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We've opened a new Maria Mandiles!!! ...Just next to the Palacio de la Generalitat in the heart of Valencia, we've opened a new space with a new decoration, new menu, new terrace and new Maria Mandiles...It's going to leave you with your mouth open!!...2 restaurants, 2 terraces, the same charm & delight & philosophy and the same way of working...We're waiting for you!

Mediterranea de hamburguesas sl C/ Sueca, 45 Zona Ruzafa (46006) Tel: 96 3 21 05 31 Open from Monday to Sunday 7pm to 1.30am Mediterranea de hamburguesas sl C/ San Fernando, 22 (near Mercado Central) Zona Centro (46001) Tel: 96 3 21 70 03 Open from Monday to Sunday 12pm to 1a.m. Email:

At Mediterranea Hamburguesas sl, quality is our trademark and what sets us apart. We choose to work with the best materials, with a freshness and distinctive quality too. We enhance each burger with touches of the Mediterranean. Our daily challenge is to be the best burger bar in Valencia. Our meat comes from Valles de Esla in the province of Leon. The mostly mountain-bred animals are raised in semi-liberty, protecting the cattle and the environment. They feed on natural milk, vegetables & natural forages. Due to this healthy diet, their fats are heart-healthy. Our butchers get the best cuts and we take care to mince the meat daily, to preserve all its quality in addition to its unique flavour. All our vegetables are selected daily from the market to ensure freshness. Our bread is made the traditional way, wood oven baked with 100% natural ingredients. You can choose from Mediterranean, American poppy seed, coca or gluten-free bread. Or potatoes are fresh and homemade daily, fried in 100% vegetable oil, which is eco-friendly and government approved. Delicious and healthy at the same time! Our burgers are cooked in the moment, so you can enjoy the fresh flavour. We are not a slow burger bar but we are not fast food either. We have a menu with 15 burgers as well as sandwiches, salads and starters. All with most original and tasty recipes that make our burger the best in the city. If you have coeliac disease, we have many gluten-free options for you. We are now based in the centre of Valencia and also in the heart of Ruzafa.

LaLola Restaurante Enjoy and feel the Spring spirit on the LaLola Restaurante terraza! It’s spring going into summer now and we are enjoying life on the LaLola Restaurante terraza, with all the fun of eating out in the open air. This legendary restaurant is situated right in the heart of the old centre, with a view of the Miguelete tower and the cathedral next to it. So, excellently located and easy to find… LaLola Restaurante really stands out this spring as very cool, popular and for the originality of its decor with a stylish Andalusian patio and classically Spanish ambience. The distinctive interior combines minimalism with ‘60s Spanish retro, there is space for 50 customers and it is worth reserving your table. The setting harmonises wonderfully with LaLola’s dishes of ´Nueva Cocina Española’, reflecting their cocina de autor signature cuisine created by highly experienced chefs. LaLola is an innovative restaurant known for its modernity & originality and it really works. You can share unique moments here…from a classy cocktail to an informal dinner, thanks to their delicious menu with tapas, dishes and refreshing desserts! You can enjoy authentic Mediterranean dishes, gluten – free meals especially prepared for diners who require this cuisine, and all dishes are healthy for the heart. Indeed, LaLola is one of the few selected restaurants in the Valencian community that has been awarded the prestigious ‘Q de Calidad Turística’ certificate. The prices for their menú del día are really appetizing, considering the quality of the food. The afternoon menú is 15€ while the evening menú is 25€ during the week. LALOLA: “Food, even when not eaten at home, should always be healthy and wellpresented. At LaLola Restaurante, one of our absolute aims is to look after the palate of our client. The prestigious ‘Q’ award of Quality Tourism we received for 2011 is a reference to our professional standards. It shows our quality, strict guidelines, and professionalism as restaurateurs as well as the beautiful pleasure of knowing how to prepare and enjoy a well-balanced meal. This is reflected in our heart-healthy menus and recently introduced glutenfree dishes. We have learnt to minimise the amount of saturated fats in preparing our recipes with the minimum of effort. We’re always working to improve the art

LaLola photos Xaro Castellá © 2013

of eating out. For 10 years, we have been developing a delightful, visual sense with our dishes: composition, colour, texture and a special attention to healthy food for a healthy life. Our aim has been sincere, simple and appealing – to eat, drink and satisfy our senses of sight, smell and taste. How? We want to feel well, and savour the famous Mediterranean diet with our “Nueva Cocina Española” of the market, guaranteed by healthy fresh produce and with a commitment to the well-being of our clients. We are proud of our extensive and healthy carta, always presented in the purest of Spanish spirit”. In the months of April & May we invite you to a ‘YOU & ME’ lunch at LoLola at lunchtime where you can invite a friend for FREE. Two of you can eat for the price of one (a 12€ lunch). If you tell us the phrase of the week, you can invite your friend. You’ll find the phrase of the week on: LALOLA Restaurante “Nueva Cocina Española y de Mercado” C/ Subída del Toledano, 8 Tel: 96 391 80 45 Open every day 13.30h. – 16:00h and 20:30h until closing time Follow us on:

Come & enjoy the spring terraza at LaLola!

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These are not easy times but Valencia can still be a great place to live in… or to come and visit. There’s most certainly more to life than just worrying about the future and being miserable in the present! For those lucky enough to have some spare change and spare time, this community is still a sunny playground for pleasure-seekers. Check out our ‘Sax on the beach’ article by a long-term Cabanyal resident and member of the 24/7 Valencia team. In ‘Weekend Away’, we explore the beach resort of nearby Peñiscola. If you’ve seen the legendary film ‘El Cid’ with Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren then you will have seen this historic spot before on your screens. The director & cast had originally wanted to film in the city of Valencia but it was too built-up to represent the Medieval era they were trying to represent! ‘24/7 Valencia’ is recommended by the local, national and international press. This includes The Guardian, The Times, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Let’s Go, El País, Business Traveller Magazine, Super Deporte, Levante -EMV and many more! For those of you looking for the real Spain in the buzzing neighbourhood of Ruzafa, we take a trip to ‘Sarao Taberna Andaluza’, which has live flamenco & tasty Spanish tapas, an open crowd &


a friendly vibe too. Wine, beer, good company and song… In Food, expert chef Helen Westwater shares with us a ‘sardine & tomato’ recipe with kind permission of her favourite restaurant, Refugio, in the centro historico. Staying in the old town, our experienced reviewer Tim Birch finally manages to book a table for two at the highly popular ‘Tintofino’ in April’s restaurant of the month… In Valencia Music, we interview mover and shaker Antonio of ‘Dwomo’ as he gives us the lowdown on how the Valencia live music scene is flourishing against the odds. Talking of talented individuals, we interview Jacob Helps about his voice workshops and Barry Eaton about the new Valencia Cricket & Comedy Clubs he has set up. In Valencia Books, we interview writer Dana Gynther who has a new book out and more in the pipeline! Check out our packed and up-to-date April listings for arts, theatre, chill out, restaurants, clubs, shopping and more. Valencia in spring really is a joy… “I've been waiting so long To be where I'm going In the sunshine of your love” -Cream 24/7 Valencia team

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Marilyn Monroe during the filming of "The Misfits". Reno, Nevada. 1960 © Inge Morath / The Inge Morath Foundation / Magnum Photos


IVAM C/ Guillem de Castro, 118 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 386 30 00


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CENTRO CULTURAL BANCAJA Pl. Tetuan, 23 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 387 58 64



CENTRO DEL CARMEN C/ Museo, 2 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 369 30 88

LA NAU, UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA C/ de la Universidad, 2 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 386 46 20

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Papa Luna

Peñíscola - City in the Sea On the Costa del Azahar, the ‘Orange Blossom Coast’ in the north of the Valencia Region between Castellón and the Ebro, you’ll find the seaside town of Peñíscola. A Spanish coastal town much like any other, built around the remnants of a quaint old fishing village with its five kilometres of beaches, its EU blue flag, its ‘international’ pizza, paella, pasta or pork chops restaurants, crazy golf courses and night spots. But this isn’t just any old seaside resort. What sets Peñíscola apart is its spectacular, steep-walled old town and imposing medieval castle, which jut out from the mainland forming a rocky peninsular. This is ‘the City in the Sea’, surrounded by the Mediterranean on three sides and connected to its modern-day ‘seven nights half-board, happy hour and beach aerobics’ self by just a narrow strip of land. Hannibal and King Jaime I stayed here, it was a home of Templar Knights and a Pope, a place where saints were martyred, the backdrop for an epic Hollywood movie and not a bad place to go for a springtime trip up the coast. Peñíscola has been inhabited over the centuries by Phoenicians, Greeks,

Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Muslims and Christians, each attracted by the natural fortress formed by this rocky headland. It was here well over 2,000 years ago that Hannibal made a sworn oath of hatred towards Rome to his father Hamilcar Barca, the man who gave his name to Barcelona. Some years later, Hannibal packed his trunk and an army of his fellow Carthaginians and went off to sack the Eternal City. The Muslim rulers of Valencia had a garrison fortress at Peñíscola for three centuries until it was eventually captured by Christian King Jaime I. He ceded the town to the enigmatic Order of the Knights Templar who built the castle and citadel, which can be seen today, in the style of the architecture they had seen during the Crusades in the Holy Land. The mysterious Templars got a bit too powerful for their own good and fell from grace after the final defeat of the Crusades – they were accused of heresy and many of them were burnt at the stake. There is a permanent Knights Templar exhibition in the castle. Peñíscola then fell into the hands of

the Vatican and could have remained so, as a sort of pontific version of Gibraltar without the monkeys and the nuclear submarines, had Alfonso V not swapped it back for some lands in the Kingdom of Naples. But the name which is most associated with Peñíscola is that of Pedro de Luna, an Aragonese nobleman who was made Pope Benedict XIII or ‘Papa Luna’ in Avignon in 1394. You might think the two Popes we have now is a bit excessive, but, because of the Great Schism in the Western Catholic church, between 1409 and 1417 there were three men claiming to be Pope… one in Rome, Papa Luna in Avignon and a third Pope who had been elected to replace the other two in an attempt to solve the problem. When an agreement was finally reached and a fourth man was elected and recognised as Pope, Papa Luna refused to accept this and moved back to Aragon to the castle of Peñíscola (presumably thinking, “That’ll show them!”) where he lived until he was 95, still considering himself Pope and making papal Article © 2013 24/ 7 Valencia

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statements and maintaining a council of ‘cardinals’ while being largely ignored by the outside world. This forgotten (and some might say rather deluded) man left his mark. All squashed into the somewhat less than Vatican-sized castle of Peñíscola you can find the grandly named Hall of the Conclave, the basilica of the Virgin Mary and the Magi and the pontific halls. That wasn’t the end of it for Peñíscola; Hollywood was to leave its own legacy. The old castle was restored and ramparts looking out to sea were built for Anthony Mann’s 1960 film “El Cid”. Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren strolled around Peñíscola’s Patio de Armas and looked out over the fake ramparts as the town played the part of the city of Valencia, which was already becoming too built up and was also considered to be “too far from the sea” to play itself. The local council rather liked the look of Mann’s ramparts and there they remain. Peñíscola’s connection with the cinema continues with the annual comedy film festival, which attracts both national and

foreign actors and directors. The town has a special connection with comedy, as it was the location of Luis Berlanga’s classic comedy “Calabuch”.

Sophia Loren

The castle has influenced this seaside town as much as the town itself and its tourists have influenced the castle. Consequently you’ll find that nearly every house in the old town’s ancient, sinuous, winding streets, with wonderful names like “Desafío” (challenge), “Olvido” (oblivion) and “Suspiro” (sigh), seems to be either a restaurant or a souvenir shop. But that, you might say, is part of its charm, and if you want to combine a bit of history with your sun, sea and sangria, Peñiscola is well worth a visit.

David Rhead and José Marín

El Cid

Charlton Heston Article © 2013 24/ 7 Valencia

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ANTONIO JOSÉ IGLESIAS of DWOMO Tell us something about background and experiences.


Lately, I’ve been working with music in different ways and from different artistic points of view by composing, playing live, recording, producing, doing DJ sessions, organizing events, researching into music, new tendencies and improvisation. Different styles and different languages. Experimental, pop, free song and Jamaican music are my battlefields today as well as looking into ways of self-financing projects. I have Dwomo, my music laboratory band, and we are just about to release a new album. My other projects include Le Grand Miércoles (Jamaican and surf music and related styles in an instrumental, experimental vein). I’m also collaborating with Gilbertástico, the great pianist and singer-songwriter. Recently, I’ve been helping to create events and shaking the music scene up in the name of self-management. Not limiting myself to the office is a way of

extending the work of a group and of creating more activities on the streets and developing a live music circuit. I’m preparing the second edition of the Pànic Escènic cycle, a series of concerts in the El Carme Teatre in the centro histórico of Valencia, which invites bands to combine theatre elements and projections with their live performances. I’m bringing some very varied bands along from outside the city, so it will serve as a bridge between bands in Madrid and Valencia and that should help make the whole ‘music in movement’ scene more fluid. I’m also interested in getting things moving, that the cocktail shaker gets shaken. If this antidote conquers the virus of anaesthesia, it’s good for all of us. It’s time to pay more attention to things and be more chameleon-like, too… in a good way! Who are Dwomo and could you tell us about your new album that covers songs by Valencia artists? Dwomo are a duo from Madrid who landed in Valencia six years ago by spaceship. We’re a melting pot of retrofuturist and anti-scene afterpunk. We are a Cosmic Cocktail band. Our mission includes electric and unplugged shows, electro operettas for kids, DJ sessions, broadcasts and sewing seeds in different projects. We’re always searching and open to proposals. You can find more info about our albums on our web page Our new album, Electroshock Taronger, is a tribute to a number of Valencia artists, recorded and edited for Hall of Fame Records by Luis G (Caballero Reynaldo), the co-producer and fellow engineer. It covers songs by bands of today and yesteryear from the Valencia area. It’s 10 songs by very different groups from

very different periods but are now flying in the same UFO from our timeless Cosmic Cocktail point of view. The dark sounds of Amor Sucio and the icily romantic, atmospheric vibe of Julio Bustamente sung in French. The freak ’n’ roll of the ever-interesting Fela Borbone and a dark European ballad in electro-bolero style of the popular light music singer Francisco, sung in Italian this time. Check out the happy pop / surf-disco version of a legendary Esgrima song and an electrofunk version of an RC Druids track. This album has a rainbow of colours but a common Dwomo trademark sound, which is all part of the challenge. Let’s all enjoy this salute and homage to great Valencia bands! How do you find Valencia as a place for music and why is the scene flourishing? Valencia is a sweet victim of the weather in a good and bad sense. But with people opening live circuits and shaking the shaker, pop bands and electronic pioneers and more are exploring the city’s creative tradition…it’s getting more varied. The times we are living in are firing the imagination up and it all keeps the fire burning. A city is (or must be) a garden for new ideas to flourish and not only a place for conjuring up tricks to survive the crisis. The adaptation of new places and events to play live music include alternative art galleries, tabernas, matinee concerts, music for children, organizing music cycles and live concerts in private homes with large rooms or an ample terrace. It also corresponds with more bands playing unplugged, acoustically or semi-acoustically, experimenting with other forms not just to survive but also for cultural interest. All of this takes the pulse of Valencia and tests the reaction of a city to these activities. What are we missing? Everyone knows the crisis is here and, of course, it conditions things but it’s starting to become an easy excuse to attack the ethical as an extension of the economic situation. You can’t blame everything on the crisis and let everything sink rather than channel it into being a catalyst for change for the better. It’s more difficult to sleep when you’re in motion and a long siesta is a double-edged sword, anyway. Valencia is a Mediterranean friend…in a good way. Thanks and cheers! Interview by Owl Article © 2013 24/7 Valencia

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Refugio’s sardines and caramelized tomatoes with pizza base By Helen Westwater La Ola Fresca Time to shake your tail feather, Spring is here! And this month we take a surprise outing to the Carmen, to Refugio Restaurant run by Rocío and Paco, where I’m to be found whenever the opportunity arises. Refugio is full of character and characters and, most importantly, stunning food. And so, while others chill in less hospitable parts of the world, with kind permission of Rocío from Refugio we are stealing one of my favourites from them; a Spring, almost Summery recipe, Sardines and caramelized tomatoes with pizza base. Warning! If you are like me and tend to jump into recipes and read it as you go along, STOP!!! The sardines will need to macerate for at least 1 hour and will keep for at least 5 days. Also, if you are making your own pizza base it will need to prove. So, in other words, start this recipe the day before you have invited all your friends around to enjoy it. The tomatoes also can be made well ahead of time and keep well (so good to make in large quantities) and are great for chucking in salads or topped with goat’s cheese. The plan of action is first to macerate the sardines and then, if making your own, start the pizza dough and, while that is happening, caramelize the tomatoes. Step One: Sardines Buy fresh, shiny-eyed sardines. Depending on their size, you will need one or two per person. Ask your fishmonger to remove the heads and spine. Mackerel also works well in this recipe and if you have any non-fish eating friends, replace the fish with goat’s cheese. Wash the sardines, being careful to descale them very thoroughly. Put them in a wide

for a book on this same day. By this time your pizza dough should have doubled in size. Knock it back and roll out, cut into rectangular shapes and place to rest on baking trays (lightly brushed with olive oil). Prick all over with a fork. Bake in oven preheated at 180C for about 10 minutes.

shallow dish so that they can all be covered equally and mix 5 parts of light olive oil (do not use extra virgin as it will overpower the flavour of the fish) to 1 part of dark soya sauce. Add a few thin slices of fresh ginger, mix and pour over the fish. Leave to macerate.

Finally, place the caramelized tomatoes on top of your freshly baked pizza followed by the finely chopped red onion, then crown with the macerated sardines and pop back into the oven for another couple of minutes. Serve with rocket or green salad.

Step Two:

¡Que aproveche!

Pizza Ingredients Pizza base (you can buy ready-made or make your own as follows): 1 kg white bread flour or Tipo '00' flour, or 800 gm strong white bread flour or Tipo '00' flour, plus 200 gm finely ground semolina flour 1 teaspoon fine sea salt 2 x 7 gm dried yeast sachets 1 tablespoon golden caster sugar 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 650 ml lukewarm water

La Ola Fresca C/ Músico Magenti, 11 bajo (Benimaclet) Tel: 96 114 62 99, 610 026 305

Mix up ingredients and knead for 10 minutes or so until mixture is smooth and soft. Leave to prove for at least an hour and the dough has doubled in size. Meanwhile, start to caramelize the tomatoes.

