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PSY 310 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Biological Presentation Click Here to Purchase the Tutorial

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Learning Team Assignment Biological and Cognitive Psychology Presentation Preparation In preparation for your Biological and Cognitive Psychology Presentation due in Week Five, select one of the following topics: a. The relationship between biological and cognitive psychology with an emphasis placed on the contributions that Karl Lashley and Donald Olding Hebb have made towards the establishment of neurological-psychological theory. b. The use of technology in psychology, ranging from technology in the laboratory to the use of computers in modeling. This presentation is a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that combines the slides of a power point formatted presentation and the notes that a speaker would be saying about each slide. In order to do this you will need to utilize the speaker “notes” feature that is a part of the software program. Prepare a slide show presentation of 10-12 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides in which you discuss the topic you selected for your Biological and Cognitive Psychology Presentation. Be sure to obtain faculty approval of your selection and use APA formatting where appropriate.

Psy 310 week 5 learning team assignment biological presentation