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‚njvSm... Hcv PmXn {Xmt´m-tf-bv... sImc-ß-t‚ev ]qame In´ym ¥q´m-≠m-hm∂v Adn-bmtem? B sImc-ß\v A[n-Imcw IqSo-s≠-¶ntem? s]´q∂v ]d-™m-t∏mtc! kvIq´m-hm≥ ]‰v√ymtem...? ΩsS DØcw ap´n. ™ns∏¥m sNøm...? sIm™\w IpØt∂!!!


k¿Km-fl-I-X-bpsS km£m-XvIm-c-Øns‚ t]cn¬ in£n-°-s∏´v kz¥w \m´n¬ A¥y-hn-{iaw t]mepw \ntj-[n-°-s∏´ Fw.-F^v.lpssk\v


{]mWs‚ \ne-hn-fn-I-fp-b-cp-tºmƒ A]m-b-®-ß-e-bn-te-°p \otf≠ Ic-߃ Ioi-bn¬ Xncp-Ip∂ sNm¢n-Iƒ°v...


'thrattu' magazine St.Thomas’ college 2010-’11 Chief Editor

Dr.Jenson P.O Staff Editor


Type setting

Shanitha lenin



Lay-out & Design

Vipindas & Dheeraj palliyil

Editorial Board

Dheeraj, Milan, Suman, Emmanuel, Vishnuprasad, Printon, Lino, Jithin K.J, Vysakh, Vivek, Joseph, Derik, Arun.O.B, Akhil


T.S.Santhosh Cover design


Statement of ownership and other particulars about the publication of St.Thomas’ College magazine 2010-2011. Published from St.Thomas’ College every year. Printed and Publisher: C.D.Varghese,Indian,Professor,St.Thomas’ College,Thrissur. Editor: Susith.C.S,Indian, Editor,St.Thomas’College,Thrissur. Owner:Principal,St.Thomas’ College,Thrissur. I,C.D.Varghese,hereby declare that the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Sd/C.D.Varghese


As√-¶nepw CXn-sem∂pw Hcp Imcy-hp-an-√. AXp-\-ap-°-dn-bmw. Adn-™n´pw Imcy-an-s√-∂p-a-dn-bmw. Adn-™n-s√∂p \Sn°mw. \nß-fpsS {Xm´v I≠n-s´m-∂p-a-√. {Xm´ns‚ t]‰‚ v F°m-ehpw \nß-fpsS Iøn-em-hp-I-bn-s√∂pw R߃°-dn-bmw.


IhnX kXy-Øns‚ hkv{Xw tamjvSn®v kXyw Na™v {Xm´n-d-°nb \pW-bp-tSXv Hcp \mtSm-Sn-°-Y. hkv{Xw \jvS-s∏´ \·-kXyw \ap-°p-ap-∂n¬ h∂p \n∂m¬ \Ωƒ ho≠pwkZm-Nm-c-Øns‚ Nqc-se-Sp-°p-tam.


IY ""HSp-hn¬ Ipg-eq-Øp-Im-c≥ h∂p. Ahs‚ kwKo-X(?)Øn\p-]n-∂mse Fen-Iƒ hcn-h®\pK-an-®p... \mSv ¢o≥! Fen-I-fpsS IY-I-gn™p'' ""F∂mepw Hsc-en-sb-¶nepw ImtW-≠-Xm-W-t√m, Hcp dn_-em-bn´v?''˛kw-i-bw. IY-bn¬ tNmZy-an-s√∂v BZyta ]d-™p-sh-®-Xv \-∂m-bn.

A`n-apJw ]pd-tØ°v Xe-bn´v Hcp C∂¿ hyq

teJ-\-߃ hmbv aqSn-s°´n Igp-Øn-semcp SmKp-an´v Ah¿ \nßsf "kzX-{¥-cm°n' hnSp-∂p. Ccp-´n-e-I-s∏-Sp-tºmƒ \n߃ s]m´n-®q-´p-Iƒ°p ap∂n¬ {]Xo-£-Iƒ sa\-bp-∂p, Fhn-sStbm shfn-®-ap-s≠-∂v... Imep-Iƒ°v thKX ssIh-cp-tºmƒ shfn®w AIsebIse...

dnt∏m¿´p-Iƒ Rß-fpsS XpS-°-ßsf \n߃ {Xm´p-sIm≠v ad-bn-´p... F∂m¬ shfn-®-ap-≈n-S-tØ-°ph-f-cm≥ R߃ ioen-®n-cp-∂p...




cn-bpsS tI{μ-hn-lnXw sh´n-°p-d-bv°p-∂Xv ho´nse ]Øm-b-∏p-c-sb-bpw, ^e-Øn¬ Fen-If - psS `£y-kp-c£ - s- bbpw _m[n-°p-sa∂-Xn-\m¬ AXn-s\-Xnsc {]Xn-tj[ i_vZw Db¿Øp-hm-\m-bn Fen-Iƒ a®n≥]p-dØv k¿Δ-I-£n-tbmKw hnfn-®p-Iq-´n. N¿®s°m-Sp-hn¬ aqjn-I-_n-√ns‚ Ic-Sn\v cq]w \¬Ip-∂-Xn-\n-S-bn-emWv IÆv Nph-∏n®p sIm≠v bph-hn-π-h-Imcn i_vZ-ap-b¿Øn-b-Xv. Hcp ]pXnb ]q® h∂n-´p-≠v. h√y ieymWv. Kuc-h-X-c-amb Imcy-߃ kwkm-cn-°p-∂-Xn-\n-S-bn¬ \n m-c-°m-c-\mb ]q®-bpsS Imcy߃ FSp-Øn-´-Xn\v apXn¿∂-h¿ Ahs\ iIm-cn-®p. Ahs‚ IÆv H∂p-IqsS Nph-∂p. “_n√v Xn∂v Pohn-°m≥ ]t‰zm? C√t√m? ho´nse Fen-Iƒ°v kzÿ-ambn \S-°m≥ ]‰mØ Ah-ÿ-bm-Wv. Fen-Iƒ°v bqWnt^mw \n¿_-‘-am-°-Ww. Igp-Øn¬ ID Im¿Uv CSo-°-Ww. BsI ]cn-jvIm-c-ß-fmWv ]qt®sS hI. Ah-\-hs‚ amf-Øn¬ tIdm≥ t]mepw ID Im¿Uv thW-sa∂ Ah-ÿ. BsW-enbpw s]sÆ-enbpw XΩn¬ kwkm-cn°p-∂-Xn\v hsc D]-tcm[w hcp-sa-∂mWv tIƒhn. h¿§-i{Xp Ahs‚ ]nSn-ap-dp-°p∂ ka-bØv \Ωƒ N¿®-IƒsIm≠v kabw \o°n-bm¬ `mhn Ah-Xm-f-Øn-em-hpw.” ""As√-¶nepw B \mdn-Iƒ hf¿Øp∂ ]q®-bt√? AXns‚ KpWw ImWn-°m-Xn-cnt°zm..?'' Hcp kJmhv ]n¥p-W-®p. ""]q®sb \Ωfv I≠n-´p≠v ]t£ CΩm-Xncn BWpw s]Æpw sI´ H∂n-s\...-''F-en-I-fpsS [m¿an-I-tcmjw IØn-∏-S-cp-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p. N¿®-Iƒ B hgn°p\oßn. ]q®sb HXp-°-Ww. Ah\v Hcp \nb-{¥Ww G¿s∏-Sp-Øn-bns√-¶n¬ PohnXw A]-I-S-Øn-em-Wv. “F¥m sNøm?..” HSp-hn¬ Xocp-am-\n-®p. ]q®-bpsS \o°-߃ ap≥Iq´n a\- n-em-°-Ww. Ahs‚ Igp-Øn¬ Hcp aWn-sI-´p-hm≥ Ign-™m¬ ‘Ah-fpsS’ (A-h-s‚-sb-t∂m.., Ah-fp-sS-sbt∂m FgptX-≠-sX∂v \n›-b-an-√m-ØXp sIm≠m-Wv) \o°-߃ \ap°v IW°pIq´mw. “]t£ Bcv aWn sI´pw...?” B¿°pw henb ss[cyw t]mcm... A®-S°ewL-\-Øn\v Cb¿ Hu´m-b-h-cp-sSbpw kkvs]≥j≥ hmßn-b-h-cp-sSbpw Hm¿aIƒ “aWn-sI-´Ww AXv ]m¿´n Xocp-am-\-amWv”. sI´Ww ]t£...! sI´p-hm≥ _m°n-bmb aWn-Ifpw hne-kp-hm≥ A[n-Im-c-s∏´ ]q®-Ifpw Fenh¿§-Øn\p Xs∂ `oj-Wn-bmbn amdp-∂-Xn\v Ncn{Xw km£n-bm-sW∂v apXn¿∂ kJm-°ƒ kμ¿t`mNn-X-ambn Iq´n-t®¿Øp. N¿®-Iƒ Fhn-sS-bp-sa-Øn-bn-√. Fen-Iƒ ]ncn™p. Ime-߃°p apºv ]q®bv°p sI´p-hm≥ hmßn-sh-®n-cp∂ aWn At∏mgpw a®n≥]p-dØv s]mSn-bn¬ Ipfn®v Agp-°p-]p-c≠v InS-∂n-cp-∂p... FUn‰¿



{]nb kplr-Øp-°-tf, F∂ hm°ns‚ Ncn-{Xhpw `qan-im-kv{Xhpw Xnc-°p-Ib - √ e£yw. Znh-tk-\-sb-t∂mWw \Ω-fn¬ A\p-`-h-th-Zy-am-Ip∂ Nne ka-Im-en-Iß-fpsS km£m-XvImcw am{Xta CXn¬ Dt±-in-°p-∂p-≈q. \mS≥`m-jbn¬ {Xm´v F∂m¬ thjwsI´¬, tImew sI´¬ Fs∂-√m-amWv A¿∞w. hS-°≥`m-j-bn¬ ]d-™m¬ ‘AXmWv AXns‚ ae-bmfw’ C√mØ NneXv (I-gnthm A[n-Im-c-tam) Ds≠∂p ImWn®v injvS kaql-sØ-bmsI I_-fn-∏n-°p-∂, Ah¿°p ap∂n¬ thjwsI´n-d-°p∂ G¿∏m-Sn-s\-bmWv \Ωƒ {Xm´v F∂ at\m-l-c-amb ]Zw-sIm≠v hnh£n-°p-∂-Xv. CØcw h©-\I - ƒ A\p-hZ- n-°m-hp-∂X - n-ep-a[ - nIw kzoImcyhpw km[m-cW - h - p-am-Ip∂p F∂-XmWv {Xm´ns‚ B\p-Im-enI {]k-‡n. \Ω-fpsS kzmX-{¥yw, Ah-Imiw F√mw Nne {Xm´p-Iƒ°p ap∂n¬ Nß-e-I-fn¬s∏´p InS-°p-∂p. \ΩpsS hb-ep-I-fn-¬, tXm´-ß-fn¬ hnfbp-∂-sX√mw IpØ-I-I-fpsS hmƒam¿´v {Xm´p-Iƒ°p ap∂n¬ hne-Ip-dhp-I-fm-Ip-∂p. ktlm-Z-cn-am¿ sXcp-hp-I-fn¬ Ac-£n-X-cm-Ip-∂p. Ah¿ am[y-a-ß-fn¬ ho≠pw ho≠pw \·-cm-Ip-∂p. A[n-Im-c-Øns‚ {Xm´n¬ Ip‰-hm-fn-If - pw, kZm-Nmc t]meo-kp-Imcpw k¿ΔkΩ-Xc - m-Ip-∂p. \ΩpsS ktlm-Z-c-߃ hnj-Pew IpSn®v, hnj-hm-XIw izkn®v P\-\-Øn¬ Øs∂ AwK-ssh-Ieyw _m[n-®-h-cm-Ip-∂p. ho≠pw Ah¿, \mw hnizkn®v A[n-Im-ct- a¬∏n-®h¿, {Xm´n-d° - p-∂p. ]mh-s∏-´h - s\ ASn-®a - ¿Øphm≥, Ahs‚ hmb-S-bv°p-hm≥, imkv{XsØt∏mepw Iq´p-]n-Sn-°p-∂p. CØcw thjwsI´-ep-Iƒ k¿Δ-km-[m-c-W-am-Ip-tºmƒ Xs∂ \mw Nne {Xm´p-Iƒ°v km£yw hln-°p-∂p. \nß-fpsS Ah-Im-iß - ƒ \n߃°pth≠n kwc-£n-°p-sa∂p]d™v \ncm-lm-cw, kXym-{K-lw, ioXo-I-cn® ka-c-∏-¥-ep-Iƒ. CsX√mw Znh-tk\ \ap°p ap∂n¬ Ac-tß-dp∂ thjwsI´-ep-I-fmWv. Ch-sb√mw bmsXmcp {]tbm-P-\hpw C√msX hcp-tºmƒ, \ΩpsS kwkm-c- kzm-X{¥yw t]mepw A]-lc - n-°s - ∏-Sp-tºmƒ, \Ωfpw Hcp {Xm´nd-°p-∂p, ‘\ap-°n-sX√mw ]p√m’-sW-∂v. \Ωfpw thjw sI´p-∂p, hnUvVnI-fpsS kz¿§-Øn-e√ \Ω-sf∂v ImgvN-°msc t_m[n-∏n-°p-hm≥.. tImew sI´ens‚ \nd-°m-gvN-I-fn-te°v IÆpw Icfpw Xpd-∂p-sh-®v.. amK-kn≥ kan-Xn


\ne-h-d-Ifn¬ \n[n-I-fp-d-ßp-tºmgpw Ac-a-\-Iƒ BVw-_-c-am-fn-I-I-fm-Ip-tºmgpw ssZh-߃°n∂pw \nthZyw... `‡-∑m¿s°∂pw Ata-Zyw...




O.P.Sudheesh IIIrd DC Electronics

au\w au\-am-bn-cp-∂nt√ F∂pw \ns‚ `mj A¿∞-ß-f-dn-bmsX t]mIp-∂, au\-߃s°∂pw Bgw IqSp-X-em-bn-cp-∂p. AXp-sIm-≠mWv kJo C∂pw Rm≥ \ns∂ Hm¿Øn-cn-°p-∂-Xv... ag-hn-√ns‚ ZpxJw Rm≥ hncn-™Xp IÆm¬t]mepw I≠p \n¬°msX ]Sn-™m-d≥ Ie-Isf XgpIn h∂ Im‰n-s\m∏w \o s]bvXn-d-ßn-t∏m-bn.... Ct∏mƒ Acßv XI¿∂ IY-Ifn \S-s\-t∏m-se, Ggp Nmb-ß-fn¬ apßn Rm≥ \n¬°p-∂p.... ]dbq C\n-tbXp thj-sa-\n°v \obn-√mØ Cu hnÆn¬? ]cn-`hw ag-bv°mbv \o´nb ssIIƒ \\-bm-Xn-cp-∂-t∏mƒ Rm≥ Im‰n-t\mSv ]cn-`-hn-®p.... ]t£ a™mbv s]tø-≠Xv ag-bmbv s]bvX-t∏mƒ, IpS NqSn-Ø∂ Ime-Øn-t\mSv Rms\-ßs\ ]cn-`-hn°pw?

kvac-W-Iƒ Imew sX‰n-s∏bvX ag, Bbncw ssII-fm¬ aÆns\ ]pW¿∂p thgm-º-ep-Iƒ Zmlw Xo¿Øp t]m°m≥ Xh-f-Iƒ Al-¶-cn-®p.. Fs‚ a\-knepw Ah-f-dn™ apf-s]m-´mØ kz]v\-߃ Xe-s]m-°n, \msfsØ sImSpw-sh-bn-ent\-°p-dnt®m¿°msX... \nf-bv°m-bv.... \nfbv-°mbv Rm≥ ]e-h´w s]bvXp.... ]s£ Ahƒ F∂n¬\n∂pw Hgp-In-b-I∂p. Ft¥m Hcm-thiw Ah-fn¬ Rm≥ I≠p kqcys‚ Nmb-ß-fn¬ {`an® IS-ens\ ]pW-cm-\m-bn-cp∂p AXv. HSp-hn¬ B kqcy-Xm]w kln-°msX Ah-sfmcp IÆo¿®m-embv hnXpºn C∂-hƒ Hcp agbv-°mbn tIgp-∂p. ]t£ Imew ssI]n-Sn-®p-X∂ Cu Im‰ns\ Rms\-ßs\ Dt]-£n-°pw?



IIIrd DC Maths (B)

sN¥-angv aW-°p∂ ap√∏qsaØ-bn¬ Dd°w XfwsI´n \n¬°p-∂p. samss_epw satk-Pp-I-fp-ambn Ahƒ IS-s∂-Øn.... IW-°p-Iƒ sX‰mØ Hcp Hml-cn˛ °®-h-S-°m-cs‚ aIƒ. F¥pw ssehmbn H∏p∂ Hcp Nm\¬ Infn. Nq≠p-hn-c¬ aS°n Ahƒ Nne®p “h¨an-\n‰v πokv.....” DØcw e`n°pwap≥]v, samss_-ense s…Uv \o°n Ahƒ tNmZn-®p. “Im≥ bp lnb¿ ao?” tIƒ°mt\m ImWmt\m Ign-bmØ Hcp AIew AhnsS Dƒs°m-≠p.



Msc Chemistry

Ah¿ Hme-°o-dn-t\mfw BImiw I≠-h¿ ssI°p-ºn-fn¬ IS-en-\mgw Xnc™-h¿ Cg tN¿∂ In\m-hp-Iƒ Hs∂∂v Icp-Xn-b-h¿ i_vZw au\-ambn Hgp-Inb Hcp ]mXn-cm- a-b-°-Øn¬ XI¿∂ hoW-°-ºn-bpsS s\Sp-ho¿∏p-Iƒ k]vX-kz-c-ß-fmbn Zqsc- \n∂pw FØn-t\m-°n. B{Klw Bk-‡n-bm-Ip-tºmƒ {]W-b-Øns‚ Hgp-°n¬ Ah¿ `bsØ Hfn-®p-sh-®p. GtXm Cfw-Im-‰n¬ t\¿Ø ag-bn¬ I\Ø hcƒ®-bn¬ Ft∏m-tgm, ]c-kv]cw Xncn-®-dn-bm-\m-ImsX Ah¿ Hcp Npgn-bn-te°v Bgv∂n-dßn. F¥n-s\-∂-dn-bmsX!


Vandhana.S. llnd DC Chemistry.

THE QUESTION It was one evening! In the corner of a shrine I saw him-his voice The lamenting voice The divine voice The ...voice that told me something The meaningless worship like the woundless king” I asked him why But he returned the question!

DEATH Have you ever tasted Death? He comes in all on sudden Snatches you-your hand clutches on you like a crab His long long hand will wind you up You can’t untie his rope he is natures toy But will make her his toy! may be kind or may not be have you ever seen him? No! He has just passed you Would have knocked you damn Nowhere that he can’t go such a drastic kinmd villain! His swan song is often heard that you call a bad oven! Have You ever used a rope? Some pills? narcotis? or met with an accident? Are you in favour of a heart attack? then you are blessed. Oh! you coward, you ran! But you cant run past time Can’t hide from him! Beware! He is always with you!


Anu krishnan IInd DC Zoology.

sImgn-™phoW hmI-∏q-hns‚ Nph-∏n\v Ft¥m..-]-d-bm-\p-≠m-bn-cp-∂p.... Bcp-sS-sbm-s°-tbm..-ku-lr-Z-Øn-s‚bpw ]d-bmsXt]mb {]W-b-Øn-s‚bpw tijn-∏p-Iƒ.......!

Ime-sØ-t∏mse AXn\pw Ct∏mƒ ih-Øns‚ No™ K‘-amWv EXp-°ƒ _meyhpw buh-\hpw ]n∂n´p IS-∂p-t]m-bn, arX-{]m-b-am-bn-cn-°p∂p! hm¿≤-Iy-Øns‚ IÆ-S-sh®v Ah-i-X-bpsS hSn-bq∂n kvac-W-Iƒ NnI-bm-s\-Ønb X≈-t°m-gn-sb-t∏mse Cu hmI-a-c-Ø-W-en¬, C∂p Rm≥ ]t©-{μn-b-߃ Xpd-∂p-sh-®p.

`qX-Im-e-Øn-te°v B ]g-©≥ tKmh-Wn-bn-eqsS Rm≥ FØnt\m°n... amdme ]nSn® kvac-W-Iƒ°n-S-bn¬\n∂pw s]m´n-®n-cn-I-fp-sSbpw tXß-ens‚bpw RmsWm-en-Iƒ...! Ahy‡w! au\-Øns‚ {Zhn® \qep-sIm≠v t\¿tcJ hc®v sImgn-bp∂ Hmtcm CX-fn\pw sX√-k-ly-ambv Rm\n-cp-∂p...! s]mgn-bp∂ Hmtcm Xfn-cn\pw XXz-im-kv{X-߃ At∏mƒ Iq´n-s\-Øn-bn√! ]d-bm-\p≈ KX-ImekvarXn-I-fpsS Iq´-Øn-se-hn-sS-sb-¶n-epw.... Hm¿°nUv ]pjv]-ßfpw NnXepw B \√ \mfp-I-fpsS IY-I-fp-t≠m.... Hcp-an®v \jvS-am-b-t∏mgpw F∂-dn-bm≥.......! `b-s∏-´n√ ! s]mgn™ ]q°sf Rm≥ t\m°n! ImgvN-bn-√m-Ø-Xp-t]mse \S∂p. PohnXw X√n..- C-S-bvs°ms° Xtem-Sepw B Nph∂ \nd-Øn¬ Ah, ]n∂o-sS-t∏mtgm Nnc-ImekvarXn-Iƒ ad-®p-sh® cl-ky-ß-f-{Xbpw XqØp-hm-cm≥ XpS-ßn-b-t∏mƒ.... C∂p Rm≥ Adn-bp-∂p..!!! Hcp-]mSp sshIn! hnIrXw!


