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March 2011 Digital Edition


Exclusive Interview


Dashius Clay

Making it BIG!






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Break Into The Music Industry Tips from our Featured Artist

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“The Sun Will Rise Again”


All the way from Miami, Dashius OTM always' brings you the best

Clay, is coming strong and

when it come’s to New and

confident but mostly fresh it

Independent Artist! And this

look’s like he came to stay with

issue is not the exception.

another of OTM’S hit list “Who’s

March has of best of the “NEXT

that Girl” it’s a very catching

BIG THING “ singer’s and

song and it had a great dancing

rapper’s in hip-hop all in one

beat. Ohio must be proud of this

issue. Starting out with our front

one J.Osceola, with a great sprit

cover feature “Tino Cochino” all

a great example for all the

the way from L.A to the world

young artist that want to make

with his hot new single from

it the music industry. Let’s have

back in the day’s “Tonight is the

some fun and enjoy your march

Night” it also made it this

issue. Until Next Time Enjoy

month’s OTM’s Top Hit’s charts.

Your Spring BREAK! Alysssa BAches



TINO COCHINO March 2011 Front Cover Feature


Album Cover The Best Night Of My Life.


Can it get any better than this? Jaime Foxx and Drake for a great hot “ Fall For Your Type” & Best Night Of My Life with Mr .Black and Yellow Wiz Khalifa. But most defiantly Fall For Your Type it’s a very deep emotional song specially song for us girls. Knowing you have a men going crazy for you and letting you in a song it’s one of the most romantic way’s a guy can get our attention. Who would of thought a guy like Jaime Foxx or Drake feel that way? This time he can’t just blame it on the alcohol lol it’s called love!


Top Hit’s

Just a little bit of OTM Magazine



Exclusive Interview TINO COCHINO PAGE.21

Picture: J.Osceola

J.Osceola PAGE.27

Dashius Clay OTM|mAGAZINE



BREAK INTO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY TIP’S FROM OUR FEATURED ARTIST Everyone dream’s about it ,but very few really have the gut’s to actually make it happened. We want to inspire and motive all the new and young talents artist that want to make it happen, but have no on clue on how to start. That’s why this issue we bring you some the hottest new talent’s that are making it happen. We asked similar related music industry question’s that most of you still have. Any one can start in the music industry but very few maintain them self in it. OTM will be bring you in the upcoming issues related content article’s, as well as interview from many different promoter’s DJ's,Manager’s Artist ect.Start out by figuring out exactly what is your passion before you get started. Start networking and creating a clean-authentic image and a name for yourself. You the Internet free social we bite such as OTM Magazine,Face Book,Sound Cloud,My space put ad’s on Craiglist spread the word with you friend’s if your in school place flyers in your classes,hall’s, bathroom’s, (just make sure you ask for permission first) Remember to always' take one step at the time and work towards your goals.

How did you come up with you nickname?


If you could work with any artist, who would it be? What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to over come? Who do you present yourself? What advise can you give to new and up coming artist? NEVER SAY NEVER

Justin Bieber

Take Justin Bieber for example

luck helped him And you can

he has always' had that driven

to! Just stay focused and push

passion and desire to succeed

your self hard and trust that

and he achieve it at such a

magical thing’s will happen!

young age of course his good

but the point is that he made it

look’s crazy fan’s a little bit of

happened .

Waves of tsunami hit residences after a powerful earthquake in Natori, Miyagi prefecture (state), Japan

The Sun Will Rise Again. Visit Karma Loop For More Information on “ The Sun Will Rise Again."

Japan was hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded on March 11. The magnitude-9.0 quake spawned a deadly tsunami that slammed into the nation's east coast, leaving a huge swath of devastation in its wake. Thousands of people are dead and many more are still missing or injured.

as when Hurricane Katrina impacted the United States. Emergency Operation Centers are opened in the affected areas and staffed by the chapters. This disaster is on a scale larger than the Japanese Red Cross can typically manage. Donations to the American Red Cross can be allocated for the International DiJapan has often dosaster Relief Fund, nated when other which then deploys to countries have experi- the region to help. enced disasters, such OTM|mAGAZINE

Also KLP Karmallop is supporting Japan by selling

“ The Sun Will Rise Again.” T-Shirts available for men and women at their official web site. the one indeed. Let’s pry for Japan and hope for a better tomorrow. . Resorses:

New at Karmaloop Japan needs your help! 100% of the profits of this t-shirt will help support Red Cross disaster relief efforts in aiding those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. Use OTM Magazine code for an additional discount on all of your purchase.

