a recording; Each song on the album unfolds and then repeats and you find yourself knowing all the words. Bands like that don’t come as often as one might hope, but for me, I’ve stumbled upon another that has left me eagerly waiting for new songs to be released.

-me-up. A high energy track that reminds me of independence and perseverance, and maybe a little bit of my marching band days too. That’s probably just me, however. The setlist ends with great closure, “Partition” bringing the fifteen-minute compilation to an end with a dancing, triplet guitar riff. The guitar cuts out, leaving Hauck singing over a

mesmerizing tom-tom drum beat. The vocals harmonize, tension builds, and the first guitar solo skids in with stretched and strained overdriven notes. This is a very strong track, in my opinion, that ties up the end nicely. All-in-all, I’ll be on the lookout for national tours and CD releases from this band, and I proudly support their originality. Excellent work guys, I’m looking forward to your progression as a group.

Writer of the story Chris Fisher

Carl Hauck led me to the website of his new band “Sunjacket”, after I listened to his solo works. From Chicago, the brand new fivepiece band (formed in 2013 consisting of additional members, Garret Bodette, Bryan Kveton, Tricia Scully, and Ross Tasch) has only released 4 songs so far, posted on bandcamp and their website, “Dress up, Best foot forward”, says lead singer, Hauck, in the haunting chorus of the first song,“Grandstanders”. A great first impression that left me with that persisting curiosity, sending me onto the next three songs. “Alligator” follows up a strong introduction with a darker change in tone, but an equally intriguing and unique sound. The story seems to be that of disappointment, with the chorus relaying the line, “I was waiting patiently” leading into the songs peak, and the guitars exploding distorted harmony. At this point I released I was encroaching on the last half of the set, which had me feeling a little bummed, but no matter, “Two Parades” was number three on the list; It starts with what is probably the fastest tempo out of the four songs, and came just in time as a pick-

Sectempo rehendit occum event iducia con non rerum resota quodi que voluptum quost, simollo oditatum.Im explitas ut omnia.

networks 24ourmusic


“Melodic Post Hardcore” is what Mayor Mayor calls their brand of rock music. Hailing from the suburbs of Detroit, Mayor Mayor brings something youthful, raw, and meaningful to the music scene. Blending together fast drum beats, with slicing guitar riffs and cinematic vocals, Mayor Mayor seems to be building to something both theatric and fast-paced. It seems only a matter of time before something of absolute epic proportions smashes into our world like a meteor. Take “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat,” for example. Mayor Mayor seamlessly wraps theatric guitar licks with Michael Heckman’s vocal work and topped by a catchy, emotional chorus of “I hate the person I am now.” Laced with a sensibility to pop aesthetics, “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat” is heartfelt, raw, energetic, and epic (see their other song “Jor-El And The Temple Of Doom” for another taste of energetic and heartfelt sounds). Citing other energetic epic acts as influences such as Anberlin, Jimmy Eat World and Foo Fighters, Mayor Mayor brings something exciting, youthful, and meaningful.

Mayor Mayor Welcomes You To Town 26


There was a period of time in the last decade when heartfelt rock proliferated the radio waves and music television shows. That niche has since been eroded by a wave of pop music specifically tailored to fistpumping in crowded clubs. Mayor Mayor seems to have the talent, the energy, and the sensibility to carry-on this needed niche of meaningful rock music with a lick of emotion and rawness. Their appeal to younger crowds is absolutely contagious, and their swagger is nostalgically reminiscent of the days when bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy would fearlessly proclaim to the world that “it is okay to feel what you feel.” Mayor Mayor has the promise and the talent to be something fantastically memorable.

Writer of the story Brandon Minia

A rising “Melodic Post Hardcore” act from the City of Detroit!

The bass of Dubstep is heard around the world




It’s always a treat to see a couple drawn together by their love of music and propelled to greater artistic heights by that union. Such was the case when Dub FX, otherwise known as Benjamin Stranford, met his fiancée Flower Fairy.

Mark attacks our eardrums and slams that sensitive spot in the back of our necks full force, aggressively tossing us around with the release of his newest EP Suicide Pill. Teamed up with Adrora, the two bass music producers show off their skills drawing us into their dark and twisted swagg, leaving us wanting more after every track.

Vilify, an up-and-coming Montrealbased DJ, is an unbelievable pleasure to listen to. If you don’t want to take my word for it – realize that this young star was just voted Montreal’s #1 Club DJ in the Montreal Mirror 2012. To be ranked the best in a city where the DJ scene is a flourishing, dense environment is no easy feat for anyone.