Jijo Joseph lllrd DC.Botany


Nusaiba.N.M lIIrd DC Economics

]pdw ImgvN-Iƒ apgpØ IÆp-\o¿Øp-≈n-I-fm¬ ad™p t]mIp-tºm-gpw... AIse Fhn-sS-tbm... t\mhn≥ apIn¬ s]øm≥ XpS-ßp-tºm-gpw... {]Xo-£-bpsS \nd-hn¬ ]mXnNmcnb Infn-hm-Xnen¬ hn[n-bpsS Im‰v h∂-S-bv°p-tºm-gpw... s]cpØ taml-ß-fp-sS Dƒ°m-ºp-Iƒ hmSnØf-cp-tºm-gpw... \mw {]Xo-£n-°p-∂p...- F-√mw.. shdp-sX-bmWo {]Xo-£-Iƒ... shfpØ ]I¬ t]mse.. HSp-hn¬ Ah Ccp-fns\ ]p¬Ipw...


Susith.C.S llnd DC.Maths(B)

{]Pm-]Xn G´nse ]ip ]p√p Xn∂n-√... D]-Im-c-Øn\v NmWIw t]mepw Xcn-√... Hm-Wm-tLmjw CØ-hW Ipºnƒ IpØp∂ tImc\v I™n-sb-¶nepw In´ptam? (tIm-tfPv HmWm-tLm-j-Øns‚ Hm¿Ωbv-°v) tImew IØn-°p-tºmƒ s]m≈n-b-t√...? Xo\mf-Øn\p ImWp-∂{X `wKn-bn-s√∂v \nßfpw Adn-b-Ww. Ccp´v hm°p- ]-d™ \ngepw \nemhpw C∂v ]cn-[n°p ]pd-Øm-Wv.



F≥tUm-kƒ^m≥ hm¿Ø I≠p-c-kn-°p∂ \nß-fpsS Iøn¬ Npcp-≠n-cn-°p∂ _¿K-dn¬ IpØn-\n-d® X°m-fn-bn-ep-ap≠v acWw...




Sruthy.K.S IInd DC Bcom


Po-h-¶nƒ Hcp IqSp-hn´p IqSp-am-‰-Øn\v Hcp°-am-sb-∂-dn-™-t∏mƒ bm{X-]-d-®n-en\v sdUnbmbn Rm≥ sN∂p. kRvPbv, A¶n-fns\ klmbn-°m≥ aptº AhnsS Ip‰n-b-Sn-®n-´p-≠v. “tamtf..- R-ßfv t]mhm-t´m.” A¶nƒ ]d-™p. “icn-b-¶nƒ” Rm\pw ssIho-in. A¶nƒ Hcp k¿°m¿ DtZym-K-ÿ-\m-b-Xp-sIm≠v Hcp tZim-S\ - ° - n-fn-sb-t∏mse bm{X-bm-Wv. CXmWv bm{X-bpsS Ah-km-\w. C\n A¶nfpw ssh^pw kz¥w ho´n¬ ÿnc-am-°m≥ Xocp-am-\n-®p-sh∂v kRvPbv ]d-™n-cp-∂p. Rm≥ A¶n-fns‚ `mcysb -t\m-°n. Ah-cpsS Bekyw hn´p-am-dmØ IÆp-Iƒ Ahn-S-sa√mw ]c-Xp-∂p-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. Rm\Xp I≠n-s√∂p \Sn®p. kRvPbv F\n-°-cn-In-seØn ]d-™p. “A\q..\o tams\ FSp-tØm≠p hm. B‚n H∂p It≠ms´” “Ah-s\m-dßm kRvPp.” Fs‚ i_vZw I\-Øp. “AXv kmc-√y. tZ, B‚ow A¶nfpw t]mhzm.'' Ahcv t]ms´, \ΩsS Bcpw A√-t√m. tams\ FWo-∏n-°m≥ F\n°v hø. Rm≥ A¶n-fns\ H∂p t\m-°n. C\n-sbm-cn-°epw t\cn¬ ImWm≥ km[y-Xb - n-√mØ Ah¿ apJØv ]p©ncn hcpØn ]d-™p. “tams\ anSp-°-\m-°-Ww. Rß-f-hs\ ad-°n-√.” ]n∂oSv A¶n-fns‚ {]mb-Øn-s\m-∏-sa-ØmØ kzchpw R߃°-cn-In¬\n∂v bm{X-bm-bn.


“\n\-s°¥m Ct{Xw hmin?” kRvPbv Ft∂mSp tZjys∏-´p. “Fs‚ Imcy-Ønev B kv{Xo h√m-Xßv CS-s]Sp∂p. F\n-°-Xn-jvS-a-√. Rm\-h-tcmSv Ct{Xw acymZ ImWn®m aXn.” Rm≥ Ib¿Øp. “A\q... -A-h-scmcp eIvN-ddt√?” “eIvNd¿s°¥m sImºpt≠m?” Rm≥ \S-∂p. eIvN¿..-Hcp \nanjw Ahs\ Hm¿Øp-t]m-bn. F∂pw Hm¿a-bpsS hmXn-en-eqsS sNdp-Xm-sbm∂p Nncn- ® p- I m- W n- ° p∂ Iq´p- I m- c - s \. Ahs‚ AΩbpw Hcp eIvNd-dm-bn-cp-∂p. B Iq´p-Im-c≥ ]d-bpw˛ ""tSy.. -F‚Ω Hcp tImtfPv eIvN-dm. AtXm≠v Hg-∏m≥ ]‰n-√-Sn. Rm≥ ]Tn-°m-Ø-Xn\v AΩ ]n®nb ]mSp-Ifv It≠m..'' Ah≥ Iøn¬ IdpØp-In-S-°p∂ ]mSp-Iƒ ImWn-®p-X-cpw. F∂mepw F\n°v j¿´v hmßm\pw samss_-enev Imiv tI‰m\pw ss_°n\v s]t{Sm-f-Sn-°m\pw Imiv Xc-WXv AΩym. Hcp Ip™n-s\-t∏mse Ah≥ FÆn-sbÆn ]d-bpw. {]W-b-Øns‚ ]qsºmSn BZy-ambpw Ah-km-\ambpw a\-kn¬ hnX-dnb Iq´p-Im-c≥. Hcp \nanjw IÆp-\n-d™pt]mbn. k‘ybmIpw tXmdpw Hcp-Xcw Akz-ÿX Fs∂ Ae-´n-s°m-≠n-cp-∂p. A¶n-fn-t\mSpw `mcy-tbmSpw A{Xbpw {IqcX ImWn-t°-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. Hcp Xcn Bizm- k - Ø n- \ mbn Rm≥ cRv P n- Ø n- t \bpw FSpØv sSd-kn-\p-ap-I-fn¬ \n∂p. \£- { X- ß ƒs°√mw ]Xn- h n¬ hn´ Xnf- ° w, AtXm Ah Xs∂ Ifn- b m- ° p- ∂ tXm? Hcp \nanjw tXm∂nt∏m-bn. ]ns∂ aI\v \£-{Xßsf ]cn-N-b-s∏-SpØns°mSp-Øp. Hcp \£{Xw, Nne-t∏mƒ Fs‚ Iq´p-Im-c-\m-hmw˛ F√m-bvt∏mgpw ap∂n¬s∏-Sp∂ Bfmbn-cp∂n-√, Ah≥. kvt]m¿Svkv {]mIvSo-km-b-Xp-sIm≠v ]et∏mgpw {Ku≠n-em-bn-cn-°pw. F¶nepw ]p≈n-bpsS satk-Pp-Iƒ°v Hcp ]™-hp-an-√. cm{Xn aWn-°qdp-I-tfmfw Xs‚ samss_-en¬ Ib-dn-°q-Sp∂ satk-Pp-Iƒ. A—-t‚bpw AΩ-bp-tSbpw IÆpsh-´n®v samss_-en-eq-sS-bp≈ ]©m-cb - S- n. F√mw Hcp Xcw {Xn√v. Fs¥m-s°-bm-bmepw ]nt‰∂v ¢mkn-se-Øn-bm¬, Ft∏m-sg-¶nepw t\cn¬°≠m¬ R߃ X-Ωn-e-dn-bn√ F∂ `mh-amWv c≠p-t]-cp-sSbpw apJ-Øv. X√p-Iq-Sm≥ c≠p-t]cpw tami-am-bn-cp-∂n-√. aΩq´n, taml≥em¬ ^m≥kv Atkm- k n- t b- j ≥ hnjbw ¢mkn¬ IS-∂m¬ ]ns∂ Xm\pw Ah\pw c≠p-tN-cn-bm-bn. ]ns∂ ]nW-°hpw CW-°-hpam-Wv. F√m-Øn\pw Hc-h-km\w D≠m-bn-cp-∂p. A∂v Rm\-hs\ hnfn-®p. ""\osb-hn-Sm..?'' ""Rms\mcp ]qcw ImWm≥ t]mΔm. \o hcpt∂m?'' Ahs‚ Acp-a-bm¿∂ Nncn adp-hiØv tI´p. ""\o ]qcw I≠v \S-t∂m. t_m´Wn t{]mPIvSv Xn¶-fmgvN k_van‰v sNø-Ww.'' Rm≥ Adn-bn-®p.'' ""AXv hnfn®p ]d-btWm? \n\-°ßv sNbvXmt∏mtc? As∏m ]d™ t]mse, Ft‚w \nt‚w t{]mPIvSv \osb-gp-Xpw.''

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Arun.A.S lst DC Botany


º- Ø n- I - i m- k v { X- Ø n\p t\m_¬ kΩm\w t\Snb ae-bmfn tUm.-A-Jn-tejns\ C‚¿hyq sNøm≥ tIc-f-Ønse G‰hpw {]Nm-c-ap≈ ]{X-Øns‚ teJ-I\pw t^mt´m-{Km-^dpw ho´n-te°p sN∂p. U¬lnbn¬ \S-°m-\n-cp∂ skan-\m-dn¬ t]∏¿ AhX-cn-∏n-°m≥ Xøm-dm-bn-s°m-≠n-cp∂ AJntejv C‚¿hyq-hn\v A\p-h-Zn-®Xv shdpw ]Øp-an-\n‰p am{Xw. ka-b-Øn\v Gsd hne I¬∏n-°p∂ At±lw hn`m-cy-\m-Wv. apgp-h≥ ka-bhpw kmº-ØnIimkv{X-Øn¬ KthjWw \S-Øm-\mWv Cu Xocp-am-\w. t]gvkW-embn H∂pw tNm-Zn-°n√ F∂ Dd-∏ns‚ ]pdØv AJn-tejv BZy-am-bm-Wv Hcp ]{Xam-[y-aØ - n\v C‚¿hyq \¬Ip-∂X - v. sk≥tkj-W¬ \yqkn-\p≈ hnjbw Bb-Xp-sIm-≠pam{XamWv C‚¿hyq sNøm≥ Ah¿ h∂-Xv. C‚¿hyq sNøm≥ h∂-h¿°p tNmZyw tNmZn°m≥ CSw \¬ImsX AJn-tejv kwkm-cn®p-sIm-≠n-cp-∂p. BZysØ Bdp-an-\n-‰n-\p-≈n¬ C¥y-bpsS kmº-ØnI hf¿®-tbbpw t\cn-Sp∂ {]iv\ß-sfbpw I - p-dn®v Bg-Øn-ep≈ Hcp hnh-cWw \¬In. aq∂p an\n-‰n-\p-≈n¬ tIc-f-Øns‚

ip`-kq-N-I-amb hf¿®-tbbpw `mhn-tbbpw ]‰n hnh-cWw \¬In. CsX√mw teJ-I≥ ssS∏vssd‰¿ t]mse bm{¥n-I-ambn Fgp-Xns°m-≠n-cp-∂p. Ah-km\ an\n-‰n¬ ASpØnsS acn® A—-s\-°p-dn®pw AΩ kpJambn Ccn-°p∂ hnh-chpw \¬In. shdpw ]Øp an\n‰p ]Øp sk°‚p- s Im≠v C‚¿hyq ]q¿Øn-bm-bn. C‚¿hyq- h n- \ n- S - b n¬ Ipd®p t^mt´m- I ƒ am{Xw FSpØ t^mt´m-{Km-^¿ \ncm-i-\m-bn. Cu sk≥tk-j-W¬ \yqkn-\m-b-Xp-sIm-≠p Abmƒ apdn- ° p- ≈ n¬ Ãn¬kn- \ p- t h≠n IÆp-I-fm¬ NnI-™p-sIm-≠n-cp-∂p. al-\ob-amb hoSn-\p-≈nse Hcp dqan¬ IÆp]Xn™-t∏mƒ AXn-\p-≈n¬ [mcmfw ]pc-kvImc-ßfpw a‰pap≈ sj¬^v. B sj¬^ns‚ t^mt´m-sb-Sp-Øp. B sj¬^n\v Acn-In¬ Ccn-°p∂ Hcp hr≤-bpsS {]Xn-a. tIc-fo-bX hnfn-t®m-Xp∂ B {]XnaI≠m¬ icn°pw Poh-\p-≈-Xmbn tXm∂pw. t^mt´m-{Km-^¿ t^mt´m-sb-Sp-Ø-t∏mƒ an∂nb ^vfmjns‚ shfn-®Øn¬ B hr≤-bpsS IÆn¬\n∂p c≠p Xp≈n IÆp-\o¿ s]mgn-™Xv Bcpw {i≤n-®n-√. 


Aradhana.P.R. IInd D.C.Maths (A)


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°¬°qSn H∂pt\m°n. C√... a\-kn-\p-≈n¬ Hcp Xo°´ hoWt]mse. F∂pw ImWm-dp-≈-Xm-Wt√m? C∂n-sX-hnsS t∏mbn. Hcp-]m-Sm-tem-Nn-®p, adp-]-Sn-sbm∂pw Xs∂ In´n-bn-√. ]Sn-It- fm-tcm∂pw Ib-dn-°q´n ¢mkvdqan¬ sN∂n-cp-∂p. Iq´p-Im-cmcpw FØnbn-´n-√. P\me ]Xnsb Xpd∂p. AXns‚ `nØn-bn-eh - f - n-cp-∂p. \√ Im‰mWv P\-en-eqsS hoip-∂-Xv. ""F¥p-]-‰n, Cs∂t¥ Cßs\ Ccp∂v If™Xv?'' F√m-hcpw tNmZn-®p. ]t£ Ah-ft∏mgpw Nn¥-bn-em-bn-cp-∂p. F¥p]‰n-°mWpw, a\-kn¬ Ft¥m Ib-dn-°q-Sn-b-Xp-t]mse, Zo¿L- \ n- i zm- k - ß ƒ Hcp- ] mSv h∂p. ]t£ a\-kn¬\n∂pw am™pt]mIm≥ AXns\t¥m Ign-bm-Ø-Xp-t]m-se. Iq´p-Im-cm-sc¶nepw h∂n-cp-s∂-¶n¬ Cu `mc-sam-∂n-d-°nsh-°m-am-bn-cp-∂p. Ahƒ Nn¥n-®p. ]t£ C∂-hcpw te‰v BWv. kabw \oßn-s°m-≠n-cp-∂p. HSp-hn¬ Ahƒ h∂p. h∂-]msS Ah-fpsS hew Iøn¬ ]nSn®v Bcp-an-√mØ hcm-¥-bn-te°p\oßn. ""F¥m \n\°v ]‰n-b-Xv.?'' Ahƒ tNmZn-®p. ""F\n-s°mcp kocn-bkv Imcyw ]d-bm-\p-≠mbn-cp-∂p.'' ""F¥m?'' ""AtX, C∂v Rms\m-cp-]mSv t\m°n. AhnsS Bcp-an-√.'' ""Bsc t\m°n? FhnsS t\m°n.? ]d-bp-∂ps≠-¶n¬ sXfn®v ]d-bv.'' ""Rm≥ \nt∂mSv ]d-bm-dn-t√ tImtf-Pn-te°p hcp- t ºmƒ ImWp∂ B ]qa- c - ® p- h - ´ n¬ F∂pw Hcmƒ Fs∂ t\m°n \n¬°m-dp-s≠∂v, C∂-bmsf AhnsS I≠n-√.'' ""AXn\v \n\-s°¥m?'' s]´-∂s\ Ahƒ°p-Øcw ap´n-b-Xp-t]m-sebm-bn. At∏m-gmWv AXn-s\-°p-dn®v Ahfpw Nn¥n-®X - v. icn-bm, AXn-s\-\n-s°¥m? Abmsf- s ‚- b mcm? Rm≥ Abm- f psS Bcm? CsX√mw Xncn®ptNmZn-°p-I-bm-Wv Ahƒ sNbvX-Xv. a\-kn-ep-≠m-bn-cp∂ B `mcw Ftßm-s´-∂n-√msX t]mb-t]m-se. ¢mkv XpS- ß n. ]t£ Ahsf Cjv S - a msW∂pw adp- ] Sn C∂v \¬I- W - s a∂pw Abmƒ ]d-™Xv ]d-bm≥ Ahƒ Xøm-dmbn-cp-∂n-√. ]d-™mtem F∂-hƒ Btem-Nn®p. H‰bv-°n-cp-∂-t∏mƒ Hcp-]m-Sm-tem-Nn-®p. AXv kocn-bkv BtWm? AtXm ]‰n-°tem? H∂pw hniz- k n- ° m≥ sIm≈mØ Imew. Ahsf icn°pw CjvS-a-s√-¶n¬ Abmƒ


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Indu.R. lllrd DC English&History


ai Friends, This is not just a stupid story, this is a story from my own life. As at this time I’m in a very bad situation. I am at the lenith of my feelings. Do you know who am I? I will explain. I am a desk, the one who helps you to hide your naughty and narty stupidities from your proffessors. You know, at first I was a tree. I have many friends there, like birds, squirrels, snakes, rats etc. I was also happy and satisfied with my life. I really enjoyed it. But one day some people came around me and cut down my branches and body. They took me to their home. It was a carpenters home. They scratched on my body and chopped me without any considerations. With that pain, I cried aloud. But noone heared me. I felt that I am alone. I had missed my friends. My heart heat


went down. I’m dying over there. I thought that, this is my end. They polished me and took me to a new room. There I find a lot of desks. Then only I realised that they also made me as a desk. I’m not the old tree now, I have changed to a new desk. I found new friends there, they taught me that we were arrived at college classroom with lots and loads of teenagers studying there. I feel some light there, the next morning, the doors of the classroom opened widely, new students entered into the class. Then, some of them sat near to me, they were busy with talking to their friends. The bell rang, A teacher came into the class. she carelessly started taking to the class. A girl took her book and started writing, But somehow, the pen didn’t work. She simply scratched on me. I felt bad. But after somedays I came to know that, every students scratched on me, instead using their books. Nobody missed me. Next day 'he' passed his love letter towards ‘her’. she opened it and smiled. With that smile she scratched his name, on me with her name. I felt so happy. Some naughty boys hide behind me to escape from teacher’s questions. They wrote some BITs for EXAMs on me. So many idiots used their compass to


make me more attractive and to express their feelings. I remember, one of my friend died during the time of huge strike in college the strikers kicked and killed him. His wholehearted crying is still reflecting in my ears. The boys were fully out of control. Nobody heared his cry. They were busy with being hero in the college. I cried inside a lot about thinking of my friends fate. Years passed, I witnessed lots of loves, friendships, silence, sorrows. I felt the tears of her eyes and heart. I felt his heart breaking due to his love failure. And more over I felt the true friendships and understandings and care. They wrote autographs on me. She wrote ”WILL MISS YOU”, I don’t know, she miss me or him????? But defenitely I’m going to miss everything. The class teachers, lunch break jokes, secrets, birthday treats, college functions, small pity egoes, friends and more over “YOU” Now I became useless for everyone they threw me away. This time I’m telling good bye to each and everyone for their love, support, care, friendship, trust and their sweet memories. I want to be with them forever. But it will not happen. I’m burning inside. Waiting for my death in this burning fire around me. I’m going to be a charcol with lots and lots of memories. good bye friends. good bye forever. take care.