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Hey Baby

10. Pitbull


9. Rihanna


8. Katy Perry

On The Floor

7. Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull

Whos That Girl

6. Dashius Clay 5.Billion Dollar Dreams J.Osceola 4.Moment 4 Life Nicki Minah & Drake 3.Look At Me Now Chris Brown & Lil Wayne,Busta Rhymes 2.Fall For Your Type



OTM Revive, las Con una historia llena de obstáculos y sueños que al principio parecen ser incansables pero ta través de Isaias describiremos que con mucho esfuerzo y dedicación todo es posible. No te la puedes perder solo por OTM EMagazine.


Z33K, was name after his dad. Everyone called him Z and took after him but he wanted to create his own name and be different but similar at the same time. Michael Jackson was a huge influence in his life, for his humanitarian actions and involvement in the community and his acOTM|mAGAZINE

complishment as a young artist. His father also pushed in a positive direction in my music to be inspirational and be a leader.. OTM: If you had the opportunity to be featured in any artist's album who would that be and why? ZK: I would love to be on Usher or Chris brown's album and record a feature track with either one

“One obstacle that has motivated me has been people doubting my abilities and talent my entire life”

of them because they are similar to my style and are a great example of a growing artist can accomplish with drive and dedication. Their creativity is an inspiration to me and I really look up to them.

OTM: What can we expect from Z33K, the rest of the year? ZK: I have a street album titled “It’s Time” that I am working very hard on every night and day set to drop summer of 2011.

OTM: What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to over come so far? ZK: One obstacle that has motivated me has been people doubting my abilities and talent my entire life. Most people questioned my motivations and what I believed in. I kept my faith in God, and truly turned doubt into personal drive.

OTM:What advise would to give to all the new young artist trying to break it in the music industry? ZK:Some advice I have for young artists out there is to never give up on a dream, they are made to become true, God has a plan just stay true and focused.[

OTM: How did you become part of Day Dream Entertainment Group? ZK: I became part of Day Dreaming Entertainment Group through my manager and CO-CEO Eric Martinez and the entire support group of executives and other artists to create a new movement in entertainment.

Special Thank's I would like to thank my fans who support me from day one. I appreciate all the support through all of my struggles and helping me achieve my success. I really appreciate real fans that recognize where I am coming from, and the dedication I put into my music.

Exclusive Interview


TC: I'm originally from Lubbock, TX. I then moved to San Antonio and now reside in Los Angeles.

“I feel I can create a hit record in any genre”

Tino Cochino is a unique artist, with the vision and gift to grace any genre of music and make it his own. OTM is so proud to present to you, this hot exclusive interview with Tino Cochino this year hottest new artist. Promoting his latest hit single “ Tonight is the Night” make sure you request it at your local radio station and spread the word! OTM: Where is Tino Cochino, from?

OTM: How did you come up with you nick name? TC:I used to be a stripper. Totally kidding lol. It was given to me at the first radio station I worked at. It was just a name that was super catchy and we knew would stick in peoples minds! OTM: LOL THAT’S A GOOD ONE! Your nick name is pretty catchy. OTM: How did you get started in the music industry? TC: I originally started in radio. I was interning at a local station at the age of 13. I got my first full time on-air position at 16 and up until 2009 that was my full time job, which I loved. OTM:What make's "Tino Cochino" stand our from other's artist that are already in the game? TC: I feel I can't be classified or put into a box. I mean, do I make dance music? Yes. Is that all I do? No way! I have lyrical records, rock records, salsa records, you name it! I just love good music and honest to god, I feel I can create a hit record in any genre. OTM: How is a typical day in “Tino Cochino’s” life? TC: Everyday I'm online trying to reach a new audience. I"m trying to find the people who haven't heard of "Tino Cochino" and get them familiar. I'm also in the studio cutting drops for Djs/Radio as well as writing and coming up with record concepts. OTM:What's the biggest obstacle you've had to over come? TC: Definitely losing my radio job in San Antonio. You have to understand, radio at the time, was all I knew. I had just released my first official single two months prior to losing my job. It was a scary time. Anyone who has a lost a job can relate, when you lose your stability, it's as if you lost everything.

