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English in the Global Community: ENGLISH TOWER At a time when there seems to be so many reasons for division and disunity in the world one can look forward next year to the Olympics with some hope that this great sporting event will provide a little hope and joy. Sport, youth and a sense of an international community – these are goals worth celebrating and aspiring to. What has this to do with the English language? Well, like it or not, the world is becoming smaller and more globalised. If you had been in any position of power and living in Europe 2000 years ago you would have spoken in Latin. Similarly, if you had been in a similar locale 1000 years ago your native tongue would have been French. The global language has now become English – for various reasons – and of course there are good points about this trend and bad. However, I would like to focus on the good in this piece, which brings me back to my original thesis. International communication has to be a good thing, right? And in this globalised world Sport, English and the getting together of young people for a common cause can – in my opinion – make the world, however flawed, a better place.

language but I happen to work in a school whose staff include Americans. Canadians, Dutch, English, French, Irish, Japanese, Polish, Scottish, Slovakian, Australian and Chinese. And we are all friends!!! And we all speak English, even when we are drunk!!! So I suppose what I am trying to say is. As Diana Ross said – “reach out and touch sombody´s hand make this a world a better place ...if you can”...

ENGLISH TOWER Ciudad de Bolonia, 6 46015 Valencia (Zona Campanar, cerca de Nuevo Centro) Teléfono: 96 347 89 27 Fax: 96 347 73 68 Terrateig, 1 bajo 16 46015 Valencia (Zona Campanar, cerca de Nuevo Centro) Teléfono: 96 193 50 68 Fax: 96 193 50 66

We do live in an imperfect world, and there are probably many people who dislike the dominance of the English

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Founded in 1821 by non-conformists in Manchester, England, ‘The Guardian’ is now one of the most respected national newspapers in the whole world. Its frequent defence of the oppressed, the quality of its reporting and its liberal approach have all deservedly earned the paper a world-class reputation over the years. It is said that The Guardian’s excellent website ‘’ has 34.6 million monthly users all over the globe…with many readers from Europe, America, Asia and beyond. The Guardian’s worldwide recommendation of ‘24/7 Valencia’ is something we very much appreciate. Many thanks! If you are visiting here for the first time, you’ve chosen the right guide to Valencia. Indeed, ‘24/7 Valencia’ is the only guide to Valencia that is recommended by the local,


national and international media. This includes The Guardian, The Times, Rough Guide, Time Out, Let’s Go, El País, Levante - EMV, Super Deporte,, and many more… Food lovers are in for a treat as our renowned restaurant reviewer takes a trip to the delicious Sushi & Tapas in the cosmopolitan Canovas area of the city. Our professional chef Erica has a delightful fish recipe for you too! We dedicate this issue to the many good people who have supported the magazine over the years. We really do appreciate your help. Thank you kindly. See you next month! 24/7 Valencia team

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Refugios and the Bombing of Valencia Recent work on the Metro and the gardens in Gran Vía Germanías and Gran Vía Marqués del Turia have unearthed two almost forgotten 1930s air raid shelters or ‘Refugios’. Completely intact and left nearly exactly as they were at the time of the horrific bombing raids Valencia endured during the Spanish Civil War, their rediscovery is a chilling reminder of one of the darkest and most painful periods in the city’s history. During the whole tragic conflict (July 1936 – April 1939) only Barcelona and Madrid suffered more bombing raids than the city of Valencia. Between the first aerial attack on 13 January 1937 and the last on 18 February 1939, there were 442 raids on the city and its port. The first victims were 65-year-old Carmen Tatay and her son José who were killed while walking outside their home in Carrera del Río near the port. In total, 847 people lost their lives in raids on the city, 2,800 were injured and 931 buildings were destroyed. At the beginning of the war, Valencians felt far away and relatively distanced from the conflict to the extent that it was deemed necessary for huge signs to be erected in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (then Plaza Emilio Castelar) reminding people that the front was “only 150 kilometres away”. People went about their business in a kind of semi-phony war atmosphere.

All this changed quickly and dramatically. The French border had been closed and by 1937 the Republic was losing control of the northern coastal ports. When Gijón fell to the Nationalists in October of that year, the Mediterranean coast became the Republic's only means of trading with the outside world. While Valencian ports had always been a target for the Nationalists (Alicante and Valencia were bombarded from the sea as early as November 1936), from 1937 onwards they became a focal point of the war. The Mediterranean coast was essential to the Republic both for the import of arms and supplies and the export of goods to keep the war economy afloat. The lucrative export of Valencian oranges alone brought 31.7 million dollars into the Republic between 1936 and 1937. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of military equipment arrived from Russia and equally large quantities of coal and other supplies came in through Valencian ports. It didn't take long for Franco and his allies in the German and Italian air forces to focus their attention on the blockade and destruction of this vital lifeline. In order to do this, the Jefatura de Tierra, Mar y Aire de Bloques (mainly an airbase for Italian and German planes) was set up in Palma de Mallorca. Franco put his own brother Ramón in charge, who was later killed when his plane crashed while on a bombing raid on Valencia.

Throughout 1937 the port of Valencia came under heavy bombardment and the Poblados Marítimos around the port experienced the gruesome effects of ‘collateral damage’. The bulk (more than 70 per cent) of the Republic's trade was with British registered ships, as 1,033 British ships loaded and unloaded in the port of Valencia during the conflict and 35 British registered ships were sunk while docked in Valencia harbour between 1937 and 1938. The port of Gandía (owned by the British Alcoy and Gandía Railway and Harbour Company) was constantly bombed in this period and almost completely destroyed. Despite the threat to British interests neither the British government, sticking to the dual doctrines of appeasement and non-intervention, nor the four Royal Navy destroyers stationed along the coast made much of an effort to stop the carnage. The focus then turned to a new weapon of war – the indiscriminate bombing of civilians in order to spread panic and terror, a strategy that was to become all too common during the Second World War. Valencia was one of the first cities in the world to experience it. On 15 March 1937 at 8.00 p.m., calculated as a time when the maximum number of people would be out on the street coming home from work or going off to one of Valencia's 27 cinemas or seven theatres (all fully functioning until well into 1938), six Italian planes appeared

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Refugio © 2011

from behind the cloud cover out at sea and dropped around 20 incendiary bombs on the city centre, killing 33 people and injuring hundreds more. The newspapers of the time described the terror, the chaos, the roar of the sirens, the screech of the falling bombs and the screams of the injured, the explosions and the crack of anti-aircraft fire, blood and horror unimaginable in the Valencia we live in today. The same strategy was used just a month later at Guernica and repeated in Barcelona, Alicante and Valencia again. Historian José María Prats claims that Hitler, in a fit of rage over the Republican attack on the German warship ‘Deutchsland’, planned to completely flatten Valencia in May 1937 but was talked out of it. The most intense bombing came in 1938. On 26 January, 125 people were killed when bombs were dropped north-to-south across Valencia city centre. Just a week previously, 170 had been slaughtered in Barcelona under similar circumstances. In May of the same year, 250 were killed when a market was bombed at 7.00 p.m. in Alicante. The world press expressed their indignation, the U.S. Secretary of State sent a letter of protest to the Nationalist government in Burgos and British Foreign Minister Anthony Eden resigned in protest of his Government's inaction. Even the Vatican criticised the attacks but the bombings continued. Valencians set about defending themselves. Pamphlets were printed with guidelines informing people where to take shelter Article © 2011 24/7Valencia

Refugio is a highly popular restaurant in the Barrio del Carmen with both locals and visitors. It is to be found next to one of Valenciaʼs old air raid shelters. Refugio restaurante del Carmen C/ Alta, 42 Tel: 96 391 77 54

during an air raid and which type of buildings was more vulnerable. In July 1937, the civil defence groups ‘Juntas de Defensa Pasiva’ (JDP) were formed in Valencia, Barcelona and Alicante. Their main job was to organise rescue teams, fire brigades and first aid posts, but they were also responsible for the installation of sirens and the building of shelters. The first shelters were built at the beginning of the war in 1936. By 1939, there were 43 specially built shelters in Valencia and another 115 cellars and basements were designated as civil protection areas. The location of each shelter was indicated by a large sign with the word ‘Refugio’ in big, bold 1930s-style lettering, easily recognisable even to those who couldn’t read. The biggest were in C/ Colon and the port neighbourhood of Nazaret and many of them still survive (the most visible are in C/ Alta, C/ Serranos and Plaza Tetuan).

The shelters were mostly built by volunteers and veterans. Towards the end of the war they had to resort to forced labour by prisoners in some cases. Local people were expected to contribute both physically and financially. The walls of each shelter were built with reinforced concrete, bolstered with sand, and ears of corn to further absorb any impact. Inside the shelters there were ventilation ducts and long stone benches. The shelters were often overcrowded. Officially there would be one person per square metre but usually there were four times that many. Smoking, eating and even too much talking (because of problems with lack of oxygen) was prohibited by the JDP. Until the all-clear sounded the tension and the growing stench could be unbearable, but the ‘Refugios’ saved lives and in such traumatic times the mere idea of a safe haven was a comfort to many.

When enemy planes were sighted, often from the observation post at the top of the Miguelete, the sirens would sound for three minutes and at the end of the raid there was a two-minute all-clear siren. Most of the sirens were sold for scrap after the war but one still remains on the roof of a building in C/ Martínez Aloy opposite the Finca Roja.

The raids on Valencia, Barcelona and Alicante were forerunners for Coventry, then Dresden and Nagasaki, and later Mostar and Baghdad. In turn, the processes followed and the lessons learnt by the Republic's JDP became the blueprint for civil defence in London, Liverpool and Berlin. There is no museum in Valencia dedicated to this period of Valencian history. Some prefer not to dig up the past, others don't want to see it used for political ends. But this is part of what the city and this country is and perhaps the bit of history unearthed on the Gran Vía would be a perfect place to remember that.

There were many false alarms, which gave the impression that there were far more bombings than actually happened. False alarm or not, the devastating effect on morale was the same, the terrible panic of the rush to cram into the shelter with people losing their shoes and screaming children who had lost sight of their mothers.

David Rhead and José Marín David Rhead is a teacher at Glenburn School of English.

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An award-winning novelist has described their music as “fascinating” and El País has described their concerts as “unmissable”. The word on the street is that Folk-Jazz-Arabe are one of the most exciting and original bands currently on the Valencia music scene. With a new double album just out called ‘80 min’, we caught up with the band for a drink and a chat. Who are Folk-Jazz-Arabe? We’re a trio of musicians, all from different countries but all based in Valencia. We have been playing in and around Valencia as a band since 2009. We’ve played all over Valencia in many venues including Café Mercedes Jazz, Ubik Café, Black Note, Smooth Jazz, the Festival Russafart and La Feria de Naciones in the Río Turia. Abdel Louzari – Morocco (oud, Arabic violin, darbuka, vocals) I’m a multi-instrumentalist from Morocco who has played in festivals in Italy and Spain. I have played violin on the soundtrack of the films ‘Torres de Babel’ and ‘Mi Vida en Ruinas’ as well as having appeared on various TV programmes for live performances. I teach Arabic percussion and regularly play festivals with various music projects around Valencia and the rest of Spain. I’m off to Ibiza soon to rehearse for a concert in Switzerland near the end of the month! Nuno Alves – Portugal (trumpet) I trained in a music conservatory in Portugal from 1987 to 1999 and then studied and specialized in improvisation in jazz, Latin and world music. I have recorded with a multitude of bands in Valencia as well as appearing on a number of soundtracks, including the edgy Valencian film ‘Bestezuelas’, which opened last year’s La Mostra film festival. I played on stage with Chambao at a festival in Amsterdam and supported George Clinton & Parliament at a funk festival in Genoa, Italy. I got to meet and hang out with the great man, too! Will McCarthy – England (guitar, vocals) I’m a self-taught guitarist, singer and songwriter. I started playing live in the ‘90s in an eclectic folk-punk band called The Space Raiders in the underground music scene in Wales,

supporting Catatonia, The Sweetest Ache and Man amongst others. I’ve played live in Britain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy and played a number of times at the legendary 12 Bar Club, Soho, London. I have recorded a number of solo albums highly recommended by the Spanish music paper Mondo Sonoro and my guitar soundtrack album ‘This is Music for Films’ has been chosen by the North American specialist music site Delta Slider for digital download. It’s a real honour to have been chosen on the same site as legends like B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Paco Peña and one of my all-time guitar heroes… John Fahey. 2. Could you describe the new Folk-JazzArabe album? It’s our debut, a double album that is 80 minutes long, which explains the title! It’s all acoustic and 90% instrumental. People who have heard it tells us that it really works. You can’t really categorize the sound easily but you’ll find diverse influences like flamenco, folk, blues, Arabic music, European film music, and different types of jazz and even shades of classical music as well as some funk and Mediterranean sounds. It’s not a conventional album in terms of length or the instruments used. There’s no electric bass or drum kit or electric guitars or keyboards or samplers. We’re all very open-minded about the music we listen to but we are not interested in making music that is fashionable or commercial one moment and then forgotten the next. It’s good to reach very different people with our music but we play what and how we want and people have picked up on that in a positive way. Acoustic music potentially has a timeless quality that we are always looking for in recording. Instrumental music is all about the listener making the pictures and the stories as well as the musicians, so it is exciting music to make and to

share with other people, too. We’ve noticed that the reaction so far has been good regardless of the nationality or age of the listener. Maybe with the trio being from such different cultures and musical backgrounds it helps gives the sound of Folk-Jazz-Arabe a broad appeal too. 3. Is the band different live? It’s a lot of fun playing live in Valencia! We sing more in the live shows and it’s a bit more irreverent, more rock ’n’ roll in a Folk-Jazz-Arabe kind of way. However, we are including instrumental tracks from the album in all our shows and the album is available for 10€ at all our gigs as well as some outlets in Valencia like Refugio and The Laundry Stop, both in the Barrio del Carmen. 4. Is it true that José Mourinho has a copy of the album? Yes! One of the band works for the football press and met Mourinho outside the press conference after Real Madrid thrashed Valencia in Mestalla recently. The connection is that Mourinho is from Setúbal, the same town in Portugal as our trumpet player, Nuno. Mourinho was really curious and then chuffed to hear of this coincidence and happily accepted the FolkJazz-Arabe CD. Away from the public eye he seems quite warm and informal, rather human even! Folk-Jazz-Arabe will be playing live at the following venues: - Gnomo, C/ Denia, 12 (Zona Ruzafa) May 12 Thursday 21.00h Ticket 3€ - Sahiri, C/ Danzas, 5, (Zona Carmen) May 19 Thursday 23.30h Gratis - Dub Club, C/ Jesus, 91 (Zona Mercado Jesús) May 29 Sunday 20.00h Ticket 4€ For more information and to listen to 6 tracks from the new album:

Photo: ʻFolk-Jazz-Arabeʼ - Kaiko / Article © 2011 24/7Valencia

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Fish Supper My little boy is just starting to explore solid food, an adventure that is met at once with unbridled enthusiasm and joy. It is truly a delight to watch him discover the tastes and textures that await him. As he is more than six months, I have done away with mush – who has time for that sort of carry on? As long as things are soft enough, ripe pears, steamed pumpkin sticks, slow-cooked lamb, he can manage to grasp them with his little paws and guide them (more or less) in the direction of his mouth. He pretty much eats what we eat, or a slightly more simple version, but the other day I was struggling for ideas of what would be soft enough while still maintaining shape, that he would enjoy, and that would be good for him! I strolled though the market, waiting for something to catch my eye, when something did... the catch of the day! Fish, of course fish, full of protein and zinc and omega 3s (higher in the oily fish), and very good for baby brain development, not to mention easy and soft to eat, incredible! Yes! Can’t believe I hadn’t already thought of it. Easy and soft-to-eat kiddie food, and still able to saunter its way onto a plate as a rather classy and swish adult meal – sweet! I could do something special, like a whole baked fish as well, whacko – totally grown up! In the Mercado Central I found a lovely, gleaming fish. Ask the fishmonger to clean it of course, and scale it, you could do it but it’s a right royal pain in the backside, so if you can’t be bothered, I don’t blame you one bit! As this fish was so fresh and beautiful, I decided to pare the flavours down to a bare minimum; also as it is for the wee man, we can start simply. The cooking when baking whole will be basically the same, so, naturally, you can add and subtract flavours and adornments as you see fit. You can stuff any number of herbs and citrus into fish and it will all taste fabulous! Especially orange in the more oily varieties – delicious!

Whole Baked White Fish • 1 whole white-fleshed fish of your choice • Plenty of good sea salt • 1 lemon • 1 red onion • 1 bunch thyme

The decided beauty of baking a fish whole is threefold; you are basically steaming it in its own skin, therefore retaining moisture like you wouldn’t believe, it is a much more healthy way to cook than, say, pan frying (and more handsome), and thirdly, it’s downright hands-free, which leaves you more time for mingling and downing champagne, or anything else that time demands of you. Preheat your oven to a moderate heat of around 180ºC. Score the fish in diagonal lines along its body on each side, about a portion width apart. Now, take a large flat baking tray or ovenroasting dish and lay a large sheet of baking paper or tin foil (a little more than twice the length of the fish) in the bottom. It is important to get the paper or foil and fish ready on the tray so you don’t have to try and lift the parcel of fish onto the tray when you’ve finished wrapping it. This becomes rather difficult and, believe me, it is much easier to tear the paper trying to do it afterwards. Slice up the lemon and onion. Lay the onion slices on the bottom of the sheet of paper or foil. Rub salt into the scores of the fish and into its cavity. Lay the fish on the onions. Now, put slices of lemon and the bunch of thyme into the cavity of the fish and any extra slices of lemon on top.

