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Intuitive customer experience –Redefine Customer Service

With the advancement in technology, to improve customer experience, organizations are rolling out more self service options such as websites, speech self-service, self-service kiosk, mobile apps, and other multichannel strategies has enabled the creation of a positive Customer Experience. For the survival and growth of Industry customer experience has become a strategic focus for organizations today. A positive Customer Experience improves the possibility of the customer coming back for the next purchase and reduces the probability of the customer to switch to competition. Today’s technology enables organizations to increasingly provide personalized experience to their customer that is simple and intuitive. Intuitive customer experience, is a new generation of applications that predict what a customer wants, guides them and offers interaction in the channels of their choice. Businesses can design better customer’s means of access which are intuitive and which deliver a better customer experience. Understanding how the customers thinks and what they need is only part of the solution. A business can also examine how it might improve processes and systems the customers might not even be aware of. Intuitive experience is not about taking away the need for employee and customer interaction. It’s about making interaction as simple as possible so that the customer’s query is sorted out rather than having to deal with a business’ way of working. To establish a closer connection with the customers, organizations using intuitive customer experience, provide them complete access to information from anywhere, at any time through any channel. For this the company follows a three phased methodology:

Personalize by anticipating Predicting customer interaction or anticipate what the customers want and offers them an easy way to get things done through their preferred channel. This helps in organization get complete information based on location, identity, behavior and evaluation of information. The more you analyze – Customer interactions, preferences etc. – the better you can leverage it to become more relevant to personalizing customer’s needs. Personalization can be channel convenience or using intuitive user interface i.e. how to make every interaction more intuitive. Simplify – Make things simpler by anticipating their viewpoint. Using Intuitive customer experience software begins interactions that offer an integrated experience across all devices, channels and input modes and many more. Analyze - Using the intuitive software analyzing vast amount of data helps the organization to have an indepth understanding about the consumers.

Enabling a positive and consistent Customer Experience can differentiate an organization from the others in attracting, retaining and growing their customer base and business substantially.

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Intuitive customer experience –Redefine Customer Service