OTM: So tell me about your new look,. TC:I honestly just wanted to flip it up. I've been bald for three years and just thought it was time to change it up. The ladies have seemed to like the hair so I'm happy about that lol.

TC: My manager and I were on the road listening to it and he said "this is the one." He (Eric Sean) has over 16 years of radio experience and I trust his judgement. I also loved the record, thought it was amazing and felt it would catch on. It may take a while but trust, you can't deny a hit!

OTM: Is there any one in the music Industry you look up to and would like to work with in a feature? TC:Tons of people. Off top, William. He is a genius. A true musical genius. I also have a huge respect for Missy Elliot and her versatility. Andre 3000, Kanye West, Chamillionaire, Rihanna, ZRO, the list goes on and on.

can we ex“Don't take for an answer. OTM:What pect from Tino Cochino the rest of the year? TC: HITS! I have an all Keep moving forward and original mix-tape dropsoon titled "Club work hard. Time is everything” ping Pop Music" which is go-

ing to be insane. We will of course have an amazing/crazy follow up record once "Tonight is the Night" takes off and hopefully you will be hearing me featured on some of your other favorite artists records.

OTM: How do you manage to work on so many remixes? TC: I have a studio at home. So when I hear the "right" song i hop in, write my verse and knock it out. OTM: You started this year with a new hit single "Tonight is the Night" and it's been going great. Did you expect this song to be such a great success? TC: The song is starting to pick up which is def a great feeling. In all honesty, yes, I feel this song is going to work. For a few reasons. The hook is obviously a flip of the classic Amber "This is Your Night" which was a huge hit in the 90s so it's familiar. The beat which is produced by Reese Piece is a dance floor monster and overall, it's just a fun record. OTM: Why did you pick this song in particular " Tonight is the Night"? OTM|mAGAZINE

OTM: Is there any special thank's or shout-outs? You would like to send Via OTM Magazine? TC: Of course thank you Alyssa for featuring me in the magazine, I truly appreciate that. Thank you to all of the DJs/radio stations world wide that support my music! To the fans, your support is is everything. To my team at RadioHeadz Music Group. Eric Sean, Spirit, and Big Tank.

“It may take a while but trust, you can't deny a hit”!


Shout to Chris and Abraham. To all of the producers, artists, musicians and anyone who has a dream, don't take no for an answer. Keep moving forward and work hard. Time is everything.

I Personally want to thank Tino Cochino for taking the time out of his busy schedule and giving OTM is great interview. With that said don’t forget to check him out he is all over the web facebook, Twitter, You Tube... You Name IT! So don’t forget his hot new single “Tonight is the Night” Is available in iTunes and if you want more of his music,pictures,videos,radio interviews check our his official web site.






By popuLar demAnd

Well I first started rapping and making music Osceola is, a young new when I was about 12 years old back in middle school, but I didn't start taking it serifresh talent from Columbus ous until I was a senior in Ohio! The exclamation mark is high school. I started makfor, J.osceola if for expressing ing songs and releasing his pride for being from Ohio! Here is the exclusive interview I them and doing little shows and showcases in Columhad with J.osceola enjoy! bus, OH and started getting For the ones that still don't some recognition from it. know you would you introduce After sticking with it and putting out more songs and yourself? doing more shows, I got a My name is J. Osceola call from a major record (pronounced Ah-see-oh-luh) and I'm an up and coming Hip- label that got a hold of some of my music. I got to Hop artist. How did you get started in meet with them, but it ended up not panning out bethe music industry? cause of business reasons...



