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MANCINI Mancini is no ordinary café-bar. Started back in 2003, this has become a favourite of Valencia locals, discerning expats and continental visitors. Named in homage to the legendary American composer Henry Mancini, the interior has a cool ‘60s / ‘70s retro design. This combines nicely with a warm, helpful and friendly staff. It is sometimes said that the character of the person who runs a place reflects the atmosphere of a place. The boss Rafa is a kind and considerate host who has created a unique place that is modern yet cosy, which is not an easy feat. He really makes you feel welcome in a relaxed way. Good vibes… The locals who return time and again to Mancini are a good cross-mix of office workers, students and a few creatives, too. Due to Mancini’s reputation for excellent coffee, Rafa tells us that pretty much every week, without fail, an Italian turns up to ‘test’ the coffee, leaves and then returns with a group of Italians to carry on enjoying all that Mancini has to offer. They passed the test! How about the food? It is tasty and well presented without being expensive, and with fair portions, too. Over the years, 24/7 Valencia has lunched there a number of times and the consistency and freshness of the food is apparent. There are five lovely salads to choose from including couscous, pasta, duck and vegetarian options. There are around 10 bocadillos to enjoy, including chicken, bacon, and goat’s cheese among the options. On our recent visit, we savoured a very pleasant tuna and cheese bocadillo with a lovely glass of Spanish red wine and generous pasta salad, garnished with cherry tomatoes and herbs. To round it off, we had a tasty dessert of ‘Flan de mistela’ and full-bodied espresso, which is their speciality! Every day there is a wonderful deal of an ever-changing pasta plus drink plus dessert for just 5.90€ which, given the quality of the food, the service and the interior, is a great deal. You can also enjoy the more ample choice of a salad or soup, bocadillo and dessert for just 7.90€! All desserts are homemade and they include cheesecake, lemon mousse and their very own childhood favourite ‘Pantera Rosa’, which is the Pink Panther cream cake for visitors! The soundtrack is a mellow and attractive mix of jazz and chilled sounds from the past and present and is at a mellow volume, making conversation a pleasure. Indeed, we were lucky enough to meet and chat with Mancini’s ‘artist of the month’ José Mardi (owner of Mardigras! Records and good friend of 24/7 Valencia)

who was putting up his ‘The Jazz Problem’ exhibition collage on the wall reserved for the bar’s special “ One month, one artist” space. Painters and photographers, take note that Mancini are open to your proposals. Successful and increasingly popular is the long-running Mancini catering service, which is available for your service wherever you choose as a location. All sorts of cuisine is on offer, from finger food to traditional cooking, innovative dishes, dinners for two, groups, weddings and more. You can ask for a quote from Mancini without any commitment. Mancini is located in the centre of Valencia, so easy to find. As a member of the Spanish family sitting at the table next to us for a recent lunch-time meal at Mancini said out loud: “What a cool place!” Mancini C / Moratín, 1 bajo (2 minutes walk from Plaza del Ayuntamiento and C/ San Vicente Mártir) Zona Centro Tel: 96 394 42 89 Movil: 699 200 952 / 648 232 252 / Facebook Monday to Friday 08.00h – 20.00h. Saturday 08.00h – 16.00h. Closed Sunday.

Private parties from 20.00h – 1.30h

Article Owl © 2012 24/7Valencia

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Editorial FEBRUARY 12



‘‘Making the most of Valencia…Entertainment & nightlife…available free in tourist information agencies, bars, restaurants and hotels is 24/7 Valencia magazine, which has features and listings covering bars, clubs and local entertainment in English.” Thomas Cook pocket guides Valencia





ARTS & theatre - 17 live music - 19 clubs - 19

chill out - 21



Restaurants - 24

shopping - 29







MAP - 45




A strict baptist, Thomas Cook started his legendary travel company in 1841 as a way of transporting temperance campaigners by railway between towns & cities in the British Midlands. Thomas didn’t fancy a pint but he liked to get people travelling. He then went on to arrange group excursions abroad to Switzerland, Italy, Egypt and even the United States of America. It is said that he invented ‘independent inclusive travel’ and the company has since grown to become one of the largest providers of holidays in the world, with a turnover of billions of pounds. Their guide books have been around for over a century and we are honoured that their latest guide to Valencia recommends ‘24/7 Valencia’. We found their guide at London’s Gatwick airport.

seriously considering Valencia as a European base due to its climate, links, affordability and welcoming size.

Refreshingly, in these difficult times, things are looking up for tourism in Valencia with recent statistics showing that 2011 had the most foreign visitors to the city of Valencia on record. They are staying in town longer too. The number of cruise ship travellers stopping in Valencia has doubled in the last couple of years. There is even now official talk of ‘Silicon Valley’ companies

We dedicate this issue to anyone who has made a positive contribution to Valencia, which means all of you…


Due to the popular demand of expats and locals in the surrounding areas of Valencia like L’Eliana & Lliria, ‘24/7 Valencia’ magazine is now being delivered again to these places as of 2012. It’s a sign that the magazine is increasing in readership, advertisers and therefore our distribution points too. ‘24/7 Valencia’ is recommended by The Times, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, The Guardian, El País and many more. Please help the magazine by ‘liking’ us on Facebook if you have found this magazine useful in any way.

See you next month! 24/7 Valencia team

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Toni Cant贸 Kir Royal Gallery

Carmen Teatres FIMI

Plaza Reina

Agata en FIMI

Amparo Oliver - M贸vil: 609783223 - - All photos Amparo Oliver 漏2012 24/7Valencia

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Hasta 16 abril 2012 IVAM

C/ Guillem de Castro, 118 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 386 30 00


C/ Moro Zeit, 6 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 315 30 95 46001 Valencia



ESPAI TACTEL C/ Denia, 25 B (Zona Ruzafa) Tel: 96 395 88 08

MUSEO VALENCIA D’ETNOLOGÍA C/ Corona 36, (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 388 36 14

Hasta 3 marzo 2012

Hasta 13 mayo 2012

8 twentyfoursevenvalencia DIOUKE live@Café Mercedes Jazz - Feb 4th

MY RUSSAFA The sun starts to break unevenly through the clouds warming up the Russafa skyline and gently easing its inhabitants out of their slumber. Tumbling out of beds and showers, sleep is wiped out of bloodshot eyes as we head down to the street and greet the day. Our first pit stop is Bar Biosca (C/ Denia, 46): “¡Dos cafés con leche y dos tostadas, por favor!” The owner springs to attention, gamely juggling a multitude of orders whilst conversing with regulars in his own inimitable style honed through years of practice. “¿Aceite o mantequilla?” he barks from behind the bar. With clearer heads and eyes finally open, we cast an eye around, soaking up the atmosphere. New and old blend smoothly – on the wall, black and white photos dating back to the early 1920s contrast sharply with the bar’s more recently refurbished modern environment. Old (and not so old!) regulars happily breakfast with the neighbourhood’s more recent fresh influx. We hit the road and head towards our next port of call – Russafa Market.

Albeit not so grandiose as Valencia’s perhaps more famous Central Market, Russafa Market is finding its niche in one of the city’s oldest and more interesting neighbourhoods. A vibrant, pumping heart attracting young and old alike, Russafa’s main market provides a focal meeting point for morning shoppers to gather, exchange pleasantries or maybe even chat over a coffee as they weave their way through the heady atmosphere of colours, smells and sounds stuffing their carritos with fresh, locally-grown produce. Recently painted in cheeky bright colours, its façade reflects the dynamic essence of its neighbourhood whilst managing to hold onto its more humble origins. Formerly an open-air site where stalls were pitched directly in the street, the market also served as a strategic matchmaking point where budding Celestinas attempted to marry the perfect combination of different produce and staple dish ingredients: “Did you know that the snail seller’s attractive young niece is still single? Don’t you think that she would make a perfect match for the rabbit seller’s son?” Apparently such ‘bartering’ was commonplace.

Our eyes sufficiently gorged on a myriad of sights and smells, we finally succumb to our stomachs’ demands and give in to their growing requests. It’s time for a swift almuerzo in Bar Morrut. Tucked away on C/ Maestro José Serrano, 4, this bar is something of an institution in Russafa. Don’t be put off by its somewhat fading and shabby-looking exterior – this bar is a rough little gem. Pepe has been churning out bocatas for the last 26 years! My rough calculations estimate that he practically peels my weight in potatoes on a weekly basis (excuse the gruesome image!). Hosts of kids flock from the surrounding schools to Pepe’s bar every school day morning to hand over sweaty coins clasped tightly in their grubby little paws: for a measly 1.5€ you can feed your face with a humungous baguette stuffed to bursting with the best Spanish omelette I’ve ever tasted in Valencia and smothered in creamy lashings of aioli. But it doesn’t stop there – stick around for the plato del día and for 3.5€ you can enjoy lentils, roast chicken, fideuà, fabada (all home-cooked) or whatever dish he happens to have prepared on that particular day. Catch him at the right time and he may even have prepared Article © 2012 24/7Valencia

twentyfoursevenvalencia 9 Sala Russafa

At Rachelʼs flat in Russafa with Carol

Mercat de Russafa

Soledad Velez

live @Electropura Feb 11th

his special dishes (morro or codillo) as well as the usual suspects of bravas, calamares and gambas al ajillo. In Pepe’s own words, the bar’s very mixed clientele all hold the common belief that “good food and conversation lead to a longer and more fulfilled life”. Early evening is in fact my favourite Russafa time – the best moment of the day to chat with friends or acquaintances over a cortado and stroll around the barrio. And what a changed barrio it is – fast becoming a haven for artists and authors, art galleries and bookshops are springing up all over the place like intellectual mushrooms. Formerly overlooked as the poor cousin of the historic centre, Russafa is finally opening up and claiming its rightful place in Valencia. Be it theatre, quality jazz at places like Café Mercedes Jazz (C/ Sueca, 27), poetry & singer-songwriter nights at La Tavernaire (C/ Denia, 18), live indie music at Electropura (C/ Pintor Salvador Abril, 20), event-filled bookshops like Slaughterhouse (C/ Denia, 22) or bike shops, a new Russafa is emerging. The new Sala Russafa in C/ Denia, 55 reflects a growing interest in all things cultural within the neighbourhood. The area running alongside the future Parque Central is currently undergoing

a major transformation with new bars, cafés and restaurants adding colour to the streets with their terraces.

This article is dedicated to my good friend Carol Pusey – sorely missed and the original expat Russafarian.

Speaking of restaurants, no trip to Russafa would be complete without a pause in Torre de Utiel (C/Pintor Salvador Abril, 22). With years of experience in the game, this restaurant caters for every eventuality – rice, meat, fish and tapas as well as breakfasts, almuerzos and set lunches. Every need is covered here. Just sit back, relax and let Javi and his team guide you through your choices. On this occasion we plumped for their calamares encebollados (musttry delicious dish of sautéed squid in a rich onion sauce), anchovies lying on a rosy bed of grated tomatoes and steaming berberechos (cockles) before moving on to a highly original fideuà prepared with black pudding, artichokes and spring onions. Surprised at how well the flavours worked, we eschewed their desserts and started to work our way through their impressive range of G and Ts. Stomachs fully satisfied, we finally head home, tempted briefly by all that Russafa has to offer its night crowd, yet opting on this occasion to favour our cosy beds. Russafa nightlife will have to wait.



“Otra noche será!” Article © 2012 24/7Valencia

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MI AND L'AU Warrior – You would expect loud sounds with such a title. But it's the opposite, because we do think that a warrior must be calm, very calm, before killing his enemy. Tell us about your involvement with the film ‘The Good Son’

MI AND L'AU Mi and L’au have garnered a considerable international cult following for their original music that ranges from folk to indie to soundtracks to electronic sounds. They are Mira Romantschuk, a Finnish musician, model and artist and Laurent Leclère, a film composer and French músico. Both of them sing, play guitar, keyboards and more… They met in Paris, then lived in Finland, recorded a debut album with the New York-based Young Gods record label, toured the U.S.A. and Europe extensively and have been living in Valencia for a few years now. Members of the 24/7 Valencia team have been fortunate enough to catch their rare live shows in Valencia, including the recent presentation of the new Mi and L’au album. Imagine a couple who have the romantic, mysterious air of a modern-day Lucrezia Borgia & Lord Byron, with plenty of musical talent, a wealth of life experience and add a dark Eurobeat…. ‘If Beauty is a Crime’ (2012) is a change from your previous work ‘Good Morning Jokers’ (2009). Could you describe the new album? There are no musicians playing, no traditional instruments, just a computer. We wanted to know what we could do with a computer, stuck in a box, eyes glued to the screen, flirting with this way of living we now call Transparency.

Could you songs?





Territory is an Animal – We all roar sometimes, don't we? If Beauty is a Crime – A friend once told us that beauty is a serial killer. We thought “Well ! Never take the advice from the lips of a sick friend”. A line Will Oldham wrote in one of his songs… 360 – We like the way young lovers do. They just don't give a damn about anything, they stay in bed, make love, and love again. Well, we are the same, we need to touch, we are savages ... (laughs) Limouzine – We drove about 100,000 kilometres during our touring period, but we still don't own a car… How strange is that? Magic 80 – An ode to the moon… Porcupine – A crazy song for a crazy animal! Sharp spines defend and camouflage porcupines from predators … at least for a while! Faces – An composers…




Världren – A Swedish song, a wonderful language to put into music. Silk – The birth of the butterfly… One Day – It's a kind of passage, or a bridge, it's about going from one shore to another.

Zaida Bergroth wrote to us and asked if we would like to collaborate for her new movie, so we made the soundtrack. A very attractive project, even more so for Mira who suddenly got the opportunity to participate in the elaboration of a project in her own country, Finland. The idea of the soundtrack is that adults listen to traditional Finnish songs, whereas teenagers listen to English pop, folk, and rock. So the soundtrack creates a frontier between these two worlds. In that sense, music is not universal ... it’s more the souvenir of some kind of uniform. You have travelled all over USA and Europe a number of times on tours but have been based in Valencia for some years now. What do you like about the city? We got a small camera that can film under water a little while ago. So, Mira had the idea to film all the fountains of Valencia. We then went on the Internet and learned quite a bit about the history of each one of them. What are your hopes for 2012 and will you be playing live in Valencia? We are just working on the next album … It should be ready very soon. We will play Valencia as soon as we get invited. Interview by Owl

Mi and L'au new album ‘If Beauty is a Crime’ (Alter K / Important records) is out now. You can listen to tracks from the new album and buy it on the following link:

Photos by Rafael Monzo Valls / Article © 2012 24/7Valencia

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Gorgeous Shoulders! Hey ladies! This one’s for you. I know I’ve done a few February issues on delightful chocolate swoon dishes for Valentine’s Day and let’s face it, it’s always a boon to have a great chocolate number in your repertoire. But this year I thought, “Hmm, the guys need to eat too, well, we all need to eat, we all need a main, we can’t fill up on chocolate alone” (although there’s plenty a person to argue that point). So, I came up with this for a few reasons; it’s still cosy and cool, you need something you can have prepared earlier to give you plenty of champagne-swilling time together, and you need something effortlessly easy and delicious. The last thing a lover wants is a stressed-out partner up to their elbows in the kitchen trying to stack miserable amounts of food on top of each other in one pile and vast amounts of dishes in another pile! Yikes! For those reasons above, we need a slow-roasted joint and I think my favourite thing of all time is a slow roasted shoulder, of any meat, really, but particularly of lamb. It is just so good. The more hours in the oven the better, which means you can easily get this organised with literally hours to spare, you could almost go out on another date in the meantime – if you were that way inclined, but I hope you’re not. And well, good on you if you are! This recipe is for one whole shoulder of lamb, which seems immense, but a bit like duck, there’s really not that much meat on it and it will do fine for two, with leftovers. Otherwise it will perfectly suit four and you can double date. Please note there’s no salt in this recipe and while some of you might baulk at the mention of anchovies... get over it, you ninnies! The anchovies impart the salty flavour, which you must have, but they lend a robust and rich flavour that makes the lamb sing – you will not know it is anchovy at all.

Low and SlowRoasted Shoulder of Lamb • 1 shoulder joint of lamb • 4-6 anchovies • 6 cloves garlic • 1 teaspoon fresh peppercorns • 3 sprigs fresh oregano • 3 sprigs fresh mint • 2 sprigs rosemary • 1-2 glasses dry white wine

bars, but you can just use your knife so why bother? Now that the meat is ready, pop it in the oven and give it a good 15-20 minutes. The aroma coming from the oven by that time will be amazing (shut your bedroom door!). After this time, carefully open the door, let the steam out before you stick your head in, and gently pour the white wine slowly over the meat – it will sizzle and steam which is perfect. Now pour water in the bottom of the tray so there are at least a couple of centimetres to cover the bottom of the tray. Close the door and turn the temperature down to 130-140ºC. Leave the meat to slowly roast now for at least 3 hours. Check the water level occasionally and top it up a little if it’s drying out, but you do want it to reduce a bit as this will make your gravy at the end.