Writer of the story Brandon Edward Minia

WELCOME TO AWOLNATION Awolnation’s Symphony - A Megalithic Masterpiece Youthful, upbeat, and energetic - the first three words that come to mind when listening to Megalithic Symphony, the 2011 debut record of American electronic rock band Awolnation. A feel-good, head bobbing adventure awaits the listener, complete with twinkling and rough guitar riffs, contagious electronic sequences, fun drum stompers, topped by great, versatile vocals. Perhaps it is the meticulous blending of summery dance pop with the swagger of Muse that makes this one epic record, or the fact that each song stands strong and confident by themselves while still being stitched seamlessly and masterfully together; unquestionably, there is something



about this record that is refreshing, delicious, and addicting. Whatever it is, the listener will surely be left on their knees begging for more. After a wind-up from the first two tracks, the record begins with “Soul Wars,” an explosive and loud album-opening reminiscent of Patrick Stump’s (Fall Out Boy) “Explode” from his solo LP Soul Punk. Sometimes the best way to begin your album is with a gigantic explosion, and whether that is in the form of Stump’s “Explode” or Awolnation’s power charge before unleashing with “Soul Wars,” the results of such a beginning can be monstrous and spectacular. “Soul Wars” is a fantastic beginning to the album. Recall what

I said before with Muse and dance-pop; “Soul Wars” lets you hear these sounds right at the onset, with a smattering of industrial noise from Nine Inch Nails. Mixed together in this first song is Awolnation’s brand of electronic rock, setting an appropriate tone for the coming epic. “Jump On My Shoulders” is a feel-good song that roars in over the crooning of an acoustic guitar before unleashing energy into a fantastically mellow chorus. This is a song to have blaring out in an arena amidst bright spotlights; it is a catchy, sunny, and seductive hit that is destined to create some great summer memories. “Rob from the rich and blow down the door / onto the next to

‘Lead singer of AwolNation, Aaron Bruno, feeling expressive performing live on stage’ dance with the poor;” a catchy couplet that is sure to be hammered deeply and reverberate into infinity. “Burn It Down” channels something dirtier and grittier; a catchy and aggressive number that requires you only know three words. “Burn it down” will echo endlessly in your head over the raucous stomping of snare and bass drums and could possibly complement your next drunken brawl at your local bar. “Guilty Filthy Soul” is another gritty but slower track that sounds like a drive through a dusty desert, sprinkled by the sunshine tones of an electric keyboard and infused with headbobbing snare and hi-hat, all while being carried by a filthy and sinister guitar riff. The record then picks up the pace again with the anthemic “Kill Your Heroes,” a great feel-good track with a great sing-along chorus. The record takes a brief interlude before throwing the listener into “Sail,” an undoubtedly massive highlight on the record. A simple, one-line chorus of “sail” uttered over authoritative electronic bass is a catchy and powerful pick-me-up, one that does not sound out of place in a hockey arena or a video game soundtrack. Simple and minimalist in content yet powerful in its ambience, “Sail” is fantastic, catchy, and beautiful in its simplicity. Megalithic Symphony is wonderful and refreshing; it is an electronic masterpiece that

Check out these two releases from AWOL! Megalithic Symphony is the debut studio album by American electronic rock band Awolnation. It was digitally released through Red Bull Records in North America in March 2011, in Europe in June 2011 and in the Asia-Pacific in April 2012.

Back from Earth is the debut extended play from American electronic rock band Awolnation. It was released digitally by Red Bull Records on May 18, 2010 for iTunes

Keep your eyes peeled because AwolNation is touring Canada and the U.S.



The release of AwolNation’s single in 2010 helped the band skyrocket in popularity

Phierce Photography by Keith Griner KLIPSCH MUSIC CENTER

blends together catchy pop with anthemic rock into a massive yet simple feel-good record. Hooky choruses on tracks like “Jump On My Shoulders,” “Sail,” and “All I Need,” set beside head-bobbing feel-good tracks such as “Not Your Fault” and “Kill Your Heroes,” blended with the aggression of “Soul Wars” and “Burn It Down” makes for a record that caters to a wide audience, all while skillfully tying all the songs in unison - a united country by the name of “Awolnation.” What seems to be missing is something softer, perhaps a power ballad that can regulate the pace of this energetic record; Awolnation certainly seems to have the tools, the talent, and the creative vision to create something that drives home something cinematic and epic. Nevertheless, the record’s induction on track two does not lie when they warn of “some sort of creature;” Megalithic Symphony is an insane and ferocious monster but with a friendly demeanour. Awolnation’s record is a pleasing treat for those seeking something energetic, adventurous, yet down-to-earth.




