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Silent Majority I am The

By Kambree Nelson, Business Owner

Donald Trump - he’s the man who captured the worlds attention. Democrats, feminists, and Republicans hate him. The first time I heard Donald Trump speak about the issues this country is facing, I immediately knew without a DOUBT that he would start a revolution!

I am the silent majority. I am a smart, educated business woman who is voting for Mr. Trump. He is not a career politician, he is not a bought politician. He will work on behalf of the American people and NOT those who throw money at him for THEIR agenda. He is the biggest advocate for the American people and he’s fighting tooth and nail to keep make America great again, using his own money.

Mr. Trump exhibits leadership and business skills that can bring our country out of debt, and make us powerful again. We are no longer safe. We have a government that does not listen or care about the safety of the American people. Mr. Trump has stated that his main job as top My first taste of politics happened in 2014. I was commander is to work for the people of the United States sitting with my aunty on my Lanai in Honolulu, before all else. Hawaii. She started telling me a disturbing story about a 30-meter Telescope being built on sacred I am voting for Donald Trump because he is a man that land, atop Mauna Kea on Hawaii Island. A move- will not allow other countries to mess with America. No ment started to stop this from happening. I got one can bully Mr. Trump. That’s why he’s one of the involved and soon it became “the people vs. the gov- most powerful people in the world. ernment.” I saw a great deal of corruption due to power and money. I waited for someone (politician) He is a force to be reckoned with and that is how he will to step in and speak up to protect the land. But no one lead our country. Donald Trump is a man who can came. The locals have held off TMT by way of the bridge the gap between the left and the right. Common sense is alive and well again and political correctness is Supreme Court - but the battle has just started. out the window. Call him edgy or say he’s not conservaIn 2015 I moved to Southern California. My children tive enough - it doesn’t matter. Its time to put America’s were told at their new school they could not wear a safety, constitution, families, freedom, military, and our cross necklace and God is not to be mentioned. veterans FIRST. Let’s set personal issues aside. Open When our President started supporting the Middle your eyes and take a hard look at who is fighting for YOU. Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump will make East over Americans, I knew we had a problem. America Great Again.

Prior to Trump I never gave a thought about voting. Growing up, I lived in Texas and Hawaii, where one dominant party always won. I never felt like my vote mattered.

It’s rare to vote FOR someone Trump the son, husband of three, father of five, inter-

national business man, author, political activist, generous benefactor, celebrity host, candidate for president. Multi-dimensional, a visionary who challenges himself first, refuses to let setbacks define him. He has a lifelong record of , head on, tackling problems against seemingly insurmountable odds. A few critics point out he has failed in business at times, yet don't report he rebounded and gained respect from employees and his adversaries in commerce. Yes, he has failed in marriages and rebounded, somehow with the support of previous wives and children; he has succeeded in pretty much everything else listed above. Yes, he has changed his mind on some issues. Who among us doesn't admire a person with an open mind to new facts and knowledge, who alters beliefs and opinions at the altar of Life Experience?

When he visits Palm Beach – the county where I live, he attends church, contributes to the community, and sets the standard for patriotism (the largest flag in the area flies above Mar-A-Lago). His critics on The Island cite he is from “new money,” though they adore his children. Many of those critics worshipped Bernie Madoff and lost millions from his scams. Trump, the self made billionaire, invested wisely and grew wealth as a result. I check his online sites, read his comments, and search for the full rending of out-of-context quotes in various media. Why? All media edits according to the messages they want their audiences to buy into. Plus, there's only so much air time, only so many paragraphs the typical online consumer will read, and precious few hard-copy lines – editing is a requirement for “news.” Trump is straightforward, brash in the campaign (not during business negotiations, just the opposite, conciliatory and respectful until – or if – the time comes for him to walk away from bad deals or hammer for a better one).

By Kathyleen Sherrod, Communications Specialist He has a way of bringing competing interests together and finding a solution that benefits his leading causes of business, philanthropy, and politics. All of these contribute to why I changed my party affiliation from independent to GOP to vote for Trump in the Florida primary, and who I hope to cast a vote for him as president. It has been many years since I actually voted FOR someone and his visions for the nation. For the many reasons better articulated by others in the political arena, Trump will do everything he can, legally, to reinforce the foundations upon which the USA was envisioned, built and thrived – at least until recently. He is not a perfect candidate. Show me one who is. He has not cheated or lied to get caucus votes; he has not accepted bribes (donations) from corporations; he has not bowed to Old Style Politicos from the GOP, media or PAC contributors. He is listening to a swath of this country long ignored and stepped over: women, veterans, blue collar workers, families, young people aiming for success, Christians, Jews, and so on. He knows the underbelly of Wall Street and where onerous loopholes are that must be closed. The same may be said of international leaders in commerce and politics. As a woman, I respect a true leader (regardless of gender) who'll use the full range of his talents, experiences and visions to make me proud of the USA again. At the moment, I am confused and disheartened, fearful that the deceitful political machines – including all forms of media and establishment politicians – will distort Trump's place in history and deny us the fruits of his destiny. We had many years of " I say what they want to hear to get what I want " politicians and I believe it's time for a change to Make America Great Again


athyleen Sherrod

A career in communications — from NBC affiliate, to independent Florida newspaper, to US Congress and for trade/lobbying groups. Earned national, state and industry journalism awards, using news reporting as a platform for strategic political communications in Washington, D.C. Eight years in U.S. Congress; as media analyst/news editor for 1980, 1984 and 2000 presidential campaigns; Peace Corps headquarters in Reagan administration; the first communications director for the biotechnology industry; advertising and PR executive, and VP of communications for the replacement union to PATCO. Personal interests: animal and environmental advocate, activist for fiscally conservative political candidates though politically independent because no political checks all my issues of interest or my positions regarding them.

He’s not a perfect candidate

....Show me one

who is.”

“As a woman, I respect a true leader...Who’ll use the full range of his talents...”

Our country is bleeding and we must elect a leader who can heal our wounds….

