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The University has made significant progress in this transformation process, in meeting their most important goals, this has allowed incremented its leadership in the national education system and state positioning itself as a of the best institutions of secondary and higher education in the country. For your advance is necessary to have an updated draft of its Vision, now with a view to 2020. UANL Vision 2020 is the result of input from teachers, students, management and administrative staff of the University of International and External Advisory Boards, as well as various organizations in the education sector and the social and productive sectors of the entity. In this view down University commitments assumed with the social and economic development of the state and the country, sustained in a University Social Responsibility Agenda.

Featureless. 1. - An institution of higher secondary education and driving greater progress 2. - An institution that is characterized by a learning community open to change, to cooperation and academic exchanges, bilingual with a global perspective 3. - An institution organized in five sets fully consolidated: a) high school level, b) undergraduate, c) graduate, d) research, innovation and technological development and e) culture. 4. - Has a plant full-time academic and subject in appropriate proportions to educational 5. - Recognized nationally and internationally as a center of development scientific, humanistic, cultural and technological. 6. - Contributes and participates actively in strategic alliances with public, social and business 7. - Has the project greater cultural and artistic relevance and social importance in the state 8. - Has a wide and modern infrastructure and equipment support the delivery of educational programs. 9. - Has a strong and certificate of quality management system 10. - Is widely recognized social responsibility and compliance with high quality standards of its mission.

vision 2020  

resumen sobre la vision

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