Saturday 6th 13.30h: Concert with El Papado Unplugged

Step Three: Caramelized tomatoes 3 large cans whole tinned tomatoes 840 gm (total) 1 glass olive oil 150 gm brown cane sugar 1 pinch salt Garnish 1 raw finely chopped red onion Separate the tomatoes from the juice and then remove the tomato seeds, trying to keep them as intact as possible. Place the whole tomatoes, oil and sugar into a saucepan and cook on a low heat for about half an hour. The 23rd of April is St George’s Day. What we want is for the colour of these tomatoes to end up a deep red, akin to a St George’s Day rose which, coincidentally, in some parts of Spain you should give to your loved one in return

Brownies • zumos • ensaladas Productos naturales • comercio justo • sonrisas • crepes Cervezas y vinos artesanales Swing into Spring with La Ola Fresca April Programme

Saturday 11th 20.30h: Talk – “Managing Your Own Allotment”, with all your questions answered by Pedro from Bicihuertos Saturday 13th 17.30h: Cooking workshop with Helen Thursday 18th 20.30h: Intercambio English/Castellano. We travel to Mexico with discussion of the book “Like Water for Chocolate” (“Como Agua para Chocolate”), 11.50€ with 1 beer and dinner or 5€ minimum cover. Saturday 20th 13.30h: Concert with the Big Hollers, blues and lunch. Saturday 23rd St George’s Day. We invite you to bring a rose or a book and swap for a rose or book. Saturday 27th 17.00h: Concert with ‘A Swing in Affair’ with Peter Gun (guitar and voice), Capitán Tonete (double bass) and Miquel Asensio ‘El Roig’ (drums) Photo © Helen Westwater / Article © 2013 24/ 7 Valencia

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TINTOFINO ULTRAMARINO The last time we met…Valencia was on the brink of Las Fallas and I had to fight my way against a sea of people trying to leave the city after a mascletà to get to the restaurant! This month’s restaurant came up for me to review during the main days of the fiesta, so we had to wait for a suitable day to visit, one when there wasn’t a heaving queue of diners waiting for tables at this or any of the city’s other restaurants. And so we waited, Thursday? No, fully booked, Friday? Same! Saturday then? No way! Monday or Tuesday? No, but Wednesday we can fit you in at 21.00h. Table for two? Perfect! See you then. Tintofino is a bar, a deli and a restaurant all rolled in to one. It specialises in fine wines, as the name suggests, tapas, cheeses and fiambres (cold meats and sausages) from both Spain and Italy and piadinas and pasta dishes. Its tag-line is Ahorra agua, bebe vino (Save water, drink wine). It is an attractive, double-fronted restaurant (the two fronts actually are separated by a front door to flats above in the centre) on C/ Corregeria, a small street behind Plaza Dr Collado. I particularly like this street because it is also home to one of my favourite wine shops, but I digress… the left-hand side is the entrance, while the right side offers a view through to the back and the kitchens and the ‘60s-hip-shades-of-orange wallpaper on the back wall. This right side has a long bar with stools facing out into the street and on warm nights, the window is open to the elements. We arrived unfashionably on time to find the place heaving with diners and drinkers and were shown to our table, which turned out to be two stools at a high long table at right angles

to the window bar – joining eight Italian diners already seated. We had a chance to take in the bustling atmosphere and enjoy the ambience of the place, and also to watch plates come by and see what we might expect ourselves. We were given a Fuenteseca Bobal Cabarnet Sauvignon (Utiel-Requena), robust, fruity and fragrant, and at 3€ a glass, very good value. The kitchen is at the centre / back of the restaurant separated by a glass, deli-style counter holding the cold cuts and cheeses and it is always nice to watch food being prepared so openly. And so our food began to arrive, beginning with a wooden dish of wafer-thin mortadella (one of my favourite cold meats) and a dish of dried tomatoes, olive oil, mozzarella and basil, which was crumbly and delicious with the slices of fresh warm bread. This was followed by albóndigas (meatballs), four on a long thin dish, also great with that bread. Our main course was Parmigiana de berenjena, the classic Italian oven-baked aubergine, tomato and cheese dish, perfectly cooked. We couldn’t resist the Bufalina, beefy Valencian tomato slices with buffalo mozzarella and basil swimming in olive oil to finish, we’d seen it go by to other tables all evening and just had to have some. Not quite the end though, a huge wedge of home-made Tarta de queso (cheesecake) was bought to the table and was quite delicious. As it was Wednesday, there was live acoustic guitar from 22.00h, which added to the very pleasant ambience of this extremely pleasant, well-priced venue in the heart of the Carmen. Pigi, our Italian host, is a friendly character, too. You’ll need to book…it’s that popular! Just a pleasant couple of minutes’ walk from the Cathedral. Cata de Vinos (wine tasting) & special meals every month. Tim Birch

Tintofino Ultramarino Tel: 96 315 45 99 / 636 429 329 C/ Corregeria, 38 Zona Carmen Open Monday – Friday 13.30h – 17.00h, 19.00h – 01.00h. Open Saturday 14.00h - 17.00h / 19.00h – 01.00h. Sunday 14.00h - 17.00h / 20.00h – 01.00h. Tuesday Ladies’ Night – Extra discounts the more of you there are. Wednesday Night – Live Acoustic Guitar Menu headings: Tapas: From 4.50€ Cutting Board (good selection of cheeses and cold meats): 9.00€ – 19.50€ Oven (parmigiana, meatballs, lasagne): From 7.90€ Salads: 8.00€ – 9.50€ Delights (selection of piadinas): 7.00€8.50€ Tinto Panes (very large crostini (toasts) to share): 7.80€ – 12.50€ Desserts (cheesecake, chocolate surprises, crepes, tartas): 4.90€ – 5.90€ Wine – Tintofino have a wine list of over 100 Spanish and international wines. Spanish and Italian Reds / Whites: 2.50€ – 3.50€ (glass), 12€ – 25€ (bottle) Cava / Prosecco: 12€ – 18€ ‘Super-Tuscans’ (if you are really pushing the boat out): Sassicaia at 139€ a pop / Tignanello at just 65€! Article © 2013 24/ 7 Valencia





"Carpe Diem is very happy to accommodate parties, just pop in and discuss your menu." Near Plaza Ayuntamiento & the Bullring, so easy to find! A WONDERFUL PLACE TO ORGANISE LUNCHES AND DINNERS FOR GROUPS, FAMILIES, BUSINESSES, EVENTS AND MORE. NEAR PL. AYUNTAMIENTO

C/ San Francisco de Borja, 1 Tel. 963 81 39 59 (Zona C/Jesus) 46007

La Taberna Mora is a modern Spanish tavern with touches of gourmet regarding their cuisine. Its quality, relaxing terrace and good service has made it an essential part of the Valencian restaurant scene. It has kept alive the spirit of traditional Spanish taverns, with tapas to enjoy for lunch and dinner. These include baby squid, patatas bravas, scrambled eggs with prawns, tablas of Spanish hams & cheeses. . There is also a fine bodega of wines, with some of the best wines from around the regions of Spain.




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Sarao Taberna Andaluza ‘Sarao’ is a unique term in Spanish that roughly translates as an evening meeting point for musicians and dancers in a sometimes boisterous and informal setting. ‘Soirée’ just sounds too respectable to us for a friendly flamenco taberna! This was the fifth time we’ve enjoyed some quality time at El Sarao and it’s only been open since December 2012. Since then, it has already deservedly become a fixture of the Ruzafa tapas & music scene. Above the bar, you can find their wide range of tapas written in chalk on a blackboard high above the bar. Be sure to refer to it, as they currently do not have cartas / menus to hand, though the six-person staff have always been friendly and helpful when we have asked about their choices and prices, either at lunchtime or in the evening. This is as Spanish as it gets in terms of food, drink and music. Every Saturday from 20.00h there is an informal jam with guitars, singing and sometime cajón percussion and every Sunday has live flamenco from 13.00h to accompany your Sunday paella. Indeed, the last domingo we went, we enjoyed a passionate live set by Andalusia born-and-bred, dreadlocked singer Patricia, accompanied by a fine flamenco guitarist as we tucked into a ración each of tasty paella marisco and a glass of Dama Juana, a young Valencian red wine that does the job. The first Sunday we went along, we chilled out on their ample terraza in the midday sun as we were served Salmorejo (a cold, tomatoey Spanish soup with garlic, olive oil and a sprinkling of ham) and tasty anchovies to go with our Alhambra beers. By the way, Alhambra is a classic Andalusian brand of beer. On a balmy spring Saturday night we had a real feast of Spanish tapas as we savoured, Article © 2013 24/ 7 Valencia

over a few glasses of red wine, their wide range of fresh hams, meats and cheeses lovingly presented on tablas. We loved their flamenco-esque dish of ‘Huevos al Sarao’, which was eggs in a tomato sauce with olive oil, sweet peas and chorizo. The tapas were filling, varied and the service was friendly, too. The atmosphere and vibe was great with friends sharing tapas and digging the tunes… The table of musicians next to us treated to us to some classic live Spanish rumbas and popular songs including “Volando Voy” by Kiko Veneno, which got most of the taberna joining in on hand-claps and the chorus. Whenever we have been there it has been a 90% Spanish crowd, welcoming and up for a good time. It really is open to all. After our meal, one of the 24/7 Valencia team was handed over the guitar for a few songs and was readily welcomed to join in the fun on a “Rumba Valenciana”! It’s an attractive Spanish interior with flowersin-pots painted on the wall as a balcony in classic Andalusian fashion as well as a Zorrostyle hat, assorted Spanish abanicos (fans), toy parrot in a cage, a flamenco hairpiece, shawls and drinking gourds, too. The terrace is ample and the interior has a few barrels serving as tables for customers. On the wall, there’s a even a hilarious cartoon about the story of how El Sarao was conceived and all the administrative red tape and pompous officialdom the owners had to get through to get the taberna up and running! El Sarao is the España auténtica set in the hip barrio of Ruzafa, which makes the trip even more worthwhile. It’s a tolerant place in a cosmopolitan barrio. What’s great is that you can have a good time at El Sarao for just a few euros over informal tapas and a beers or you can splash out a bit more and have a right

feast with your friends with quality Spanish hams, meats and cheeses, wine, beer and music galore… ¡Olé! Owl & Bella Sarao (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Carlos Cervera, 22 Tel: 96 325 63 68 Facebook Sarao Ruzafa Valencia Open Tuesday – Thursday 18.00h – late Friday – Sunday 11.00h – late Closed Monday Ibéricos (hams & meats, including chorizo, salchichón, jamón Ibérico, botifarron and morcilla): Media (half) tabla 7€ / Entera (full) 13€ Quesos (cheeses, including semi-curado, curado de oveja, al romero (hierba finas), brie, provolone): Media 7€ / Entera 13€ Jamón: Tabla 9€ Jamón Ibérico de Jabugo (one of the best hams in Spain): Tabla 16€ Paella (Sundays): 5€ per racíon Ensalada roja or Ensalada Valenciana (Valencian salad with tuna and big Valencian tomatoes): 7.50€ Tapas (including boquerones (anchovies), habas, Ibéricos, lacón, salmorejo, humus, ensalada de cangrejo: 2€ Bebida (drink) + tapas: 2.50€ Vino tinto: Dama Juana: 2€ (glass) / 12€ (bottle) Rioja: 3€ (glass) / 15€ (bottle). Vino blanco: Turbio 7€ (bottle). Beer: Alhambra 2.50€ 5 quintos 4€



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CAFÉ MALVARROSA Salón de Primavera Hasta 17 mayo COL.EGI RECTOR PESET Sólo para Amigos El Persa Desde 11 abril hasta 5 mayo CULTURAL BANCAJA Fauno. Centaurao. Minotauro Picasso Hasta 2014 Tentación-es. Marilyn Hasta 6 julio CAFÉ BERLIN Following the Way Isabel Valverde Abril CENTRO DEL CARMEN La Presencia y La Figura Hasta 21 abril Mitos de una España en Blanco y Negro Hasta 21 abril Joaquín Sorolla y la Medicina. Retrato de Ramón y Caja Hasta 16 junio Proyecto 3 CMCV. Blancanieves Cumple 75 Años Hasta 7 mayo CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS (L’Hemisferic, Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe, L’Oceanografic) DR NOPO III Beca Autores Noveles Photon Festival 2013 ESPAI TACTEL Estrategias Expedicionarias Carlos Forns Bada Hasta 20 abril FUNDACIÓN CHIRIVELLA SORIANO El Lado Valenciano Sigfrido Martín Begué Hasta 2 junio GALERÍA BENLLIURE Pintura Moderna y Contemporánea de los Siglos XIX y XX Permanente GALERÍA KESSLER BATTAGLIA Gate-22 Horacio Silva Hasta 6 abril GALERÍA LUIS ADELANTADO LandEscape Bayrol Jiménez Hasta 15 abril The Future Through the Past Morten Slettemeas y Jon Rafman Desde 25 abril GALERIA MURO Influencias Picassianas Abril GALERIA PAZ Y COMEDIAS Colectiva Ernesto Casero, Ruth Morán, Fernando M. Romero, Anna Talens Hasta 10 mayo GALERÍA PUNTO Natividad Navalón Cuentame un Cuento Hasta 13 mayo GALERÍA ROSA SANTOS Opus 2012 Juanli Carrión

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Desde 5 abril hasta 18 mayo INSTITUTO FRANCÉS DE VALENCIA Flamenco! Ilustración Hasta 5 abril Ruedo y Rodeo Obras de Tony Soulié Hasta 26 abril IVAM INSTITUT VALENCIÀ D’ART MODERN EXPOSICIONES IVAM After All, Tomorrow is Another Day Jorge Pineda Hasta 2 mayo Viva Valencia, Arte y Espiritualidad Hasta 14 abril Ser y Huella José Cosme Hasta 21 abril Eikonoma Monica Ridruejo Hasta 12 mayo Premio Internacional Julio González Bernar Venet Hasta 23 junio PhotOn Festival Desde 10 abril hasta 2 junio Viva Valencia, Arte y Gastronomía. La Cocina de la Pintura Desde 25 abril hasta 7 julio Objetos y Figuras. El Arte de Joan Cardells Desde 23 abril hasta 7 julio\ JARDÍN BOTÁNICO Negro Sobre Blanco o el Jardín Soñado Nuria Ferriol Hasta 26 mayo LA BENEFICENCIA CENTRE VALENCIA DE CULTURA MEDITERRÁNEA Recorrido por la Prehistoria Valenciana, desde el Paleolítico hasta la Época Visigoda Exposición Permanente L’ IBER DE LOS SOLDADITOS DE PLOMO Exposición Permanente: Guardias Españolas, Coleciones Valencianas, Almansa, Vida Cotidiana, Tirant y Serie Histórica. MUSEU DE BELLES ARTES SAN PIO V Renacimiento Barroco Pintura Gótica La Pintura Académica La Pintura de los Siglos XIX y XX Colección Permanente Sala Joaquín Sorolla Amar El Arte, Hacer Ciudad 50th Aniversario de la Donación GoerlichMiquel Hasta 26 mayo Arte y Espiritualidad Hasta 28 abril MUSEO DE PREHISTORIA DE VALENCIA Historia del Dinero Exposición Permanente Prehistòria y Cine Hasta 2 junio MUSEO VALENCIA D’ETNOLOGÍA Huerta i Marjal El Secano y la Montaña Exposición Permanente Arriben Bandes. Les Societats Musicals Valencianes Hasta 30 junio La Ciudad Vivida. Ciudades Valencianas en Tránsito, 1800-1940 (permanente) Hasta 31 diciembre MuVIM L’Aventura de la Pensament Exposición Permanente Universo Poliédrico Mujeres/ Miradas/ Propuestas


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Hasta 8 abril REALES ATARAZANAS Mujeres: Arte y Universidad Hasta 26 mayo UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA, LA NAU Fragments de un Año. Fotoperiodistas de Valencia 2012. Hasta 1 mayo Memoria y Vigencia de un Compromiso. Universitarios Contra la Dictadura Hasta 1 septiembre opera

Die Zauberflöte (La Flauta Mágica / The Magic Flute) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 6, 13, 17, 21, 23, 30 abril 20h / 19h domingos Sala Principal Conciertos Obras de Beethoven y Haydn Rafael Payaré 12 abril Auditori THEATRE

CARME TEATRE Nostalgias. La Vuelta a los Escenarios de La Viuda del Mar 4 – 7 abril CENTRE LA RAMBLETA Rambleta Comedy Club (monólogos) Albert Boira 6 abril La Ciudad de los Palacios Aletheia Danza (desde México) 11 – 12 abril 24 Horas Mágicas 13 – 14 abril Brokers Yllana 19 – 21 abril Buster con Tortel + El Hijo + Buster Keaton (concierto / cine) 28 abril ESPACIO INESTABLE No Estamos Together (teatro) 4 – 7 abril Members (danza) 11 – 14 abril Se Extingue Algo Íntimo (teatro) 18 – 21 abril Lo Natural (danza) 26 – 28 abril SALA RUSSAFA Días de Nocilla y Magia 11 – 14 abril Alaska 2099 18 – 21 abril La Novia de Gary Cooper 25 abril – 5 mayo TEATRO FLUMEN Locos, Locos, Locos 4 – 7 abril Poeta & Mendigo 11 – 14 abril Repóker de Ases Piter Pardo 12 abril Año Cero. El Musical 18 – 21 abril Mikipedia 19 abril

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APRIL 13 24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Improv 2 Al Cubo 20 abril Lúcido Rafael Spregelburd 24 – 28 abril Quequé Presenta Sesión Golfa 26 abril Dómisol Sisters (concierto) 27 abril TEATRE MICALET Tartuf 4 –7 abril Els Primers Monòlegs Xavi Castillo 10 abril y 17 abril Show Cost 11 – 21 abril La Gent 16 abril y 30 abril La Casa 25 abril – 12 mayo TEATRO DE MARIONETAS LA ESTRELLA – SALA LA PETXINA El Patito Feo de Bombalino y Cuchufleta Abril TEATRO OLYMPIA Los Hombres no Mienten (teatro) Hasta 14 abril Carmen Flores (concierto) 16 abril Helen Blanca & Los Mismos (concierto) 17 abril Yes, We Spain is Different (monólogos / teatro) Carlos Latre 18 – 21 abril Tricicle Bits (teatro) 24 abril – 19 mayo TEATRO PRINCIPAL Pavanes & Requiem (concierto) Grup Instrumental de Valéncia y Cor del la Generalitat Valenciana 4 – 6 abril Het Nationale Ballet (danza) 19 – 21 abril TEATRO RIALTO Temporada Baja (teatro) Abel Zamora 10 abril – 12 mayo TEATRO TALIA El Jorobado de Notre Dame (teatro) Hasta 8 abril De Verden Cuando (teatro) Millán Salcedo 11 – 14 abril Transición (teatro) 17 - 28 abril