I'm not the only one who is tired of flip-flopping-fish career politicians, making backdoor-deals and telling us everything we want to hear but doing very little of what is best for America. A tsumani-like movement has washed over America calling Americans into action! You can see in Donald Trump's children, the love that their father has for them. His prudent, well tempered and wise parenting shows in their lives and actions. I believe Donald Trump has the same love for America, as opposed to people like Obama who hate and want to change what America is and stands for. Far too long, has our country been run by politicians who act like lazy parents, spoiling their children turning them into dependent servants. This, while Donald Trump is leaving the empire he built in the capable hands of his hardworking children so he can serve our great nation and Make America Great Again. Many evangelical Christians are up in arms over Donald Trumps position on social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. We must be reminded that God is our judge. God sent his Son Jesus to earth to be an example of his unconditional love and compassion for all! It is impossible for any leader to save everyone. Only God can do that. We must pray that our leaders have the strength to govern as best they can. In the end, each of us will be held accountable for our actions. In the meantime, we must elect leaders who by their actions can do the most good, for as many people as possible. Voting for a leader who [was formerly] pro choice is not approving that choice. There is so much suffering with the people alive on earth today that if we elect a leader who can fix those things first, the rest will come later. It is not our place to judge or fix things it our responsibility to live as examples of what we believe. Our country is bleeding and we must elect a leader who can heal our wounds, restore our health and get us all back to work. God will take care of the rest.

It makes me sad to see all the hyenas that have jumped on the bandwagon making fun of both Donald Trump’s and Sarah Palin’s words. If you write out Sarah Palin’s speeches and format it as poetry, it reads beautifully. I'm currently reading Sarah Palin’s book, Sweet Freedom. It's a daily devotional that encourages us, among many things, to pray for our leaders. Sarah Palin has a heart of gold and her love for this country is evident. Imagine what YOUR family would look like if the media decided to print every happening. The verbal backlash Americans are giving the Palins reminds me of radical Muslims stoning to death those they disagree with.

When we engage in

Twitter discussions, ask God to speak through us.

This makes it imperative that we pray for those who slander unfairly. When we engage in Twitter discussions, ask God to speak through us. Find ways to communicate compassion and love while making your points. It is far easier to call someone an idiot, I sadly know for a fact. If we want to restore our great nation we must do so with love and compassion. When you look at each candidate ask yourselves, who really loves this country and wants to preserve the principals for which it was founded and who wants to fundamentally change it? Some people think that some things in our country need to be changed but the reality is, it has changed, and it needs to be changed back. Ever since our founding fathers turned their back on tyranny and put a stop to dictatorship by coming to America, the dictators have been coming after them. Attacking our freedom and way of life has been a constant. They have succeeded to the point of where we are today. Our Constitution is being eroded away bit by bit until soon there will be little left. Our leaders are so out of control and corrupt that we have little, if no control at all. It's time to break this fraudulent system of government, take back our country in honor of those brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom, and give our children (like Donald’s) a future they can take over and run for us. This is why I am now supporting Donald Trump and I hope you will join me.

Brains, Beauty, &Trump I

By Kelly Briana, Grad Student

am a woman who is an educated and informed graduate student and I am voting for Donald J. Trump. Our beloved nation is sinking fast due to Obama and his minions destroying her and demonizing Americans. I was running out of hope until Donald Trump came into the picture. The one concerning issue I have is the massive illegal immigration policies that Obama has unethically implemented which has made our country more dangerous than ever. When Donald Trump spoke about this and said he was going to build a wall and secure our borders, I thought, “This is who will save America!” As a Wisconsinite, I was a fan of Governor Scott Walker, but unfortunately he was not tough enough on reaching the American people on the issues that needed the most attention, such as illegal immigration. What I also love about Trump is that he ‘tells it like it is’ and is politically incorrect. Trump has done many great things for our heroes, our veterans, and he will take good care of them when he becomes the president. Donald Trump is a rare gem because unlike the GOP, he has stood up and grasped the frustration of the American people. He understands our anger of what has happened to our once great nation. Donald Trump gives many Americans real hope in saving America. I truly believe that Donald Trump will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Vote Trump 2016!

VETS FOR TRUMP By Eva White, Former US Army Nurse

Donald Trump reminds me of my son when he was younger. I would get so frustrated with my son bringing

home poor grades, while at the same time being told by his teachers that he was very intelligent and way ahead of the other students in his class. One day I got called in for a parent teacher conference regarding my son's algebra grade. As I sat there looking at his paper, I wanted to cry. Once again he had made an "F". The teacher explained that my son refused to follow instructions that stated he must show his work and that writing down an answer was unacceptable. I told her I didn't understand why he didn’t because I was sure he knew what he was doing. My son had been sitting there listening quietly when he suddenly said, " Because I'm right mom." I replied, “What do you mean Jake?” My son said, " ALL of my answers are right." I looked at his teacher and asked if he was telling the truth -- were all of his answers correct? His teacher looked down at his paper and then back up at me. She said, "Yes, his answers are right but that's not the point. He has to follow the rules and show me how he got the right answer." My frustration was building and I asked my son, “Why don't you just show your work, and make an ‘A’?” Jake said, "Mom, I don't have time. I just want to get it done and get it right. I can explain it to her later if she needs me to but I know I'm right." That was pretty much the end of that. Except you might want to know my son was accepted into ACU for Aeronautical Engineering when he graduated from High School. (Ahem. That's where we get Rocket Scientists.) I hear what Donald Trump is saying and I understand that kind of brain. He has a plan, he knows it is right, he just doesn't have time to explain it in detail right now. He gives Americans bits and pieces of his plan but then he moves on to his next topic because in his mind he has already figured it out. He can't afford to waste time with explaining the small details because he sees another problem that needs solving. Yes, it would be nice to see his work, step by step but he has a proven track record of getting the answers right. When he's made mistakes in the past, he figures it out and finds another way to effectively solve the problem. He doesn’t linger there. When he has realized he was wrong on an issue he says so and moves on. He doesn't need to beat a dead horse. He buries it and moves forward.

