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Your essential essential guide guide to to the the month month ahead ahead Your

Your essential guide to the month ahead

vital statistics | editorial | readership | distribution | online | rate card | contact

vital statistics | editorial | readership | distribution | online | rate card | contact

VITAL First launched in April 2000, 247 Magazine has pushed the free music and lifestyle print media market to a new level in the South West. It is now the market leader and has maintained its reputation as the best quality title in the ever growing sector. Over the past ten years, the magazine has followed the massive creative development of music and arts in the region, highlighting the innovations and achievements taking place and putting them across in a stylish, credible way that the readership understands. The magazine reflects this with high production values, giving the magazine higher retention rates and standing out in the marketplace. Coupled with an essential and definitive listings guide to what is going on in the region, active online support at and a growing presence on social networks, 247 Magazine continues to be the leading free music and lifestyle magazine in the South West and is the largest of its kind in the market place. Driven by our passion for youth culture and guided by current trends, the content of 247 Magazine reflects the audience’s interests whilst setting the entertainment agenda for the region.

Comments from readers include:

STATISTICS No outrageous sales claims here, these are the raw facts that speak for themselves. These are the foundations for our ongoing successful monthly magazine which we are proud to produce every month.


April 2000

CIRCULATION: 25,000 copies READERSHIP: 65,000 people CORE AUDIENCE: 18 - 30 year olds, male and female COVERAGE: Devon and Cornwall FORMAT: A5 with a high quality finish

“It has bands, clubs, film, fashion – everything I need really” “It loves the local scene – that’s what it’s all about”


“Local, honest, non commercial info” “Culturally on the ball” “Best local listings guide around” “Nothing else like it in the region” “It’s local, it’s colourful, it’s funky and it lets me know what’s going on in the city, it’s simply cool!” “Well written and loves youth culture”


media pack

To discuss your advertising requirements, contact Grant or Josh on 01392 201227 // or Nigel on 01752 294130 /

To discuss your advertising requirements, contact Grant or Josh on 01392 201227 // or Nigel on 01752 294130 /

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EDITORIAL Driven by our passion for youth culture and guided by current trends, the content of 247 Magazine reflects the audience’s interests whilst setting the entertainment agenda for the region.


The backbone of the magazine, containing everything happening over the forthcoming month in the worlds of: Clubbing, Live Gigs, Comedy, Theatre, Culture, Film and selected action sports.





Informative, credible and upfront interviews with youth culture heroes and national celebrities. Entertaining features, focusing on the issues and passions of the reader. Reports first on credible forthcoming events, informing readers of the news that matters.


Leading brands, professional photographers and natural models combine to create a fashion feature with a twist.


The latest album and single releases critiqued by leading DJs, musicians and producers.

SNAPPED: The most interesting people snapped out and about at key RETAIL THERAPY: The latest products, gadgets and cool items


and where to buy them. SESSIONS


events each month.

SESSIONS: Coverage of action sports including Surfing, Skateboarding, Kite Surfing, BMX, MTB, Snowboarding, and more.

STREET ART: Profiles of the freshest artists and pieces on the street. STYLE HUNTER: Out and about on the street and at the best events checking out what clothes people are and aren’t wearing.





Featuring up and coming artists, illustrators and photographers on our contents page to showcase the regions best new talent.


Getting behind the scenes with the people who work hard to make things happen in the music scene but don’t have the public recognition they deserve. To discuss your advertising requirements, contact Grant or Josh on 01392 201227 // or Nigel on 01752 294130 /

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READERSHIP The average reader is aged between 18-30yrs old, equally split between male and female and 39% are single with no commitments, whilst another 39% are living with their partners.


Over half our readers work full time, with the average wage under £15,000, whilst 27% earn over £20,000 per year. Students currently make up a quarter of our readership.


Our readers are an active lot, with around half taking part in a sporting activity every week, as well as shopping, eating out and going to the pub at least once a week too. They also go to the cinema, clubbing or to see a live gig on a monthly basis, and a hardcore 25% go out clubbing on a weekly basis.


53% are living in rented accommodation and a further 32% own their own homes, with the rest living at home.


People read the magazine to find out what’s going on in the region, simple as that. Over 62% of readers specifically use our listings section to plan their nights out.


72% of readers have been to a gig, club or event that they have seen advertised in the magazine. 57% have visited a shop, which has been advertised in the magazine to buy clothes/shoes etc. 55% have purchased music featured in the magazine. Our readers are loyal, over half our readers pick up the magazine every month, with a further 32% reading it bi-monthly. Source: 2010 Readership Survey

To discuss your advertising requirements, contact Grant or Josh on 01392 201227 // or Nigel on 01752 294130 /

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Barnstaple Bideford

Taunton is the online home of the magazine, offering users access to a range of engaging and original digital content as well as the digital version of the magazine. The site is updated daily with fresh and relevant articles to engage with readers and is cross promoted in our print edition of the magazine, via social media networks and through our weekly email updates sent to over 25,000 fans of the magazine. By understanding our readership and site visitors behaviour, we utilise the strengths of the digital platform to ensure a positive visitor experience and good return on investment for advertisers.

Bude Okehampton


Launceston Tavistock Bodmin St Austell




Redruth Penzance


Hot Box With a circulation of 25,000 copies in each area, every month, we take 247 Magazine to the readers with our dedicated in-house distribution team on the road at the end of each month ensuring the magazine reaches our stockists on time and in a professional manner.

Over 800 stockists, including high street outlets HMV, Schuh, Cult, Republic and many more.

Stocked in all credible fashion, surf, skate, and music retail outlets, selected bars, cafes, restaurants, takeaways, pubs, cinemas, arts and media centres, night clubs and music venues.