C/ Sueca, 27. Valencia (Ruzafa)


BABEL *versión original FILMOTECA CINEMA INSTITUTO VALENCIANO DE CINEMATOGRAFÍA CICLOS IVAC – LA FILMOTECA ABRIL en La Filmoteca del IVAC En Torno al Mito de Frankenstein 2 abril – 25 mayo Estrenos Filmoteca: Fausto 4 – 5 abril Menuda Filmo: El Corazón del Roble 6 – 7 abril Nikkatsu, 100 Años 9 abril – 14 mayo Cine Polaco Contemporáneo 16 abril – 10 mayo Howard Hawks Hasta 21 abril Básicos Filmoteca: Los Géneros Cinematográficos (III) Hasta 9 mayo El Musical Americano Hasta 9 junio YELMO CINES addresses MUSEUMS / GALLERIES

ALMUDÍN Pl. San Luis Bertrán, 1 Tel: 96 352 54 78 - ext. 4521 BOIRA C / Salvador Giner, 10 Tel: 96 205 82 67 CAFE MALVARROSA / ESPAI PARAL.LEL Historiador Diago, 20 Tel: 96 320 50 56 CENTRO CULTURAL BANCAJA Pl. Tetuán, 23 Tel: 96 387 58 64 CENTRO COREOGRÁFICO DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA Parque de la Granja, s/n, Burjassot Tel: 96 390 47 74 CENTRO DEL CARMEN C/ Museo, 2 Tel: 96 315 20 24 / 96 192 26 51 CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS (L’Hemisferic, Museu de les Ciencies Princípe Felipe, L’Oceanografic)

Av. Instituto Obrero de Valencia Tel: 902 100 031 COL·LEGI MAJOR RECTOR PESET Universitat de Valencia Plaça del Forn de Sant Nicolau,4 Tel: 96 316 60 00 COMUNICARTE GALERIA BAR C/ Conde de Olocau, 3 DR NOPO C/ Borrull, 16, Bajo Tel: 96 113 14 99 ESPAI D'ART BOIRA C / Salvador Giner, 10 Tel: 96 205 82 67 ESPAI TACTEL C/ Denia, 25 Bajo Tel:96 395 88 08 FNAC SAN AUGUSTÍN C/ Guillem de Castro, 9 - 11 Tel: 96 353 90 15 FUNDACION CHIRIVELLA SORIANO C/ Valeriola, 13 Tel: 96 338 12 15 GALERÍA AKKA C/ Almirante Cadarso, 6 Tel: 96 316 27 27 GALERÍA DUOMO C/ Luis Santangel, 18 GALERIA ESPACIO C / Carles Cervera, 38 GALERÍA LUIS ADELANTADO C/ Bonaire, 6 Tel: 96 351 01 79 GALERÍA MURO Correjeria, 5 Tel: 96 391 19 03 GALERíA PAZ Y COMEDIAS C/ Comedias, 7-2 Tel: 96 391 89 06 GALERÍA PUNTO Av. Baron de Carcer, 37 Tel: 96 351 07 24 GALERÍA ROSALIA SENDER Mar, 19 (Ciutat Vella) Tel: 96 391 89 67 GALERíA SEGRELLES C/ Ciscar, 4 Tel: 96 333 21 97 GALERÍA TOSSAL Pl Tossal, s/n Tel: 96 398 18 03 GALERÍA VISOR C/ Corretgeria, 26 Tel: 96 392 23 99 INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE VALENCE C/ Moro Zeit, 6 Tel: 96 315 30 95



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ʻLIKEʼ US ON INSTITUT VALENCIÀ DE LA MÚSICA C/ Barcas, 2 Tel: 96 318 44 53 IVAM C/ Guillem de Castro, 118 Tel: 96 386 30 00 JARDÍN BOTÁNICO C/ Quart, 80 Tel: 96 315 68 00 JOVE ORQUESTRA DE LA GENERALITAT VALENCIANA Tel: 96 318 44 90 / 93 KITSCH INTERNACIONAL ARTEDIVERSO C/ Covarrubias, 5 Tel: 607 636 012 LA BENEFICIENCIA CENTRE VALENCIA DE CULTURA MEDITERANEA C/ Corona, 36 Tel: 96 388 35 79 LA CASA ENCESA ESPAI D'ART Plaza La Iglesia, 3 12594 Oropesa Tel: 96 431 37 26 LA GALLERA C/ Aluders, 7 Tel: 96 352 14 37 LA NAVE GALERÍA Nave, 25 Tel: 96 351 19 33 LA LLOTGETA, AULA DE CULTURA CAM-ESPAI D’ART Pl. Mercado, 4 Tel: 96 391 33 96 L’IBER MUSEO DE LOS SOLDADITOS DE PLOMO C/ Caballeros, 22 Tel: 96 391 86 75 LLIG LLIBRERIES DE LA GENERALITAT Pl. Manises, 3 Tel: 96 386 61 70 MONASTERIO DE SAN MIGUEL DE LOS REYES Av Constitución, 284 Tel: 96 387 40 13 MUSEO DEL ARROZ C/Rosario, 3 Tel: 609 877 956 MUSEO DE BELLAS ARTES DE VALENCIA C/ San Pío V, 9 Tel. 96 369 30 88 / 369 21 11 MUSEO DE LA CIUDAD Pl. Arzobispo, 1 Tel: 96 352 54 78 - ext. 4126 MUSEO DEL CARMEN C/ Museo, 2 Tel: 96 369 30 88 MUSEO FALLERO Pl. Monteolivete, 4 Tel: 96 352 54 78 MUSEO NACIONAL DE CERÁMICA GONZÁLEZ MARTÍ C/ Poeta Querol, 2 Tel: 96 351 63 92 MUSEO TAURINO Pasaje Doctor Serra, 16 Tel: 96 351 18 50 MUSEO VALENCIANO D’ETNOLOGÍA C/ Corona, 36 Tel: 96 388 35 65 MUVIM C/ Guillem de Castro, 8 Tel: 96 388 37 47 OCTUBRE CENTRE DE CULTURA CONTEMPORÀNIA C/ Sant Ferran, 12 ( Zona Carmen)

24/ 7 Valencia

Tel: 96 315 77 99 PAZ TEJÓN GALERÍA ESTUDIO C/ Salas Quiroga, 1, bajo (Zona Jesús) Tel.: 654 363 829 POPOL VUH C/ Burriana, 13 Tel: 96 336 08 25 REALES ATARAZANAS Pl. Juan Antonio Benlliure, s/n Tel: 96 352 54 78 SALA PARPALLÓ C/ Corona, 36 TAMAR C/ Almudín, 16 Tel: 96 392 50 66 UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA C/ Universidad, 2 opera

PALAU DE LES ARTS Autopista del Saler, 1 Tel: +34 96 197 58 00 Fax: +34 96 395 22 01 theatre

CARME TEATRE C/ Gutenberg, 12 Tel: 96 392 42 71 CENTRE LA RAMBLETA Bulevar Sur esquina C/ de Pío IX (Sant Marcel·li) ESPAI ATHENEIA C/ Guillem de Castro, 65 Tel: 615 578 344 - 657 857 792 ESPACIO INESTABLE C/ Dr. Sanchis Bergón, 5 Tel: 96 392 16 30 L’ALTRE ESPAI C/ Platero Suárez, 11 Tel: 96 353 92 00 OFF TEATRE C/ Turia, 47 Tel: 96 384 11 85 SALA ZIRCÓ C/ Joaquín Navarro, 11 Tel: 96 3 77 18 62 SALA RUSSAFA C/ Denia, 55 96 341 52 16 SPORTING CLUB RUSSAFA C/ Sevilla, 5 Tel: 96 325 15 98 TEATRE EL MUSICAL Pl. Rosario, 3 Tel: 96 367 31 95 TEATRE MICALET C/ Mestre Palau, 3 Tel: 96 392 14 82 TEATRO DE MARIONETAS LA ESTRELLA (LA PETXINA). C/ Dr Sanchis Bergón, 29 Tel: 96 371 73 84 TEATRO OLYMPIA C/ San Vicente Mártir, 44 Tel: 96 351 73 15 TEATRO PRINCIPAL C/ Barcas, 15 Tel: 96 353 92 00


TEATRO RIALTO Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 Tel: 96 353 93 00 TEATRE ROMÀ DE SAGUNT Pujada al Castell, s/n Sagunto THEATRE SALA MORATÍN Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 Tel: 96 353 93 0 TEATRO TALÍA C/ Caballeros, 31 Tel: 96 398 64 22 cinema

BABEL C/ Vicente Sancho Tello, 10 Tel: 96 362 67 95 FILMOTECA (CINEMA INSTITUTO VALENCIANO DE CINEMATOGRAFÍA) RIALTO Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 YELMO CINES Espai Campanar Av. Tirso de Molina, 16 Tel: 902 22 09 22

live music Bigornia (Zona Carmen) C/ Museo, 10 Jazz jam every Wednesday evening. Black Note (Zona Aragón) C/ Polo y Peyrolón, 15 Tel. 96 393 36 63 Top choice for music lovers who love it live - jazz, blues, R’n’B, soul, funk, flamenco and rock. See listings. Café Cronopio (Zona Benimaclet) C/Barón de San Petrillo 46 Tel: 960 64 17 17 Jazz, blues, flamenco, world music, jam sessions and more… Café del Duende (Zona Carmen) C/ Túria, 62 Tel. 630 455 289 Great club specialising in authentic flamenco music and culture. See listings. Café Mercedes Jazz (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Sueca, 27 Tel. 96 341 83 78 Reservations by email: At this prestigious jazz club, situated in the cosmopolitan barrio of Ruzafa, you can enjoy the best live concerts with excellent acoustics every weekend, with true music lovers in the audience. There is also a chilled out cafe-bar area with an ample list of drinks, perfect for relaxing in a creative and artistic environment . Information, programme and reservations: Jazz en directo. Música en directo cada semana los jueves, viernes, sábados, domingos. Sala de prestigio con una buena acústica. Deluxe Pop Club (Zona Plaza Cedro) C/ Poeta Mas y Ros 42, Zona Cedro Durango Club (Meliana) C/Llanterners, 35 Poligon Industrial La Closa, Meliana See Facebook. Rock club on the outskirts of Valencia with great live bands and a loyal crowd..

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APRIL 13 24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Electropura (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Pinto Salvador Abril, 20 See Facebook for more details Acoustic gigs at 19.30h with indie often being the flavour. El Loco (Zona Juan Llorens) C/ Erudito Orellena, 12 Tel. 96 326 05 26, El Loco is a dynamic live venue with an eclectic choice of indie, funk, rock, fusion, blues and more. Check some music and dance later.

Jimmy Glass Abril 2013 5 Abril 21.30h Lionel Loueke 9 Abril 21.30h Jesse Davis Quartet 11 Abril 22.15h Piano Singin Duo Night 12 Abril 22.45h West Coast Septet

16 Abril 21.30h Al Foster Quartet 18 Abril 21.30h Piano Singin Duo Night 19 Abril 22.45h Diablito Tango Trio 23 Abril 21.30h Vistel Brothers

Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar (Zona Carmen) C/ Baja, 28 Legendary and prestigious jazz club in the classic New York style with an authentic jazz atmosphere, integrated on the international live jazz circuit, where every week you can see famous international live bands from the modern jazz world. Mítico y prestigioso club de jazz de estilo neoyorquino, con una átmosfera auténticamente jazzística, donde pueden verse todas las semanas figuras internacionales del jazz contemporáneo. Consulta la web: Kaf Cafe (Zona Benimaclet) C/Arquitecto Arnau, 16 961131706 - 663 702 960 lk Atmospheric, literary café-bar with regular live gigs and jams. La3 (Zona Puerto) C/ Padre Porta, 2 Top-notch national and International bands every month with disco afterwards until past the dawn... La Caverna (Zona San Vicente) C/ Cuenca, 70 Live music. Mod, soul, rock & roll, reggae and more. La Edad de Oro (Zona Juan Llorens) C/ San Jacinto, 3 Tel. 649 255 048 Live music every Thursday & Friday. La Rambleta Bulevar Sur, esq Pío IX (Next to Parque La Rambleta) (Zona Jesús) Tel: 96 0011511 Fantastic new live venue with great programme of live music and original and alternative theatre. Noise Valencia C/ San Vicente, 200

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Tel.670 659 705 Check international bands from around the globe. Palau de la Musica (Zona Río Túria) Paseo de la Alameda, 30 Tel. (+34) 96 337 50 20 E-mail: Excellent classical music concerts in the Rio Turia gardens with musicians from around the world. See website for current programme. Play Producciones Tel. 679 412 012 Wah-Wah (Zona Blasco Ibáñez) C/ Campoamor, 52 Tel. 96 356 39 42 / 645 792 674 National and international indierock & pop in a student zone…

clubs Zona Patraix

Dub Club C/ Jesús, 91 Just 15 minutes walk from the center. Nice one!! From the owners of reggae lovers Juanita Club. Friendly club with Live concerts, Café Teatro and dj’s session (funk, soul, reggae and more) and every Saturday Reggae Jam Sessions at 19h free entry. Open from Wednesday to Sunday until 3:30h. Follow us on Facebook “DubClub Valencia” Dub Club es un club con reggae, funk, café-teatro, música en directo…

Xtra Lrge Playground Gran Via Germanias, 21(esq Cadiz) New club with 600 metre multi-use floor. Electronica and indie, art exhibitions too. Theatre every week at 23.00h. See facebook. Zona Juan Lloréns

Café Carioca Artist Club Juan Llorens 52 Superb House music. La Edad de Oro C/ San Jacinto, 3 Tel. 649 255 048 Live music and its classic mix of pumping sounds…from rock & roll to house! Open 22.00h until 4.00h, Thursday to Saturday. Magazine Club Pza / Perez Escrich, 18 Zona Juna Llorens In just 4 years, Magazine has become an essential part of the rock’n’roll scene in Valencia. Zona El Carmen

Bigornia C/ Museu, 10 Arty crowd of the Carmen scene with electro, hip-hop, funk, techno and more. Good vibes. Bolseria Café C/Bolseria, 41 Tel: 96 391 89 03 Hot tropical vibe with swinging crowd at weekends. House, Latin, funk and pop. Carmen Club C/ Quart, 26 Calcatta C/ Reloj Viejo, 6 One of the few discos in the Carmen to stay open all night, until around 8 am. Club 47 C/ Quart, 47 See groovelives website. Music Box C/ Pintor Zariñena, 16 Tel. 96 391 41 51 Frankenstein Rock & Roll Club Marques de Caro, 5 Immortal C/ San Dionisio, 3 Feel ‘heavy metal’ and like hard rock? Plenty of like-minded souls in a loud bar. Rock on!

Zona Ruzafa

Excuse Me? C/ dels Tomasos, 14 (next to Mercado de Ruzafa) Every Friday and Saturday night in Valencia from midnight until 7.00 am! Nylon C/ Germanias, 31 664 46 98 40 Valencia’s latest club. Electronica all night long in the hip barrio of Ruzafa. Play C/ Cuba, 8 Tel: 96 3920570 Newish club in the hip barrio of Ruzafa. Indie, pop and dance all night long.

Juanita Club C/ Lepanto, 8 Rasta Vibrations just two minutes walk from the Torres de Quart, open every day from 20h.

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ʻLIKEʼ US ON A real Reggae lover’s paradise, authentic vibe. Everyday 2 beers for 2€ until 22h & 2 cocktails for 5€ until 24h. Discounts every day always free entry. DJs too! Follow us on Facebook “ JuanitaClub (VALENCIA)” Juanita Club - especialistas y amantes de música reggae, sitio acogedor y relajado.

24/ 7 Valencia

Look out for the distinctive huge nail outside! Zona Canovas

49 C/ Conde de Altea, 49 '49' has a friendly, English speaking owner and some great music and drinks on offer. Number One Plaza Canovas, 6 Upmarket nightclub. Zona Blasco Ibañez

Miniclub Blasco Ibañez, 111 Used to be Zenith. Funky new club open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until well past


international menu. Dinner generally ranges between 10 to 15 euros a head including drinks and coffee, and can be followed by sampling some fantastic cocktails and shorts. Good, varied music. Boasts a lovely terrace to enjoy your food and drink outside.English speaking staff. Gay & Lesbian friendly. Café Bahiano C/ Calatrava, 12 Tel: 96 3 923 095 Brazilian bar! 15 years of happy custom in the Barrio del Carmen and very popular with locals. The best mojitos & caipiriñas of the area, plus all the cocktails you can imagine and superb soul-jazz, independent Brazilian music. This is a journey to Bahia without having to leave Valencia. They also show the most important Liga and Champions League matches. Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 20,00h to 2a.m. and from 19h on Sundays.

Zona Benimaclet

Pinball C/ Concordia, 3 For lovers of psychedelia, northern Soul, funk. Groovy atmosphere, buzzing at weekends. Cats and chicks shakin’ it until the early hours, digging various scenes like something out of Blow Up. Just one minute´s walk from C/ Caballeros & with free entry. Pinball es un Pub-disco con música de los sesenta, garage, rock ‛n’ roll, Northen Soul, mercadillos, mojitos y más.

Swan C/ Juan Giner, 15 Groovy!!! A spacious, hip, popular spot for lovers of retro ‘60s, psych pop, mod y más. Zona Rio Turia

L’Umbracle terraza / Mya Avenida del Saler, 5 Impressive backdrop with 2 all night discos for the beautiful people. Part of the City of Arts and Sciences. Zona Puerto

La3 c/ Padre Porta, 2 Indie & electrónica sounds on 3 floors No Hay Nada Mejor Que 27 Amigos C/ de la Reina, 186 Happening place in the Cabanyal area, run by dynamic and multi-lingual owners. Great DJs at weekends and live music on Tuesday. Jazz jams on Sundays, too!

chill out Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento

Radio City C/ Santa Teresa, 19 Tel: 96 391 41 51 A legendary club in Valencia's old town. Free, eclectic disco Monday - Sunday nights, live flamenco every Tuesday @23h. English language nights Thursday @20h with Britpop music till late. Funky and friendly club. Turmix C/ Dr. Chiarri, 8 Close to C/ Alta, open Thurs – Sat from 23.30 to 03.30h. Rock, garage, indie guitar disco. Zona Plaza Cedro

Tornillo C/ Campoamor, 42 Tel. 96 392 55 27 INDIE scene. Electronica beats collide with guitar, loads of students partying, dancing.