Pre-heat your oven to quite hot, around 200ºC. Get a large baking dish that will comfortably fit the lamb in and preferably a rack to sit in the bottom of it to sit the lamb on top of. The tray from the oven usually works. Get the lamb out of the fridge so it is not cold before it goes in the oven, it will need to be out for at least 45 minutes. In a mortar and pestle grind the anchovies, peeled garlic cloves (cut each end off the garlic and flatten each with the side of your knife and the skin will come away easily), peppercorns, and the leaves from all the herbs. Grind all this till you have a nice sort of paste, the herbs will still be a bit chunky but as long as the garlic, anchovy and pepper is pasty, you’re on form. Now, using a thin-bladed knife, carefully make lots of little slits fairly deep into the meat. And now get your hands into the mortar and massage that paste into the slits and all over the meat. Your hands will stink, but I’ll tell you a trick – afterwards, wash your stainless steel knife blade under cold running water with your fingers, wipe every part of your hand that touched the garlic (carefully!) along the flat part of the blade and your hands will be completely de-odorized of garlic smell. Some folk buy those expensive stainless steel ‘garlic soap’

When you’re happy with the meat, 3-4 hours later, take it out and set it on a warm plate loosely covered with tea towels or tin foil. It’s important that it rests. While it’s resting, pour the juices left from the baking dish into a small jug and set it in the fridge... the fat will rise to the top and start to solidify and you can scoop it off and then you’re left with the pure sauce, put this in a small saucepan and set the heat to medium. If you like pan juices as they are, all you need to do is keep the gravy warm, however, if you like thick gravy, mix some cornflour into a little water and when the sauce is boiling, add it and stir for a minute or two. When you first add the cornflour, if it separates the fat and the water, good, pour off the fat and away you go with a fat-free gravy. The more cornflour you use, the thicker the gravy – gradual adding is good, if you’re unsure. An hour before you like your meat to be ready, you can put your roast vegetables on, and now everything should be coming together nicely. Surprisingly, as we’ve used white wine in the cooking, this dish will go well with white wine upon serving, but you can obviously still have red if you like. Enjoy! Buen provecho! Professional Chef Erica Choate Article and Photo © 2012 24/7Valencia

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L'APLEC I heard the other night on ‘the Beeb’ that most people have around ten happy days in the average year and that the 31st of January is one of the happiest for most people – it's officially known as Happy Monday. January, however, tends to be a little depressing for most of us. D and I were having a drink together at our friend M's flat which is a stone's throw from where we were to have dinner together that cold evening at the end of January, thoroughly depressing ourselves discussing the state of the nation, the crisis, the economy and all connected subjects. Reading the papers, both locally and internationally, is depressing to say the least, and shocking, too. We were trying to think of positives in this time of extreme negativity and, of the very few, dining out was one thing in a list that was very small indeed that we decided was a distinct positive. It is getting to be better value again, at least here in the city of Valencia. Prices have come down and quality has gone up. Restaurants that were once offering menús del día at 12 – 15€ a head are now offering the same for 10 – 12€ and a lot are offering great evening deals, too. What would this night hold in store? L’Aplec was the restaurant for review this month – L'Aplec? I know you'd ask! The name is Valencian/Catalan for 'The Gathering', as in a group of friends gathering together for enjoyment. L'Aplec is very aptly named; this group of three were greatly cheered by not only the food, but the atmosphere, too. In a previous incarnation, this was a sandwich bar, Susan Wich. It is now an exceedingly good restaurant, which serves

seriously good, home cooked market and huerta-fresh food (bear with me, I’ll explain).

pollo, a platter of bite-sized chicken burgers served with salsa and vegetables to share (5.50€!).

We started with a lovely salad (6.50€), overflowing with lovely mixed leaves, diced carrots, avocado and apple, bacon, nuts and raisins and topped by a fat round of deliciously crusty grilled goat's cheese.

The food at L'Aplec is super fresh and both the chef/owner Sonia and our server were genuinely passionate about food and reckon that they have over 70 tapas dishes they can serve at the drop of a hat! Sonia was chef at El Botijo in Plaza San Miguel before opening, this, her locura or bit of madness in her words. Her passion for food is infectious; we even had a demonstration from her at our table on how to prepare those wonderful artichokes over a round of Herbero Ferrero from Beneixama in the province of Alicante.

I may have told you before that D and I (and it now turns out, M, too) are artichoke lovers in the extreme. The ones from the fields around Valencia city, la huerta, are particularly delicious. We eat them at every opportunity through the winter at home, with vinaigrette. The joy of Valencia artichokes (alcachofas in castellano or carxofas in Valencian) is that the 'choke is usually so soft that you can eat the entire heart. Here at L'Aplec you can choose to eat them either oven baked or deep fried (4.50€), we went for the latter and I can honestly say that we all decided they were the best we'd ever eaten. We followed these with Langostina rebozado con patata (1.20€ each), a juicy mouthful of large prawn fried in finely shredded potato. Next came Pastel de berenjena (6€), a delicious 'cake' of aubergine, tomato and onion just oozing with cheese and we dunked the homemade rolls in the lovely juices. Finally we chose the Sepionet con salsa verde (6€), a perfectly griddled cuttlefish lying in a delicate green sauce. We really were too full for dessert but we shared a small portion of their light and delicious double chocolate tart. The restaurant was busy the night we visited and we watched other delights being served to other tables — an enormous bowl of hummus, excellent-looking bravas and stuffed mushrooms (each only 3.50€), esgarraet at 5€ and Hamburguersitas de

There is a small but interesting wine list with wines from 8 – 18€. We had a D.O. Priorat wine that was as tasty as its label was interesting! It was Les Cousins L'Inconscient 08 and good value at 17€. We had a really lovely evening, the food and the service were impeccable and the price per head so reasonable. If you want to eat at weekends, one word of advice – book, this place is most deservedly popular and fully booked from week to week. Tim Birch L'Aplec C/ Roteros, 9 (Near Torres de Serranos) Barrio del Carmen Tel: 696 119 986 Menú del Día 10€, including drink Open Wednesday to Sunday 12.00pm – until past midnight... (Winter hours)

Every month ‘24/7 Valencia’ chooses to review a restaurant that we like and which we hope our readers will enjoy too.

Food Photos: D. Birch © 24/7 Valencia / Article © 2012 24/7Valencia









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Lenguas Vivas (near テ]gel Guimerテ。) C/ Palleter 43 - 45 - Tel: 963821058.

LANGUAGE LEARNING parties for our younger students. These parties include various activities, all done in English, and occasionally a visit from a special guest. Lenguas Vivas also offers theatre workshops with a professional actress from London. These workshops are available for all ages from 3 to 103. The annual summer camp for children is always popular with our students. The summer camp is run outside of Valencia in the open air. Here, students enjoy classes of English, dance and theatre workshops, craft classes and sports and swimming.

LENGUAS VIVAS Tell us about the history of Lenguas Vivas. Lenguas Vivas is one of the most reputable language centres in Valencia. We have a lot of students ranging from children of four years old to adults. We also provide on-site specialised business language and communication classes at various locations around the city. Lenguas Vivas has been providing high standard language services in Valencia for 22 years. Lenguas Vivas is family owned and operated with an international staff. From the beginning we have sought to create a positive learning environment and so have continually renewed our commitment to combining professionalism with our desire to maintaining a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. At Lenguas Vivas we have been hosting TOEFL (Internet-based tests) since 2009 with great success. We also host TOEIC and TFI (French) paper-based examinations as well as Trinity oral examinations and have been doing so for a very long time. Last year, we were granted an authorization certificate to administer official University of Cambridge ESOL examinations. We are only the second school in Valencia to be granted this qualification. We have been offering specialised Cambridge classes and exam preparation for all levels for many years and we have Article ツゥ 2012 24/7Valencia

consistently maintained a high pass rate. We have 15 classrooms, four with stateof- the-art electronic whiteboards, as well as an IT room and library. What languages are taught at the academy? In the academy we offer classes of English, Spanish (castellano), Valencian, German, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian and occasionally Arabic, Portuguese and Persian (Farsi). Do you have extra-curricular activities, too? As well as the conversation classes held every Friday, we also have a book and film club in which the students can borrow items from our extensive library and recommend them for others to use. There are football matches between students and teachers, which have proven to be a resounding success. These are occasions when the academic side of things goes on the backburner and their footballing talent is tested. We also have two fund-raising events a year, when we collect funds for local and international charities. We organise a concert where teachers and students perform for the enjoyment of others. There is also a quiz, raffle and a dinner at these events. At Halloween and Christmas we prepare

Describe the staff and pupils. We pride ourselves on running a school where the teachers and management are approachable, available and willing to offer additional help and support whenever required, be that with exam preparation or with addressing specific issues that arise. We take great pride in the fact that despite the increasing availability of language schools around the city, we have a very low turnover of students and staff. In fact, many of our young adult learners have been with us since they were children. Our staff come from the four corners of the globe. We have teachers from Canada, Australia, Iran, South Africa, France, Ireland, England and Spain. What is the philosophy of the school and why is it so popular? Our main system of belief is the consistent level of high-quality educational and development services which we offer. This philosophy was rewarded in 2010 when we were awarded the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) certificate for maintaining high standards in everything we do. Although we pride ourselves in being a tightly run ship, the fact that Lenguas Vivas is a family-based academy means that the atmosphere in the workplace is pleasurable yet professional. The members of staff are treated like members of a big family and the students are also seen as members of the wider family rather than as numbers.



ARTS & theatre Museums / galleries CAFE MALVARROSA / ESPAI PARAL.LEL Un Poema, Un Quadre Col.lectiva Hasta 19 febrero CENTRO CULTURAL BANCAJA Atesorar España. Fondos Fotográficos de la Hispanic Society of America. Hasta 26 febrero CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS (L’Hemisferic, Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe, L’Oceanografic) DR NOPO Ukraina Passport Federico Clavarino Hasta 17 marzo ESPAI TACTEL One Day Carles Rodrigo Hasta 3 marzo FUNDACIÓN CHIRIVELLA SORIANO Poesía y color Febrero GALERÍA BENLLIURE Pintura Moderna y Contemporánea de los Siglos XIX y XX Permanente GALERIA KESSLER BATTAGLIA Pictubiotrones Manolo Gil Labrandero Hasta 10 marzo GALERÍA LUIS ADELANTADO Is This Trip Really Necessary? Emilio Valdés Desde 24 febrero hasta 16 abril GALERÍA ROSALIA SENDER Retratos de mis Amigos José María Molina Ciges Hasta 24 marzo GALERÍA ROSA SANTOS Around: A Word of Network Moisés Mañas Hasta 10 marzo INSTITUTO FRANCÉS DE VALENCIA El Boxeo en Valencia: Por el Arte del Noble Arte Xavier Moingeon, Bernardo Tejeda y Philip Jones Hasta 9 marzo Rousseau, Tricentenario y Moderno Exposición pedagógica de IFV Hasta 2 marzo Feria en Vic-Fezensac: 30 Años de Pasión Taurina Hasta 16 marzo IVAM INSTITUT VALENCIÀ D’ART MODERN EXPOSICIONES IVAM Sin Tiempo Claude Zirotti Hasta 19 febrero Colección Tesoros de Arte Taíno Hasta 22 abril Arte Indígena Contemporáneo en Australia: Colección Sordello Missana de Arte Aboriginal Hasta 16 abril Escultura de Proceso Arturo Berned Hasta 2 mayo Un Espíritu Libre Menchu Gal Desde 9 febrero hasta 6 mayo Fotografía de Vanguardia en Cuba Desde 14 febrero hasta 6 mayo JARDÍN BOTÁNICO El Desarrollo Sostenbile en Imágenes Hasta 24 febrero Madagascar en Peligro: Paisajes

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Naturales y Humanos Hasta 12 febrero LA BENEFICENCIA CENTRE VALENCIA DE CULTURA MEDITERRÁNEA Recorrido por la Prehistoria Valenciana, desde el Paleolítico hasta la Época Visigoda Exposición Permanente L’ IBER DE LOS SOLDADITOS DE PLOMO Exposición Permanente: Guardias Españolas, Coleciones Valencianas, Almansa, Vida Cotidiana, Tirant y Serie Histórica. MUSEU DE BELLES ARTES SAN PIO V Renacimiento Barroco Pintura Gótica La Pintura Académica La Pintura de los Siglos XIX y XX Colección Permanente MUSEO DE PREHISTORIA DE VALENCIA Historia del Dinero Exposición Permanente MUSEO VALENCIA D’ETNOLOGÍA Huerta i Marjal Exposición Permanente La Gran Ruta de la Seda (Asia Central y el Caúcaso) Hasta 13 mayo MuVIM L’Aventura de la Pensament Exposición Permanente Blasco Ibáñez, 1867-1928 Hasta 25 marzo En-Arborar! Arboles Monumentales y Paisajes Enarbolados… Hasta 1 abril UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA, LA NAU Juntos, Pinturas y Grabados (1945-1957) Manolo Gil y Jacinta Gil Hasta 22 abril 40 Años de Acción Humanitaria Independiente Médicos Sin Fronteras Hasta 26 febrero El Legado de la Guerrilla Juan Plasencia Desde 9 febrero hasta 18 marzo Joan Fuster: Nosaltres, Els Valencians (1962-2012) Desde 16 febrero hasta 18 marzo OPERA PALAU DE LES ARTS Don Giovanni Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1, 4, 7, 9 febrero Sala Principal Zubin Mehta Obras de Bruckner y Cano 11 febrero Auditori Andrea Battistoni Obras de Dvorak, Puccini y Verdi 25 febrero Auditori theatre CARME TEATRE Prometo Hot Dog 2 – 12 febrero Peccata Minuta, Déjanos Caer en la Tentación 16 – 26 febrero Yo Vivo de Max Aub 1 – 4 marzo ESPACIO INESTABLE Calisto, Historia de un Personaje 4 – 5 febrero


Verne, un Sueño de 20,000 Leguas (teatro juvenile) 9 – 12 febrero La Herencia 16 – 19 febrero Quatre-Cents 23 – 26 febrero SALA RUSSAFA El Amante (de Harold Pinter) Hasta 5 febrero El Flautista Mágico (teatro juvenile) 4 – 5 febrero Titellet (teatro juvenil) Josep Enric Grau 12 febrero La Mata de la Albahaca 18 y 19 febrero Eva's Show Jerónimo Cornelles 16 – 26 febrero Húngaros 1 – 4 marzo TEATRO DE MARIONETAS LA ESTRELLA - SALA LA PETXINA Bombalino y Cuchufleta, Dos Payasos de Peseta Febrero TEATRE FLUMEN Que Tengamos Suerte! Carles Alberola y Alfred Pico Hasta 12 febrero ¿Por Qué los Mayores Construyen los Columpios Siempre Encima de un Charco? 10 febrero Jaleo 16 – 26 febrero TEATRO OLYMPIA Crimen Perfecto Hasta 12 febrero Fuga Desde 16 febrero hasta 4 marzo TEATRE PRINCIPAL Querida Matilde Hasta 19 febrero TEATRE RIALTO Hamlet (Retrato de Familia) Desde 15 febrero hasta 4 marzo TEATRO TALIA A por todas (Speed-the-plow) Hasta 26 febrero cinema BABEL *versión original FILMOTECA CINEMA INSTITUTO VALENCIANO DE CINEMATOGRAFÍA CICLOS IVAC – LA FILMOTECA CICLOS FEBRERO 2012 Integral Berlanga Hasta 29 febrero Géneros Mutantes Hasta 30 marzo La Última Ola del Cine Rumano Hasta 22 febrero Fellini & Rota Hasta 8 abril Básicos Filmoteca Siglo XXI, Segunda Parte Hasta 29 marzo Stanislaw Lem en el Cine 3 – 8 febrero Menuda Filmo Desde 4 febrero hasta 1 julio Nicholas Ray Desde 17 febrero hasta 2 mayo YELMO CINES addresses

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FEBRUARY 12 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS MUSEUMS / GALLERIES ALMUDÍN Pl. San Luis Bertrán, 1 Tel: 96 352 54 78 - ext. 4521 CAFE MALVARROSA / ESPAI PARAL.LEL Historiador Diago, 20 Tel: 96 320 50 56 CENTRE CULTURAL BANCAIXA Pl. Tetuán, 23 Tel: 96 387 58 64 CENTRO COREOGRÁFICO DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA Parque de la Granja, s/n, Burjassot Tel: 96 390 47 74 CENTRO DEL CARMEN C/ Museo, 2 Tel: 96 315 20 24 / 96 192 26 51 CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS (L’Hemisferic, Museu de les Ciencies Princípe Felipe, L’Oceanografic) Av. Instituto Obrero de Valencia Tel: 902 100 031 COL·LEGI MAJOR RECTOR PESET Universitat de Valencia Plaça del Forn de Sant Nicolau,4 Tel: 96 316 60 00 DR NOPO C/ Borrull, 16, Bajo Tel: 96 113 14 99 ESPAI TACTEL C/ Denia, 25 Bajo Tel:96 395 88 08 GALERÍA AKKA C/ Almirante Cadarso, 6 Tel: 96 316 27 27 GALERÍA DUOMO C/ Luis Santangel, 18 FNAC SAN AUGUSTÍN C/ Guillem de Castro, 9 - 11 Tel: 96 353 90 15 FUNDACION CHIRIVELLA SORIANO C/ Valeriola, 13 Tel: 96 338 12 15 GALERÍA LUIS ADELANTADO C/ Bonaire, 6 Tel: 96 351 01 79 GALERÍA MURO Correjeria, 5 Tel: 96 391 19 03 GALERíA PAZ Y COMEDIAS C/ Comedias, 7-2 Tel: 96 391 89 06 GALERÍA ROSALIA SENDER Mar, 19 (Ciutat Vella) Tel: 96 391 89 67 GALERíA SEGRELLES C/ Ciscar, 4

C/ Sueca, 27. Valencia (Ruzafa)

Tel: 96 333 21 97 GALERÍA TOSSAL Pl Tossal, s/n Tel: 96 398 18 03 GALERÍA VISOR C/ Corretgeria, 26 Tel: 96 392 23 99 INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE VALENCE C/ Moro Zeit, 6 Tel: 96 315 30 95 INSTITUT VALENCIÀ DE LA MÚSICA C/ Barcas, 2 Tel: 96 318 44 53 IVAM C/ Guillem de Castro, 118 Tel: 96 386 30 00 JARDÍN BOTÁNICO C/ Quart, 80 Tel: 96 315 68 00 JOVE ORQUESTRA DE LA GENERALITAT VALENCIANA Tel: 96 318 44 90 / 93 KITSCH INTERNACIONAL ARTEDIVERSO C/ Covarrubias, 5 Tel: 607 636 012 LA BENEFICIENCIA CENTRE VALENCIA DE CULTURA MEDITERANEA C/ Corona, 36 Tel: 96 388 35 79 LA GALLERA C/ Aluders, 7 Tel: 96 352 14 37 LA NAVE GALERÍA Nave, 25 Tel: 96 351 19 33 LA LLOTGETA, AULA DE CULTURA CAM-ESPAI D’ART Pl. Mercado, 4 Tel: 96 391 33 96 L’IBER MUSEO DE LOS SOLDADITOS DE PLOMO C/ Caballeros, 22 Tel: 96 391 86 75 LLIG LLIBRERIES DE LA GENERALITAT Pl. Manises, 3 Tel: 96 386 61 70 MONASTERIO DE SAN MIGUEL DE LOS REYES Av Constitución, 284 Tel: 96 387 40 13 MUSEO DEL ARROZ C/Rosario, 3 Tel: 609 877 956 MUSEO DE BELLAS ARTES DE VALENCIA C/ San Pío V, 9 Tel. 96 369 30 88 / 369 21 11 MUSEO DE LA CIUDAD Pl. Arzobispo, 1 Tel: 96 352 54 78 - ext. 4126