Take the top layer of paper or foil and bring it over the fish, to meet the end of the piece underneath. Now fold each side in on itself, working from the bottom and folding up so that any liquid will not escape. You should have a nice, tidy parcel with the open three edges all folded up. The idea is to seal it properly so that no steam and juice can get out. Place the tray with the fish into the middle of the oven and bake for around 30 minutes. That would be for a 1.5 kilo fish, approximately. I would usually bake a fish for an initial 10 minutes and then a further 10 – 15 minutes per kilo. The fabulous thing about wrapping it up and effectively steaming it is, if it’s your first time cooking fish this way, you cannot really burn it, nor overcook it. Well, you can, but hopefully you’re not drinking so much champagne that it’s in there for two hours, because five to ten minutes amongst friends will be fine. If you need to peek, try and carefully unwrap the fish so you can do it up again if it’s not ready. You’re looking for a lovely opaque flesh that comes away from the bone easily. Once done, you can rest the fish in the foil with enough time to lay the table or assemble a salad, or slice some crusty bread. Get your guests to the table and present the fish whole in the middle of the table. You should be able to carefully lift portions of fish off the bone using a fish slice and a knife in the places where you scored the flesh initially. A good vino blanco will do the trick. And, if you’re not serving this to a party full of people loaded on champers, well, my little man thoroughly, and appreciatively, devoured it, too! Buen provecho! Professional Chef Erica Choate

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SUSHI & TAPAS Years and years ago, I travelled with my wife to Tokyo to exhibit at the TITFair, or the Tokyo International Trade Fair. It was quite an experience. Almost four weeks living in a five-star hotel and commuting to work on the Tokyo Metro system in rush hour, accompanied almost all of the time by a translator supplied by the British Consulate. The fair was trade-only in the mornings and open to the public in the afternoon and it was probably the hardest work we have ever done. Being (very) temporary residents in this remarkable city gave us an amazing opportunity to try sushi and Japanese food long before it became popular in the West. We were trying to find a distributor for our products in Japan and the Far East, and this meant entertaining and being entertained on an almost nightly basis and it was a revelation. One of the distributors interested in our product - we had a gift company - invited us to his offices to meet the president of the company. He insisted we try his other product, which turned out to be tuna, both canned and raw, for sushi. We sat in the boardroom all morning drinking beer and eating a huge selection of tuna with chopsticks and soy sauce. I never did understand why they wanted to diversify so much, but after many meetings they took our product and successfully distributed in Japan for us for several years. We had a wonderful time in Tokyo; I’d go back in a flash. All this brings me to our restaurant of the month, Sushi & Tapas. My wife and

I went on a cold and damp Wednesday evening and arrived to a very warm welcome from Jaime, the manager, who swiftly bought us a slightly chilled bottle of the excellent Valencia red wine ‘Les Alcusses’ from Moixent. This was followed a few minutes later by our first dish of the evening, Chikuwa rollo de marisco, a deep-fried spring roll stuffed with prawn and cheese. Next came a Tartar de atún, a delicious concoction of layers of tuna, avocado, onion and lumpfish caviar with a dip of sesame oil, wasabi and Japanese vinegar. This was followed by a lovely Salmon maki, a tempura-ed maki made of salmon, Philadelphia cheese, and avocado. We had asked Jaime to select our food for us, but I had forgotten to tell him that I am allergic to crab, and the next dish delivered to our table was Rainbow, comprised of a beautiful platter of sushi, mostly made of – crab. D began to eat, but when I refrained, Jaime, professional to the end, realized there was a problem and immediately offered an alternative. I was brought Takaki de solomillo – mouth-wateringly tender slices of beef with wasabi and ginger on a pillow of mashed potato – a perfect final course.

Tastem restaurant in Valencia, followed by the branch at the Westin Hotel. Sushi & Tapas is well worth a visit, the menú del día is an absolute bargain at lunchtime, a mere 12€ for beautifully prepared and presented food. It is open seven days a week, both lunch-time and dinner-time. Expect to pay around 25€ in the evenings. All the waiting staff speak English and they are a charming crowd indeed. Tim Birch Sushi & Tapas C/ Salamanca, 10 (corner of C/ Conde Altea) Zona Cánovas Tel: 96 061 78 74 Takeaway: 96 011 58 85 Open every day 13:30h – 15:30h 20:30h – 23:30h Free WiFi Zone

This is a great place to eat excellent Japanese cuisine, cooked by real Japanese chefs. We chatted to Hiro, the chef, about the authentic cuisine and to Jaime about the restaurant. The owner, Ulises, had lived in Japan for eight years and had come back to open the first Article © 2011 24/7Valencia










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LAB 2 Too many great nights (and oh, wicked me, afternoons!) washing down samosas (yes, real crunchy Indian samosas with mango chutney) with outrageously cheap and even more outrageously alcoholic mojitos in the original Laboratorio to not go check out their new 'annex’ right next door. They call it Lab2 (that's Lab Dos to you) and it’s stumbling distance next door actually, which is handy, to say the least, given that second mojito (but who can resist at 3.50€?). Same concept, with a few novel twists – a bit more ‘design’, a bit more Gothic perhaps, but still basically the familiar black & white with a combi of traditional seating and low stools and sofas for lounging (or passing out, as the case may be). There's also a terrace behind so smokers can do their thing. And yes, you get your free tapa with your drink. Well, the menu is very much the same as in the Lab – international, easy to share, Article © 2011 24/7Valencia

something for everyone, really, and most importantly (sin complejos!) NOT pricey (call me practical. So what?). Some things we tried and can recommend: the veggie wrap (sautéed veg with basil and goat’s cheese), spicy curry and VERY spicy chilli con carne, and dim sum (steamed homemade Chinese dumplings). Things I’m probably going to try before the week is out: the cheese and ham boards and the sophisticated-sounding carpaccio with fruit & nuts and a honey-mustard dressing. And the winner is...... the Mediterranean hamburger with sun-dried tomatoes, aubergine and goat’s cheese with the BEST bravas in town!!! Filling, delicious and 5.50€. Who wants to wear a bikini anyway? Spoilt for choice, really, as the drinks list is even more eclectic and FUN: Gin tonics of every POSSIBLE flavour (ginger, hot chilli, rose ...), kiwitos (mojitos with fresh kiwi), strawberry juice with ice-cream,

the daily cocktail (4€) which never fails to surprise (not in vain does the publicity say “experimental food & drink”), beers from around the world.... So what can one do when faced with so much to choose from?? Well, sample all I say! Just joking. Not really – I did. It’s my job after all. The bad news? Well, I was a bit worn this morning. The good news? The prices are so good I can go back tonight!! Suzi Lab 2 C/ Hierba, 4 (just off Plaza de la Virgen) Tel: 96 391 27 16 Wednesday - Saturday 18.00h - 01.30h Zona Carmen Facebook El Laboratorio Valencia


MAY 11

ARTS & theatre Museums / galleries CENTRO CULTURAL BANCAJA Por Laberintos Hasta 29 mayo CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS (L’Hemisferic, Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe, L’Oceanografic) COL.LEGI MAJOR RECTOR PESET En Pessoa Juanma Pérez Hasta 31 mayo ESPAI TACTEL Heart of the Matter Hasta 4 junio FUNDACIÓN CHIRIVELLA SORIANO A Pulso Juan Barberá Hasta 2 mayo GALERÍA BENLLIURE Pintura Moderna y Contemporánea de los Siglos XIX y XX Permanente GALERIA KESSLER BATTAGLIA La Noche del Domingo Ana Vernia Desde 5 mayo GALERÍA LUIS ADELANTADO Stone in the Shoe Morten Slettemeas Hasta 14 mayo Darío Villalba Desde 20 mayo GALERIA MURO Paris, Punto de Encuentro Mayo GALERÍA ROSALIA SENDER El Manchas Hasta 7 mayo Vicente Castellano Desde 12 mayo GALERÍA ROSA SANTOS La Esperanza de España Pol Coronado Hasta 28 mayo GALERIA THEMA Agustí Puig, Manuel Boix, Manolo Valdés y más Mayo GALERÍA D'ART ESPAI VISOR Luis González Palma Hasta 28 mayo INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE VALENCE Vivir sin Dormir. La Ruta de Bacalao, 1994 Thierry Secretan Desde 5 mayo hasta 30 julio Zonas Precarias Julie Athané – Paula Valero Desde 5 mayo hasta 10 junio Trafics en Tous Genres… Jean-Guy Lattraye Desde 5 mayo hasta 30 julio Mais que Fait la Police? Léa Bergez Desde 5 mayo hasta 30 julio IVAM INSTITUT VALENCIÀ D’ART MODERN EXPOSICIONES IVAM Infancia Isabel Muñoz Hasta 26 junio Materia Luminosa Liliane Tomasko Hasta 26 junio Fotografías Pakistán, Un País en Crisis Emilio Morenatti Hasta 8 mayo El Humo del Amor

Desde 11 mayo hasta 18 septiembre Obras Maestras de Pintura del IVAM. Pasado, Presente y Futuro Desde 18 mayo hasta 28 agosto Gigante por la Propia Naturaleza. Arte Actual en Brasil Desde 23 mayo hasta 17 julio JARDÍN BOTÁNICO Paisatge i Cultura Oliveres de Castelló Hasta 8 mayo Flora Humilis Mayo LA BENEFICENCIA CENTRE VALENCIA DE CULTURA MEDITERRÁNEA Recorrido por la Prehistoria Valenciana, desde el Paleolítico hasta la Época Visigoda Exposición permanente LAS ATARAZANAS Por Error: El Accidente como Motor Artístico Observatori 2011 Hasta 29 mayo LA GALLERA Actos Heroicos Mateo Maté Mayo L’ IBER DE LOS SOLDADITOS DE PLOMO Exposición Permanente: Guardias Españolas, Coleciones Valencianas, Almansa, Vida Cotidiana, Tirant y Serie Histórica. MUVIM L’Aventura de la Pensament Exposición permanente Héroes, Mitos y Leyendas Hasta 12 junio Panóptica. 1973 – 2011 Max (Francesc Capdevila) Desde 5 mayo hasta 28 agosto Emile Savitry. Un Fotógrafo de Montparnasse Desde 5 mayo hasta 11 noviembre MUSEU DE BELLES ARTES SAN PIO V Renacimiento Barroco Pintura Gótica La Pintura Académica La Pintura de los Siglos XIX y XX Colección Permanente Expressions del Patrimoni. Fotografies Hasta 31 mayo MUSEO DE PREHISTORIA DE VALENCIA Historia del Dinero Exposición Permanente Ötzi El Hombre del Hielo Hasta 24 julio MUSEO VALENCIA D’ETNOLOGÍA Huerta i Marjal Exposición Permanente Gitanos de Hungría. Del Hombre Exótico al Ciudadano Hasta 26 junio OCTUBRE CENTRE CULTURAL CONTEMPORANIA L'Altre Alfaro Desde 5 mayo hasta 30 junio SALA PARPALLÓ Recorridos por Zonas Precarias Paula Valero Desde 5 mayo hasta 8 junio UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA, LA NAU Coleccion Díaz Pròsper: Patrimonio y Memoria Fotografias 1839 -1900 Hasta 26 junio Haití, las Heridas del Terremoto (2010) Fotografías de Gorka Lejarcegi y Cristóbal Manuel Desde 5 mayo hasta 5 junio Violencia de Género Fotografías de Walter Astrada

Hasta 5 junio opera PALAU DE LES ARTS Sala Principal Tosca Giacomo Puccini 28, 31 mayo 4, 7, 10, 13 junio theatre CARME TEATRE Que Corra el Aire (danza) 5 – 8 mayo Al Muro – Fragments 13 – 15 mayo Una Palabra (danza) 21 – 22 mayo Disculpe Caballero (danza) 28 – 29 mayo ESPACIO INESTABLE Cocodrilo 5 – 8 mayo Al Menos Dos Caras (danza) 13 – 15 mayo TEATRE EL MUSICAL La Reina de Belleza de Leenane 4 – 8 mayo El Congelador 11 – 15 mayo Bump! Amores Grup de Percussió 18 – 19 mayo II Jazz Percussio: Experimen-TAM TAM! 19 – 21 mayo TEATRE FLUMEN La Curva de la Felicidad 4 –8 mayo Catch-Impro 13 –14 mayo Impro v. 2.0 15 mayo Mi Primerz Vez 18 – 22 mayo La Parroquia del Monaguillo 21 mayo (23.00h) Rococó Bananas 27 – 29 mayo Xavi Castillo 28 mayo (23.00h) TEATRE MICALET Frank V Hasta 22 mayo TEATRE OLYMPIA Forever Young Hasta 8 mayo Hair Desde 12 mayo hasta 12 junio TEATRE PRINCIPAL Festival Internacional Dansa València 2011 Hasta junio TEATRE RIALTO Festival Internacional Dansa València 2011 Hasta junio TEATRE TALIA Imprebís 5 Estrellas Hasta 22 mayo cinema BABEL *versión original FILMOTECA CINEMA INSTITUTO VALENCIANO DE CINEMATOGRAFÍA CICLOS IVAC – LA FILMOTECA FILMOTECA DEL IVAC

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MAY 11 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS CICLOS MAYO François Truffaut. El Deseo del Cine Hasta 3 junio Básicos Filmoteca. Tercera Parte Hasta 9 junio Los Films que Amaba Truffaut Hasta 17 julio Neo-Noir. Thriller Americano Moderno Hasta 20 mayo Bernard Herrmann Desde 3 mayo hasta 15 julio Guy Maddin. Poesía del Bricolaje. Desde 6 mayo hasta 1 junio addresses MUSEUMS / GALLERIES ALMUDÍN Pl. San Luis Bertrán, 1 Tel: 96 352 54 78 - ext. 4521 CENTRE CULTURAL BANCAIXA Pl. Tetuán, 23 Tel: 96 387 58 64 CENTRO COREOGRÁFICO DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA Parque de la Granja, s/n, Burjassot Tel: 96 390 47 74 CENTRO DEL CARMEN C/ Museo, 2 Tel: 96 315 20 24 / 96 192 26 51 CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS (L’Hemisferic, Museu de les Ciencies Princípe Felipe, L’Oceanografic) Av. Instituto Obrero de Valencia Tel: 902 100 031 COLLEGI MAJOR RECTOR PESET Universitat de Valencia Plaça del Forn de Sant Nicolau,4 Tel: 96 316 60 00 ESPAI TACTEL C/ Denia, 25 Bajo GALERÍA AKKA C/ Almirante Cadarso, 6 Tel: 96 316 27 27 GALERÍA DUOMO C/ Luis Santangel, 18 FNAC SAN AUGUSTÍN C/ Guillem de Castro, 9 - 11 Tel: 96 353 90 15 FUNDACION CHIRIVELLA SORIANO C/ Valeriola, 13 Tel: 96 338 12 15 GALERÍA LUIS ADELANTADO C/ Bonaire, 6 Tel: 96 351 01 79 GALERÍA MURO Correjeria, 5 Tel: 96 391 19 03 GALERIA PAZ Y COMEDIAS C/ Comedias, 7-2 Tel: 96 391 89 06 GALERÍA ROSALIA SENDER Mar, 19 (Ciutat Vella) Tel: 96 391 89 67 GALERIA SEGRELLES C/ Ciscar, 4 Tel: 96 333 21 97 GALERÍA TOSSAL Pl Tossal, s/n Tel: 96 398 18 03 GALERÍA VISOR C/ Corretgeria, 26 Tel: 96 392 23 99 INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE VALENCE C/ Moro Zeit, 6 Tel: 96 315 30 95 INSTITUT VALENCIÀ DE LA MÚSICA C/ Barcas, 2 Tel: 96 318 44 53 IVAM C/ Guillem de Castro, 118

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Tel: 96 386 30 00 JARDÍN BOTÁNICO C/ Quart, 80 Tel: 96 315 68 00 JOVE ORQUESTRA DE LA GENERALITAT VALENCIANA Tel: 96 318 44 90 / 93 KITSCH INTERNACIONAL ARTEDIVERSO C/ Covarrubias, 5 Tel: 607 636 012 LA BENEFICIENCIA CENTRE VALENCIA DE CULTURA MEDITERANEA C/ Corona, 36 Tel: 96 388 35 79 LA GALLERA C/ Aluders, 7 Tel: 96 352 14 37 LA NAVE GALERÍA Nave, 25 Tel: 96 351 19 33 LA LLOTGETA, AULA DE CULTURA CAM-ESPAI D’ART Pl. Mercado, 4 Tel: 96 391 33 96 L’IBER MUSEO DE LOS SOLDADITOS DE PLOMO C/ Caballeros, 22 Tel: 96 391 86 75 LLIG LLIBRERIES DE LA GENERALITAT Pl. Manises, 3 Tel: 96 386 61 70 MONASTERIO DE SAN MIGUEL DE LOS REYES Av Constitución, 284 Tel: 96 387 40 13 MUSEO DEL ARROZ C/Rosario, 3 Tel: 609 877 956 MUSEO DE BELLAS ARTES DE VALENCIA C/ San Pío V, 9 Tel. 96 369 30 88 / 369 21 11 MUSEO DE LA CIUDAD Pl. Arzobispo, 1 Tel: 96 352 54 78 - ext. 4126 MUSEO DEL CARMEN C/ Museo, 2 Tel: 96 369 30 88 MUSEO FALLERO Pl. Monteolivete, 4 Tel: 96 352 54 78 MUSEO NACIONAL DE CERÁMICA GONZÁLEZ MARTÍ C/ Poeta Querol, 2 Tel: 96 351 63 92 MUSEO TAURINO Pasaje Doctor Serra, 16 Tel: 96 351 18 50 MUSEO VALENCIANO D’ETNOLOGÍA C/ Corona, 36 Tel: 96 388 35 65 MUVIM C/ Guillem de Castro, 8 Tel: 96 388 37 47 MUSEOS DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA Av. Campanar, 32 Tel: 96 386 58 56 / 386 53 53 PAZ TEJÓN GALERÍA ESTUDIO C/ Salas Quiroga, 1, bajo (Zona Jesús) Tel.: 654 363 829 POPOL VUH C/ Burriana, 13 Tel: 96 336 08 25 REALES ATARAZANAS Pl. Juan Antonio Benlliure, s/n Tel: 96 352 54 78 SALA PARPALLÓ C/ Corona, 36