Mancini C/ Moratin, 1 Tel. 963 94 42 89 Open Mon-Wed 8.00h - 20.00h. Thurs-Sat 8am - 20.00h. Mellow atmosphere, mixed crowd, good service. Healthy menu del dia 7.50€. Great terrace. Wonderful retro design and said by many locals to have the best coffee in the centre! Mancini is open for private parties from 20.00h onwards and has a catering service too. Sabroso menú del día, buen servicio, interior estilo retro y ambiente relajante, especialistas en café, clientela mixta. Zona El Carmen

Anita Giro C/Pintor Domingo 7, near Radio City Tel. 96 113 34 18 A relaxed atmosphere in a very reasonably priced restaurant with a varied and alternative

Café Lisboa Pl. Dr. Collado, 9 Tel. 96 391 94 84 An excellent café bar in one of Valencia’s most atmospheric plazas. Good mixed crowd of students, locals, visitors and a very popular terraza. Open 09.00h and all day until late. Lots of bocadillos, coffees and beers. Barça and Levante football on TV at the weekend. A legendary cafe-bar that is 36 years old. Set in the historic centre. Breakfast, lunch and dinner available everday. Salads, sandwiches, Snacks, Montaditos, Desserts. Fine choice of cocktails including Mojito, Daiquiri, Bloody Mary. Agua de Valencia, Sangria & Paella too. Warm interior and beautiful terrace. Un clásico del centro histórico, terraza amplio, interior relajado, tapas y cócteles. Bohemio, literario, y abierto a todos. Café Museu C/ Museu, 7 Tel: 96 393 31 08 Bohemia at its finest, with a mellow terraza in a tranquil part of the Barrio del Carmen. Café del Negrito Pl. Negrito Tel. 96 391 42 33 Classic Carmen hangout. Liberal 30-somethings, arty crowd, lots of people wearing glasses! Café Tertulia 1900 C/ Alta 4 Cafetín Pl. San Jaime, 3 El Café Del Mar Plaza Lope de Vega, 4

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APRIL 13 24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Tel: 96 3 922 558 El Laboratorio (junto Pl. de la Virgen) Pl. Cors de la Mare de Deu, 3 Every Day 18.00h-01.30h Tel: 96 392 61 93 Young international staff and clientèle. The two coolest and cheapest bars to chill off the Plaza de la Virgen. Free tapas with drinks, international Beers, imaginative Cocktails and Gintonics, Mojitos at 4€. Fun food at fun prices: hamburgers, wraps, dimsum, samosas... Great terrace. Tuesday English-Spanish Language Exchange; Wednesday = GermanSpanish Exchange and Cocktails 2x1. Also Exhibitions, Theme Dinners, Ethnic Fiestas, Art & Photography...Mixed drinks start at 3.50€!!!! Gilda C/ Ensendra, 9 (corner Plaza Viriato) Tel: 96 3260393 Funky authentic Italian chill out bar in the old centre. Near to Radio City so easy to find. Girasol C/ Turia, 52 Movil: 650 245 563 Horchatería El Siglo Pl. Santa Cantalina, 11 Tel: 96 391 84 66 Jardín del Mar C/ del Mar, 23 Tel: 655 765 397 Joe’s Garage C/ de Zurradores, 9 Tel: 96 3152245 La Cava del Negret C/ Calatrava, 15 Tel: 96 392 33 01 Open every day from 12.00h, great bar on Pl. Negrito with terraza and some of the finest agua de Valencia around. Friendly staff, superb terraza, next to fountain and a great selection of cavas and champagnes.

Las Torres C/ Guillem de Castro, 119 Tel. 963 154 162 Just a stone's throw from Torres de Quart but completely off the tourist track. This is a real Spanish bar of the barrio with a good atmosphere and a multi-lingual, well-travelled owner who speaks Spanish, English and German. Paella every Friday and good tapas during the whole week, fresh products and good prices. Spanish beers, patatas bravas, ham, cheese, fish, and more for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The real Spain. Family run business. Auténtico bar español con tapas del día, paella cada

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viernes, jamón, tortilla, queso, pescado, y más. Muy cerca de Torres de Quart. L'Ermita C/ Obispo Don Jeronimo, 4 Tel: 96 391 67 59 Saturday... live acoustic music around 21.00h. London Café Valencia C/ del Carda, 1 Movil: 699 922 370 Very, very spacious bar replete with London street signs that will be familiar to anyone who has visited the capital. Wonderful selection of Spanish tapas, beers from around the world and lots of live sports on the screens, including Spanish and English league as Champions League matches too. Enjoy English and Japanese conversation nights. Friendly owners and helpful staff.

Los Pikapiedra (Zona Carmen) C/ Caballeros, 25 Tel: 96 3 919 876/ 681 215 545 Great! Definitive of the alternative Carmen scene. Highly popular with students, punks, hippies and adventurous tourists. It is a friendly, alternative hangout that is run by a multilingual, well-travelled owner and is open to all. Set on 3 floors with room for groups and couples. After 18 years of deserved popularity with locals and visitors, Los Pikapiedra is without doubt an essential part of the Barrio del Carmen scene. Easy to find too! Reasonable prices. They now have a wonderful selection of Spanish tapas. Ask at the bar for their carta. Bar Los pikapiedra es un bar alternativo legendario, con gente bohemia, porrones, música ecléctica y tapas españolas.

Macloy C/ Turia, 75 Mobile: 674 96 40 53 Great! Down-to-earth Spanish tapas bar and with a young, friendly owner. Already popular with the bohemian crowd. You will find lovingly prepared hot and cold ‘montaditos’ as well as great homemade cakes to sweeten your visit. Good beers and nice choice of wines & spirits. 1€ for each drink or tapa! Aquí encontrarás una gran variedad de montaditos calientes y fríos muy elaborados,además de unas deliciosas tartas caseras para darle un toque dulce a tu encuentro. Lo mejor de todo, es que cualquier cosa que pidas te costará solo un euro.Ya no tienes excusa para no salir a tomarte unas cervezas. Nou Carxofa C/ Baja, 42 Tel: 96 3 910 298 QArt! Calle de Guillem de Castro, 78 46001 Valencia, España Tel: 963 916 115 Gay friendly, spacious café bar Rivendel Resto Bar C/ Hospital, 18 Tel: 96 392 32 08 Superb terrace, cosmopolitan staff, lovely food, packed with activities too. Sol i Lluna C/ del Mar, 29 96 392 22 16,

Sant Jaume C/ Caballeros, 51 Tel. 96 391 24 01 Valencia Café society par excellence. Set in what may be the best corner of the centro histórico, this long established café bar has a cosmopolitan crowd, lots of room upstairs and one of the best terrazas in the city. Watch the characters stroll down C/ Caballeros. Sant Jaume es un clásico del centro histórico con unas de las mejores terrazas en Valencia. Teteria Tisana C/Moret, 4 (just off C/Roteros) Music includes: Ultra-mod, ye-ye, Garage, Britpop 60s. Freak-Beat The Lounge Café-Bar Estameñeria Vieja 2 (behind La Lonja) Tel: 96 391 80 94,

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Café Berlin C/ Cadiz, 22 Tel: 96 381 00 24 Modern & attractively designed café bar with an arty crowd, language exchanges, acoustic live gigs and more… El Desvan del Café C/ Puerto Rico, 4 Tel: 96 344 16 86 Very bohemian, very relaxing with a mellow crowd of chilled out and arty crowd. La Tavernaire C/ Dénia, 18 Tel: 605 838 299 Bohemian cafe-bar, vegetarian dishes, live music Wednesdays. La Pinça C/ Pintor Salvador Abril, 34 Tel: 96 3 25 05 82 / 693 593 037 Arty and welcoming café-bar. Mojiteria Brodel C/ Tomasos, 6 Cuban owned and run by welcoming Cuban face Ariel, very much a popular figure on the Ruzafa scene. Dig their 101 mojito flavours. An exotic and innovative hangout where the Mediterranean meets the Caribbean. Enjoy live music on Mondays and often Sundays too. Dig their wide range of spirits or tropical fruit juices. Open everyday from 19.30h to 01.30h Ubik Café C/ Literato Azorín, 13 Tel: 96 374 12 55 Emblematic of the buzzing barrio of Ruzafa. Wonderful, spacious and welcoming cafebar/ second-hand bookshop. Spanish & Italian tapas, beer, wine, bohemian crowd, friendly atmosphere. Closed Monday. Zona Plaza Xuquer

Gatos Cafe Pub Plaza Xuquer, 9 L'adormidera Plaza Xuquer, 3 Facebook ladormidera Rocafull Cafe Pl. Xuquer, 14 A key meeting point of the ‘indie’ community. Zona Plaza Cedro

Cafe Infinito C/ Poeta Mas y Ros, no 35 Tel: 617 27 20 42 Superb! International multilingual staff with a friendly atmosphere and packed agenda including theme nights, language exchange, live music quiz. Wednesday ‛Ruta de la Tapa del Cedro’. Tornillo C/ Campoamor, 42 Tel. 96 392 55 27 A meeting point for faces from the indie and electronica scenes. Definitely worth checking.

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Zona Plaza Benimaclet

La Ola Fresca Calle Músico Magenti 11, Benimaclet Reservations: 610026305 A ‘cafecito’ with a big heart and a fabulous terrace • Speciality in brownies and homemade cakes • world food cooking Juice therapy • local artesanal beers • fairtrade tea and coffee workshops and special events • Sunday BRUNCH • Facebook: La Ola Fresca Valenbisi: 116 Comidas del mundo, servicio excelente, sabroso y actividades cada semana. Tam Tam C/ Emilio Baro, 20 A bohemian hangout.

GAY / LESBIAN Cross C/ Juan de Mena, 7 (Zona Botanico) Facebook Cross Valencia Just 2 minutes walk from Torres de Quart in the tranquil Botanico barrio. Cross is one of Valencia’s most popular Gay Clubs. Open each night from 22h to 03.30am with Sundays and Wednesdays featuring ‘get naked’ parties. Saturday night has the best drag shows and the club’s music soundtrack is modern. Closed Mondays. Gay sexbar. Cerrado Lunes. La Pecera C/ Cadiz, 86 Tel: 639 517 703 Popular with lesbians in evenings. Open to all. Magnus Termas (Sauna) Av. Puerto, 27 Tel: 96 337 48 92 Ni María Ni Virgen C/ Pintor Vilar, 1 Lesbian pub-bar in the Campanar area.

Nuncadigono C/ Turia, 22 The latest gay sex-club with rooms, showers, labyrinths, videos, slings, contacts, S&M, bears, fucking, sex, glory-holes, motor bikes. Each month: ‘Fiesta Slip’ 1st and 3rd Thursday from 22h (jockstrap/ swimwear) ‘Fiesta Naturista’ 2nd & 4th Thursday from 22h. (naked) Free cloakroom service and free condoms and lubrication, ask at the bar. Happy hours todos los dias. Open every day from 12.00 pm to 04.00 am. Gay sexbar. Cuartos, duchas, laberintos, videos, slings, valencia, contactos, gay, nuncadigono, bar, sm, bears, sexo, motos. Pekado Pl. Vicente Iborra, 9 Tel. 96 392 41 39 The seven deadly sins are served after you enter the gates of hell of this restaurant. Qart Café C/ Guillem de Castro, 80 Sant Miquel Pl. Sant Miquel, 13 Tel. 96 392 31 29 Spartacus C/ Flassanders, 8 Gay sex shop Trapezzio Café Pl. Músico Lopez Chavarri, 2 Turangalila C/ del Mar, 34 Tel. 96 391 02 55 Well prepared Mediterranean dishes. Drag queens sing for customers in this original restaurant.


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APRIL 13 24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS corazón de Valencia, con buena selección de cervezas y comidas también. Gente con experiencia. Deportes en directo. The Market Irish tavern C/ Danzas, 5 Just a stone’s throw from La Lonja.


Zona Canovas


Beer C/ Salamanca, 4 Tel. 96 374 14 31 Facebook Cerveceria Beer. Open every day from 19:00 to 03:30. Great selection of beers, cans and bottles from around the world. Try 30 types of beer from Spain and abroad. Have a great time with your mates competing at darts and table football, and enjoy the daily offers every day of the week at Beer. Monday - with your beer they invite you to free mussels. Every Tuesday from 19.00h to 24.00h, Beer from the barrel 2 x1with montadito included! Wednesday from 23’30 to 01’30 with Patatas arrugadas con mojo picón canario and live music with Tony Ventura y amigos. Thursday has popular beer prices 2’50€ for pint from midnight & blackjack at night. Saturday has massage and roller skate raffles with your drinks, prizes announced at 2:30 am!Sunday has football live and we have La Liga, Champions League and Uefa during the week.Cervecería excelente con 30 cervezas diferentes de todo el mundo. Jueves con descuentos y partidos de Fútbol Primera Liga y Champions en directo.


Zona Ruzafa

Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento

An Irish Green C/ En llop 2, bajo. 46002 (next to Plaza Ayuntamiento) Great choice of beers in this centrally located irish pub, just off Plaza Ayuntamiento. Friendly service and ample terrace. Live sports. Zona El Carmen

Finnegan’s Pl. de la Reina Tel: 96 392 28 62 The legendary meeting point in the heart of Valencia for those who like a good pint. Excellent terrace with fine view of the Cathedral. A genuine Irish pub with big screen for sports-lovers who like it live. Spacious and warm interior, good selection of beers and tasty traditional lunches. It is internationally famous for all the right reasons. Great for the craic in the evenings. Live music every week.A classic. Bar Irlandés legendario en el

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Portland Ale House C/ Salamanca 10 Yes! Valencia’s first true American pub, run by a friendly American team with draft beers available, sports and an increasingly mixed crowd of locals, visitors and English and Spanish speakers. They now brew & serve their own beer ! Tuesdays and Wednesdays are international language exchange nights with Orange Academy, Thursdays is speed dating and Sundays is the legendary pub quiz! Portland Ale House es un pub americano auténtico. Con dueños americanos y sus cervezas propias más marcas famosas y noches de intercambios inglés/ español. Muy cosmopolita. St. Patrick’s Irish Pub Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, 69 Tel: 96 351 36 42 “A true Irish pub” that knows the craic! Friendly helpful international staff who speak Spanish and English! FREE WIFI to all customers. Open every day from 4pm ‘till late! Cosy interior with 5 rooms and 2 bars. A good mix of Spaniards and expats. We have 5 big screen plasma T.V.s that show all the sporting events (football, rugby, cricket, golf, basketball, etc.)! We have pool, darts, a big terrace and good music (pop-rock from all the ages with Spotify)! Great selection of beers, whiskies, cocktails, including fresh fruit slush, nonalcoholic or you choose the mix! Great snacks, sandwiches, quiche, meat pies, fish&chips, etc. Lots of events: Live Music every Friday at 23h. Parties with prizes. Open Saturday and Sunday at 13:00h pm. Reservations at See Facebook for more details! Pub irlandés famoso con pantallas para deportes en directo. Buena selección de cervezas y cócteles, música en directo los viernes, intercambios los jueves y más…

Liverpool Russafa VLC C/ Sueca, 74 Telf: 674 244 998 English Pub. Everyday from 16.00 - 03.30h. Zona Avenida Aragón

Manolo el del Bombo Pl. Valencia Club de Fútbol, 5 Tel: 96 930 460 A traditional Spanish bar with a different interior - a football museum with photos of the legendary Manolo del Bombo, the chap with the massive beret and drum. Just across from Mestalla stadium, a Mecca for football fans from all over the world. Friendly atmosphere. Sally O’Brien Av. Aragon, 8 Tel: 96 337 40 12 Zona Plaza Xuquer

Max Max C/ Vinalopó, 11 (Pl. Xúquer)

Tel: 96 362 68 67 Benimaclet

Excalibur Cerveceria & Pub C/ Dr Vicente Zaragoza, 7 & 9 Friendly and very spacious pub with large selection of beers in the hip barrio of Benimaclet. L'Eliana

The Dragon (Bar Internacional) C/ Virgen de Pilar, 12 (L’Eliana) British-run bar with good reputation for food. Popular with locals and the expat crowd from the area.

Restaurants Afro-Cuban

Babalú C/ Manyans 17 (next to Plaza Redondo) Tel: 96 315 50 40 ¡Fiesta! An excellent restaurant-bar-club for those who love authentic Cuban food. American

McDonalds Pl. de la Reina, 15 Tel: 96 392 35 91 Easy to find, with the city’s cathedral as the backdrop. Peggy Sue’s American Diner Calle Carrasquer, 7 (near Torres de Quart) Tel: 96 391 90 18 Arabic

Sahara (Zona Carmen) C/ del Mar, 52 Tel: 96 394 32 76 Movil: 698 579 148 Argentinean

La Parrillita Argentina C/ Salamanca, 7 Tel: 677 693 785 Facebook La Parrillita Argentina Fantastic! We had a lovely lunch here! Argentinean grill set in the cosmopolitan Canovas zone with an Argentinean chef, this is an authentic Argentinean cooking with a genuine coal barbecue in the kitchen for all your meat dishes including steaks with beef imported from Argentina. Brazilian

O Rei Da Caipirinha C/ Vicente Sancho Tello Tel: 96 362 59 36 Open daily, Brazilian football memorabilia lines the walls. Cool Brazilian sounds and native staff. Barbecues every Sun at 13.30h. Chinese

Gran Muralla Pl. Porta del Mar, 6 (next to Juzgados) Open daily from 11.30h to 16.30h and 19.30h to 0.30h. Menu under 6€.