MUSEO DEL CARMEN C/ Museo, 2 Tel: 96 369 30 88 MUSEO FALLERO Pl. Monteolivete, 4 Tel: 96 352 54 78 MUSEO NACIONAL DE CERÁMICA GONZÁLEZ MARTÍ C/ Poeta Querol, 2 Tel: 96 351 63 92 MUSEO TAURINO Pasaje Doctor Serra, 16 Tel: 96 351 18 50 MUSEO VALENCIANO D’ETNOLOGÍA C/ Corona, 36 Tel: 96 388 35 65 MUVIM C/ Guillem de Castro, 8 Tel: 96 388 37 47 OCTUBRE CENTRE DE CULTURA CONTEMPORÀNIA C/ Sant Ferran, 12 ( Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 315 77 99 PAZ TEJÓN GALERÍA ESTUDIO C/ Salas Quiroga, 1, bajo (Zona Jesús) Tel.: 654 363 829 POPOL VUH C/ Burriana, 13 Tel: 96 336 08 25 REALES ATARAZANAS Pl. Juan Antonio Benlliure, s/n Tel: 96 352 54 78 SALA PARPALLÓ C/ Corona, 36 TAMAR C/ Almudín, 16 Tel: 96 392 50 66 UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA C/ Universidad, 2 opera PALAU DE LES ARTS Autopista del Saler, 1 Tel: +34 96 197 58 00 Fax: +34 96 395 22 01 theatre CARME TEATRE C/ Gutenberg, 12 Tel: 96 392 42 71 ESPAI ATHENEIA C/ Guillem de Castro, 65 Tel: 615 578 344 - 657 857 792



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ʻLIKEʼ US ON ESPACIO INESTABLE C/ Dr. Sanchis Bergón, 5 Tel: 96 392 16 30 L’ALTRE ESPAI C/ Platero Suárez, 11 Tel: 96 353 92 00 OFF TEATRE C/ Turia, 47 Tel: 96 384 11 85 SALA RUSSAFA C/ Denia, 55 96 341 52 16 TEATRE EL MUSICAL Pl. Rosario, 3 Tel: 96 367 31 95 TEATRE MICALET C/ Mestre Palau, 3 Tel: 96 392 14 82 TEATRO DE MARIONETAS LA ESTRELLA (LA PETXINA). C/ Dr Sanchis Bergón, 29 Tel: 96 371 73 84 TEATRO OLYMPIA C/ San Vicente Mártir, 44 Tel: 96 351 73 15 TEATRO PRINCIPAL C/ Barcas, 15 Tel: 96 353 92 00 TEATRO RIALTO Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 Tel: 96 353 93 00 TEATRE ROMÀ DE SAGUNT Pujada al Castell, s/n Sagunto THEATRE SALA MORATÍN Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 Tel: 96 353 93 0 TEATRO TALÍA C/ Caballeros, 31 Tel: 96 398 64 22 cinema BABEL C/ Vicente Sancho Tello, 10 Tel: 96 362 67 95 FILMOTECA (CINEMA INSTITUTO VALENCIANO DE CINEMATOGRAFÍA) RIALTO Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 YELMO CINES Espai Campanar Av. Tirso de Molina, 16 Tel: 902 22 09 22

live music Arte & Facto (Zona Carmen) C/ Pie de la Cruz, 8 Tel: 96 113 36 58 Black Note (Zona Aragón) C/ Polo y Peyrolón, 15 Tel. 96 393 36 63 Top choice for music lovers who love it live - jazz, blues, R’n’B, soul, funk, flamenco and rock. See listings. Café del Duende (Zona Carmen) C/ Túria, 62 Tel. 630 455 289 Great club specialising in authentic flamenco music and culture. See listings. Café Mercedes Jazz (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Sueca, 27 Tel. 96 341 83 78 Reservations by email: At this prestigious jazz club, situated in the cosmopolitan barrio of Ruzafa, you can enjoy the best live concerts with excellent acoustics

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every weekend, with true music lovers in the audience. There is also a chilled out cafe-bar area with an ample list of drinks, perfect for relaxing in a creative and artistic environment . Information, programme and reservations: Deluxe Pop Club (Zona Plaza Cedro) C/ Poeta Mas y Ros 42, Zona Cedro Durango Club (Meliana) C/Llanterners, 35 Poligon Industrial La Closa, Meliana See Facebook. Rock club on the outskirts of Valencia with great live bands and a loyal crowd. El Arbol ( Zona Benimaclet) Calle Soledad Doménech, 5 Live music at weekends in this arts centre. Electropura (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Pinto Salvador Abril, 20 See Facebook for more details Acoustic gigs at 19.30h with indie often being the flavour. El Loco (Zona Juan Llorens) C/ Erudito Orellena, 12 Tel. 96 326 05 26, El Loco is a dynamic live venue with an eclectic choice of indie, funk, rock, fusion, blues and more. Check some music and dance later.

3 Febrero 22:30h Piano Duo Session 7 Febrero 21:30h Joan Soler & La banda sonora 10 Febrero 22:30h Albert Sanz & Antonio Serrano Dúo 14 Febrero 21:30h Fabio Miano trío

17 Febrero 22:30h Jazz es dúo 21 Febrero 21:30h Samuel Blaser’s 24 Febrero 22:30h Piano Duo Session 29 Febrero 21:30h Luis Perdomo trio

Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar (Zona Carmen) C/ Baja, 28 This darkly lit bar plays the finest jazz with cool photos and a wide range of coffees and spirits. It has weekly live music and is a very relaxing place to unwind and relate. The owner is a real jazz lover and it shows. Concerts every Tuesday at 21.30h. Now concerts every Friday by solo musicians & duos. Kaf Cafe (Zona Benimaclet) C/Arquitecto Arnau, 16 961131706 - 663 702 960 Atmospheric, literary café-bar with regular live gigs and jams. La Caverna (Zona San Vicente) C/ Cuenca, 70 Live music. Mod, soul, rock & roll, reggae and more. La Claca (Zona Carmen) C/ San Vicente, 3 Live flamenco on Sundays. La Clinica Mundana ( Zona Carmen) Plaza del Angel, 5 Experimental live and electronic


music performances La Edad de Oro (Zona Juan Llorens) C/ San Jacinto, 3 Tel. 649 255 048 Live music every Thursday & Friday. Mirror C/ San Vicente, 200 Tel.670 659 705 New name, improved sound and a hipper interior. Check international bands from around the globe. Octubre Centre (Zona Carmen) C/ Sant Ferran, 12 Tel. 96 315 77 99, Features the best local and national indie bands on the scene. Opium Jazz Café (Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento) C/ La Linterna, 11 (Just off C / San Vicente) Tel: 96 352 01 61 Live rock, indie, jazz, blues and more. Palau de la Musica (Zona Río Túria) Paseo de la Alameda, 30 Tel. (+34) 96 337 50 20 E-mail: Excellent classical music concerts in the Rio Turia gardens with musicians from around the world. See website for current programme. Play Producciones Tel. 679 412 012 Visit their website where you will always find updated information about what’s on in Valencia. Rock City C/ de Coeters, 6. Almácera Wah-Wah (Zona Blasco Ibáñez) C/ Campoamor, 52 Tel. 96 356 39 42 / 645 792 674 National and international indierock & pop in a student zone…

clubs Zona Patraix

Dub Club C/ Jesús, 91 Just 15 minutes walk from the centre. Nice one!! From the owners of reggae lovers Juanita. Friendly club with Live concerts, Café Teatro and DJ sessions (funk, soul, reggae and more) and every Saturday reggae jam sessions at 20h free entry. Open from Wednesday to Sunday until 3:30h. Follow us on Facebook “DubDlub JuanitaClub”

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FEBRUARY 12 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Zona Ruzafa Excuse Me! C/ dels Tomasos, 14 (next to Mercado de Ruzafa) This place has been getting a buzz around town with clubbers. Every Friday and Saturday night in Valencia from midnight until 7.00 am! Two rooms: one is more organic with pop/ rock ’n’ roll/garage/soul and the other more electronic with groove electro/space disco/ new wave/cosmic boogie. Check it! Doctor Sumsi, 21 46005 Valencia 963 370 241‎ Open-minded night club with bohemian crowd. Open 19:00 - 03:30. Closed Wednesdays. Les Portes Matias Perelló, 15 Ruzafa Fantastic! Check this one out. A friendly crowd, an ample selection of infusions, natural juices, home-made cakes. Xtra Lrge Playground Gran Via Germanias, 21(esq Cadiz) New club with 600 metre multi-use floor. Electronica and indie, art exhibitions too. Theatre every week at 23.00h. See facebook.

Music Box C/ Pintor Zariñena, 16 Tel. 96 391 41 51 An all-night disco in the Barrio del Carmen! The Music Box is an infinite collage of styles and ages: Drum’n’Bass, Electronic, Pop, Soul, Rock’n’Roll. Frankenstein Rock & Roll Club Marques de Caro, 5 Immortal C/ San Dionisio, 3 Feel ‘heavy metal’ and like hard rock? Plenty of like-minded souls in a loud bar. Rock on! Juanita Club C/ Lepanto, 8 Rasta Vibrations. La Claca C/ San Vicente, 3 Open every day off Plaza de la Reina. Live flamenco Sunday in a legendary meeting point. La Flama C/ San Roteros, 14 Near the Torres de Serrano, this is a musiclovers meeting point with a rock & roll crowd.

Zona Canovas

Zona San Vicente Super Club 95 C/ San Vicente, 95 Tel. 902108527 / 663041790 Zona Juan Lloréns Café Carioca Juan Llorens 52 Superb House music and more and a fantastic mosaic interior and groovy beats. Cool club for the beautiful people. La Edad de Oro C/ San Jacinto, 3 Tel. 649 255 048 Live music and its classic mix of pumping sounds…from rock & roll to house! Open 22.00h until 4.00h, Thursday to Saturday. Magazine Club C/ de Perez Escrich, 19 Rock’n’ roll disco. Zona El Carmen &Ártico C/ Arolas, 11 Tel. 96 391 08 57 Dinners - cocktails - chill out - art space - electro funky beats. Bigornia C/ Museu, 10 Arty crowd of the Carmen scene with electro, hip-hop, funk, techno and more. Good vibes. Blau C/ Alta, 11 House and funk with a crowd to match. Bolseria Café C/Bolseria, 41 Tel: 96 391 89 03 Hot tropical vibe with swinging crowd at weekends. House, Latin, funk and pop. Calcatta C/ Reloj Viejo, 6 One of the few discos in the Carmen to stay open all night, until around 8 am. Club 47 C/ Quart, 47

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Pinball C/ Concordia, 3 For lovers of psychedelia, northern Soul, funk. Groovy atmosphere, buzzing at weekends. Cats and chicks shakin’ it until the early hours, digging various scenes like something out of Blow Up. Just one minute´s walk from C/ Caballeros & with free entry. Radio City C/ Santa Teresa, 19 Tel: 96 391 41 51 Free disco Fri - Sat nights, live flamenco every Tuesday. Funky and friendly club. Turmix C/ Dr. Chiarri, 8 Close to C/ Alta, open Thurs – Sat from 23.30 to 03.30h. Rock, garage, indie guitar disco. Zona Plaza Cedro Tornillo C/ Campoamor, 42 Tel. 96 392 55 27 INDIE scene. Electronica beats collide with guitar, loads of students partying, dancing. Look out for the distinctive huge nail outside! Velvet C/ Campoamor, 58 Psychedelic, alternative student vibe. Very spacious and loud and buzzing at weekends.

Look C/ Conde de Altea, 49 'Look' has a friendly, English speaking owner and some great music and drinks on offer. Number One Plaza Canovas, 6 Upmarket nightclub. Zona Blasco Ibañez Miniclub Blasco Ibañez, 111 Used to be Zenith. Funky new club open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until well past Zona Benimaclet Swan C/ Juan Giner, 15 Groovy!!! A spacious, hip, popular spot for lovers of retro ‘60s, psych pop, mod y más. Zona Malvarrosa Soul Gandhara C/ Eugeñia Vines, 225 Every Saturday night with Hip-hop and R&B with legendary DJ Cosy O. Vivir Sin Dormir Pl. Neptuno, 42 Tel: 96 372 77 77 Legendary nightspot by the beach with a name said to sum up Valencia’s attitude to life!

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Zona Puerto La3 c/ Padre Porta, 2 Indie & electrónica sounds on 3 floors Zona Palacio de Congresos Red VLC Avenida Cortes Valencianas, 58. Valencia Upmarket new nightclub with house soundtrack for locals, expats and visitors. Near to the Palacio de Congresos and next to Sorolla hotel. We enjoyed the opening night.

chill out Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento Mancini C/ Moratin, 1 Tel. 963 94 42 89 Open Mon-Wed 8.00h - 20.00h. Thurs-Sat 8am - 20.00h. Mellow atmosphere, mixed crowd, good service. Healthy menu del dia 7.50€. Great terrace. Wonderful retro design and said by many locals to have the best coffee in the centre! Mancini is open for private parties from 20.00h onwards and has a catering service too. Zona Canovas Ecléctico Bar Plaza Canovas Del Castillo, 8 Tel: 655 478 021 Cool. Run by a welcoming couple, wines, tapas, cocktails, bocadillos, menu del dia, Wonderful selection of magazines & newspapers. Madhatter's Coffee Lounge C/ Serranos Morales, 3 Tel: 96 3 348 132 Friendly, English run cafe-bar with homemade cakes, burgers, fish & chips, paninis, lovely soups, cappuccinos and more. Nice mixed crowd too. Zona Rio del Turia Quiosco Rio Turia Paseo Alameda s/n (junto estación Metro) By the famous Calatrava bridge, a great chill out café-bar for the family. Wicky Parque de Cabecera Tel. 656 856 899 and 679 40 45 24 Nice one! Fantastic combination of chill out bar, restaurant and cafeteria.

Anita Giro C/Pintor Domingo 7, near Radio City 96 113 34 18 A relaxed atmosphere in a very reasonably priced restaurant with a varied and alternative international menu. Dinner generally ranges between 10 to 15 euros a head including drinks and coffee, and can be followed by sampling some fantastic cocktails and shorts. A DJ on Fridays and Saturdays sets the tone while you eat. Great beer at 3.50€ a pint, and offers a big screen for Spanish league matches and the Champions League. Boasts a lovely terrace to enjoy your food and drink outside. Open every evening from 5pm. English speaking staff. Al Pans Queso C/ Serranos, 19 Tel: 615 979 484 Highly popular with a very open crowd. Bar Negrita Pl. Negrito Sister bar of Negrito with breakfasts and montaditos from 08.00 – 15.00h. Café Bahiano C/ Calatrava, 12 Very popular Brazilian bar. Café de las Horas C/ Conde Almodóvar Tel: 96 3917 336 Marrying baroque with kitsch, classic with camp, this is ‘chill out’ in grand style. Café Infanta Pl. Tossal, 3 Tel: 96 392 16 23 In the heart of the Carmen, Café Infanta is spacious yet cosy inside. Great terrace.


An excellent café bar in one of Valencia’s most atmospheric plazas. Good mixed crowd of students, locals, visitors and a very popular terraza. Open 09.00h and all day until late. Lots of bocadillos, coffees and beers. Barça and Levante football on TV at the weekend. A legendary cafe-bar that is 36 years old. Set in the historic centre. Breakfast, lunch and dinner available everday. Salads, sandwiches, Snacks, Montaditos, Desserts. Fine choice of cocktails including Mojito, Daiquiri, Bloody Mary. Agua de Valencia & Sangria too. Warm interior and beautiful terrace. Café Museu C/ Museu, 7 Tel: 96 393 31 08 Bohemia at its finest, with a mellow terraza in a tranquil part of the Barrio del Carmen. Café del Negrito Pl. Negrito Tel. 96 391 42 33 Classic Carmen hangout. Liberal 30-somethings, arty crowd, lots of people wearing glasses! Café Tertulia 1900 C/ Alta 4 Open every day, with 3 floors for part-time daydreamers and nightlife schemers. Cafetín Pl. San Jaime, 3 Watch Valencia nightlife morphing at night from the terraza of Cafetín. What a view!

El Café Del Mar Plaza Lope de Vega, 4 Tel: 96 3 922 558 Great! Fantastic and ample terrace café-bar restaurant with friendly service and tasty food and drinks served all day. Take your time in a top chill out spot in the atmospheric old centre. One of the finest terrazas in the city. Gilda C/ Ensendra, 9 (corner Plaza Viriato) Tel: 96 3260393 Funky authentic Italian chill out bar in the old centre. Near to Radio City so easy to find.

Zona El Carmen &Artico C/ Arolas, 11 Tel: 96 391 08 57 Dinners - cocktails - chill out - art space - electro funky beats.

Girasol C/ Turia, 52 Movil: 650 245 563 Spacious, darkly lit chill out bar, mellow and friendly. Choice sounds, intimate corners.

Café Lisboa Pl. Dr. Collado, 9 Tel. 96 391 94 84

Horchatería El Siglo Pl. Santa Cantalina, 11 Tel: 96 391 84 66 Great terrace and a real Valencia experience for the local delicacy of horchata. Founded in 1836, they claim to be the oldest in Valencia.

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Jardín del Mar C/ del Mar, 23 Tel: 655 765 397 Great! Newly opened and already popular with locals and visitors. Less than 1 minute's walk from Plaza Reina. With friendly Valencian owners and a helpful, informed staff. Lovely terrace. This is an authentic Spanish cafe-bar restaurant. Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am - 17.00 pm. Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9am - 01.30 am, Sunday 10am - 15.00 pm. Enjoy their authentic Valencia tapas, snails, and the classic Valencia speciality 'Esgarraet' (salt cod and peppers). Their classic tapas include Jamon iberico (Spanish ham), Pulpo (Octopus), Rabo de Toro (Oxtail). They also do authentic paella and fideua. This is the real deal. Joe’s Garage C/ de Zurradores, 9 Tel: 96 3152245 Great! Friendly, Italian-owned bar with many Spritz choices, making it a great pre and post dinner and clubbing meeting point. John Silver C/ Alta, 8 Guitar rock soundtrack filling three floors.