Jifin George lllrd DC English&History

aWn Bdmbn. h´n- b q¿°m- h n¬\n∂p≈ Ah- k m- \ sØ _ pw t]mbv°g- n-™n-cp-∂p. SuWn-se-Øm≥ c≠pIn-tem-ao-‰¿ \S-°-Ww. hnjm-Z-tØmsS AW-bm-s\m-cp-sº-Sp∂ kqcy\v Ah-fpsS apJ- ∏ - I ¿®- b p- ≠ m- b n- c p- ∂ p. ImepIƒ°v thKw Iq´n. Cu bm{X Ah-km-\sØ t]mwhgn-bm-Wv. C\nbpw acp-s∂-Øm-Xn-cp-∂m¬ acWw A—s\ hnfn-®p-sIm-≠p-t]m-Ipw. Fhn-tS-°mWo bm{X? Btem-Nn-°p-tºmƒ XnI™ hnizmkw hcp-∂n-√. Hcmƒ°Sp-tØ°v. Rm\-bmsf kXo-tj-´-s\∂p hnfn-°pw. ]md-∏p-dØv Nnc´ Dc-®-Xp-t]m-esØ i_vZam-W-bmƒ°v. apJw Fß-s\-sb-∂-dn-bn-√. Rm\n-Xp-hsc B cq]sØ I≠n-´n-√t√m. ]ns∂ C{Xbpw henb _‘w? temIØv B¿°p- a m- I mØ _‘- ß - f p- ≠ m- ° m≥ s]Ænt\ ]‰q. kpμ-tc-i≥\mb-cpsS Nmb-°S- b - n¬\n∂v Xncs°m-gn-™n-cp-∂n-√. kn.-F-^v.-F-√ns‚ shfn®-Øn¬ Nmb-°S- b - n-en-cp∂v \mb¿ t\m´p-Iƒ FÆn-s°m-≠n-cp-∂p. Ae-am-c-bn¬ ]q∏ep ]nSn-®n-cn-°p∂ s\ø-∏-߃ apJ-Øp-t\m°n sIm™\w IpØp-∂-Xmbn tXm∂n. AXv

kpan-{X-bp-≠m-°n-b-Xm-bn-cp-∂p. “aXn Ipt´y, ]^vkpw s_∂pw sIm≠v∂m FSv°mw.” Ae-am-c-bn-te°v s\ø∏w hmcn-bn-Sp-tºmƒ \mb¿ hne-°n. “Rßfv sNt´ymƒ°v Xmh-gymbn s\ø∏w D≠m-°mt\ Atdy≈q amsj” AS¿∂p-hoW hm°p-I-fnse \ne-\n¬∏ns‚ thZ\ \mb¿s°mcp]t£ A]-cn-Nn-Xa - m-Imw. “kpant{X” ]n∂n¬ \ns∂mcp hnfn. Xncn™pt\m°n. hSt°-Xnse apØ-»n-bm-Wv. tNe-°-c-bnse C\nbpw {Zhn-°mØ \mep-sI-´mWv hS-t°Xn-te-Xv. Xpf-kn-Ød - bpw ]n∂n-s´-Øn-bt- ∏mƒ hcm-¥-bn-eq-sSm-cp-hƒ samss_-en¬ Nne®p \S-°p-∂p-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. I≠m¬ Xs‚ {]mbw tXm∂pw. s\ø∏w XnÆ-bn¬ sh®-t∏mƒ Ahƒ HmSn∏m-s™-Øn. “t_mwt_ev≈ kZm-in-hs‚ tamfm. kp\-μ.π-kvSp-hn\v ]Tn-°ym.” XnI®pw ]cn-Nn-X-amb `mh-tØmsS kpan{X Ahsf t\m°n Nncn-®p. “sO, tU´n”


kp\μ s\ø∏w ISn-®n´v ]pd-tØ°p hens®-dn-™p. Hm°m\w h∂v AI-tØ-t°m-Sn. “Cu Ip´n-°n-sXm∂pw Ign®v ioe-an-���m-™n´m. ChvsS Fd®ow samt´w amt{X Ign°q” apØ-»n-bpsS Xd-hm-´p-]-cn-`-h-Øn\pw sNhn \¬ImsX kpan{X Xncn™p\S-∂p. cm{Xn Dd°-an-f® - p-≠m-°nb s\ø-∏w. IÆn¬ D∏p-ckw ]S-cm-Xn-cp-∂n-√. tK‰p ]q´p-tºmƒ ]nd-Inte°p Xncn-™p. kp\μ hcm-¥-bn-eqsS \S∂v samss_-en¬ BtcmtSm sIm©n-°pg-bp-I-bm-Wv. “tImgn-bn-d® - ow, B\-sb-d®ow Xn∂v \o As‚ N¥n s]m´n NmhqSn” Ah-fpsS Po≥kn´ Ccp≠ \nXw-_sØ t\m°n kpan{X sIm™\w Im´n. kp\μ-sb-t∏mse X\n-s°-¥p-sIm-s≠mcp samss_¬ hmßn-°q-Sm. {Kmaw tdmUnse GXp ]´n-bpsS hmenepw samss_-ep-≠v. samss_¬ Sh-dn-s\-Xnsc kacw sNøp∂ F√m ]m¿´n-°m-cpsS Iønepw samss_¬ t^m¨ ImWmw. kp\-μsb-t∏m-se, {Kmaw tdmUn-eqsS Nne-®p-sIm≠p \S-°p∂ ImgvN Ahƒ kz]v\w I≠p. IÆp-Xp-d° - p∂Xphsc Imem-h-[n-bp≈ kz]v\w. Fgp-t∂-‰-t∏mƒ AWvUm-hn¬ Im¬ap-´n.


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Krishnalal.T.R IInd DC Bcom

“\msf F√mw Ah- k m- \ n- ° pw. ImcWw Fs‚ Iem-eb - P - o-hn-XØ - n\v \msf-bmWv Xnc»oe hogp-I. Ime-am-Ip∂ N{Iw F{X thKamWv IdßnØncn-bp-∂-Xv. AtXm h¿j߃°p \nan-j-ß-fpsS ssZ¿Lyw t]mepant√? N¶p tNmZn-®-t∏m-sgms° "]dn-®-]msS thtWm AtXm Ce- b n¬ s]mXn™p aXntbm' F∂v tNmZn-°p∂ Nßm-Xn-°q-´hpw Kpcp-injy-_-‘-Øns‚ Bg-߃ a\- nem°nØ∂ Kpcp-°-∑mcpw F\n°v \jvS-amIp-I-bm-sWt∂m? Adn-hns‚ Xnc-am-e-Iƒ Ae-b-Sn® ¢m vapdn-Ifpw shfn-®-sa-ØmØ

CS- \ m- g n- I fpw I¬∏- S - h p- I - f p- s a√mw C\n shdpw Hm¿Ω-Iƒ am{X-am-Ip-sat∂m! AsX. AX-ß-s\-bm-Wv. ka-b-am-Ip-tºmƒ F√mw Cs´- d n- ™ p- t ]m- I - W w. AsX- \ n- ° - d n- b mw, F∂mepw ap∂n¬ Hcp iq\y-X. {]nb Iem-eb-ta, C\n \ns‚ Nn{X-ß-fn¬ Fs‚ \nd߃°v CS- a n- √ - t √m F- t ∂m¿°p- t ºmƒ tXmep-cn-bp∂ thZ-\. \msf ImeØp≈ ]mk-©-dn¬ F\n°v aS-ß-Ww.. -Np-h∂ aÆpw, amt¥m-∏p-If - pap≈ Fs‚ \m´n-te-°v...A-hnsS AΩ ImØn-cn-°p-∂p-≠m-Ipw. AXn\p-apºv Hcn-°¬IqSn F\n-s°s‚ Iem-ebw ImW-Ww. Ahn-SsØ Nc¬a-Æn-t\m-Spw, CS\m-gn-It- fmSpw {]W-bm-£c - ß - ƒ Ipdn-®n´ Npacp-I-tfmSpw Nhn-´p-]-Sn-I-tfm-Sp-sa√mw bm{X tNmZn-°-Ww.” C{X-bp-sa-gpXn \nc-RvP≥ Xs‚ Ubdn AS®p-sh-®p. tlmìapdn-bnse aßnb shfn®-Øn¬ Ahs‚ IÆp-Iƒ Hcp apjn™ _mKn¬ ]Xn-™p. kma-{Kn-Ifpw ]pkvX-Ißfpw AXn¬ \nt£-]n-°p-∂-Xn-\n-S-bn¬ Ft¥m \neØp hoWp. Hcp IS-em- p-s]mXn, AXn¬ c≠v kz¿W-\m-W-b-߃. hnjp-


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X\n°v XeNmbv ° m≥ CSw \¬Inb tlmì apdn-bnse I´n¬ Xs∂ amSnhnfn°p-∂p. Xma-kn-bmsX Ah≥ KmV-\n-{Z-bnte°v hgpXnhoWp. ]nt‰∂p cmhnse tlmÃ-en¬ \n∂p-an-d-ßnb \nc-RvP≥ \oßn.. -Xs‚ kz]v\-߃°v \nd߃ Nm¿Ønb Xs‚ Iem-e-b-Øn-te-°v..{]-th-i\ - I - h - m-SØ - ns‚ ap∂n-se-Ønb Ah≥ Xs‚ Xe-bv°p-aosX sh≈-°-√n¬ BteJ\w sNbvXn-´p≈ Iem-eb - Ø - ns‚ Kmw`ocyw \nd™ t]cn-te°v ItÆm-Sn-®-Xn-\p-tijw AI-tØ°p{]th-in-®p. aq∂p h¿j-߃°v apºv CXp-t]m-semcp {]`m-X-Øn¬ XnI®pw A]-cn-Nn-X-\mbn h∂-XmWv Xm≥. A∂v ap∂nse kvXq]-Øn-t\mSpw apI-fn¬ \oe-hnim-e-X-bn¬ {]uVn-tbmsS \n¬-°p∂ hoc]p-cp-j-t\mSpw tXm∂nb IuXpIw C∂pw \ne-\n¬°p-∂p. Npa-cp-I-sfbpw Nhn-´p-]-Sn-IfpsS ssIh- c n- I - s fbpw Xtem- S n- s °m≠v Ah≥ \S-∂-Sp-ØXv \of≥ CS-\m-gn-I-fn-te°m-bn-cp-∂p. Cu CS-\m-gn-I-fn¬ F{Xt]¿ {]W-b-Øns‚ a[p-chpw Ibv]pw cpNn-®n-´p≠mIpw? F{X t]¿ kulrZw ]¶p-sh-®n-´p≠mIpw? ¢m vapdn-Ifpw Pme-I-hm-Xn-ep-Ifpw Ahs\ t\m°n ]p©n- c n- ® p. tImtfPv sse{_-dn.. -A-dn-hns‚ Ie-hd! Nn√-e-am-cnbnse henb Nn¥-I-cpsS ]pkvX-I-߃ X\n°p Pohn- X - s Ø- ° p- d n®v hy‡- a mb ImgvN-∏m-Sp-Ifpw [oc-Xbpw kΩm-\n-®n-´p-≠v. ]e D®-I-fnepw sshIp-t∂-c-ß-fnepw Xs‚ hni-∏-I-‰n-b-Xpw ]pkvX-I-ß-fmWv. ]¶p-shbv°-ens‚ _me-]m-T-߃ Xs∂ ]Tn-∏n® tImtfPv Im‚o≥ a\- n¬ ambmsX InS-°p∂p. Iq´p-Im-cp-samØv ÿncw Ip‰n-b-Sn-®n-cn°m-dp≈ ss_°v Ãm‚n-t\mSpw Zml-i-a-\nbmb Iqf-dn-t\mSpw Ah≥ bm{X tNmZn-®p. ac-Ø-W-en¬ \n¿Ωn® tIm¨{Io‰v s_©nen-cp∂v Xncn-®p-h-cmØ Xs‚ Iem-e-b-Zn-\-ßtfm¿Øv \nc-RvP≥ angnXpS-®p. Hm¿Ω-Iƒ C√mØ PohnXw hnc-k-am-sW∂v tI´n-´p-≠v. Aß-s\-bm-sW-¶n¬ Xm≥ `mKyhm-\m-Wv. Hm¿Ω-bn¬ kq£n-°m≥ Hcm-bncw \√ Hm¿Ω-Iƒ Cu Iem-ebw X\n°v kΩm\n-®n-´p-≠v. Hcn-°epw ad-°n√ F∂p ]d™v ]ncn-™-h-cn¬ F{X t]¿ hm°p]men-°pw? Adn-bn-√. HSp-hn¬ Xm\pw bm{X-bm-hp-I-bmWv.-X-\n°p ap≥t] IS-∂p-t]m-b-h-cpsS hgnI-fn-eq-sS...- ]p-Xnb Zni-bn-te-°v..- I-em-ebsØ Hcn-°¬°qSn H∂p Xncn™pt\m°nb-Xn-\p-tijw Xnc-°p-]n-Sn® hgn-tbm-c-ß-fneqsS Ah≥ \S-∂-I-∂p.

Vishnuprasad.P.S Ist DC Bcom

tdmUn\p \Sp-hn¬ tNmc-bn¬°pfn®v InS-°p∂Xv Fs‚ Bfl-kp-lr-Øm-Wv. Ign™ Znhkhpw sshIo-´sØ ÿncw sh≈-a-Sn°v tijw tXmfn¬ Iøn´v hnb¿∏p-\m-dp∂ `mjbn¬ Ah-sf-°p-dn®v ]cn-`hw ]d-™-h≥. tImf-Pns‚ Nhn-´p-]-Sn-I-fn¬ Ac≠ shfn-®Øns‚ Bfl-hn-izm-k-Øn¬ Ah-fp-amsc ]n∂n¬ \n∂v Iqhn-bm¿Øv hnfn-®-h≥. euse- ‰ - d n\v {Kma¿ t]msc∂p ]d™v ho≠pw ho≠pw Xncp-Øn-®-h≥. cXn-\n¿tΔZw H∂m-asØ tjm I≠n-s√-¶n¬ P∑w ]mgm-sb∂v ]d-™-h≥. tNmc-]p-c≠ N{I-ßf - psS \n›-eX - bv°p \Sphn¬ Ah≥. Hcp tImtfPv hnZym¿∞n-bp-sS, kwL-S\m {]h¿Ø-Is‚ I¿Ø-hy-t_m[w DW-tc-≠Xm-Wv. Imh¬°m-cs‚ hne-°p-Isf sXdn hnfn®v tK‰v Nhn´nØpd∂v tdmUn-te-t°mSn Ah-\c - n-In¬ FØ-Ws - a-∂p-≠v. Ahs‚ apJsa-SØv aSn-bn¬°nSØn Biz-kn-∏n-°-W-sa∂p-≠v. ]t£ ssIbnepw Imenepw sI´p-Ifm-Wv. B\sb \qen¬ sI´n-bn-´-t]mse Rm\o Iymº-kns‚ aXn-ep-Iƒ°p-≈n¬ Cu Xnc-°p-Iƒ°nS-bn¬ H‰-s∏-Sp-∂p. Iymº- k n- \ - I Øv hcp- t ºmƒ C≥k¿´v sNbvX ]©nMv Im¿Uv Xo¿°p∂ ka-bØns‚ _‘-\w. sshIo´v aq∂-ct° Agnbq. AXp-hsc Cu tIm¨{Io‰v ImSn-\I - sØ kzmX-{¥y-Øns‚ kº-∂-X...(*!$@**)! ]p-dØv Fs‚ kplr-Øv, tNmc-bn¬...\n-»-_vZ-am-°-s∏´ Fs‚ tX߬ tK‰ns‚ Iºn-b-gn-I-fn¬ X´n-\n-∂p...X-ebv-°-IØp Ib-dp∂ Ccp-´ns\ F\n-°nt∏mƒ Xncn-®-dn-bm-\m-Ip-∂p≠v. ico-c-amsI hnd-bv°p-∂p.. sa‰¬ Un‰-IvS-dns‚ teml-hm-Xn-en¬ ssI Xmßn, hnb¿°p∂ s\‰ntN¿Øv Rm≥.. Hcp Iem-e-b-hn-Zym¿∞n.. Hcp kplr-Øv..


amen-\yw...! amen-\yw...! emeq-cn-epw...! i‡-\n-epw...! AXn-ep-ap-]-cn, Bk\w hrØn-bmbn sIm≠p-\-S-°p∂ kzm¿∞-cpsS a\w \ndsb amen\yw...!



sImbvsXm-gn™ ]mS-߃ IS-∂v, \m´p-h-gn-I-fn-eqsS \S∂v R߃ B ho´n-se-Øn. kwKo-X-Øns‚ K‘-am-bncp∂p B hoSn-\v. Nph∂ `nØn-I-fp≈ Ccp-\ne sI´n-Sw. ho´n-te-°p≈ CS-hgnbnse Aº-ehpw B¬a-chpw {Kma-Pohn-XØ - ns‚ t\¿°m-gvNb - m-bn-cp-∂p. Zqscsb- h n- s Stbm Xoh- ≠ n- b psS IpXn∏v tIƒ°mw....- ho- S ns‚ apI- f n¬ X\n \m´n≥]p- d - Ø p- I m- c - \ mbn amjv ImØp\n∂n-cp-∂p. knK-c‰ - p-Iƒ apdbv°p hen®pX≈p- ∂ - X n- \ n- S - b n¬ At±lw kwkm-cn-®p... Xøm-dm-°n-bXv

kpin-Øv, kpa≥, ane≥


Ihn-X-bpsS temI-tØ°pv amjv Fß-s\bmWv h∂Xv? Rm≥ hfsc sNdp-∏-Øn¬Xs∂ amXr-`qan BgvN∏ - X - n-∏nse _me-]w‡n hmbn-°m-dp-≠mbn-cp-∂p. Fs‚ AΩ kz¥-ambn Io¿Ø-\߃ Fgp- X m- d p- ≠ v . AXns‚ {]m[m\yw hf¿∂- t ∏m- g mWv F\n°p a\-   n- e m- b Xv . AΩ-bpsS Ihn-Xm-hm-k\ F\n°pw In´nbn´p-s≠∂v Rm≥ hniz-kn-°p-∂p. am{X-a-√, hoSns‚ ASpØv ]mS-am-Wv. Ahn-sS-bp≈ sImbvØp-Imcpw I¿j-I-sØm-gn-em-fn-Ifpw a‰pw ]mSp∂ hS-°≥]m-´p-Ifpw \mS≥]m-´pIfpw Fs‚ D≈n¬ Ihn-X-tbm-S≈ ASp∏w krjvSn-®p-sh∂v ]d-bmw. CXp-sIm-s≠m-s°-bm-bn-cn°mw Hcp A©mw ¢ms -Øn-b-t∏m-tg°pw Rm≥ Nne Ihn-XIƒ FgpXnXpS-ßn. ]q®-tbm-Sv, ]qºm-‰-tbm-

Sv, Xh-f-tbm-Sv, Im‰n-t\m-sSms° kwkm-cn°p∂ Xc-Øn-ep≈ Ihn-X-Iƒ. Km\-c-N-bn-Xm-sh∂ \ne-bnepw \S-s\-∂ \ne-bnepw amjv kn\nabn¬ {]h¿Øn-®n-´p≠v. kn\n-a-bn-te-°p≈ {]th-i\w Fß-s\bm-bn-cp∂p? Rmh¬∏gw F∂ kn\n-a-bpsS kwhn-[mb-I-\mb Ako v Fgp-Xnb \mS-I-amWv Nmth¿∏-S. AXn¬ Rm≥, amS-ºv, t{]wPn XpSßn Iptd-t∏¿ A`n-\-bn-°p-I-bp-≠m-bn. AXp-]n-s∂, 1975-˛¬ t`m∏m-en¬ \S∂ AJnte¥ym \mS-tIm-’-h-Øn\v Ah-X-cn-∏n-®n-cp∂p. A∂v sXt° C¥y- b n¬\n∂v Cu \mSIw am{Xta D≠m-bn-cp-∂p-≈q. \mS-IØnse Hcp ]m´v Rm\m-sW-gp-Xn-b-Xv. AXn\p-ti-j-amWv Ako- v -F-kv.-sI.-s]m-s‰-°m-


h\w F∂v ]d-bp-∂Xv s]s´∂v s]mbv°g - n-bpw. \ΩpsS Pohn-XØ - ns‚ G‰hpw at\m-lc - a - mb Ime-amWv buh-\w. B buh-\m-hÿ b - n¬ \ap°p \sΩ-°p-dn®pw \ΩpsS Pohn-Xs - Ø-°p-dn®pw \mSn-s\-°p-dn-®p-sa√mw hy‡-amb [mcW thWw. F√m Imcy-Ønepw kXy-k-‘-Xbpw Pm{K-Xbpw thWw.

Sns‚ sImtlcn F∂ IYsb ASn-ÿm-\am°n Rmh¬∏gw F∂ kn\na FSp-°p-∂Xv. B kn\n-a-bn¬ ]ms´-gp-Xm≥ Ft∂mSv Bh-iy-s∏-´p, Aß-s\-bmWv kn\n-a-bn¬ Km\-c-N-bn-Xm-sh∂ \ne-bn¬ {]th-in-°p-∂Xv. AXn-\p-tijw e£vao-hn-P-bw. tNmc Nph∂ tNmc, taf XpS-ßnb kn\n-a-Iƒ°p Km\-߃ cNn-®p. BZy-ambn kn\n-ab - n¬ A`n\-bn-°p-∂Xv sI.-B¿.-tam-l-\s‚ Xo¿∞w F∂ {lkz-Nn-{X-Øn-em-Wv. ^o®¿ ^nen-an¬ Rm≥ BZy-ambn A`n-\-bn-°p-∂Xv 1987-˛¬ ]hn-{Xs‚ D∏n-em-Wv. amjns‚ Fgp-Øns\ kzm[o-\n® LS-I߃ Fs¥m-s°-bmWv? - ƒ, Iem-ka - n-Xn]e-cp-am-bn-´p≈ kulr-Zß Iƒ, Iem-kw-L-S-\-Iƒ, ssZ\w-Zn\Imcy-


߃, \nß- s f- t ∏m- e p≈ hnZym¿∞n- I ƒ, hnZym¿∞n kwL-S-\-Iƒ XpS-ßn-b-sXms° Fgp-Øns\ kzm[o-\n-®n-´p-≠v. sshtem-∏n≈n amjv Fs∂ kzm[o-\n-®p-sh∂v am{X-a√, IhnX-Iƒ [mcmfw hmbn°m\pw, ]n∂oSv A[ym]-I-\mhm\pw Aßs\ Hcp Ihn-bm-hm\pw Gsd klm- b n- ® Xv At±- l - a m- W v . B kulrZw ac-Ww-hsc D≠m-bn-cp-∂p. At±l-Øns‚ ac-W-ti-jhpw Fs‚ Znh-tk-\bp≈ {]m¿∞-\-I-fn¬, Kpcp-\m-Y-∑m-cpsS ÿm\-Øv, Rm≥ At±-lsØ Hm¿°m-dp-≠v. F¥mWv IhnX F∂-Xn\v Hcp-]mSv hniZo-I-c-W-ßfpw hymJym-\-ßfpw D≠v. ap√t\gn F∂ Ihnsb kw_-‘n-®n-S-tØmfw F¥mWv IhnX?  Ihn-X-sb-°p-dn-®p≈ hni-Zo-I-c-W-ßfpw hymJym-\-ßfpw Hmtcm ImeØpw D≠m-bn´p-≠v, Ct∏m-gp-ap-≠v, C\n-bp-ap-≠m-Ipw. a\pjys\ Hcp Cs©-¶nepw H∂p-b¿Øm\pw am\-kn-I-am-bn-´p≈ Ahs‚ kwL¿j-߃ Ah-X-cn-∏n-°m\pw Ahsc Hcp kaq-l-Pohn F∂ \nebv°v H∂p-W¿Øm\pw km[n-°p∂ Hcp Iem-cq-]-am-Wv Ihn-X. IhnXsb∂m¬ Hcp DW¿Øp]m-´p-t]mse Hcp Km\-sat∂m Nn¥-sbt∂m Hs° ]d-bmw.


