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DRIVER On the year 1983 Juha Rintanen was born in Hämeenlinna, Finland and he got car-racing as his blood inheritance. With his father he learned to tune and fix racing cars and nowadays a lot of people turn to Juha about their techical questions. Juha is one of the Finnish Drifting pioneers and he is remembered from the first days Drifting was pronounced in Finland. After he won the Finnish drifting series, he’s fast-, precise- and agressive style of driving was also noticed abroad so he was invited to United states to drive the D1GP series with some of the best drivers in the world. At this point by his driving Juha has a licence eligiblity to any series in the world and he has got multiple invitations from Europe, USA and Asia as well. Faith in Juha and he’s team is so strong, that we’ve got a few mentors and godfathers to aid our cause. Kari A. Sohlberg and a former Formula 1 driver Mika Salo, whose son Max still thinks riding with Juha is more exiting..

DRIFTING as a sport In traditional motorsport almost always without exception the fastest car from the start line to finish determines the winner. It is here where Drifting makes the exception to other sports. Drifting is about Style and ultimate car handling skill at its best. The basic principle of Drifting is to make a rear wheel drive car skid through a predetermined course with as much sliding angle as possible, without the skid ending even slightly during the course. This performance is then judged by three judges which have their precise criterias in the drift angle, speed and maintaining the designated driving line. After the qualifying starts the competition, where two cars battle with eachother at the same time, first leading and then following the other car. The first car has to drive a perfect qualifying run and the following car has to mimic the lead car on its moves while still staying as close as possible. These tandem runs are the best part of the sport. The most exciting and amazing part, when the cars rally over the speeds of 150 km/h side by side, almost touching eachother during the multiple turns in the course and all that is left behind is just a thick cloud of tiresmoke from the rear tires. After the two laps the winner is determined by judges and the game continues playoff style until only a winner remains.

Most of all, Drifting is a show. It looks amazing and the crowd loves it. Drifting as a motorsport has been founded in Japan and it has spread explosively all over the world. This phenomenon has become one of the leading forces of selling automotive products as well as bringing other brands known to the people. Because Drifting looks so spectacular it has earned it’s place amongst the crowd and media, especially in Japan, America and Asia, but now in Europe as well.


FPDA (FIN) competition first place Drift Allstars European CHAMPION, 6 competitions around Europe.

2012 • • • •

Drift Allstars series third, 6 competitions around Europe. FDO Pro (FIN) competition first place Gatebil (SWE) invited showdriver to one of the biggest european events Autoexotic Russian Drift series competition, Moscow (RUS)

2011 • • • • •

FIA NEZ official champion of the Nordic countries Riga (LV), first place FX Open competition Minsk (BY), second place – Asian champion was left behind FDO Pro (FIN), series winner FPDA (FIN) participated in 4 series competitions, multiple podiums AKK Motorsport, special memory reward

MEDIA PUBLICITY 2013 • Own race recap videos • Car magazines: • GTI (FIN) • Tuning (FIN) • Numerous big websites • Forums around the world • Local newspapers • Web-TV’s, broadcasts and videos 2011 • Car magazines: • GTI (FIN) • Tuning (FIN) • Ruutulippu book • Television: YLE1, Nelonen, MTV3 Max (Finnish) • Numerous big websites • Local newspapers • Web-TV’s, broadcasts and videos

2012 • Car magazines: • GTI (FIN) • Japanece Performance (UK) • Tuning (CH) • Tuning (GER) • Television: Motors TV, SubTV • Numerous big websites • Forums around the world • Local newspapers • Web-TV’s, broadcasts and videos

OUR high quality VIDEOS In 2013 we had a professional media crew with us in each and every competition and since it was a great success and provided the extra visibility to our sponsors and the team, we will continue to publish videos in the future as well. On the first year of the video series we already have over 30 000 views in + thousands of Likes, Shares and Comments on Facebook!

We can rebrand the whole video series for a sponsor too and we continue to develop our marketing strategies even more.

Check out all of our High Quality videos by MÜlsä Pictures from

What happens in 2014 Known events at this point







18-21.4. 17.-18.5. 15.6. 5-6.7. 19-20.7. 1-2.8. 9-10.8. 6-7.9. 13-14.9.

American-/Tuning car show, Finland, Messukeskus Drift Allstars R1 England Drift Allstars R2 Czech Republic Drift Allstars R3 Sweden Drift Allstars R4 Sweden Drift Allstars R5 Latvia, Riga Bikernieki circuit Drift Allstars R6 Estonia Drift Allstars R7 Lithuania, Kaunas street circuit Drift Allstars R8 Poland

70 000 15 000 5 000 12 000 12 000 8 000 6 000 10 000 12 000

80 000 30 000 42 000 44 450 600 000 250 000 350 000 91 000

Live spectators 2013 Our own Race recap videos on Vimeo Drift Allstars/JDM Allstars Facebook pages Acclr8 Online magazine, launched in 2013 Acclr8 believe to achieve 50 000 readers a month Website traffic 250 000 shows Online event video recaps (55-60 000 per event) Livestream broadcast 8000-12 000 per show

56 000 000 TV Broadcasting (More Distribution per Country + Live Broadcast Sweden/Poland) Motors TV / Eurosport

31 000 30 000

GTi-magazine (FIN) Tuning-magazine (FIN)

These numbers of media publicity do not include all the external webpages, forums, blogs or videos outside the series.

WHAT can we offer The predominant fan base is male with a median age group of 18 – 26 years old. They are a tech-savvy, fashion forward influencers that have a high disposable income. 89% of the spectators are men 11% women 40% employed full-time 25% employed part-time 83% are single 35% students or other categories 17% married A lot of companies from various different sectors want to advertise in Drifting. Few of the biggest would still be car manufacturers, tire manufacturers, car part manufacturers, cloth designers, energy drinks and game developers. We want to offer you exactly that, what you hope from us. We will eagerly discuss different options and we can also use our pit area to promote our sponsors products. We think your customers have a good time with Drifting and we will gladly help you in anyway we can offer any extra value.

CONTACT DETAILS Juha Rintanen +358 40 8258 399

Check out our Season 2013 videos

Juha Rintanen -2013 Drift Allstars European Champion  

Juha Rintanen -2013 Drift Allstars European Champion

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