Writer of the story Chris Fisher

‘Rob Chacra with Francis “Figz” Gorup & Simon Legare-Theoret of “SiM”

There is an exceptional vastness in Hip Hop culture today, as opposed to the rebellious, ghetto stigma that once held rap music to the streets. The positive vibes and popular approach that many artists have honed has allowed this musical movement to make its way into mass audiences and has obtained great influence in modern American culture. Rob Chacra is a Montreal-based rapper with his sights set on greatness, an enthusiastic attitude that he shines with in his single, “Reaching For Gold”. This upbeat new release is a great kick-off to give momentum to his blooming career, with a strong Pop vibe that’s great for putting motion into dance floors of all kinds of venues. A serious pick-me-up sort of track with musical depth brought from the duo, SiM, who collaborated with Rob on this track. Chacra was able to touch on a variety of grooves that give him not only a vibrant appeal, but a definitive tone of voice which is one of the most important aspects of being a rapper. If you’re a person who keeps up with the latest in mainstream rap, you’ll surely find interest in “Reaching For Gold”. Be on the lookout for more from Rob Chacra, because there’s a large audience for his type of music, and you might be one who will share some interests in the expanding culture of urban music.

Rob Chacra feat. SiMReaching for Gold-Official release on July 8th. Check it out on Itunes. 24ourmusic



Writer of the story Brandon Edward Minia

“Maxilla Blue always has the best tracks to vibe to...” That’s a comment by YouTube user TheFunkJunkieMusic on the track “Lego Blocks” by the musical team Maxilla Blue. Indeed, “Lego Blocks” is a head-bobbing pleaser, laced by a seamless flow of rap vocals crooning over a contagious hip hop drum beat and the humming of an electric piano. Maxilla Blue is a three-piece hip hop, rap, and instrumental group hailing from Des Moines, USA. “Freedom, expression, and similarly raw sh*t...” is what they say they are about; indeed, Maxilla Blue brings something that seems intelligent, classy, and tasteful. They possess a keen ear for fantastic beats that then serve as 32


vehicles for ideals, ideas, and artistic escapism. They construct songs with a carefree swagger that is also careful and attentive to intelligent meaning, social significance, and musical aesthetics. Take another track, “Shovel Kids,” a love letter to the music we grew up listening to. “If every liquor store was a record store you could call us stone cold drunks;” catchy and relentless yet methodic in execution, “Shovel Kids” is pleasing, nostalgic, and triumphant. Maxilla Blue reminds us with style and precision how fantastic and free it feels to lose inhibition to our favourite music. Chill and energetic, noisy yet relaxing; “Shovel Kids” is a one-of-a-kind satisfying piece of music with a celebratory,

victorious energy. Art is the bottom line with this group. Combining the energies of a DJ, a producer, and an emcee and wrapping it in the appreciation for the nostalgic aesthetics of vinyls and compact cassettes and topped by the energy of growing up in an “undernourished locale,” Maxilla Blue is a celebration of difference. They are a declaration of independence from the rigid norms of society and they are the product of defiance against commonality and reckless abandon with their own artistic individuality.


Writer of the story Karl Nicolas

Esper Scout is an exhilarating all-female fourpiece band comprised of Sarah Statham (Vocals, Guitar), Kirsty Morton (Guitar), Rebecca Jane (Bass) and Lou Brinn (Drums, Vocals)from Leeds, England. They currently have two tracks up for digital download, and they are downright dirty. Shed Some Light and Hit It Hard really share the same vague vibe with just the right amount of vulgarity to have you vibin’ out to their tunes. Anyway... enough alliteration and a little more dirt on those lyrics. No doubt about it, the instrumental for Shed Some Light is simply sublime. The guitar riffs are just right, and the clash of drums are a welcome invitee in the gutsy party track that refuses to quit. And the moment the vocals come in – the head-bobbing officially begins. It’s not like it’s hard to follow the lyrics either. You just have to remember that they’re telling you to “shed some light” and not “shit sunlight”. It is hard to tell, whether purposely or not, but this certainly adds a nice edge to an already edgy song. Profanity aside, it is definitely a good listen. Robust and reckless, it really showcases what Esper Scout can do together. Using this as a gauge, I was able to go into Hit It Hard with high expectations and an eagerness to stay in a bobble-head state for the rest of the review. Well I certainly wasn’t disappointed… but