 C∂v kaq- l - Ø n¬ Ac- t ß- d p∂ Xn∑Iƒs°-Xnsc Hcp kmln-Xy-Im-c\v F¥p sNøp-hm≥ km[n°pw? kaq-l-Xn-∑-Iƒ F√m-°m-eØpw D≠m-bn´p-≠v. AXn-s\-Xnsc ]eXc-Øn¬ {]Xn-I-cn°mw. Hcp Fgp-Øp-Im-c\v Xs‚ krjvSn-Ifn¬ Ahsb Nq≠n-°m-Wn-°mw. Ah°p ]cnlmcw \n¿t±-in-°mw... ]t£ ]cn-lmcw F√m kmln-Xy-cq-]-ß-fnepw thW-sa∂v hmin-]n-Sn°m≥ km[n-°n-√. efn-X-amb `mj-bn¬ Ah Nq≠n-°m-Wn-°p-hm≥ Ign-™m¬ a\p-jy-a\- p-Isf AXv henb {]kw-K-ß-sf-°mfpw teJ-\-ß-sf-°mfpw i‡-ambn kzm[o-\n°pw. tIc- f - Ø nse \mS- I - ß - f psS ImcywXs∂ FSp-°mw. ]ptcm-K-a-\-{]-ÿm-\߃ hf¿∂p-h-cm≥ \mS-I-߃ Hcp-]mSv klm-bn-®n-´p-≠v. tIc-f-I-em-th-Zn-bpsS \mSI-߃, ae-_m¿ tI{μIem-ka - n-Xn-bpsS \mSI-߃ F∂nh AØ-cØ - n-ep-≈X - m-Wv. \ºqXncnkap- Z m- b - Ø nse A\m- N m- c - ß ƒ°v FXnsc i‡ambn ]S-s]m-cp-Xn-bn-´p≈ HcmfmWv hn.-Sn.-`-´-Xn-cn-∏mSv. At±-l-Øns‚ ASp°-f-bn¬\n∂v Ac-ß-tØ°v t]mep≈ \mSI-߃ \ºq-Xncnkap-Zm-b-Øn¬ A\-h[n am‰-߃ hcp-Øm≥ klm-bn-®n-´p-≠v. a\pjy\pw a\p- j y\pw XΩn- e p≈ t`Z- N n- ¥ Iƒs°Xn-sc, Abn-Øm-N-c-W-Øn-sc, _meyhn-hm-l-Øn-s\-Xnsc Hs° D≈ ]e IY-Ifpw, Ihn-X-I-fpw, ]m´p-Ifpw D≠m-bn-´p-≠v. B≤ym- fl n- I - c w- K Øpw `uXn- I - c w- K Øpw A\m-Nm-c-ß-fp-≠v. P∑n-˛-Ip-Sn-bm≥ _‘߃, sXmgn- e mfn˛apX- e mfn _‘- ß ƒ Aßs\ Hcp-]mSv Imcy-߃. kmln-Xy-krjvSn-IfpsS Iptd ^e-߃ cmjv{So-b-{]-ÿm\-߃°pw e`n-®n-´p-≠v. Ct∏m-gsØ cmjv{Sob-t\-XrXzw kmln-Xy-I-em-kr-jvSn-I-fn¬ {i≤sNep-Øp-∂Xv Ipd-hmWv. ]≠v Xncn-®mbn-cp-∂p. Hcp L´-Øn¬ C¥ybnse IΩyqWnÃv {]ÿm- \ - Ø n\v G‰hpw IqSp- X ¬ {]tNm-Z\w \¬In-bn-´p≈ cmjv{So-b-t\-Xm-°fn¬ ]ecpw \√ Fgp-Øp-Im-cm-bn-cp-∂p. C.Fw.-F v \√ Fgp-Øp-Im-c-\m-bn-cp-∂p. At±l-Øns‚ Hcp-]mSv kmln-Xy-Ir-Xn-Iƒ ae-bmf-Øn-ep-≠v. kmln-Xy-Imsc an{X-ß-fmbn ImWpI am{X-a-√, Ah-cpsS \n¿t±-i-ß-sf∏‰n icn- b mbn Nn¥n- ° p- h m\pw AXp- h gn Xßsf Xncp-Øp-hm\pw IqSn kmln-Xy-hna¿i-\-ßsf Ah¿ IW-°n-se-Sp-Øn-cp-∂p. - n¬ en_n-b, _lvssd≥ XpS-ßnb cmPy-ßf `c-W-t\-Xr-Xz-Øn-s\-Xn-sc-bp≈ P\-Iob {]t£m-`-߃ \Ωƒ I≠p-I-gn-™p. \ne-

hnse kml- N - c y- Ø n¬ \ΩpsS \m´n¬ AØcw {]t£m-`-߃°v km[y-X-bpt≠m?  C¥y- b n¬ Ct∏m- g p≈ ]e P\- I ob {]t£m-`ß - f - p-sS-sbms° ASn-ÿm\w Xs∂ `c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-I-fpsS ]e sX‰m-bn-´p≈ \S]-Sn-I-fm-Wv. cmPyØv Xo{h-hmZwt]mepw hcp∂-Xv, AXv cmjv{So-b-am-bn-´p≈ Xo{h-hm-Z-ambmepw aX-]-c-amb Xo{h-hm-Z-am-bm-epw, `c-WØn-ep≈ A\o-Xn-Ifpw AXns‚ sIm≈-cpXm-bva-Ifpw aqe-am-Wv. AÆm-l-km-sc-bpsS kacw hsc hcp-∂Xv F¥p-sIm-≠m-sW-∂psh-®m¬ ChnsS I≈-∏-W-°mcpw Agn-a-Xn°mcpw Hcp-]m-Sp-≠v. ]m¿e-sa‚n¬ hsc ]e {]Xn-\n-[n-Ifpw tImSn-]X - n-If - m-Wv. C¥y P\m[n-]Xy cmPy-am-sW∂v ]d-bp-∂p-s≠-¶nepw icn-bmb P\m-[n-]Xyw ChnsS \ne-\n¬°p∂p- s ≠∂v \ap°v ]d- b m≥ km[n- ° n- √ . km[m-c-W-°m-cpsS {]Xn-tj-[-ß-fmWv P\Iob {]t£m-`-߃°v cq]w \¬Ip-∂-sX∂mWv Fs‚ ]£w. \ΩpsS temIhpw AXnse a\p-jy\pw amdns°m-≠n-cn-°p-I-bm-Wv. Hcp-Xcw thjwsI´emWv Pohn-Xw, F√m _‘-ß-fnepw A`n\bw IS- ∂ p- I q- S n- b n- c n- ° p- ∂ p. F¥p tXm∂p∂p? - n¬ AXv c≠p Xc-Øn-ep-≠v. H∂v, Pohn-XØ A`n-\-bn-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°pI F∂p]d-bp-∂Xv hfsc sX‰m-bn-´p≈ Hcp Imcy-amWv. ]ecpw Aß-s\-bm-Wv. c≠v, Rm≥ \mS-I-Ønepw kn\n-a-bnepw A`n-\-bn-°pw, ]t£ Pohn-XØn¬ Hcn-°epw A`n-\-bn-°m≥ As√-¶n¬ H∂v D≈n¬sh®v ]pd-tØ°v thsd-sbm∂mbv sNøm≥ ]‰n-√. PohnXw Hcn-°epw Hcp \mSy-Øn\p hnt[-b-am-°m≥ ]mSn√ Ft∂

Rm≥ ]d-bq.  Ime-Øns‚ thKX IqSp-tºmƒ \Ωƒ hmbn-°p-hm≥ ad-°p-I-bmtWm? Ime-Øns‚ thKX F∂pam{Xw ]d-bm≥ ]‰n-√. AsXmcp `mKw am{Xta BIp-∂p-≈q. hmb\ Ipd-bp-∂Xv am[y-a-ß-fpsS AXn-{]kcw sIm≠m-hmw. ]ns∂ hnZym-`ym-k-Øns‚bpw cmjv{So-b-t\-Xr-Xz-Øns‚bpw Hs° XI-cm-dp-Iƒ sIm≠m-sW∂mWv F\n°p tXm∂p-∂Xv. hnZym-`ym-k-sØ-∏-‰n... hnZym¿∞n-I-fn¬ ]e-cpw, tImtfPv hnZym`ym-k-tØm-Sp-IqSn Xß-fpsS ]Tn∏v Ign™p F∂v hniz-kn-°p-∂-h-cm-Wv. F∂m¬ AXß-s\-b-√. AXv XpS-ßpIam{Xta sNøp-∂p≈q. acWw hsc Hcp a\p-jy≥ hnZym¿∞nbm-Wv. ]Tn-°p-∂Xv shdpsX _ncp-Z-sa-SpØv Iptd ]Ww Ip∂v Iq´m≥ am{X-a-√, \Ωƒ P\n®p hf¿∂ temIw F¥m-sW-∂d - n-bm\pw a\p-jy-sc-t∏mse Pohn-°p-hm\pw th≠n-bmWv. C∂sØ bph-X-e-ap-d-tbmSpw hnZym¿∞n-ItfmSpw F¥mWv ]d-bm-\p-≈Xv? F√m Imcy-Ønepw kXy-k-‘-Xbpw Pm{KXbpw thWw. Bg- Ø n- e p≈ ]T\hpw Nn¥bpw \√-Xm-Wv. ImcWw buh\w F∂p ]d-bp-∂Xv s]s´∂v s]mbv°-gn-bpw. \ΩpsS Pohn-X-Øns‚ G‰hpw at\m-l-c-amb ImeamWv buh- \ w. B buh- \ m- h - ÿ - b n¬ \ap°p \sΩ-°p-dn®pw \ΩpsS Pohn-X-sØ°p-dn®pw \mSn-s\-°p-dn-®p-sa√mw hy‡-amb [mcW thWw.


kmwkvIm-cnI Xe-ÿm-\w... kmaq-lnI˛kmw-kvIm-cnI \mb-I¿... {]ÿm-h-\... N¿®... ""HmWm-tLm-jw... HmW-k-Zy... Acp-tX-b-cp-Xv. Iymºkv kn\n-a... -am-K-kn≥ hnUvVn-Øw. hnZym¿∞n-I-fpsS {]Xn-tj-[w...! ]Sn-b-S®v ]nWvUw- sh∏v...!'' kmwkvIm-cnI {]Xn-I-c-W-߃... tkmdn, Cs∂mcp {]kwKw G‰n-´p-≠v.




Dr.Sheeba.M.Kurian Malayalam Department


Xr-`mj F√m-hcpw ]Tn-®n-cn-°Ww F∂ G‰hpw {]mY-an-I-amb \ne-]mSv `c-W-X-eØn¬ DØ-c-hmbn Cd-ßn-bXv 2011 sabv 6˛\m-Wv. tIc-f-Øn¬, amXr-`m-jbv°p e`n® sshIn- h ∂ AwKo- I mcw F∂ \ne- b n¬ Gsd Ncn{X{]m[m\yw D≈ H∂m-Wv Cu \S]-Sn. ]mTy-]-≤-Xn-bn¬ amXr-`mj t\cn-Sp∂ Ah-KW - \ Xncn-®d - n™ HcpIq´w `mjm-kvt\ln-I-fpsS \nc-¥-c-amb Bh-iy-ß-fpsS {]Xn^-e\w IqSn-bm-bn-cp∂p Cu DØ-c-hv. B[p\n- I m- \ - ¥ cw tIc- f - Ø n¬ IS- ∂ p- I q- S nb sXmgn¬kwkvIm-c-Øn-s‚bpw Pohn-X-ho-£W-Øn-s‚bpw ^e-am-bmWv ]mTy-]-≤-Xn-bn¬ amXr-`m-j-bv°p≈ ÿm\w ]cn-an-X-am-b-Xv. `mjbpw a\p-jy-Po-hn-X-hpw a\p-jysc kmaq-ln-IP - o-hn-bmbn \ne-\n¿Øp∂-Xn¬ G‰hpw {][m\ ]¶phln-®Xv `mjbm-Wv. Hcp kaq-l-Øns‚ `mj Ncn-{X-]-cnWm-a-߃°pw kmwkvIm-cn-I-ssh-⁄m-\nI

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\ne-sIm-≈p-∂p-≠v. Ad-_n, {Ko°v, t]m¿´pKo-kv, kwkvIr-Xw, {^©v, Cw•ojv XpSßn \nc-h[n `mj-I-fp-am-bp≈ kº¿°w ]Z-kºØv h¿-≤n-∏n-°p-Ibpw Pohn-Xc - o-Xn-s°m∏w `mjsb kº-∂-am-°p-Ibpw sNbvXp. Cu kwkm- c - ` m- j sb Fgp- Ø p- ` m- j bpw kmln-Xy-c-N-\-Ifpw A®-Sn-am-[y-a-ßfpw ]mT]p-kvX-I-ßfpw Hs°-t®¿∂v {Iao-I-cn-®Xv ]n¬°m-eØv am\-hn-I-`mj (Standard Language) bmbn ae-bm-fsØ cq]-s∏-Sp-Øn. Hcp kaqlw F∂ \ne-bn¬ Iq´mbva \ne\n¿Øm\pw Bi-b-߃ ssIam-dm\pw PohnX-Øns‚ kq£va-X-e-ß-fn¬ a\p-jy-_-‘ßsf kpZr-Va - m-°m\pw amXr-`mj ]¶phln°p-∂p-≠v. Iem-kmw-kvIm-cnI Xe-ß-fnse kzXz-\n¿Æ-b-Øn\pw k¿tΔm-]cn P\m-[n]Xy C¥y-bnse Hcp kwÿm-\-sa∂ \nebn¬ HutZym-Kn-I-`-c-W-\n¿Δ-l-W-Øn\pw amXr-`mj {]m[m-\y-tØmsS h¿Øn-°p-∂p. kaq-l-Øns‚ LS-\sb \ne-\n¿Øn aebmfn/tIc-fo-b≥ F∂p≈ A`n-am-\m¿l-amb hy‡n-Xz-Øn\v ASn-ÿm-\hpw amXr-`mj Xs∂. ae-bmfw Fgp-Øp-`m-j-bmbpw kmln-Xy-`m-jbmbpw imkv{X-km-t¶-Xn-I` - m-jb - mbpw Hs° amdn-°-gn-™p. Ime-Øn-\-\p-k-cn®v kmt¶-XnI-hn-Zy-bn-ep-≠mb am‰w \ΩpsS amXr-`m-jbpsS D]-tbm-K-co-Xn-sbbpw am‰n adn-®p. ]mdbnepw XSn-bnepw tImdn-sb-gp-Xnb Imew amdn, Fgp-Øm-Wn, s]≥kn¬, A®-Sn-b{- ¥w, Iºyq´¿ F∂n- ß s\ Fgp- Ø p- ] - I - c - W - ß - f psS \qX\ kmt¶-Xn-I-hn-Zy-bn¬ hsc ae-bm-f`mj D]-tbm-K-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂p-≠v. C˛-sa-bnepw Nm‰nßpw tªmKp-Ifpw C∂v ae-bm-f-Ønepw Bhmw. sImtfm-Wn-b¬ sI´p-]m-Sn¬\n∂v amdn `c-W`mj ae-bm-f-am-bXv Cw•o-j-dn-bmØ Hcp hn`m-KsØ apJy-[m-c-bn-te°p sIm≠p-h-cp∂-Xn\pw CS-bm-°n. \mSns‚ \ne-\n-ev]n\v Imc-W-°mcmb ASn-ÿm-\-h¿§w HutKymKnI `c-W-Im-cy-߃ Xncn-®-dn-bm\pw Ah-Imi-߃ t\Sn-sb-Sp-°m\pw CXv Imc-W-am-bn. ]≤-Xn-Ifpw B\p-Iq-ey-ßfpw DØ-c-hp-Ifpw km[m-c° - m-cn-te-s°-ØnbXv \mSns‚ hnI-k\- Ø nepw apX¬°q- ´ m- b n. C‚¿s\‰v t]mep≈ B[p-\nI kmt¶-Xn-I-hn-Zy-Iƒ amXr- ` m- j - b n¬ e`n- ® Xv ssh⁄m- \ nI hnkvt^m-S-\-Øn\pw Imc-W-am-bn. AXn-thK-Øn-ep≈ Bi-bh - n-\n-ab - {- ]-{In-bb - n¬ F√mhn-`mKw P\-ßfpw ]¶p-tN¿∂p. amXr-`m-jbpsS D]-tbm-K-Øn-ep-≠mb Cu am‰-߃ cmPy-Øns‚ ]ptcm-K-Xn-bn¬ Zqc-hym-]-I-amb KpW-^-e-߃°mWv CS-h-cp-Øn-b-Xv.


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cp N´-°q-Sn-\-IØv HXp-ßmØ{X BkzmZ- \ Xe- a p≈ Ie- b mWv kn\n- a . AXns‚ cq]hpw `mhhpw Bkzm-Z-Is\ _‘-s∏SpØn Nn´-s∏-Sp-Øn-bn-cn-°p∂ kn\n-aI - f - p-≠v. kwhn-[m-bI - \v AYhm kn\nam {]h¿Ø-I\v Xs‚ Iem-Xr-jvWb - psS \n¿hr-Xn°p th≠n FSp-°p∂ kn\n-a-I-fp-ap-≠v. (AXv Hcp IemIm- c s‚ Ah- I m- i - h p- a m- I p- ∂ p) F∂m¬ CXn\v c≠n\pw CS-bvs°-hn-sStbm BWv \√ kn\na F∂ k¶ev]w InS-°p-∂-Xv. Pohn-X-K-‘n-bmb IYtbm IYm-]m-{X-ßtfm Cu \√ kn\n-a-sb∂ Bi-b-Øns‚ tNcph-I-fm-Wv. C∂n-t∏mƒ kmt¶-Xn-I-amb anIhp-Iƒ IqSn IW-°n-se-Sp-Ømte ta¬∏d™ \√ kn\n-a-bpsS \n¿Δ-N\w ]q¿WamIq. kn\n-a-sIm≠v ]d-bm-t\m, {]I-Sn-∏n-°mt\m Ign-bmØ hnIm-cß - f - n-√. GXp hnImcw F{XtØmfw ImgvN-°m-c-\n¬ FØn-°-Wtam A{X-tØmfw FØn-°m≥ kwhn-[m-b-I\v kn\n-a-bn-eqsS km[n-°-Ww. AXn\v ^m‚kn-bpsS Xew hn´v dnb-en-kØ - n-te°v tNt°dn-bm¬ A{Xbpw \∂v. AØ-c-Øn¬ dnb-enk-Øns‚ km≤y-X-Isf Gsd-°ptd D]-tbmKn®v \n¿Ωn® Hcp Nn{X-amWv ‘kn‰n Hm^v tKmUv’. s^¿Wmt≠m sacn-ekv F∂ {_koen- b ≥ kwhn- [ m- b - I s‚ A¿∏- W - t _m[Øns‚-bpw, ]pØ≥Im-gvN-∏m-Sn-s‚bpw ^eamWv Cu kn\n-a. t]m¿´p-Kokv `mj-bn-emWv


Dheeraj Palliyil lst DC Physics

Nn{Xw. ‘kn‰n Hm^v tKmUv’; ssZh-Øns‚ \Kcw F∂v hnfn-t∏cv. ]t£ AhnsS hnf-bm-Sp-∂Xv kmØm-\pw. ]´m-f-`-c-W-Ønse Ac-£n-Xm-hÿbpw A¶-em∏pw {_ko-en-s\bpw shdptX hn´n-cp-∂n-√. dntbmUn P\otdm F∂ Xeÿm\ \K-cn-bpsS {]m¥-{]-tZ-i-ß-fn-sem∂mb kn‰n Hm^v tKmUv ab-°p-a-cp∂p I®h-S-°m-cp-sS-bpw, sIm≈-°m-cp-sSbpw Bhmk-`q-an-bm-bn-cp-∂p. 1960-˛s‚ Ah-km\w apX¬ 1980 hsc-bp≈ Ime-L-´-Øn¬ kn‰n Hm^v tKmUn¬ \ne- \ n- ∂ n- c p∂ KymMv hm- d pIfpsSbpw, sIme-]m-X-I-]-c-º-c-bp-sSbpw t\cmb IY-]-d-bp-I-bmWv Nn{Xw. km[m-cW \mw ImWm-dp≈ I®-h-S-kn-\n-aIƒ \mb-I≥ F∂ ^m‚-knsb ap≥\n¿Øn AZv`pX߃ ImWn-°m-dp-≠v. Hcp c£-I≥ F∂ k¶ev]w ]S-®p-hn-Sm-dp-≠v. C∂p-t]mepw Hfn™pw sXfn™pw \S-°p∂ B]-Øp-Ifn¬ Hcp c£- I ≥ \ap- ° n- √ , Ds≠¶n¬Øs∂ AXv \Ωƒ am{X-am-Wv. hm°pIƒ°pw, hnh-c-W-߃°pw AXo-X-am-bncp∂p ‘kn‰n Hm^v tKmUn’se ÿnXn. tdm°‰v F∂ km[m-c-W-°m-c-\mb bphmhns‚ IÆn-eq-sS-bmWv \Ωfpw kn‰n Hm^v tKmUv F∂ {]tZ-i-hpw, Ahn-SsØ Ahÿbpw ImWp-∂-Xv. ‘City of God! Where God has forgotten you’ F∂v kn\n-a-bn¬


Øs∂ Hcp IYm-]m{Xw ]d-bp-∂p-≠v. CØc-Øn-ep≈ Ub-tem-Kp-Iƒ (A-ßs\ {]tbmKn-°m≥ Ign-bptam F∂-dn-bn-√, ImcWw \Ωƒ kwkm-cn-°p-tºmƒ D]-tbm-Kn-°p∂ `mj-b-√msX; kwhn-[m-b-Is‚ \mhn-eqsS \mb-I¿ kwkm-cn-°p∂ `mj CXn-en-√) kn‰n Hm^v tKmUnse Ahÿ icn°pw hm°p-Ifn¬ ]d-bp-∂p. Ac-£n-Xm-hÿ - b - pw, Acm-PI - X - zhpw Hcp P\X-bpsS A[x]-X-\-Øn-te°v FØn-°p∂ kml-N-cy-ß-fm-Wv kn\n-a-bn¬ DS-\o-fw. sIme-]m-XI - ß - ƒ \nXy-kw-`h - ß - f - m-Wv. shSnbp-≠-I-fmWv kulrZkw`m-j-W-߃, kam[m\w F∂p ]d- b p- ∂ Xv hnZq- c - ` m- h nbn¬t∏mepw kz]v\w ImWm≥ Ign-bmØ Hcp A]q¿Δ-X-bm-Wv. Hcp Xe-apd sIm∂pw sIme-hn-fn®pw HSp-ßptºmƒ ASpØ Xe-apd Cd-ßp-∂p, Ah¿ cwK-sam-gn-bp-tºmƒ ASpØ Xe-apd Cd-ßp-

∂p, Ah¿ cwK-sam-gn-bp-tºmƒ Ah¿°p-]n∂n-ep-≈-h¿. CsXms° XSp-t°≠ \nbaw Fcn-Xo-bn¬ FÆ-sbm-gn-®p-sIm≠v Bbp-[߃ hn¬°p- ∂ p, ssI°qen hmßp- ∂ p. F√mw shdpw {]l-k-\-߃, PohnXw Xs∂ hen-sbmcp {]l-k-\-ambn amdp-∂p. kn\n-abpsS ]c-ky-hm-N-I-Øn¬ ]d-bp-tºmse ‘\n߃ HmSn-bm¬ ]pen \nßsf ]nSn°pw, \n߃ \n∂m¬ ]pen \nßsf Xn∂pw’ F∂ Ah-ÿ-bmWv AhnsS \ne-\n-∂n-cp-∂-Xv. c£-s∏-Sm≥ am¿§-an-√msX A\p-`-hn-°p-I-bmbn- c p∂p Ahn- S sØ P\- ß ƒ. CsX√mw ImWp∂ Iyma-d-°-ÆpIƒ ]t£ km[m-cW-°m-c-\m-Ip-∂p. Chn-sS-bmWv t\c-tØ-∏d™ \mb-I-s\∂ ^m‚kn C√m-Xm-Ip-∂Xv. X\n°v A]-ISw £Wn-®p-h-cp-Øp∂ t^mt´m- I ƒ cl- k y- a mbn kq£n- ° p∂ BfmWv t^mt´m-{Km-^¿ IqSn-bmb \mb-I≥. AXmWv Hcp ]cn[n hsc bmYm¿∞y-hpw.