TAMAR C/ Almudín, 16 Tel: 96 392 50 66 UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA C/ Universidad, 2 opera PALAU DE LES ARTS Autopista del Saler, 1 Tel: +34 96 197 58 00 Fax: +34 96 395 22 01 theatre CARME TEATRE C/ Gutenberg, 12 Tel: 96 392 42 71 ESPAI ATHENEIA C/ Guillem de Castro, 65 Tel: 615 578 344 - 657 857 792 ESPACIO INESTABLE C/ Dr. Sanchis Bergón, 5 Tel: 96 392 16 30 L’ALTRE ESPAI C/ Platero Suárez, 11 Tel: 96 353 92 00 OFF TEATRE C/ Turia, 47 Tel: 96 384 11 85 TEATRE EL MUSICAL Pl. Rosario, 3 Tel: 96 367 31 95 TEATRE MICALET C/ Mestre Palau, 3 Tel: 96 392 14 82 TEATRO DE MARIONETAS LA ESTRELLA (LA PETXINA). C/ Dr Sanchis Bergón, 29 Tel: 96 371 73 84 TEATRO OLYMPIA C/ San Vicente Mártir, 44 Tel: 96 351 73 15 TEATRO PRINCIPAL C/ Barcas, 15 Tel: 96 353 92 00 TEATRO RIALTO Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 Tel: 96 353 93 00 TEATRE ROMÀ DE SAGUNT Pujada al Castell, s/n Sagunto THEATRE SALA MORATÍN Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 Tel: 96 353 93 0 TEATRO TALÍA C/ Caballeros, 31 Tel: 96 398 64 22 cinema BABEL C/ Vicente Sancho Tello, 10 Tel: 96 362 67 95 FILMOTECA (CINEMA INSTITUTO VALENCIANO DE CINEMATOGRAFÍA) RIALTO Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17

live music Black Note (Zona Aragón) C/ Polo y Peyrolón, 15 Tel. 96 393 36 63 Top choice for music lovers who love it live - jazz, blues, R’n’B, soul, funk, flamenco and rock. See listings. Café del Duende (Zona Carmen) C/ Túria, 62

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MAY 11 Tel. 630 455 289 Great club specialising in authentic flamenco music and culture. See listings. Café Mercedes Jazz (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Sueca, 27 Reservations: 96 341 83 78 In the cosmopolitan Ruzafa district, an excellent addition to the live music scene with a packed programme of live jazz, flamenco and weekly live chamber music too. Run by real music lovers, with a concert stage and café-bar to chill with a great choice of cafés, beers and cocktails. Centro del Carmen (Zona Carmen) C/ Museo, 2 Tel: 96 315 20 24 Live World Music concerts with free entry. Durango Club (Meliana) C/Llanterners, 35 Poligon Industrial La Closa, Meliana See Facebook. Rock club on the outskirts of Valencia with great live bands and a loyal crowd. Electropura (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Pinto Salvador Abril, 20 See Facebook for more details Acoustic gigs at 19.30h with indie often being the flavour. El Loco (Zona Juan Llorens) C/ Erudito Orellena, 12 Tel. 96 326 05 26, El Loco is a dynamic live venue with an eclectic choice of indie, funk, rock, fusion, blues and more. Check some music and dance later. Finnegans (Zona Carmen) Pza. de la Reina, 19 Tel. 96 392 28 62 Live music every Friday- blues, rock, trad, Irish, covers, pop/rock. See listings on website Live music. Mod, soul, rock & roll, reggae and more. La Claca (Zona Carmen) C/ San Vicente, 3 Live flamenco on Sundays. La Edad de Oro (Zona Juan Llorens) C/ San Jacinto, 3 Tel. 649 255 048 Live music every Thursday & Friday. Mirror C/ San Vicente, 200 Tel.670 659 705 New name, improved sound and a hipper interior. Check international bands from around the globe. Octubre Centre (Zona Carmen) C/ Sant Ferran, 12 Tel. 96 315 77 99, Features the best local and national indie bands on the scene. Opium Jazz Café (Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento) C/ La Linterna, 11 (Just off C / San Vicente) Tel: 96 352 01 61 Live jazz, blues and more. Palau de la Musica (Zona Río Túria) Paseo de la Alameda, 30 Tel. (+34) 96 337 50 20 E-mail: Excellent classical music concerts in the Rio Turia gardens with musicians from around the world. See website for current programme. Play Producciones Tel. 679 412 012 Visit their website where you will always find updated information about what’s on in Valencia. Wah-Wah (Zona Blasco Ibáñez) C/ Campoamor, 52 Tel. 96 356 39 42 / 645 792 674 National and international indierock & pop in a student zone…

clubs 3 Mayo 22:15 20 Mayo 22:45 Piano duo session Jazz es Uno 6 Mayo 22:45 24 Mayo 21:30 Jazz es Uno Bad Touch 10 Mayo 21:30 27 Mayo 22:15 Maria Neckam Quintet Jazz es Uno 13 Mayo 22:15 31 Mayo 21:30 Jazz es Uno Bruce Barth Quartet 17 Mayo 21:30 Bartolomeo Barenghi & Horacio Fumero Dúo Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar (Zona Carmen) C/ Baja, 28 This darkly lit bar plays the finest jazz with cool photos and a wide range of coffees and spirits. It has weekly live music and is a very relaxing place to unwind and relate. The owner is a real jazz lover and it shows. Concerts every Tuesday at 21.30h. Now concerts every Friday by solo musicians. Kaf Cafe (Zona Benimaclet) C/Arquitecto Arnau, 16 961131706 - 663 702 960 Atmospheric, literary café-bar with regular live gigs and jams. La Caverna (Zona San Vicente) C/ Cuenca, 70

Zona Plaza Ayuntaiento Piccadilly Downtown club C/ Embajador Vich 7 (junto a Hotel Astoria). Electro, funk, indie, rock & roll.Open until 7a.m! Open all night, every night! Zona Patraix

Dub Club C/ Jesús, 91 Nice one!!! From the owners of reggae lovers Juanita. Very spacious, ethnic vibe, DJ sessions and cafe-theatre. Reggae, ragga, funk, soul, jazz and more. Cosmopolitan crowd, and check out the groovy washroom!!! Every Monday jazzin’ jam at 23.00h with free entry. Follow us on Facebook : “dubclubjuanitaclub” Zona Ruzafa Excuse Me! C/ dels Tomasos, 14 (next to Mercado de Ruzafa) This place has been getting a buzz around town with clubbers. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in Valencia from midnight until 7.00 am! Two rooms: one is more organic with pop/rock ’n’ roll/garage/soul and the other more electronic with groove electro/space disco/new wave/cosmic boogie. Check it! Les Portes Matias Perelló, 15 Ruzafa Fantastic! Check this one out. A friendly crowd, an ample selection of infusions, natural juices, home-made cakes. Zona San Vicente Super Club 95 C/ San Vicente, 95 Tel. 902108527 / 663041790 Zona Juan Lloréns Café Carioca Juan Llorens 52 Superb House music and more and a fantastic mosaic interior and groovy beats. Cool club for the beautiful people. La Edad de Oro C/ San Jacinto, 3 Tel. 649 255 048 Live music and its classic mix of pumping sounds…from rock & roll to house! Open 22.00h until 4.00h, Thursday to Saturday. Magazine Club C/ de Perez Escrich, 19 Rock’n’ roll disco. Zona El Carmen &Ártico C/ Arolas, 11 Tel. 96 391 08 57 Dinners - cocktails - chill out - art space - electro funky beats. Bigornia C/ Museu, 10 Arty crowd of the Carmen scene with electro, hip-hop, funk, techno and more. Good vibes. Blau C/ Alta, 11 House and funk with a crowd to match. Bolseria Café C/Bolseria, 41 Tel: 96 391 89 03 Hot tropical vibe with swinging crowd at weekends. House, Latin, funk and pop. Calcatta C/ Reloj Viejo, 6 Just one minute’s walk from Calle Caballeros. One of the few discos in the Carmen to stay open all night, until around 8 am. Club 47 C/ Quart, 47 Music Box

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MAY 11 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS C/ Pintor Zariñena, 16 Tel. 96 391 41 51 An all-night disco in the Barrio del Carmen! The Music Box is an infinite collage of styles and ages: Drum’n’Bass, Electronic, Pop, Soul, Rock’n’Roll. Frankenstein Rock & Roll Club Marques de Caro, 5 Near to the Carmen swimming pool, a hang out for lovers of rock’n’roll! Immortal C/ San Dionisio, 3 Feel ‘heavy metal’ and like hard rock? Plenty of like-minded souls in a loud bar. Rock on! Juanita Club C/ Lepanto, 8 Rasta Vibrations. La Claca C/ San Vicente, 3 Open every day off Plaza de la Reina. Live flamenco Sunday in a legendary meeting point. La Flama C/ San Roteros, 14 Near the Torres de Serrano, this is a musiclovers meeting point with a rock & roll crowd. Pinball C/ Concordia, 3 For lovers of psychedelia, northern Soul, funk. Groovy atmosphere, buzzing at weekends. Cats and chicks shakin’ it until the early hours, digging various scenes like something out of Blow Up. Radio City C/ Santa Teresa, 19 Tel: 96 391 41 51 Free disco Fri - Sat nights, live flamenco every Tuesday. Funky and friendly club. Turmix C/ Dr. Chiarri, 8 Close to C/ Alta, open Thurs – Sat from 23.30 to 03.30h. Rock, garage, indie guitar disco. Zona Plaza Cedro Tornillo C/ Campoamor, 42 Tel. 96 392 55 27 INDIE scene. Electronica beats collide with guitar, loads of students partying, dancing. Look out for the distinctive huge nail outside! Velvet C/ Campoamor, 58 Psychedelic, alternative student vibe. Very spacious and loud and buzzing at weekends. Zona Canova Number One Plaza Canovas, 6 Upmarket nightclub. Zona Blasco Ibañez Miniclub Blasco Ibañez, 111 Used to be Zenith. Funky new club open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until well past Zona Benimaclet Swan C/ Juan Giner, 15 Groovy!!! A spacious, hip, popular spot for lovers of retro ‘60s, psych pop, mod y más. Zona Malvarrosa Soul Gandhara C/ Eugeñia Vines, 225

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Every Saturday night with Hip-hop and R&B with legendary DJ Cosy O. Vivir Sin Dormir Pl. Neptuno, 42 Tel: 96 372 77 77 Legendary nightspot by the beach with a name said to sum up Valencia’s attitude to life! Zona Alameda Singles Prolongacion Paseo de la Alameda, 43 Tel: 96 1210 85 27 Part of the prestigious Las Animas group. Zona Puerto La3 c/ Padre Porta, 2 Indie & electrónica sounds on 3 floors Estrella Damn Lounge America’s Cup port (Marina Real Juan Carlos I) Open again! Funky, open-air club by the port with a great mix of DJ’s.

Cool. Run by a welcoming couple, wines, tapas, cocktails, bocadillos, menu del dia, Wonderful selection of magazines & newspapers. Zona Rio del Turia Quiosco Rio Turia Paseo Alameda s/n (junto estación Metro) By the famous Calatrava bridge, a great chill out café-bar for the family. Wicky Parque de Cabecera Tel. 656 856 899 and 679 40 45 24 Nice one! Fantastic combination of chill out bar, restaurant and cafeteria. Zona El Carmen &Artico C/ Arolas, 11 Tel: 96 391 08 57 Dinners - cocktails - chill out - art space - electro funky beats.

Zona Palacio de Congresos Red VLC Avenida Cortes Valencianas, 58. Valencia Upmarket new nightclub with house soundtrack for locals, expats and visitors. Near to the Palacio de Congresos and next to Sorolla hotel. We enjoyed the opening night.

chill out Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento Cafetería Rialto Pl. Ayuntamiento, 17 Open all day and every day. Check out the Art Deco ceiling! Mancini C/ Moratin, 1 Tel: 96 394 42 89 Open Mon-Wed 9.00h - 21.00h. Thurs-Sat 9am-1.30am. Mellow atmosphere, mixed crowd, good service. Moon Bar C/ Músico Peydro, 39 Reservations: 676 333 465 Run by a Valencian family, homemade breakfasts, lunch and dinners. Starbucks C/ San Vicente, 44 Your favourite coffees, teas, hot chocolate… The Bodegueta Pl. Mariano Benlliure, 4 Tel: 96 351 97 38 Cool! Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Spanish tapas, wines and beers… The Ginger Loft café C/ Victoria, 4 (just off Plaza Mariano Benlliure) Classy café bar with superb cocktails. Zona Canovas DB drinking & fooding C/ Conde Altea, 20 Tel: 963 163 144 Luxury chill out. Ecléctico Bar Plaza Canovas Del Castillo, 8 Tel: 655 478 021

Anita Giro C/Pintor Domingo 7, near Radio City 96 113 34 18 A relaxed atmosphere in a very reasonably priced restaurant with a varied and alternative international menu. Dinner generally ranges between 10 to 15 euros a head including drinks and coffee, and can be followed by sampling some fantastic cocktails and shorts. A DJ on Fridays and Saturdays sets the tone while you eat. Great beer at 3.50 a pint, and offers a big screen for Spanish league matches and the Champions League. Boasts a lovely terrace to enjoy your food and drink outside. Open Tuesday to Saturday. English speaking staff. Al Pans Queso C/ Serranos, 19 Tel: 615 979 484 Highly popular with a very open crowd. Bar Negrita Pl. Negrito Sister bar of Negrito with breakfasts and montaditos from 08.00 – 15.00h. Café Bahiano C/ Calatrava, 12 Very popular Brazilian bar. Café de las Horas C/ Conde Almodóvar Tel: 96 3917 336 Marrying baroque with kitsch, classic with camp, this is ‘chill out’ in grand style. Café Infanta Pl. Tossal, 3 Tel: 96 392 16 23 In the heart of the Carmen, Café Infanta is spacious yet cosy inside. Great terrace.

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MAY 11 Joe’s Garage C/ de Zurradores, 9 Tel: 96 3152245 Great! Friendly, Italian-owned bar with many Spritz choices, making it a great pre and post dinner and clubbing meeting point. John Silver C/ Alta, 8 Guitar rock soundtrack filling three floors.

Café Lisboa Pl. Dr. Collado, 9 Tel. 96 391 94 84 An excellent café bar in one of Valencia’s most atmospheric plazas. Good mixed crowd of students, locals, visitors and a very popular terraza. Open 09.00h and all day until late. Lots of bocadillos, coffees and beers. Barça and Levante football on TV at the weekend. Café Madrid C/ Abadia San Martin, 10 Elegant chill out bar with nooks and crannies, famed as one originator of ‘Agua de Valenca.’ Café Museu C/ Museu, 7 Tel: 96 393 31 08 Bohemia at its finest, with a mellow terraza in a tranquil part of the Barrio del Carmen. Café del Negrito Pl. Negrito Tel. 96 391 42 33 Classic Carmen hangout. Liberal 30-somethings, arty crowd, lots of people wearing glasses! Café Tertulia 1900 C/ Alta 4 Open every day, with 3 floors for part-time daydreamers and nightlife schemers. Cafetín Pl. San Jaime, 3 Watch Valencia nightlife morphing at night from the terraza of Cafetín. What a view!

El Café Del Mar Plaza Lope de Vega, 4 Tel: 96 3 922 558 Great! Fantastic and ample terrace café-bar restaurant with friendly service and tasty food and drinks served all day. Take your time in a top chill out spot in the atmospheric old centre. One of the finest terrazas in the city.

El Laboratorio(junto Pl. de la Virgen) Pl. Cors de la Mare de Deu, 3 Every Day 18.00h-01.30h Tel: 96 392 61 93 Young international staff and clientèle. The two coolest and cheapest bars to chill off the Plaza de la Virgen. Free tapas with drinks, international Beers, imaginative Cocktails and Gintonics, Mojitos at 3.50€. Fun food at fun prices: hamburgers, wraps, dimsum, samosas... Great terrace. Tues in EL LAB = English-Spanish Language Exchange; Wed in LAB2 = GermanSpanish Exchange and Cocktails 2x1. Also Exhibitions, Theme Dinners, Ethnic Fiestas, Art & Photography...Mixed drinks start at 3.50€!!!! Lab2 C/ Hierba, 4 Tel: 96 391 2716 Wed-Sat 18.00h-01.30h

Gilda C/ Ensendra, 9 (corner Plaza Viriato) Tel: 96 3260393 Funky authentic Italian chill out bar in the old centre. Near to Radio City so easy to find. Open from breakfast including croissants, cappuccino and Italian sandwiches for almuerzo. Dinner for 18€ with drinks. Wonderful cocktails. Girasol C/ Turia, 52 Movil: 650 245 563 Spacious, darkly lit chill out bar, mellow and friendly. Choice sounds, intimate corners. Horchatería El Siglo Pl. Santa Cantalina, 11 Tel: 96 391 84 66 Great terrace and a real Valencia experience for the local delicacy of horchata. Founded in 1836, they claim to be the oldest in Valencia.

Juanita Club C/ Lepanto, 8 Rasta Vibrations just two minutes walk from the Torres de Quart, open every day from 20.00h. Fantastic cozy interior, a real Reggae lover’s paradise, relaxed atmosphere. Very popular DJ sessions at night with Roots, Dub and more. Authentic vibe… Follow us on Facebook : “dubclubjuanitaclub” La Bodegueta C/ Caballeros, 10 Intimate bar, with ‘tapas caseras’ and music reflecting the flamenco-loving owner Isabel.