These are traits that I admire. As a person who has made many mistakes in my past, I could sit and waste time dwelling them or I can get up and move past it. I choose to be more effective in my present day life and let the past go. Donald Trump appears to feel the same way and I get it. I see how successful his businesses are and I understand that in order to have built his businesses in all the countries that he has, he apparently has a much calmer demeanor when he needs too. I doubt he would have his businesses around the world if he didn't have a professional attitude when it is necessary. So, I am not concerned with his brashness or inappropriate comments on the campaign trail. As for people saying he isn't a proven Conservative, I say let's give him a chance to prove himself. Looking at the success he has had with his children, I think if they are any indication of his morals, values or beliefs, America couldn't possibly do any better. Sure, there are people who may be more politically correct and maybe their knowledge of the Constitution is greater but I have no doubt that as President, Donald Trump will surround himself with nothing but the most knowledgeable people. He demands excellence in the people who work for him and with him. When I hear him say he watches the Generals on TV to get some of his information, I am impressed. These retired Generals are the EXPERTS in their field. Why would anyone NOT listen to them? Sure, he could read the newspapers but why would he choose to learn from a journalist over a person who has been on the ground and in the trenches? We must remember that, as an outsider, he doesn’t have the clearance or access that others already have obtained. Once he’s elected, he’ll be far more informed just by the nature of the job. This is a man that already wakes up every morning at 4 or 5 am to read reports and news. Donald Trump has a reason for everything he does, most often by the time we figure out the reason; he has completed his mission and moved on. That is whom I want as President of the United States of America -Someone who is way ahead of the rest of us.

“Donald Trump

has a reason

for everything he does.”




By @C4Constitution

am a first generation American. My parents came to America from Finland after the war in 1948. They studied English and the Constitution to become US Citizens. My Dad went on to build thousands of houses and employ thousands of workers during his lifetime. He lived the American Dream and passed down his patriotism for America to his four children. As an American, I grew up to become an Officer in a public company. I meet many women who support Donald J Trump for President and I am honored to give you just a few reasons why I support him too. Our country is in worse shape fiscally, physically, socially and Constitutionally than what a casual onlooker sees at the surface. In fact, we have been infiltrated by enemy ideologies which run contrary to our Constitution at every level of government. I watch in utter disbelief as our President and Congress push open borders, TPP, NAFTA, Common Core, Affordable Health Care Act ("ObamaCare"), Sanctuary Cities and much more upon our Sovereign nation. I am angry that our Veterans are not being given the utmost in medical care and services, the least we can do for their sacrifice for us all. Money allocated to the VA gets siphoned to pad the pockets of bureaucrats, and our Vets suffer. I am furious that illegals get the benefits of our hard earned tax dollars when it should go to Americans. I am sickened that Judeo-Christian values are being usurped by Islam in America. The very politicians we vote into office to fight for us, end up voting against our wishes. When Mr. Trump says our politicians are all talk and no action, I believe him. He is right.

“I am sickened that Judeo-Christian values are being usurped by Islam in America.�

I am an Evangelical Christian since 1979. My husband is an ordained minister. We've lived long enough to experience time and again that God looks on the heart and not the exterior of a person. Some people are taken aback by Mr. Trump's tone and his occasional expletives. These don't bother me at all. Is he a "perfect" man? No, that title is reserved for Jesus alone. Does he speak "Christianese"? Thank God, no. God has used many different types of people through the ages. I don’t require a fire and brimstone, Bible quoting President. In fact, I believe someone like that would never win in a General Election. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed. I don't need to dig deep to find that Mr. Trump loves his family and loves America. He has generously given high millions to countless worthy causes and oftentimes unreported. I can't imagine why he would give up his great life to take on these vipers. Fame? No, already has it. Money? No, already has it. I truly believe Mr. Trump is called to serve in such a time as this. God knows Mr. Trump's mega ego will be necessary to tear down the strongholds choking us all to death! Mr. Trump is used to winning. Mr. Trump is Self-Funding his campaign. This is crucial to understand. When donors give millions to a candidate, that candidate has to pay the money back by doing the bidding of these donors once the candidate is President. Take a look at the billionaire donors: Koch, Club For Growth to name a few. Dig a bit and you will find they donate to all the candidates, except Mr. Trump. Why do they do this? It's called STRATEGY. These donors are for open borders and a cheap labor force. They don't care who becomes President. They know they own that candidate and open borders will continue. The RNC & GOP are dastardly. They have devised schemes to ensure their candidate wins. They first wanted Jeb Bush but We The People said, "NO!" Now they are pushing Marco Rubio. Ask yourselves how Mr. Rubio ended up with 11% more votes in the last 15 minutes of the Iowa caucus when he never polled above 12% to begin with. Think Microsoft Cloud voting software & GOP IA Headquarters. I smell a rat. A big, fat, voter fraud rat. Speaking of rats, Sen. Cruz and his team proved themselves to be dirty rats with no integrity as well. What they did to Dr. Ben Carson was disgraceful and fraudulent. As a people we should never allow it. The onslaught by these dastardly lifetime politicians and donors hasn't yet begun against Mr. Trump. I implore all Americans to watch entire Trump Rallies on YouTube and go to to read up on all his policies. They are rock solid. We won't get the truth from the media, who are also in place for the politicians and donors. Mr. Trump has built a highly successful company - doing business worldwide. He is not a career politician dependent on keeping donors happy. I believe he will work for America's Citizens.

Isn't it time to choose a candidate who tells it like it is, no holds barred, is well connected around the world, will fight for our Constitutional freedoms and protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic, one who will make us stronger as a nation militarily and fiscally? Mr. Trump will repeal ObamaCare and Common Core. He will build a wall and insist immigrants come in LEGALLY. He will negotiate with nations to make free trade fair, as it should be. He will lower taxes for us all, allowing American companies to return to our soil and give jobs to Americans. His great big ol' EGO won't allow for less than success. All of these are only some of the reasons why Mr. Trump is the ONLY viable candidate for President in November. We are at a major crossroads as a Nation. We have the chance to finally unite and in one voice tell Washington and the world that we have had enough and We The People will take it from here. Please vote for Donald Trump in your State's Primary and in the November General Election. Do it in person to minimize voter fraud by the GOP utilizing MS Cloud voting software which has already been manipulated. Mr. Trump is a winner. I say let's help him win for us all. He most assuredly has my vote. I pray America will see the light.