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Atmosphére (Institut Français) C/ Moro Zeit, 6 Open 08.00h to 20.00h, delicious homemade food from expert chefs. Fusion Restaurant Sésame C/ En Bou (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 391 30 62 Highly popular. The well-travelled French owner proposes a wide variety of creative tapas and dishes with an original Greek & Mediterranean/ Asian/ French and Vegetarian fusion using only fresh local produce. Warm and friendly service. Tasteful & cosy setting with quite a romantic interior. Book at weekends as often busy and seating is limited. (English conversation - Wednesdays @20:00h) Greek

El Rincon Griego C/ Conde Montornes, 23 (just off C/ Mar and corner of Poeta Liern) Tel: 96 394 4443 Mobile: 639608867 Zona Carmen Intimate and Greek owned and run, wellestablished restaurant in a quiet corner of the old town. The only Greek in town and with live music every Friday. Enjoy Greek tapas, fish and meat dishes, cheeses, yoghurts, pastries and Greek wine too! Restaurante griego muy conocido con tapas y platos típicos del país. Vino griego también. Muy céntrico. Indian / Pakistani

Taj-Mahal (Zona Av. Puerto) C/ Dr. Manuel Candela, 20, Tel: 96 330 62 64. One of the best Indian restaurants along the coast. Authentic Indian cuisine, chefs with 12 years Brit experience. Classic menu with all the favourites: Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, King Prawn Tandoori, Lamb. Variety of rices, attentive bilingual staff on hand to serve ‘English’ or ‘Spanish’ version of spicy. About 18€ per head. Taj Mahal now has home delivery until midnight for minimum price of 20€. Check out the British and Indian products at their shop next door! Curry powders, cornflakes, ketchup, tinned beans, and loads more. An expat’s

24/ 7 Valencia

dream! Uno de los mejores restaurantes indios en Valencia con comidas y cenas típicas del país. Muchos productos indios en su tienda a lado también. Italian Zona Botánico

Mimmo Cantina C/Dr Sanchis Bergon, 24 Tel: 96 315 4968 Movil: 645074435 Italian owned and run, with a lovely setting overlooking the Rio Turia. Zona El Carmen

Al Pomodoro C/ del Mar, 22 Tel: 96 391 48 00, Very popular, good value, great pizza. Bacco d.o.c. C/ Derechos 29, bajo (1 min from La Lonja) Tel: 96 391 19 65 Everyone welcome at this distinctive and very original Italian restaurant in an excellent location. Il Piccolo C / D’En Plom, 9 Tel: 96 206 99 55 Movil: 603 659 703 Just a stone’s throw from Torres de Quart. Il Piccolo is a welcoming, magical, intimate and romantic Italian restaurant with homemade Italian cuisine with a wide variety of choices including starters, pastas, pizzas, meats, fishes and delicious desserts like tirasimu and la pannacotta. Zona Wifi, Enjoy their lovely terrace in a quiet corner of the historic centre of Valencia. We are waiting to welcome you… La Pappardella C/ Bordadores, 5 (next to Cathedral) Tel: 96 391 89 15 Popular Italian restaurant without pizza and emphasis on Piadinas and pastas. La Strada C/ Quart 17 Tel: 96 392 41 77 Zona C/ La Paz

La Gñocca de La Tia C/ Verger, 1 Tel: 961 139 930 This is authentic Genoese & Italian cuisine with experienced and welcoming Genoese owners. Zona Canovas

Accapella C/ Conde Altea, 60 Tel: 96 3748424 A warm welcome from a family run restaurant. Well presented pasta and pizza dishes in relaxing and spacious surroundings. Don Salvatore C/ Conde de Altea, 41 Tel: 96 334 13 04 A real treat of an Italian restaurant. Wonderful terrace and bilingual owner, a great Canovas success story. Spot the Valencia footballer! Lambrusquería C/ Conde Altea, 31 -36 Tel: 96 334 07 53


Italian Pizzeria

Il Bocconcino C/ Quart, 1 Tel: 96 323 03 98 Authentic Italian pizzeria / bocatería. Japanese

Kokura Pere i borrego 10 (C/ Alta – Na Jordana) Mexican

El Mexico de María (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Calle Denia, 20. Tel: 96 332 80 78 Friendly Mexican restaurant, superb homemade dishes. El Mexico de Maria has Mexican cuisine with years of culinary experience in Valencia with a fine combination of traditional and fusion Mexian cuisine for their loyal clientele. Lovely, cosy & colourful interior with lots of mexican decorations. Set in the hip barrio of Ruzafa. La Venganza de Maliche C/ Pérez Escrich, 11 Tel: 963 33 33 77 Authentic and original mexican cuisine in a spacious restaurant. Taquería el Burrito (Zona Carmen) C/ Alta,12 Tel: 96 113 36 08 100% authentic Mexican food. Set in the heart of the centro historico. Eat-in or takeway with delivery service too. Multi-bar

La Bona Estrella (Zona Carmen) Plaza Manises, 2 Tel: 96 0640548 Great! Quite new and very spacious multi-bar with wide variety of beers. Enjoy Spanish and Mediterranean dishes, live music, live sports and more. Enjoy red wines by the glass or bottle from Rioja, Utiel Requena, Ribera de Duero and white wine from D.O. Rueda and Rias Baixas. Open all day and everyday for Breakfast, lunch, dinner with starters including octopus, pork dishes and Greek salads too. Sardines or duck to enjoy as main dishes as well as good range of Spanish hams, cheeses, sausages and more. Live music jams every Thursday 20-30h - 22.30h. Intercambio English - Spanish every Monday 19.30h! flea markets every Tuesday at 23.30h! La Bona Estrella es un Multi-bar nuevo para desayunos, comidas y cenas, Mucho espacio y buena oferta de comida española y mediterránea. Jamones, quesos, chorizos, salchichones, ensaladas, carpaccios. Música en directo los jueves 20:30h. Intercambio Inglés - Castellano cada Lunes @19:30h. Mercados de pulga 23:30h cada Martes. Portuguese

Café Pessoa C/ Literato Azorin, 2 Tel: 96 341 75 14 Great! An authentic Portuguese café bar with lovely cocktails and trendy interior.

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APRIL 13 24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Quality burger bar

Mediterranea de Hamburguesas SL C/ Sueca, 45 Zona Ruzafa (46006) Tel: 96 3 21 05 31 Open from Monday to Sunday 7pm to 1.30am C/ San Fernando, 22 (near Mercado Central) Zona Centro (46001) Tel: 96 3 21 70 03 Open from Monday to Sunday 12pm to 1a.m. At Mediterranea Hamburguesas sl, quality is our trademark and what sets us apart. We choose to work with the best materials, with a freshness and distinctive quality too. We enhance each burger with touches of the Mediterranean. Our daily challenge is to be the best burger bar in Valencia. Burguer bar de alta calidad en zona centro y zona ruzafa. Ensaladas, carnes, opciones para celiacos. Mesclat C/ Beltran Bigorra, 10 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 306 58 52 Great! Mesclat (which is Valenciano for mixed) is a quality burger bar that gives you the chance to choose between meat, fish or vegetables and the ingredients that accompany your burger and the type of bread too.

Dos Aguas C/ Marqués de Dos Aguas, 6 Tel: 96 251 64 26 Good value Spanish menu del días, great view. El Botijo C/ San Miguel s/n Spanish tasca in the Barrio Carmen! Great terraza, delicious tapas, a top ensaladilla rusa and great tabla de quesos too. Cool flamenco, rock and pop sounds, welcoming vibe and friendly Andalucian/Valencia owners. Perfect size portions and informed service. Be sure to try Valencian tinto no. 12!



Spanish / Valencian Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento

Carpe Diem C/ Martínez Cubells, 4 (off Passeig Ruzafa) Tel: 96 342 77 80, A genuine Spanish restaurant right in the centre of Valencia, on a mellow side street, dead easy to find! Friendly service, trendy interior, expert chefs and authentic Valencia cuisine! Enjoy fish dishes, Spanish tapas and rice dishes including paella on their mellow terraza as you watch the world go by. Savour their delicious salads, chilled white wines, and desserts. An international staff are on hand to help you with your choice. Enjoy their Tapas menu. Some of the best mediterranean dishes around. Restaurante Español con terraza amplia, ensaladas frescas, pescados y paella Valenciana. Zona El Carmen

+ Que Arrós Plaza Don Juan de Vilarrasa, 6 Movil: 685609284 Zona Carmen Authentic paella and more near the Mercado Central. See report. 33 Lounge Restaurant C/ San Dionisio, 8 Tel: 96 392 41 61 Mediterranean tapas, expertly made fresh paella, homemade desserts and bossa nova soundtrack. Bar Kiosco C/ Derechos, 38 Tel: 96 391 01 59 Bodeguilla de Gato C/ Catalans, 10 Tel: 96 391 82 35 Carosel Taula de Canvis, 6 Tel: 96 1132 873

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El Peix Daurat C/ Doctor Monserrat 14. Tel:.635 413 476. Open Tuesday to Friday (13.30h - 16.00h Monday to Sunday (20.00h - 24.00h) Wonderful lunch-time paella every Friday afternoon.Superb! By sheer word of mouth, this hidden gem of a restaurant has become a favourite of discerning customers. Chic & tasty Mediterranean cuisine and from around the world. Situated in a quiet street in the old centre, just 2 minute’s walk from Torres de Quart so easy to find. They use different techniques and cooking traditions to create Mediterranean dishes with their unique flavour. They now serve great pinchos & tapas. Cocina Mediterránea de buena calidad con toques de fusión y con servicio atento. Pinchos y tapas también. El Rall Pl. Tundidores, 2 Tel: 96 392 20 90 Legendary paella restaurant, prime location by La Lonja and Plaza Negrito. Escalones de La Lonja C/ Pere Compte, 3


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El Pony Pisador C/ Zurradores, 7 (Near Plaza Santa Catalina) Tel: 638 196 289/ 635 849 390 Homemade Spanish food, rustic interior and run by a friendly Spanish couple. Try their Croquetas de Jamón Ibérico, artichokes, baby squid with paprika, strawberry cheese cake. In a quite corner of the Centro Histórico. Good selection of wines from 8€ to 16€. Menú del día 10€ including drink. Saturday & Sunday lunch 14€, drink extra. Dishes from 4.50€ to 7€. Authentic Spanish cuisine. Restaurante Español íntimo, rústico y con comida casera muy buena; rabo de toro, croquetas, jamón ibérico, calamares y más. En Bou Lounge Drink + Tapas Tel: 96 3922632 Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with tapas, gourmet hamburgers and desserts. La Carme C/ Soguers, 2 Tel: 96 392 2532 30 years old emblematic restaurant of the Barrio del Carmen with Mediterranean dishes and cosy yet spacious interior.

La Galeria C/ Baja, 38 Tel: 96 3 154 494 Tasty and in the heart of the barrio del Carmen. Run by friendly, welcoming owner Paco and his staff. This Spanish restaurant is highly popular with groups and couples. Lovely selection of salads, cheeses, bocadillos, homemade desserts, menus for groups, live music on Thursdays, art exhibitions by local artists. Típico del Barrio del Carmen con ensaladas, quesos, bocadillos, postres caseros sabrosos, buen ambiente, menús para grupos, música en directo los jueves. Bienvenidos!

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La Pilareta C/ Moro Zeit Tel: 96 391 04 97 Every major Spanish city has a tapas bar regarded as ‘quintessential’. Established in 1917, this one is high up on the list in many guides. Veteran waiters serve excellent tapas: habas, ensaladilla rusa and the famous mussels. Open daily midday to midnight just off Plaza Tossal, not hard to find. Now that’s what we call atmosphere... El bar de tapas más histórico en el centro de Valencia, especialidad en clóchinas, buenas habas y ensaladilla rusa. What a great setting! A terrace by La Lonja.

L'Aplec C / Roteros, 9 (near Torres de Serranos) Movil: 696 119986 Bar - restaurant to go for tapas. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12 noon to closing. Closed Monday. Spontaneous atmosphere, friendly and fun. Home cooking. Drinks and hot tapas with a hint of fun. New and easy to find as it is just a stoneʼs throw from the Torres de Serranos. Nice and spacious interior too! L' Aplec now has a great terrace with a varied menu for just 10€ with drink included, from Tuesday to Saturday. Enjoy their homemade, fresh and authetic paella that changes from meat to fish to vegetable choices available from Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday has paella by the ration along with your classic Spanish tapas. Gay & Lesbian friendly. Tapas caseras, divertidas, servicio amable y buenas paellas de jueves a domingo. Muy cerca de Torres de Serranos.

24/ 7 Valencia

Auténticamente español y abierto a todos. La Caragola Pl. Mossen Sorell, 9 Tel: 615 992 803 La Greta C/ Pere Bonfill, 7 Tel. 96 332 24 47 Alternative vibe, cool music, tapas and open, liberal crowd. Vegetarians are catered for. La Huerta y La Botella Obispo Don Geronimo, 8 Tel: 963 923 705 La Lola C/ Subida de Toledano, 8 Tel: 96 391 80 45, This is ‘nueva cocina española’! Authentic live flamenco every week. Las Damas C/ Damas, 3 Tel: 96 352 12 97 La Surcusal C/ Guillem de Castro, 118 (at IVAM) Tel: 96 374 66 65 La Xirgu C/ dels Borja, 4 Tel: 96 392 27 35 Maria Mandiles Plaza Manises, 2 Tel: 96 04 60 57 We've opened a new Maria Mandiles!!! ...Just next to the Palacio de la Generalitat in the heart of Valencia, we've opened a new space with a new decoration, new menu, new terrace and new Maria Mandiles... It's going to leave you with your mouth open!!...2 restaurants, 2 terraces, the same charm & delight & philosophy and the same way of working...We're waiting for you!! Maria Mandiles C/ del Padre Huérfanos, 2 Tel: 96 315 48 84 A wonderful choice. In the heart of the historic centre in a tranquil square by the church of El Carmen, next to a garden, you will find the restaurant Maria Mandiles. With an ample terrace, you can enjoy tapas, fondues, cheeses, salads, homemade desserts, a variety of sangrias, cocktails, and ‘Agua de Valencia’ too. Lunchtime menu from Monday to Friday for 10.50€ with everything included. Saturdays and Sundays at lunchtime has paella for 6.50€. Typical price for evening dinner is 18€. Open all day from 10am to 01.30am. En pleno centro histórico con una amplia terraza, donde poder disfrutar de sus montados, fondues, ensaladas, quesadillas, postres caseros, variedad de sangrías, cocteles y agua de Valencia. Mattilda Resto Bar C/ Roteros, 212 Tel: 96 392 31 68 Just a brief walk from Torres de Serranos in the renowned restaurant zone of Calle Roteros. This is a modern & trendy fusion/ creative chill out restaurant with ingredients fresh from Mercado Central. Mediterraniart C/ del Mar, 29 Tel: 96 0 715 790 Great! Open very day of the week, Mediterraniart is an authentic and elegant Valencia chill out bar/restaurant run by a


friendly, young and experienced team. Nou Carxofa C/ Baja, 42 Tel: 96 391 02 98 Ocho y Medio Plaza Lope de Vega, 5 Tel: 96 392 20 22 Paparazzi C/ Baja, 42 Tel. 96 315 45 88 New! Set in a quiet corner of the atmospheric old town. Run by a friendly and experienced owner, enjoy wonderful homemade Mediterranean cooking including; Lasagna, Parmigiana, Canellones, Pasta and a lot more !!!!! Business groups and romantic couples are all welcome. Tasty Menu for 14€ every evening. Closed Sunday night and all day Monday. De martes a sábado menú mediterráneo por 14€ con ingredientes frescos y buena presentación y buen servicio. Interior agradable. Racó el falleret Guillem de Castro, 114 Tel: 96 064 28 72 New and authentic Spanish restaurant with traditional Valencian cuisine. Just a stone’s throw from IVAM. Refugio Restaurante del Carmen C/ Alta, 42 Tel: 96 391 77 54 A warm and authentic Mediterranean fusion restaurant with touches of Asia and a new carta, too. See ‘Something Different’ for more details.

Tintofino Ultramarino C/ Corretgeria, 38 Tel: 96 315 39 64 Like a fine wine? Oh, that’s superb! Tapas, cheese, and meat too! Tinto fino is a wonderful, classy tapas bar restaurant with an extensive collections of 50 wines from Spain & Italy as well as delicious tapas from the mediterranean. Enjoy wine by the glass or by the bottle. Menu of the day from Monday to Friday for 8.50€. Open Monday to Friday 13.30h to 17h and 19h to 01.00h. Sundays from 13.30h to 17h. Saturdays from 19h to 01.00h. Like a fine wine…getting better and better with time. Tinto fino es un lugar singular y acogedor que combina el concepto de restaurante y bar de tapas con la frescura de un ultramarino. El restaurante sirve deliciosas TAPAS junto con una variedad de platos regionales, tanto españoles como italianos. Trafico de Bocatas C/ Roteros, 16 Tel: 96 391 91 74

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APRIL 13 24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Over 20 years of great sandwiches. Vintara Plaza de la Reina, 19 Tel: 96 392 41 85 Great paella is available from Monday to Friday. Yuso C / de la Cruz, 4 izquierda Tel: 96 315 39 67 The real deal. Valencian chefs and Valencian staff. Superb paella, arròs en fesols i naps, arroz a banda, patatas bravas, salads and more. Classy Valencian restaurant by the old Arabic wall near Torres de Serranos. Homemade food. About 18€ a head.

Something Different

Wonderful setting in the highly popular, upmarket and cosmopolitan Canovas zone. This is a well-established and authentic Spanish Tapas bar-restaurant specializing in quality Spanish ‘Iberico’ products so you can savour the best hams, cheeses & sausages to go with your wine or beer. Real quality Spanish food and drink with a quality clientele too. Friendly service, lovely terrace and clean & polished interior. Delicious desserts! Tapas bar de alta calidad con productos ibéricos, jamones, quesos, postres deliciosos.

Zona Jesús

La Mora Taberna C/ San Francisco de Borja, 1 Tel: 96 3 81 39 59 www, 46007 Off the beaten track. Smart interior, pleasant terraza and friendly service. Classic Spanish dishes with ham, cheese and meat dishes included.La Taberna Mora is a modern Spanish tavern with touches of gourmet regarding their cuisine. Its quality, acclimatized terrace and good service has made it an essential part of the Valencian restaurant scene. It has kept alive the spirit of traditional Spanish taverns, with tapas to enjoy for lunch and dinner. These include baby squid, patatas bravas, scrambled eggs with prawns, tablas of Spanish hams & cheeses. There are also very traditional options like Oxtail, fried eggs with foie, skewers, and many more specialities. There is also a fine bodega of wines, with some of the best wines from around the regions of Spain. Moderna taberna de cocina española con toque gourmet. Su terraza climatizada, servicio y calidad la han transformado en un imprescindible de la escena gastronómica valenciana. et. El local mantiene vivo el espíritu de las viejastabernas, por lo que se puede comer o cenar de tapas y raciones. Los clásicos chipirones, puntillas, bravas, revueltos, tempuras o tables de ibéricos y quesos comparten protagonismo en la carta de esta taberna tradicional con otras propuestas como el rabo de toro, los huevos rotos con foie, las brochetas y un sinfín de especialidades planteadas para compartir al centro de la mesa. Destaca también su bodega de vinos, que ofrece caldos de las más importantes.

Refugio Restaurante del Carmen C/ Alta, 42 Tel: 96 391 7754 The ‘Cooking Revolution’! Refugio is truly a restaurant of the Carmen. Run by a warm, bohemian Valencian couple with years of culinary experience this is now a Mediterranean fusion restaurant with International cuisine. Warm, wooden interior with intimate corners. From Monday-Friday they have a 12€ lunch menu and a plato del dia for 7.50€. Theme nights. Good music soundtrack and mixed clientele. They also do food to order. 14:00h - 16:00h / 21:00h - 24.00h. Open everyday. Special midday menus on Saturday, Sunday, holidays for 15€. Group menus, art exhibitions and revolutionary voucher. If you bring this copy of ʻ24/7 Valenciaʼ to your dinner you can bring your own bottle of wine for 1€ extra charge too! Restaurante fusión Mediterráneo muy bienvenido y con carácter de cocina internacional y clientela internacional. Tapas Bars

Blanquita (Zona Carmen) PL. Dr. Collado, 8 46001.Valencia Tlf. 637556321 Great Terraza and wide selection of tapas.