La Cava del Negret C/ Calatrava, 15 Tel: 96 392 33 01 Open every day from 12.00h, great bar on Pl. Negrito with terraza and some of the finest agua de Valencia around. Friendly staff, superb terraza, next to fountain and a great selection of cavas and champagnes. Good music and reasonable prices. Recommended. La Magarota C/ murillo, 11 Tel: 665 04 15 08 Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 20.00h to 01.00am. Friendly and bohemian tapas bar with a fine selection of Spanish and international choices, including hams, salads, carpaccios, cold meats and more. Less than

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MAY 11 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS a minute’s walk from the Torres de Quart. Fine selection of beer and wines too! Mata Hari (La Casa del Té) C/ Portal de Valldigna, 9 Open from 18.00h, closed Monday and Tuesday. Delightful tea hang-out in quiet side street of the Barrio Carmen. Teas from Morocco and Libya. Pepita Pulgarcita C/ Cavallers, 19 Superb chill out bar with choice soundtrack as you watch the world go by. Impressive white interior, tasty tapas, tintos and cavas too! Picapiedra C/ Caballeros, 25 Definitive of the alternative Carmen scene. Highly popular with students, punks, hippies and adventurous tourists. QArt! Calle de Guillem de Castro, 78 46001 Valencia, España Tel: 963 916 115 Gay friendly, spacious café bar Sol i Lluna C/ del Mar, 29 96 392 22 16, Cafe-bar with ample terrace, good crowd of locals and foreigners. Varied tapas and meals to be savoured on balmy evenings. Buzzing atmosphere at night and great music soundtrack too.

Zona Plaza Xuquer


2 X 1 PINTAS RUBIAS = 5 euros

The Lounge Café-Bar Estameñeria Vieja 2 (behind La Lonja) Tel: 96 391 80 94, This is one of Valencia’s coolest chill-out bars with loads of activities to enjoy. Check out their language intercambio nights, live Spanish Primera Liga, English Premier, French, Italian and Portuguese league matches on television, tasty beers, wi-fi, internet and a good music soundtrack too. Cosmopolitan and open crowd.Open everyday 17.00h - 01.30h. Zume C/ Valencians, 4 (just off Plaza Negrito) Tel: 96 114 40 99 Great! Natural fruit juices, crepes, cocktails, teas and infusions. Friendly atomsphere and spacious interior with cool music soundtrack. Big choice of juices from South America, try the Açai Amazonian berry for an energy boost! Run by a friendly Brazilian Team. Open every day Zona Juan lloréns

St. Jaime C/ Caballeros, 51 Tel. 96 391 24 01 Valencia Café society par excellence. Set in what may be the best corner of the centro histórico, this long established café bar has a cosmopolitan crowd, lots of room upstairs and one of the best terrazas in the city. Watch the characters stroll down C/Caballeros. Taberna Cavallers C/ Caballeros, 23 Tel: 96 391 25 16 The wood interior gives a feeling of warmth and modernity. Over 50 tapas to savour.

Tango y Truco C/ Calixto III, 10 Tel: 96 385 18 37 Great bar with truly cosmopolitan atmosphere and staff that speak English, Spanish and Italian. Tango, old and new, is the soundtrack as well as Manu Chao, U2 and Bob Marley Zona Ruzafa Sinpy Jo’s C/ Cadiz, 43 Tel: 670 904 294 In the heart of Ruzafa, Valencia’s Bohemian quarter, Sinpy Jo’s is a meeting point for young people of all nationalities and locals. A perfect place to have your evening coffee or try one of their many imported beers. Good music in a great atmosphere. Ubik Café C/ Literato Azorín, 13 Tel: 96 374 12 55 Emblematic of the buzzing barrio of Ruzafa. Wonderful, spacious and welcoming cafebar/ second-hand bookshop. Spanish & Italian tapas, beer, wine, bohemian crowd, friendly atmosphere. Closed Monday.

PLAZA XUQUER, 14 TEL.96 332 09 54

Rocafull Cafe Pl. Xuquer, 14 Every day from 15.30h til late, Rocafull chills during the day and rocks as evening turns to night. A key meeting point of the ‘indie’ community, with DJ sessions all week including Valencia face DJ Jordi. A great beer selection makes it popular with the Erasmus crowd. Groups: Franz Ferdinand, Jet, Teenage Fanclub, Interpol, White Stripes. Zona Plaza Cedro Cafe Infinito C/ Poeta Mas y Ros, no 35 Tel: 617 27 20 42 Superb! International multilingual staff with a friendly atmosphere and packed agenda including theme nights, language exchange and live music quiz.Tuesday - Thursday draught beer is 2 for 1. Wednesdays is cinema nights or language exchange. Fridays / Saturdays have delicious dinners and delightful cocktails. Booking advised. Sunday evenings has aperitif and then music quiz at 21.30h. Closed Monday. Tornillo C/ Campoamor, 42 Tel. 96 392 55 27 A meeting point for faces from the indie and electronica scenes. Definitely worth checking. Zona Avda. Aragón Nueve Reinas C/ Vicente Sancho Tello, 24 Tel: 96 361 59 41 The real bohemian spirit lives on. Just a stone’s throw from Cine Babel and run by the legendary Robi, a real ‘Valencia face’ on the scene. Nueve Reinas pub is a cosmopolitan pub, a café, a bar, and a space for clients looking for new sensations. It’s a meeting point for like-minded people of all ages, interested in film, music, culture and offers an opportunity for creative people to share their work. Live music every week. The interior has a film theme and there are plenty of cocktails, beer, spirits and cafes to enjoy too, more information: Zona Plaza Benimaclet Tam Tam C/ Emilio Baro, 20 Very special, one of the finest chill out bars in the city. A bohemian hangout with a spacious, soulful interior. Eclectic sounds for an eclectic clientele. One of Valencia’s best kept secrets…

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MAY 11 GAY / LESBIAN Adn Pub C/ Angel Custodio, 10 (Barrio del Carmen) Café de La Seu C/ Santo Caliz, 7 Spacious, arty chill out bar, near the cathedral. Codigo G. Av. Constitucion, 29 (Calle Dr Montoro) Tel: 963920570 / 617109956 New disco. ”For gay people”. Open from 01.30h. Free entry with flyer until 02.30h. Funk, house, soul. disco, pop and more. Dark room and VIP room Colectivo Lambda of Lesbians, Gays and Transexuals C/ Vivons, 26 Baix - 1 Tel: 96 334 21 91 Magnus Termas (Sauna) Av. Puerto, 27 Tel: 96 337 48 92 Nuncadigono C/ Turia, 22 The latest gay sex-club. Pekado Pl. Vicente Iborra, 9 Tel. 96 392 41 39 The seven deadly sins are served after you enter the gates of hell of this restaurant. Qart Café C/ Guillem de Castro, 80 Sant Miquel Pl. Sant Miquel, 13 Tel. 96 392 31 29 Spartacus C/ Flassanders, 8 Gay sex shop Trapezzio Café Pl. Músico Lopez Chavarri, 2 Turangalila C/ del Mar, 34 Tel. 96 391 02 55 Well prepared Mediterranean dishes. Drag queens sing for customers in this original restaurant. Venial C/ Quart, 34 Tel: 96 391 73 56 The first choice gay venue after hours.


Tuesday from 19.00h to 24.00h, Beer from the barrel 2 x1! Wednesday has paella. Thursday has popular beer prices, if it is your horoscope month, your second ‘copa’ is free. Monday with your beer will invite you to free mussels Wednesday live music from 23.30 h - 01.30 h Thursday is beer day.

TRADITIONAL PUBS Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento Dublin House Pl. Patriarca, 6 Excellent! Open from 8.00h – 24.00h and later on Friday/ Saturdays. Dublin House serves breakfasts, snacks and coffees. Set in a tranquil square, a good mix of ages and nationalities in this upmarket pub with a friendly staff. Screens for football matches and all your favourite beers including Guinness! Relax on the mellow terraza or lounge on the classy Chesterfield sofas in the VIPs-style area at the back! Zona El Carmen Finnegan’s Pl. de la Reina Tel: 96 392 28 62 The legendary meeting point in the heart of Valencia for those who like a good pint. Excellent terrace with fine view of the Cathedral. A genuine Irish pub with big screen for sports-lovers who like it live. Spacious and warm interior, good selection of beers and tasty traditional lunches. It is internationally famous for all the right reasons. Great for the craic in the evenings. Live music every week.A classic. O’Hara’s C/ Cajeros, 1 / C/ Danzas, 5 A short stroll from La Lonja and within spitting distance of Home hostel. Celtic tavern with a mellow vibe, and all your favourite beers.

Tel: 96 351 36 42 “A true Irish pub” that knows the craic! Friendly helpful international staff who speak Spanish and English! FREE WIFI to all customers. Open every day from 4pm ‘till late! Cosy interior with 5 rooms and 2 bars. A good mix of Spaniards and expats. We have 5 big screen plasma T.V.s that show all the sporting events (football, rugby, cricket, golf, basketball, etc.)! We have pool, darts, a big terrace and good music (pop-rock from all the ages with Spotify)! Great selection of beers, whiskies, cocktails, including fresh fruit slush, non-alcoholic or you choose the mix! Great snacks, sandwiches, quiche, meat pies, montaditos, tapas, etc. With our fidelity get your 6th pint/mixed drink FREE! Lots of events: Live Music, Parties with prizes. Every Thursday 8-11pm Intercambio & Bilingual pub trivia with GREAT prizes (ex: 50 Euro lunch for 2)! Earn St. Pat’s $$ on trivia and spend $$ on St. Pat’s products-check out the St. Pat’s menu. Open Saturday and Sunday at 1pm for Premier League matches. Reservations at Zona Avenida Aragón Manolo el del Bombo Pl. Valencia Club de Fútbol, 5 Tel: 96 930 460 A traditional Spanish bar with a different interior - a football museum with photos of the legendary Manolo del Bombo, the chap with the massive beret and drum. Just across from Mestalla stadium, a Mecca for football fans from all over the world. Friendly atmosphere.

Zona Canovas Portland Ale House C/ Salamanca 10 Yes! Valencia’s first true American pub, run by a friendly American team with draft beers available, sports and an increasingly mixed crowd of locals, visitors and English and Spanish speakers. They now brew & serve their own beer ! Tuesdays and Wednesdays are international language exchange nights with Orange Academy, Thursdays is couch surfers meeting point and Sundays is the legendary pub quiz!


BEER C/ Salamanca, 4 Tel. 96 374 14 31 One for the lads and lasses who like a pint and more... Beers from around the world: Czech, German, British, U.S.A., Irish, Danish, Belgian. Every day a free montadito with each beer. Every

St. Patrick’s Irish Pub Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, 69

Sally O’Brien Av. Aragon, 8 Tel: 96 337 40 12 Open daily from 17.00h - 02.00h, 03.30h at the

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MAY 11 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS weekends. Top one! New ownership, good vibes, great service and plenty of activity! Sally O’Brien has gone up another level with an attractive exterior and two floors with nooks and crannies, separate room for private parties and live football on TV. Erasmus are welcome and the Sunday quiz (19.00h - 21.00h) is a fantastic excuse for Spanish and English speakers to mingle. Cash and prizes for the winners! Sally’s great again! Zona Plaza Xuquer

Max Max C/ Vinalopó, 11 (Pl. Xúquer) Tel: 96 362 68 67 Renowned pub for heady nights of live Celtic music (pipes, fiddles, guitars). A local student and Erasmus favourite, well-located in a buzzing night-time zone. Very spacious, wide screen for all sports, pool, friendly staff and good music soundtrack. Good vibes! The Dragon (Bar Internacional) C/ Virgen de Pilar, 12 (L’Eliana) British-run bar with good reputation for food. Popular with the expat crowd from the area.

Restaurants Afro-Cuban Babalú C/ Manyans 17 (next to Plaza Redondo) Tel: 96 315 50 40 ¡Fiesta! An excellent restaurant-bar-club for those who love authentic Cuban food. American Burger King Pl. Ayuntamiento, 19 Tel: 96 352 58 00 Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 108 Tel: 96 362 363 What do they call a Whopper? Foster’s Hollywood Pl. Ayuntamiento Tel: 96 352 02 64 Big portions. Burgers, fries and milkshakes. McDonalds Pl. de la Reina, 15 Tel: 96 392 35 91 Easy to find, with the city’s cathedral as the backdrop. Peggy Sue’s American Diner Calle Carrasquer, 7 (near Torres de Quart) Tel: 96 391 90 18 Snooker Burger Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 151 Tel: 96 356 18 25

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T.G.I. Friday's Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, nº 36-38 - Cánovas Tel: 96 307 30 97 Tony Roma’s Pl. Canovas de Castillo, 2 Tel: 96 351 34 33 Arabic Balansiya (Zona Tarongers) C/ Paseo de las facultades, 3 Tel: 96 389 08 24 Wonderful interior & genuine dishes. The real deal. Dukala (Zona Botánico) C/ Dr Sanchis Bergon, 27 Tel: 96 3926253 Classy Arabic cuisine. Kuídate (Zona Centro) C/ Hospital, 19 Tel: 663 75 60 95 Authentic North African dishes. Sahara (Zona Carmen) C/ del Mar, 52 Tel: 96 352 66 89 Set in a tranquil part of the old centre. Tetería La Kasbah (Zona Pza. del Cedro) C/ Poeta Mas y Ros Tel: 96 320 93 67 Intimate Arabic restaurant. Kasbah has a funky interior with typical low seats and tables. Asian Fusion Banyan Lounge Bar & Grill C/ Comedias, 5 Tel: 96 315 48 90 Located just off the Calle de la Paz. With culinary pick ups from around the world. Nelson Luu Asiatic Cuisine C/ Bordadores, 3 Tel: 96 391 42 26 From London to Valencia, near the Cathedral. Expert cuisine from Asian chef, Cantonese... Sushi & Tapas C/ Salamanca, 10 Tel: 96 061 78 74 Takeaway: 96 011 58 85 13:30 - 16:00h / 20:30 - 23:30h. Authentic sushi. Open everyday. Perfectly located in the cosmopolitan Canovas area. From the owners of Tastem. Classy sushi and tapas with friendly and experienced Japanese chefs and Spanish staff. Wonderful selection of sushi, including vegetarian, prawn, tuna & salmon choices. Check out the maki & sashimi menus as well as tempura & temaki dishes. Good value lunch - time menus for 12€. Takeaway service too. Brazilian O Rei Da Caipirinha C/ Vicente Sancho Tello Tel: 96 362 59 36 Open daily, Brazilian football memorabilia lines the walls. Cool Brazilian sounds and native staff. Barbecues every Sun at 13.30h. Chinese Festin C/ Polo y Peyrolón, 25 Tel: 96 362 98 38 All your favourites: Wan Tun soup, fried rice, beef, shrimps, 15 Duck dishes to choose from. Gran Muralla Pl. Porta del Mar, 6 (next to Juzgados) Open daily from 11.30h to 16.30h and 19.30h to 0.30h. Menu under 6€.

Excellent Terrazas Django Pl. Don Juan de Villarrasa, 1 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 96 327 03 72 Absolutely fantastic sunny terrace to enjoy tasty breakfasts, classic tapas and traditional Mediterranean dishes. French Atmosphére (Institut Français) C/ Moro Zeit, 6 Open 08.00h to 20.00h, delicious homemade food from expert chefs. Crêperie Bretonne Annaik C/ Bordadores, 4 Tel: 96 153524 Excellently located by the Cathedral. El Bicho Raro C/ Conde Montornes, 9 Tel: 96 392 49 20 La Francesa del Carmen C/ Sogueros, 5 Tel: 96 3 23 51 63 Superb homemade, authentic French cuisine with North African touches like cous cous. German Bierwinkel C/ Guardia Civil, 4 Tel: 96 393 42 88 Hearty German cervecería in Benimaclet student zone. Imported beers, German cuisine. Greek Rincon Griego C/ Conde Montornes Tel: 96 394 44 43 Legendary amongst Greek restaurants in the community. Take away as well. Indian / Pakistani Dhaba (Zona Carmen) Plaza Don Juan de Villarassa, 6 (behind Mercado Central & near Radio City) Tel: 96 391 00 19 Everything in Dhaba is cooked on the spot and to order, so your dish can be as fiery or as mild as your palate wants. Authentic, quality Indian cuisine with experienced, welcoming owner & staff. The owner Dhani speaks fluent English & Spanish. Spacious interior, tasty & well presented curry dishes, lovely mango desserts. Evening takeaway service for the Centro Histórico. Lovely terrace. Open daily 8.00h – 17.00h / 20.00h – 24.00h. Lunch menús 6.50€, 8.50€ and 10.50€. Dinner menú 15€ including wine. Curries and rice dishes 6.50€ – 13€ Taj-Mahal (Zona Av. Puerto) C/ Dr. Manuel Candela, 20, Tel: 96 330 62 64. Shere Khan (Zona Canovas) Calle Serrano Morales 11 Tel: 96 395 0645 Shish-Mahal (Zona Plaza Xúquer) Calle Poeta Artola, 13 Italian Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento La Vita é Bella Pl. Mariano Benillure, 2 Tel: 96 351 07 37 La Nicoletta

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MAY 11 Pizza ristorante C/ La Paz 33. Oficina: 963253960 - Móvil 608003463

combines traditional Italian cuisine - a wonderful choice of freshly served salads, cheeses, pastas, meat and fish dishes, with reasonable prices so it is great value for money.

Zona Botánico Mimmo Cantina C/Dr Sanchis Bergon, 24 Tel: 96 315 4968 Movil: 645074435 Italian owned and run, with a lovely setting overlooking the Rio Turia. Mimmo Cantina is a new restaurant which focuses on Italian cuisine with wonderful recipes and home-made products, traditional and of fine quality. All pasta and bread is made on the premises and the seasonal menu is delicious. Mimmo boasts an Italian bar where you can unwind Italian-style with your aperitif before your meal or savour a snack or light-lunch at the bar.The restaurant has a wide & welcoming terrace, where you can enjoy lunch, dinner or just drink a coffee in the Valencian sunshine. For lunch you can enjoy a menu (12 euros all inclusive) and for dinner enjoy their Carte menu. Zona El Carmen Al Pomodoro C/ del Mar, 22 Tel: 96 391 48 00, Very popular, good value, great pizza. Bacco d.o.c. C/ Derechos 29, bajo (1 min from La Lonja) Tel: 96 391 19 65 Everyone welcome at this distinctive and very original Italian restaurant in an excellent location. The setting is fun and a little decadent, with stalactites hanging from the cave-like setting and one of the most unique washrooms in Valencia Huge selection of pasta dishes, including lasagne, gnocchi, tagliatelle, penne and bucatini, ravioli. Homemade tiramisu is a decadent treat. Especially popular with a trendy arts crowd, women out in groups and romantic couples. La Pappardella C/ Bordadores, 5 (next to Cathedral) Tel: 96 391 89 15 Popular Italian restaurant without pizza and emphasis on Piadinas and pastas.