By Lindsey Kathryn, Mother of Four

The reason I'm supporting Donald Trump as our next president is simple, I am a proud American and I would like to see a secure boarder, renewed economic vitality, and a restoration of our traditional American values.

What do I mean by traditional American values? I mean the very same values Mr. Trump himself instilled upon his own children. He taught them to preserve themselves from vices that would paralyze them from independent and successful lives. He taught his daughters that if they applied themselves they have an equal opportunity to be just as successful as their brothers. He also taught them to be independent and create personal wealth for themselves honestly. He taught them to be responsible and respectful, but to stand up for themselves as well as for those who are less capable.

WEstrength NEED Many view Donald Trump as a purely bombastic and arrogant man. However, as I have taken the time to read about him, I have learned that, in the background, you see the Trump that Mr. Falwell Jr recently described, a man who takes his power, money, and influence seriously. A man who is very kind, giving and guided by a strong moral compass to do the right thing. This is the kind of leadership we desperately need in our country right now. We are at a dangerous crossroad in America right now and our next president must be a person who takes the business of the American people seriously, a person who is not in the oval office for personal gain. We need a man who understands why our economy is paralyzed and what needs to be done to bring it back to life. We need a person who isn't torn between doing the right thing for the American people and appeasing the special interests and lobbyists who were responsible for getting him elected. We need leadership. We need principles. We need strength. We need Donald J Trump!

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My political journey

From Cruz to Trump

By Blair Gubernath, History Major I'm no one. I'm everyone and I support Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. A LOT of my friends KNOW how conservative I am. Which is why they are beyond perplexed even angered that I support a “non Constitutionalist� like Donald Trump. I disagree. Trump is VERY much a Constitutionalist and a patriot. Let me start at the beginning. I used to be a very passionate and emphatic Ted Cruz supporter. Until. I wasn't. I wasn't just a keyboard warrior for Ted. I actually donated to his senate campaign when he was running in Texas and his Presidential campaign. I spoke to other people about Senator Cruz or, actually, it may have bordered on evangelical testimony. A family member who has worked in the Congress for 25 years arranged for me to meet and spend some time with the Senator in his office. I was very excited especially considering how busy he was. I was proud to have met him and was planning my next meeting. So WHAT could have caused such a Cruz enthusiast to have such a drastic change of heart? Ted Cruz. Or rather it was my realization, that the Ted Cruz I wanted him to be, was not the Ted Cruz he actually was. Once the scales fell from my eyes, I saw a calculating, truth challenged, equivocating politician not ready for prime time. It was like discovering the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. But, I blame myself. Ever since I voted for Reagan I have been looking for that one person who I believed embodied, the unwavering attitude of love of country with intestinal fortitude to steer the country back in the right direction. Then Trump entered the race. My first reaction when Donald Trump announced his campaign was laughter. I was like oh yea sure...who's next Howard Stern? Yet, in his announcement he did say something that was of concern to me as a Texan. Control of the border. Still I dismissed Trump as nothing more than entertainment. Simultaneously I started to read about Cruz's attitudes toward Visas for foreigner workers.

[note of full disclosure: My husband is a German national and is here on a green card.] Cruz justified his desire to increase the amount of Visas given to foreign workers under the guise of his father was an immigrant. Well, if we are to be technically correct Cruz HIMSELF is an immigrant. But I digress. I am not anti immigrant or foreigners coming to work in our country. I'm married to one. As long as assimilation is part of the process and the numbers of such workers are kept low then by all means. Yet this is the antithesis of what Cruz was proposing. As I mentioned, he wanted to significantly increase the numbers of skilled foreign workers coming to this country. And not skilled workers coming from Western Europe or Australia. No. He was advocating for foreigners from Singapore, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Pakistan. I do not have to spell out the common denominator of what these countries have in common. Let's just say that assimilation into the American way of life is not something they do well. Just look at Dearborn Michigan. Also there was Cruz's active support for TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) with the help of Congressman Paul Ryan who at that time was the House Ways and Means Chairman. I could go on and on about the things I discovered on Senator Cruz's true record, but that's not what this opinion piece is about. It IS about how I came to completely throw off the shackles of the political establishment and LOVE the Trump. At what point did I decide to go all in for Trump? I don't know it was a gradual transition. I like to pride myself on having an open mind...though not SO open that my brains fall out. Yet the things he was saying...I nodded my head vigorously in agreement. (While still trying to maintain my loyalty to Cruz.) The borders HAVE to be secured, Trump kept reiterating. And when Trump received push back from the media, I stood up and cheered at the way he doubled down and gave the proverbial middle finger to the establishment.

