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4 Ways to keep your staff happy and in the office longer Happy employees are more productive, they are sick and absent less often, and they are more inclined to be at work longer hours to ensure the work gets done. So, the question is, how do I keep my staff happy and in the office longer? This article will serve to give an answer to that question, without bankrupting you. 1. Create a more attractive and pleasant environment. The last time you were in an office or another type of environment that you didn't like, was it more like a bomb shelter or a dungeon than an office? Chances are good that this was the case. Creating a pleasant environment for people to work in can go a long way towards improving employee morale and the spirit of cooperation. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be the expensive proposition that many employers envision. Bring a workplace back to life with pictures and awards on the walls, bright colors and other touches. 2. Use vending machines to keep up energy With the addition of vending machines, such as drink vending machines and snack vending machines, you are giving your employees one less reason to leave their workplace and stay longer. Did you know frozen vending machines are available providing frozen meals? Further, vending machines don't cost, they pay you! 3. Create more than facilities. Beyond the physical presence of a facility, much of what makes a workplace pleasant is the attitude of those who work there. Taking steps to reduce friction between employees and encouraging an atmosphere of cooperation in the mutual accomplishment of a common mission will go a long way to making things much more pleasant in a workplace, as well as making things more profitable in the long run. Working to ensure that communication channels are open and functioning effectively is another good way to improve a working environment. 4. Recognize them.

Despite the findings of many studies in the past that people work for more than just monetary rewards, very few companies have employee recognition programs. These don't have to be expensive either. Many employees are inspired and motivated by nothing more than the opportunity to stand before their colleagues in appreciation for the job they have done. You can make this reward even greater by using certain recognition tools such as plaques, gift certificates and others that allow employees to share their accomplishment with friends and family members, something that will go a long way towards motivating people to do more. By implementing these steps, you are not only encouraging good employees to do more but you are also inspiring employees who might be more marginal to give more of their very best. About the Author: This article was written by Ron Wahlen, owner of 247 Vending Machines Brisbane. Contact Ron to discuss drink, snack, or frozen vending machines.

4 Ways to keep your staff happy and in the office longer