Zona Ruzafa

Paparazzi C/ Baja, 42 Tel. 96 315 45 88 New! Set in a quiet corner of the atmospheric old town. Run by a friendly and experienced owner, enjoy wonderful homemade Italian cooking including; Lasagna, Parmigiana, Canellones, Pasta and a lot more !!!!! Business groups and romantic couples are all welcome. Tasty Menu for 10€ every day and evening. Wednesday night has live Jazz with menu for 10€, Thursday night has live flamenco. Closed Sunday night and all day Monday. Zona Canovas Accapella C/ Conde Altea, 60 Tel: 96 3748424 A warm welcome from a family run restaurant. Well presented pasta and pizza dishes in relaxing and spacious surroundings. The music is mellow and the interior is gentle on the eye. A qualified wine connoisseur can recommend what goes best with your dish. Wonderful terraza. A good night out… Don Salvatore Italiano C/ Conde de Altea, 41 Tel: 96 334 13 04 A real treat of an Italian restaurant. Wonderful terrace and bilingual owner, a great Canovas success story. Spot the Valencia footballer!

Capicci C/ Joaquin benlloch, 1 Tel: 963 128 444 / 632 415 409. Near the AVE train station. The original! Authentic 100% Italian, highquality cuisine. Italian owners, chefs and pizza. A combination of traditional dishes, cheeses, salads, Argentinean meats and original Italian pizzas. Pay around 9 euros for menu del dia and enjoy eveningmeals at night. Pretty warm atmosphere! Italian Pizzeria Il Bocconcino C/ Quart, 1 Tel: 96 323 03 98 Authentic Italian pizzeria / bocatería run by an Italian family. Japanese Miss Sushi Plaza Canovas, 9 Tel: 96 061 46 14


Restaurante Italiano

Calle Conde Altea 31/36 - Calle Ciscar 3 Valencia, Spain, 46005

La Strada C/ Quart 17 Tel: 96 392 41 77 Excellent! Hip pizzeria and pasta restaurant just a brief stroll from Torres de Quart. 10€ daytime menus, around 15€ at night.Friendly service and tasty meals, popular with couples and groups and bound to be popular over the festive season! English Speaking Waiter.

Lambrusquería C/ Conde Altea, 31 -36 Tel: 96 334 07 53 This is an absolute jewel of an Italian restaurant! Italian-owned and with Italian chefs, it is highly popular with both locals and visitors. It

Kokura Pere i borrego 10 (C/ Alta – Na Jordana) Excellent! The most exotic Maki collection in Valencia. Check out their fusion cuisine with modern ingredients via their web for delivery or come visit their intimate lounge setting. Experienced

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MAY 11 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS staff and a friendly welcome. Sushi Cru C/ Pintor Zarinena, 3 Tel: 96 392 54 92 Great Sushi bar with cosmopolitan staff and hip clientele. Loyal following, Recommended. Macrobiotic Kimpira C/ Juristas, 12 Tel: 96 392 34 22 Macrobiotic food, comfortable setting, now in the old centre. Mexican

Tel: 96 392 50 86 Bar Almudín C/ Almudín, 14 Tel: 96 392 57 13 Bar Kiosco C/ Derechos, 38 Tel: 96 391 01 59 Great terrace and economic menu del días, a brief stroll from La Lonja or Mercat Central. La Galeria C/ Baja, 38 Tel: 96 3 154 494 Welcoming and spacious Spanish restaurant with lovely salads, bocadillos, tapas and more…

El Mexico de María (Zona Ruzafa) C/ Denia, 20 Tel: 96 332 80 78 Friendly Mexican restaurant, superb homemade dishes in the funky, bohemian Ruzafa barrio. El Mexico de Maria has Mexican cuisine with 5 years of culinary experience in Valencia with a fine combination of traditional and fusion Mexian cuisine for their loyal clientele. Taquería el Burrito (Zona Carmen) C/ Alta,12 Tel: 96 113 36 08 Tasty Mexican food & drink. Takeaway service.

Carosel Taula de Canvis, 6 Tel: 96 1132 873 Cool restaurant near to the Mercado central. Authentic Mediterranean dishes with delicious and beautifully presented salads, wonderful paella, informed clientele, spacious and relaxing interior. Valencian chef and English speaking host. Dos Aguas C/ Marqués de Dos Aguas, 6 Tel: 96 251 64 26 Good value Spanish menu del días, great view.

Organic La Morhada Mercado Cental, Paradas 225 y 227 Tel: 96 382 91 34 Completely organic vegetable & fruit produce at Mercado Central. Home delivery service! Portuguese Café Pessoa C/ Literato Azorin, 2 Tel: 96 341 75 14 Great! An authentic Portuguese café bar/ restaurant with traditional dishes plus modern touches including cod platos at the weekends. Enjoy their tasty salads and quiches during the week. Spanish / Valencian Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento Carpe Diem C/ Martínez Cubells, 4 (off Passeig Ruzafa) Tel: 96 342 77 80, A genuine Spanish restaurant right in the centre of Valencia, on a mellow side street, dead easy to find! Friendly service, trendy interior, expert chefs and authentic Valencia cuisine! Enjoy fish dishes, Spanish tapas and rice dishes including paella on their mellow terraza as you watch the world go by. Savour their delicious salads, chilled white wines, and desserts. An international staff are on hand to help you with your choice. Enjoy their Tapas menu. Zona El Carmen 33 Lounge Restaurant C/ San Dionisio, 8 Tel: 96 392 41 61 Mediterranean tapas, expertly made fresh paella, homemade desserts and bossa nova soundtrack. Bajando al Sur C/ Dr. Monserrat, 32

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Authentic Paella

La Pilareta C/ Moro Zeit Tel: 96 391 04 97 Every major Spanish city has a tapas bar regarded as ‘quintessential’. Established in 1917, this one is high up on the list in many guides. Veteran waiters serve excellent tapas: habas, ensaladilla rusa and the famous mussels. Open daily midday to midnight just off Plaza Tossal, not hard to find. Now that’s what we call atmosphere... Boatella Tapas Pl. Mercado, 34 Tel: 96 391 13 14 Great tapas bar with all your favourites. Fine terrace and top view. Bocatame C/ Turia, 61 Tel: 96 391 08 70 Bohemian sandwich bar with plenty of choice and space. Bocateria La Vaca Verde Plaza Mercado Mossén Sorell, 11 Tel: 96 3154 061 Check out the international milk carton collection on the wall! Bodeguilla de Gato C/ Catalans, 10 Tel: 96 391 82 35 Try it! Firm favourite amongst locals in the know. Tapas, vino and copas. Real atmosphere… Burdeos in Love C/ del Mar, 4 Tel: 96 391 43 50 Classy wine bar with stylish cuisine. Capdepera C/ Roteros, 9 Tel: 96 315 55 84 Fresh choice of Mediterranean dishes, including Mallorcan specialities. Tasty!

9:00 - 01:30 todos los días El Botijo C/ San Miguel s/n Spanish tasca in the Barrio Carmen! Great terraza, delicious tapas, a top ensaladilla rusa and great tabla de quesos too. Cool flamenco, rock and pop sounds, welcoming vibe and friendly Andalucian/Valencia owners. Perfect size portions and informed service. Be sure to try Valencian tinto no. 12! El Generalife C/ Caballeros, 5 Tel: 96 391 78 99 Wonderful terrace, view of the Plaza del Virgen. El Carmen Miranda (food & cocktails) C/ En Plom, 9 Tel: 96 336 62 83 Near Torres de Quart. Great! Run by friendly Spanish owners with a wonderful evening meals & good service. We enjoyed their paella! Great group meals.

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MAY 11 Mobile: 677 405 931 Authentic, friendly, warm and intimate Spanish tapas bar with a great selection of tapas including ham, cheese, meat and fish choices + prawns, snails, pâté, ribs, chicken & Valencian speciality ‘esgarraet’. Enjoy the covered terraza at the back and watch the world go by at the front…

EL PEIX DAURAT c/ Dr. Monserrat, 14 (near to Torres de Quart) Mediterranean cuisine and more...

L'Aplec C / Roteros, 9 (near Torres de Serranos) Movil: 696 119986 Bar - restaurant to go for tapas. Open Monday to Sunday from 12 noon to closing. Spontaneous atmosphere, friendly and fun. Home cooking. Drinks and hot tapas with a hint of fun. New and easy to find as it is just a stoneʼs throw from the Torres de Serranos. Nice and spacious interior too! La Caragola Pl. Mossen Sorell, 9 Tel: 615 992 803 La Cava C/ San Fernando, 20 Tel: 96 392 08 34 La Greta C/ Pere Bonfill, 7 Tel. 96 332 24 47 Alternative vibe, cool music, tapas and open, liberal crowd. Vegetarians are catered for. La Huerta y La Botella Obispo Don Geronimo, 8 Tel: 963 923 705 In a quiet street, just off Calle Caballeros. Valencian cocina includes Michelin trained chefs. Choice wine list too. Menu del dia is 10€. Average price for evening meal is 20€. La Llantia Dorada C/ Hierba, 4 Tel. 96 391 27 16 Creative cooking with a mixture of Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Asian influences.

WIN A MEAL FOR 2 AT LA LOLA! See page 27 L’Antigua Bodegueta 1833 C/ Purisima, 6

DAILY MENU 12 EUROS RICE DINNERS WITH FLAMENCO LIVE THURSDAY AND FRIDAY Tel/ Reservas: 963 918 045 / 659 699 997 Subida del Toledano /8, junto a Miguelete

Chic & welcoming... El Peix Daurat C/Doctor Monserrat 14. Tel:.635 413 476. Open Tuesday to Saturday (14.00h - 16.00) – (20.00h - 24.00h) Wonderful lunch-time paella every Friday afternoon.Superb! By sheer word of mouth, this hidden gem of a restaurant has become a favourite of discerning customers. Chic & tasty Mediterranean cuisine and from around the world. Situated in a quiet street in the old centre, just 2 minute’s walk from Torres de Quart so easy to find. They use different techniques and cooking traditions to create Mediterranean dishes with their unique flavour. El Rall Pl. Tundidores, 2 Tel: 96 392 20 90 Legendary paella restaurant, prime location by La Lonja and Plaza Negrito. El Somelier Pl. Mossen Sorell, 11 Tel: 96 315 40 61 Hip little tapas bar with excellent cheeses, hams. ‘Jornadas’ of wine tasting during the year. Erba Cipollina C/ Viriato, 7 Tel: 96 392 04 96 Clean presentation, calm atmosphere. Escalones de La Lonja C/ Pere Compte, 3 What a great setting! A terrace by La Lonja. Espaivisor C/ Corretgería, 40 Tel: 96 392 23 99 Superb, imaginative and tasty Mediterranean dishes.


La Lola C/ Subida de Toledano, 8 Tel: 96 391 80 45, Very cool, popular and excellently located by the cathedral tower. A distinctive interior combines minimalism with ‘60s Spanish retro and space for 50 customers. This is ‘nueva cocina española’! Win a free meal for two at La Lola! What was the Roman name for Valencia? Email your answer to: La Mari y sus tacones C/ Alta, 28 Tel: 96 3156377 Chic yet friendly Spanish tapas and vino bar/restaurant. La Nave C/ Nave, 15 Tel: 96 351 95 06 Down-to-earth, menu del días for under 8€. La Salvaora C/ Calatrava, 19 Tel: 96 392 14 84 New! Cool ‘Taberna Española’ in the heart of the Barrio Carmen. Flamenco legend photos, excellent ham, cheese and wine aplenty! Las Damas C/ Damas, 3 Tel: 96 352 12 97 Unpretentious restaurant in a quiet corner of town. Good value menu del días for under 8€. La Surcusal C/ Guillem de Castro, 118 (at IVAM) Tel: 96 374 66 65 This modern, creative restaurant has become a talking point in and outside Valencia. Not for those on a budget- 50€ a head. La Tarara C/ de la Cruz 4, 646 178 092, 646 524 877 Homemade dishes near the Torres de Serranos. La Xirgu C/ dels Borja, 4 Tel: 96 392 27 35 Very spacious, arty, and buzzing at the weekends with an alternative vibe… Los Arcos C/ Blanquerías, 10 Tel: 96 391 71 31 Quality cuisine by the Torres de Serranos. Lolitas & Sibaritas (Paella, Tapas y Copas) C/ Caballeros, 10 Tel: 96 3924495 Paella every day. Maria Mandiles C/ Padre Huerfanos, 2 Tel: 96 336 62 13 A warm welcome with tasty

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MAY 11 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS Fusion cuisine.

food and lovely terraza. Mattilda C/ Roteros, 21 Tel. 96 392 31 68 Creative cuisine.

C/ del Mar, 29 | tel. 960 715 790

Mediterraniart C/ del Mar, 29 Tel: 96 0 715 790 Great! Open very day of the week, Mediterraniart is an authentic and elegant Valencia chill out bar/restaurant run by a friendly, young and experienced team. Paella everyday, typical Spanish tapas including bravas, calamares, ham and cheese and mediterranean salads and dishes. Menú del día 9,50€ & 14€. Dinners betwen 20-25 €. Mellow & cool music soundtrack with soul, funk, jazz, house and more. Mesclat Doctor Beltrán Bigorra, 10 Teléfono: 96 306 5852 Authentic and wide choice of natural hamburgers. Messana C/ Catalans, 8 Tel: 96 315 59 75 Neboa Pl. Vicente Iborra, 4 Tel: 96 391 37 21 Atlantic cooking from Galicia. Nou Carxofa C/ Baja, 42 Tel: 96 391 02 98 Restaurant area at the back serves homemade dishes. Good value, tasty and good music. Ocho y Medio Plaza Lope de Vega, 5 Tel: 96 392 20 22 Creative cooking with Mediterranean influences. Fish and meat dishes with fresh ingredients. Very special. This is a very classy combination of Spanish arrocería with exquisite rice plates and a wonderful ‘carta de diseño’. A beautiful and relaxing interior and wonderful view of the square. There is a menú del día for 15€ and expect to pay between 25€ 30€ in the evening. Great wine list, too. Refugio Restaurante del Carmen C/ Alta, 42 Tel: 96 391 77 54 A warm and authentic Mediterranean fusion restaurant with touches of Asia and a new carta, too. See ‘Something Different’ for more details. Restaurant L’hamadriada Pl. Vicente Iborra, 3 Tel: 96 326 08 91 New! Tasty dishes in a quiet corner of the Barrio del Carmen. Restaurante Tahine C/ Corona, 8 Tel: 96 315 60 42

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San Miquel C/ Sant Miquel, 7 Tel: 96 392 31 29 Classy. In the heart of the historic centre, San Miquel has a tapas bar, a wonderful terrace and authentic traditional cuisine. The fact that it is highly popular with locals is a guarantee & a sign of a quality, with paella, arroz a banda and its speciality of 'arroz encebollado' rice with fish & onions. You can also enjoy their 'sangria' and famous 'Agua de Valencia'. Serranos C/ Blanquerías, 5 Tel: 96 391 70 61 Another great Valencia landmark close by the Torres de Serrano. Sesame C/ En Bou, 10 Tel: 96 391 30 62 International cuisine in a quiet corner of the Carmen. Great service. Seu-Xerea C/ Conde Almodóvar, 4 Tel: 96 392 40 00 British-born owner/chef for one of the best regarded fusion restaurants, a minute from Plaza de la Virgen. Creative and affordable. Sidrería El Molinón C/ Bolseria, 40 Tel: 96 391 15 38 Specialities are Cocina Asturiana. Sol i Lluna C/ del Mar, 29 Tel: 96 392 22 16, Breakfast from 09.00h to 13.30h, imaginative meals with delicious salads and international dishes. Recommended. Tapa2 Gastronomik C/ Carda, 6 Tel: 96 392 14 70 Fusion cuisine. Tasca Angel C/ Purísima, 1 Tel: 96 391 78 35 Excellent tapas- sardines, prawns, cuttlefish and much more, all grilled. Indie music fans: This is Robyn Hitchcock’s favourite! Tintofino Ultramarino C/ Corretgeria, 38 Tel: 96 315 39 64 Like a fine wine? Oh, that’s superb! Tapas, cheese, and meat too! Trafico de Bocatas C/ Roteros, 16 Tel: 96 391 91 74 Over 20 years of great sandwiches. Vintara Plaza de la Reina, 19

Tel: 96 392 41 85 Great paella is available from Monday to Friday and there are other rice dishes to be enjoyed as well as fresh Spanish tapas, tasty meat and fish dishes. Winery (Envinarte) C/ Serranos, 6 Tel: 96 391 39 30 A classy winery by the Torres de Serrano. Yuso C / de la Cruz, 4 izquierda Tel: 96 315 39 67 The real deal. Valencian chefs and Valencian staff. Superb paella, arroz en fesols i naps, arroz a banda, patatas bravas, salads and more. Classy Valencian restaurant by the old Arabic wall near Torres de Serrano. Homemade food, only open Friday - Sunday. About 18€ a head. Zona Ruzafa Basilico C/ Cadiz, 42 Brunch every Sunday from 11.00h onwards with eggs, fresh bread, delicious juices, salmon and bacon. Big hit with students at only 8€. Cadiz 70 C/ Cadiz, 70 Tel: 96 334 15 74 Excellent wine bar in the heart of Ruzafa district. Cool jazz, quality tapas to savour. Ganxo C/ Literario Azorin, 4 Tel: 96 328 55 48 Run by a Spanish/Irish couple, homemade food in friendly surroundings. Zona Canovas La Reina Plaza de Canovas, 1 Tel: 671 631 314 Run by the talented and popular chef Jim Harris, this is a classy and welcoming addition to the restaurant scene. Las Lunas C/ Ciscar, 35 Tel: 662 047 091 / 695 192 336 E-mail: Great! Brand new restaurant in the cosmopolitan Canovas zone run by an experienced staff. At the bar or in the dining room, you may enjoy an informal lunch or dinner consisting of tasty tapas, as well as the finest homemade meals for their menus, in classic Mediterranean style. Savour their delicious grilled meat, especially prepared by their chef Gustavo Casella. Las Lunas stands out for its combination of Spanish, Italian and French cuisine in a rustic and friendly atmosphere.