Cu kn\na \ap-°p-ap-∂n¬ Hcp tNmZyhpw Db¿Øp-∂n-√. H∂pw ]pXn-bX - mbn Is≠-Øp∂n-√. CXv bmYm¿∞y-Øn¬ \ap°p ap∂n¬ Hc-[ymbw shdpsX Xpd-∂n-Sp-I-bm-Wv. Cßs\bpw a\p-jy-cp-≠m-bn-cp-∂p, Cß-s\bpw Pohn-X-ap-≠m-bn-cp∂p F∂p ImWn-°m≥. kzÿ-ambn Pohn-°p-∂ (-IÆpw ImXpw AS®v) a\pjym, C∂pw ]e B{^n-°≥ cmPyß-fnepw a‰pw ÿnXn hyXy-kvX-a√ F∂p ]d-bm≥. {]Wbw hfsc {i≤n-°-s∏-SmsX IY-bv°n-Sbn-eqsS IS-∂p-t]m-Ip-∂p-≠v. {]W-b-Øns‚ i‡n CØcw Kymßp-I-fn¬\n∂v ]e-tcbpw ]n¥n-cn-∏n-°p-∂Xpw Nn{X-Øn¬ ImWmw. F∂m¬ Cu {]W-b-ß-sf√mw sN∂-h-km\n-°p-∂Xv am‰-an-√msX ac-W-Øn¬ Xs∂. Iep-jnX Ime-ßsf AXn-Po-hn®v apt∂-dp∂ {]W-bß - fpw kz]v\ß - fpw D≠mhmw. ]t£ _lp-`q-cn-]£ - Ø - ns‚ `mKØp\n∂v ]d-bp∂ IYbv°v \jvS-ß-fpsS IW-°m-bn-cn°pw ]dbm-\p-≠m-hp-I. A`n-t\-Xm-°sf _p≤n-]q¿Δw Is≠-Øn-sbSp-Ø-Xpw, bmYm¿∞y-Øn¬ \S∂ kw`-h-ßfn¬ hen-b-tXm-Xn¬ ambw tN¿°m-ØXpw Nn{XsØ IqSp-X¬ `wKn-bm-°n. Af∂papdn® cwK-ß-fpw, CWßn\n¬°p∂ ]m›m-Øe kwKo-Xhpw Nn{X-Øn\v IqSp-X¬ angn-th-In. FUn- ‰ nßn¬ ]pe¿Ønb _p≤nbpw bp‡nbpw angnhv IqSp-X¬ Xnf-°a - p-≈X - m-°n. A°m-Zan Ahm¿Up-I-sf∂ sIm´n-tLm-j߃ ]Xn-hp-t]mse Cu Nn{X-tØbpw ]cnK- W - \ - b n¬ HXp- ° n- b - t ∏mƒ Imgv N - ° m¿ CXns\ c≠p-ssIbpw \o´n kzoI-cn-®p. Nn{X- Ø ns‚ Ah- k m- \ hpw Xcp- ∂ Xv bmYm¿∞y-Øn-te-°p≈ Hcp sh≈n-Sn-bmWv. ImcWw, C{Xbpw \miw hnX® KymMvhmdpI-fpsS A¥y-Ønepw AØcw {]h-W-X-Ifp-ambn ]pXnb Ip´n-Iƒ Cd-ßp-I-bm-Wv, Ah¿°v ]Icw ho´m-\p-≈h - c - psS enÃp-ambn. Hcp bmYm¿∞yw, Iptd Bfp-Iƒ, A`n-\-bn°p-I-bmtWm F∂pt]mepw kwibw P\n-∏n°p∂ Iptd IYm-k-μ¿`-߃, CXn-\n-S-bn¬ sshcp≤yw \nd™ Hcp t]cpw, "kn‰n Hm^v tKmUv.' Cu kn\na Xcp-∂Xv Hcp \hym-\p-`-hamWv. I®-h-S-kn-\n-a-bpsS sI´p-Im-gvN-I-fn¬ hgnsX‰n Hcp-]mSv apt∂m´v t]mIp-tºmƒ, ]Xnhp KnΩn- ° p- I ƒ°v IøSn sImSp- ° p- t ºmƒ, \n߃ kn‰n Hm^v tKmUv F∂ kn\na ImWm≥ CS- h - c n- I - b m- s W- ¶ n¬ Xo¿®, \n߃ Adn-bmsX a\- n¬ i¶n°pw: C{X \mƒ I≠-tXm, AtXm, CtXm kn\na!

Akhil.P.V lllrd DC Economics

Cu Ipdn-s∏-gp-Xp-∂Xv i¶-c≥am¿°mWv! Ipdn-∏n-\n-S-bn¬ IS-∂p-h-cp∂ t]cp-Iƒ°pw, kw`-hß - ƒ°pw \nß-fn¬ Nne-cp-am-tbm, Nne kw`-hß - f - p-amtbm _‘w tXm∂n-bm¬ hnjan-t°-≠, AXv t_m[-]q¿Δ-am-Wv. Ct∏mgpw i¶-c≥ sXßn≥ta¬Øs∂ F∂v ]d- b m≥ hcs´! sXsß∂v ]d- ™ m¬, F¥m? Hscm-‰Ø - S- n. Xe-bn¬ hnS-¿∂v ]S¿∂v \n¬°p∂ ]´-Ifpw AXn-\n-S-bn¬ aficn _m[n® Ht∂m ct≠m Imb-I-fpw (“tXß” F∂v Nne ae-bm-fØ - m≥am¿ ]dbpw) tN¿∂ Hcp km[-\w. Cu i¶-c\mcm-Wv? A[n-Im-cn-Iƒ(-a≥tam-l\ - m-Zn-Iƒ Dƒs∏-Sp∂ Ipew-Ip-Øn-Iƒ; Ipew IpØn-˛-Hcp IpewIpØn ]S-pØp-≠m-°p-∂-h≥ F∂v tN¿Øp hmbn-°m-\-t]-£) Aw_m-\n-Iƒ(60 \ne-bn¬ Xma-kn®v C¥y≥ _UvP-‰n-t\-°mfpw IqSp-X¬ XpI sImSpØv

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®psImSpØmtem Xocm-hp∂ hnπ-hta ChnSsØ i¶-c≥am¿°p-≈q. tIm∏m Ata-cn° Ifn-Iƒ Hcp Sn.-hn.-Nm-\-enepw ImWn-°n-s√∂-dn™v Hcp hnπ-h-Øn\v Ac-sßm-cp-ßn-bXmbncp∂p. ^pSv t _mƒ thƒUv I ∏v \S∂t∏m Id‚n-√m-ØX - n\v sI.-Fk - v.C - ._n X√ns∏m-fn-®h - cm Cu i¶-c≥am¿. lm! Rß-fpsS hnπhw Chn- S w- s Im- s ≠m- s °- Ø o¿Øp. As∏m tN´≥am¿ t]Sn-t°≠ t´m! \n߃ Hcp Imcyw sNøq, i¶-c≥am-cpsS th≠m-ØnSØv Hcp Bev \´p t\m°q, AXn\v sh≈sam-gn-®v, AXns‚ XW-en-\mbn ImØn-cn°pw C°q-´¿. ]ns∂bo i¶-c≥amcv A]mc a\-°-´n-bp-≈h-cm-Wv. Ahsc t]Sn-∏n-°pI Ffp-∏a - √ - , Nne s]mSn-ss°-Iƒ Nne¿ {ian®pt\m°n. DZm: Acn°p hne IqSn! ]®-°-dn°p hne IqSn! i¶-c≥: KFCbpw McDonald Dw ]ns∂-¥n\m? s]t{Sm-fn-\pw, Uok-en-\pw, ]mN-I-hm-X-IØn\pw hne IqSn. i¶-c≥: teUn KmK-bpsS ]pXnb B¬_w C∂se dneokv sNbvXp, Rm≥ s{]tam s\‰n¬ I≠n-cp-∂p. Cßs\ t]mIp∂p {]Xn-I-c-W-߃. Cs∏m a\- n-em-bnt√ Cu ]d™ `oI-c˛- \ - · kXyß-sfm∂pw i¶-c≥am¿°v sR´-ep-≠m-°p∂n√ F∂v. ss[cy-hm≥am¿! sNKp-h-tc-tbmSv Hcp {]tXyI kvt\l-amWv i¶-c≥am¿°v. ImcWw Ah-cpsS _nb¿ t_m´n- e n¬ sN, _\n- b - \ n¬ sN, jqhn¬t∏mepw sN Xs∂, sN am{Xw. BcmWv sN? i¶-c≥: 60˛-If - nse alm-\mb A¿P‚o-\n-b≥ ^pSvt_m-f-dm-bn-cp∂p sN...-At√? AwKo-I-cn-t°≠ s]mXp-hn-⁄m-\-hpw, [mcW-bp-amWv i¶-c-\v. F¨-]-Ø©v cq] sImSpØv It^ Ata-cn°mt\m IpSn-°m-\pw, KFCepw McDonald epw Znh- k hpw Ib- d n- b n- d - ß m\pw am{Xw i¶c≥am¿ hf¿∂n-cn-°p-∂p. Ata-cn-°b - n-se-bpw, bqtdm-∏n-sebpw ]pXnb ]pXnb kwKoX {_m≥Up-I-fpsS t]cp-Iƒhsc i¶-cs‚ a\ n-ep-≠v. C¥y AXn-thKw _lp-Zqcw hfcp-I-bm-Wt√m! a≥tam-l≥Pn AS-°-ap≈ F√m Ipew-Ip-Øn-Iƒ°pw cmjv{SobsØmgnem-fn-Iƒ°pw kvXpXn. t\ctØ hnh-cn® \mep s\Spw-Xq-Wp-Iƒ°v ]pdta Iq\n≥ta¬ Ipcp F∂p- ] - d - ™ t]mse Iptd aq∂m≥am-cp≠v Cu \mep


XqWp-Iƒ°p-an-S-bn¬. B Im‰-K-dnsb°pdns®-gp-XmsX F¥p Imcyw? CXn¬ cma-tZh≥am¿, ]mXn-cn-am¿, AΩ-am¿(-{]-k-hn°p∂ AΩ-am-c√ tIt´m) F√m s]Spw. Ch-cmWv ssZh-tØbpw a‰p i¶-c≥am-tcbpw Iq´n t®¿°p∂ CS- \ n- e - ° m¿. ae- b m- f - Ø n¬ “aq∂ma≥”. Reference: ]mXn-cn-am-sc-°p-dn-®p≈ A`n-{]mbw? s]m≥Ip∂w h¿°n ˛I≈≥am¿ (tZ-im-`n-am\n kπn-sa‚ v) hn.-sI.-F≥: ˛Imhn-bp-SpØ I≈-∏-cn-i-Iƒ, B{i-a-Po-hnIƒ (Im-hn, t\mh¬) ta¬∏d™ aq∂m-a≥am¿°n-t∏mƒ hnZym-`ymk-Øns‚ AkvInX-bp-≠v. Ch-cpsS ÿm]\-ß-fn¬ tNcm≥ th≠ tbmKy-X-Iƒ ]cnan-Xa - m-Wv. Agn-aX - n-°m-ct- \m, Xosh´n-s°m-≈°m-ct\m Bb ]nXm-hpw. anen-‰-dn-bntem Kzm≠-\mtam Pbn-entem t]mIm≥ a\- p-d∏p≈ ]p{X-\pw. ImcWw tImS-Xn-tbmSpw, Kh¨sa‚n-t\mSpw ]S- s h- ´ m- \ pw, hne- t ]- i m- \ pw, ssI°qen sImSp-°m\pw ]Ww tht≠? \S-h-c-hpw, `fim-c-hpw, t\¿®-s∏-´n-bpw, AXpw CXpw am{Xw t]mc-t√m, Cu Ipgn-am-S-ßsf Cßs\ sh≈-]q-im≥ AXn\v BcpsS Xe-X-√n-s∏mfn-°m-\pw, ap≠p-cn-bm\pw t]m∂ ]mIØn¬ ]nXr-iq-\y-cmb Im°n i¶-c≥am-cp-≠t√m! i¶-c≥am¿°v s]t{Sm-fn\v hne IqSn-bm-se¥v? Acnbv°phne IqSn-bm-se¥v? a≥tam-l≥Po \μn... 3h¿jw sIm≠v 30 cq] IqSn s]t{Smfn-\v. A`n-\μ - \ - ß - ƒ, A`n-\μ - \ - Ø - ns‚ Bbncw...-t]mcm e£w tNmc-∏q-°ƒ t\cp-∂q, Nm¿Øp-∂p. Ct∏m- g t√ a\-   n- e m- b Xv Ata- c n- ° - b n¬ t]mbn ]Tn-°p-∂-Xns‚ KpWw. I°m\pw H∏w \n°m\pw ]Tn-°pw. cmP Ata-cn-°-bn¬ h√Xpw t]mbn- ´ pt≠m? thƒUv _m¶v h√Xpw I≠n-´pt≠m? h√ C¥y≥ _m¶pw Is≠-¶n-embn; Cs∏m a\- n-em-bnt√ FhnsSbm {]iv \ w F∂v ? C\n t]Sn- t °≠ a≥tam-l≥Po Xm¶ƒ°v Ht´sd [oc-i-¶c≥amsc In´m≥ t]mIp-I-bm-Wv. \n߃ C¥y-bpsS B[mcw Fhn-sS-bm-sW∂v ]dbq, Ch¿ H∏n´p Xcpw. \n߃°v hn¬°mw. ]Icw \n߃ Ch¿s°¥v sImSp°pw? 9.30 am apX¬ 8.30pm hsc sFSn ]m¿°n¬ tPmen, Rmb- d mgv N tjm∏v sNøm≥ dne-b≥kns‚ tjmdqw, AhnsS

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\n߃ I¬am- U n- a m¿°pw, cmP- a m¿°pw, Aw_m-\n-am¿°pw Hmim\ ]mSq, F∂n´v t£a-s]≥j-\p-Iƒ°pw Acn-hn-ln-XØ - n\pw a‰pw kwÿm-\-ß-tfmSv F®n-°-W°v ]d-bq. \n߃ 2Gsbbpw 3Gsbbpw ]‰n In\mhp ImWq, R߃ Bfl-l-Xy-I-fnse sshhn[y-߃ ]co-£n-°mw. F∂mepw i¶-c≥am¿ A\-ßn-√. A\-ßm∏md \b-sam-∂p-a-√, AX-ß-s\-bm-Wv. Dd-ßp∂-h-sc-bt√ DW¿Øm≥ Ign-bq, Dd°w \Sn°p-∂-hsc F¥p sNøm-\m-Wv? sXßv ]g-bt]mse Ahn-sS-Ø-s∂-bp-≠v. \Ω-fmbn-cp∂p Cd-ßn-b-Xv. ]gb Xf∏v Fhn-sS-bm-sW∂v Hm¿Ω-bn-t√, \ap°v sXßn¬°bdn ioen°mw, C\nbpw A[n-I-\mƒ Hc[n-I-∏-‰mbn Chn-S-ß-fn¬ Np‰mw F∂p hnNm-cn-t°-≠. NB:i¶-c≥amtc; \n߃ Cu Ipdn-∏n¬ ]dbp-∂Xv H∂p {i≤n-®n-s√-¶n-epw, Ben\p sh≈-sam-gn-°m≥ ad-°-cp-Xv, AXns‚ XWet√ \nß-fpsS {]Xo-£.


Arun.V IIlrd DC Physics

`mc-Xob \mSy-I-em-k-{º-Zm-b-Øn\pw \mSI-th-Zn°pw ASn-ÿm-\-amWv `c-X-ap-\n-bpsS \mSy-imkv{Xw. Z£n-tW-¥ybn¬ {]mNo-\Imew apX¬°p-Xs∂ \mS-It- h-Zn-Ifpw \mSyssi-en-Ifpw D≠m-bn-cp-∂p-sh-∂X - n\v [mcmfw sXfn-hp-I-fp-≠v. {]mNo\ tIc-fØn-sebpw Z£n-tW-¥y≥ {]tZ-i-ß-fn-sebpw \mS-I-thZn-sb-°p-dn®p ]Tn-°p-∂-Xn\v IqSn-bm´w F∂ Iem-cq]w Hcp DØa DZm-l-c-W-am-Wv. IqSn-bm-´Ø - nse hmN-I{- ]-[m-\a - mb `mK-amWv IqØv. NmIym-cpsS {]_‘w ]d-b¬ F∂pw {]kvXp-X-I-esb hnti-jn-∏n-°m-dp-≠v. IqSnbm-´-Øn¬, GsXmcp km[m-c-W-°m-c\pw ckn-°m-hp∂ Xc-Øn-emWv IqØns\ Nn´s∏SpØnbn-cn-°p-∂-Xv. \mS-I-Ønse apJy-IYm-]m-{X-amb hnZq-j-I-s\-bmWv NmIym¿ IqØn-eqsS IqSn-bm-´Ø - n¬ Ah-Xc - n-∏n-°p-∂Xv. hnZq-j-I≥ ]WvUn-X-\pw, kc-k\pw IYm\m-bI - s‚ an{Xhpw {]m[m-\y-a¿ln-°p∂ Hcp IYm-]m-{X-hp-am-Wv. ‘hnti-jm¬ A]-h-Zn-°p-


