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Are you tired of manually following up on your customers? Do you want to make more money from your visitors? Do you want more free time to work on your business? Building an online business requires learning many tasks unless you're able to outsource large chunks of it. If you're a sole business owner you truly appreciate technology which enables you to automate your business. An autoresponder is a highly valuable low tech tool that helps automate your sales process. How to Make Money on Autopilot Using an Autoresponder If only 1 person buys your product out of 100 people you have a conversion rate of 1%. This means 99 people won't buy. They'll leave your page and never be seen again. The fact that they even visited your page means they were interested in what you had to offer but weren't ready to buy. An autoresponder enables you to capture their contact information and send out a series of follow-up emails that is done automatically. Let's look at an example of how an autoresponder works Bill just completed writing a great ebook to answer questions he asked in a survey. He extracts content from his ebook to create a free report as a free giveaway. He creates a series of 7 followup messages that give more tips related to the information in his ebook. He creates a landing page with a headline that shows the main benefit of signing up for his free report. He inserts the opt-in form (received from his autoresponder company) on the right side of his landing page. He creates several bullet points next to his opt-in form that outline 5 extra benefits for opting in. Next he loads the 7 email follow-up messages into his autoresponder and spaces each email message 2 days apart. When a customer opts in to his landing page he immediately receives a confirmation that he successfully subscribed and a download link to the free report. He's also informed that he'll be receiving more valuable tips to help build his business. Every 2 days the prospect receives a new tip. The seventh email invites the prospect to check out

his product and includes a link to the product sales page. The series of emails has already helped pre-sell the product by placing them in a buying mood. The prospect buys Bill's product after receiving follow-up emails over 2 weeks. His autoresponder helped him make money on autopilot. Even after the prospect has purchased Bill's product he writes a new autoresponder series that explains more deeply how to use his product and offers related products thus making more sales.

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==== ==== 2012 Internet Money Making On Autopilot. we know this is a proven method, click the link below see all we have to offer. ==== ====

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