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MAY 11 Tel: 96 372 75 30 One of Valencia’s very best bodegas, down-toearth interior. Busy at weekends! Essential. Zona Plaza Xuquer

C/ Conde Altea, 39 Tel: 96 3819 444 La Taska Sidreria C/ Conde Altea, 39 Tel: 96 3819 444 Every Thursday is cider day, with free cider with your meal. Enjoy the finest cuisine from Northern Spain including well-prepared octopus, cod, sausage and tortilla dishes. Their natural Asturian cider is served in the classic way by the waiters in this friendly and warm restaurant, combining fine service with fresh produce. A wonderful selection of red, white and rosé wines to choose from too. Successfully run by 2 brothers of Asturian descent. If you bring this copy of ‘24/7 Valencia’ with you, you get a free bottle of cider with your lunch or dinner! Zona Rio del Turia La Masia de los Jardineros In Río Túria (Parallel with bus station) Tel: 627 209 992 Peaceful spot away from the crowds. Menu del día for 9.50€, paella, salads, and fideua. Wicky Parque de cabecera - Tel. 656 856 899. Enjoy an ample carta of Mediterranean and meat dishes in pleasant surroundings.

Taberna Jos Plaza Xuquer, 13 Reservations: 622 233 101 or 629 255 040 Authentic local restaurant in a great area. Enjoy some of the best value traditional Spanish cooking in Valencia. 8€ lunchtime menu and 12.95€ dinner with open bar included. All your favourites, including paella, Spanish tapas, homemade stews and more. Great for couples and groups. Check their website for more information. Zona Cabañal Casa Montaña C/ Jose Benlliure, 69 Tel: 96 367 23 14 Established in 1836, this is an historic bodega and tapas bar, one of the best in all Spain. Over 1000 wines and crunchy patatas bravas, croquetas de bacalao, mussels. Framed posters and photos of Spanish ‘figuras’ and large barrels of wine line the walls. Excellent choice for locals and visitors. Zona Playa y Puerto La Pepica At the Beach - Av. Neptuno, 6 Tel: 96 371 03 66 Legendary paella restaurant with room for 400 guests. Rice and seafood, with paella Valenciana a speciality. Hemingway did eat here! Something Different

Zona Juan Lloréns Amics Meus Cafe C/ Calixto III, 6 Tel: 96 384 55 28. One of the best café-bocaterías in the Juan Lloréns area. Bodega Bar Valero C/ Palleter, 51 Tel: 96 385 50 78 Alternative crowd ambience and music (blues, rock, flamenco) add to a bohemian interior. Casa Nuria Asador C/ Tarazona, 8 Tel: 96 382 39 60 Hidden treasure off the beaten track combines Spanish/French Mediterranean dishes. L’ Albergina C/ Calixto III, 17 Tel: 96 323 03 64 A restaurant always busy at the weekend means customers keep going back. Recommended. Taberna del Bou C/ Pintor Vila Prades, 17 Tel: 96 384 45 17 Rabo de toro, embutido, homemade paté, eggs, hams, cheeses, bacalao, vegetarian menus. Zona Manuel Candela Bodega “El Labrador” C/ Dr. Manuel Candela, 58

Takeaway Prêt-à-porter C/ Murillo 10 ([barrio del carmen) Tel. 963 128 768 Superb! “Quality cuisine from around the world for everbody”. Friendly, experienced and welltravelled chef has fresh & quality international dishes to takeaway including paella, couscous, curry, pasta and more. They also do dishes to order for groups, catering, parties, cakes. Just a stone’s throw from Radio City and the Torres de Quart. Open Mon - Sat / 12:00h - 16:00h

Tentempié C/ Calatrava 23 – Bº del Carmen 679806028 Situated in the heart of the Barrio del Carmen, just 20 metres from Plaza Negrito, this lovely little homemade takeaway has become very popular with locals for the real quality of the dishes, some for just 3 €. Fresh homemade pasta, vegetarian choices, desserts, hamburgers, rolls, pizzas,wines and beers. Open Monday to Saturday, mornings and evenings. Follow them on Facebook. "This is a great place for visitors to the city - if you are staying in a flat or a hostel, this is an excellent and inexpensive alternative to the hit-and-miss of eating out every day." Tapas Bars

Refugio Restaurante del Carmen C/ Alta, 42 Tel: 96 391 7754 The ‘Cooking Revolution’! Refugio is truly a restaurant of the Carmen. Run by a warm, bohemian Valencian couple with years of culinary experience this is now a Mediterranean fusion restaurant with International cuisine. Warm, wooden interior with intimate corners. From Monday-Friday they have a 10€ lunch menu and a plato del dia for 6.50€. Theme nights. Good music soundtrack and mixed clientele. They also do food to order. 14:00h - 16:00h / 21:00h - 24.00h. Open everyday. From Sunday to Thursday, evening menu for 20€. Special midday menus on Saturday, Sunday, holidays for 13€. Group menus, art exhibitions and revolutionary voucher.

La Comisaria Tapas y copas illegales Pl. Arbol, 5 (corner C/ Baja) Tel: 96 391 07 39 Recently opened and already giving much to talk about, ̔La Commisaria - Tapas y Copas

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MAY 11 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS ilegales̓ offers a new concept in gastronomy in the barrio del Carmen.Menus, long drinks or a glass of red wine with your tapa, all in an elegant and welcoming interior, soon you will enjoy the terrace-lounge. Hours: Monday to Wednesday night / Thursday to Sunday 12pm - 01.30am Price per person around 15/20 €. Phone reservations / info: 96 391 07 39.

Tel: 96 394 29 52 Foot Locker C/ Colón, 7 Tel: 96 394 47 02 Mango C/ Colón, 31 Tel: 963 528 858 Zara C/ Colón, 11 / Colón, 18 C/ Don Juan de Austria, 22


Zona Campanar Mercado de Campanar Avenida Tirso de Molina, 16 Zona Ruzafa

Thai Gardens Valencia C/ Joaquin Costa,26. Zona Canovas Tel: 96 333 66 13

Thai Gardens C/ Joaquin Costa,26 Zona Canovas Tel:96 333 66 13 Superb! Check out this impressive Thai restaurant in the cosmopolitan Canovas zone. Authentic Thai cuisine by expert Thai chefs with all ingredients imported weekly from Bangok. There is an afternoon lunch menu for 14.60€, from Monday to Friday, including dessert and drink. The carta offers the best of real Thai cooking that truly reflects Thai culture. The setting is truly wonderful, with all the impressive furnishings imported from Thailand. It also very spacious so perfect for groups and couples looking for something authentic, tasty and memorable. A great night out and an affordable day-time lunch menu too. Don't miss 'La Cena de los Sentidos' on the 11th of May. Vegeterian La Tastaolletes C/ Salvador Giner, 6 Tel: 96 392 18 62 Highly recommended. Emphasis is on tastiness and nutrition. Spinach, musaka, hummus…

shopping On the whole, the Carmen clothes shops are more alternative. The Colón stores tend to be high street names. Zona Plaza Ayuntamiento La Violeta (Flower shop, express delivery) Pl. Ayuntamiento, puesto 2 Tel: 96 352 13 99, 667 326 340 Zona El Carmen Bugalu (retro) C/ Derechos, 22 Tel 96 391 84 49


Blue Moon (near Plaza Dr. Collado) C/ Calle Ercilla,1 bajo Tel: 618 495 215 Rock'n'ropa, shoes, accessories, guitars for pin-ups & gentlemen. C/ Ercilla n°1,bajo 46001 Valencia ( near Plaza Dr Collado) www.facebook/BlueMoonValencia Clothes imported from England, the United States and France. Shoes include Irregular choice, Poetic License and Pepe Milan. Accesories from French designers, Très Noir hand-made glasses and vintage guitars. Confettis C/ Quart, 69 Mobile: 687 100 608 A shop for all the family with party ‘piñatas’. Emeeme 1964 C/ Numancia, 1 Tel: 96 315 40 53 Welcoming artisans have opened a genuine Valencian ceramic print shop. La Room (Unisex T-shirt shop) C/ Estameñería vieja Nº2 (local 2) Tel: 96 315 58 13 La Tenda de Roba C/ Trench, 2 Tel: 96 392 56 48 Quality jeans and cords. Great prices & service! Madame Bugalu C/Danzas, 3 Tel: 96 315 44 76 Chic! Monki C/ Calatrava 11, bajo Tel: 96 392 45 16, Namo Bhudda C/ Purisima, 5 Tel: 96 391 65 09 Superb quality and friendly owner. Urban Klan (Skate wear / Hip-Hop) C/ Museo, 5 Zona Colon Ann Summers Paseo Ruzafa, 16 Valencia’s erotic shop for women. Benetton C/ Don Juan de Austria, 28 Tel: 96 351 44 04 El Corte Inglés C/ Colón 1 / Colón, 27 Tel: 96 315 95 00 Emporio Armani C/ Colón, 66 - 68

Gnomo C / Denia, 12 Tel: 96 3 737 267 Lifestyle shop, very spacious and attractive interior. LATE NIGHT SHOPPING Vips Marqués del Turia, 49 Tel: 96 352 96 01 Open all week and all year, from 09.00h till 03.00h. Restaurant stays open till closing-time. Good selection of magazines, DVDs, CDs and confectionery.

CLASSIFIEDS ACTIVE ENGLISH A free language exchange group in Valencia, Spain. Based around activities that people like to do. Country outings, cinema, eating out and more. AIRLINES Valencia is now well and truly ‘on the map’. Find some very good deals via the Internet. APARTMENTS TO RENT 40 flats Av. Instituto Obrero, 20 50 flats C/ Espinosa 13, (esquina Gran Vía Fernando el Católico) Tel.: (34) 96 323 95 50 BEAUTY & HEALTH CARE Oblivium C/ Hospital, 6 Tel: 96 392 61 59, Oblivium is a relaxation centre specialized


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MAY 11 in flotation therapy and situated a 4-minute walk from Plaza del Ayuntamiento. BIOPARC BIOPARC Av. Pio Baroja, 3 Tel: 902 106 980, Metro: Nou d’Octubre Bus: 95, 17, 7 The largest zoo in Europe and it is in Valencia! Open every day of the year from 10.00h until 18.00h and 10.00h until 21.00h in summer. 41€ all year pass, 20€ adult day pass, 15€ children, 16.50€ retired, 17€ each for groups of 20 or more. Children under three free. BOOK SHOPS Casa del Llibre Passeig Ruzafa, 11 Tel: 96 353 00 20 Spanish bookshop is a very welcome addition for English speakers / readers everywhere. Over 20,000 books in English, including art, music, literature, science, education. Fnac C/ Guillem de Castro 9-11 Tel. 96 353 90 00 Upstairs you will find a good collection of English books including language aids, travel guides, novels past and present, art books… Kanda Books C/ Tapineria, 18 (near Plaza Reina) Tel; 639 740 746 Please support your local second-hand bookshop. Plenty of titles in English and more. Leolo Libreria infantile y juvenile internacional C/ Turia, 50 Tel: 96 3 15 40 24 Great international bookshop for children, teenagers and parents. Staff speaks French, German, Spanish and English. Just 3 minute’s walk from Torres de Quart. Sahiri C / Danza, 5 ( near to La Lonja) Alternative bookshop, vegetarian restaurant and cafe. Slaughterhouse Librería y cafetería. C/ Denia 22 - 46006 Valencia 963287755 One of Valencia’s hippest hang-outs in the bohemian Ruzafa barrio. Great art books and good choice of exotic teas.

Orange Bikes C/ Editor Manuel Aguilar, 1 Tel: 96 391 75 51, Valencia, with its flat landscape, excellent climate, bike lanes and compact size, is a cyclist’s dream. Orange Bikes is a modern, reliable and friendly shop with bikes to hire from 12€ a day. Electric bikes and repairs also available and easy to find! English, Spanish spoken. Recommended. Monday to Friday 09:30 h - 14:30 h / 16:30 h - 19:30 h. Saturday 10:00 h - 14:00 h. Closed Sunday. BRITISH FOOD.ES Set in the delightful Mercado Central, Pasillo Luis Vives, 209 - 211. Including PG tips, HP sauce, Vimto, Fray Bentos, Branston, Homepride, Hartley's, Paxo. CHARITY GIG Local journalist Kirsty Tuxford is going to South Africa to work in the Cape Town's townships building houses, community care centre and orphanages. She needs your help to get there and so is arranging numerous fundraising events.Don't miss June's 24/7 magazine for the full story and details of the charity gig which will be in Backstage Bar, C/ Literato Azorin 1, Ruzafa - date T.B.C. Or visit kirsty-tuxford to sponsor Kirsty to run 10km. COMPUTER SHOPS Informatica y telefonia C/ Turia, 11 Tel. 96 39 247 25 Computers, laptops and mobile phone repairs and visits. DENTAL CLINIC Dental Clinic IVID C/ Quart 66 Tel. 96 391 00 80 is in the centre of Valencia, next to the Torres de Quart. Our highly qualified and friendly team do complete teeth restoration, crowns, bridges, implants, aesthetic fillings, dental hygiene, covering all your dental needs. DVD HIRE Version Original (Zona Carmen) C/ Turia, 26 Tel: 96 338 08 55



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Av. Blasco Ibañez 66, Valencia

VIU ecològic CONSUM Respons a ble Ecorganic Avda. Blasco Ibañez 66 bajo / corner of Polo y Peyrolón Tel: 96 3 892 003 Open Monday to Friday 9:30 - 20:30h Saturday 10.00 – 14.00h Sunday Closed Great! Spacious ecorganic shop with a wonderful selection of quality goods for all of your needs. Good variety of healthy breads and cereals, pastas, organic vegetables & fruits, herbs, natural cosmetics, vitamin supplements, macrobiotic, gluten and sugar –free foods, childrens’ food, fair trade products, books and magazines. Friendly, helpful and experienced staff, this is a wonderful shop and highly popular with locals and visitors. Discounts for cyclists! ENGLISH SPEAKING MEETING ESBL Formed in 1971, ESBL( English Speaking Business Luncheon) meets at a different restaurant in and around Valencia on the last Friday of each month. For more information contact Chris Wright by email: ESCORT SERVICES La Divina Comedia C/ Mantas, 16 (next to La Lonja) Tel: 96 3 154 324 FOOTBALL CALENDAR sábado 7 may 18.00 Valencia – Real Sociedad Athletic Bilbao – Levante miércoles 11 mayo 20.00 Levante – Barcelona miércoles 11 mayo 21.00 Espanyol – Valencia 14/15 may Valencia – Levante 21/22 may last day of the season Depor – Valencia Levante – Zaragoza VALENCIA CF Mestalla stadium, Aragón/ Facultats metro, lots of buses incl. 9, 10, 12, 29, 30, 31, 32, 41, 79, 80. Tickets available from the ticket office at Mestalla, club souvenir shops, La Caixa and selected tobacconists. Tickets usually from €25. LEVANTE UD Ciudad de Valencia stadium, 11/70 bus, Machado metro, Estadi del Llevant tram. Tickets usually from €25, Barcelona game more expensive. Plenty available

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MAY 11 24/7 VALENCIA LISTINGS at ground on matchday.GIFT SHOPS GIFT SHOPs Akelarre Calle de los Derechos, 34 Tel: 96 391 31 70 Casa Monet C/ Serranos, 36 Tel: 96 392 48 28 Lovely gift shop run by a friendly and entertaining English owner, Vlad. Just by the Torres de Serranos. Yuste Artesano Popular Plaza Miracle de Mocadoret, 5 Tel 630 37 36 03 Near Plaza de la Reina. This is one of Valenciaʼs most authentic ceramic shops with wonderful ceramics made by artesans on the premises. Hairdressers Emilio Pl. Mercado, 12 Tel: 96 392 45 67 Welcoming atmosphere, mosaic interior and reasonable prices just a stone’s throw from Mercado Central. Open MonSat 09.30h – 13.30h, 16.00h– 20.00h. Closed Tues and Sat afternoons. HEALTH / LEARNING & TEACHING Alternative Anti - Pain Centre Tel: 633231220 Specialised in pain treatment. Money back guarantee. Providing exceptional value. Centro Flow Pilates, Yoga, Siestas with meditation. Fluent English Speaker. Fullyqualified. Based in the centre. Tel: 626 118 641 Pilates Classes Tel: 637242227 Forming groups now. Good value classes with experienced teachers. Notice the difference! Call Marta. The Grinberg Method C/Bolsería 17 -1 (Zona Carmen) Tel: 626 542 097 email:

Plaza de Mercado, 19 Tel: 96 391 66 00 Single: 11-16€, Double: 22-30€. Hostal El Rincón (Zona Carmen) C/ Carda 11 Tel: 96 391 79 98 / 96 391 60 83 Single: 10-13€, Double: 18-24€ Indigo Youth Hostel (Zona Carmen) C/ Guillem de Castro, 64 Tel: 96 315 39 88 From 13€. Nest Youth Hostel (Zona Plaza Reina) C/ de la Paz, 36 Tel: 96 342 71 68, HOTELS Neptuno **** C/ Paseo de Neptuno, 2 Tel: 96 356 77 77 Petit Palace Bristol *** C/ L’Abadia de San Martín, 3 Tel: 96 394 51 00, Petit Palace Germanías *** C/ Sueca, 14 Tel: 96 351 36 38 INTERN FOR 24/7 VALENCIA 24/7 Valencia is seeking an intern to join the team. Must be a native speaker of English with good computer skills. Contact for an interview.