∂-h≥’ F∂mWv hnZq-j-I≥ F∂ ]Z-Øn\¿∞w. hnZq-j-Is‚ `mj {]mIr-X-am-sW¶nepw hymJym- \ - s a√mw h≈p- h - \ m- S ≥ ssieo ae-bm-f-Øn-em-Wv. IqSn-bm-´-Øn¬ hnZq-jI≥ am{X-ta ae-bmfw kwkm-cn-°p-Ibp-≈q. \mb-Is‚ `mj kwkvIr-Xhpw \mbnI-bp-tSXv {]mIr-X-hp-am-Wv. t£{X-I-e-bmb NmIym¿Iq-Øn¬ hmevao-In, t`mP≥, `h-`q-Xn, cmP-ti-J-c≥ XpS-ßn-b-h¿ cNn-®n-´p≈ cmam-bWIYm-{K-Ÿ-ß-fn¬\n∂v btYm- N nXw KZy- ] - Z y- ß ƒ Iq´n- t ®¿Øv IYbv°p sshI-ey-tam, sshc-kytam hcmsX Xo¿Ø cmam-b-W-{]-_-‘-hpw, AXp-t]m-seØs∂ taev]Øq¿ `´-Xn-cn, ]S-h-´n-°mSv \ºq-Xncn F∂n-h-cp-≠m-°n-bn-´p≈ `mc-X-{]_- ‘ hpw BWv t£{X A¶- W - Ø nse IqØ-º-e-Øn¬ NmIym¿Iq-Ømbn Ah-X-cn∏n-®p-h-cp-∂-Xv. C∂p \ne-hn-ep≈ IqSn-bm-´ß-fn¬ kp`-{Zm-[\ - R - vPb - w, X]-Xo-kw-hc - W - w, \mKm-\μw F∂o aqs∂Æ-Øn¬ am{X-amWv

lmky-{]-[m-\-ß-fmb hnZq-j-I-th-j-߃ D≈Xv. hnZq-jI - s‚ ]pd-∏m-Sp-ka - b - sØ `mhw IY-Iƒ°-\p-k-cn®v amdpw. F∂m¬ Xs‚ I¿Ω-^-e-sØ-°p-dn-®p≈ {]Xn-]m-Z\w F√m IY- b n- e p- a p- ≠ v . ]t£ ]d- b p∂ Imc- W ߃°p-am{Xw Ipd®p hyXymkw ImWmw. IYm-]m-{X-Øn\v B[m-ca - mbn kzoI-cn-®n-´p≈ Imhy-Ønse Hmtcm ]Zy-hpw, KZyhpw F∂√ Hmtcm ]Zhpw hnkvX-cn-®n-´p≈ hymJym-\Øn\v hnj-b-am-Ip-∂p. D]- I - Y - I - f pw, at\m- [ ¿Ω{]Im- i - \ - ß fpw sIm≠v NmIym¿ BJym-\sØ Ahn-kva-cWo- b - a m- ° p- ∂ p. AXn- \ n- S bv ° v kμ¿`- a p≠m°n a\p-jy-km-[m-c-W-ß-fmb Zu¿e-_yß- s fbpw ka- I m- e nI Pohn- X - Ø nse Bimky-a-√mØ {]h-W-X-I-sfbpw a‰pw, NmIym¿ k`m-hm-kn-Isf Nq≠n-°m-Wn-®psIm≠v Ah-X-cn-∏n-°m-dp-≠v. Cß-s\-bp≈ ]cn-lm-k-Øn\v NmIym¿ °p≈ kzmX{¥yw s]mXpth AwKo-I-cn°s∏´n-´p-≠v. kwkvIrX-]-Z-߃ Ie¿∂-sX-¶nepw kc-f-amb `mjbn-ep≈ NmIym-cpsS BJym\w Bscbpw BI¿jn- ° p- ∂ - X m- W v . NmIym¿IqØv {InkvXz-_vZØ - ns‚ Bcw-`Ø - n¬Øs∂ \ne\n-∂n-cp-∂p-sh∂v ]pcm-X\ Xangv Imhy-ßfnse ]cm-a¿i-߃ kqNn-∏n-°p-∂p-≠v. AkvX-an-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p∂ Cu t£{X-I-emam-Xr-Isb, hy‡n-ap{Z ]Xn-∏n® A]q¿Δw Nne Iem-Im-c-∑m¿ C∂pw {]Im-in-∏n-°p-∂p≠v. amdn-s°m-≠n-cn-°p∂ \ΩpsS kmaq-lnI kmwkvIm-cnI kl-N-cy-ß-fn¬ hf-sc-°mew Cu {]` \ne-\n¬°ptam F∂ hkvXpX {]hN-\m-Xo-X-am-Wv. Chsb ]p\-cp-≤-cn-°m-\mbn F√m hnZym-`ymk taJ-e-I-fn-epw, bph-P-t\m’-h-sa∂ t]cn-epw, kmwkvIm-cnI D’-hß-sf∂ t]cnepw Iem t{]m’m-l\ a’-c]-cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ kwL-Sn-∏n-°p-∂Xv Cu Ime-L´-Øn¬ Hcp ssien-bmbn amdn-°-gn-™p. C¥y≥ kwkvIm-c-Øns‚ Ie-h-d-bn¬ Aaqey-ß-fmb A\-h-[n- I-e-I-fpw, Iem-Im-c∑mcpw D≠v. Ah-bn¬ FSp-Øp-]-d-b-s∏-Sp∂ t£{X-I-e-Isf XrW-h¬K-Wn-®p-sIm≠v ]m›m-Xy-I-e-Iƒ°v {]mapJyw sImSp-ØpsIm-≠p≈ Hcp kwcw-`-ambn amdn-°-gn-™ncn-°p∂p \ΩpsS k¿Δ-Ie - m-imem bph-Pt- \m’-h-ß-fpw, kmwkvIm-cnI D’-h-ß-fpw. h≈p-h-\m-S≥ aÆn¬ \n∂p-sIm≠v tIc-fob-kw-kvIm-csØ Ah-K-Wn-°p-Ibpw ]m›mXy-kw-kvIm-c-Øn\p {]mapJyw sImSp-°pIbpw sNøp-∂Xv thZ-\m-P-\-I-amb hkvXpX-bm-Wv. IqØn-s\bpw IqSn-bm-´-sØbpw Ipdn®v ]Tn®v, A©p-Zn-hkw hsc \o≠p-\n¬°p∂

NmIym-cpsS ]pcp-jm¿∞-h¿Æ\w ]pkvX-Icq-]-Øn¬ Fgp-Xn-Ø-øm-dm-°n-b-Xv Xriq¿ sk‚ vtXm-akv Iem-e-b-Ønse KWn-X-hn`mKw A≤ym-]-I-\m-bn-cp∂ {¿.-IrjvW-N-{μ-\m-Wv. \ne-hn-ep≈ IqSn-bm´ IemIm-c-∑m-cn¬ FSp-Øp-]-d-tb-≠p∂ Hcm-fmWv {]-¶pfw \mcmb-W-®m-Iym¿. At±lw \ΩpsS Iem- e - b - Ø nse Hcp ]q¿Δ hnZym¿∞n Bbn-cp∂p F∂p-≈Xpw \ΩpsS Iem-e-b-sØ Cu Ie-tbmSv ASp-∏n-°p∂ Hcp hkvXp-X-bm-Wv. F∂m¬ IqØn-s\bpw, IqSn-bm-´s - Øbpw \ΩpsS Iem-eb - h - pw, k¿ΔI-em-im-ebpw ad-∂p-t]m-Ip∂ Hcp Ah-ÿbmWv Ct∏mƒ I≠p-h-cp-∂-Xv. Fs‚ Iem-e-b-Po-hn-X-Øn¬ Hcp Xh-W-sb¶nepw NmIym¿IqØv Ah-Xc - n-∏n-°Ww F∂ Xv Fs‚ Hcp kz]v \ - a m- b n- c p- ∂ p. ]s£ {]mtbm-KnI _p≤n-ap-´p-Iƒ aqew Ah-X-cn-∏n°m≥ Ign- b msXt]mbXv Fs‚ Pohn- X Ønse Hcp \jvS-ambn F\n°p tXm∂p-∂p. al- Ø mb Cu Ie- s b- ° p- d n®v C{Xbpw F\n°p a\- n-em°nX∂ Fs‚ Kpcp-\m-Y≥ {io ss]¶pfw \mcm-b-W-Nm-Iym¿, Kpcp-hm-bqc-∏s‚ k∂n-[n-bn¬ ]mTIw Ah-X-cn-∏n-°m\p≈ Ah-kcw D≠m-°n-Ø∂p F∂p-≈Xpw hen-sbmcp `mKy-am-bmWv ImWp-∂-Xv. IqØn-s\bpw IqSn-bm-´s - Øbpw Ipdn®v Fs‚ hm°p-Iƒ \ΩpsS sk‚ v tXmakv Iem-eb amK-kn-\p-th≠n Cu Xmfp-If - n¬ ]I¿Øm≥ Ign™p F∂-Xp-Xs∂ Fs‚ hen-sbmcp A\p-`-h-am-sW∂v hniz-kn-°p-∂p. (kw-ÿm-\-Xe lb¿ sk°‚dn Item¬k-h-Øn¬ XpS¿®-bmbn c≠p- X-hW NmIym¿Iq-Øn\v H∂mwÿm\w t\Sn-b- hy-‡n-bmWv teJ-I≥.)


T.B.Ramkumar Statistics Department

C¥y kzmX{¥yw t\Snb \mƒ apX¬ Zcn{Z-\m-cm-b-W≥am¿s°mcp kz]v\-ap-≠m-bn-cp∂p. F√m-h¿°pw IpSn-°m≥, DSp-°m≥, Poh°m≥ ]cym-]vX-am-Ip∂ Hcp tPmen. hoSv, hnZym-`ym-kw, BtcmKyw F∂nh ]cn-c-£n°-s∏-Sp-sa-∂v. F∂m¬ kzmX-{¥y-Zn-\-Øn¬ ]nd∂ Ip™n\v jjvSn-]q¿Øn Ign-™n´pw CsXm∂pw C¥y- b n¬ km¿∞- I - a m- b n- √ . ÿnXnhnh- c - ° - W - ° p- I - f - \ p- k - c n®v \mw Ct∏mgpw an° P\-Iob taJ-e-I-fnepw Ahkm\ ]Øv cmjv{S-ß-fpsS ]´n-I-bn-em-Wv. Ign™ h¿jsØ tcJ-I-f-\p-k-cn®v temIØnse G‰hpw Agn-aXn\nd™ cmPy-ambn \mw amdn-s°m-≠n-cn-°p-I-bm-Wv. 1990-˛-I-fn¬ DtØ-P-I-a-cp-∂ns‚ DW¿tΔmsS


\c- k nw- l - d m- h phpw a≥tam- l ≥knwKpw tN¿∂v BtKm- f o- I - c - W - Ø n\v C¥ysb Xpd∂v sImSp-Øp. AXns‚ ^e-ambn Zp¿_e-\mb C¥y InXbv° - p-Ibpw \n¿_-‘a - mbn IpXn-°p-Ibpw sNbvXp. Cu k¥p-en-X-a√mØ hf¿®-bp-sS, hnf¿®-bpsS Dt]m¬∏∂- a mbn 20 h¿jw Ign- b p- t ºmƒ 2Pn kvs]Iv{Sw, tZhm-kv, kn.Uªn-bp.Pn, BZ¿iv Ipw`-tIm-Wß - f - n¬\n∂v Hmbn¬ ]cy-th-jW Agn-aXn hsc FØn-\n¬°p-∂p. 600 tImSnbpsS Agn-a-Xn-I-Y-I-fn¬\n∂v 1.73 Bbncw tImSn-bn-te°pw Ah-km-\w \n¿Æ-bn-°m≥ Ign-bm-Øs - X∂v knFPn Xs∂ hnti-jn-∏n® FÆ\nt£-]-J-\-\, hn¬∏-\-bn-eq-sS, Agna-Xn-bpsS sImSp-ap-Sn-bn-te°pw FØn-®n-cn-°p-

∂p. Ch-bn¬\ns∂√mw ]Ww kzcq-]n®v hntZi-_m-¶p-I-fn¬ \nt£]n®v \ΩpsS alm-{]ÿm-\-Øns‚ Xe-∏-Øp-≈-h¿ kp{]ow-tImS- X nsb hsc t\m°p- I p- Ø n- I - f m- ° p- ∂ p. Im¿Knense hn[-h-I-fpsS tcmZ\w t\¿Øen-bp-tºmfpw Ah-cpsS t]cn-ep-≠m-°nb ^vfm‰p-Iƒ tIm¨{Kkv Fw.-F¬.-F, Fw.-]n., a{¥n-am-cpsS _‘p-°ƒ°p th≠n-bp≈ kpJ-hm-kt- I-{μ-ßf - m-Ip-∂p. {]Xn-tcm-[a - {¥nbpsS ssZ\w-Zn\ Nmb-k¬°m-c-Øn¬ ]s¶Sp-°p-∂ DtZym-K-{]-ap-J¿ BZ¿iv Ipw`-tImW-ß-fn¬ ]¶m-fn-I-fm-Ip-∂p. \ΩpsS {][m-\a - {¥n a≥tam-l≥knw-Kn\v Cu Agn-a-Xn-I-fn¬ ]eXpw Adn-bm-am-bn-cp-∂psh∂v Fw.- ] n.- a m- c psS IØn- S - ] m- S p- I - f n¬ km£y-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂p. 50000 tImSn cq]-bp-s≠¶n¬ C¥y-bnse Zcn{Z IpSpw-_-߃°v Hcp t\cw kp`n- £ - a mbn Hcp amk- t Ø°v `£Ww \evIm-sa∂v Dd∏v ]d-bp-hm\m-Ipw. a≥taml≥knw-Kn\v 1,730000 tImSn-bn-eq-sSbpw, tZhm-kv, FÆ Ipw`-tIm-WØ - n-eq-sSbpw tImSm-\p-tImSn cq] klm-bn-®Xv t^m¿_vkns‚ ]pXnb 100 tImSo-iz-c-∑m-cpsS ]´n-Ibn-epƒs∏-´n-´p≈ A\n¬, aptIjv Aw_m\n, BZnXy _n¿f, cØ≥ Sm‰ XpS-ßnb {]apJ-sc-bm-Wv. I≈-∏-W-Øns‚ Dd-hn-S-ß-fn¬ Hcm-fpsS.. -am{Xw XpI \ΩpsS hnc-ep-I-fn¬ FÆm- \ m- h mØ tImSn- I - f m- s W∂pw B cmPmhv a‰p-≈-h-tc-°mƒ kzX-{¥-ambn C¥ybn¬ B¿`m-S-ambn Pohn-°p-I-bm-sW-∂pw, Cu XpIbn¬\n∂v _n≥em- Z ≥ apX¬ A¬ssJzZ hsc-bp-≈-h¿°v FØn-°p-I-bmsW∂pw kp{]ow-tIm-SXn Xs∂ \nco-£n®n´pw \ΩpsS P\m-[n-]Xy tIm¨{Kkv `cW-IqSw Ah¿°v HØmisNbvXp-sIm-≠n-cn°p-∂p. Cu ]m›m-Ø-e-Øn-emWv A∂m-l-km-scbpsS kl-\-k-a-csØ \mw ho£n-t°-≠-Xv. C¥y≥ ]m¿e-sa‚ns‚ ssiXy-Im-e-k-tΩf\w ]q¿Æ-ambpw \jvS-s∏-Sp-Øn-bn´pw Agna-Xn-bn-s√∂ ap´p-\ym-b-ap-b¿Ønb a≥taml≥, NnZw-_-cw, cmP A®p-X-≠v, Ah-km\w tImS-Xn-If - psS kΩ¿±-Øn-em-Wv- A-t\z-jW - Øn\p Xøm-dm-hp-∂-Xv. P\m-[n-]-Xy-ÿm]\ßsf t\m°p- I p- Ø n- I - f m- ° p∂ Cu kml-N-cy-Øn-emWv {]ikvX Km‘n-b≥ [¿Ω-k-acw Bcw-`n-°p-∂-Xv. sIm®p-Ip-´n-Iƒ apX¬ _p≤n- P o- h n- I ƒ, sXmgn- e m- f n- I ƒ, hr≤¿ iX-tIm-Sn-I-fmbn AWn-\n-c-∂-t∏mƒ k¿°mcn\p {i≤n-t°≠nh∂p. temIv]m¬ _n√pw, I≈- ∏ - W - ° - W °pw AP≥U- b nepƒs∏-Sp-Øm-sa-∂m-bn.

{_n´ojv `c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-Isf A\p-kva-cn-∏n-®v, A∂sØ Xncp- Ø ¬ i‡n- I sf ASn- ® a¿Øn-b-t∏m-gmWv alm-flm-Km‘n [¿Ω-kacw Gs‰-Sp-t°≠nh∂-Xv. C∂v Cu ÿnXn ho≠pw Dcp-Øn-cn-bp-Ib - m-Wv. cmPyw `cn-°p∂ a{¥n-am-cn¬ _lp-`q-cn-]£ - hpw tImSo-iz-c∑ - mtcm, Ah-cpsS {]Xn-\n-[n-Itfm BWv. BbXpsIm≠pXs∂ hne-°-b-‰-hpw, `£y-£m-ahp- s am∂pw Ah- c psS AP≥U- b n- e n- √ . FIvkv{]-kv, kq∏¿^mÃv thK-X-bn¬ cmPysØ- sIm- ≠ p- t ]m- I p- I - b m- s W∂ t]cn¬ k÷o-Ic - W - ß - ƒ G¿s∏-Sp-Øp-Ib - pw, tImSoiz- c - ∑ m- c psS kpJ- k u- I - c yw, BUw- _ - c ߃°pth≠n s]mXp-ap-X¬ hn‰p Xpe-bv°pI-bpw, IΩo-j\mbn tImSn-Iƒ ssI∏-‰p-Ibpw sNøp∂ Hcp t{_m°dmbn tI{μKh¨sa‚ v A[x-]X - n®pIgn-™p. B L´-Øn¬ kzX{¥ C¥y-bn¬ ]nSn-®p-\n-ev°p-∂-Xn\pw \ΩpsS aqey-߃ ImØp-kq-£n-°p-∂-Xn-\p-amWv A∂m-l-km-sc-bpsS {iaw. F∂m¬ Cu kacw HcpIq´w _p≤n-Po-hn-Ifp-sS-bpw, \ymb-hm-Zn-I-fp-sSbpw ssII-fn¬ \n∂v hgp-Xn-t∏m-Iptam F∂v \mw kwi-bnt°-≠n-bn-cn-°p-∂p. CXn\v DØa DZm-l-c-WamWv cmwtZ-hns‚ kac{]l-k-\w. AXpt]mse B¿.-Fk - v.F - k - v, _PvdwKZuƒ F∂nh-cpsS {]Xy£ CS-s]-Se - p-Ifpw \sΩ Nn¥mIp-e-cm-°p-∂p. CXn-s\√mw ]pdta C¥y≥ sXmgn-em-fn, I¿j-I, _lp-P\ kwL-ßsf {]Xn-\n-[o-Ic - n-°m≥, Inc¨t_-Zn, {]im-¥v`qj¨, InP≥hme apX¬ t]¿°v Ign-bp∂pt≠m F∂p \mw ]cn-tim-[n-°-Ww. GXm- b mepw C¥y- b psS ]c- a m- [ nImcw Im°m≥ ]cym-]vXa - mb Hcp kacw C∂v Bhiy-am-Wv. AXn¬ Bcp ap≥ssI FSp-Ømepw \mw AWntNc-Ww. AtXm-sSm∏w Ah¿ D∂bn-°p∂ ap{Zm-hm-Iy-߃, Bh-iy-߃ \ΩptS-Xm°n amt‰≠ Npa-Xe \ap-°p-≠v.




Rossalraj.K.S IIlrd DC Physics

""c≠p-t]sc sIm≈p-∂-X√ Cu IpS. ap´n-bp-cp-ΩmsX \S-°-Ww. \nb-a-߃, \nb-{¥-W-߃, IpS F√mw hen-s®-dn™v ]pd-Øp-h∂p agsb Benw-K\w sNbvXp.'' kn.-_r-μ. A\p- ` - h - ß - f mWv hmb- \ sb kzoIm- c y- a m°p∂ `mj. en]n-Iƒ°pw D®m-cW hyXymk-߃°pw A∏p-d-Øp-\n∂v Ah a\p-jy-a\- p-I-tfmSv kwh-Zn-°p-∂p. AXp-sIm-≠p-Xs∂-bmWv `mjm-t`-Zß - f - n-√msX Xo£vWa - mb A\p-`-h-߃ ]cs° hmbn-°-s∏-Sp-∂-Xv. kv{Xo]£cN-\-Iƒ, {]tXy-In®v ‘s]sÆgpØv ’ F∂ te_- e n¬ hmbn- ° - s ∏- S p∂ kv{Xo]£cN-\-Iƒ {]Nm-c-Øn-em-bn´v \mfpI-tf-sd-bm-bn. ]t£, ]e-t∏mgpw CØcw Im‰-K-dn-I-fn¬s∏SmsX ]p-dØn-d-ßp∂ cN\-If - mWv kv{XoI-fpsS {]iv\ß - sf IqSp-X¬ Kuc-ht- Øm-sSbpw Imcy-£a - a - mbpw ]cn-KW - n°m-dp-≈Xv. Xangv Ihn-X-bn¬ Xmc-X-tay\ ]pXp-ap-J-amb kaoc F∂ aoc hnh¿Ø\w sNbvX Xangv s]¨I-hn-X-I-fpsS kam-lm-camb ‘Xan- g I s]¨- I - h n- X - I ƒ’ F∂ ]pkvXIw kv{Xoa\- p-I-fnse hyXy-kvX-`m-


h-߃ hmb-\°mc\v A\p-`h - t- hZy-am-°p-∂p. Xangv Pohn-Xß - f - n¬ A[x-ÿnX hn`m-Kß - ƒ, {]tXy-In®v kv{XoIƒ t\cn-Sp∂ hne-°p-Ifpw \oXn\ntj-[-ßfpw IhnXmkam-lm-c-Øn\p {]tab-am-Ip-∂p. ‘Ic-®n¬ P¬∏-\w, hnΩn´w, tIm]w, hnXp-º¬, thZ-\, ac-Ww, NXn, {]W-bw, Imaw-˛- F√mw tNmZy-ßf - m-bn, hntZzj-{]I-S-\-ßfmbn, Bi-¶-I-fmbn Cu IhnX-I-fn¬ apg-ßp-∂p-≠m-IWw’ F∂v apJhp- c - b mbn kaoc tcJ- s ∏- S p- Ø p- ∂ p. \oXn\ntj-[-Øn\pw B¨-tIm-bva-bv°p-saXnsc \nc-¥cw Ie-ln-°p∂ Aº-Xn-e-[nIw Ihn-X-I-fpsS kam-lm-c-amWv ‘Xan-gI s]¨I-hn-X-Iƒ. Bap-J-°p-dn-∏n¬ H.-sI.-tPmWn Cßs\ Fgp-Xp∂p: kam-I-e-\-Øn¬ Xangnse ]pXps]¨Ihn-X-bpsS apgp-h≥ {]Xn\n-[n-I-fpw Ds≠∂v Icp-Xp-∂n-√. F¶nepw C∂sØ Xan-gvIh - n-XI - fpsS i‡nZu¿_-ey߃ shfn-s∏-Sp-Øp∂ kam-lm-cw. cmjv{So-bhpw kn\n-abpw am{X-amWv ]et∏mgpw Xangv apJy- [ mcm am[y- a - ß - f psS N¿®m-hn-j-b-am-Im-dp-≈-Xv. Chsb _‘-s∏Sp-Øn-s°m≠pXs∂ aX-hn-izm-k-]-c-amb hnj-bß - fpw Ah¿ ssIImcyw sNøp-∂p-≠mImw. P\-ß-fpsS {]iv\-ß-fn¬\n-s∂√mw F{Xtbm AI∂pIgn-™n-cn-°p-∂p, ta¬]d™ hnj-b-ßfpw AXp-ambn _‘-s∏´ N¿®-Ifpw. hnti-jn®v Xan-gn¬, Xmc-ß-fpsS hn{K-l-h-XvI-cWw t]mepw km[m-c-W-amIp∂ \m´n¬, Ah-cpsS N¿®-Iƒ CØcw N´-°q-Sp-Isf adn-IS- ∂v ]pd-Øp-hc - m≥ aSn-°p∂Xv Hcp kzm`m-hn-I-X-bmbnØs∂ AwKoI-cn-t°-≠n-h-cpw. kv{XoIsf kaq-l-Ønse XrW-h-XvI-cn-°p∂ Imcy-Øn¬ `qan-im-kv{X]-ca - mb ]cn-KW - \ - I - s - fm∂pw henb Af-hn¬ am‰w hcp-Øm-dn-√. AXp ae-bm-f-am-bmepw Xan-gm-bmepw kv{XoIƒ ASp-°-f-∏p-dsØ Hcp-]-I-cWw am{X-am-Ip-∂Xv Hcp ÿncw Imgv N - b mWv . InS- ∏ - d - b psS kzIm- c y- X Iƒt]mepw ]e-t∏mgpw Ah¿°v ]cn-[n-I-fn´ A\p-`-h-ß-fm-Wv. F¶nepw PmXo-b-amb hne°p-Ifpw a‰pw C∂pw ]c-ky-ambn ImWp∂, CØcw hne-°p-IfpsS t]cn¬ {Kma-߃°nS-bn¬ aXn-ep-Iƒ ]Wn-Xp-b¿Øp∂ Hcp \m´nse, km[m-c-W-°m-cn¬ km[m-c-W-°m-cmb P\-߃ hkn-°p∂ Hcp hnkvXr-X-amb `qhn`m-K-Øn-se, kv{Xokaq-l-Øns‚ {]Xn-I-c-W߃ Ihn-X-I-fmbn ]pd-Øp-h-cp-tºmƒ Xangv kwkvIm-c-Øns‚ ]g-a-tbmfw hcp∂ Imeb-fhv ASp-°-f-bnepw hmXn¬∏p-d-ß-fpepw Icn-]n-Sn®v D]-tbm-K-iq-\y-amb s]¨a-\-kpI-fpsS A£-c-km-£m-XvI-c-amWv km[y-amIp-∂-Xv. Cu ]pkvX-I-Øns‚ hmb-\sb