From that point on though, that showed me that what I was doing was headed in the right direction. I been working hard at it ever since! How did you come up with your nick name OSCEOLA, does it have a special meaning? The nickname Osceola came from the street that I grew up on in Columbus, Ohio. Even though I lived in many different areas in Columbus, Osceola Avenue was where I spent majority of my childhood and where I really first started developing my views of the world and

from "The Brain Food Project" that got picked up for an international film coming out soon. Other than that, we'll be doing a gang of other things from shows, to appearances, interviews, etc. Also towards the end of summer, my new album will be finished. The release date is yet to be determined because it depends what record label we decide to sign with, if any.

my love for music, specifically Hip-Hop. Where is J.Osceola from? Columbus, Ohio! Sorry for the exclamation point, but I got a lot of pride and love for where I'm from... LOL : Do you have any albums or mix tapes out? Yup, sure do! I released a few small projects locally in 2009 & 2010 and then in May 2010, I released my debut album "The Brain Food Project" it's available everywhere online iTunes, Amazon, etc and being digitally distributed through Def Jam. What can we expect from you the rest of the year? For the rest of this year, you can expect some pretty big things. We'll be releasing a series of mixtapes, the first being "You Already Know" this spring. Also we will be releasing single songs and a few music videos as well. I have a song

What has been your biggest obstacle you've had to over come in the music industry? There are a lot of obstacles in the music industry today, from being able to network with the right people in the industry, to just getting people to actually buy and pay for music in the technology age... So I have a number of obstacles; my biggest obstacle to over come I think would be just having the proper resources to be able to get the music to the masses and be able to make a good living off of the music. Do you write you own lyrics? Yes absolutely. I have always written all of my own lyrics since I started making music. I also write for other artists and other genres as well. If you could have any artists collaborate/feature in one of your song's who would it be and why? Hmm... That's actually a hard question for me, because there are so many artists that I love! I would have to narrow it down to...... either WuTang Clan or Jay-Z... Wu-Tang because I really first started rapping because of them. My older sister took me to the Wu-Tang Triumph Tour concert back when I was in middle school and I got to kick a some rhymes to them dudes and chop it up with them for a while too after the concert. Really cool dudes... As for Jay-Z... Really, enough said. It sounds cliche I know, but Jay-Z's music and him as a representation in Hip-Hop culture is one of my biggest influences... He's the God MC... Jay-Hova... Where do you see your self in a year from now? A year from now, I see myself signed to a major label (not sure which one yet) ready to release my next album, doing some promo tours, being all over the net and/or radio/TV, and

“They say music reflects life, & I definitely speak from the heart� hopefully being able to make it onto XXL's Freshman Class... The main thing though, is to just be able to have a career that I enjoy and to be able to spread my God given talent to the masses. It's all about good music. OTM: If you could describe your self in what word, which word that one be? JO: Genuine. They say music reflects life, and I definitely speak from the heart in all of my music and everything I do. I'm very conscientious of what I do and what is being portrayed in my music, because I feel as if I am a role model and I have a responsibility about what I represent and what direction I lead people with my music. Even though it's entertainment, I believe music has a deeper meaning. OTM: What advise can you give to other new young artist trying to break it in to the music industry?


To new artists trying to break into the music industry... I could give the politically correct advice and say "never give up and work hard for your dreams and goals", but I won't. LOL I mean yes, that's true, but being more specific and realistic, they really need to evaluate themselves as artists first. Though it starts with a dream and a passion for the music, as an artist you must first evaluate who you are as a person / artist and determine how realistic it is for you to become successful. Don't try to be something you're not, be genuine to yourself and what you bring to the table as an artist. Though you can learn from what others have done before you, understand that there is no cookie cutter formula to making it in the music industry. Strategists a plan and put it to work. Take advantage of beneficial opportunities and make sure you network with the right people. Work harder and more importantly work smarter than you ever have in your life. Strive to be an innovator that has a long career verses an artist who just "fits in"First, I want to thank all of my fans and supporters and Team Osceola for keeping this movement going so strong and OTM for having me for this interview! In addition, please stay tuned in for the release of my new mini-mixtape "You Already Know" (due out spring 2011) many new songs and videos I'll be releasing soon, as First, I want to thank all of my fans and supporters and Team Osceola for keeping this movement going so strong and OTM for having me for this interview! In addition, please stay tuned in for the release of my new mini-mixtape "You Already Know" (due out spring 2011) many new songs and videos I'll be releasing soon, as well as exciting new updates in regards to anything else me and Team Osceola are doing, such as my feature in the upcoming film, and which record label I will be signing to.