Open every day from 12.00h, great bar on Pl. Negrito with terraza and some of the finest agua de Valencia around. Friendly staff, superb terraza, next to fountain and a great selection of cavas and champagnes. Good music and reasonable prices. Recommended. La Magarota C/ murillo, 11 Tel: 665 04 15 08 Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 20.00h to 01.00am. Friendly and bohemian tapas bar. La Maruja Plaza de los Fueros, 6 Tel: 654 067 713 L'Ermita C/ Obispo Don Jeronimo, 4 Tel: 96 391 67 59 Saturday... live acoustic music around 21.00h. London Café C/ de la Carda, 1 Movil: 699 922 370 Huge cafe bar with friendly service and good food. Dig the London theme! Near Mercado Central. Mata Hari (La Casa del Té) C/ Portal de Valldigna, 9 Open from 18.00h, closed Monday and Tuesday. Delightful tea hang-out in quiet side street of the Barrio Carmen. Teas from Morocco and Libya. Nou Carxofa C/ Baja, 42 Tel: 96 3 910 298 Set in a quiet stree in the historic centre. Friendly owners in an authentic Spanish cafe-bar restaurant now with English-Spanish intercambio every Tuesday from 20.30h. Open from Monday to Saturday from 19h to 01.30h. Traditional tapas to share, salads, cheeses, fondues, bocadillos and homemade desserts. Agreeable ambience and reasonable prices. Picapiedra C/ Caballeros, 25 Definitive of the alternative Carmen scene. Highly popular with students, punks, hippies and adventurous tourists. QArt! Calle de Guillem de Castro, 78 46001 Valencia, España Tel: 963 916 115 Gay friendly, spacious café bar Sol i Lluna C/ del Mar, 29 96 392 22 16, Cafe-bar with ample terrace, good crowd of locals and foreigners. Varied tapas and meals to be savoured on balmy evenings. Buzzing atmosphere at night and great music soundtrack too.

Sant Jaume C/ Caballeros, 51 Tel. 96 391 24 01 Valencia Café society par excellence. Set in what may be the best corner of the centro histórico, this long established café bar has a cosmopolitan crowd, lots of room upstairs and one of the best terrazas in the city. Watch the characters stroll down C/Caballeros. The Lounge Café-Bar Estameñeria Vieja 2 (behind La Lonja) Tel: 96 391 80 94, Check out their language intercambio nights, live Spanish Primera Liga, English Premier, French, Italian and Portuguese league matches on television. Zume C/ Valencians, 4 (just off Plaza Negrito) Tel: 96 114 40 99 Great! Natural fruit juices, crepes, cocktails, teas and infusions. Friendly atomsphere and spacious interior with cool music soundtrack. Big choice of juices from South America, try the Açai Amazonian berry for an energy boost! Run by a friendly Brazilian Team. Open every day Zona Ruzafa El Desvan del Café C/ Puerto Rico, 4 Tel: 96 344 16 86 Original and bohemian cafe-bar with delightful and original interior. Ubik Café C/ Literato Azorín, 13 Tel: 96 374 12 55 Emblematic of the buzzing barrio of Ruzafa. Wonderful, spacious and welcoming cafebar/ second-hand bookshop. Spanish & Italian tapas, beer, wine, bohemian crowd, friendly atmosphere. Closed Monday. Zona Plaza Xuquer

Juanita Club C/ Lepanto, 8 Rasta Vibrations just two minutes walk from the Torres de Quart, open every day from 19h. A real Reggae lover’s paradise, authentic vibe. Very popular dj sessions at night from Wednesday to Saturday with roots, reggae, dub and more until 03:30h. Every day in the afternoon CABINA ABIERTA and 2 quintos for 1€ until 24h. Allways free entry. Follow us on Facebook “DubDlub JuanitaClub” La Cava del Negret C/ Calatrava, 15 Tel: 96 392 33 01

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650 639 177

Gatos Cafe Pub Plaza Xuquer, 9 Set in the beautiful Plaza Xuquer, this is a cafe-bar with everything. Rocafull Cafe Pl. Xuquer, 14 A key meeting point of the ‘indie’ community. Zona Plaza Cedro Cafe Infinito C/ Poeta Mas y Ros, no 35 Tel: 617 27 20 42

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ʻLIKEʼ US ON Superb! International multilingual staff with a friendly atmosphere and packed agenda including theme nights, language exchange and live music quiz. Tornillo C/ Campoamor, 42 Tel. 96 392 55 27 A meeting point for faces from the indie and electronica scenes. Definitely worth checking.

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Zona Plaza Benimaclet La Ola Fresca C/ Musico Magenti, 11 Mobile: 610 026 305 Highly popular cafe-bar, restaurant and shop with daily menu, original dishes and drinks from around the world, activities throughout the week and brunches on Sunday. Run by a native English speaker. Tam Tam C/ Emilio Baro, 20 Very special, one of the finest chill out bars in the city. A bohemian hangout with a spacious, soulful interior. Eclectic sounds for an eclectic clientele. One of Valencia’s best kept secrets…

GAY / LESBIAN Adn Pub C/ Angel Custodio, 10 (Barrio del Carmen) Café de La Seu C/ Santo Caliz, 7 Spacious, arty chill out bar, near the cathedral. Codigo G. Av. Constitucion, 29 (Calle Dr Montoro) Tel: 963920570 / 617109956 New disco. ”For gay people”. Open from 01.30h. Free entry with flyer until 02.30h. Funk, house, soul. disco, pop and more. Dark room and VIP room Colectivo Lambda of Lesbians, Gays and Transexuals C/ Vivons, 26 Baix - 1 Tel: 96 334 21 91 Magnus Termas (Sauna) Av. Puerto, 27 Tel: 96 337 48 92 Nuncadigono C/ Turia, 22 The latest gay sex-club. Pekado Pl. Vicente Iborra, 9 Tel. 96 392 41 39 The seven deadly sins are served after you enter the gates of hell of this restaurant. Qart Café C/ Guillem de Castro, 80 Sant Miquel Pl. Sant Miquel, 13 Tel. 96 392 31 29 Spartacus C/ Flassanders, 8 Gay sex shop Trapezzio Café Pl. Músico Lopez Chavarri, 2 Turangalila C/ del Mar, 34 Tel. 96 391 02 55 Well prepared Mediterranean dishes. Drag queens sing for customers in this original restaurant. Venial C/ Quart, 34 Tel: 96 391 73 56 The first choice gay venue after hours.



lunches. It is internationally famous for all the right reasons. Great for the craic in the evenings. Live music every week.A classic. O’Hara’s (Celtic Tavern O´Hara's ) C/.Cajeros nº 1 (corner con c/.Danzas nº 5) ( behind Lonja ) Telf: 606602517 From Monday to Sunday Open from 18 h. a 00.02h. A short stroll from La Lonja and within spitting distance of Home hostel. Celtic tavern with a warm interior & mellow vibe... and all your favourite beers. Televised football matches include Primera Liga and Champions League. Friendly and knowledgable owner. Fantastic variety of imported beers with nearly 50 of the best brands. Zona Canovas

Beer C/ Salamanca, 4 Tel. 96 374 14 31 Facebook Cerveceria Beer. Open every day from 19:00 to 03:30. Great selection of beers, cans and bottles from around the world. Try 30 types of beer from Spain and abroad. Have a great time with your mates competing at darts and table football, and enjoy the daily offers every day of the week at Beer. Monday - with your beer they invite you to free mussels. Every Tuesday from 19.00h to 24.00h, Beer from the barrel 2 x1with montadito included! Wednesday from 23’30 to 01’30 with Patatas arrugadas con mojo picón canario and live music with Tony Ventura y amigos. Thursday has popular beer prices 2’50€ for pint from midnight & blackjack at night. Saturday has massage and roller skate raffles with your drinks, prizes announced at 2:30 am!Sunday has football live and we have La Liga, Champions League and Uefa during the week.

TRADITIONAL PUBS Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento Dublin House Pl. Patriarca, 6 Excellent! Open from 8.00h – 24.00h and later on Friday/ Saturdays. Dublin House serves breakfasts, snacks and coffees. Set in a tranquil square, a good mix of ages and nationalities in this upmarket pub with a friendly staff. Screens for football matches and all your favourite beers including Guinness! Relax on the mellow terraza or lounge on the classy Chesterfield sofas in the VIPs-style area at the back! Zona El Carmen Finnegan’s Pl. de la Reina Tel: 96 392 28 62 The legendary meeting point in the heart of Valencia for those who like a good pint. Excellent terrace with fine view of the Cathedral. A genuine Irish pub with big screen for sports-lovers who like it live. Spacious and warm interior, good selection of beers and tasty traditional

Portland Ale House C/ Salamanca 10 Yes! Valencia’s first true American pub, run by a friendly American team with draft beers available, sports and an increasingly mixed crowd of locals, visitors and English and Spanish speakers. They now brew & serve their own beer ! Tuesdays and Wednesdays are international language exchange nights with Orange Academy, Thursdays is couch surfers meeting point and Sundays is the legendary pub quiz! St. Patrick’s Irish Pub Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, 69 Tel: 96 351 36 42 “A true Irish pub” that knows the craic! Friendly helpful international staff who speak Spanish and English! FREE WIFI to all customers. Open every day from 4pm ‘till late! Cosy interior with 5 rooms and 2 bars. A good mix of Spaniards and expats. We have 5 big screen plasma T.V.s that show all the sporting events (football, rugby, cricket, golf, basketball, etc.)! We have pool, darts, a big terrace and good music (pop-rock from all the ages with Spotify)! Great selection of beers, whiskies, cocktails, including fresh fruit slush, non-alcoholic or you choose the mix! Great snacks, sandwiches, quiche, meat pies, montaditos, tapas, etc. Lots of events: Live Music, Parties with prizes. Open Saturday and Sunday at 1pm for Premier League matches. Ask about Burns Party in January. Reservations at See website for more details! Zona Ruzafa Liverpool Russafa VLC C/ Sueca, 74 Telf: 674 244 998 English Pub. Everyday from 16.00 - 03.30h. Zona Avenida Aragón Manolo el del Bombo Pl. Valencia Club de Fútbol, 5 Tel: 96 930 460 A traditional Spanish bar with a different interior - a football museum with photos of the legendary Manolo del Bombo, the chap with the massive beret and drum. Just across from Mestalla stadium, a Mecca for football fans from all over the world. Friendly atmosphere.

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FEBRUARY 12 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS ¡Fiesta! An excellent restaurant-bar-club for those who love authentic Cuban food. American Burger King Pl. Ayuntamiento, 19 Tel: 96 352 58 00 Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 108 Tel: 96 362 363 What do they call a Whopper? Foster’s Hollywood Pl. Ayuntamiento Tel: 96 352 02 64 Big portions. Burgers, fries and milkshakes. McDonalds Pl. de la Reina, 15 Tel: 96 392 35 91 Easy to find, with the city’s cathedral as the backdrop. Peggy Sue’s American Diner Calle Carrasquer, 7 (near Torres de Quart) Tel: 96 391 90 18 Snooker Burger Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 151 Tel: 96 356 18 25 T.G.I. Friday's Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, nº 36-38 - Cánovas Tel: 96 307 30 97 Tony Roma’s Pl. Canovas de Castillo, 2 Tel: 96 351 34 33 Arabic

Sally O’Brien Av. Aragon, 8 Tel: 96 337 40 12 Open daily from 17.00h - 02.00h, 03.30h at the weekends. Top one! New ownership, good vibes, great service and plenty of activity! Sally O’Brien has gone up another level with an attractive exterior and two floors with nooks and crannies, separate room for private parties and live football on TV. Erasmus are welcome and the Sunday quiz (19.00h - 21.00h) is a fantastic excuse for Spanish and English speakers to mingle. Cash and prizes for the winners! Sally’s great again! Zona Plaza Xuquer Max Max C/ Vinalopó, 11 (Pl. Xúquer) Tel: 96 362 68 67 Very spacious, wide screen for all sports, pool, friendly staff and good music soundtrack. Good vibes! L'Eliana The Dragon (Bar Internacional) C/ Virgen de Pilar, 12 (L’Eliana) British-run bar with good reputation for food. Popular with the expat crowd from the area.

Restaurants Afro-Cuban

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Asian Fusion Banyan Lounge Bar & Grill C/ Comedias, 5 Tel: 96 315 48 90 Located just off the Calle de la Paz. With culinary pick ups from around the world. Sushi & Tapas C/ Salamanca, 10 Tel: 96 061 78 74 Takeaway: 96 011 58 85 13:30 - 16:00h / 20:30 - 23:30h. Authentic sushi. Brazilian O Rei Da Caipirinha C/ Vicente Sancho Tello Tel: 96 362 59 36 Open daily, Brazilian football memorabilia lines the walls. Cool Brazilian sounds and native staff. Barbecues every Sun at 13.30h. Chinese

Babalú C/ Manyans 17 (next to Plaza Redondo) Tel: 96 315 50 40


Sahara (Zona Carmen) C/ del Mar, 52 Tel: 96 394 32 76 Movil: 698 579 148 Set in a tranquil part of the old centre. Just 2 minute's walk from Plaza Reina. Arabic restaurant with Moroccan chef and owner. Lovely interior includes a corner with typical low seats and tables. Lovely starters includes hummus & aubergine tapas, main dishes include tajin, enjoy Arabic sweets for dessert and Arabic tea too.

Festin C/ Polo y Peyrolón, 25 Tel: 96 362 98 38 All your favourites: Wan Tun soup, fried rice, beef, shrimps, 15 Duck dishes to choose from. Gran Muralla Pl. Porta del Mar, 6 (next to Juzgados)

Open daily from 11.30h to 16.30h and 19.30h to 0.30h. Menu under 6€. Excellent Terrazas Django Pl. Don Juan de Villarrasa, 1 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 327 03 72 Absolutely fantastic sunny terrace to enjoy tasty breakfasts, classic tapas and traditional Mediterranean dishes. French Atmosphére (Institut Français) C/ Moro Zeit, 6 Open 08.00h to 20.00h, delicious homemade food from expert chefs. Crêperie Bretonne Annaik C/ Bordadores, 4 Tel: 96 153524 Excellently located by the Cathedral. El Bicho Raro C/ Conde Montornes, 9 Tel: 96 392 49 20 German Bierwinkel C/ Guardia Civil, 4 Tel: 96 393 42 88 Hearty German cervecería in Benimaclet student zone. Imported beers, German cuisine. Greek Rincon Griego C/ Conde Montornes Tel: 96 394 44 43 Legendary amongst Greek restaurants in the community. Take away as well. Indian / Pakistani Dhaba (Zona Carmen) Plaza Don Juan de Villarassa, 6 (behind Mercado Central & near Radio City) Tel: 96 391 00 19 Open in March 2012 Shere Khan (Zona Canovas) Calle Serrano Morales 11 Tel: 96 395 0645 Shish-Mahal (Zona Plaza Xúquer) Calle Poeta Artola, 13 Taj-Mahal (Zona Av. Puerto) C/ Dr. Manuel Candela, 20, Tel: 96 330 62 64. One of the best Indian restaurants along the coast. Authentic Indian cuisine, chefs with 12 years Brit experience. Classic menu with all the favourites: Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, King Prawn Tandoori, Lamb. Variety of rices, attentive bilingual staff on hand to serve ‘English’ or ‘Spanish’ version of spicy. About 18€ per head. Taj Mahal now has home delivery until midnight for minimum price of 20€. Check out the British and Indian products at their shop next door! Curry powders, cornflakes, ketchup, tinned beans, and loads more. An expat’s dream! Italian Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento La Nicoletta Pizza ristorante C/ La Paz 33.

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ʻLIKEʼ US ON Oficina: 963253960 - Móvil 608003463 Verde Rame C/ Martinez Cubells, 4 Tel: 96 351 22 18 Traditional Italian cooking with italian owners.

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near to C/ La Paz. This is authentic Genoese & Italian cuisine with experienced and welcoming Genoese owners. Zona Canovas

Zona Botánico


Italian Pizzeria Il Bocconcino C/ Quart, 1 Tel: 96 323 03 98 Authentic Italian pizzeria / bocatería run by an Italian family. Japanese

Mimmo Cantina C/Dr Sanchis Bergon, 24 Tel: 96 315 4968 Movil: 645074435 Italian owned and run, with a lovely setting overlooking the Rio Turia. Zona El Carmen Al Pomodoro C/ del Mar, 22 Tel: 96 391 48 00, Very popular, good value, great pizza. Bacco d.o.c. C/ Derechos 29, bajo (1 min from La Lonja) Tel: 96 391 19 65 Everyone welcome at this distinctive and very original Italian restaurant in an excellent location. The setting is fun and a little decadent, with stalactites hanging from the cave-like setting and one of the most unique washrooms in Valencia Huge selection of pasta dishes, including lasagne, gnocchi, tagliatelle, penne and bucatini, ravioli. Homemade tiramisu is a decadent treat. Especially popular with a trendy arts crowd, women out in groups and romantic couples. La Pappardella C/ Bordadores, 5 (next to Cathedral) Tel: 96 391 89 15 Popular Italian restaurant without pizza and emphasis on Piadinas and pastas. La Strada C/ Quart 17 Tel: 96 392 41 77 Excellent! Hip pizzeria and pasta restaurant just a brief stroll from Torres de Quart. 10€ daytime menus, around 15€ at night. Friendly service and tasty meals, popular with couples and groups and bound to be popular over the festive season! English Speaking Waiter. Zona C/ La Paz La Gñocca de La Tia C/ Verger, 1 Tel: 961 139 930 Relatively new and making a really good name for itself already. In a quiet street,

Accapella C/ Conde Altea, 60 Tel: 96 3748424 A warm welcome from a family run restaurant. Well presented pasta and pizza dishes in relaxing and spacious surroundings. The music is mellow and the interior is gentle on the eye. A qualified wine connoisseur can recommend what goes best with your dish. Wonderful terraza. A good night out… On Wednesdays and Thursdays we invite you to lambrusco. 20% discount on your meal when you bring this copy of 24/7 Valencia. Don Salvatore Italiano C/ Conde de Altea, 41 Tel: 96 334 13 04 A real treat of an Italian restaurant. Wonderful terrace and bilingual owner, a great Canovas success story. Spot the Valencia footballer! Lambrusquería C/ Conde Altea, 31 -36 Tel: 96 334 07 53 This is an absolute jewel of an Italian restaurant! Wok Italy Mediterranean Take Away C/ Salamanca, 7 Movil: 655 478 021 Great! Italian run, combining Mediterranean ingredients with Asian-style cooking, and using Virgin olive oil for healthy & good value dishes.