Stocked in all colleges and universities across the region.

247 Magazine DIGITAL EDITION Readers can read the latest issue online and download a digital version at


media pack

Available in every town and city across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

Exclusive and unique hand-to-hand distribution at major music and club events every month.

Customised stands in selected high volume outlets ensuring prime position and maximum uptake.

Within the digital edition, we offer advertisers: A FREE link to advertisers website, direct from each advert

To discuss your advertising requirements, contact Grant or Josh on 01392 201227 // or Nigel on 01752 294130 /

Tower Column



Hot Box







Tower Column



Site Takeover

£200 Per Week

Newsletter Banner Advert


Competition Editorial


Agency Commission: 10%

(All rates are exclusive of vat) Latest website statistics available on request

We also offer combined print and digital packages to suit every aspect of your marketing campaign, alongside more bespoke options, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

To discuss your advertising requirements, contact Grant or Josh on 01392 201227 // or Nigel on 01752 294130 /

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All advertisements are in full colour and placed in the appropriate sections of the magazine.

Per Issue Size


Double Page Spread



Full Page



Half Page



Quarter Page



Double Page Spread

Eighth of a Page



210mm h x 297mm w


Per Issue



Inside Back Cover



Outside Back Cover



Opening Double Page Spread



Right-Hand Pages



Agency Commission: 10% Block Booking Discount: 10% on three or more insertions All rates are exclusive of VAT





February ‘12

12 January

20 January

30 January

March ‘12

12 February

17 February

27 February

April ‘12

12 March

19 March

28 March

May ‘12

12 April

20 April

30 April

June ‘12

12 May

18 May

29 May

July ‘12

12 June

18 June

27 June

August ‘12

12 July

20 July

30 July

September ‘12

12 August

17 August

28 August

October ‘12

12 September

21 September

1 October

November ‘12

12 October

19 October

29 October

December ‘12

12 November

16 November

26 November

Prices valid from 01/01/12

media pack

(Plus 3mm bleed on all sides)

210mm h x 148mm w

100mm h x 141mm w

(Plus 3mm bleed on all sides)

(No bleed required)

1/4 PAGE



204mm h x 70mm w

100mm h x 70mm w

50mm h x 141mm w

50mm h x 70mm w

(No bleed required)

(No bleed required)

(No bleed required)

(No bleed required)




10 |



Inside Front Cover



To discuss your advertising requirements, contact Grant or Josh on 01392 201227 // or Nigel on 01752 294130 /

BLEED If bleed is required (e.g. on full or double page adverts) please add 3mm around all edges of the artwork. Due to the possibility of slight cropping inaccuracies we recommend that all text and logos are at least 6mm in from the edge. RESOLUTION All non-vector artwork should be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi, any artwork supplied lower than 300dpi will be rejected. EPS and Illustrator files should have their final output set to 2540. PDF’s should be set as follows; overall resolution of 2540, individual line art resolution of 1200dpi and individual bitmap resolution of 300dpi. Colour If working in RGB or Pantone, please convert to CMYK before supplying artwork. Out of Hand cannot take responsibility for any unexpected results experienced from artwork supplied in non-CMYK colour. Please delete all unused colour swatches from the colour palettes. FONTS All fonts used should be embedded (PDF’s) or converted to outlines (EPS, Illustrator). We can accept Mac and PC format fonts and must receive a copy of these if open files are supplied, even if they are common fonts such as Arial and Helvetica as we cannot guarantee that fonts in-house are not corrupt.

TRANSPARENCIES If using the transparency functions in Illustrator and Freehand generated files, transparencies must be flattened and the files then converted to PDF or bitmap (TIFF or JPEG) before supplying. OVERPRINT and KNOCKOUT Please ensure that no elements of the design are set to overprint unless specifically required. We cannot always check for this and it is likely to generate unexpected results. PROOFS Where possible please supply us with an accurate colour proof with your digital advert submission.

the file size is less than 10MB. CDs or DVDs will not be returned unless specifically requested at time of order. We also do not hold any supplied artwork. ARTWORK SUPPLY ADDRESS:                 247 Magazine Out of Hand Ltd, Hebron House, Sion Road Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 3BD E-mail adverts to: Phone: 0117 953 6363

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Standard terms and conditions apply, available on request. Delays or additional ARTWORK ORIGINATION AND SUPPLY (sub-contracted) bureau work caused METHOD by unacceptable files will be charged as FILES: We need files saved as PDF, EPS, TIFF extra to the customer. The accuracy for or a hi-res JPEG set in CMYK. If supplying information contained on the disk remains Illustrator, Photohshop or InDesign documents, the customer’s responsibility. We will not please ensure that all fonts are converted to accept liability for content accuracy if proofs outlines, and that you supply a jpeg proof to have not been supplied. Equally, we will not accompany the document. Unfortunately we do accept responsibility for errors in final print not accept Quark documents. due to supplied digital data which does not correspond with our specifications. Files should be supplied uncompressed wherever possible; Stuffit / Drop Stuff may be used to compress files if necessary. Ideally artwork should be supplied on a CD, DVD or via a File Transfer Site such as Artwork may only be e-mailed if

To discuss your advertising requirements, contact Grant or Josh on 01392 201227 // or Nigel on 01752 294130 /

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Your essential guide to the month ahead

CONTACTS: EDITORIAL: Magazine Rachael D’Cruze 01752 294130 Website Laura Williams Tel: 01179 536363

ADVERTISING: Grant Harrison 01392 201227 Josh Raynor 01392 201227 Nigel Muntz 01752 294130 or 0117 953 6363

Published by Hebron House, Sion Rd, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 3BD |

247 Magazine Media Pack 2012  

247 Magazine Media Pack 2012

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