He was starting to win me over. I'm a Texan and all that that entails. Which means I like a person who has the courage to speak his mind when what's coming out of his mouth is not so popular. While there is NO WAY IN HECK I support the socialist Bernie Sanders, it is what I appreciate about him as well. (Though I accept what Ayn Rand said about socialism. It is nothing more than a euphemism for Communism. Again I digress. A few more weeks passed and I really started to pay attention to what Trump was saying. His speeches were a rambling stream of political consciousness, at least, in the beginning. But it was refreshing to see someone giving a political speech and not being tied to stale old one-liners that they had memorized like lines in a movie. Then came the debate with Megyn Kelly who, out of nowhere and quite unexpected, practically accused Trump of being the sole perpetrator of The War on Women, but as Trump so deftly put it, “only with Rosie O'Donnell.” Win! Winning! Won! Loved it! With his quintessential Trump humor, The Donald took down Megyn, Rosie O'Donnell and the establishment AT THE SAME TIME!! SCORE!!! Ironically it is the essence of Trump that causes such contempt and condescension among the establishment and the saintly Cruz supporters. It was one of the many things that unified Hillary and Jeb! As if anyone needed any other examples to remind them of the one mindedness of the “Republicrats.” Tone. We must be mindful of the tone. And as “Jeb!” has been saying for months now, you can't insult and curse your way into the White House. Well, apparently, you can. [note: Any Trump supporter who has had any engagement with the establishment and certain Godly Cruz supporters know of what I speak. They are virulent, strident, Puritans. There are times when I want to put the words Sarah Good in front of their names and hand them a copy of The Crucible. I have been unfriended by scores of them who have come on MY facebook page and read me the riot act for supporting Trump to the point where they explain in very unambiguous terms I am NOT a conservative, I am NOT a Christian, and I will burn in hell. Once more...I digress] As the months have passed and I gave my full support to Donald Trump, which at certain times even now still sounds so odd when I say it out loud, I know WHY I'm supporting him. I am supporting Donald Trump because he wants to seal the border and protect and DEFINE the integrity our nation. I am supporting him because he wants to remove the internal threats up to and including some politicians who coddle menacing dangers.

I am supporting him because he wants to balance trade with nations that have taken advantage of our weak leadership and therefore have taken away jobs from this country by the millions. I am supporting him because he wants to strengthen the military that has become decimated by the current administration not JUST because of attrition but because of social experimentation. I am supporting him because he wants to give back to the courageous young men and women who confidently went into harms way FOR THEIR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN and left a piece of their bodies and spirit on the battlefield. I am supporting him because he speaks about the calamity that would prevail if the government removes guns from the hands of private citizens. It is as he's chipping away at the freedoms of Americans. I am supporting him because he wants to END Obamacare and create a more viable and sustainable health care that works WITH the private sector as well as the government programs ALREADY in place. I am supporting him because he wants to lower the debt and deficit that we have saddled with IRON RIVETS on to our children and their children and their children. I support Donald J. Trump because he LOVES this country is not taking a damn dime from ANY special interest group and is owned by NO ONE except the American people. If this is not constitutional and is not American then I think there is a problem with the understanding of what IS Constitutional and what IS American!! My name is Blair Gubernath and I approve this message.

By Brittany Trosclair, Teacher

TRUMP politicalgame changer

Have you ever had "that friend" in your life, perhaps in elemen-

tary school, maybe later along in your career as a colleague, who would whisper helpful information into your ear? It could have been about a secret house party, a pop-quiz, an unexpected job performance know, the person that saves your ass from missing out or being unprepared? Well, Donald Trump has become "that friend" to the American people. Donald - "The Donald" - Trump has slowly but surely opened the curtains to reveal the true wizard of wonder behind "the establishment." He has revealed the roles that major money corporations play in our politics. He has shown the American people the true agenda of politicians when they pass -or do not pass- laws. Currently, the deals that are made now do personally benefit these politicians (who vote as they are told by their money masters) and their money-backers (superPACS who hold the strings to their actions as they remind the politician who put up the money for him/her to run), not only hurt America as a whole, but also trickle-down to hurt the individual American citizen reflected in the cost of many things today. Trump has a very simplified way of explaining this, especially as our deals pertain to pharmaceuticals -- during his speech at a New Hampshire presidential rally, Trump states that "...we (USA) are the largest purchaser of prescription drugs in the world...and, can you believe it? We are not allowed to negotiate these prices?...that's $300 million in waste right there..." He later relates the cost of over-the-counter medications in relation to what we are spending on prescription drugs even with insurance. Further, he ties these non-negotiable arrangements to the major pharmaceutical companies who back some of the candidates who are considered tied in with the establishment. I understood Mr. Trump's reiterated point perfectly well -- we have to negotiate better deals for our country and we need a candidate who is both experienced in negotiating and not connected to the favor strings of someone who has paid into him. Donald Trump cannot be bought. He will not answer to any person or entity that is not the American people.

Donald Trump is unapologetically and brutally honest. He is a man who is unscripted and speaks from his soul - he says exactly what he feels. His delivery is authentic, often unfiltered, and this resonates with people making him relatable. His candid demeanor allows him to seen as more trustworthy than the choreographed words and actions of other candidates. People support Trump because he has given them a renewed faith and hope in electing a President of the United States of America who is for them and has the least to gain personally. He has already built his empire and legacy and he only hopes to gain the satisfaction of knowing that he left the future generations of the United States a better and more secure country.

The honesty Trump demonstrates goes further than unmasking politics, he is honest about his personal life and dealings. Mr. Trump has admitted his part in being on the "other side of the establishment" earlier in his career. He acknowledges his donations and further explains why he made them and how they were used. He explains why they were necessary and intends to use his personal knowledge to help prevent future corrupt dealings within the USA and foreign policy and trade. Acknowledgment and admission go a long way in my book of character. Mr. Trump has not attempted to present himself as clean-cut and perfectly polished - he has admitted his "failures," such as his professional bankruptcies (Chapter 11 for protection and re-organization) and his hard times during the 1990's when he explains how he had to have the strong mind-frame to "make it through 1995." This is another point demonstrating how he is relatable to the American citizen. Who hasn't ever felt the pressure of possibility and experienced self doubt? He has. He has failed. He has built. He has succeeded. He has created an empire and legacy for himself and his family and hopes to use those same talents and resources to do the same for our country, The United States of America. What I find so very interesting about people who do not take Donald Trump's candidacy seriously, or those who bash him and his supporters by calling him a "showman" and "democrat in disguise," is that, upon further detailed discussion with them, they don't seem to have much of a case for rebuttal. I have heard "well...he went bankrupt several times! He's so VULGAR! He's racist! He HATES women!" Simple research into bankruptcy laws will show that filing bankruptcy can sometimes be a very beneficial and necessary business move. And while he may come off as vulgar to some, this can be considered part of the candid, unfiltered speech that makes Trump so relatable to the unspoken thoughts of the common American. His "racist comments" are often taken out of context and misconstrued when the reality is that he is oftentimes referencing illegal activities as a result of the illegal immigration problem at hand as well as the serious problems influenced by certain radical groups of the Middle East who clearly state their objectives are to destroy the USA with motives related to extremist religious beliefs commanding them to do so.