Kokura Pere i borrego 10 (C/ Alta – Na Jordana) Excellent! The most exotic Maki collection in Valencia. Check out their fusion cuisine with modern ingredients via their web for delivery or come visit their intimate lounge setting. Experienced staff and a friendly welcome. Macrobiotic Kimpira C/ Juristas, 12 Tel: 96 392 34 22 Macrobiotic food, comfortable setting, now in the old centre. Mexican El Mexico de María (Zona Avda. Aragón) C/ Vicente Sancho Tello, 25 Tel: 96 206 37 27 Friendly Mexican restaurant, superb homemade dishes. El Mexico de Maria has Mexican cuisine with 5 years of culinary experience in Valencia with a fine combination of traditional and fusion Mexian cuisine for their loyal clientele. Taquería el Burrito (Zona Carmen) C/ Alta,12 Tel: 96 113 36 08


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FEBRUARY 12 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Tasty Mexican food & drink. Takeaway service. Organic La Morhada Mercado Cental, Paradas 225 y 227 Tel: 96 382 91 34 Completely organic vegetable & fruit produce at Mercado Central. Home delivery service! Portuguese Café Pessoa C/ Literato Azorin, 2 Tel: 96 341 75 14 Great! An authentic Portuguese café bar with lovely cocktails and trendy interior. Spanish / Valencian Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento Carpe Diem C/ Martínez Cubells, 4 (off Passeig Ruzafa) Tel: 96 342 77 80, A genuine Spanish restaurant right in the centre of Valencia, on a mellow side street, dead easy to find! Friendly service, trendy interior, expert chefs and authentic Valencia cuisine! Enjoy fish dishes, Spanish tapas and rice dishes including paella on their mellow terraza as you watch the world go by. Savour their delicious salads, chilled white wines, and desserts. An international staff are on hand to help you with your choice. Enjoy their Tapas menu. Some of the best mediterranean dishes around. Zona El Carmen 33 Lounge Restaurant C/ San Dionisio, 8 Tel: 96 392 41 61 Mediterranean tapas, expertly made fresh paella, homemade desserts and bossa nova soundtrack. Bajando al Sur C/ Dr. Monserrat, 32 Tel: 96 392 50 86 Bar Kiosco C/ Derechos, 38 Tel: 96 391 01 59 Great terrace and economic menu del días, a brief stroll from La Lonja or Mercat Central. La Galeria C/ Baja, 38 Tel: 96 3 154 494 Tasty and in the heart of the barrio del Carmen.

Tel: 96 391 04 97 Every major Spanish city has a tapas bar regarded as ‘quintessential’. Established in 1917, this one is high up on the list in many guides. Veteran waiters serve excellent tapas: habas, ensaladilla rusa and the famous mussels. Open daily midday to midnight just off Plaza Tossal, not hard to find. Now that’s what we call atmosphere... Boatella Tapas Pl. Mercado, 34 Tel: 96 391 13 14 Great tapas bar with all your favourites. Fine terrace and top view. Bocatame C/ Turia, 61 Tel: 96 391 08 70 Bohemian sandwich bar with plenty of choice and space. Bocateria La Vaca Verde Plaza Mercado Mossén Sorell, 11 Tel: 96 3154 061 Check out the international milk carton collection on the wall! Bodeguilla de Gato C/ Catalans, 10 Tel: 96 391 82 35 Try it! Firm favourite amongst locals in the know. Tapas, vino and copas. Real atmosphere… Burdeos in Love C/ del Mar, 4 Tel: 96 391 43 50 Classy wine bar with stylish cuisine. Carosel Taula de Canvis, 6 Tel: 96 1132 873 Cool restaurant near to the Mercado central. Authentic Mediterranean dishes with delicious and beautifully presented salads, wonderful paella, informed clientele, spacious and relaxing interior. Valencian chef and English speaking host. Dos Aguas C/ Marqués de Dos Aguas, 6 Tel: 96 251 64 26 Good value Spanish menu del días, great view.

9:00 - 01:30 todos los días

La Pilareta C/ Moro Zeit

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El Botijo C/ San Miguel s/n Spanish tasca in the Barrio Carmen! Great terraza, delicious tapas, a top ensaladilla rusa and great tabla de quesos too. Cool flamenco, rock and pop sounds, welcoming vibe and friendly Andalucian/Valencia owners. Perfect size portions and informed service. Be sure to try Valencian tinto no. 12! El Generalife C/ Caballeros, 5 Tel: 96 391 78 99 Wonderful terrace, view of the Plaza del Virgen.

El Carmen Miranda (food & cocktails) C/ En Plom, 9 Tel: 96 336 62 83 Near Torres de Quart. Great! Run by friendly Spanish owners with a wonderful evening meals & good service. We enjoyed their paella! Great group meals.

El Peix Daurat cocina mediterránea y... de más sitios C/Dr.Monserrat,14. Valencia El Peix Daurat C/ Doctor Monserrat 14. Tel:.635 413 476. Open Tuesday to Friday (13.30h - 16.00h Monday to Sunday (20.00h - 24.00h) Wonderful lunch-time paella every Friday afternoon.Superb! By sheer word of mouth, this hidden gem of a restaurant has become a favourite of discerning customers. Chic & tasty Mediterranean cuisine and from around the world. Situated in a quiet street in the old centre, just 2 minute’s walk from Torres de Quart so easy to find. They use different techniques and cooking traditions to create Mediterranean dishes with their unique flavour. They now serve great pinchos & tapas. El Rall Pl. Tundidores, 2 Tel: 96 392 20 90 Legendary paella restaurant, prime location by La Lonja and Plaza Negrito. Erba Cipollina C/ Viriato, 7 Tel: 96 392 04 96 Clean presentation, calm atmosphere. Escalones de La Lonja C/ Pere Compte, 3 What a great setting! A terrace by La Lonja. Espaivisor C/ Corretgería, 40 Tel: 96 392 23 99 Superb, imaginative and tasty Mediterranean dishes. L’Antigua Bodegueta 1833 C/ Purisima, 6 Mobile: 677 405 931 Authentic, friendly, warm and intimate Spanish tapas bar with a great selection of tapas including ham, cheese, meat and fish choices + prawns, snails, pâté, ribs, chicken & Valencian speciality ‘esgarraet’. Enjoy the covered terraza at the back and watch the world go by at the front… Every day from 20.00h to 21.00h Happy Hour for Beer!

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24/7 Valencia Very cool, popular and excellently located by the cathedral tower. A distinctive interior combines minimalism with ‘60s Spanish retro and space for 50 customers. This is ‘nueva cocina española’! Win a free meal for two at La Lola! In what year was Juan Valderrama born? To enter join Facebook 24/7 Valencia with 'like' or 'me gusta' and then Email the correct answer with your full name to: ed@24-7valencia. La Mari y sus tacones C/ Alta, 28 Tel: 96 3156377 Chic yet friendly Spanish tapas and vino bar/restaurant.

L'Aplec C / Roteros, 9 (near Torres de Serranos) Movil: 696 119986 Bar - restaurant to go for tapas. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 12 noon to closing. Spontaneous atmosphere, friendly and fun. Home cooking. Drinks and hot tapas with a hint of fun. New and easy to find as it is just a stoneʼs throw from the Torres de Serranos. Nice and spacious interior too! L' Aplec now has a great terrace with a varied menu for just 10€ with drink included, from Tuesday to Saturday. Enjoy their homemade, fresh and authetic paella that changes from meat to fish to vegetable choices available from Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday has paella by the ration along with your classic Spanish tapas. La Caragola Pl. Mossen Sorell, 9 Tel: 615 992 803 La Cava C/ San Fernando, 20 Tel: 96 392 08 34 La Greta C/ Pere Bonfill, 7 Tel. 96 332 24 47 Alternative vibe, cool music, tapas and open, liberal crowd. Vegetarians are catered for. La Huerta y La Botella Obispo Don Geronimo, 8 Tel: 963 923 705 In a quiet street, just off Calle Caballeros. Valencian cocina includes Michelin trained chefs. Choice wine list too. Menu del dia is 10€. Average price for evening meal is 20€.

Las Damas C/ Damas, 3 Tel: 96 352 12 97 Unpretentious restaurant in a quiet corner of town. Good value menu del días for under 8€. La Surcusal C/ Guillem de Castro, 118 (at IVAM) Tel: 96 374 66 65 This modern, creative restaurant has become a talking point in and outside Valencia. Not for those on a budget- 50€ a head. La Tarara C/ de la Cruz 4, 646 178 092, 646 524 877 Homemade dishes near the Torres de Serranos. La Xirgu C/ dels Borja, 4 Tel: 96 392 27 35 Very spacious, arty, and buzzing at the weekends with an alternative vibe… Los Arcos C/ Blanquerías, 10 Tel: 96 391 71 31 Quality cuisine by the Torres de Serranos. Mattilda C/ Roteros, 21 Tel. 96 392 31 68 Creative cuisine.

C/ del Mar, 29 | tel. 960 715 790

MENÚ MEDIODÍA 12 EUROS ARROCES CENAS DAILY MENU 12 EUROS RICE DINNERS Tel/ Reservas: 963 918 045 / 659 699 997 Subida del Toledano /8, junto a Miguelete Valencia - Spain

La Lola C/ Subida de Toledano, 8 Tel: 96 391 80 45,

Mediterraniart C/ del Mar, 29 Tel: 96 0 715 790 Great! Open very day of the week, Mediterraniart is an authentic and elegant Valencia chill out bar/restaurant run by a friendly, young and experienced team. Paella everyday, typical Spanish tapas including bravas, calamares, ham and cheese and mediterranean salads and dishes. Menú del día 9,50€ & 14€. Dinners betwen 20-25 €. Mellow & cool music soundtrack with soul, funk, jazz, house and more. Mesclat Doctor Beltrán Bigorra, 10 Teléfono: 96 306 5852 Authentic and wide choice of natural hamburgers.


Nou Carxofa C/ Baja, 42 Tel: 96 391 02 98 Restaurant area at the back serves homemade dishes. Good value, tasty and good music. Ocho y Medio Plaza Lope de Vega, 5 Tel: 96 392 20 22 Creative cooking with Mediterranean influences. Fish and meat dishes with fresh ingredients. Very special. This is a very classy combination of Spanish arrocería with exquisite rice plates and a wonderful ‘carta de diseño’. A beautiful and relaxing interior and wonderful view of the square. There is a menú del día for 15€ and expect to pay between 25€ 30€ in the evening. Great wine list, too.

Paparazzi C/ Baja, 42 Tel. 96 315 45 88 New! Set in a quiet corner of the atmospheric old town. Run by a friendly and experienced owner, enjoy wonderful homemade Mediterranean cooking including; Lasagna, Parmigiana, Canellones, Pasta and a lot more !!!!! Business groups and romantic couples are all welcome. Tasty Menu for 13€ every evening. Closed Sunday night and all day Monday. Refugio Restaurante del Carmen C/ Alta, 42 Tel: 96 391 77 54 A warm and authentic Mediterranean fusion restaurant with touches of Asia and a new carta, too. See ‘Something Different’ for more details. Restaurant L’hamadriada Pl. Vicente Iborra, 3 Tel: 96 326 08 91 Tasty dishes in a quiet corner of the Barrio del Carmen. San Miguel C/ Sant Miquel, 7 Tel: 96 392 31 29 Classy. In the heart of the historic centre, San Miquel has a tapas bar, a wonderful terrace and authentic traditional cuisine. The fact that it is highly popular with locals is a guarantee & a sign of a quality, with paella, arroz a banda and its speciality of 'arroz encebollado' rice with fish & onions. You can also enjoy their 'sangria' and famous 'Agua de Valencia'. Serranos C/ Blanquerías, 5 Tel: 96 391 70 61 Another great Valencia landmark close by the Torres de Serrano. Sesame C/ En Bou, 10 Tel: 96 391 30 62 International cuisine in a quiet corner

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FEBRUARY 12 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS of the Carmen. Great service. Seu-Xerea C/ Conde Almodóvar, 4 Tel: 96 392 40 00 British-born owner/chef for one of the best regarded fusion restaurants, a minute from Plaza de la Virgen. Creative and affordable. Sidrería El Molinón C/ Bolseria, 40 Tel: 96 391 15 38 Specialities are Cocina Asturiana. Sol i Lluna C/ del Mar, 29 Tel: 96 392 22 16, Breakfast from 09.00h to 13.30h, imaginative meals with delicious salads and international dishes. Recommended. Taberna del Mal Abrigo C/ Almirante, 3 Tel: 96 3 924 684 Great name and good food. Authentic Spanish restaurant and bar with traditional and very spacious interior and serene terraza at the back. Tintofino Ultramarino C/ Corretgeria, 38 Tel: 96 315 39 64 Like a fine wine? Oh, that’s superb! Tapas, cheese, and meat too! Trafico de Bocatas C/ Roteros, 16 Tel: 96 391 91 74 Over 20 years of great sandwiches. Vintara Plaza de la Reina, 19 Tel: 96 392 41 85 Great paella is available from Monday to Friday and there are other rice dishes to be enjoyed as well as fresh Spanish tapas, tasty meat and fish dishes. Winery (Envinarte) C/ Serranos, 6 Tel: 96 391 39 30 A classy winery by the Torres de Serrano. Yuso C / de la Cruz, 4 izquierda Tel: 96 315 39 67 The real deal. Valencian chefs and Valencian staff. Superb paella, arroz en fesols i naps, arroz a banda, patatas bravas, salads and more. Classy Valencian restaurant by the old Arabic wall near Torres de Serranos. Homemade food, only open Friday - Sunday. About 18€ a head.Open Christmas day & Reyes - January 6. Zona Ruzafa Basilico C/ Cadiz, 42 Brunch every Sunday from 11.00h onwards with eggs, fresh bread, delicious juices, salmon and bacon. Big hit with students at only 8€. Cadiz 70 C/ Cadiz, 70 Tel: 96 334 15 74 Excellent wine bar in the heart of Ruzafa district. Cool jazz, quality tapas to savour. Ganxo C/ Literario Azorin, 4 Tel: 96 328 55 48 Run by a Spanish/Irish couple, homemade food in friendly surroundings. Zona Canovas La Reina Plaza de Canovas, 1 Tel: 671 631 314

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Run by the talented and popular chef Jim Harris, this is a classy and welcoming addition to the restaurant scene. Las Lunas C/ Ciscar, 35 Tel: 662 047 091 / 695 192 336 E-mail: Great! Brand new restaurant in the cosmopolitan Canovas zone run by an experienced staff. At the bar or in the dining room, you may enjoy an informal lunch or dinner consisting of tasty tapas, as well as the finest homemade meals for their menus, in classic Mediterranean style.

Reservations: 622 233 101 or 629 255 040 Authentic local restaurant in a great area. Zona Cabañal Casa Montaña C/ Jose Benlliure, 69 Tel: 96 367 23 14 Established in 1836, this is an historic bodega and tapas bar, one of the best in all Spain. Over 1000 wines and crunchy patatas bravas, croquetas de bacalao, mussels. Framed posters and photos of Spanish ‘figuras’ and large barrels of wine line the walls. Excellent choice for locals and visitors. Zona Playa y Puerto La Pepica At the Beach - Av. Neptuno, 6 Tel: 96 371 03 66 Legendary paella restaurant with room for 400 guests. Rice and seafood, with paella Valenciana a speciality. Hemingway did eat here! Zona Av. Aragón

C/ Conde Altea, 39 Tel: 96 3819 444 La Taska Sidreria C/ Conde Altea, 39 Tel: 96 3819 444 Every Thursday is cider day, with free cider with your meal. Enjoy the finest cuisine from Northern Spain including well-prepared octopus, cod, sausage and tortilla dishes. Their natural Asturian cider is served in the classic way by the waiters in this friendly and warm restaurant, combining fine service with fresh produce. A wonderful selection of red, white and rosé wines to choose from too. Successfully run by 2 brothers of Asturian descent. If you bring this copy of ‘24/7 Valencia’ with you, you get a free bottle of cider with your lunch or dinner!

Santorini Mediterranean lounge Avenida Aragon, 18 Tel: 96 3 698 317 Superb! Conveniently near to the Mestalla football stadium and the Cines Babel so a great choice for clients from all walks of life. A lovely Mediterranean restaurant with a great terraza too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with quality salads, pizzas, pastas and more. Expect to pay between 15 - 20 euros. Good setting, in the exclusive Av. Aragon zone and open from 08.00h to 01.30h Something Different

Zona Rio del Turia La Masia de los Jardineros In Río Túria (Parallel with bus station) Tel: 627 209 992 Peaceful spot away from the crowds. Menu del día for 9.50€, paella, salads, and fideua. Wicky Parque de cabecera - Tel. 656 856 899. Enjoy an ample carta of Mediterranean and meat dishes in pleasant surroundings. Zona Juan Lloréns Amics Meus Cafe C/ Calixto III, 6 Tel: 96 384 55 28. One of the best café-bocaterías in the Juan Lloréns area. Zona Manuel Candela Bodega “El Labrador” C/ Dr. Manuel Candela, 58 Tel: 96 372 75 30 One of Valencia’s very best bodegas, down-toearth interior. Busy at weekends! Essential. Zona Plaza Xuquer Taberna Jos Plaza Xuquer, 13

Refugio Restaurante del Carmen C/ Alta, 42 Tel: 96 391 7754 The ‘Cooking Revolution’! Refugio is truly a restaurant of the Carmen. Run by a warm, bohemian Valencian couple with years of culinary experience this is now a Mediterranean fusion restaurant with International cuisine. Warm, wooden interior with intimate corners. From Monday-Friday they have a 10€ lunch menu and a plato del dia for 6.50€. Theme nights. Good music soundtrack and mixed clientele. They also do food to order. 14:00h - 16:00h / 21:00h - 24.00h. Open everyday. From Sunday to Thursday, evening menu for 20€. Special midday

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ʻLIKEʼ US ON menus on Saturday, Sunday, holidays for 13€. Group menus, art exhibitions and revolutionary voucher. If you bring this copy of 24/7 Valencia to your dinner you can bring your own bottle of wine too! Takeaway Prêt-à-porter C/ Murillo 10 ([barrio del carmen) Tel. 963 128 768 Superb! “Quality cuisine from around the world for everbody”. Friendly & experienced chef has fresh & quality international dishes to takeaway including paella, couscous, curry, pasta and more. Tapas Bars La Comisaría Tapas y copas ilegales Pl. Arbol, 5 (corner C/ Baja) Tel: 96 391 07 39 Recently opened and already giving much to talk about, ̔La Comisaria - Tapas y Copas ilegales̓ offers a new concept in gastronomy in the barrio del Carmen.Menus, long drinks or a glass of red wine with your tapa, all in an elegant and welcoming interior, soon you will enjoy the terrace-lounge. Hours: Monday to Wednesday night / Thursday to Sunday 12pm - 01.30am Price per person around 15/20 €. Phone reservations / info: 96 391 07 39. Thai

Thai Gardens Valencia C/ Joaquin Costa,26. Zona Canovas Tel: 96 333 66 13

Thai Gardens C/ Joaquin Costa,26 Zona Canovas Tel:96 333 66 13 Superb! Check out this impressive Thai restaurant in the cosmopolitan Canovas zone. Authentic Thai cuisine by expert Thai chefs with all ingredients imported weekly from Bangok. There is an afternoon lunch menu for 14.60€, from Monday to Friday, including dessert and drink. The carta offers the best of real Thai cooking that truly reflects Thai culture. The setting is truly wonderful, with all the impressive furnishings imported from Thailand. It also very spacious so perfect for groups and couples looking for something authentic, tasty and memorable. A great night out and an affordable day-time lunch menu too. Check out the menu San Valentin for 35€!