I can’t say I was impressed either. It retains much of the same flavor and a bit less musical fervor. Woolly guitar riffs again start things off, but the vocals leave much to be desired. It does remain ‘tight’ while still freely exploring the dynamic of lazy rock n’ roll, which is a really great place to be. But for an edgy sound – it would make more sense to revel moreso in the rough drums and provocative vocals. And they definitely showcased much more of this in Shed Some Light. Hit It Hard just didn’t hit as hard as it should have. Nonetheless, although one of their tracks may not have been as ‘fun’ as the other, it doesn’t detract from Esper Scout being an amazing talent to look out for. Their music is incendiary and gritty, a full and bold sound that I am sure will only be getting more solid as time passes. When you have the chance, I highly suggest that you give these girls a listen, as you will not be disappointed. I swear they’re not swearing… Or are they?

Multi-talented drummer covering her bases



MEET THE BARE Watch your step and your back, and don’t over look the BARETRAP’s

Writer of the story Chris Fisher Dubstep has bloomed in the last few years, becoming a top choice to some of the best known producers in North America, Europe, and the UK. This uprising holds a strong youthful fan-base of ravers, rebels, and romancers that gather in clubs, fill stadiums, and flood outdoor fields with blaring festivals. This new wave of dubstep has given momentum to new and upcoming artists from around the world, but in the depths of Los Angeles, a new breed has emerged. Bare (often stylized as BVRE) is an L.A producer who has brought smashing grooves with his proclaimed grizzly attitude. He has dropped multiple EP’s along side a plethora of albums he has been featured on. It’s been three years since Bare appeared into the dubstep scene, and he’s made a swift but bold entrance, taking the stage of large venues around the world. Last year, his EP “Ursa Major” was let loose, released April 23rd, and was received by his audiences with a heart-pounding thrill that he’s best known for. When I pressed play on the first song “Enemies”, I was met with a gargling bass and squealing synth; I patiently waited through the first twenty second build-up, noting it’s 34


great amount of tension. To my surprise, the beat fizzled out and a voice came through; “This is what it sounds like...”. ‘It can’t be’, I thought... “WHEN WE RIDE ON OUR ENEMIES!”. The Tupac sample alone grabbed me, being the hip-hop fanatic that I am, only boosting my respect for this dubstep don like an adrenaline shot. Although I doubt Pac would have wanted any place in the dubstep community, Bare found a great sample for a song with wretched synth screams and a pumping, glitchy bass. A very hard hitting opener with a style that Bare has claimed for himself, not to mention it strongly represents his home city. The next song is incredibly dense, and with the title that’s synonymous with the affect it has on my brain; “Lobotomy” introduces with sizzling percussion and pop-y synth, like a “BVRESTEP” twist on classic west coast G-Funk. The density lies in the deep bass, that bounces playfully in the drops, changing from swinging triplets to rock solid quarter note punches throughout the bars. The heaviness of the song is induced further with a mind altering schizo-voice sample.

Writer of the story John Sebastian Doe Photographer John Arnold Doe

This whole EP is filled glitchy effects and romping bass lines that illustrate mental pictures of pillaging. An album for letting loose in a crowd, dancing like mad kids (whom have a taste for synthetic drugs), and eventually leading you to punching the walls of your padded cell until your knuckles turn into Jell-O. “Night Moves” in particular has this energetic vibe that Bare has grasped in his dirty claws. The intro, on the other hand, misled me with glowing keyboard harmony and fluttering hi-hat ticks. A very pretty collection of sounds that led me blindly right into a pounding bass drop. A large piece that plays into the strung out sound of this song is the mix of effects that almost had me convinced I was having an acid flashback. Thanks for that, Bare. The opening of “Titans” might be my favorite off the EP, with a march-y percussion section, and a grim bumping bass that emphasizes the one and two count of the bars. An appropriately titled song for beasts in the urban jungle, and an attitude that is like no one else, this is a track that really delivers in account of groove in the dubstep world. Definitely a track for a futuristic war zone and what could have been a Terminator soundtrack. “Earth Girls Are Easy” is the tagline for the last song of the same title. Clubs have a common theme, and this track fits right with a trend that dance floors seem to stay connected through. The structure of the song isn’t unfamiliar to the first four. It’s the flashy melody in between gritty breakdowns that gives this song a stand-out appeal that attracts crowds to dance floors. I personally am not drawn to dubstep, but in any genre, it’s the artist’s voice and talent that makes his product worth supporting. It’s clear to me how he’s grown his following, and I’m sure the numbers are only going to increase from here, as his name spreads even more than it has currently. Bare even offers free content to his fans, a modest and respectable move for somebody on the rise. So regardless of my taste in music, Bare has won me over. But not like those Earth Girls... 24ourmusic