Trump does not "hate women" - How can a man who has empowered his own daughter to build and expand her personal career, of which he often expresses his pride and acknowledgment to her accomplishments, hate women? This respect and pride is reciprocated by all of his children. Another issue that is repeatedly used as an attack point is the comment that Donald Trump made regarding his daughter, Ivanka, on a talk show -- which, of course, was taken out of context. Yes, we have all seen and heard that quote over and over -- "...she has a nice figure...if she weren't my daughter, perhaps I would have dated her..." So, let's preface this: Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump are sitting aside one another as a talk show host asks what would his feelings be if Ivanka chose to pose in Playboy magazine. What you don't hear is that Mr. Trump says "I would be disappointed, I mean I don't think that she would do that...although she does have a nice figure...(as he attempts to compliment her as objectively as possible) and, perhaps, if she weren't my daughter, I would have dated her...(as he laughs and pokes fun at himself for his reputation of having dated many young, beautiful, and successful women throughout his life)." Despite the full context and tone of the conversation, most of the media did not hesitate to jump on his words and continue to spread them along like a bad game of "Pass the Secret," insinuating his comments to be incestuous. This type of hype around the misconstrued words of Mr. Trump always seems to be a hot topic of discussion.

He is the underdog in this race with himself and his supporters constantly being subjected to attacks and exclusion (such as attempts by Facebook and other media sources to not mention his name in an effort to keep him from "trending"). The irony of this all is that attacks on Trump seem to lead to the advancement of Trump -America LOVES an underdog! I can relate to cheering for the underdog on a personal level as I am a New Orleans Saints football fan. The world witnessed our beloved city of New Orleans suffer during Katrina; they later experienced SuperBowl XLIV's MVP, Drew Brees and Coach Sean Payton's efforts with the team when our Saints beat the odds of the NFL team's long-established negative reputation by scoring an unforgettable win in 2009 - defying the doubters. Americans love to hear stories of "beating the odds." If someone says you cannot do something, let that be your motivation to succeed and prove them wrong. I see Trump doing this artfully. I also see people relating to him because of this. Another thing Mr Trump has also done artfully is demonstrated his nature as a true gentleman. This was most recently witnessed on the ABC GOP debate as Trump politely waited behind the scenes with Dr. Ben Carson until his name was audibly called again and until Dr. Carson took the stage. Trump was subtly hinting for other candidates to do the same (however, those candidates walked right past them both and into their own shining moment). With this innocuous gesture, Trump has shown the world that he is a man of class and integrity who does not like injustice, bullying, nor the under-handed slick tactics that our polished career politicians have perfected. I am a single mother, of Puerto-Rican descent, to a half-Lebanese son and because of this I often hear criticism for my support of Mr Trump. However, I support Mr Trump in part because I am a mother, because I feel that Trump's stances and leadership will create the kind of future that I want for my son. As a highly-qualified public school teacher who has witnessed discouraged children and parents the past few years during implementation of Common-Core, Donald Trump's stances on Common-Core and education beginning at the local level SPEAKS to me. This opinion might gain me adverse reviews from some of my colleagues, but, just like Trump, I don't feel that keeping quiet about my discontent will help bring change. Trump is attempting to reinstate the values, principles, and ideals that our forefathers shed blood, tears, and their lives to protect. The very land that represents these efforts is land on which we are now being attacked and intimidated. This behavior towards our country and our tolerance of it is simply unacceptable. We need a STRONG leader who can be understanding but knows how to NEGOTIATE every detail of every deal so that we, as a united nation, may once again prosper and remain protected.

When I see all of the American Flags surrounding the stage of a Trump rally, when I hear "US FIRST" spoken at his rallies, when Donald Trump closes with "I love you, and thank you all," I simply cannot describe the sense of pride that I have in our future president and the future of our country where we may, once again, FEEL FREE and BRAVE! In closing, long before Donald J. Trump ever announced his bid for President I often thought "why isn't an economist running this country? Why can't a person's own life and business ventures be his required resumĂŠ to run the MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS that any American should be concerned with?" Then came Donald J. Trump, a builder of an empire, an Ivy League school graduate, New York City tough-talking businessman who has failed, in some aspects, LEARNED, rebuilt, and succeeded stronger than before. A man who has an understanding of the people of other countries and the relationships that the USA has with them in regard to trade and protection. He clearly sees where the "bad deals" are. Truthfully, he understands the complexity of it all and is able to translate this into simplified terms that Americans can navigate and understand. There's no denying that Donald Trump has created a movement largely due to his authenticity and relatability with the American people - whom he acknowledges for his advancement thus far in the Political race. And remember, as history has shown us - adversity often leads to advancement in OUR UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

Brittany Nicole belongs to the "millennial generation". She was born in Lafayette, LA and is currently residing in New Orleans, LA. Born into a politically affiliated family, she has always had a passion for justice, integrity, teaching, writing, and advocating. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and has entertained notable opportunities to showcase her writing in everything from opinion pieces to the character analysis and synopsis writing of films.

Romney didn’t have the to win By Sherry Crawford, Entrepreneur Ronald Reagan was my idol and my first dabbling in politics; I was born in Ft Bragg NC then raised in the mid west Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas. The first time I voted for president of the United States was for Ronald Reagan, thus, launching my curious mind in politics. Since then I've been volunteering for various candidates throughout the years. The Republican Party has alienated free-thinking independent businesswomen and many others. I feel our party is now far removed from our conservative values it was founded on. I quit the party and registered as an independent in 2008 when John McCain lost to Obama. I just felt the GOP wasn’t representing my thoughts, wants, needs, and desires for our party, let alone our country. In 2012, after 4 years of Obama and watching our country’s values, economy, and worldly statue diminish - and watching the racial divide and immigration flourish along with soaring welfare and our declining military - I came back to the Republican Party and volunteered for Mitt Romney. I worked feverishly and really thought he was a good man and was up for the job. Then came the debates and he wimped out. He didn't have the spine or the heart to WIN. Now, 3 years later our country is in a crucial state of emergency. Our borders barely exist, racial divide is out of control, our economy is about to burst, and our military is barely there in comparison to the past - and sadly, we are laughed at in other parts of the world We need a strong President to bring our country back so we can live safely again. .