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Vegetarian copenhagen Literato Azorin, 8 Tel: 96 3 28 99 28 Classy vegetarian with clean interior. Menu from Tuesday to Friday. Carta everynight. All product is bought daily from the local Ruzafa market to guarantee fresh and healthy cuisine. Closed Monday. La Tastaolletes C/ Salvador Giner, 6 Tel: 96 392 18 62 Highly recommended. Emphasis is on tastiness and nutrition. Spinach, musaka, hummus…

shopping On the whole, the Carmen clothes shops are more alternative. The Colón stores tend to be high street names. Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento La Violeta (Flower shop, express delivery) Pl. Ayuntamiento, puesto 2 Tel: 96 352 13 99, 667 326 340 Zona El Carmen Bugalu (retro) C/ Derechos, 22 Tel 96 391 84 49 Blue Moon (near Plaza Dr. Collado) C/ Calle Ercilla,1 bajo Tel: 618 495 215 Rock'n'ropa, shoes, accessories, guitars for pin-ups & gentlemen. C/ Ercilla n°1,bajo 46001 Valencia ( near Plaza Dr Collado) www.facebook/BlueMoonValencia Clothes imported from England, the United States and France. Shoes include Irregular choice, Poetic License and Pepe Milan. Accesories from French designers, Très Noir hand-made glasses and vintage guitars. Confettis C/ Quart, 69 Mobile: 687 100 608 A shop for all the family with party ‘piñatas’. Cup Cake C/ La Paz, 36 Tel: 96 352 01 95 Emeeme 1964 C/ Numancia, 1 Tel: 96 315 40 53 Welcoming artisans have opened a genuine Valencian ceramic print shop. La Room (Unisex T-shirt shop) C/ Estameñería vieja Nº2 (local 2) Tel: 96 315 58 13 La Tenda de Roba C/ Trench, 2 Tel: 96 392 56 48 Quality jeans and cords. Great prices & service! Madame Bugalu C/Danzas, 3 Tel: 96 315 44 76 Chic!

Mercado de La Pulga C/ San Fernando, 22 Tel: 96 3 918 215 Wonderful and spacious shop and just a stone̓s throw from the Mercado Central. You will find plenty of T-shirts, mugs, jeans, musical instruments, toys, fashion accessories, posters, postcards and more delights from around the world. Helpful, knowledgeable staff and a nice mixed crowd of locals and visitors. This is a shop for everyone! Just 1 minute̓s walk from Plaza Ayuntamiento. Monki C/ Calatrava 11, bajo Tel: 96 392 45 16, Naturalmente Eco shopping Plaza Doctor Collado, 6 (behind La Lonja, near to Cafe Lisboa) Tel: 96 105 08 79 Naturalmente Eco Shopping is a lovely little shop with plenty of charm, set in the historic centre of Valencia, Spain. The concept is fashion with an ecological conscience. Plou i Fa Sol Plaza Musico Lopez Chavarri Nº7 Bajo, 46003, Valencia. Tel: 963919797 Charming organic shop in the heart of El Carmen. Welcoming atmosphere and friendly and knowledgeable owners. English and Spanish speakers. Big variety of organic food,  bio cosmetic and natural remedies. Workshops, exhibitions and talks. Open from 9am till 20.30 pm, doesn't close at midday. Closed Sunday. Satwa C/ Calatrava, 17 Tel: 96 3 911 492 Scrapbook boutique. Elegant and fun with friendly service. Urban Klan (Skate wear / Hip-Hop) C/ Museo, 5


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R´n´B, Reggae, psychedelia, garage, rockabilly, metal, noise, blues, alternative, glam, power pop, indie uk and more. Secondhand CD̓s, vinyl and rare DVD'S too! Fnac C/ Guillem de Castro 9-11 Tel. 96 353 90 00 Impressive collection of many types of music upstairs. Pop, classical, jazz, rock, etc...


Taste Of America C/ Avd Reino de Valencia, 6 Tel: 96 206 64 65 We know you miss lots of things from the U.S.A. , but don´t worry, there is a piece of America right here in Valencia. Taste of America brings you the products you miss most. A store where you can find everything you need to prepare the perfect meal or breakfast: drinks, appetizers, sauces, stuffing, bagels, scones, cakes, muffins, chocolate, teas…and even kitchenware!

40 flats Av. Instituto Obrero, 20 50 flats C/ Espinosa 13, (esquina Gran Vía Fernando el Católico) Tel.: (34) 96 323 95 50 BEAUTY & HEALTH CARE Oblivium C/ Hospital, 6 Tel: 96 392 61 59, Oblivium is a relaxation centre specialized in flotation therapy and situated a 4-minute walk from Plaza del Ayuntamiento BIKE HIRE

RECORD SHOPS Discos Amsterdam Nuevo Centro Avenida PÍO XII, 2-4-6, Local 80 Tel: 96 348 39 65


BRITISH FOOD.ES Set in the delightful Mercado Central, Pasillo Luis Vives, 209 - 211. Including PG tips, HP sauce, Vimto, Fray Bentos, Branston, Homepride, Hartley's, Paxo.

Zona Colon Ann Summers Paseo Ruzafa, 16 Valencia’s erotic shop for women. Apple C/ Colon, 25 Tel: 96 3 506 300 Benetton C/ Don Juan de Austria, 28 Tel: 96 351 44 04 Cupcake Valencia C/ Colon, 2 Tel: 96 352 01 95 El Corte Inglés C/ Colón 1 / Colón, 27 Tel: 96 315 95 00 Emporio Armani C/ Colón, 66 - 68 Tel: 96 394 29 52 Foot Locker C/ Colón, 7 Tel: 96 394 47 02 Mango C/ Colón, 31 Tel: 963 528 858 Zara C/ Colón, 11 / Colón, 18 C/ Don Juan de Austria, 22

Fnac C/ Guillem de Castro 9-11 Tel. 96 353 90 00 Upstairs you will find a good collection of English books including language aids, travel guides, novels past and present, art books… Kanda Books C/ Tapineria, 18 (near Plaza Reina) Tel; 639 740 746 Please support your local second-hand bookshop. Plenty of titles in English and more. Homemade cards too! Leolo Libreria infantile y juvenile internacional C/ Turia, 50 Tel: 96 3 15 40 24 Great international bookshop for children, teenagers and parents. Staff speaks French, German, Spanish and English. Just 3 minute’s walk from Torres de Quart. Sahiri C / Danza, 5 ( near to La Lonja) Alternative bookshop, vegetarian restaurant and cafe. Slaughterhouse Librería y cafetería. C/ Denia 22 - 46006 Valencia 963287755 One of Valencia’s hippest hang-outs in the bohemian Ruzafa barrio. Great art books and good choice of exotic teas.

COUNTRY GUESTHOUSE CASA RURAL SERENA, CHULILLA. Award-winning Country Guesthouse in picturesque mountain village, 1 hour inland from Valencia. Escape the city to our rural paradise. Ring: 96 165 7083. DVD HIRE

Orange Bikes C/ Editor Manuel Aguilar, 1 (next to Mercado Central) Tel: 96 391 75 51, Valencia, with its flat landscape, excellent climate, bike lanes and compact size, is a cyclist’s dream. Orange Bikes is a modern, reliable and friendly shop with bikes to hire from 12€ a day. Electric bikes and repairs also available and easy to find! English, Spanish spoken. Recommended. Monday to Friday 09:30 h - 14:30 h / 16:30 h - 19:30 h. Saturday 10:00 h - 14:00 h. Closed Sunday. BOOK SHOPS Casa del Llibre Passeig Ruzafa, 11 Tel: 96 353 00 20 Spanish bookshop is a very welcome addition for English speakers / readers everywhere. Over 20,000 books in English, including art, music, literature, science, education.

Version Original (Zona Carmen) C/ Turia, 26 Tel: 96 338 08 55 ECORGANIC Ecorganic Avda. Blasco Ibañez 66 bajo (corner of Polo y Peyrolón) Tel: 96 389 20 03 Ecorganic Gran Vía Ramón y Cajal 27 (Next to Plaza España) Tel: 96 206 77 47 Open Monday to Friday 9:30 - 20:30h Saturday 10.00 – 14.00h Sunday Closed Great! Spacious ecorganic shops with a wonderful selection of quality goods for all of your needs. Good variety of healthy breads and cereals, pastas, organic vegetables & fruits, herbs, natural cosmetics, vitamin supplements, macrobiotic, gluten and sugar –free foods, childrens’ food, fair trade products,


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ʻLIKEʼ US ON books and magazines. Friendly, helpful and experienced staff, these are wonderful shops and highly popular with locals and visitors. Discounts for cyclists! There are now two ecorganic ecomarkets in Valencia! FOOTBALL CALENDAR miércoles 8 feb Copa del Rey Barcelona - Valencia 21.00h domingo 12 feb Valencia - Sporting18.00h Real Madrid - Levante 21.30h jueves 16 feb 21.05h Europa League Stoke City - Valencia domingo 19 feb Levante - Rayo Vallecano 19.45h Barcelona - Valencia 21.30h jueves 23 feb 19.00h Europa League Valencia - Stoke City 25/26 feb Espanyol - Levante Valencia - Sevilla 3/4 mar Granada - Valencia Levante - Betis 10/11 mar Valencia - Mallorca Málaga - Levante VALENCIA CF Mestalla stadium, Aragón/ Facultats metro, lots of buses incl. 9, 10, 12, 29, 30, 31, 32, 41, 79, 80. Tickets available from the stadium, club souvenir shops, La Caixa, Ticketmaster and selected tobacconists. LEVANTE UD Ciudad de Valencia stadium, 11/70 bus, Machado metro, Estadi del Llevant tram. Tickets available at ground on matchday. Hairdressers Emilio Pl. Mercado, 12 Tel: 96 392 45 67 Welcoming atmosphere, mosaic interior and reasonable prices just a stone’s throw from Mercado Central. Open MonSat 09.30h – 13.30h, 16.00h– 20.00h. Closed Tues and Sat afternoons. HEALTH Pilates Classes Tel: 637242227 Forming groups now. Good value classes with experienced teachers. Notice the difference! Call Marta. The Grinberg Method C/Bolsería 17 -1 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 626 542 097 email: Vitality Center C/ Juan Llorens, 42 Tel: 96 326 15 15

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make you feel at home. All your backpacker needs are catered for: Television, DVD, books and Internet can all be enjoyed. Hostal Antigua Morellana (Zona Carmen) C/ En Bou, 2 Tel: 96 391 57 73 Single: 45-55€, Double: 55-65€. Eighteen rooms in an 18th century building with 21st century comfort. Air conditioning and TV in all rooms. Unfussy, comfortable and excellently located. Hostal El Rincón (Zona Carmen) C/ Carda 11 Tel: 96 391 79 98 / 96 391 60 83 Single: 10-13€, Double: 18-24€ Indigo Youth Hostel (Zona Carmen) C/ Guillem de Castro, 64 Tel: 96 315 39 88 From 13€. Nest Youth Hostel (Zona Plaza Reina) C/ de la Paz, 36 Tel: 96 342 71 68, HOTELS Hotel Las Arenas ***** Eugenia Viñes 22-24 Tel. 963 120 600 Hotel Meliá Valencia Palacio de Congresos***** Avenida Cortes Valencianas, 52 Tel: 902 14 44 40 Neptuno **** C/ Paseo de Neptuno, 2 Tel: 96 356 77 77 Petit Palace Bristol *** C/ L’Abadia de San Martín, 3 Tel: 96 394 51 00, Petit Palace Germanías *** C/ Sueca, 14 Tel: 96 351 36 38 Sercotel Sorolla Palace**** las Cortes Valencianas,58 46015 Valencia (ESPAÑA) Tel: 961 868 700 Fax: 96 186 87 05

dublin house Thursday @20.00h... Lab2( C/ hierba, 4 / tel: 96 391 2716) - English - Spanish - Tuesdays @20.00h - 22.00h Laboratorio 1 (Pl. Cors de la Mare de Deu, 3/ tel: 96 392 61 93) - German - Spanish Wednesdays @20.00h - 22.00h La Gñocca de La Tia (C/ Verger, 1 / tel: 961 139 930) - Italian - Spanish / Mondays @20.30h... Portland Ale House - Language exchange Tuesdays @20.00h ... Portland Ale House - English Wednesdays @20.00h... Portland Ale House ( C/ Salamanca, 10 / tel: 96 3 810 406) - Quiz / Sundays@19.30h... Portland café (Paseo de la facultades, 2 / tel: 96 3 810 406) - Language exchange / Mondays@ 20.30h... Seven ( Plaza honduras, 34 / movil: 617154715) - Language exchange Thursdays & Sundays@ 20.00h... St Patrick's -( Gran via Marques del Turia, 69/ tel: 96 351 36 42) - Language exchange / Thursdays@20.00h... The Lounge - ( Estameñeria vieja, 2 / tel: 96 391 80 94) English-SpanishGerman / Wednesdays@ 20.30h... Ubik café - ( Literato azorin, 13 / tel: 96 374 12 55) English- Spanish Wednesdays @20.30h - 22.30h LANGUAGE SCHOOLS English Classes Experienced teacher and teacher trainer. Business, general and conversational English. Recommended. All levels. Tel: 67 21 62 2 32.


C/ Doctor Modesto Cogollos 6 y 8, Valencia 46021.

HOSTELS Home (Zona Carmen) Pl. Vicente Iborra Tel: 96 391 37 97 C/ La Lonja, 4 Tel: 96 391 62 29 One of the funkiest hostels in town set in the heart of the centro histórico. Run by people who are well-travelled and it shows. Cool, comfy furnishing and bright interiors really do


Cafe infinito ( C/ Porta mas y ros, 35 / tel: 617 27 20 42) - Music quiz - Sundays@21.30h... Dublin House ( Plaza del Patriarca, 6 / tel: 96 394 49 09) - Language exchange

Glenburn School of English C/ Doctor Modesto Cogollos 6 y 8 Tel: 96 393 35 88 English school with welcoming atmosphere and experienced native staff offers courses at all levels for adults and children and prepares students for FCE, proficiency and E.O.I. exams. Offers Spanish for foreigners, French and German. Excellent translation.

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This is Valencia Tel: 622 230 597 We have a relocation and property service. Flats, houses and chalets for sale and to rent within a 30km radius of the city. Let us know what you are looking for, chances are we will already have something to suit on our books - but if we don’t we’ll find it for you. Valencia Property Tel: 96 166 28 92 Finding you more than just a home in Valencia. Get the lifestyle information too. Lenguas Vivas (near Ángel Guimerá) C/ Palleter 43 - 45 - Tel: 963821058. An increasingly popular academy which offers Spanish, English, French, Italian and Chinese courses/translations. Groups or private classes for all ages and from all backgrounds welcome. Preparation for DELE, Trinity, TOEFL and TOEIC exams. Highly-qualified and native teachers in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

PSYCHOTHERAPY Glokalize Language services Tel-Fax: 963267303 Mov: 630572355 VALENCIA WEBSITES Valencia’s latest website! We now have each month’s entire edition of 24/7 Valencia magazine available on the world wide web.


Individual and group therapy in English terapiados Centro de Psicología y Terapia Gestalt C/ Juan Llorens, 44, 1A (Valencia) In La Canyada (Paterna): Calle 301, 26 Tel: 96 305 60 65 Site: Email: (David and Jeffrey). Psychology and Gestalt therapy consultation. ROOM AVAILABLE The L@undry Stop C/ Baja, 17 Tel: 96 391 35 28, 687 255 275 Open daily 09.30h ‘till 22.00h! (Sat&Sun: 14.30h ‘till 22.00h). Valencia’s first cyber Laundromat/Laundrette! The L@undry Stop is a different place where you can surf the web, chill with a drink or read a book while your clothes get washed. Washing 5€, Drying 3€, Soap .50€, Internet .50€/20 min. OPTICIANS Opticalia Manuel candela, 60 / Barón de cárcer, 26 Tel: 902 078 870. With 14 centres in and around Valencia, GaesOpticalia is the leader in visual aids and hearing aids. Our mission is to prevent visual and hearing problems using the latest technology and the best professionals. We offer a personal attention to the client to adapt to each client's individual needs.