650 639 177

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Dehesa Santa Maria (Zona Canovas) C/ Gran Via del Marques del Turia, 76 (corner of Plaza Canovas) Tel: 96 065 06 40 / Reservations: 96 0 65 06 41

El Olivo Taberna Plaza del Árbol, 4 (end of C/ Baja) Tel: 96 391 70 87 Authentic Spanish tapas in the historic centre. Highly popular with alternative crowd and visitors. Amongst their many specialities you will find artichokes, homemade croquettes, grilled sardines, fried prawns, octopus, cured ham, a selection of cheeses and much more. All tapas are made in the moment, which means you can take your time over a glass of wine or beer. Auténtico bar de tapas español con dueños de familia andaluza con alcachofas, croquetas, sardinas, opciones vegetarianas y mucho más. Popular con gente alternativa, gente del barrio y visitantes. Excelente terraza. Gilda C/ Esendra, 9 (corner Plaza Viriato) (Zona Carmen) Gilda is an original resto lounge just a brief few steps from the Torres de Quart (Quart Towers) offers in its chill out terrace the best of the Salento and Italian Tapas, another vision of Italian cuisine. Funky cocktail bar perfect start to the best of your night. Every Thursday “Aperitivo Italiano”, with free buffet for 6€ starts at 20:30. Over the weekend "The Italian sushi" and other theme nights. La Comisaría (Zona Carmen) Tapas y copas ilegales Pl. Arbol, 5 (corner C/ Baja) Tel: 96 391 07 39 Already giving much to talk about, ̔La Comisaria - Tapas y Copas ilegales̓ offers a new concept in gastronomy in the barrio del Carmen.Menus, long drinks or a glass of red wine with your beautifully presented tapas, all in an elegant and welcoming interior, enjoy the terrace-lounge. Price per person around 15/22 €. Multilingual chef.

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de sus tapas típicas andaluzas (salmorejo, jamón serrano, quesos...), tan solo por 2.50 euros. Su tablao andaluz nos transporta al corazón de andalucía en pleno centro de Ruzafa, con espectáculos de cante y baile flamenco todos los fines de semana.

Zona El Carmen

Aloe Vera Pl. Vicente Iborra, 3 Tel: 96 3926183


Mar Cuatro - Tapas & Burguers (Zona Carmen) C/ del Mar, 4 Tel: 96 391 43 50 Great! Valencian owned and run. Just off Plaza Reina so really easy to find. A fresh, modern and relaxing space to enjoy a wide range of quality tapas, gourmet hamburgers, unique and top notch hotdogs, skewer recipes with different tastes and textures. Savour delish desserts in crystal pots that will surprise you for their delicious taste and lovely presentation. This is a vanguard Spanish tapas bar and open to all ages and backgrounds. Expect to pay around 20€. Tapas de calidad, hamburguesas gourmet, pinchos, postres deliciosos, muy cerca de Plaza Reina.

Sarao C/ Carlos Cervera, 22 (Zona Ruzafa) Tel: 96 3 25 63 68 18h till late. During week. Open from 11am from Fri-Sun Open Tuesday to Sunday from 18h during week. Flamenco jams on Saturday evening. Concerts Sunday at 13h Set in the cosmopolitan barrio of Ruzafa, Sarao is a slice of the real Spain. At this Spanish taberna you can enjoy great wines like Damajuana or Malavida as well cañas of beer like Alhambra, accompanied with typical, delicious Andalusian tapas (salmorejo, ham, cheeses and more) for just 2.50€. A warm welcome to make you feel at home. Live flamenco & dancing every weekend. We had a great time there. In Fallas, open everyday from 10 a.m. En Sarao hay vinos, Damajuana o Malavida, así como sus cañas Alhambra, acompañado

copenhagen (Zona Ruzafa) Literato Azorin, 8 Tel: 96 3 28 99 28 Kimpira Organic restaurant C/ Convento San Francisco, 5 Tel: 96 3 92 34 22 Macrobiotic and vegan food with organic ingredients, Just a stone’s throw from Plaza Ayuntamiento. We had a great lunch here. La Tastaolletes (Zona Carmen) C/ Salvador Giner, 6 Tel: 96 392 18 62 Vinoteca

Santa Companya (Zona Carmen) C/ Roteros, 21 Tel: 96 392 22 59 Classy. Long established and just a stone’s throw from the Torres de Serranos in the centro historico. This is an upmarket and welcoming wine-bar with a superb selection of wines and tasty Mediterranean dishes. Popular with discerning locals and visitors. They have an extensive and impressive wine cellar with wines from all over Spain and French champagne too. Their specialities include Steak tartare and Tuna tartare too! Expect to pay around 20€ a head for dinner here. Clean and rustic yet modern interior with pleasant and relaxing terrace outside. Open everyday from 19h to 01.00h. Vinoteca de alta calidad con bodega extensa Rioja, Somontano, Navarra, La Mancha, Campo de Borja y muchos más. Jamones y quesos de Francia, Italia y España. Muy cerca de Torres de Serranos. Abierto cada tarde desde 19:00h. Sorbito Divino (Zona Carmen) C/ Murillo, 22 Tel: 96 392 56 70 Just a stone’s throw from the Torres de Quart. Run by a friendly owner who is very popular amongst the locals of the barrio. Sorbito Divino is deservedly getting more popular by the month. Wine tasting and English conversation nights are just some of the activities you will find here. Wines to savour include Riberas Riojas, Utiel Requena, Penedes, Cavas, as well as gins, rums and vodkas. Catering and delivery too.

shopping On the whole, the Carmen clothes shops are more alternative. The Colón stores tend to be high street names. Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento

La Violeta (Flower shop, express delivery) Pl. Ayuntamiento, puesto 2 Tel: 96 352 13 99, 667 326 340

A. Vintage Jazze C/ Baja, 30 A. Vintage Jazze is a cosy vintage store where you can find all kinds of little treasures. From fine clothing and Antique accessories to a great selection of Import Jazz on Vinyl. If you are looking for something different and you want to go back in time for a while… this is the place to visit in Valencia. The people at the store are very nice and friendly and knowledgable too. Prices are wide in range, from a 1 Euro postcard to a 400 Euros Christian Louboutin shoes and lots and lots of things you will love in between! In the heart of the Barrio del Carmen. Una tienda muy original y acogedora en el Corazon del Barrio del Carmen. Ropa Vintage, Decoracion, fotografia, musica vinilo, eventos y mas. Indigo Corretgeria, 4 Tel: 96 064 35 11 Facebook Selene Ramini Quality clothes & furniture accessories shop near Cathedral with multi-lingual owner. Madame Bugalu C/Danzas, 3 Tel: 96 315 44 76 Chic! Monki C/ Calatrava 11, bajo Tel: 96 392 45 16, Plou i Fa Sol Plaza Musico Lopez Chavarri Nº7 Bajo, 46003,Valencia. Tel: 963919797 Charming organic shop in the heart of El Carmen. Welcoming atmosphere and friendly and knowledgeable owners. English and Spanish speakers. Big variety of organic food, bio cosmetic and natural remedies. Workshops, exhibitions and talks. Open from 9am till 20.30 pm, doesn't close at midday. Closed Sunday. Satwa C/ Calatrava, 17 Tel: 96 3 911 492 Scrapbook boutique.

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Taste Of America C/ Avd Reino de Valencia, 6 Tel: 96 206 64 65 Zona Ruzafa

Madame Mim C/ Sevilla, 29 Movil: 649 032 066 / 678 701 634 Second Hand. Quality, retro, vintage and cool.

CLASSIFIEDS BEAUTY & HEALTH CARE Oblivium C/ Hospital, 6 Tel: 96 392 61 59, Oblivium is a relaxation centre specialized in flotation therapy and situated a 4-minute walk from Plaza del Ayuntamiento. BIKE HIRE Orange Bikes C/ Guillem Sorolla, 1 Tel: 96 391 75 51, BOOK SHOPS Loved Books C/ Tapineria, 18 (near Plaza Reina) Tel; 639 740 746 Please support your local second-hand bookshop. Plenty of titles in English and more. Good value books. Rana Books Av. Reino de Valencia, 15 46005 Valencia, Spain Tel: +34 96 332 81 28 Rana Books is Valencia's newest English bookshop. It has a huge variety of books for adults, children and Teachers. Staff are friendly, knowledgeable and bi-lingual. The shop hosts regular events for Native English speakers and for those learning English at all levels. Events include weekly High tea, Board game Nights, Author signings, Native English staff host English conversation classes for adults and storytelling workshops for Children. Rana Books welcomes everyone to relax on their Chesterfield Sofa, indulge in a fresh cake and choose one of the newest bestsellers. More details available at Nueva librería inglesa en Valencia, gran variedad de libros para adultos, niños y profesores. Clases en inglés, charlas de escritores. Sahiri C / Danza, 5 ( near to La Lonja) Alternative bookshop, vegetarian restaurant and cafe. Slaughterhouse Librería y cafetería. C/ Denia 22 - 46006 Valencia 963287755 One of Valencia’s hippest hang-outs in the bohemian Ruzafa barrio. Now with Tapas.


country guest house FOOTBALL CALENDAR sábado 13 abril Levante - Deportivo 18.00h Espanyol - Valencia 20.00h 20/21 abril Valencia - Málaga Barcelona - Levante 27/28 abril Real Sociedad - Valencia Levante - Celta 4/5 mayo Valencia - Osasuna Mallorca - Levante 11/12 mayo Rayo Vallecano - Valencia Levante - Zaragoza VALENCIA CF Mestalla stadium, Aragón/ Facultats metro, lots of buses incl. 9, 10, 12, 29, 30, 31, 32, 41, 79, 80. Tickets on sale from the stadium, club souvenir shops, La Caixa, Ticketmaster and selected tobacconists. LEVANTE UD Ciudad de Valencia stadium, 11/70 bus, Machado metro, Estadi del Llevant tram. Tickets available at ground on matchday and in advance from GROWMED GrowMed 2013 Feria Valencia (Avenida de las Ferias s/n) Growmed 2013 will celebrate its Medicinal Cannabis fair at Feria Valencia (Avenida de las Ferias s/n) with the choice of nearly 100 Spanish and international brands with stands who will be exhibiting the latest in cannabisrelated material and all industrial equipment related to the plant.. The Growmed 2013 Fair assures 3 days of good fun and plenty of information including concerts. Longboard sports exhibitions, flatland, street dance, competitions, talks, debates and more surprises. More information at Vuelve la feria del cannabis medicinal GrowMed 2013 celebra su próxima convocatoria del 19 al 21 de abril en Feria Valencia (Avenida de las Ferias s/n) con la oferta de cerca de un centenar de firmas españolas y extranjeras que expondrán lo último en materia de cannabis y toda la industria auxiliar que gira en torno a esta planta. La feria propone tres días de información y diversión asegurada a través de conciertos, exhibiciones deportivas longboard, flatland, street dance, concursos, charlas médicas, debates y algunas sorpresas. Más información en:


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Set in the delightful Mercado Central, Pasillo Luis Vives, 209 - 211. Including PG tips, HP sauce, Vimto, Fray Bentos, Branston, Homepride, Hartley's, Paxo, Bacon, Bangers, Marmite, Bisto, Patak's, Sharwood's, Pastries, Puddings, Ales...

La niña los peines (Zona Carmen) C/ Santo Tomas, 24 Tel: 96 392 52 82 Fantastic hair salon that is renowned in the city where highly experienced professional experts get to the essence of each person’s head of hair for the cut you are truly looking for. Combining health, pleasure and imagination there are a wide range of services, cuts, colours, styles available. They are make up experts who have worked with a number of film directors, designers and photographers too. There is also an erotic corner for customers… “La Niña Los Peines mueve las tijeras y zapatea, afina el tono de los colores cuidadosamente, mima tu melena mientras te la modela al ritmo de tus deseos. Y en el gabinete de belleza te arregla de la cabeza a los piés. Calidad Schwarzkopf, trabajo cuidado y trato personal ¡Óle!” HEALTH Pilates Classes Movil: 687605722 Personal Trainers specialising in Pilates techniques for single or double classes. Reformer in our studio or at your home. Marta & Mike. 'YOGA TRAINING & RETREATS IN VALENCIA COMMUNITY’ Bodhiyoga yoga teacher training learn to teach: HOSTELS Home (Zona Carmen) Pl. Vicente Iborra Tel: 96 391 37 97 C/ La Lonja, 4 Tel: 96 391 62 29 Two of the funkiest hostels in town, set in the heart of the centro histórico. Hostal Antigua Morellana (Zona Carmen) C/ En Bou, 2 Tel: 96 391 57 73 Single: 45-55€, Double: 55-65€. Hostal El Rincón (Zona Carmen) C/ Carda 11 Tel: 96 391 79 98 / 96 391 60 83 Single: 10-13€, Double: 18-24€ Quart Youth Hostel C/ Guillem de Castro, 64 Tel: 96 3 270 101 The River Hostel Valencia (Zona Carmen) Plaza del Temple, 6 ‘24/7 VALENCIA IS THE FAVOURITE OF LOCALS, EXPATS AND VISITORS’

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ʻLIKEʼ US ON Tel: 96 391 39 55 New! “Cheap and fashionable accommodation in Valencia.” By the Rio Turia gardens, so very central and well located. HOTELS Hotel Las Arenas ***** Eugenia Viñes 22-24 Tel. 963 120 600 Hotel Meliá Valencia Palacio de Congresos***** Avenida Cortes Valencianas, 52 Tel: 902 14 44 40 Neptuno **** C/ Paseo de Neptuno, 2 Tel: 96 356 77 77 Petit Palace Germanías *** C/ Sueca, 14 Tel: 96 351 36 38 Sercotel Sorolla Palace**** las Cortes Valencianas,58 46015 Valencia (ESPAÑA) Tel: 961 868 700 Fax: 96 186 87 05 INTERCAMBIO / QUIZ

Cafe infinito (C/ Porta Mas y Ros, 35 / tel: 617 27 20 42) - Music quiz / Sundays@21.30h... Dublin House ( Plaza del Patriarca, 6 / tel: 96 394 49 09) - Language exchange / Thursday @20.00h... Lab2( C/ Hierba, 4 / tel: 96 391 2716) - English - Spanish - Tuesdays @20.00h - 22.00h La bona estrella (Plaza Manises, 2 Tel: 96 0640548) Intercambio English - Spanish every Monday 19.30h. Laboratorio 1 (Pl. Cors de la Mare de Deu, 3/ tel: 96 392 61 93) - German - Spanish Wednesdays @20.00h - 22.00h La Dehesa de Santa Maria (Gran Via, 76) English-Spanish exchange night / Wednesdays@20.00h Portland Ale House ( C/ Salamanca, 10 / tel: 96 3 810 406) Language exchange - Tuesdays @20.00h ... English - Wednesdays @20.00h... Spanish - Thursdays @20.30h Quiz - Sundays@20.00h... Portland Café (Paseo de la Facultades, 2 / tel: 96 3 810 406) - Language exchange / Mondays@ 20.30h... Radio City ( C/ Santa Teresa, 19 / Tel: 96 39 41 51 English Thursdays @20:00h - 23:00h... Seven ( Plaza Honduras, 34 / movil: 617154715) - Language exchange -

24/ 7 Valencia

Thursdays & Sundays@ 20.00h... St Patrick's -( Gran via Marques del Turia, 69/ tel: 96 351 36 42) - Language exchange English - German - Spanish / Thursdays@20.00h... The Lounge - ( Estameñeria vieja, 2 / tel: 96 391 80 94) English - Spanish German / Wednesdays@ 20.30h... Ubik Café - ( Literato Azorin, 13 / tel: 96 374 12 55) English - Spanish - German. Mondays @19.00h - 22.30h


Academia inglesa de calidad con profesores nativos y cursos para niños y adultos a todos los nivles. También castellano, francés, alemán. Traducciones excelentes. Preparación exámenes.



Language Centre

� Spanish Courses � English Courses � Translations � Language Exchange � Business Classes � Group/Private Classes Alfa Language Centre (close to Levante UD football stadium) C/ Motilla de Palancar, 33. Tel: 961 336 658 Facebook: Alfa Language Centre A popular language school offering English and Spanish lessons in a very welcoming and friendly environment. Limited places. Exam preparation – DELE and Cambridge exams. Experienced and native teachers. Alfa es una academia de idiomas que ofrece cursos de inglés y español. Grupos reducidos. Plazas limitadas. Profesorado experimentado y nativo.

C/ Doctor Modesto Cogollos 6 y 8, Valencia 46021.

Glenburn School of English C/ Doctor Modesto Cogollos 6 y 8 Tel: 96 393 35 88 English school with welcoming atmosphere and experienced native staff offers courses at all levels for adults and children and prepares students for FCE, proficiency and E.O.I. exams. Offers Spanish for foreigners, French and German. Excellent translation.

Lenguas Vivas (near Ángel Guimerá) C/ Palleter 43 - 45 - Tel: 963821058. An increasingly popular academy which offers Spanish, English, French, Italian and Chinese courses/translations. Groups or private classes for all ages and from all backgrounds welcome. Preparation for DELE, Trinity, TOEFL and TOEIC exams. Highly-qualified and native teachers in a professional and friendly atmosphere. Academia muy establecida con clases en castellano, inglés, francés, italiano y chino. Grupos, clases privadas, todos bienvenidos. Profesores nativos y motivados. LAURIA 14

Lauria 14 (Zona Ayuntamiento) C/ Roger de Lauria, 14 P1 1ºA Mobile: 656 824 864 Zaida Marcos is a highly experienced psychic consultant. Services range from readings, private consultations, rituals, chakra cleansing, business and prosperity workshops and much more. Call for a consultation. Zaida Marcos es una psíquica profesional con mucha experiencia. Sanación de chacras, talleres de éxito en negocio, y mucho más. PRoperty This is Valencia Tel: 622 230 597 We have a relocation and property service.

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APRIL 13 24/ 7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Flats, houses and chalets for sale and to rent within a 30km radius of the city. Let us know what you are looking for, chances are we will already have something to suit on our books - but if we don’t we’ll find it for you. Valencia Property Tel: 96 166 28 92 Finding you more than just a home in Valencia. Get the lifestyle information too.



