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Why Should Companies Give Importance to Customer interaction Services?

Time and again it has been proved that excellent customer service is the way to generate better consumer loyalty that in turn ensures long-term profitability. Loyalty helps in giving shape to people’s choices on how they buy, what they buy and where they buy the products from. According to a study conducted by Forum Corp., on why consumers switch brands, almost 60 percent switched brands owing to improper services and lack of proper personal attention. When consumers rank the relevance of factors that help in creating a good consumer experience, promotion and advertising scored 2.8 on a scale of 7. Therefore, what gained prominence was the quality of customer interaction services that leads to seamless communication and makes a consumer come back to the service again and again.

Mulling on similar lines, another study conducted by Tom Peters on the influence of consumer dissatisfaction revealed that the average person with a negative consumer experience tells about nine to ten people, and approximately 13 percent of people are likely to spread the negative word of mouth publicity to another set of twenty people or more. Data reveals that an organization can retain 82 percent to 95 percent of dissatisfied consumers if the complaints can be resolved efficiently and in a timely manner. Hence it is essential to invest in quality customer interaction services that would help companies anticipate the consumer mindset better and cater to them efficiently.

Over the past few years most consumers prefer to use mobile self service options for online shopping or for any other online activity. Keeping this in mind, customer experience solutions providers have come up with mobile self service applications that helps in anticipating consumer behavior and determining the optimal interaction strategy. By integrating real-time interaction information and consumer profiles across every channel, this application understands the total context of each consumer’s journey. The applications incorporate with enterprise data sources and other third party systems that help in location-specific and information-rich solutions. Service providers offer applications for consumer journeys such as: ·

New Contract




Bill Inquiry


Plan Change



All the applications are offered as a cloud-based service and comprises of quick deployment, one or more than one channel, support by managed services and integration to back-end databases. Though most

organizations emphasize on the relevance of consumer service, their actions often do not reflect the statements they make. However, it is essential that organizations give credence to the fact that consumer experience governs their good will in the market and take appropriate steps to strengthen the same.

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Why Should Companies Give Importance To Customer interaction Services?  

Timeand again it has been proved that excellent customer service is the way to generate better consumer loyalty that in turn ensures long-te...