Room with double bed available in the historic centre of Valencia on C/ Sogueros. Complete shower and bathroom. Flat completely furnished. Including breakfast. 30€ per person per night during the week. Weekends 50€ per person per night. Complete week of Fallas for 2 is 600€. Please contact: 626122925 TATTOO SHOPS X TATTOO C/ Quart, 48 Tel: 96 391 40 65

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twentyfoursevenvalencia 35 JARDÍ BOTÀNIC C/ Quart, 80 (Zona Botánico) tel +(34) 963 15 68 00

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Valencia CF vs FC Barcelona

SIN CHISPA The Christmas break has been a bit of a disaster for Valencia in the league. From the last six games they have managed only six points and questions are again being raised about the manager’s capacity to get the best out of his squad. In the aftermath of being knocked out of the Champions League, the Chés had to travel to Seville to play Real Betis, a team who are, or were, in trouble. Things seemed to be going to plan for the visitors who rather fortunately had taken the lead from an own goal, but Valencia were lacklustre and demonstrated ‘poca ambición’. Amazingly, Valencia were still in the lead in the 91st minute and lost the game by two injury time goals from Betis’ Ruben Castro. Yet again Emery’s team capitulated, demonstrating a distinct

lack of character. The next test was against the ‘nuevo ricos’ of Málaga who came to Mestalla with the two former Valencia players Joaquín and Isco. Neither one was decisive in the game, that honour went to Roberto Soldado who netted a brace and cemented further his place in the national squad. Meanwhile in the Copa del Rey, after a disappointing performance away to Cádiz which ended in a goalless stalemate, the return leg in Mestalla saw the blanc i negres come out easy 4-0 winners. They were three up at the break and, for once, the Mestalla faithful could eat their bocata in peace. The next round saw them come up against Sevilla. Once again, the Chés had many opportunities to kill the game off and very nearly paid the

price. Jonas scored for VF on the half hour and the home team should and could have been four nil to the good at half time but they lacked the killer touch and the fans assumed their accustomed manner, ‘padeciendo’ the last thirty minutes, and VCF managed to hold on to a slender 1-0 lead to take to the return leg in Seville. Before they travelled south they had a short trip north to neighbours Villarreal, who are having grave financial difficulties at the moment, but alas, that is what happens when one lives way above one’s means. Saying that, they were two- nil up after 20 minutes and Valencia appeared to be dead and buried. Mehmet Topal demonstrated once again his lack of criteria to play at this level and Emery’s post-match criticism seemed to be aimed at him directly, his marking was terrible, his passing non-existent and his aerial presence ‘nulo’, apart from that, though, the

twentyfoursevenvalencia 37

Turkish international had a blinder. Feghouli managed to get a goal back before the break and in the dying minutes Aduriz popped up to rescue an unlikely point. A few days later they had to play the return leg of the Cup against Sevilla and, after another Soldado goal in the second half, it seemed that the Chés had booked their place in the quarter-finals… but this is Valencia and things are never so straightforward. Sevilla pulled a goal back immediately and it was backs-to-the-wall tactics as Sevilla came at them again and again. Eventually, this culminated in an own goal from Victor Ruiz, who is an improvement on last year’s centre halves but is still guilty of poor positional play. Kanouté could have stolen the show at the end but his last-ditch effort missed and Valencia went through to play local rivals Levante in the next round. Before the Cup derby, VCF had a relatively easy home game against lowly strugglers Real Sociedad. Emery decided to give the more marginal players a chance to shine, which they refused. Parejo was ‘lamentable’, Dealbert and Bruno did what they could and yet again, ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ Topal, instead of being a rich man, was very poor. The away team fought for a hard-earned victory and as the Chés left the field after a 0-1 defeat, whistles were heard and new Xmas hankies were waved. The quarter-final tie against Levante was wrapped up by half time after goals from Jonas, Soldado and Piatti and a late one from Tino Costa meant that Levante, 4-1 down from the first leg, had a mountain to climb. The return fixture at Orriols was much of

Copa del Rey

Valencia CF vs Levante UD the same and a pair from Piatti and a single from Aduriz led to an aggregate score of 7-1 in favour of the Chés and a semi-final berth against the mighty Barça, a tie that lies in the balance after the first leg ended in a 1-1 draw, leaving all to play for when Valencia travel to the Nou Camp. In the league, however, Valencia are struggling, managing only to draw away to Osasuna and Racing Santander after leading both games until the last few minutes. This lack of fight and character is very worrying for the team, as they have thrown away so many points in the last quarter of matches. On the transfer front Valencia have been working to bring in Las Palmas starlet

Jonathan Viera for next season, a player who has attracted interest from the Big Two in Spain as well as top English clubs. Andres Guardado, the Mexican who plays for Deportivo, is apparently all done and dusted on yet another free and it seems that work on the new stadium is about to recommence. The club continues to ‘sanear las cuentas’ but after the atrocious, negligent reign of Soler, Llorente has his work cut out. For the time being, the club seems to be moving forward off the field whilst it seems to be coming to a standstill on it.

Mark Hulton

català o valencià?

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El rincón latino

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10 Steps to Save Spain from Itself The fact that multinational companies, banks and even individuals often have more power than entire countries and their democratically elected governments has been made clearer than ever to the Valencia Region recently. At the end of the year, Deutsche Bank refused to put off a 123 million loan call to the Valencia regional government, which set the alarm bells ringing. This led the recently elected national government (of the same party) to take an unprecedented decision: it used public money to bail out an indebted autonomous region for the first time to avoid bankruptcy (Valencia is one of the most public debt-ridden regions in Spain). But this does not mean we’re out of a certain creek without a paddle yet. In 2012 alone the Valencia government allegedly has to pay back four billion euros to various institutions. Happy New Year (not a Prosperous one, as in the Spanish saying). The region’s public sector will see massive cutbacks this year, some of which make one wonder why they couldn’t do so before. In Valencia, we already have seen photos of secondary school students in blankets for lack of central heating and a school with no electricity for not paying the bill. The national government has finally revealed its plans for the economy, which it omitted to mention during the general election. These generally involve similar steps to the previous government: obeying our richer European neighbours, raising taxes (which it said it wouldn’t do) and making huge spending cutbacks (in areas the previous government didn’t dare to touch). The Valencia government’s bailout is particularly galling when one sees the previous president of the region in the dock for allegedly accepting new suits as bribes – possibly the tip of a monumental, back-slapping bribery iceberg involving government contracts going to the president’s pals. The ex-president of the Balearic Islands may soon end up in jail

for similar corruption charges whose dirt is even hitting the Spanish royal family, with the Infanta Cristina’s husband allegedly involved up to his ears. Both ex-presidents came to power in the same political party, which has just won a landslide general election (as well as retaining regional power in the aforementioned regions, whose ex-presidents are literally both in court on serious corruption charges as I write). The Valencia region is now infamous throughout Spain for the magnitude of the apparently rampant corruption here. The varied sleaze includes the empty airport at Castellón with its costly, colossal and comical statue of the province’s expresident outside it. Then there is the case of the sewage treatment plant – how nauseously poetic that an entity designed to deal with society’s effluent has been doing so both literally and metaphorically. It spent squillions of public money on ‘translators’ – shapely females from eastern Europe who went to spas and luxury hotels in Alicante and Benicàssim and took flights to Paris and Moscow, allegedly with public money. One of the bosses even bought a yacht called “Miscellaneous” to fool public accountants. These are but two of a long line of scandals involving jaw-dropping amounts of public money that don’t seem to have the slightest effect on Valencia voters’ opinions, even though it is the region being hit hardest by the recession precisely because it was the one that most fervently followed the property bubble. But we do not even have to look at delinquency to see why people should be outraged at such waste of public money. There are far more obvious examples for all to see. Take the worldfamous structures by Calatrava in the riverbed, some of which have more than tripled their humungous original budget, sometimes even unilaterally with no public tender. Then there is the Formula 1 Street Circuit whose dubious returns are

Huge copper statue inspired by the ex-president of Castellón outside the empty airport.

more than questioned in the face of the obvious costs. There was also the visit from the Pope with its massive public budget (much of which has still not been disclosed). It seems to me that these examples are simply a reflection of what has happened to Valencia society as a whole in recent years. Sitting in my old car in traffic the other day, I looked around at the other drivers and thought how odd it is that so many young people have snazzy new BMWs and Mercedes in one of Europe’s poorest countries. Young people also tend to have houses and mortgages far bigger than they need or can now afford. I also remember seeing corruption myself many times that was blithely accepted as the norm in the boom times. As a self-employed teacher, I gave courses in companies subsidised by the EU to which inspectors would come on the last day while ‘students’ I had never seen before trooped past and signed the endof-course papers. These papers gave the companies in question a tidy sum in subsidies for courses they had never given their staff. I know of others that didn’t even bother with the pretence of giving the courses, simply pocketing the EU money. In fact, such fraud with EU-funded training became a gigantic black hole for the EU in Spain and a national shame for a few days before the Spanish forgot about it amid the upcoming Barça-Madrid furore. In countries such as Germany, however,

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COMMENT they do not forget such scams so quickly, above all because in the end it is usually their own hard-earned cash that Spanish delinquents are stealing. It is no surprise that it was a German bank that refused to wait any longer for its loan to be paid back by what is Spain’s most notoriously corrupt regional government, judging by the number of cases. (Incidentally, the German president was recently in hot water in all the German press for failing to mention that he’d taken out a loan with interest from a friend that he had already paid back. In Spain this became news simply out of bewilderment as to why this bothered Germans.) But I’m not going to harp on about the well-known corruption cases in this region (above all because I would fill up this magazine). I’d rather reflect on what I would call the day-to-day corruption that many Spanish people do not even view as such and yet which in countries such as Germany or the UK people may find repugnant. Here are a few wishful steps for 2012 that I believe could go a long way to turning the Spanish economy, political stagnation and ethical malaise around and which, surprisingly, would cost little or nothing: Scrap irrelevant provincial authorities. There are about 50 provinces in Spain (three in the Valencia Region: Alicante, Valencia and Castellón). Many of their powers overlap with those of national and regional governments. Scrap the current justice system. Spanish citizens (and foreign tourists and investors) cannot afford to sit in court for years waiting for justice to be done in a civil case. Perhaps introduce a Dostoyevsky-style rule of crime and punishment into public life, too. Many characters are caught but get away with a warning or nothing at all, setting an example that society seems to follow. Scrap the ‘insiders and outsiders’ in Spanish employment – one contract for all. There are two kinds of employee in Spain: ‘los fijos’, those on permanent contracts, and ‘los temporales’ on temporary, shakier contracts. A similar situation exists in the public sector, to even more extremes. Basically, this means that the former are not too worried

about their jobs (or doing them well), whereas the latter find it hard to get one and when they do, it’s precarious. Change the dole system. Some suggest linking unemployment benefit to job interviews and training, as in the UK. Many stay on the dole till it actually runs out, often because they get nearly as much as they would if they were working (and if they start working they will lose their future right to this dole). As they only have to sign on every three months (not every two weeks as in the UK), there is also far less contact with the job-finding environment and they are not obliged to accept job offers or even training. Stop nepotism. The Castellón province’s infamous ex-president’s clan has been in positions of power for literally centuries, but this is not so unusual in Spain. Many companies are family-run. Nothing wrong with that, I hear you say, but in Spain such companies can even be big multinationals. It is common for employees to know that the next president of the company will be the boss’s son. Needless to say, this does little to encourage hard work and entrepreneurial skills among the employees, who see little hope of promotion. I might also suggest that bosses stop trying to control everything personally as if the entire company were their own flesh and blood. They need to learn to delegate responsibilities, trust in their employees’ skills and stop forcing them to work illegal overtime. I’m sure everybody would feel less stressed out and more willing to work as a result. Get a new electoral law. Voices are rising for proportional representation in a country whose government has an absolute majority and where regional nationalisms have a far bigger say than parties with many more votes. Make civil servants accountable. This may involve simply making sure they are at work for the hours they are supposed to be there, and actually doing a certain amount of demonstrable work. If not, as in any company in the real world, they should start looking for another job. Make all social security payments proportional to income. In Spain it is very difficult to get started in self-employment

or starting up a new business, mainly because social security payments are not at all proportional to income. This means that in the beginning when they have few clients it is almost impossible to get going without working illegally or having friends or family help out with a loan. And as we know, that would be a scandalous suggestion to our German friends… Write off mortgages. Many now have mortgages that they cannot now pay off, tying down their money. Inexplicably, these same people have just voted for the only party that does not want to write off their mortgage even after the bank keeps their home for failing to keep up payments. Get serious about corruption. By simply making inspections and applying the law, I am sure that half of Spain’s economic woes would end tomorrow. And I’m not just talking about huge fiscal fraud in tax havens, but people working while claiming dole, companies asking “Do you want a bill with that?” in the hope of evading tax, etc. For the price of a local phone call, the Tax Office and Social Security office (two completely separate bodies) could uncover possibly millions of people working without paying social security. Of course, none of the above will be done and, even if it were, it would have little effect anyway since so many people in Spain turn a blind eye to the law. Behaviour that other countries clearly see as corruption is all too often culturally ingrained in Spain, and particularly in Valencia. When I complain about corruption, a common reply is: “Well, everybody steals,” as if this were a justification. There is only one piece of cheerful news left to honest people who have lived within their economic means and who have schadenfreude like me: we will spend the coming decades having the last laugh at those who created the mess they’re in with their votes for criminals and their reckless financial behaviour as we watch them sink deeper into debt. I told you so.

El Gazza © 24/7 Valencia 2012

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GRAHAM HUNT Tell us something about your background, travels and experiences. From a young age I knew I wanted to live in Spain, much cooler than Widnes in England you know. I came to the Costa Brava on holiday once and was hooked. I have lived and worked in Spain for more than half of my life now. My first experience of the ‘real Spain’ was spending a month InterRail-ing around to find out where I wanted to live on the year abroad from university. That was the first time I was in Valencia for Fallas, 1988, totally blown away by it and still am to this day. What brought you to Valencia and how do you find it as a place to live? We came to Valencia because my wife was offered a teaching job here at Cambridge House. It was here or Madrid and for me that is a no-brainer. Valencia is the right size, offers so much and is near the sea, not that I ever actually go to the beach, of course. I burn too easily. I actually live outside of Valencia itself, in La Pobla de Vallbona and have done for 12 years now. I really like the fact I am into the city in just 15 minutes. I spend most of my days in Valencia when I am with clients yet I have a quiet life, goodsized house and a shared pool within a town so near to the city. I used to find Valencia a great place to go into to eat, meet friends and socialize

but then small kids arrived and since then there have been a lot fewer nights out in the city due to parental responsibilities. What I do like, though, is that if we go out, we can do it as a whole family and these days it is even better as you don't stink of smoke after just five minutes in the restaurant or bar. Describe your work.

I have had an estate agency for about ten years now. It went hideously well in one sense until about mid-2006 when it fell off a cliff as did the property market. Suddenly the outgoings were huge and the incomings minuscule. I just about survived and luckily broke my shoulder playing football in November, 2008. Why luckily? Well, it gave me forced time to sit down, re-evaluate and work out a strategy. I started getting into Internet marketing and using it to apply to the business. Every year has been better since and, despite the crisis and the underlying gloom that you hear everywhere now, things are going really well.

the Estate Agency business at the moment throughout Spain and we have moved into the Chinese market, the Russian market and most of the other English-speaking markets. The Internet marketing part of the business and speaking gigs about using social media for business and SEO for small businesses are building up. I am also being used for consulting for small and medium-sized businesses about how to better their online presence. I have also recently written and coauthored a couple of books which have been well-received. One of them, "The Laptop Entrepreneur" by Nick Snelling and Graham Hunt, has just been published and should be on Amazon in the next week or so. Personally, I love living in Valencia. Wild horses couldn't drag me back to the UK but I would never say never about working in another country just to try. My other half loves her teaching job so it may all depend on her, but at the moment we are in a good position here in Valencia and hopefully that will only get better. Interview by Owl

My work involves a lot of online stuff through the social networks and more. I have over 300 videos on my YouTube channel, for example, and most of them are informational in nature as opposed to selling property directly. This presence means my business gets found when people are coming to Valencia – in general, not everybody of course – and people get well connected with me before they even get here. As I have often said, I don't sell houses, I sell a better place to live and a lifestyle, not a pipedream but a reality for the clients I have in general. We are a midmarket estate agent so we don't bottom feed and can build up good relationships with clients before and after they come over. Any plans for the future? On a business level, we are expanding Article © 2012 24/7Valencia

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When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, even in Summer, but especially in Winter, I am definitely not a fan of the Less is More ideal. In fact, anyone who has met me for five minutes would probably be able to tell you that I always wear at least two layers of clothing as a bare minimum, and that my mantra would probably be More is More. Oh, and Black is the New Black, but that's beside the point. My point is, the fact that I dress like a clean, pulled-together, chic hobo (it takes me forever to get undressed in the evening, believe me) is why I might just be the only person who is actually excited about this Big Siberian Chill coming in. By the time you have read this, it will most likely have swept through and out the City already in a flash, but right now, as I write this, it’s all anyone can talk about and it’s never without an awful look of dread on their faces. It's gonna get coooold, people! I, for one, can't wait. I have an enormous black, fake fur gilet that I haven't been able to wear at all so far this winter, a leather T-shirt, boots lined with sheepskin, and huge soft scarves to wrap around my head and neck, that I can pile on all at the same time without: 1.), breaking a sweat worse than in Spinning class, or 2.), looking like a real hobo. I know, it’s a such a cliché, especially when a new year is just kicking in and there's far more exciting things to talk about, but the problem is, for the last few months it does feel a lot like I am stuck in a perpetual lift with neighbours I don't know very well, forced to talk about this most banal and repetitive of subjects - the weather.

the wall when the grills popped up on the toaster, but I still like to have a little shindig all the same, and I have, over the last few years, tuned down the gatherings to a big dinner out, followed by drinks and a boogie with my nearest and dearest, and I'm scouring the City for somewhere chic, fun and different for this year. Although it’s now closed down, we had an unbeatable meal last year at a fantastic Asian restaurant near Estación del Norte, so it’s going to have to be somewhere really special this month.

True, this winter has not been that cold so far, and now we're about to get this blow of icy winds coming in from Russia, evoking glamourous images of Doctor Zhivago, and we're picturing ourselves prancing around in furs in the snow. Then Fallas will come around and everyone will complain about the heat. It always goes full circle, and it always has! Yet it still comes as a surprise to most people - "Oh, my gosh, it’s really cold!" (4th January), Oh, dear Lord, I'm melting!" (4th August), Well, hello! This is Spain, and oh! – Global warming, everybody! It’s only going to get worse.