You can find me online here:,, c, and For booking, features, drops, etc. please contact OR Michelle Clarke from JM Management at Also, please buy my album "The Brain Food Project" on iTunes here: he-brain-food-project/id372392601 THANK YOU again!! God bless!!



OTM:For the one's that still don't know who Dashius Clay is, how would you introduce yourself? DC: I'd rather not even explain. Id get them a comfortable couch, surround sound, HD Plasma and tell them to watch it unfold. I am a songwriter, producer, engineer, and artist to the people who don't know my lifestyle in depth, but I am so much more in entirety. I am a Creative Director to one of the biggest branding and marketing companies, I am a master of the audio arts, a poet, an amazing son, an avid fan of Coca-Cola and Hooters. Music and art is my entire life. At the end of the day I can't nor would I want to control anyones mind or perception, I can do me and just make sure I love every minute of life. Thats who I am and thats what gets embodied in my sound. Pure energy and emotion. OTM: Does your name have any special meaning? DC: It definitely does. When you see it, it means everything. How long have you been in the music industry? Its been a total of about 2 years that I have really put myself out in this business. Im still a newbie to a lot of things, just not being an entertainer and music. That's been a life long career OTM: What can we expect from Dashius Clay this year? DC: A lot more global appeal. We have been tapping into so many countries that the demand has forced us to start reaching more at once and without killing me. We are starting with Mobile technology early in the year as we are doing a joint venture with Apple and Android to provide an upgraded and complete on-the-go experience for all my fans old and new. I'm releasing my debut album DASHOMNIA in a few months and

plan on continuing a few more EPs with Justincredible before the year is up. My manager S Wessel is my compass with a lot of whats going on, so I'm sure we are continuing on a positive note. He is a crazy workaholic and to be honest, I wouldn't want it any other way. Other than that, shows in every city, a higher standard of visuals, and a lot more to just unfold OTM:Tell us more about Blue Dream. DC: Blue Dream is my first EP and my 1st complete collaboration with producer Justincredible. Its not a mixtape or collab of songs, rather a complete vibe and album. We knocked it out in about 3 weeks right when winter started. It was really the 1st time I got to say "Fuck It" and just really embody all of my then current mood into words. Justincredible has been one of my biggest inspirations as a producer that I really enjoyed just sitting back and getting to take full responsibility as an artist. I think everyone has enjoyed it so much because its so visual from how I look at it. I wanted to make sure I didn’t go over anyone's head but at the same time keep an enjoyment and artistry to it. So far its been my favorite completed piece but we are already gearing up for the next so who knows OTM: What has been your biggest obstacle so far? DJ: Trying to identify when I should and should not listen to myself. I am truly my own worst critic but I can also be my biggest fan. Sometimes I tend to just over think or as I have been told numerous times, "just care too much". I need to find a median constantly to not overwhelm sounds and ideas cause I have so many. Its been tough to really figure out a formula cause there has never been one for me. OTM: What has been your biggest accomplishment? DC:To still wake up smiling every day is my biggest accomplishment. I feel so blessed, that not

“I am truly my own worst critic but I can also be my biggest fan.”


a second goes by that I take for granted. I love every video, song, radio, interview, and so on that I do cause my drive is really sharing this music with more people and allowing them to connect with it OTM:Not only are you an artist but also a songwriter, what or who inspires you to write your songs? DC: My day to day life is ALL of my inspiration. A major part of my 2010 songwriting was inspired by some of my more tumultuous relationships I encountered, but really it can range so broad on what and how i'm inspired its impossible to pinpoint. Sometimes artists want a particular vibe or idea done and you just have to really either go into your mind for a similar experience or just put yourself in those shoes and create a movie in your head to write about. At the end of the day I don't have a formula or pattern for creativity, just to enjoy OTM: What is your nationality? I have spent most of my life in Miami, FL but I am 100% Colombian. I was born in Cali, which my fathers side is all respectably from. My mothers side of the family is from the capital, Bogota' which basically makes my roots as Colombian as they come. I get asked a lot as to why I don't do more Spanish recordings, but I am more interested in producing that brand rather than writing it, solely for the fact that I love the rhythms and chord progressions every latin-based record brings. I really think later in my career I will have a full latin-band like the Estefans that I will travel the world with. OTM: If you had the opportunity to work with any artist who would that be? DC:Right now I would really love to executive produce an entire record for Lady Gaga and Kanye West. They are the two most out the box and not to mention powerful artists of my time so its only right for me to want that. Aside from that I really feel my songwriting and selection of sound would really compliment their art. I always wanted to work for Prince, Usher, Barry White, and a few other R&B singers early on but then when I got to my late teens I had developed a wider taste for pushing the envelope and really wanted to get my hands on some records for U2, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sade, and artists of that worldwide caliber. I'm really open to working with anyone as long as its for the right reasons that they create. I am not money driven, my success already handles that part. OTM: Do you have advice for all the new and independent artist that are trying to break into the music industry? DC: I don't believe anyone should have input on anyone else's dreams but I really try to advise anyone who asks me for insight that its the type of situation where you either go 100% every single day, hour, and minute