Gary Smith - Translator / Tel-Fax: 963267303 Mov: 630572355 Expertos en traducciones. VAN HIRE


Man With A Van Removals (big & small) House & Garden Clearance Pickups & Deliveries Airport Runs General Transport Runs Andrew 96110 51 96 62 227 6463 (free, no obligation quotes) is the finest independent guide to the city and beyond with a wealth of information about the city and countryside of Valencia, exclusive interviews, updates, blog, forum and more! Recommended by ‘The Times’ and ‘Lonely Planet’. Tel: 672 238 015 Valencia Web TV is a travel and cooking channel webpage.

Gatos de Valencia

VALENCIA WEBSITES See local, national & international recommendations for 24/7 Valencia on our website.

Plaza Jaime Roig 1, Calle Marc Corneli, 46160 LLIRIA, Spain Tel: 96 279 3142 Mon –Fri 9.30 am – 16.00h/ Sat 10.30 am – 14.30 h Email: “British supermarket with a touch of Irish. Supermercado británico con un toque de irlanda.” Accompaniments & Condiments, Bacon, Sausages etc, Beans, Peas, Spaghetti, Tinned Veg etc, Biscuits, Crisps and Cakes, Breakfast Cereals Bread, Crumpets etc. Cooking Sauces - Ethnic Cooking Sauces - Other & Sauce Mixes, Dairy and Cold Meats, Desserts, Drinks - Cold Drinks and much more!

The CV35; the online english speaking community around Valencia! Do you want to meet more people in and around Valencia? Maybe you have a business you want to promote, or maybe you're just looking to meet like-minded English speakers? Visit our blog at or come and join our lively Facebook community at thecv35 to share articles, news, hints, tips and some moral support for expats. Come and join us! Página informativa sobre la comunidad de Valencia y blog para angloparlantes.

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Dreams of Europe All good things come to an end and Valencia’s European campaign finally came to a halt in Paris. The team’s performance was unquestionable, Valverde’s reluctance to really go for the all-important second goal was. Few could have envisaged a win for the blanc i negres especially with the significant absences of Rami and Ricardo Costa, but the visitors were the stronger team throughout the 90 minutes. They took a deserved lead in the 55th minute, through an exquisite strike from the Jonas brother, the same one that Mestalla booed only a few weeks ago. What had seemed a lost cause now became an interesting contest, PSG had never got into the game, they obviously thought they could coast through the tie, but Valencia pressed on for another.

Just as it appeared that a miracle could happen, Parejo gifted possession for the umpteenth time and one-time Valencia target Kévin Gameiro, set up Lavezzi to break Valencian hearts. Even then another goal from the Chés would have meant extra time but the Valencian manager, Valverde was slow to throw on super sub Nelson Valdez. The match finished in a 1-1 draw, which meant that VCF could now concentrate on the league!!! Their next opponents were Athletic Bilbao; normally a bit of a bogey team for Valencia, this time was no exception. Never have Valverde’s team had so many chances to win a match and ended up losing. Everyone was guilty of missing gilt-edged chances to take all three points, none more so than Roberto Soldado. The normally dependable forward missed several opportunities, but he was not alone, Feghouli, Piatti and even Parejo should have got their names on the score sheet.

All it needed was a slip from Mathieu and Iker Muniain slotted home the winner for the Basques who could not believe their luck. Even the Bilbao manager, Bielsa, was still in shock after the final whistle. The worst part was yet to come, as Valencia had to face their traditional partido fallero, where normally after too many buñuelos and cheap booze, they get beaten against whoever they play. This year’s guests were Real Betis, but lo and behold, you never know what to expect from VCF. They were the superior team, taking a lead through Soldado who thankfully had left his sheriff star boots in Bilbao, when Betis went back to 10 men Valencia were on the back foot. Mathieu was lucky not to be sent off, and a late own goal and an injury time strike from Jonas (yes, him again), a 3-0 score line flattered the home team’s performance. The manager has refused to sign a new contract and, as things stand, will

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probably walk away in summer. The new owners of the club, the Valencian local government, are trying to get the burden off their hands but nobody wants to take on a club that has such high debts. Upcoming fixtures away to Atlético Madrid, Espanyol and Real Sociedad, as well as home ties against Valladolid and Málaga will be decisive in Valencia’s struggle to finish in the top four, thus assuring Champions League football for next season.

Levante UD in Europa League

Levante UD also said goodbye to their European dream. In all honesty they should have beat Rubin Kazan but too many missed chances in the first leg proved too costly. Even when they travelled to Russia they still had chances to get through but it was only in added extra time that the Russians could shirk off the brave granota challenge. Sadly, in the league, their poor recent performances continue. Goals have been hard to come by lately since Obafemi Martins decided he didn’t want to play anymore, and consecutive draws against Getafe and Granada mean that the team is beginning to slide down the league after such an exhilarating start to the season. Levante have an interesting fixture list coming up. Home ties against Sevilla, Deportivo and Celta and away day returns to Real Madrid and Barcelona, casi nada!!!! Felices Pascuas

Every match is now a final!

Mark Hulton See listings page 30 for football calendar


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Carmen Club



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Jacob Helps

"HARNESSING CLEAR LISTENING, ATTENTIVENESS AND BODY RESONANCE FOR FULL VOCAL EXPRESSION” Tell us something about yourself, your background, experiences and interests. Hi, my name is Jacob Helps; I was born in a village in the Cotswolds, seven miles from Cheltenham in England where I grew up. I suppose I was brought up with music in my blood. Spent a week camping with my parents on the Isle of Skye at the age of 6 months and was lulled to the “Skye Boat Song” and the “Raggle Taggle Gypsies”. My dad played the piano and still does, and when I was about 9, I listened and watched one of my parents’ friends play the guitar in our house and I decided I wanted to do the same. What attracted me? I think being heard, expression and creating happiness. I love trees, greenness, stillness, dancing, percussion and listening. The creation of music and how music flows through us when we listen. After finishing school I played as a bassist in a band for a couple of years in Rosemary’s Children and sang backing vocals to Rob Dimery’s lyrics. Favourite song from that period: “Southern Fields” on Cherry Red Records. It was at that time that I found my voice or my voice found me. A sudden change of register, of volume, of strength and wholeness, that grew out of me through one of my songs as though it had always existed. A reminder of something, some part of me, forgotten until then. How was Valencia when you first came here and how do you find it now? I first arrived in Valencia via Barcelona on 15 Article © 2013 24/ 7 Valencia

January 1991. Slept in a pensión above the bar Café Lisboa accompanied by the book “And the Ass Saw the Angel” by Nick Cave, and woke to coffee and a croissant in a bar near the Mercado Central, only to find a newspaper with a picture of Iraq and the drawing of a mushroom cloud unfolding over Baghdad. I scanned the page in horror, trying to understand the text but found no mention of atomic or nuclear. Valencia was fascinatingly different for me at that time. Virtually no foreigners, my friend Hedia and I were probably the first Erasmus students in Valencia. It felt exotic and the Carmen, where we lived, medieval and magical, most of its buildings still standing, old and untouched by renovation. The streets, narrower and darker than now. Just four bars in C/ Alta and Plaza del Dr. Collado, full of parked cars, asphalt and no olive tree. After an enchanted seven months in Valencia, I returned to Middlesex University (Quicksilver Place, London) to finish the final year of my Fine Arts degree, only to return to Valencia at the end of August the following year. Can you tell our readers about your workshops? I give Bi-phonic and Conscious Voice workshops to both the public in general and also specific groups such as pregnant women. I was first introduced to bi-phonic or overtone singing in 2002 in a workshop with Carmen Asensio in Viveka in Av. Blasco Ibáñez. Ten people sat in two rows facing each other, pulling strange faces and singing through the vowels. By the end of the day we could hear the harmonics ring and sing out, and above them, other sounds like singing angels’ voices. Harmonics of harmonics. And then silence. A silence that you could touch. In the following two years, I participated in eight courses in Valencia, Ávila and Toledo and learnt the basis of some of the techniques

that I use today. I gave my first workshops in 2005, integrating my singing and musical knowledge and my own investigation of the singing voice that lies behind all of my work, with ideas about attention and listening that stem from the “Vedanta Advaita” meditation as taught by Sesha (Iván Oliveros), “Anatomy for the Voice” from Blandine Caláis’ workshops, and the bi-phonic singing techniques that I’d been learning. Bi-phonic singing is the art of creating two or more sounds simultaneously, the fundamental note and the harmonic sounds that resonate within it. These sounds, which are normally barely audible but that create the timbre and character of our voices, can be amplified in the palate and vocal cavities, in the bones of the cranium and the rest of the body, to create crystal clear, bright, bell-like or flutelike sounds. Harmonic singing is an ancient technique that has been used in many cultures throughout history to cure mind and body. Alfred Tomatis, M.D., found that the high frequencies of vocal harmonics facilitate neural plasticity, creating new neuronal connections, new paths of thought within the brain, as well as harmonizing the cerebral hemispheres, charging the cerebral cortex and creating balance and harmony in mind and body. People learn how to feel their voices’ resonance and use this awareness to retrieve both voice and body fluidity and ease. They then learn how to inhabit their voice and become the sound that they are singing. Overtone singing cultivates and enriches the quality and harmony of the singing and spoken voice.

Jacob Helps Tel: 678 039 278 E-mail:

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DANA GYNTHER English at the American Institute, a great school with a stress-free environment, smart, fun colleagues and good students. As for writing, to do that you need time and space – a room of one’s own, as Virginia Woolf said. I have a study at home where I can shut myself off and have mornings free for writing. This year, it has been frustrating to have a book come out in the United States and be over here in Spain, unable to do many events to promote it. Luckily, Rana Books opened last year and we were able to have the book presentation there. I’ll also be signing books at their stand at this year’s Feria del Libro (book fair) in Viveros.

Dana Gynther Tell us something about your background, travels and experiences. I’m from a college town – Auburn, Alabama. Since my parents and all my friends’ parents taught at that university, I decided to cross the state and go to the rival school, the University of Alabama. While getting my BA in Political Science, I became an ardent Francophile so I moved to France as soon as I got my degree. I lived there for almost two years then went back to UA to get a Masters in French Lit. That’s when I got to know Carlos, a Valencian who had been living in Tuscaloosa – studying, playing in a band, teaching – for over a decade. After we got married, we decided to live here, in Valencia. We’ve been here about 20 years. We both love travelling and, together, have visited a lot of the U.S., Mexico and Europe. We did the Camino de Santiago in 1994, sailed from La Coruña to Amsterdam in ‘98, and lived in Costa Rica for six months in 2003. Being parents has been another big adventure. We have two daughters; Claudia is 15 and Lucia, 12. How do you find Valencia as a place to live, work and write? I think Valencia is a wonderful place to live – obviously; it has a fantastic climate, friendly people, delicious cuisine and all that. I’ve also been fortunate to teach

Tell us about your latest book, “Crossing on the Paris”. “Crossing on the Paris,” set in 1921, takes place on the transatlantic ocean liner, the Paris. I decided to write this book after translating several articles for the MuVIM catalog “Gigantes del Atlántico” (Giants of the Atlantic) for a show on ocean liners in that museum in 2007. While doing those translations, I became interested in the history, aesthetics and mechanics of those ships, which not only boasted cutting-edge design and technology, but also were microcosms of society. All different kinds of people – from immigrants to the elite – travelled on board. The novel has three main characters, three women of different ages, backgrounds and social classes. On board, they are each travelling alone in a different section of the ship: First Class, Second Class and Steerage. The narrative tells each of their stories separately – they have their own challenges and experiences on board – but they meet on the last night and, during that brief encounter (a classic moment of unlikely bonds being made while travelling), have a profound influence on one another.

years ago, I translated the website for the local historical monument Los Baños del Almirante ( http://www.banysdelalmirall. org/ ), which was a public bathhouse open for business from 1313 to 1959. Almost seven centuries! If you check out the website, you can see that it is an exhaustive account of the baths: the history and sociological aspects, the owners, the architecture, the restoration work… It took me about three months to finish and when I was done, I knew that this would be an excellent venue for a novel. I decided to do the novel in four parts, each one taking place in a different part of the baths’ (and Valencia’s) history. After finishing “Crossing on the Paris”, I went back and reworked the text and am very pleased with it. But my current publisher thinks that it isn’t “commercial enough”. So it is on the back burner for the moment and I’m working on another novel. I’m currently writing a fictionalized biography of Lee Miller, a beautiful model/muse turned photographer/war correspondent. She’s a fascinating character: she knew all the artists in Paris in the interwar period and then, in World War II, was one of the first people to enter the Dachau concentration camp after its liberation. That book is slated to come out in 2014. Then, I really want to get the “Baths” novel out! Interview by Owl

Could you tell readers something about your book “The Admiral's Baths” that you have just finished writing? Is it inspired by and related to Valencia? “The Admiral’s Baths” was actually the first novel I wrote and, again, it was inspired by a translation job. About eight Article © 2013 24/ 7 Valencia

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Levante CC (Cricket Club)

beach where we live in Patacona and weather really help cover any cracks in other areas, just as the weather in London works in the opposite way.

BARRY EATON Tell us something about your background and experiences and how you came to move to Valencia. I am 36 and moved to Valencia four years ago from London. I have a beautiful fiancée, Vikki, a three-year-old daughter and another child on the way. This will come as a shock to many of my friends here in Valencia, but I trained as a dancer at London Contemporary Dance School and worked within the trade until I was 29. I have also been involved in music, clubs, PR and promotion since I was at college. Following the end of my dance career, I have been involved full time in this industry. Vikki and I decided to move from London for a change of pace, weather and possibly to start a family, so we looked at cities which offered work for Vikki as a primary school teacher that ticked all our boxes. Valencia won. How do you find Valencia as a place to live and work? We love it here. The pace of the city is perfect for us at this moment. I feel Valencia has everything most other major cities have, except your choices are much fewer. For example, if underground house music nights or theatre or galleries are your thing, then there are probably three of each in Valencia, as opposed to 30 in London. The obvious things such as the Article © 2013 24/ 7 Valencia

Almost all of my work is UK-based. I run a PR company working with leisure business and I am able to conduct my business from Valencia, so long as I have a computer and phone. I return back to visit my clients every 6 – 8 weeks but people don't seem to mind where I am. I think this is a real sign of the times. Last year, I also set up a new business with a partner, ‘Bespoke Breaks’, running tailored holidays to Valencia, trying to offer products that you wouldn't find in your average guidebook. Again, the clients are UK-based but it has been great getting involved with business in Valencia. However, I will say there are a number of local businesses who really don't seem to understand what it means to broker a deal that would potentially offer them new business and income. I am definitely not going to discuss bureaucracy and red tape in Spain, as this is a whole other story. Tell us about your Comedy Club in Valencia. It has been something I have wanted to create for about 18 months, but the first night was in December 2012 as a fundraiser for our cricket team. When living in London, comedy was very much available and something I used to frequent. Aside from friends, this is one of the few things from London that I missed greatly. Due to my work, I have good contacts with comedy promoters and comedians themselves, so I looked at the cost. It seemed viable so ‘Comedy Slap!’ was born. There have been three events and six comedians flown out so far, including a rising star, Daniel Simonsen. The club, I understand, is the only English language comedy night in the

city and there will be another four or five nights over the rest of 2013, the next one around the end of April. You can follow us on Facebook for all the information here at . Could you tell readers about the new Cricket Club in Valencia? I mentioned comedy was one of the few things I missed from London… well, cricket is another. I had arranged for a London Cricket team to come to Valencia in May 2012 to play a team I was looking to set up. Following this first match and a second between the new members of our newly formed club, Levante CC, at the baseball ground in the Turia riverbed, the whole thing took a life of its own. As chairman and founder, it is easy for people to think that I have done all this, but there have been a number of key people – especially Jason Noon, David Tivey and Graham Hunt – who have driven the club forward to a point where we are now about to embark on our first season in the Spanish league and have a brand new wicket as well. We hope to welcome a number of touring teams from the UK over the year ahead as well, so there will be plenty of cricket throughout 2013 and beyond. We are always looking for new people to get involved, touring teams to visit as we offer a full package of accommodation, cricket and social, so if anyone is interested, please check out our website ( ) or e-mail . I think the key for me is that Valencia has so much to offer me and my family at this moment in our lives. Whether we will remain in the city for the rest of our lives, time will tell. Plus anything you miss, just find people who feel the same and start it up yourself! Interview by Owl

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As I’ve probably mentioned many a time before, a good friend of mine maintains the theory that if you’re not in the shape you intend to be in for Summer by San Juan (June 23rd), then you may as well give up because it’s not going to happen. This is quite reassuring, considering we have at least two and a half months to really start running around like headless chickens in a panic to get that bottom toned, but also implies that one should also be avoiding those gorgeous temptations that the changing of seasons dangles in our face with a cheeky chuckle. I am, of course, referring to the al fresco living that has drawn so many of us to – and kept us in – this beachy Mediterranean coast. I once heard a crazy statistic often thrown about which claims that there are more bars per habitant in the Valencia Region than the whole of the rest of Europe collectively. For the sake of this article, I have tried to corroborate this fact with some hard evidence but all Google is offering me, and I’m talking hundreds of entries here, is that there are more bars in Tel Aviv than synagogues which, quite frankly, is no use to me at all right now (though may store said information for possible future holiday options). Back to my case in point, all the bars. Whether it be fact or fiction, it is indisputable that wherever you are in the City, a village or nearby town, you are never more than a street away from a proper Spanish bar. Bars serving cheap beer on tap (mine’ll be a clara de gaseosa, gracias), crunchy bravas, little plate of peanuts, a selection of juicy olives. For me, there is absolutely nothing better than sitting on a terrace, surrounded by people I love, enjoying

a cool beverage and watching the world go by. Some pals have just moved into a fab flat in El Carmen with an ENORMOUS terrace on the top floor, totally secluded, which is also ideal for vegging out in the sunshine. Who wants to go for a run when you could hang out there? Honestly! After Fallas is when outdoor living really comes into play. It’s like April lures everyone out of hibernation and back into civilisation, and the change in season makes April one of my favourite months of the year, for one very girlie reason indeed – the fashion, of course! I have by now come to completely and utterly loathe my coats and jackets, scarves and boots, and just want to wear light blazers, floaty skirts and sweet little dresses, and let my body breathe! Today, I noticed as I was getting ready for work that the sky looked mighty clear, the air was still as a dream, and remembered that yesterday had been a scorcher, so I decided to declare to the world that Spring was officially here by forgoing on socks with my studded loafers. And it felt glorious as I bounded down the stairs, and out onto the street! Alas, my happiness was short-lived, as Spring seemed to stick around ‘til about 11.00h, when Winter elbowed its way back in again in the form of a very chill wind which my feet did not appreciate one bit. However! I have survived the day until now without suffering frostbite to my tootsies until now, at my desk – which is in the draughtiest room in the house, in all fairness. Oh, but it is so refreshing to be sitting here in the evening and have the sun’s luscious rays still pouring in through the window, to leave work in daylight, to see my lovely daffodils peering up at the sky, bright yellows and oranges livening up my little balcony. Everything feels more positive, more full of light. It is still beyond me why we have to have daylight savings in the middle of a Saturday night, but I suppose one hour less of drinking is hardly going to damage my liver in the long run, and it is small sacrifice for these lovely light evenings.