{]k-‡-am-°p-∂Xv Cu ]m›m-Øew Xs∂bm-Wv. {][m- \ - a mbpw CS- Ø cw IpSpw- _ - Ø nse kv{XoI-fpsS `mj-bmWv kam-lm-c-Ønse Ihn-X-Iƒ kwkm-cn-°p-∂Xv. DØ-c-hm-Zn-XzØn- s ‚bpw hne- ° p- I - f p- s Sbpw Nß- e - I fn¬s∏-´v, \jvSs - ∏-Se - p-Isf A\p-`h - a - m-°p∂ kv{XoI-fpsS Ahÿ Ihn-X-I-fn¬ tcJ-s∏Sp-Øp-∂p-≠v. ""HXp-ßn-°n-S-°m≥ XnÆ-bn-√msX {i≤n-°m≥ Bfn-√msX DW-ßnb shdpw I√mbv hm¿≤Iyw t]me-Ωnbpw'' F∂v ‘AΩn’ F∂ Ihn-X-bn¬ sshssK si¬hn ]d™p shbv ° p- ∂ - X v , ]t£ kv{Xo]£w F∂ ]´n-I-bn¬s∏-Sp-Øm-\m-hn√. hm¿≤Iyw t\cn-Sp∂ Ah-K-W-\-Iƒ°v B¨-˛-s]¨ t`Z-an√t√m! k¶p-Nn-X-amb k¶p-Nn-X-am°nØo¿°-s∏-Sp∂ kv{XohnNmc-˛-hn-Im-c-ßsf kn.-_rμ Cßs\ Ipdn-®nSp∂p. ""e£vaWtcJ-bv°p-≈n¬ hncn-bp-s∂s‚ Nn¥. \nh¿∂m¬ Xe X´n Aa¿Øpw Fs‚-bm-Imiw. F¥-bn-g-™mepw hrØ-Øn¬ ]q¿Æ-am-Ip-∂p, bm{X. hne-°n-√msX izkn-°p-∂-Xn-\m¬ Pohn-°p∂p!'' Htckabw ASn- ® - a ¿Ø- e n- s \- X n- s cbpw AXn\p hnt[-bXzw ]pe¿Øp-∂-Xn-s\-Xnscbpw Ie-ln-°p-∂p, _rμ-bpsS hcn-Iƒ. DØ-ch - m-Zn-Xz-Øns‚ Xnc-°p-If - n¬s∏´v amXrXz-sa∂ A\p-`hwt]mepw \jvSa - m-Ip∂ Ahÿ-I-sf-∏-‰n, hnj-Æ-cm-Ip-∂p≠v Ih-bn-{XnIƒ. k¬a-bp-sSbpw shÆn-e-bp-sSbpw IhnX-I-fn¬, A\p-`-h-ß-fn¬\n∂v A{]-Xy-£-amIp∂ amXrXzw hmb-\-°m-cs\ Akz-ÿ-\m°p-hm≥ ]mI-Øn\v sXfn™p \n¬°p-∂p≠v. InS-∏-d-Iƒt]mepw B¨ B[n-]-XyØns‚ `mj kwkm-cn-°p-∂p-sh∂v Ah¿ Ie-ln-°p-∂p. ‘K¿`sØ am{Xw Hm¿a-s∏-SpØp∂ I´n¬ bP- a m- \ s‚ Bbp- [ - a mWv ’ F∂v ]®-bmbn {]Xn-tj-[n-°p∂ k¬a, Xangv s]¨Ihbn{Xn--Ifn¬ {it≤-b-bmW.v Ign™ Ipsd h¿j-ß-fmbn kv{XoI-fpsS {]iv\-߃ Db¿Øn-∏n-Sn-°p∂ Hcp cN-\mcoXn Ah¿ Ah-ew-_n-°p-∂p. kaq-l-tØmSv i‡-ambn Ie-ln-°p-∂p.


c-®n¬ P¬∏-\w, hnΩn-´w, tIm]w, hnXp-º¬, thZ-\, ac-Ww, NXn, {]W-bw, Imaw-˛- F√mw tNmZy-ßf - m-bn, hntZz-j-{]I-S-\-ßfmbn, Bi-¶-I-fmbn Cu Ihn-XI - f - n¬ apg-ßp-∂p-.

""Fs∂ hnt´°q ]pgp-hn-s\-t∏m-se. Rm≥ tXtS≠ Cu¿∏w aÆn-ep-≠v-'' ˛-tX≥sam-gn. CØcw A`n-{]mb{]I-S-\-߃, {]Xn-tj[ i_vZ-߃. s]¨ Ihn-X-I-fn¬ hncn-bp-∂Xn\v aXn- b mb Imc- W - ß - f p- ≠ v . kaq- l Øn¬\n- ∂ v , {]tXy- I n®v aX- ß - f n¬\n∂v kv{XoIƒ t\cn-Sp∂ hne-°p-Iƒ Gsd-bm-Wv, aX-sØ-∏-‰n, kz¿§-\-c-I-ß-sf-∏‰n X\n°v Gsd kwi-b-߃ Ds≠-∂pw, ]e-t∏mgpw Ah-sb√mw Fgp-Xn-bn-´p-s≠-∂pw, ]t£ Fgp-Xn-b-sX√mw kzbw \in-∏n®pI-f-bp-IbmWv sNbvXn-´p-≈-sX∂pw k¬a CubnsS Hcp A`n-ap-J-Øn¬ ]d-™n-cp-∂p. A{X-ta¬ Ah¿ aX-sØ-bpw, Ah¿°p-ta¬ hogp∂ A[n-Im-c-Øns‚ Nqc-ep-I-sfbpw `b-°p-∂p. ]e- t ∏mgpw Ah- c psS {]Xn- t j[ i_v Z Øns‚ km£m-XvIm-c-ß-fmWv CØcw cN\-Iƒ. A[n-t£-]n-°-s∏-´-h-cm-bn, _‘\ hnt[-b-cmbn Pohn-°p∂ Ahÿ Ah-cpsS a\- ns\ Akz-ÿ-cm-°p-∂p-≠v. AXp-sIm≠m-Wv "Ic-Isf I≠-h¿ Id-Isf ImWp-∂ns√∂v' B¿ ao\m£n Fgp-Xn-sh-°p-∂-Xv. ASn-®-a¿Ø-en-t\-°m-fp-]cn Ah-K-Wn-°-s∏Sp∂ Hc-h-ÿsb Ah¿ `b-°p-∂p-≠v. AhcpsS Nn¥m-ti-jn-sb-t∏mepw kaq-lw(-]p-cpj-∑m¿) A]-l-cn-°p-∂p-sh∂v Ah¿ hne-]n°p-∂p. "Rßsf _m¶n-te°pw tem°-dnte°pw \o¥m≥ hn´v' Nn¥-Isf hnI-e-am°p-∂-h¿s°-Xnsc ame-Xn-bpsS i_vZ-ap-b-cp∂p-≠v. A[n-Im-cØ - n-eqsS am{X-a√ - , Ah-fpsS Nn¥-I-sf-b-∏msS kzm[o-\n®v Ahsf ASn®-a¿Øp-I-bmWv sNøp-∂-sX∂v shÆne hnj-Æ-bm-Ip∂p: ""ho´n¬t∏mbXpw XI¿sØ-dn-bWw Fs‚bm IÆm-Snsb! C{Xbpw \mƒ NXn-®-sX-¥n\v?''

Xangv kv{XoIƒ Pohn-°p-∂Xv bmYm¿∞y-ßfpsS temI-Ø-s√∂v Ah¿ ]d-™p-sh-°p∂p. Ah-cpsS hnth-N-\-ti-jn-bn-√m-bva-bmWv X{¥-Øn¬ NqjWw sNø-s∏-Sp-∂-Xv. IÆmSn-bn¬ t\m°n A`n-c-an®pw _m¶v tem°-dpI- s f- ∏ ‰n Nn¥n®pw \S- ° p∂ kv { XoIƒ t]mepw ]tcm-£-ambn ]m¿iz-h-XvI-cn-°-s∏´ hn`mKw Xs∂-bmWv F∂v Ch¿ ]d™p sh°p-∂p. Xncn-®-dn-hns‚ A\p-I-c-W-\-߃ Ah-cpsS hcn-I-fn¬ IS-∂p-h-cp∂p. ""a\p-jy-kvt\-l-sØbpw ac-W-sØbpw ]d™p Ic-bm≥ F\n-°m-hiyw ]pXnb aXhpw ssZhhpw F∂v \nßfpw Rm\pw ˛IrjvWmw-K\n

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Ign-™n-cp-∂-hsc A«oew Fgp-Xm≥ t{]cn∏n® kml-N-cy-ß-sf-∏‰n ]e-t∏mgpw hna¿iI¿ FgpXn°mWm-dn-√. A«oew FgpXn hcpw Xe-ap-dsb Ch¿ hgnsX‰n-°p∂p F∂p ]dbp- ∂ h¿ ImemIm- e - ß - f mbn Ah- c psS ap∂nse hgn-Isf AS-®p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p-I-bmbn-cp-∂p. s]¨I-hn-X-Isf "BZn-hm-kn-sbmcpØn Itc-dntb' F∂ `mj-bn¬ hna¿in-°p∂-h¿ hmb-\-°m-cpsS ap∂n¬ A]-lm-ky-

cm-Ip-sa∂ Imcy-Øn¬ c≠p ]£-an-√. C{Xbp-sams° Fgp-Xp-tºmƒ Xan-gI - Øv s]¨]S-bmsI hmfp-ta¥n ]pcp-j-h¿§sØ th´-bmSp-I-bm-sW∂v [cn-°-cp-Xv. Ah-cpsS Ihn-XI-fnepw {]W-bhpw _nw_I¬∏-\I - f - p-sa√mw IS-∂p-h-cp-∂p-≠v. “]d-bm≥ ImØv \nc-¥cw hoWp \nd-bp∂ km{μ-amb au\w hm°n-t\-°mƒ Dƒs°m-≈p-∂-Xn-s\-fp∏w Xpcp-ºn® au\sØ Dƒs°m-≈p-∂-XmWv” -˛k¬a

Ahsf th´-bm-Sp∂ kaq-l-sØ-sbm-´msI, Ah-fpsS {]Xn-Ic - W - t- i-jn°p XS- b n´ kaq- l - h y- h - ÿ - s bm´msI aq¿®-tb-dnb hna¿i-\ß-fm¬ \ncm-bp-[o-I-cn-°p-I-bmWv Cu Ihn-XI - ƒ sNøp-∂X - v.

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""F√m ag-°m-ehpw t]mse-b-√msX Cu ag-°mew Ce s]mgnbpw ImesØ Hm¿Ωn-∏n-°p-∂p.'' ˛tX≥samgn ""{]]-©Ønse Ah-km\ ]qsh∂ `mh-tØmsS DXn¿∂p, B ]qhpw.'' F∂o hcn-Iƒ Ihn-X-bpsS Bflmhp \jvSs∏-SmsX ImØp-kq-£n-°-s∏-Sp∂p F∂-Xn\p-sX-fn-hm-Wv. k¬a-bpsS Cu hcn-Iƒ {i≤n°p-I. ""HmSm-º¬ \otß≠ Xmakw D≈n¬ h∂p ]Xn-°m-sa∂v IX-In\p ]pdØv ImØn-cn-°p∂p Zln°pw shbn¬'' ]d-tb-≠-X-{Xbpw at\m-l-c-amb `mj-bn¬, Bh-iy-amb _nw_-I¬∏-\-I-tfm-sS, hfsc hnZ-Kv[-ambn Ah¿ ]d™pshbv°p-∂p. Ccp-]t- Xmfw Ih-bn-{Xn-If - psS Aº-Xn-e[ - nIw hcp∂ Ihn-X-I-fmWv Cu Ihn-Xm-k-am-lm-cØn¬ Dƒs∏-Sp-Øn-bn-´p-≈-Xv. F∂n-´pw, Xang-IsØ ap≥\nc Ih-bn-{Xn-If - mbn t]sc-SpØ ]e-cp-sS-bpw Ihn-X-Iƒ CXn¬ Dƒs∏-Sp-Ønbn-´n-√ F∂v {]km-[-I¿Xs∂ km£y-s∏-SpØp-∂p-ap-≠v. Xangv s]¨Ihn-X-Isf \ma-dnbpI F∂-Xn-ep-]cn Xangv s]Æ-dn-hp-Isf Xangv s]¨ A\p-`-h-ßsf shfn-®-sØ-Øn°pI F∂- X mWv Cu sNdp- ] p- k v X Iw sIm≠v {]km-[I - ¿ Dt±-in-®n-cn-°p-∂X - v. AXpsIm-≠p-X-s∂-bm-IWw FgpØp sXmgn-em-fnIfn¬ ]ecpw CXns‚ ]cn-[n-bn¬ s]SmsX t]mbXv. s^an\nkw AXns‚ kph¿Æ-Zi(?) ]n∂n´p Ft∂m, AXns‚ Imew Ign™p Ft∂m C√ Ft∂m Hs°-bp-≈, kv{XoIsf {]Xy-£-Øn¬ bmsXm-cp-hn-[Ønepw kzm[o-\n-°mØ hmZ-K-Xn-Iƒ, _lf-߃ Xo¿°p-∂-Xn-\n-S-bn¬ CØ-c-samcp ]pkv X Iw hnh¿Ø\w sNbv X v ]pdØnd°nb kao-cb - p-sSbpw {]km-[I - cpsSbpw {iaw- «mL-\o-b-am-Wv. ‘s]sÆ-gpØv’ F∂ ]Z{]tbmKw Cu teJ- \ - Ø n- \ msI a\x]q¿Δw Hgn-hm-°n-b-Xm-Wv. CXns\ s]sÆgpØv F∂v ]m¿iz-h-XvI-cn--°m-Xn-cn-°p-I. CØcw cN-\I - f - n¬ Kuc-ha - mb hmb\ D≠mI-W-sa∂v teJ-I≥ Bflm¿∞-ambn B{Kln-°p-∂p.

kv{XoI-fpsS ]£sØ hy‡-ambn A\mhrXw sNøp-Ib - Wv Cu Ihn-XI - ƒ. Ah-cpsS Ah- ÿ - I - s f, {]iv \ - ß sf Cu IhnX sXfn®p hc-bv°p-∂p. H∏w Ah-cnse ‘AgIm\’ Ih-bn-{Xn-Isf ]pd-Øp-sIm-≠p-h-cnIbpw sNøp-∂p.


aI-\m¬ K¿`n-Wn-bm-°-s∏´ AΩ... F∂p-IqSn tIƒt°≠n hcp-tºmƒ...!!!




ANNUAL REPORT of the academic year 2010 -11 Distinguished guests on the dais, dear members of the staff and loving students, I am very happy to present the annual report of the academic year 2010-2011 of St. Thomas’ College. In a very special way I must say that the first year of my tenure as the Principal comes to a close in a happy note, for having a very smooth and cordial academic atmosphere maintained throughout this year in the campus. Let me thank God Almighty for all the Special Blessings and St. Thomas’ Apostle for Heavenly Patronage. I thank the Patron and the Manager for having given me proper guidance and co-operation. The Vice – Principals, Prof. Joseph Louis Olakkengil and Rev. Fr. Baiju Chakkery, the Bursar Rev. Fr. Martin Kolambarath and Prof. K.M.Paul the College Council Secretary deserve my gratitude. The teaching and nonteaching staff have offered sincere cooperation and I thank all of them wholeheartedly. This year is very significant in that St. Thomas’ College got nationally accredited with ‘A’ Grade, securing 3. 58 points. Eventually our college is the third among the colleges of Kerala. Everyone of us, the management, staff and students tried the best for the achievement and I thank Prof. Krishnakumar, the co-ordinator and Prof. C A Inasu, the joint-co ordinator for the successful leadership taken up by them.

The election to the college union 2010-2011 was held on 29th July 2010. I congratulate the winners under the leadership of Union Chairman, Mr. Rosselraj and the students for the smooth conduct of elections as per the parliamentary system. This year the Union was guided by Prof Dr. C.V.Jose, as Staff Advisor, Dr. Sebi Jose, as the Returning Officer, Dr. Sanil Raj as the Fine Arts advisor and Dr C D Varghese, as Staff editor; and I thank the teachers for their sincere service. The College Union members have shown high regard to the welfare of the college and the student community, as a whole; and I thank all the members of the union for the cooperation shown to the day to day administration of our college. Regarding the results of the University examinations which have been declared, our college has stood considerably high and I have to agree that a wide room is left for betterment and perfection that is to be achieved without fail. P G Results: Our P G students have passed out with glory in the results bagging seven of the University ranks. Ms.Sincy Stephen of Chemistry, Ms. Rajasree of Zoology and Ms.Ranjini Ramachandran of Commerce got the I Rank; Ms. Anju K Soman of Maths and Ms.Chaithanya U of Commerce got the II Rank and Ms. Nimisha A of Statistics and Ms. Sheheera K T of Chemistry have got the III Rank. Maths students got


70% in the results, Statistics 100%; Physics 75%; Chemistry 100%; Botany 100%; Zoology 100%; English 100%; Economics 78%; Commerce 100%; Computer Science 80% and Electronics 80%. In the Degree results, English and History students got all the three ranks of the university. Ms. Sinu Rose, Ms. Krishnendu and Mr. Jemin got I, II and III ranks respectively. Maths students got 99%; Statistics 100%; Physics 96%; Chemistry 89%; Botany 100%; Zoology 85%; Eng and History 95%; Economics 86%; Commerce 85%; Computer science 100% and Electronics 94%. Congratulations to the Rank holders and the other students and I wish them all the best in life. Our NCC unit comprised of 66 boys and 42 girls. Sincere congratulaltions to all NCC boys in securing the first position and the girls the second position in the parade on Republic Day. In the ceremonial parade, our college got the first position. A trekking camp was conducted for NCC volunteers at Chimmini forest, Vigilence awareness programme, Rally, Cancer awareness programme, eye care camp etc . were the other activities. It is glad to see that the NCC officer, Major Dr. Jenson P O is appointed the Principal of the college. NSS volunteers organized various programmes under the guidance of Prof. Mejoy Jose and Prof. Saju. Various orientation sessions were conducted by NSS on topics like, Anti-drug message, Palliative care, Protection of public property, Awareness against AIDS etc. Twenty volunteers donated blood on Blood Donors Day. A campus cleaning programme was done in connection with the Gandhi Jayanthi. Our volunteers together with the AICUF volunteers distributed cakes, food and dress to the beggars of our town. A special camp was conducted for seven days at JPEHSS Koorkencherry, and health survey was done in 500 houses as part of the camp. Education in clarification of values and Ethics has been imparted to students of various classes in the year. Eminent speakers on various aspects of life who gave orientation talks include Rev Dr. Devassy Panthallookaran, Adv. Joffin Pettah, Rev. Fr. Roy Vadakkan and Dr. Tony Joseph M D . The talks were on Human Values, Emotional Intelligence, Pro-life


Practices etc. Prof. P.L. Antony is the convener of Ethics Committee. Our students got conscientized on the issue of “Ragging” by the convener, Prof Paulson M P and members of Antiragging cell. Knowledge on various after-effects and penalty measures was imparted to the students. The toll-free number of Anti-Ragging Cell is exhibited in the notice board. There are fifty active volunteers in Tourism Club. The message of tourism and its economic significance is given to the student community and the general public. Prof. M P Paulson, the co-ordinator being the District Coordinator, got the functioning of all 75 tourism clubs in Thrissur Disctrict. A One-day Guidance Seminar on ‘Women Empowerment’ was conducted especially for the women students of final year degree classes. The resource person was Dr.M. Mangayarkkarsi, Department of Women Studies of Bharathiyar University. Conscientization programmes for the girl students also were conducted. Prof.John E. D. piloted the activities of Women’s Cell this year. The activities of AICUF got inaugurated on 7 th August by our Principal, Dr. Jenson P.O. A souvenir was released then in honour of Very Rev. Dr. Devassy Panthallookaran, our former principal, who served as the animator of AICUF for a long time. The volunteers spent a day with the inmates of Home of Love, the home for the aged at Mulayam. AICUF volunteers participated in the Satyagraha at Kuttanellur, to propagate the message against alcoholism. On the Teachers’ Day, our volunteers greeted the teachers individually. In connection with the Christmas celebrations, our volunteers distributed cakes, new dress and food to about 200 beggar of Thrissur town. We collect food packets and rice from the students and distribute among the poor of the street frequently. The activities of AICUF are directed by Rev. Fr. Martin Kolambrath. The Old Students Association of our college showed wholehearted co-operation with the activities of the college and I have to mention with gratitude, especially when the NAAC peer team visited the college. Some of our distinguished alumni Dr.Mohandas, Bishop Ephrem and others convinced the peer team about the considerable

contribution made by our college. Worshipful Mayor Mr. I P Paul, Dr. Sarin P and Dr. Sani P Brahmakulam of our OSA addressed our students on different aspects of civil service and scientific researches. Let me thank Dr. Capt. George Varghese the President, Dr. Thomas Paul Kattookaran the secretary and Dr. Binoy C F the treasurer of our OSA. Together with the academic endeavours, the students have to be kept fit and fine with broader ideas and practices on aspects of life. In the field of sports and games, without doubt I am proud to say that our students have shown excellence. Nine teams of ours won the university titles : Swimming, waterpolo, hockey, power lifting, best physique, cycling, yoga, boxing and archery (Indian). Three teams came up to the runner-up position : shuttle badminton, athletics and yoga. In cricket we got the third position. Mr. Bennet Antony A of the shuttle badminton team got recognized as the Best Sportsman of the year 2010-2011 and he represented India in the world University Championships held at Chinese Taipei. Special mention has to be made of the National Inter University Medal Winners. It is a great achievement for all of them, as well as to our college. Three of our students, Messers Melwin Vincent in Power Lifting, Bennet Antony A and Mingle George in Shuttle badminton, got the gold medals. Mr. Rohit K J got the silver in Power Lifting and Messers Jithin K R in Boxing, Anoop P K in 100 mts. Race and Rinto P Johnson the best physique got the bronze medals. Congratulations to the winners, Dr. Sebi Jose and Dr Toy, the faculty. Our college has always been happy to have a generous and cooperating PTA. This year Prof Damodaran serves as the President, Prof. Joy P.M as the secretary and Mr. P.K Antony as the treasurer. PTA funded an amount of Rs. 40,000/- to furnish the Resting Room. The PTA have offered to contribute some more amount towards forming infrastructure to selected departments. All helps and offers of PTA are accepted by the college gratefully. In connection with the UGC Remedial Programme, we have conducted coaching and orientation classes for the final year degree students. The classes are offered to

the second year degree students too. Prof. Paulson Mathew is the convener of the programme. In the Arts festival, we got a good position. Our Western Music team could win the second position in the National Inter zone arts festival. The team won the second place in the South Zone Nationals. In Calicut University Interzone Arts Festival, our Western Music team won the first place this year too. Our students Edwin, Amal, Reshma and Jithin won laurels in individual competitions of the festival. Congratulations to all the winners. It is well appreciated that our Placement Cell has been opening chances to our students in various professional fields. This year 90 students have got the first phase completed in their selection to Wipro. Sixteen got selected by Infosys. The South Indian Bank has marked 65 students and final selection is going on. Some of the students could get chosen to Indian Postal Service, CSS Corporation, Chennai, Radio Mango etc. Thanks to Prof. P I Vinson who led these endeavours. As a mark of Extension activities, teachers from all our departments volunteered to offer free tuition to the inmates of St. Ann’s Orphanage and some members even extended financial help also to the students. The service mindedness of the teachers is highly appreciated. Five new members got appointed in the teaching staff of our college this year : Dr. Joy C.T. in Physical Education, Dr Vimala K.John in Zoology, Dr.Vimala Jose in Botany, Dr. Sr. Alphonsa Mathew in Mathematics and Mrs. Jnanabhai in Sanskrit. Let me wish all the best to the new members of the staff. We are to lose the sincere and devoted service of nine members of the teaching staff and three members of the non-teaching staff, as they retire from service on 31st of March, 2010. On behalf of all, let me extend sincere gratitude to all the retiring members and pray to God for their health and longevity. Praying for God’s Grace and blessings and requesting for the loving co-operation of all, I remain. Dr.Jenson P.O., Principal.