or don't even bother with it. Music has lost a lot of its sense of beauty through so much competition and marketing tactics that hard work has become a "must" for the new and independent artist. Lastly, always remember there is only one of every great. There has never been a copy of an artist that has succeeded so be yourself and brand it right. Other than that, be comfortable with your music and keep creating and experimenting until you 100% believe in it. Especial Thank’s My fans first and foremost, because of course not only do they make it possible but they make it fun. My manager Steve Wess who always complains that I never shout him out. He has been the muscle behind all of our biggest power moves. OtteyYatta, Justincredible, Over Dos, Dre Holla, Zo Pound, Napps, Prima Bloggerina, and Peiso for allowing me to believe everyday and for all their support and contributions to my life and music. Other than that I could go forever with shoutouts so thank you to ALL. OTM: Any thing else you would like to share with your fan's and OTM Readers? DC: Only to be on the lookout for DASHOMNIA, Worlds Most Interesting Man 2, and all my next projects. WWW.DASHIUSCLAY.COM is easily the best format for people to stay in touch with me and whats to come. I have an app for all Android, iPod, iPhone, and iPads that everyone can download for free. -Lastly OH Yeeeaaa! Dashius Clya


The Dominican DJ "Mr PCS (Mr Papi Chulo Style)". Also Known As DJ Dominicano, DJ Matacoro In The East Coast, Puerto Rico And Dominican Republic. Was Born In The Dominican Republic In 1985. As A Child, Was Moved And Motivated By The Excitement Of Seeing People Dancing And Having Fun. He Was Always Involved In Anything Doing With Music And Deejaying. At Age Of Fourteen Came To The Bronx, New York Where He Was Helping In An Electronic Store After School And Developed His Passion For DeeJaying. At Age Of Sixteen, Had His Own Studio And Went Back To The Dominican Republic Where He Formed A Group Of Latin Hip Hop And Reggaeton. The group was very successful but it was more like a hobby. He Stopped Deejaying For A While And Moved To Puerto Rico For A Few Years. Then He Move To New Jersey And Stilled Having That Passion And Motivation Burning Inside.


In 2008 He Moved To San Francisco, Ca. Now He Is Back Doing What He Loves. Now You Can Find Him At The Hottest Latin Clubs Of San Francisco's Bay Are! The Dominican DJ Has Worked With The Hottest Latin Clubs Such As Pura 1015, Impala, Glass Kat, Club NV, City Nights, Star Line, Stephens, Atmosphere, Lot 46, Blue Macaw, Club 261, Caribbean Gardens, Rumba Lounge, The Room, Vinyl Room, Dragon Bar, Apt 24, Suite 181, Roccapulco, Horizon and many more! Finally He Is Here To Give His Best Latin/Tropical Music To The World. Now He Is Back Doing What He Loves. After Many Years, Many Issues, Many Tears, Many Day Dreaming, Finally He Is Here To Give His Best To The World . Finally The Latinos Around San Francisco Bay Have Their Finest Representative. The Latin Parties Around The San Francisco Bay Will Not Be The Same! The Dominican DJ Has Changed The Way Latinos Party Around The Bay. If You Want To Dance: Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Rock En Español, Dance Hall, Cumbia, Latin House and more; The Dominican DJ "MR PCS" Is The DJ To Party With.







March 2011  

Tino Cochino In Front Cover

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