Boys’ fashion is also considerably better in Spring. I am a complete sucker for a glimpse of a toned male ankle with rolled up jeans and loafers, or the subtle hint of a ripped six-pack or muscly shoulders under a thin T-shirt and, as Easter passes by, you realise just who has a sneaky little bolt-hole down the coast by the beach by the bronzed faces appearing back at their desks and out and about on the streets after the holidays. Which is when I start to stand out even more, with my pale freckled skin which refuses to tan until at least midAugust (try and spot me on the beach, it’s practically impossible. If I wasn’t wearing my standard black bikini and sprawled out on a huge green beach towel I would blend right in with the sand, I swear). I’ve read every beauty article in every women’s magazine on being an alluring, chalk-skinned English Rose, how the Chinese whiten themselves up as it is a sign of wealth, and am fully aware that it is not safe by any means to end up looking like a leather sofa all year round, but when it comes down to it, we all know that almost everybody looks better when sun-kissed. I can certainly hear my mother and my grandmother and all my aunties in the back of my head – why don’t you sit outside, dear? Get a little colour to your cheeks? And we all know Mummy knows best. So thankful I am to the great invention of fake tan and bronzer until I can put in the hours required to get the slightest hint of a tan. Mind you, it won’t stop me working on it on my weekends and evenings as I enjoy a natter and some calamares at my favourite tapas bar, in the sun, with my friends, and wearing no socks. Anita Darling

Photo: Cecille / Article © 2013 24/ 7 Valencia

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SAX ON THE BEACH Sax /ˈsaks / noun – a musical instrument that has a curved metal tube and that is played by blowing into a mouthpiece and pressing keys with your fingers Beach /ˈbi:tʃ / noun – an area covered with sand or small rocks that is next to an ocean or lake Arguably, Merriam-Webster’s above definitions may not sound familiar to the average partygoer in Valencia whatsoever. Valencia for years was dubbed the city that was living with its back to the sea (“la ciudad que vive de espaldas al mar”). Instead, it had a firm focus towards the inside, of shady depths of dark and dingy nightclubs, which for years defined it as Spain’s party capital. In certain ways, mass entertainment, largely fuelled by one of the largest Erasmus communities anywhere in Europe and the mass consumption of whatever you can get your hands upon, dominates the scene. However, some sense of logic seems to be returning the Valencia evening and night landscape, evident in the revival of some of the Marítimo area’s music bars and smaller concert venues. I admit the average Valencia partygoer is mostly looking forward to the beach clubs and the Puerto area about to open up their terraces. Soon, the Puerto and the bars and clubs on C/ Isabel de Villena will be in full swing – the first sign of which will be the opening of Bombay (Paseo de Neptuno, s/n), an early evening open-air terrace stuck to one of the most popular and also most commercial discos, Ánimas del Puerto, if you like that sort of thing. In the meantime, the three-floor eclectic madness of La3 (C/ Padre Porta, 2) with its highly unpredictable yet vastly popular theme nights holds the hope of catching the odd appearance of an outstanding live performer in a proper nightclub. Before the real summer season hits, why not take a little tour of some of Valencia’s hidden treasures? Along those lines, we should turn our focus elsewhere, to the much-derided and threatened-foryears area of the Marítimo. El Cabanyal, especially, was for years almost a swear word for anyone looking for quality entertainment; however, paradoxically

24/7 VALENCIA some of its alleys have recently taken on a new buzzing nightlife to counteract the high-end flashy restaurants and bars catering to the new inflow of tourists and capital to the renovated Marina Real Juan Carlos I. The Marítimo area’s authenticity, despite its still run-down appearance overall, has revived some of the basics to the night-time entertainment Valencia has always had to offer and almost forgot: a combination of music with a bit of sea breeze on the side. Our quest to hear some sax on the beach cannot be complete on an empty stomach so, while we search for some spots to hear live music, grabbing a tapa or two at one of the many bars in the Marítimo area is cheap and tasty. Some personal favorites are Hermanos Barberá (Avenida de los Naranjos, 35 – 39), La Paca (C/ Rosario, 30) and El Rey de Cañas (C/ María Cuber, 50). The latter place stands out, as their restaurant offers some Galician tapas satisfying even the pickiest palette. The bar section holds special ‘Queimada’ sessions with drinks on fire, reminiscent of some ancient Galician tradition and Gaelic rituals. Once we’ve made it down to the deep alleyways of Cabanyal, we need not go too far to discover some of the hidden gems of musical offerings in Valencia today. Nehuen (C/ Cristo del Grao, 14), a vegetarian tavern, offers free reggae concerts on Thursdays with a variety of live shows on Fridays. Next door, La Peseta (C/ Cristo del Grao, s/n) has it all: a cool and welcoming crew, tapas, beers or coffee for 1€ apiece, and acoustic concerts at midday Saturday (13:30h) to give you a soundtrack to your more than worthwhile hike seaside. If you’re into making it a full weekend down Cabanyal way, you may not be able to resist the temptations of the small but rowdy El Holandés Errante bar (C/ Dr. Lluch, 9), which holds under 30 people and offers authentic Dutch meals for an energetic and up-for-it clientele of expats and locals.

27 Amigos (aka ‘Los Alemanes’, C/ Reina, 186) is soon becoming one of the most trustworthy and consistent sources of entertainment in town. Given its size, it is hard to imagine a place offering this much. Many major discotheques in Valencia would envy its fully equipped DJ cabin, where good old Technics 1200 vinyl – repeat – vinyl record players fit right in with the most modern DJ equipment for use by a rotating DJ crew bringing their best to the mix each Friday and Saturday. The real magic happens on the stage, though, with a variety of gigs on Tuesdays ranging from chanson Française, folk, blues, flamenco fusion and reggae on their April menu. However, what made ‘Los Alemanes’ somewhat the talk of town are their free Sunday evening jazz/ blues jam sessions, where the house band welcomes those skilful enough to actually join in the jam. So if you dare, join in the fun, get your sax out, and head down to the beach. You will not regret it. Mihály Sztáray

No Hay Nada Mejor que 27 Amigos

Not easily thrown off by noise, there is one place that our crew would not miss if we are to get the real deal and find some sax on the beach on our quest to satisfaction. No Hay Nada Mejor que Article: Mihály 7 Valencia 2013 Photo © Víctor Aranda / Article LolaSztáray García©©24/ 2013 24/7Valencia

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Maadraassoo + Ley DJ 22.30h // Oven: Lupo Heras + Greg / Miss Yuls & Eterno. RADIO CITY: Around the World Unplugged/ Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. ST. PATRICK’S: 2 Animales (rock) 23.00h Gratis.

(jazz) 22.15h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Brit Pop City 23.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Funkiwis + Fugu Funk 21.30h 5€.




BLACK NOTE: Open Mic Session 23.30h Gratis. RADIO CITY: María Linzana y Su Gente + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. 27 AMIGOS: Stéphanie Cadel et la Caravane (chanson – jazz – folk) 21.30h Gratis.

CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Isabel Julve, Júlia Gimeno, Rosa Sanz y Kike Naval (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: DJ Session 23.00h. EL LOCO: Albertucho 21.00h 12€ / Los Gandules 00.30h 10€ / 12€. EXCUSE ME?: DJs 24.00h. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Rayden & Piezas en concierto 21.00 8€ // Xharles + Pablo Cebrián / Shall Ocin + Fabian Dressens 1.30h. RADIO CITY: Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. WAHWAH: Los Glurps!! + Go! Freaks 22.30h 5€ / 7€.

BLACK NOTE: Hawks + DJ Quique Lledó (rock ‘n’ roll) 23.30h 4€ con cerveza. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Tomás de los Cariño, Cristina Simón y Manuel Reyes (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Vijazzlonga Big Band (jazz) 23.00h / 00.30h 6€. DUB CLUB: DJ session 23.00h. EL LOCO: Sweet Vandals + Lemon 22.30h 8€ / 10€. EXCUSE ME?: DJs 24.00h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: West Coast Septet (jazz) 22.30h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Dorian en concierto 22.30h 15€ / Bilbadino + Obtuso /UOLK live + Sergio Máñez / Carmen La Yerbabuena 1.30h. RADIO CITY: Around the World Unplugged / Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. ST. PATRICK’S: Eisenhowers (country) 23.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Carlos Sadness + We Used to Pray 22.30h 8€ / 10€.

WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 3 ESPAI RAMBLETA: Galileo Funk Machine (funky blues) 22.30h / Jam Session 24.00h (Sedajazz Spring Jazz Meeting Festival). RADIO CITY: Indie Vibes con Ra-zz 23.00h Gratis. THURSDAY / JUEVES 4 BLACK NOTE: Sex & Rock & Roll (rock) 23.30h 4€ con cerveza. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: José ‘El Metralla’, Sandra Ruíz, Tomás de los Cariño, Ricardo Bustamente y José ‘El Negro’ (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: DJ session 23.00h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Piano / Vocal Duo Session con Will Barry y Jana Sustersic (jazz) 22.15h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJ session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Brit Pop City 23.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Rubick + Skimoes 22.00h 5€ (anticipada) / 7€ (taquilla). FRIDAY / VIERNES 5 BLACK NOTE: Tijuana Blues + DJ Quique Lledó (rhythm & blues) 23.30h 4€ con cerveza. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Isabel Julve, Júlia Gimeno, Rosa Sanz y Kike Naval (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Spainberger Band (pop – jazz) 23.00h / 00.30h 5€. DUB CLUB: DJ Session 23.00h. EL LOCO: Sujeto K + Rodillazo 22.00h 8€. ESPAI RAMBLETA: Big Band Taller de Sedajazz ‘A Mingus’ (jazz) 22.30h / Jam Session 24.00h (Sedajazz Spring Jazz Meeting Festival). EXCUSE ME?: DJs 24.00h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Lionel Loueke con Ferenc Nemeth (jazz) 21.30h 16€ Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Arenal Sound 2013 con Izal + Grises + Second en concierto + Leadings (DJ set) +

SUNDAY / DOMINGO 7 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Isabel Julve, Júlia Gimeno, Rosa Sanz y Kike Naval (flamenco) 20.00h. EL LOCO: King for a Day 23.00h 8€ / 10€. LA3: Edu Imbernon + Affkt + Sergio Máñez + Sutja Gutiérrez + Lupo Heras / Obtuso 23.30h. MONDAY / LUNES 8 RADIO CITY: Supersonic Monday con Killmanjarto 23.00h Gratis. TUESDAY / MARTES 9 JIMMY GLASS: Jesse Davis Quartet (jazz) 21.30h 15€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Juanma Maya, Juan de Pilar, El Piraña y Marisa Gallardo + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. 27 AMIGOS: Robitango y Ernesto Urra (tango) 21.30h Gratis. WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 10 BLACK NOTE: DAM 732 Band (pop) 23.30h 4€ con cerveza. TINTOFINO: Folk-Jazz 22.00h Gratis. THURSDAY / JUEVES 11 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Esther Garcés,Johnny Amador, Juan Carlos Mendoza y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: DJ session 23.00h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Piano Vocal Duo Session con Alberto Palau y Thais Morell

SATURDAY / SÁBADO 13 BLACK NOTE: Mama Soul + DJ Lucky (soul – funk) 23.30h 4€ con cerveza. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Ana Lloris, Amaro Carmona, Manuel Reyes y Manuel Quintero (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: DJ session 23.00h. EL LOCO: Mockers Experience con Brighton 64 + Help Me Devil 22.00h 12€ / 15€. EXCUSE ME?: DJs 24.00h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Motel 1953 con Mr. West + Cebrián / Sutja Gutiérrez + Mike Gannu / Soniye Muzick + Dano 1.30h. RADIO CITY: Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. ST. PATRICK’S: Taller Baile (country dancing class) 23.00h 6€ con consumición. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 14 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Ana Lloris, Tomás de los Cariño, Ricardo Bustamente y José ‘El Negro’ (flamenco) 20.00h. RADIO CITY: Black Sunday con Killmanjarto 23.00h Gratis. MONDAY / LUNES 15 RADIO CITY: Supersonic Monday con Killmanjarto 23.00h Gratis.

twentyfoursevenvalencia 47 TUESDAY / MARTES 16


BLACK NOTE: Open Mic Session 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Al Foster Quartet (jazz) 21.30h 20€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Fernando Lucas, Manuel Heredia y Marisa Gallardo + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. 27 AMIGOS: Isabel Julve y Kike Naval (flamenco fusion) 21.30h Gratis.

BLACK NOTE: Jazzom + DJ Lucky (fusion) 23.30h 4€ con cerveza. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Fernando Lucas, Manuel Heredia y Marisa Gallardo (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Mario Castro Quintet (jazz) 23.00h / 00.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: DJ session 23.00h. EL LOCO: Octavio Polar 22.30h Gratis. EXCUSE ME?: DJs 24.00h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Roland Appel + Daniel Kyo / Ley DJ + Electrronicall 1.30h. RADIO CITY: Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: La Resistencia 22.30h 8€ / 10€.

WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 17 EL LOCO: Mikel Erentxun (charla – concierto Efe Eme) 20.00h 15€ / 18€. RADIO CITY: Indie Vibes con Ra-zz 23.00h Gratis. WAHWAH: Clem Snide + Rafael Berrio 21.30h 12€ / 15€. THURSDAY / JUEVES 18 BLACK NOTE: Sex & Rock & Roll (rock) 23.30h 4€ con cerveza. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Kallardó con Rafael Vargas ‘El Chino’, Miguel Pérez, Daniel de Francisco y El Pepe (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: DJ session 23.00h. EL LOCO: Boingo Botrako 21.00h 10€ / 13€. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Piano / Vocal Duo Session con Spyros Rassias y Viktorija Pilatovic (jazz) 22.15h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Brit Pop City 23.00h Gratis. WAHWAH: Mishima 21.30h 12€ / 15€. FRIDAY / VIERNES 19 BLACK NOTE: Fabulosos Blueshakers + DJ Quique Lledó (blues – R&B) 23.30h 4€ con cerveza. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Rosa Sanz, El Niño de Aurora y Manuel Reyes (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Big Band Taller de Sedajazz (tributo a Charles Mingus) 23.00h / 00.30h 6€. DUB CLUB: DJ session 23.00h. EL LOCO: Granadians del Expacio Exterior (reggae) 22.30h 10€ / 12€. EXCUSE ME?: DJs 24.00h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Diablito Tango Trio ( tango – jazz) 22.30h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Chucho en concierto 22.00h 15€ // Borgore + Soak + Plan B + Chalres + Dope Deluxx / Mike Gannu + Lupo Heras. RADIO CITY: Around the World Unplugged / Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. ST. PATRICK’S: Pet Piper’s Project (Celtic – rock) 23.00h Gratis. WAHWAH: Xoel López + Los Átomos DJs 22.30h 15€ / 20€.

SUNDAY / DOMINGO 21 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Fernando Lucas, Manuel Heredia y Marisa Galdo (flamenco) 20.00h. DUB CLUB: 21.00h Gratis. MONDAY / LUNES 22 RADIO CITY: Supersonic Monday con Killmanjarto 23.00h Gratis. TUESDAY / MARTES 23 JIMMY GLASS:Vistel Brothers (quintet, jazz Cubano) 21.30h 13€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Rafael Vargas ‘El Chino’, Miguel Pérez, Pepe Pérez y Leo Molina + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. 27 AMIGOS: Old Fashioneds (reggae vocal) 21.30h Gratis. WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 24 EL LOCO: Jaime Urrutia (charla – concierto Efe Eme) 20.00h 12€ / 15€. THURSDAY / JUEVES 25 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Celia Romero, Manuel Serena, Tomás de los Cariño y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: DJ session 23.00h. EL LOCO: Mad Sin + HairDryers (pyschobilly) 21.00h 15€ / 18€. JIMMY GLASS: Piano / Vocal Duo Session con Albert Sanz y Celia Mur (jazz) 22.15h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Brit Pop City 23.00h Gratis. FRIDAY / VIERNES 26 BLACK NOTE: Julio Galcerá y Vidas Ejemplares (rock) 23.30h 4€ con cerveza. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Celia Romero, Manuel

Serena, Tomás de los Cariño y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: DJ session 23.00h. EL LOCO: Zenttric 22.30h 10€. EXCUSE ME?: DJs 24.00h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Jimmy’s Jam (jazz) 22.30h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Wow Trash Party con Les Castizos + Pablo Cebrián 1.30h. RADIO CITY: Around the World Unplugged / Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. ST. PATRICK’S: Walkers 23.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Reno + Última Experiencia 22.30h 5€.

SATURDAY / SÁBADO 27 BLACK NOTE: ZZ Top Tribute (rock) 23.30h 4€ con cerveza. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Javier Calderón, Christian Sabalete, Manuela Soltero y Yessica Sánchez (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: DJ session 23.00h. EL LOCO: Tennessee Tour con Sidonie + La Habitación Roja 22.30h (Entrada solo por invitación conseguido en Jack Daniels Spain). EXCUSE ME?: DJs 24.00h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JUANITA: DJ Session (reggae) 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Elial + Fast Forward + Metropol en concierto // DJ Amable + Xharles / Fernando Luna 1.30h. RADIO CITY: Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Wyoming y Los Insolventes 22.00h 10€ / 15€. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 28 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Yolanda López, Juanma Maya y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 20.00h. EL LOCO: Zahara 20.00h 10€ / 15€. RADIO CITY: Black Sunday con Killmanjarto 23.00h Gratis. RECORD SHOP VALENCIA: Folk-Jazz 20.00h Gratis. MONDAY / LUNES 29 RADIO CITY: Supersonic Monday con Killmanjarto 23.00h Gratis. TUESDAY / MARTES 30 BLACK NOTE: Open Mic Session 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Serrano / Sanz Duo (jazz) 22.30h 10€ Aforo Limitado. LA3: Obtuso + Ley DJ / Daniel Kyo + Eterno 1.30h. RADIO CITY: Alba Díaz, Jony Amador, Juan Carlos Mendoza, Ángel Suárez, Chicho y Dani de Francisco + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. 27 AMIGOS: Sleepwalker’s Station (singer – songwriter desde Berlin) 21.30h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Supermosca + Delaire 22.30h 7€ / 10€.



"Bon menjar, Bon Beure i Amistat" "Good food, Good drink & Good friends" "Junto Torres de Serranos" Near to Torres de Serranos



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