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^pUv s^Ãn-h¬ P\p-hcn 21-˛\v tImtfPv bqWn-bs‚ t\XrXz- Ø n¬ ^pUv s ^- Ã n- h ¬ Ac- t ß- d n. _m_p.-Fw.-]m-en-t»cn Fw.-F¬.F DZvLmS\w sNbvXp. hnZym¿∞n ]¶m-fnØw sIm≠v {it≤-b-amb Cu ]cn-]m-Sn-bn¬ Iºyq-´¿ kb≥kv Un∏m¿´-sa‚ v hnP-bn-I-fm-bn.

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\ndhv 2010 Ign™ bqWn-b≥ \S-Ønb kmwkvIm-cn-tIm’h-Øns‚ XpS¿®-sb-t∂mWw \ndhv F∂ t]cn¬ tImtfPv am¿®v 7,8 Xoø-Xn-I-fn¬ Iƒ®-d¬ s^Ãpw 9˛mw XoøXn tImtfPv tUbpw bqWn-bs‚ t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ kwL-Sn∏n-®p. Iƒ®-d¬ s^Ãns‚ DZvLm-S\w Imen-°‰v bqWn-th-gvkn‰n bqWn-b≥ P\.-sk-{I-´dn F≥.-hn.-ssh-im-J≥ \n¿Δ-ln-®p. \ndhv 10-˛¬ h´- a p- S n,- \ m- S ≥]m- ´ v , ¢mkn- ° ¬ Um≥kv shtè ayqknIv XpS-ßnb hnhn-[-ß-fmb ]cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ Ac-tß-dn. aq∂p thZn-I-fn-embn Adp-]-tXmfw C\-ßfn¬ Ccp-∂qtdmfw hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ am‰p-c-®p. Un∏m¿´p-sa‚ v Xe-Øn¬ _n.-tImw.-Un-∏m¿´psa‚pw ^nknIvkv Un∏m¿´p-sa‚pw bYm-{Iaw H∂pw c≠pw ÿm\-߃ Ic-ÿ-am-°n.

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I am presenting, with a great satisfication and pleasure the annual report of Royal St.Thoma’s College NCC 2010-11. Firstly I congratulate whole cadets of St.Thoma’scollege and thankful to our ANO (Principal) Major (Dr) Jenson P.O. for his great support and inspiration our seniours like CSUO Joshy Francis CUO Jesvin Joy, CUO Aswathy TS, CUO Ronald B.J. CSM Abhijith Velayudhan, CQMS Prasanth V.B, they lead us to a tremendous victory in this year. St.thomas College NCC unit is first Company in 23 KBN and one of the great companies in Kerala Lakshadweep Directorate. We keep up our victories as the past years we have done. I am very glad to inform you that NCC has a immorable era in developing decipline in one college.


In this academic year we started our NCC activities in 12th Aug 2010. On 15th August; one company participated in ceremonial pared held in the Thekkinkadu Maidanam on the celebration of one 64th Independence day. After that one cadets gave ceremonial pared inside the college and our principal as well as NCC officer Major Dr.Jenson P.O. hoisted the flag. Our cadets participated an CAWATC camp held at Kuttanellur Govt.College and performed.Sgt.Prasanth V.B. and CPI Nikhil P.D. participated NIC in Tamil Nadu. Our 10 cadets with CSUO Joshy Francis participated in All India trecking camp in Malayattoor. Our Sw cadets. Sgt Jenet K.G. attended the IGC camp at Mavoor (Calicut). We gave a guard a honour to ISRO Chairman Dr.K.R.Radhakrishnan and

also gave guard of honour to NAAC per group and our respected patron Arch Bishop Mar Andrews Thazheth. Our NCC unit was the first impression to NAAC for group. In december 12 our college arranged a one day trecking programme held at Chimminey Dam forest and cadets enjoyed the trecking. Our ANO Major Dr.Jenson.P.O. led us to the forest. And finally our unforgettable day of St.thomas college; 26th January 2011 came. The memories that gives me the great pleasure to inform the great achievement of that day. Our SD condigent participated in the ceremonial pared in Thekinkade Maidhan. Our SD contigent won first prize in Armed drill competing with keralavarma college. After the victorious moment our college Principal hoisted the National flag and received salute from our cadets. We gives us a republicday---. In the evening one 33 Royal Cadets attended the prestigious march past competition of Thrissur Corporation. RD celebration at Swaraj Round and we

was first prize. Our SW contingent got the second prize. We celebrate the victory well in the college and also in 23K B is NCC. At the end of this year our cadets gave the farewell ceremony for one cadets. Who was completing their NCC the presence of our commanding officer col.P.George Thomas made the occasion prestigious with Risaldar Major Jayadevan. Our principal and NCC officer Maj.Dr.Jenson.P.O. was also attended the function and distributed the prizes for the group competition winner. Let me thank to our principal and NCC officer Maj.Dr.Jenson.P.O. and 23K B NCC for the valuable support and guidence. And congratulate our cadets who performed well and to all other who helped us in leading the company activities to great support. Let one conclude that we worked on the basis of one great word. “Heroes Never choses their Desting, Desting choses them�, CUO Ronald.B.J.


F≥-.F-kv-.Fkv dnt∏m¿´v Pq¨ H∂mw -Xo-bXn AssUz-kdn IΩn‰n cq]o-Ic - n® F≥.-Fk - v.F - k - ns‚ hm¿jnI ]cn]m- S n- I sf°pdn®v N¿®sNbv X p. Xmeq°v eoK¬ k¿Δokv IΩn-‰n-bp-ambn kl-I-cn®v Pq¨ 9˛mw-Xo-bXn \S-Ønb temI ]cn-ÿnXn-Zn\ ]cn-]mSn AUo-j-W¬ Unkv{SnIvSv B‚ v skj≥kv PUvPv DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. Sn.-sI.-]p-jv°-c≥, s{]m^.-C-t·-jykv B‚Wn, {]n≥kn-∏¬ tUm.-]n.-H.-sP≥k¨, ^mZ¿ am¿´n≥ sImf-{ºØv XpS-ßn-b-h¿ kwkm-cn®p. Pq¨ 13-˛mw XobXn Xriq¿ t]meokv A°m-Z-an-bn¬, ‘`oI-c-hmZw C¥y-bn¬’ F∂ hnj- b sØ Bkv ] - Z - a m°n kwL- S n- ∏ n® skan- \ m- d n¬ tImtf- P nse \mev hf- ≠ ntbgvkv ]s¶-Sp-Øp. c‡-Zm-Xm-°-fpsS Zn\amb Pq¨ 14-˛mw XobXn Ccp-]Xv hnZym¿∞nIƒ Xriq¿ Pq_nen saUn-°¬ tImtf-Pn¬ c‡w \¬In. h¿j-Ime tcmK-߃ hcm-Xncn-°m-\p≈ tlmantbm {]Xn-tcm[ acp-∂p-Iƒ Pq¨ 16-˛mw XobXn Iymº-knse hnZym¿∞n-


Iƒ°pw \¬In. Pq¨ 26-- ˛ mw temI elcnhncp≤ Zn\-tØm-S\ - p-_‘ - n®v Imen-°‰v bqWn-th-gvkn-‰n-bpsS B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ hnae tImtf-Pn¬ kwL-Sn-∏n® skan-\m-dn¬ F´v hf-≠n-tbgvkv ]s¶-Sp-Øp. F≥.-F-kv.-Fknse ]pXnb hf-≠n-tb-gvkns‚ BZy ao‰nMv Pqembv 9-˛mw XobXn skan-\m¿ lmfn¬ kwL-Sn-∏n-®p, Pqembv 14-˛mw XobXn ]pXnb hf-≠ntb-gvkns‚ c≠m-asØ ao‰nwKv D≠mbn-cp-∂p. AXn¬ 106 hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ ]s¶-SpØp. If-a-t»cn cmP-Kncn tImtf-Pn¬ Pqembv 27 apX¬ BKÃv 8 hsc \S-Ønb s{Sbn-\nMv t{]m{Km-an¬ c≠v t{]m{Kmw Hm^o-tkgvkpw kw_-‘n-®p. ]pXnb hf-≠ntb-gvkns\ Dt±in-®p≈ Hmdn-b-t‚-j≥ t{]m{Kmw BKÃv 30-˛mw XobXn skan-\m¿ lmfn¬ kwL-Sn-∏n-®p. s{]m^.-C-t·-jykv B‚-Wn, s{]m^.tPm¿÷v AeIv k v XpS- ß n- b - h ¿ ¢mkpIƒ°p t\XrXzw \¬In. sk]v‰w-_¿ 16--˛mw XobXn \S- Ø nb c‡- { Kq∏p\n¿Æb

Iyºn¬, \qtdmfw hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ ]s¶-SpØp. Km‘n-P-b¥n Zn\-Øn\v apt∂m-Sn-bmbn sk]vXw-_¿ 25-˛mw XobXn Iymºkv hrØnbm-°n. Imen-°‰v bqWn-th-gvkn-‰n-bpsS B`nap- J y- Ø n¬ `mcXv kv I u´v k v B‚ v ssKUv k ns‚ Xriq- c nse slUv I zm¿t´gvkn¬ sk]vXw-_¿ 29\v ‘At\z-jI - ≥’ skan\m-dn¬ \mev hf-≠n-tbgvkv kw_-‘n-®p. sk]vXw-_¿ 30\v F≥.-F-kv.-Fkv Zn\-tØmS-\p-_-‘n®v F¬Øp-cpØv sk‚ vAtemjykv tImtf-Pn¬ \S-Ønb Pn√m-X-e-sk-an\m-dn¬ \mev hf-≠n-tbgvkv ]s¶-Sp-Øn-cp-∂p. ]men-tb-‰ohv sIb¿ Zn\-amb HIvtSm-_¿ 7˛mw XobXn kwL-Sn-∏n-°-s∏´ skan-\m-dn¬ ]Øv hf-≠n-tbgvkv kw_-‘n-®n-cp-∂p. \hw_¿ 1 s]mXp-kz-Øns‚ kwc-£-W-Zn-\-ambn BN-cn-®p. skan-\m-dns‚ DZvLm-S\w AUoj-W¬ Unkv{SnIvSv skj≥kv PUvPm-b- ]n.sI. _m_p- c m- P ≥ \n¿Δ- l n- ® p. temI

FbvUvkv Zn\-amb {InkvXp-akv sht°-j\n¬ k]vX-Zn\ Iymºv \S-∂p. Iq¿°-t©cn sP.-]n.-C.-F-®v. kvIqfn¬ \S-Ønb Iymºn¬ F≥.-F-kv.-F-kns‚ hf-≠n-tb-gkv ]s¶-SpØp. B {]tZ- i Øv kmw{I- a n- I - a - √ mØ PohnXssieo-tcm-K-ß-fpsS k¿tΔ \S-Øn. dn∏-ªn°v Zn\-]-cn-]m-Sn-bn¬ hf-≠n-tbgvkv ]s¶-Sp-Øn-cp-∂p. tImtf-Pn¬ \S∂ ]XmI Db¿Ø¬ NS-ßn\v {]n≥kn-∏epw F≥°mcpw t\XrXzw \¬In. s^{_p-hcn ]Ømw XobXn F≥.-F-kv.-F-kns‚ B`n-apJy-Øn¬ h¿j-ß-fmbn \S-Øn-h-cp∂ Pn√mXe tZi`‡n-Km-\-a-’cw kwL-Sn-∏n-®p. Bdp tImtf-Pn¬\n-∂p≈ hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ ]s¶- S p- Ø p. hnP- b n- I ƒ°v kΩm- \ - ß ƒ \¬In. am¿®v 30-˛mw XobXn bm{X-b-b∏p ktΩ-f\w \S-Øn. F≥.-Fk - v.F - k - ns‚ AwKXz- s am- g n- b p∂ hnZym¿∞n- I ƒ°pw eoU¿am¿°pw {]n≥kn-∏¬ \μn]d-™p.


]n.-Sn.-F.dnt∏m¿´v ]n.-Sn.-F-bpsS hm¿jnI s]mXp-tbm-K-Øns‚ DZvLm-S\w am¿ At{]w sa{Xm-s∏m-eoØ 17-˛8-˛10\v `{Z-Zo]w sImfpØn \n¿Δln-®p. hnZym¿∞n-IfpsS Pohn-X-Øn¬ amXm-]n-Xm-°-fp-sSbpw A≤ym- ] - I - c p- s Sbpw ]¶n- s \- ∏ ‰n At±lw DZv t _m- [ n- ∏ n- ® p. kvs]jy¬ {_m©v Fkv.-]n.- {io.-sI.-k-Xo-jvN-{μ≥ apJy-{]-`mjWw \S-Øn. dm¶v tPXm-°ƒ°pw JRF, NET F∂o D∂XhnP-b߃ t\Sn-b-h¿°pw am¿ At{]w sat{Xm-s∏m-eoØ D]-lm-c߃ \¬In. 2010-˛11 h¿j-Øn-te-°p≈ `mc-hm-ln-Isf Xnc-s™Sp-Øp. NAAC kμ¿i-\-Øn¬, ]n.-Sn.-F. AwK-ß-fp-am-bp≈ IqSn-°mgvN hf-sc-b-[nIw ^e-{]-Z-am-bn-cp-∂p. 2010-˛11 Ime-b-f-hn¬ tImtfPns‚ \m\m-ap-J-amb ]cn-]m-Sn-bn¬ ]n.-Sn.-Fbv°p ]¶phln-°phm≥ km[n®p F∂Xv hf-sc-b-[nIw Nmcn-Xm¿∞yw \¬Ip∂ Imcy-am-Wv. Xmsg-∏-d-bp∂ Imcy-ß-fn¬ kmº-ØnIklmbw \¬Im≥ ]n.-Sn.-Fbv°v km[n-®n-´p≠v. 1. Ip´n-I-fpsS id-card \n¿Ωm-Ww. 2. tSmbve‰v \n¿Ωm-Ww. 3. sse{_-dn-bn¬ tPmen-°m-cpsS Xm¬°m-enI \nb-a-\w. 4.tXm∏v tÃUn-b-Øn¬ hm´¿ Iqf¿ ÿm]n-°¬ 5. B¿´vkv tªm°n¬ Ccn-∏n-S-ß-fpsS \n¿Ωm-Ww. 6.Ãm‰n-ÃnIvkv hn`m-K-Øn-\p≈ kmº-ØnI klm-bw. 7. C‚¿tkm-Wn¬ ]s¶-SpØ hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°p≈ kmº-ØnI klm-bw. 8. F≥.-kn.-kn. hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°p≈ kmº-Øn-I-k-lm-bw. ]n.Sn.F IfpsS t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ F√m ¢m p-I-fp-sSbpw ¢m v˛]n.Sn.-F. tbmKw \S-Øp-hm≥ km[n-®p. tImtf-Pn¬\n∂v hnc-an® A≤ym-]-I¿°pw, A\-≤ym-]-I¿°pw ]n.-Sn.-F D]-lm-c-߃ \¬In BZ-cn-®p. ]n.-Sn.-F.-bpsS {]h¿Ø-\-߃°v kl-I-cn® {]n≥kn- ∏ - e n\pw amXm- ] n- X m- ° ƒ°pw A≤ym- ] - I ¿°pw hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°pw \μn-bpsS ]qs®-≠p-Iƒ A¿∏n-®p-sIm≠v Cu dnt∏m¿´v ka¿∏n-°p-∂p. s{]m^.-]n.-Fw.-tPmbv sk{I-´dn


THE OLD STUDENTS’ ASSOCIA TION ASSOCIATION The O.S.A provide opportunities for the old students of St. Thomas’ College to come into contact with their Alma Mater and with one another. Under the aegis of the O.S.A; the following programmes were undertaken during the year 201011. The O.S.A. Executive Committee co-ordinated the interaction session of NAAC Peer Team with the alumni. On 27th September, 2010, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. K.Mohandas, Bishop Mar Aprem and other distinguished alumni from various walks of life acknowledged the contributions made by the Alma Mater and convinced the NAAC Peer Team about the role played by the former students in the welfare and development of the college and the society. The O.S.A. Lecture Series 2010-11 was inaugurated by Sri.I.P. Paul, worshipful Mayor on 7th December 2010. Dr. Sarin P., Officer Trainee, Indian Audit and Accounts Service delivered a lecture on the topic “How to prepare for the Civil Service Examinations?”. On 27th January, 2011 Dr. Sani P. Brahmakulam, the distinguished alumni and eminent scientist in the U.S.A. delivered a talk on the advances in scientific research to prevent cancer. The valedictory lecture in the series was delivered at Jubilee Block on 11th March 2011 by Mr. Favour Francis, the renowned media and theatre expert. The annual reunion of the O.S.A. was held in the Medlycot Hall on 1st May 2011. Sri. I.P. Paul, worshipful Mayor, Thrissur Corporation, Dr. K. Mohandas, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Kerala University of Health and Allied Sciences, Sri. P.M. Francis, District Collector, Malappuram and Col. P. George Thomas, Commanding Officer, 23 Kerala BN, NCC, the distinguished alumnae, were honoured by adorning Ponnada. During the function, the O.S.A. Endowments were distributed to the following students: Prof. P.C. Thomas Endowment Mr. M.C.S. Menon Endowment instituted by Mr. Sunder Menon Mr. L. Kuriakose I.R.S. Endowment Prof. Marumakan Raja Endowment instituted by Mr. Ajith Kumar Raja

- Miss. Mary Genia T.G, Msc. Physics. - Mr. Edwin V. Davis, B.Sc Physics. - Miss. Chaithanya U, M.Com. - Miss. Anju K. Soman, Msc. Mathematics.

The University rank holders and eminent sports persons were also honoured by the O.S.A. Dr. Thomas Paul Kattookaran. Secretary



Department Of Physical Education 2010-11 St.Thomas’ college won the Team Championships in Swimming, Water Polo, Hockey, Power Lifting, Best Physique, Cycling, Yoga, Boxing and Archery(Indian) The College secured Team Runner-up(second place) in Shuttle Badminton, Athletics and Yoga(women) The College team seaured the third place in Cricket. Mr.Bennet Antony A was awarded the Best Sportsmtan of the Year 2010-11. He represented India in Shuttle Badminton for the World University Championships held at Chinese Taipei. This year we harvested a total of Nine All India Inter University medals:-it is an all time record number. Melwin Vincent- Gold in power lifting Bennet Antony A- Gold in Shuttle Badminton Mingle George- Gold in Shuttle Badminton Rohit KJ- Silver in Power Lifting Jithin KR- Bronze in Boxing Anoop PK- Bronze in 100 meters & 100M Relay in Athletics Daris Jose- Bronze in 4x100M Relay in Athletics. Rinto P.Johnson- Bronze in Best Physique. Forty five members from St.Thomas’ College represented Calicut University in the year 2010-11. We are proud to have such a large representation to the Calicut University from our college and to secure national level medals not only to Calicut University but also to our institution- St.Thomas’ College.





















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