Hostal Antigua Morellana (Zona Carmen) C/ En Bou, 2 Tel: 96 391 57 73 Single: 45-55€, Double: 55-65€. Eighteen rooms in an 18th century building with 21st century comfort. Air conditioning and TV in all rooms. Unfussy, comfortable and excellently located. Hospederia Del Pilar (Zona Carmen)


Lenguas Vivas (near Ángel Guimerá) C/ Palleter 43 - 45 - Tel: 963821058. An increasingly popular academy which offers Spanish, English, French, Italian and Chinese courses/translations. Groups or private classes for all ages and from all backgrounds welcome. Preparation for DELE, Trinity, TOEFL and TOEIC exams. Highly-qualified and native teachers in a professional and friendly atmosphere. LAUNDRETTE

LANGUAGE SCHOOLS English Classes Experienced teacher and teacher trainer. Business, general and conversational English. Recommended. All levels. Tel: 67 21 62 2 32. English Tower C/ Ciudad de Bolonia, 6 (Nuevo Centro) Tel: 96 347 89 27 English Tower Business Centre C/ Terrateig, 1 Bajo 16 (Nou Campanar) Tel: 96 193 50 68 Opening hours: 10.00h – 14.00h, 17.00h – 20.00h. Established language schools with more than 16 years experience. The L@undry Stop C/ Baja, 17 Tel: 96 391 35 28, 687 255 275 Open daily 09.30h ‘till 22.00h! (Sat&Sun: 14.30h ‘till 22.00h). Valencia’s first cyber Laundromat/Laundrette! The L@undry Stop is a different place where you can surf the web, chill with a drink or read a book while your clothes get washed. Washing 5€, Drying 3€, Soap .50€, Internet .50€/20 min.

HOSTELS Home (Zona Carmen) Pl. Vicente Iborra Tel: 96 391 37 97 C/ La Lonja, 4 Tel: 96 391 62 29 One of the funkiest hostels in town set in the heart of the centro histórico. Run by people who are well-travelled and it shows. Cool, comfy furnishing and bright interiors really do make you feel at home. All your backpacker needs are catered for: Television, DVD, books and Internet can all be enjoyed.

at all levels for adults and children and prepares students for FCE, proficiency and E.O.I. exams. Offers Spanish for foreigners, French and German. Excellent translation.

C/ Doctor Modesto Cogollos 6 y 8, Valencia 46021.

Glenburn School of English C/ Doctor Modesto Cogollos 6 y 8 Tel: 96 393 35 88 English school with welcoming atmosphere and experienced native staff offers courses

PRoperty This is Valencia Tel: 622 230 597 We have a relocation and property service. Flats, houses and chalets for sale and to rent within a 30km radius of the city. Let us know what you are looking for, chances are we will already have something to suit on our books - but if we don’t we’ll find it for you.


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MAY 11 Valencia Property Tel: 96 166 28 92 Finding you more than just a home in Valencia. Get the lifestyle information too. PSYCHOTHERAPY

Estudio Gestalt Valencia

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Individual psychotherapy consultation in English Estudio Gestalt Valencia C/ Juan Llorens, 44, 1A Tel: 657 012 800 Site: E-mail: Psychology and Gestalt therapy consultation. Individual and group sessions in English. If you are interested, we can have a first meeting with no charge. ROOMS Two double-rooms in spacious, modern, sunny atico with terrace, Ruzafa available from end June. 120m2 apt with 14m2 terrace. BBQ. Internet, phone, digital TV, dishwasher, microwave, a/c, heating. Wooden floors, fully refurbished. Light and airy.€350 per doubleroom per month including all bills. Plus €350 deposit. To share with 35 year-old professional female. Non-smokers preferred (or smoke on terrace). Responsible professionals only. Funky pad - must be seen! Call Kirsty on 696534228 or mail: TATTOO SHOPS X TATTOO C/ Quart, 48 Tel: 96 391 40 65 TEACHER Native Portuguese teacher, fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English offers conversation / written classes in all three languages. Call Nuno on mobile: 654 614 416 Tel: 672 238 015 Valencia Web TV is a travel and cooking channel webpage. Glokalize Language services Tel-Fax: 963267303 Mov: 630572355 I.L.S. Translations Translation and Interpretation Tel: (34) 96 361 91 89. NoComprendo Language Services Tel: 96 326 98 17

VOLLEYBALL Looking for intermediate to advanced volleyball players to meet and play regularly on the beach. Time and dates are very flexible.  Please contact Dara at:

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34 twentyfoursevenvalencia


The Times They Aren’t A-Changing This month you’ll see the streets of Valencia filled with large smiley faces bearing down on you in Big Brother style as the regional elections are fought out. One of the faces that you’ll also see incessantly on the regional public TV channel is the president of the Valencia region, though suspiciously you won’t see nearly so much of his competitors. The channel allegedly owes Valencian audiovisual companies 20 million euros and has twice the staff of Tele 5 and Antena 3 (national TV channels) put together. And it’s still crap, in my opinion. The nearest thing to the BBC in Spain for me is the Catalan TV channel, TV3, which has recently been forced to stop transmitting to this region, thereby depriving many like myself of their main source of information as to what’s actually going on in Valencia. These tactics come as no surprise from the political party which, when in power in the national government, named as chairman of national public TV the same man who went on to become their party’s spokesperson. Can you imagine the British Conservative Party naming as chairman of the BBC the same man they then choose to be their spokesperson?

It never ceases to amaze and depress me that people aren’t outraged by such abuse of the media and clumsy propaganda in a country that has suffered a long dictatorship and which therefore must have seen it all before. Here are some examples. When the vice-president of the Valencia region was finally forced to resign after being implicated in the ‘Orange Market’ scandal, the media flocked like vultures from all over Spain to see his resignation speech. (The case involved powerful politicians from the same political party allegedly siphoning off huge amounts of public money by dividing up government contracts so they weren’t open for public tender. Even the national party’s treasurer’s name appeared and he, too, resigned.) That day I tuned into the regional public television channel to see how they’d portray the situation. My jaw hit the floor as I heard their headline for that day’s news: “It’s sunny in Benidorm.” The Valencian president has been summoned to answer for the same sordid case, with the same channel saying that he’s “helping the judges clear the matter up.”

In the province of Castellón the same party has for president a man infamous for the statistically impossible but criminally plausible feat of allegedly winning the lottery nine times, amid many other dubious claims to fame. His family has been in power in the area literally for centuries, including the Franco period. You may have been perplexed to see the name of Castellón Airport on the Villarreal football team’s shirt, since there aren’t actually any planes there despite the construction allegedly costing over 150 million euros. However, this didn’t stop him and the Valencian president inaugurating it as part of the pre-election campaign with the local television channel there to report it. The town council of Villarreal itself planned an open day in April for a new library that doesn’t happen to have any books in it. And let’s not forget the Valencia region’s other province, Alicante. Perhaps the most famous example of corruption scandal here is the so-called ‘Brugal’ case. It’s a fact that lemon orchards are not particularly profitable these days, but some entrepreneurs seem to have got together to make money out of them anyway. Here’s how. They purportedly pocketed public money for treating Article © 2011 24/7Valencia

twentyfoursevenvalencia 35

COMMENT La Transición

Socialist José Antonio Griñan

Jesús Gil

rubbish when in fact they were simply tipping it into the fields untreated. Pure genius. Several high-flyers from the same political party are again implicated, among other scandals. This province’s top division football club, Hercules, is owned by one of those whose names appear (they were promoted last season amid accusations of match-fixing). Needless to say, you won’t hear of any of this on the local public television channel. Try buying a decent local newspaper like Levante-EMV if you want to be informed. Of course, corruption is nothing new anywhere, but what’s surprising about all these cases is that, far from being repudiated or sacked by their party, those implicated are back on the election lists and way ahead in the polls this month to stay in power. What could possibly be the reason for such apparent mass stupidity among voters who are seemingly being robbed by the very people they vote for? The only one that occurs to me apart from blatant media manipulation is that some people in Spain still haven’t learnt that democracy is not just about voting every four years but a way of behaving. Spanish people are often surprised to learn that the UK has no written constitution, to which I usually reply that it doesn’t need one, as the people already know how to behave without checking the rulebook. The transition period after Franco’s death is largely hailed in Spain as a great success, mainly because there was no

fighting involved. However, one reason the change was so pacific is precisely because many of Franco’s fans stayed in power, both in Congress and the courts. It’s quite common to hear people say that the Spanish version of Hitler and Mussolini “wasn’t so bad”. Perhaps the man who most personifies this attitude in the latest period of democracy is Manuel Fraga, an ex-minister of Franco’s and co-founder of the aforementioned party who presided over Galicia (Franco’s birthplace and curiously also that of the current national president of the same party) for decades via the ballot box, finally retiring due to old age. He never lost there. It is a sad historical fact that dictators themselves often come to power via democratic vote. The only time I’ve actually voted myself in Spain was also in local elections, when we EU foreigners are allowed to. The experience was unsettling in itself. I was dismayed to see that the voting slips (each representing a different party) were placed around the polling station for all to see whose slip you took into the booth. The booths themselves did not have curtains drawn, and I saw more than one person going in together with the polling station staff looking on. I once saw a lady in a bar on Election Day whom the waiter asked in a booming voice for all to hear: “Who did you vote for?” To which she replied, “The party my husband said.” It’s true that biased media and corruption are not endemic to any single political party. The socialists in Andalusia are

General Franco suffering from a scandal about their members claiming pensions they have no right to, and the right-wing CIU Catalan nationalists have seen their fair share of sleaze, not to mention the late, notso-great Jesús Gil, who turned Marbella into a free-for-all for property speculators and millionaires with money pouring in from dubious sources. Nor is Spain the only culprit (Berlusconi makes Spanish politics look like the very yardstick of honesty and moral decency). But it is a fascinating fact that people keep voting for such characters. One can’t help feeling sometimes that here one finds a certain resignation or even tacit acceptance of delinquency, and not just in politics but in all walks of life. There is a general feeling that if you can get away with it then it must be O.K. A Valencian friend I very much respect commented recently that she was surprised in Munich upon seeing how the citizens didn’t try to use public transport without paying even though it was apparently easy to do so. Her German friends patiently explained to her that if they didn’t pay, there wouldn’t be enough money to finance efficient transport (apart from the fact that theft is, er, wrong – isn’t it?). But I think she just thought they were daft.

El Gazza Photo* Victor Aranda / Article © 2011 24/7Valencia

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Will the Real Slim Chédy Please Stand Up? It’s that time of the season yet again… as I, for one, just want it to end. Being forced to watch Valencia on a weekly basis has become a torturous trial of nerves every weekend, as we wait to see which team will turn up. Will it be the team battered by lowly Zaragoza or the eleven who put four goals past Getafe (incidentally, all cuatro scored by on-form striker Roberto Soldado)? On the back of that great win, VCF’s next opponents were local rivals and Champions League aspirants Villarreal. Whoever won this game would take a massive step forward in cementing the automatic third place entry into next year’s premier European tournament. Fortunately for Valencia supporters,

their team probably gave their best performance of the season, not only in attack but surprisingly in defence, too. Villarreal were denied possession and the blanc i negres maintained pressure throughout the ninety minutes. Soldado again opened the scoring and in the second half two goals from Mata, another from Soldado and a rare one from Banega saw Valencia trounce their nearest rivals 5-0 and almost certainly guarantee the precious third place spot. Even if the teams should finish the league on equal points, VCF will be ahead due to the goal difference between themselves and Villarreal. Surely this was the perfect moment for the club to announce the continuity of its manger Unai Emery for next season? No statement was forthcoming and the club’s silence would seem to speak volumes of its intentions for next season. Rumour has it that a contract was offered (too late) and that the young técnico has declined to continue. Emery then took his team to take on his old club, Almería, who put up a fight until Valencia’s class took over in the second half. Three second half strikes from Soldado, Stankevičius and Jordi Alba meant that the team were on a high going

into the following week’s match against Real Madrid. The merengues, following onto their midweek Copa del Rey victory, decided to rest several players for the match in Mestalla. Many Valencia fans thought it the perfect opportunity to get one over on the galácticos, myself included, to which end I invited four Real Madrid supporter friends to the game…. at 1-6 down I realised that I had made a bit of a mistake. After more than a decade of watching VCF, I can honestly say that was the worst performance I had ever seen, not because they lacked ideas or tactics but simply because they didn’t try. Not until the entrance of Alba and Jonas did the home team show the slightest inclination in participating in the contest. The Madrid goals were walked through the defence as if we were witnessing a training session. Many supporters left well before the end and missed the two late Valencia goals that only served to ‘maquillar’ the result. The players were kept in the changing room for almost an hour after the game as Emery read them the riot act. Later, the VCF president also read the same script to the manager and the players.

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Valencia CF vs Real Madrid

Sort it out!

Apparently the team focused all week long on correcting their errors in anticipation for the next tie away to Osasuna. Never the easiest place to visit, especially after the previous week’s disastrous result, Valencia meant to make amends. Unfortunately, the manager forgot to explain that if you don’t shoot at goal more than once in ninety minutes, then it’s going to be a bit tricky to win, and in all honesty, if Emery had spent all week working on picking up the team’s morale, then it is probably best if he does not renew. They were listless, lifeless and clueless and if our midfield creativity is going to stem from the boots of Topal and Albelda, well, “Apaga y vámonos”. The Osasuna goal was fortunate but their attitude was honest, Valencia’s was not. Villareal won, meaning that VCF now hold a three point lead over the fourth place ‘submarino amarillo’, although the Chés still hold all the cards due to their aforementioned goal difference.

La esperanza

Different futures...


Emery’s remaining four matches in charge are two home ties against Real Sociedad and Levante and two road trips to Espanyol and Deportivo de la Coruña. Four fixtures that would seemingly spell little trouble in assuring that the Valencia public can witness Champions League football next season. Sadly, we just don’t know which Valencia team will turn up. Mark Hulton See listings p 31 for football calendar Photos Heino / Article © 24/7 Valencia 2011

Nuestra favorita


At the decks

El Asesino

Like family

El Tornillo

Forever young

Mateo Sanchis Late night at Piccadilly


Primavera All photos Mateo Sanchis Š 24/7 Valencia 2011

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twentyfoursevenvalencia 41 Christophe Polin - M贸vil: 666 057 593 email:

All photos: Christophe Polin 漏 2011 24/7 Valencia.

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VALENCIA WORLD and left their legacy. Of all of the regions in Spain, Valencia has one of the richest and most diverse histories. Culturally, we’re one of the most varied in terms of our mixed roots.


As a city and region, Valencia has a lot of potential. It has one of the most important historic centres in Europe, the City of Arts and Sciences, the renovation of the port, Formula 1 and the motor racing in Cheste have all helped put Valencia firmly on the tourist map for years to come. Tell us about your restaurant L’Antiga Bodegueta 1833

RAFA OF L’ANTIGA BODEGUETA 1833 Members of the 24/7 Valencia team have spent many an enjoyable evening with Valencia-born and bred Rafa at his welcoming bar/restaurant over tapas, beer, paella… Tell us something background, travels, experiences.

about work

your and

I was educated by the Salesian order, a Catholic education rather like that of the Jesuits. I then trained as a dentist and I have had a number of jobs over the years, including chauffeur, Lotus car salesman, representing Ford motors, running various clothes shops and working as a baker, too. As a hospital archivist I got to see a lot of dead bodies! One of the most enjoyable jobs, for all the obvious reasons, was as a ski-instructor all over Europe including Andorra, the Alps, and St. Moritz…. good times. I also ran my own textiles import / export business, which meant travelling around the world for business and sometimes pleasure, including the USA, Africa and Scandinavia. When I twice went to India for work (New Delhi, Bombay, Jodhpur) I was struck by the

very real poverty there that is unseen in Europe. My experience of Armenia sticks in the memory for the tension in the air, an underlying criminal presence, a lot of armed individuals, not a relaxing place. The Polynesian islands, in contrast, were like a paradise on earth. It’s the kind of place where you can live the hippy dream and drop out but don’t expect to get much done! What is your opinion of Valencia and Valencians? Valencia is like a village where everybody knows each other. It’s the size of a city but is more like a town in terms of getting around and we know who we are, we’re a community. In my opinion, the Valencian for his ‘way of being’ is receptive to change. If you look at the history of Valencia, this is a city that has seen many invasions: Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and more. Valencians have made the most of these passing cultures (irrigation, architecture, fruit, etc…) and are a people open to change, willing to learn from others. If Valencians can seem a little reticent and closed at first you have to bear in mind that it is a people who have been a bit oppressed by the many invasions and changes but, in the long term, have proved to be adaptable, too. I would say we are a pacific people on the whole. Valencians have learned to absorb the positive of each dominant culture that has passed through

The name of the restaurant comes from back in 2008. When we were renovating the building, we found a bottle of wine from the year 1833. It had been a bodega in the 19th century, providing wine for the locals including the Convent across the road, which is still in existence. Someone once said that “Behind every great man is an even greater woman” but I can’t remember who. The restaurant was set up for the love of a woman, Leticia, my wife. She is the real drive and brains behind the restaurant and she gives it order and stability. I’m more the public image, the public relations side, the one you’ll find here every day. In a yin and yang way, we’re a team. Our chef José, makes some of the best paella in Valencia and our house speciality is ‘figatells’, a kind of hamburger typical of the Oliva / Gandía region of Valencia. You’ll find a wide range of tapas at affordable prices and a lovely terrace at the back. You can enjoy patatas bravas, goat’s cheese, mushrooms, cuttlefish, squid, croquettes, prawns and more as well as red and white wines, beer and spirits, too. We’re just a two minute walk from the Mercado Central and we are open most evenings so feel free to join us for some fine, traditional Spanish tapas, authentic paella and a friendly clientele. Interview by Owl L’ Antiga Bodegueta 1833 C/ Purísima, 6 Historic centre (between La Lonja and Plaza Negrito) (Open Wed - Sunday) Tel: 677 405 931 *Photo Owl / Article © 2011 24/7Valencia