I have been following Donald Trump since 1982. When I read The Art of the Deal in ‘84, I thought he was the most brilliant businessman ever. I've followed him for the past 30 years. When Donald Trump announced his presidency, I heard a new “Ronald Reagan” speak. I've been working feverishly to get the word out to everyone, primarily to women - women who care about our country, care about our children, care about our grandchildren, and what it will be like for them. It's not a pretty picture. America is going to hell in a hand basket. Donald Trump is a little brusque and impatient - but he's a New Yorker. He's a little unpolished in his speeches & a little gruff in his language, but that’s ok.

“When Donald Trump announced his presidency, I heard a new “Ronald Reagan” speak.” Because he's a man that loves our country and he is sincere in offering to help fix what ails it. He feels, as I do, that we are losing our country and our values. He's a tough man and a fighter and he's willing to fight for us. He is the only candidate that is not in it for the money. He's not in it to be famous. He's not in it to make the government bigger. He's in it to WIN IT and to make our country great again for his children and grandchildren. I haven't been this excited since I voted for Ronald Reagan! Please, join our fight to restore America!

By Julia Woods, Dental Hygienist

I have two daughters. My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years. One daughter has chosen to live a life that is exemplary, healthy, and wholesome. She’s’ married, has a career, and is everyone’s best friend. The other daughter is a heroin addict. She’s been in rehab 5 times. She’s been in jail. She's nearly died more than once from overdosing. Including the birth of her own daughter, who I am raising, because she was born addicted. This isn't the life that my daughter wanted and we certainly didn't raise her in that environment.


Open borders have simply made it easier for drugs and criminals to enter our country. Obamacare hasn't helped. We've had to pay out of pocket for her treatment, which has cost a tremendous amount. I remember when Trump gave Miss USA a second chance. He sent her to rehab instead of divesting her of the crown. For a man who has outstanding children to be able to have the understanding to give a young girl another chance -- well, it speaks to me. Trump has vision. He didn’t just dismiss the problem. He took it head on and he did it with compassion. That’s the way he’s run his campaign. He confronts every issue. He doesn’t dance around it. He uses humor and he uses compassion. Although the press doesn’t show you that side, it’s still there. It seems to me that people have erected walls in their minds. They keep out anything they don’t understand or that they don’t agree with. They label things that are a normal part of being a human as being an aggression, an offense, or a “new and improved” victimization. Trump is striding into those minds and kicking down the walls. It’s causing a lot of screaming and hysteria but it’s just a bunch of noise.


I’ve gotten pretty good, over the years, about making judgment calls. Addicts are some of the best con artists on the planet. By now, I can generally tell when people are being dishonest. In fact, I’m a fighter on the front lines of reality. I don’t believe Donald Trump is a misogynist. If he appears to be rude to the women running for president, it's because they are in a race to win the white house. He's exactly the same to the men in the race - blunt and to the point. From where I stand, it’s time to toughen up, Ladies, and stop grabbing for the smelling salts. The president has to be tough, driven, focused. The last one hasn’t been, so the next one needs to be. So do the people. American needs her backbone reinstalled and Trump knows where it’s been hidden. That’s good because the people have become so dumbed down they’re blind to anything but blaming one another. How on earth can Hillary Clinton, who is so obviously a fraud, be anyone’s choice for president? She, not Trump, is the walking sandwich board advertising our most vivid national embarrassment. I'm voting for Trump because of something he promised me and my family. He promised us that he will make America great again and I believe him. I believe he's a man of his word. If you can’t trust him just yet, I promise, you can trust me.

“He promised us that he will


By Lauren Martel, Attorney

trump v. washington

I am a conservative Attorney and I support Donald Trump. The Executive Branch of the American Representative Republic has been dysfunctional for over 100 years. There is much damage to undo. This damage has resulted from executive over-reach, abuse, and the failure to actually do the main duty of the office of President, which is to be a Commander and Chief. Our military needs an American President that will build a strong military to stand at the ready but also one who is just as strong against deploying it. With 22 military suicides a day-- it is refreshing to see a strong leader step out of the way and give exposure to the underbelly of what is happening in these prolonged, unconstitutional wars. Donald Trump will secure the nation’s borders and he is aware of how abused our immigration system is. It fails in any integrity and it has been a main source of waste and fraud while it incentives individual criminal behavior. It’s doubtful Donald Trump will allow such chaos in his Presidency. Historically, America has been a beacon of exceptionalism because, in the past, we did not allow corruption and criminal behavior to rule the day. Mr. Trump has been very successful in many areas of his life and has shown himself able to overcome negative events and he has learned from his difficult experiences. Donald Trump knows the real issues and is willing to confront these issues with common sense solutions based logic that is lacking in all the other candidates. Immigration is the main issue for me and it is the umbrella under which reside National Security, the economy, our resources and Public Safety. Trump gets all these problems in real time, not DC time. Rubio was for Amnesty in the Gang of 8 right next to Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

I can’t imagine a worse candidate for our next President.

He may arguably be better looking than Lindsey Graham but, inside, they are a perfect match. Rubio missed important votes and despite his great viral video stating America is a Judeo-Christian nation, he didn’t win my trust. It’s just “more Talk and less walk.” His timing is too orchestrated and his record is less than conservative for traditional American values. Obviously Rubio also has a vested interested in revisionist law to justify his own family history. Since he has been in office, he has lobbied side by side with Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham to help fundamentally change America-- while giving lip service to blaming Obama. The GOP Establishment has sold America out more insidiously than the Democrats and the time to say no to this vile behavior of “go along to get along” is over. America is awake and is no longer silent.