Of course, as we all do as time ticks on, I am trying hard to ignore the getting older part of it all, and have taken to doing my makeup in the bathroom mirror while it’s still a little steamed up so I don't see a new laughter line or imaginary wrinkle. Don't you find that the more you stare into your reflection, the more imperfections you start to see? I am blessed with excellent skin, it is true, you only have to look at my mother, who people always guess is at least 10 years younger than she really is. I also have the added bonus of freckles, which I read once usually means a clear complexion, which is true for me at least around 80 percent of the time. (The other 20 percent is usually post-McDonalds or a chocolate binge, so serves me right!), but still I feel like age is sneaking up on me like a creepy old man at a bus station.

And having prattled on for three paragraphs, you'll probably be unconvinced when I tell you I have more important things on my mind, but it’s true. The glorious month of February is the month I was born, therefore is the month of my birthday, therefore the month everyone has to make me centre of attention for at least one day out of 29 (oh yes, it’s a leap year this year, people! Back to that in a minute) and generously provides us with an excellent excuse to party. As if we needed one. Thanks to my dear parents, who threw me enormous parties every year, rented out the Church Hall, got a DJ, cooked up a huge feast for all my friends since I was tiny, I have never been one of those "Oh no, I'm not doing anything for my birthday" people, and have carried on the parental tradition of pulling out all the stops long since I left home.

February is, of course, also the month of (Saint) Valentine's Day. It is unavoidable, people! Red love hearts hanging in all the shops, mugs and cards and underwear and cakes blazoned with soppy messages, cheesy adverts on the telly. I, for one, have sworn off romance for February as a whole - based on three past experiences, things always go wrong around my birthday, so I am preventing the situation before it’s too late by remaining totally single. Did you know, according to folklore, the 29th of February is supposedly the only day a woman may propose to a man? Obviously, having sworn my February lurve-free, this is another bandwagon I won't be hopping on, though I have read that if a man says no, he has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves, to hide the embarrassment of no engagement and therefore having been turned down. This is something I might just latch on to... Just imagine the layering I could do with 12 pairs of gloves?!

The house parties died down quite a while back, when we lived next to the neighbours from hell in my last flat, who would bang on

Anita Darling Photo Mateo Sanchis. Article © 2012 24/7 Valencia

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No Ham, No Life... by D. Blackwell nephews: “Looks like someone didn’t get any cake.”

“So if you’re from Argentina, why the fuck do they call you George?” George chuckled. PART 4 They shuffled into the early morning chill with steam puffing out their mouths as they cursed the generic mother, metaphorically shat on God, and whatever else occurred to them for want of any reprise from the cold. The main plaza directly outside was still practically devoid of people but the preparations were well under way. Scattered across the breadth of the courtyard were makeshift wooden fires, each one with a vat of indefinable goo boiling over it. They drew near to one of the pots, partly out of curiosity, and partly for the warmth. Javi piped up: “Gachas, my friend. They’re gonna make gachas.” Miguel showed his disdain with a look of disgust that gnarled his thin lips over his yellow teeth. “What the bloody hell are ‘gachas’?” Morgan asked, more concerned than intrigued. “Good home cookin' is what it is,” said Javi proudly. “Won’t get none o’ that in the city, I tell ya.” “Of course not,” said Miguel, “no one would fucking eat it, would they!” George, like Morgan, decided to sit on the fence for the time being and waited to see how it all panned out. Morgan took this opportunity to get to know them a bit better. It was the first time he’d seen any of them when he was sober.

“His name’s Jorge but I like to call him George,” said Javi. “Like George Harrison,” George added, “of the Beatles,” he said, his smile beaming. “Oh God, don’t get me started on the bloody Beatles,” said Miguel. “They are the reason no one listens to local folk music anymore. Why do we have to listen to all that gringo music when he have perfectly good stuff right here. What’s wrong with Camarón de la Isla or Paco de Lucía? Not good enough for ya?” “Uy uy uy,” said Morgan and turned to walk away. Just then a small, plump middle-aged woman, wrapped in three coats, shuffled over to the boys with four little plastic cups full of local sherry. “This ought to warm you up, lads.” They all thanked her graciously, Morgan offering her a kiss on the cheek which got her giggling. “Ooh, just for that I’m gonna give free cake, come with me, love,” said, dragging the Viking off as the chortled away, wishing they’d had ingenuity to obtain free cake, too.

you she rest the

“These bloody foreigners,” Miguel complained, “get special treatment just ‘cause they can’t talk proper. I bet if he spoke good Spanish he’d be boring as mud.” Javi laughed and put on the voice he used when addressing his grumpy

The wind swept down in long gusts from the valley, blowing Miguel’s long hair across his face and making him even more irritable. He tried once more to tuck it behind his ears, to no avail. In his mounting frustration, he snorted involuntarily and capped it off with the exclamation: “Mecagüenlaputa!” which seemed to sum up lots of things in one breath. Morgan was led to an open-front building with a rustic air due to the straw covering the ground. It was about 80 metres wide and faced onto the town square. On a long table in front of him, covered with a paper tablecloth and weighted with bottles of sherry at either end, he was able to choose from a wide selection of local home-baked delicacies. While carefully choosing his cake he proceeded to down the equivalent of half a bottle of sherry, slowed only by the fact that he drank exclusively from the sample cups lining the table, which offered only a sip at a time (he was feeling too appreciative to disrupt the symmetry by picking the bottles up, and leaving the fate of the victuals to a malicious gust of wind). He finally chose a cake, scoffed it, then asked for another (which he got) and went back to the lads, but not before squeezing the old lady’s inviting rump and commandeering some more samples of sherry for his comrades. The tiny, thimble-sized cups accentuated his huge, stubby fingers as he swaggered back to his friends, still warming their hands over the gachas pan. “Ey lads. You oughta come over ‘ere and check this out.” TO BE CONTINUED...

Listen to Dannyʼs song "Calle Caballeros" on YouTube. Download it, and other original songs by Danny Blackwell, at email contact:

Main Photo: Santi Bethencourt © 2012 / Article © 2012 24/7Valencia


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FEBRUARY 2012 FEBRERO 2012 THURSDAY / JUEVES 2 BLACK NOTE: Sex & Rock & Roll 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Marisa Gallardo, Juanma Maya y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Lochlainn (folk) 22.30h / 24.00h 8€. DUB CLUB: Reggae Party con Bad Foundation 23.00h Gratis. EL LOCO: Tres Hombres + Viva Las Vegas Band (rock ‘n’ roll) 22.30h 6€. RADIO CITY: Electro Mestizaje con DJ Gypsy Box 23.00h Gratis.

PINBALL: Pinball DJs 23.30h. RADIO CITY: Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Los Salvajes + Midnight Shots (rock) 22.00h 16€ / 18€. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 5 CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Nacho Pereda (cantautor) 19.00h 8€ / Jam Session (vocal y instrumental) 20.30h Gratis. DUB CLUB: Kuami Mensah en concierto 20.00h 10€ + consumición. RADIO CITY: Black Sunday con Mr. Killmanjarto 23.00h Gratis. MONDAY / LUNES 6 BLACK NOTE: Tonky Jam (Open Jam Session) 23.30h Gratis.



CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: José Serrano, Tomás de los Cariño y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Nasty Boogie (blues) 23.00h / 00.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: Café Teatro 23.00h 6€ + consumición / Rec DJ Gratis. EL LOCO: Suzi y los Quattro + Los Tracahombres (power pop / rock) 22.30h 10€. EXCUSE ME?: Arriba: Waaargh!!! DJ / Abajo: L’Enfant Terrible + Vladimir Dynamo 24.00h. 47 CLUB: Paneoh + Lupo Heras 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz es Duo con Christian Molina y Gonzalo Sempre (jazz) 22.30h – 24.00h € consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJs 23.30h Gratis. LA3: La1: Sr. Chinarro en concierto 22.30h 14€ (anticipada) / 18€ (taquilla)/ Bass Reich + Diamond Eyes + Obtuso / Oven: DJ Soak + Sawag Nites + Wand 1.30h. MUSIC BOX: DJs 1.00h Gratis. PINBALL: Soy un Desastre DJ 23.30h.

JIMMY GLASS: Juan Soler & La Banda Sonora (jazz) 21.30h 13€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Juanma Maya, Juan de Pilar, El Piraña y Marisa Gallardo + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición.

SATURDAY / SÁBADO 4 BLACK NOTE: Sanford Alligator Band (funk / soul) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Jesús Aguilera y su Compañía con Paula Sanjuán, Javier Calderón y Christian Sabalete (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Diouke (cool-Afrojazz trio) 23.00h / 00.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: Reggae Jam + Inopia Sound 19.00h Gratis. EXCUSE ME?: Bloody Mir di Namek + Sais / Wachina Wachina Fest con Dr. Octopus + Sr Mezcal + Alex BigVoxxMan + Mac the Knife 24.00h. JUANITA: DJs 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Le Peuple de L’Herbe en concierto 21.00h / Nancy Rubias live + Obtuso + Ley DJ 00.30h 12€ / 14€ / Alienata + Yin Elek / Slash PD.

WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 8 BLACK NOTE: Reggae Party 23.30h Gratis. JUANITA: Miércoles al Soul con Chicho Solaz 23.30h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Ra-zz 23.00h Gratis. THURSDAY / JUEVES 9 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Esther Garcés, Johnny Amador, Juan Carlos Mendoza y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Sana Mandinga (musica Latina de raíz) 22.30h / 00.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: Reggae Party 23.00h Gratis. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JUANITA: DJs 23.30h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: DJs 1.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Sidecars + Almas Mudas (pop rock) 21.30h 12€ / 16€. FRIDAY / VIERNES 10 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Christian Sabalete, Javier Calderón y Yolanda López (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Antonio Mesa Gypsy Jazz Flamenco (quintet) 23.00h / 00.30h 9€. DUB CLUB: Café Teatro 23.00h 6€ + consumición / Pon Top Sound Gratis. EXCUSE ME?: Magazine DJs / Cuborama con Midnight + Meerkat 24.00h. 47 CLUB: Mr. East + Fabian Dresens + Lupo Heras 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz es

Duo con Albert Sanz y Antonio Serrano (jazz) 22.30h – 24.00h 10€ Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJs 23.30h Gratis. PINBALL: Las Vividoras DJ set 23.30h. RADIO CITY: Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Right Ons + Smocking Dogs 22.00h 10€ / 14€. SATURDAY / SÁBADO 11 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Manuel Reyes Fernández, Manuel Reyes y Cristina Simón (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Antonio Mesa Gypsy Jazz Flamenco (quintet) 23.00h / 00.30h 9€. DUB CLUB: Reggae Jam + Rebel Killer 19.00h Gratis. EL LOCO: Las Queers (rock) 22.30h 10€ / 12€. ELECTROPURA: Soledad Vélez en concierto (acústico) 20.00h Gratis. EXCUSE ME?: Jupiter Lion DJs / Dane le Style + Dr. Vazquez + Sr Patilla & Miss Taboo 24.00h. LA3: Falsa Alarma en concierto 21.30h 10€ / 12€ / Ley DJ & Plan-B / La Lupa / Cachorris DJs (Barbra & Slash PD) 1.30h. PALAU DE LA MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): Juan Valderrama 21.00h 25€ / 19€ / 13€ (Valencia Festival de Flamenco). PINBALL: Mercadillo Pinball (ropa vintage, discos, objetos y demás) 18.00h – 22.00h. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 12 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Tarde de Flamenco 20.00h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Homenaje a Narso Domingo 18.00h Gratis / Jam Session homenaje a Narso Domingo (vocal y instrumental) 20.30h Gratis. MONDAY / LUNES 13 RADIO CITY: Supersonic Monday con DJ Killmanjarto 23.00h Gratis. TUESDAY / MARTES 14 BLACK NOTE: 2 Animales (rock acústico) 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Fabio Miano Trio (jazz) 21.30h 12€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Javier Calderón, Cristian Sabalete y Jesús Aguilera + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 15 JUANITA: Miércoles al Soul con Chicho Solaz 23.30h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: DJs 1.00h Gratis.

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THURSDAY / JUEVES 16 BLACK NOTE: Sex & Rock & Roll 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Kallardó (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: Reggae Party con Bad Foundation 23.00h Gratis. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Electro Mestizaje con DJ Gypsy Box 23.00h Gratis.

MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): Compañia Danza Mediterráneo con Belén Maya, Luis Ortega y Olga Pericet 19.00h 18€ / 14€ (Valencia Festival de Flamenco). RADIO CITY: Black Sunday con Mr. Killmanjarto 23.00h Gratis.

en concierto 21.00h 5€ / Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. SATURDAY / SÁBADO 25



CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Leo Molina, Alba Díaz, Manuel Heredia y El Chicho (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: Café Teatro 23.00h 6€ + consumición / Ska-ba Dinamite Sound Gratis. ELECTROPURA: Juan Vitoria DJ 24.00h Gratis. EXCUSE ME?: Calypso DJs / Carnival 2012 con Jeff Automatic (desde UK) 24.00h. 47 CLUB: Javi Marco + Lupo Heras 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz es Duo con Matt Baker y Fabio Zambelli (jazz) 22.30h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJs 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Maga en concierto 22.30h 12€ / 15€ / Electrronicall + Xharles / Jenifols Blogs + Hermanas Miranda y Inside Amlu’s Closet / Obtuso 1.30h. PINBALL: Sebzero DJ 23.30h.

JIMMY GLASS: Samuel Blaser Consort in Motion Quartet (jazz) 21.30h 15€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Javier Calderón, Cristian Sabalete y Jesús Aguilera + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición.

CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Russafa Ensemble (jazz, pequeño big band) 23.00h / 00.30h 8€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Manuel Serena, Manuel Reyes, Amaro Carmona y Manuel Quintero (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: Reggae Jam + Rocksteady Beatz 19.00h Gratis. EL LOCO: Robyn Hitchcock (pop desde UK) 21.30h 15€ + consumición / 18€. EXCUSE ME?: Audive + 8Bits / Swan DJs 24.00h. PINBALL: El Ser Humano en concierto con Pablo Maronda 21.30h / Voodoo Virgin DJ 23.30h. WAH-WAH: Grupo de Expertos SolyNieve (indie) 22.00h 17€ / 23€.



BLACK NOTE: Reggae Party 23.30h Gratis. EL LOCO: Megafaun (alt country) 21.30h 13€ / 16€. JUANITA: Miércoles al Soul con Chicho Solaz 23.30h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Ra-zz 23.00h Gratis.

CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Consuelo Gómez y Berta Tubillejas (opera, duo piano + voz) 19.00h 8€ / Jam Session (vocal y instrumental) 20.30h Gratis. DUB CLUB: Charly Efe en concierto 20.00h 5€.



CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Rosa Sanz, Emilio de Villar y José El Minero (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Diablito Tango + Nesrine Belkmokh (tango y otras músicas) 23.00h 8€. DUB CLUB: Jerez-Texas en concierto 20.00h 8€ / Reggae Party 23.00h Gratis. JUANITA: DJ 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Wow European Electro Festival con Bambus Busters vs. Funk Station99 + Cebrián / Mattia Franco + Andrew Burton + Marc Hervin / Looois + Xceed Crew 1.30h. MUSIC BOX: DJs 1.00h Gratis.

RADIO CITY: Supersonic Monday con DJ Killmanjarto 23.00h Gratis.


JIMMY GLASS: Luis Perdomo Trio (jazz) 21.30h 14€ Aforo Limitado.

SATURDAY / SÁBADO 18 BLACK NOTE: Gecko Turner + DJ Edu Soleil (soul / funk) 23.30h 10€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Isabel Julve, Kike Naval y Manuel Quintero (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Duo Zamba + Voro García (jazz) 23.00h / 00.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: Reggae Jam + Juana Sound System 19.00h Gratis. EXCUSE ME?: 2Fat DJs + H4L 9000 / Parrussian Bell 24.00h. JUANITA: DJs 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Grises live + ElyElla DJs + Virginia Díaz / Eloy + Raszia + Hopeful Project / Wow Man especial Piccadilly 1.30h. PINBALL: Arkady en concierto acustico (versiones Dylan) 20.30h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Radio Eklekcity 23.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Eric Fuentes & El Mal + 121 dB (indie rock) 22.00h 8€ / 10€. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 19 BLACK NOTE: Cristina Blasco Vocal Party (jazz) 20.00h 8€. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Tarde de Flamenco con Fernando Lucas, Javier Salazar y Gustavo Orihuela 20.00h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Lupe Azcano Quartet (jazz / Brazilian)19.00h 8€ / Jam Session (vocal y instrumental) 20.30h Gratis. DUB CLUB: Festival Transmisor 20.00h 5€ + consumición. PALAU DE LA

MONDAY / LUNES 20 BLACK NOTE: Tonky Jam (Open Jam Session) 23.30h Gratis.

BLACK NOTE: Fabulosos Blueshakers + DJ Quique Lledó (blues) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: María Lizana, Tomás de los Cariño, Juan de Pilar, Enrique Sevilla y Rober Molina (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Mentiras a Wendy (pop urbano) 23.00h / 00.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: Café Teatro 23.00h 6€ + consumición / Slowlyman Gratis. EXCUSE ME?: Hipsters Club con Soak + Vladimir Dynamo / Pinball DJs 24.00h. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz es Duo con Albert Palau y Alex Cesarini (jazz) 22.30h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: DJs 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Zombie Kids / Slash PD 1.30h. PINBALL: Pinball DJs 23.30h / Pinball DJs en Excuse Me? 3.00h. RADIO CITY: Folk-Jazz-Arabe

TUESDAY / MARTES 28 BLACK NOTE: 2 Animales (rock acústico) 23.30h Gratis. RADIO CITY: José Serrano ‘El Metralla’, Tomás González de los Cariño y Juan de Pilar + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 29


2012 2012

THURSDAY / JUEVES 1 BLACK NOTE: Sex & Rock & Roll 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Esther Garcés, Johnny Amador, Juan Carlos Mendoza y José A. de Torres (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: FolkJazz-Arabe 22.30h 6€. © 24/7 Valencia 2012



LEADING OPTICIANS WITH 14 CENTRES IN & AROUND VALENCIA. BARÓN DE CÁRCER, 26 (46001) 96 392 44 56 / MANUEL CANDELA, 60 (46021) 96 356 80 84

Quality Mediterranean restaurant in an emblematic square in the historic centre. Recommended in the Michelin guide 2009/2010 Meat dishes, Rice dishes, Fish dishes, Foie and chocolate desserts are all specialities Expect to pay between 30-50 euros Warm interior and good service Jazz music soundtrack 13.00h -16.00h/ 20.00h -24.00h Open everyday

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