Writer of the story Chris Fisher SiM: In The Spotlight Thanks, SiM, for putting in the time to talk with me. I’ve really been enjoying your new album, and it’s a pleasure to be speaking with you. SiM: Thank you! CF: So I understand that you’ve been making music since you were thirteen. Naturally your sound will have matured over time, but what told you that it was time to advance; What pushed you to join up with a guitarist? SiM: The main reason why we decided to come out with our music is that our family and friends were very supportive of our projects and really loved our style. On the other hand, it was also because we felt ready and that it was time to get serious! As for getting together with Francis, I wanted to incorporate a more organic feel into my music and naturally, Francis was the perfect fit. CF: When did you start playing with Francis, 36


INTERVIEW WITH SiM and what was the progression like from your first practices together to where you are now?

SiM: Figz and I started playing together in 2009 when I approached him so he could play guitar on one of my tracks. At first, we were just doing what sounded right to us and eventually we found our style of music structure. CF: You released your first album “My Only Feeling” this year (2013). What sort of reactions have you seen per-sonally?

as musicians? SiM: Well, indeed its a s*** load of work (laughs), but we managed really well. It made everything stronger, from our friendship to our music and most importantly got us heard by thousands! Hard work always pays off.

SiM: Best of all is that people keep having the same reactions. Some go “OMG, this sounds fresh” and others are more like “SiM, I can hear this playing on the radio!”

CF: I have personally been curious about your inspiration in both writing lyrics but also in how you developed of your musical “voice”. Your album holds a good variety of sounds, while still sticking to a similar style. Can you tell me about the feelings or ideals that you convey in your music?

CF: Completing an album is a lot of work, I’ve been through that process as well. How do you think this release has affected you and Francis personally, as well as your aspirations

SiM: Good question. In terms of musical sound I have been doing music production for a while now so I like to mix a lot of synths with organic sounds but most important I try

keeping the emotion in the song. Lyrically, I pretty much speak about past experiences or strong emotions but I like to keep things mysterious so I don’t go into details too much in my songs.

CF: Thanks again for talking with me, I hope to see you guys in action one day, you’re doing a great job with original, and quality tracks.

CF: Being a two man band, tell me, have you had any difficulties working with musicians outside your group?

Check out SiM on their web pages for more content, news from the band, and of course their new album, “My Only Feeling”.

SiM: The opposite would be true; We had a lot of musicians that helped us out musically for the album and we are very grateful to them. The 2 man band concept is just to keep a productive way of composing music between Figz and I. We call the shots.

Facebook: SiMofficialpage

CF: Have you worked with any musicians who you considered adding to your group, or would three be a crowd? SiM: Its funny that you asked this question, as we speak, we are putting a band together to play shows and we have now a new guitarist, bass player, Keyboardist, and drummer and we can’t forget our manager who is working hard to make this happen for us! Show dates will be posted on our website soon (www.

SiM: See you guys later!


Twitter: Instagram: simofficialmusic

Montreal Duo, SiM, has been producing together for four years and are still making headway, including upcoming collaborations and releases from the pair. (Left: “Figz”, Right: Simon)

CF: If you could share the stage with other bands, what sort of line up would you put together? I’ll bet Everlast could put on a great show with your group. SiM: Indeed we would! We are trying to focus on a young crowd so something like pop rock sounding Maroon 5 would be a good bet or any other young performers are ideal to us. Heck maybe one day we will have our own show! CF: Have you made any headway or plans for you next release? SiM: Yes we are now working on a featuring with a rapper called Rob Chacra and a new single which will be released in late July with a music video. At the same time, we are working on our next album, I can’t wait to put it out there so you guys give it a listen! It’s going to be sick! We don’t have a release date for it yet but you’ll know soon. If our fans want to know more about our release dates on new material they can always subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates (https:// the apps section, or check us out on WWW. SIMOFFICIAL.COM for details!