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For me, it's all location, location this month, and I am actually going to witness the darling buds of May bloom in good ol' Blighty. I am over the moon with the incredible weather we have been enjoying since I landed here just over a fortnight ago – I know from text messages, Blackberry Messenger and WhatsApp that in Valencia my friends have been miserably staying in all Easter weekend, whilst it has rained and poured and howled with wind the whole time. I am writing this from the kitchen table of one of my dear cousins’ homes in a gorgeous mews in the delightful seaside City of Brighton. And tomorrow is a very important day, today is the eve of one of the most exciting days of the year, and perhaps even the decade! Everyone is excited about how the next 24 hours will unfold – if it’s not because they have been infected with Royal Wedding fever then it’s because they've got yet another day off! For those of my readers who haven't been in the UK over the past few weeks and months, I can only describe the decorations everywhere as regal, royal, and ridiculous. There is so much bunting everywhere, so many Union Jacks, Kate and William's faces plastered over mugs, plates, T-shirts, little flags for cupcakes, and even memorabilia from Charles and Diana's wedding on sale wherever you look. It sounds tacky, but I can honestly say that I am enjoying every minute! I

Prince Charming and my own wedding might be! I nearly got depressed, but then I ate a Cadbury's creme egg (or two) and thought about all my single girlfriends in my same boat, and I was comforted somewhat. So tomorrow I have declined my invitation to the event of the century – you know, I'm not really keen on big crowds – to spend the day with old school friends from when I was growing up here. We will be joining a fabulous street party, dressing in red, white and blue, eating cocktail sausages and cheese and pineapple on sticks, and drinking lots and lots of Pimm's. A very British affair.

think the fact that it has been so sunny helps make it feel more glorious, but there are street parties planned up and down the country, everything on television is How Will met Kate: The Movie, Kate's Hen Night playlists on the music channels, and our favourite girl Fearne Cotton is hosting the BBC coverage on the actual day. In fact, as I sit here, the TV is on in the background, and William is actually out shaking hands with some of the punters camping out along the route to Buckingham Palace from Westminster Abbey and I've already sat through a documentary about his colleagues in the RAF – "He's such a down-to-earth guy, he gives as good as he gets, Kate baked us some cakes!" Hilarious. All the magazines in the newsagents are blazoned with wedding-themed features and bridal-infused front covers. I was the happiest girl on the planet to lay my hands on the special edition of UK Vogue magazine, with Freja Beha Erichsen as one of three of Mario Testino's 'Wedding Belles' on the cover. It is a beautiful issue, and the piece on Miss Middleton is fascinating, but as I sat and read it in the sun on Brighton beach (just rubbing it in, dear reader, it’s not often I am on holiday in England in Spring and it’s 10 degrees hotter than Valencia), I found every single page so over wedding-y that it was almost like I was leafing through a big glossy reminder of just how single I am and just how far away my own

Being over here as Summer begins is the perfect opportunity for me to update my warm weather wardrobe with pieces exclusive to these shores, though it’s been hard to find something not in the Union Jack colours! I've already stocked up with some short, flirty one-pieces, pleated maxi-skirts and the odd slouchy crop top to wear with high-waisted denim shorts. But it is quite bizarre how trends translate across Europe. The ladies on the super popular 'reality' show, ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, are the poster girls for fake tans, platinum blonde hair extensions, fake eyelashes and silicon implants, yet while their fashion sense is generally considered chav-tastic over here, I can more than picture the Valencian elite in their long frocks, glitzy dresses and wedge sandals. So does that make the Alameda crew, dare I say it, a bit common, or the ‘Essex’ cast posh? It’s all very confusing, and when it comes to boys I'm even more frazzled. Basically, having always lived in Spain for the duration of my adult life, I have always dated Spanish boys, and now I'm back here for a while, and single, I have come to the realisation that I have absolutely no idea who would be my 'type'. By general rule of thumb, a boy in Valencia in skinny jeans is probably batting for the other team, yet over here in England nearly every guy wears them, and really cute ones at that. Then I'm with my girlfriends and point out someone I think is hot, and they squeal with the hilarity of the fact I fancy chavs. Looks like a Valencian pijo to me, love!

Anita Darling Photo Mateo Sanchis. Article © 2011 24/7 Valencia

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2 0 11 2 011

SUNDAY / DOMINGO 1 CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Félix Rossy Quartet (jazz) 19.00h 9€. DURANGO CLUB: Quireboys+ Gang Bang 66 23.00h 16€ / 20€. MUSIC BOX: Catalina Isis + Paco Plaza 2.00h. WAH-WAH: Wau y los Arrrrghs!!! (garage – surf) 22.30h 8€.

DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz es Uno con Santi Navalón (piano, jazz) 22.45h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: Rebel Killer 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Foreign Beggars (desde UK) + Jawars Players + Dremen en concierto 21.30h 15€/ Lurbe und Hosen + Gia & G + Xharles Boina / Phat & Zkinny + Dremen (DJ set) + DJ Schepsis 1.00h. MUSIC BOX: Falomir + Paco Plaza 2.00h. PICCADILLY: DJs 1.00h RADIO CITY: Radio Eklekcity 24.00h Gratis. SATURDAY / SÁBADO 7

BLACK NOTE: Dos Animales (rock) 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Piano Dúo Session con Albert Sanz y Carlos Gonzálbez (jazz) 22.15h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Juanma Maya, José Antonio y Marisa Gallardo + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición.

BLACK NOTE: Perros del Boogie + DJ Quique Lledó (rock) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: María Lizana, Tomás de los Cariño, Kike Naval, Rober Molina y Enrique Sevilla (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Rossy – Hamerlink – Palau Trio (jazz – bossa) 21.30h / 23.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: Jonathan Pocovi en concierto + Rocksteady Beatz 22.30h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis JUANITA: Sugar & Spice! 23.00h Gratis. LA3: Viva Tirado + Costo Rico en concierto 21.30h 8€ / 10€ / La1: Fono + Catalina Isis / La2: Waargh!!! / Pi: Sergio Máñez + Pandemonium + C) Brain 1.00h. WAH-WAH: Mortimer (tributo a Rolling Stones) 23.00h 7€.



BLACK NOTE: Corinna Braun + DJ (funk desde Alemania) 23.30h Gratis. DUB CLUB: Cabina Abierta 21.00h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: Urban Shots con S. Pequeño 2.00h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Afrotropical Sounds con Cucurucho 24.00h Gratis.

CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Abdoulaye N’Diaye, Carlos Sanchís y Matthieu Saglio (otras músicas, cool Afro-jazz) 20.00h. DUB CLUB: Lokole en concierto 20.00h. EL LOCO: Kuami Mensah & AfroLatinReggae Band 20.00h 10€.



CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Marisa Gallardo, Juanma Maya y José A. de Torres (flamenco) 23.30h. JUANITA: JahSanti Selektor 23.30h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: Bava Party con SoulB + Big Flora 2.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Abraham Boba (cantautor) 22.00h 9€ (anticipada) / 12€ (taquilla).

BLACK NOTE: Tonky Jam (Open Jam Session) 23.30h 5€. RADIO CITY: Groovalización con Cucurucho 24.00h Gratis.

MONDAY / LUNES 2 DUB CLUB: Jazz Jam con Pere Munuera & Friends 21.00h Gratis. TUESDAY / MARTES 3

FRIDAY / VIERNES 6 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Antonio Cantero, José M. González, José El de Dora y Juan González (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Rossy – Hamerlink Duo (jazz – bossa) 21.30h / 23.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: Rubensou en concierto (acústico) 23.45h Gratis. EL LOCO: Doctor Explosion + Los Glurps 22.30h 12€ / 16€. 47 CLUB:

TUESDAY / MARTES 10 JIMMY GLASS: María Neckam Quintet con Aaron Parks (jazz desde EEUU) 21.30h 14€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Alba Díaz, Joni Amador, David Gadarri, Chicho y Dani de Francisco+ DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 11 BLACK NOTE: Metralleta Kelly (funk) 23.30h Gratis. EL LOCO: Arenal Road Festival

21.30h 3€. RADIO CITY: Afrotropical Sounds con Cucurucho 24.00h Gratis. THURSDAY / JUEVES 12 BLACK NOTE: Sex & Rock & Roll + DJ Quique Lledó (rock) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Leo Molina y Su Gente (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: Funky DJ session 23.30h Gratis. GNOMO: Folk–Jazz– Arabe en concierto 21.00h 3€. JUANITA: Bad Foundation 23.30h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: Spanish Bombs con Way Trash + Biorn Borj 2.00h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Electro Mestizaje con DJ Gypsy Box 24.00h Gratis. WAHWAH: El Columpio Asesino (indie) 21.30h 12€ / 15€. FRIDAY / VIERNES 13 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Irene La Serranilla, Juan Rubio y Willy Gómez (flamenco desde Granada) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Nora Pastor Quintet 21.30h / 23.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: Café Teatro 23.00h / DJ Quick-e. EL LOCO: Lagartija Nick (indie rock) 22.30h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz es Uno con Manuel Hamerlink (guitar, jazz) 22.45h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: Seed City Sound (desde Sicilia) 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Train to Roots + Mellow Mood en concierto (reggae desde Italia) 20.30h 8€ / Zombie Kids + Mimoloco / Rototon / J. María Aboga + Alex Font 1.00h. PICCADILLY: DJs 1.00h. WAH-WAH: Mucho + Rubick (indie pop) 22.30h 10€ / 15€. SATURDAY / SÁBADO 14 BLACK NOTE: Groove Station (funk) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Irene La Serranilla, Juan Rubio y Willy Gómez (flamenco desde Granada) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: La Ruge Band en concierto 21.00h + DJ Elvis. DURANGO CLUB: North Mississippi Allstars + High Rollers 23.00h 22€ / 25€. JUANITA: DJ Quick-e 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Pepper Pots en concierto 22.00 10€ / 12€. / ElyElla DJs + Obtuso / Ley DJ / Les Fatales 1.00h. MUSIC BOX: Xharles Boina + Paco Plaza 2.00h. PICCADILLY: DJs 1.00h. RADIO CITY: Radio Eklekcity 24.00h Gratis. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 15 CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Carles Dénia (cantautor Valenciano con quintet) 19.00h 9€ / Jam session (vocal y instrumental) 20.30h

twentyfoursevenvalencia 47 Gratis. DUB CLUB: Dave Baker en concierto 20.30h 10€. EL LOCO: Wolfest 2011 con 10 grupos 18.00h 10€. MONDAY / LUNES 16 DUB CLUB: Jazz Jam con Pere Munuera & Friends 21.00h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Groovalización con Cucurucho 24.00h Gratis. TUESDAY / MARTES 17 BLACK NOTE: Dos Animales (rock) 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Bartolomeo Barenghi & Horacio Fumero Trio (jazz) 21.30h 12€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: T. González de Cariño, Juan de Pilar, Kique Sevilla y María Linzana + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 18 DUB CLUB: Cabina Abierta 21.00h Gratis. EL LOCO: Arenal Road Festival 21.30h 3€. MUSIC BOX: Urban Shots con S. Pequeño 2.00h Gratis. THURSDAY / JUEVES 19 BLACK NOTE: Sex & Rock & Roll + DJ Quique Lledó (rock) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Esther Garcés, Johnny Amador, Juan Carlos Mendoza y José A. de Torres (flamenco) 23.30h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JUANITA: JahSanti Selektor 23.30h Gratis. PICCADILLY: DJs 1.00h. RADIO CITY: Electro Mestizaje con DJ Gypsy Box 24.00h Gratis. SAHIRI: Folk–Jazz–Arabe en concierto 23.00h Gratis. FRIDAY / VIERNES 20 BLACK NOTE: 7a Brasil (bossa / fusion) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Javi Cantero, Christian Sabalete y Yolanda López (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Rossi & Rossy Quartet 21.30h / 23.30h 9€. DURANGO CLUB: Michael Monroe (de Hanoi Rocks) 23.00h 25€ / 28€. EL LOCO: La Granja + Octubre + Star Trip 22.00h 12€ / 16€. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz es Uno con Miguel A. Casany (guitar) 22.45h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: Stereotone 23.30h Gratis. LA3: Aldo Linares + Catalina Isis + Fono / Toxicosmos / Jorge Gregori + Javi Marco ... 1.00h. MUSIC BOX: Miss Yuls 2.00h.

SATURDAY / SÁBADO 21 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Kallardó (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Rossi & Rossy Quartet (jazz) 21.30h / 23.30h 9€. DUB CLUB: Fado Blues en concierto + Dwomo DJs 22.00h. EL LOCO: Feedbacks + Malconsejo + Desconocidos 22.00h 12€ / 16€. JUANITA: Rocksteady Beatz 23.30h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: Catalina Isis + Paco Plaza 2.00h. PICCADILLY: DJs 1.00h. RADIO CITY: Radio Eklekcity 24.00h Gratis. WAH-WAH: Sex Musuem (garage rock) 22.30h 10€. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 22 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Granate (otras músicas, flamenco, boleros, jazz) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Zatin Ensemble (quartet, clásica – jazz fusion) 19.00h 8€ / Jam session (vocal y instrumental) 20.30h Gratis.

Serrano, Tomás de los Cariño y Juan de Pilar (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Perdido & La Octubre Band (cantautor) 23.00h / 00.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: Café Teatro 23.00h / DJ Koo. EL LOCO: Beatles Weekend con Abbey Road en concierto + DJ Juan Vitoria 22.30h 15€ / 18€. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Jazz es Dúo con Joan Soler & Lucho Aguilar (jazz) 22.15h – 24.00h 4€ consumición Aforo Limitado. JUANITA: Sputnik DJ 23.30h Gratis. LA3: El Tío de la Careta + La Rana Mariana en concierto 21.45h 8€ / 10€ /The Warriors + Lurbe und Hosen / Xharles Boina / C) Brain 1.00h. MUSIC BOX: Purple Piñuel + Paco Plaza 2.00h. SATURDAY / SÁBADO 28

JIMMY GLASS: Bad Touch (quartet, jazz desde EEUU) 21.30h 14€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Joni Amador, Juan Carlos Mendoza, Juan de Pilar y Chicho + DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición

BLACK NOTE: Go! Freaks + DJ Quique Lledó (R&B) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Isabel Julve, Manuel Reyes y Manuel Quintero (flamenco) 23.30h. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Thais Morell Quartet (bossa – fusion) 21.30h / 23.30h 8€. DUB CLUB: Red Soul Community en concierto + Sputnik DJ 22.00h. DURANGO CLUB: 4th Anniversario con Uzzhuaïa + Stone Circus Band + Sheenas 23.00h 12€ / 15€. EL LOCO: Beatles Weekend con Abbey Road en concierto + DJ Juan Vitoria 22.30h 15€ / 18€. JUANITA: Rebel Killer 23.30h Gratis. LA3: We Are Standard DJs + Obtuso / Tornillo 1DJ 1Hora / Miss_tra + C) Brain 1.00h. MUSIC BOX: Paco Paco DJs 2.00h. PICCADILLY: DJs 1.00h. WAH-WAH: Devil Doll (rock) 22.30h 15€ / 18€.



BLACK NOTE: Metralleta Kelly (funk) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Ignacio Berroa (jazz) 20.00h / 22.00h 18€. MUSIC BOX: Urban Shots con S. Pequeño 2.00h Gratis. RADIO CITY: Afrotropical Sounds con Cucurucho 24.00h Gratis.

CAFÉ MERCEDES JAZZ: Grupo Illana (classical and bossa) 19.00h 8€. DUB CLUB: Folk–Jazz–Arabe en concierto 20.00h 4€. (Fiesta 11º Aniversario 24/7 Valencia)


DUB CLUB: Jazz Jam con Pere Munuera & Friends 21.00h Gratis. MARINA SUR (Puerto de Valencia): Shakira (pop) 22.00h 50€ / 65€ / 190€. RADIO CITY: Groovalización con Cucurucho 24.00h Gratis.

MONDAY / LUNES23 BLACK NOTE: Tonky Jam (Open Jam Session) 23.30h 5€. DUB CLUB: Jazz Jam con Pere Munuera & Friends 21.00h Gratis. TUESDAY / MARTES 24

CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Manuel Serena, Amaro Carmona, Manuel Reyes y Manuel Quintero (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: Funky DJ session 23.30h Gratis. EL LOCO: Ariel Rot 22.30h. 47 CLUB: DJs 23.30h Gratis. JUANITA: Bad Foundation 23.30h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: Erik DTV 2.00h Gratis. PICCADILLY: DJs 1.00h. FRIDAY / VIERNES 27 BLACK NOTE: Uncle Son (Americana) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: José


TUESDAY / MARTES 31 BLACK NOTE: Dos Animales (rock) 23.30h Gratis. JIMMY GLASS: Bruce Barth Quartet con Perico Sambeat (jazz) 21.30h 14€ Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Kallardó con R. Vargas, ‘El Chino’, Miguel Pérez, Pepe Pérez y Leo Molina+ DJ Gypsy Box (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición.

Quality Mediterranean restaurant in an emblematic square in the historic centre. Recommended in the Michelin guide 2009/2010 Meat dishes, Rice dishes, Fish dishes, Foie and chocolate desserts are all specialities Expect to pay between 30-50 euros Warm interior and good service Jazz music soundtrack 13.00h -16.00h/ 20.00h -24.00h Open everyday

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24/7 Valencia #124  

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