RAISE THE ALARM, RAYNE’S EPIC NEW SINGLE Staff writer Brandon Minia had the opportunity to review Rayne’s first single from their debut album, “The New Enlightenment” There is no other way to summarize the newest single from Rayne, a three-piece rock band hailing from Sunderland (UK). “Raise The Alarm,” a heartfelt power-ballad from the band’s debut album The New Enlightenment, is mature, emotional, and beautiful. Splicing together the raw energy of rock music with familiar sounds from 80’s and 90’s pop music and melded together by a heartfelt and anthemic chorus makes Rayne’s newest single a euphoric and haunting pleasure. If you are like me and appreciate alternative rock acts for their ability to create a cinematic rock atmosphere, you know what I mean when I say that melodrama and passionate desperation are usually a winning combination in any memorable power-ballad. Indeed, there are unmistakable smatterings of cinematic passion throughout this song from acclaimed rock bands such as U2 and Coldplay, accentuated by more modern and mainstream alternative rock resemblances such as 30 Seconds To Mars and the late My Chemical Romance. Lyrically, there is nothing noteworthy that would find yourself snapping your fingers and enticing you to poetically delve deep into the words; in fact, the song is a familiar, archetypical, and clichéd mix of themes concerning heartbreak and longing for a lover (or perhaps a lost lover). However, it is important to note that there is a small 38


distinction separating “boring school boy angst-ridden poetry” from “simple yet raw and heartfelt.” Rayne fulfills the latter, throwing all their emotion out into the open and creating something mature, pure, and believable which the listener can relate to. There is simply no hiding any artistic intention; comparable to MCR’s “The Only Hope For Me Is You” and Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall,” Rayne puts everything on the line in “Raise The Alarm” and thrusts all

Writer of the story Brandon Edward Minia Photographer Ryan White

“Must be a dream, been listening to the wind these days, but it won’t blow” sings Ben Potts of Sunderland, UK

melodrama and emotional intensity right through the listener’s speakers. It is this pure and passionate power that surely makes “Raise The Alarm” a cinematic treat. But it’s not just the emotional content that drives forth the power of this song; like any memorable power-ballad, “Raise The Alarm” mashes together the thrashy and youthful aesthetics of rock music with the subtleties of 80’s and 90’s pop music. There is absolutely no way the song would feel as “complete” without the dramatic wailing of keyboard synth in the background, or the combination of distorted and clean guitar sequences to add for a theatrical effect. It is these aesthetic

thoughtful, mature, and emotional, Rayne’s “Raise The Alarm” from their debut album The New Enlightenment will certainly cater to your musical needs and accompany you on nights where you find yourself contemplating life.

audio subtleties that surely draw the fine line between a good and loud rock song versus an epic and emotionally-driven rock anthem. Throw in a dramatic and intense musical outerlude (which, of course, is present here), and the emotional force of “Raise The Alarm” is just that much more impactful. The bottom line is that “Raise The Alarm” is an epic and unforgettable rock anthem. It is impressive not for anything fashionable or technically mind-blowing, but rather for being cinematic and heartfelt in the same pure and familiar way that has driven successful rock ballads all throughout history. For musical fans looking for something

networks 24ourmusic


CARL HAUCK Carl Hauck is an Acoustic/Folk SingerSongwriter hailing from Grayslake, Illinois. His beautifully composed songs are cited by critics and fans alike as able to evoke powerful emotions through his rich, honest vocals and lyricism. In addition, Carl’s tender instrumentals work magically in the background, wrapping you up in a world of nostalgia and surrounding you with soothing rhythms. His self-titled debut album, Carl Hauck, was released in 2004. The songs are moving, not only because they are borne off the emotions of an imaginative high schooler (he wrote them in those years), but because they speak to those far beyond that age. 40


Writer of the story Karl Nicolas

Tracks like Long Drive and Mourning After can be quite spellbinding, and it was truly an impressive start to his singing career. He followed this up quickly the next year with Something to Laugh About. Again, the tracks are impressive, whisking you away into his tender, wonderfully written dreamland. It was another four years before releasing another album, this time entitled Counter Intelligent in 2008. The tracks were incredibly rich, featuring songs like The Rebel and Selfish Duel which attested that Hauck’s sultry style was still alive and kicking. His latest album is Windjammer, released in 2010. Needless to say, it’s another intelligently-

networks crafted masterpiece. The subtleties within his tracks will keep you stuck on replay, with the intense personal feelings he puts into the songs making you feel like by the end of the album – you just know him. This incredibly talented man is well worth a few bucks – so go check out his songs and buy some of his albums. If you need some tunes to sit back and relax, you won’t be wasting a single penny.





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