Donald Trump sees through all of the smoke, mirrors, and deception and he is ready to stand up for American greatness.



I wil vote for Donald J. Trump on Feb 20, 2016 in South Carolina.


Donald Trump sees through all of the smoke, mirrors, and deception and he is ready to stand up for American greatness and power grounded even still in Divine Providence. He will take the requisite “Authority of Message” back from the media and those who have wrongfully taken our Country into lawless chaos. Donald will let the Free Markets work, which is the best way to a healthy, productive, and just society. The President needs to do a specific and limited job and do it well. There is no other candidate that has the ability to MAKE AMERICA GREAT again than Trump. He is not a puppet to the establishment or status quo. The status quo is simply unacceptable and it is a devastating track for American Liberty. For the above reasons and many more logical, researched, and clear reasons I will vote for Donald J. Trump on Feb 20, 2016 in South Carolina

Lauren Martel The granddaughter of Dr. Norman B. Gibbs, a WW II Chaplain and veteran, Lauren’s family links to the US Military and goes back to the Revolutionary War. She has a lineage of warriors who fought for liberty and freedom and enlightened society. Her passion for our veterans and their families is ingrained in her from her Grandfather’s service, her family history and as an attorney practicing Law. In the family court she has seen the destruction of military families and families in general as a consequence of the effects on our soldiers serving in the Global War on Terror. As an attorney of over 20 years, Lauren has lent her legal expertise to countless successful businesses and leaders across the country and has spearheaded several initiatives on the restoration of our families and our communities and is a sought after guest speaker on several radio and television shows such as Michael Cutler on USA Talk Radio Network. She has contributed to many conservative, limited government, Fiscal Conservative Constitutional community organizing events and participated in the political process throughout her career, most recently being actively involved in exposing the refugee resettlement program in South Carolina. She is the chief Legal Correspondent for America Informed. Attorney Martel has argued in the Supreme Court of South Carolina in April of 2014 Undergraduate Degree BA – Syracuse University 1987 Juris Doctorate – Syracuse University 1990

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of the


By Lynda Korfist, Retired Paralegal

First of all, I must attribute my husband for turning me into a “political junkie.” He is an extremely well read history buff and has been educating me for years on the correlation between history and politics. He also has a very impressive vocabulary. The reason I bring up that point is that shortly after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President I heard a pundit on TV say that Trump was “neither a conservative nor a liberal, but indeed was a ‘pragmatist’.” I was pretty sure I knew the meaning of the word “pragmatist” having lived so many years with the master of vocabulary! Yet, just to be sure I looked the word up in our online dictionary and found this definition: “A pragmatist is someone who is pragmatic, that is to say, someone who is practical and focused on reaching a goal. A pragmatist usually has a staightforward, matter-of-fact approach and doesn’t let emotion distract him/her.” I personally found that description to fit Donald Trump and his vision for our country. Like many other citizens/voters I have become totally disgruntled with the current ruling class making all the decisions for our country. There has never been so much unrest and the worst part is there is that NO ONE trying to stop the fall. We, the voters, have been told by the so-called Tea Party and GOP candidates on one side and the Hope and Change on the other, that if we elect them things will change in Washington. We sent them all to DC and nothing has changed and no one has tried to stop this downward spiral of a once great country. Along comes Donald Trump, who speaks his mind and who does not care about being politically correct which, in my opinion, in one of the biggest problems in this county. Everyone is emotional and few are pragmatic. Finally, however, we have someone willing to oppose illegal immigration, close our borders, and someone who is very strong on national defense and fighting terrorism. Trump is not afraid to use the phrase “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, something Obama has never been able to say even when faced with overwhelming evidence of such terrorism. I also want someone in our corner to restore the once thriving American economy. The DC establishment is out of touch with the people and they cannot for the life of them figure out what the big draw is to Donald Trump. We the people have lost faith in the purpose of the Political parties and are looking to someone who can get this country working again and give us some hope for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Listening to Fox News the other morning they were interviewing Brit Hume right after the New Hampshire primary. When asked why he thinks Trump won by such an overwhelming margin he made the comment that the voters make up “a federation of the fed-up” and that those voters “may still come to their senses”. Well, well, sign me up as a member of the “federation of the fed-up”!! The press would love to pick another McCain or Romney for us – another sure loser like Jeb Bush. Make no mistake, the press and mainstream media benefit by continuing the status quo in Washington and do not want to shake things up by getting an unconventional candidate like Trump in the oval office -one who has not been bought and paid for by the special interests.

I truly believe Donald Trump would enlist the best people in his administration. He has been very successful as an administrator in the real world and has a good reputation of being a good negotiator. I have also seen various interviews with Donald Trump’s children and they love and admire him. I heard his son, Eric, say that when growing up nothing was ever just handed to them on a silver platter, they had jobs and had to earn their own way. I greatly admire anyone who instills such values in their children. It seems values and decency are a thing of the past.

In closing, this may not seem like a big thing, but at the debate the other night before the New Hampshire primary the candidates were being introduced to come on stage for the debate. Ben Carson did not hear his name and was confused and waited in the walkway to the stage to hear his name. Donald stood there with him as the other candidates merely passed him by to get to their podiums. For all his bombastic showmanship and image problems, I truly think Trump shows compassion and a love for his fellow men and women.

Proud Member of Federation Fed-Up

FOR TRUMP By Nicole O. Coulter, Writer


didn’t start out supporting Donald Trump.

At first glance, he seemed loud, brusque – and not a serious contender in the presidential race. In fact, when he visited Phoenix, last summer and attracted 15,000 people to a mega-rally, I remember thinking … “Why are all these people so CRAZY about Donald Trump?” I mean, yeah, Trump Tower is impressive (I wandered into it during a recent visit to Central Park) and his kids are truly commendable (Ivanka is a savvy, poised businesswoman without a shred of entitlement) … but Trump for President? Before the first debate, I had loosely decided to support Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker – based on his Tea Party track record and victories over public sector unions. But shortly after the first debate – and Trump’s infamous exchange with Megyn Kelly, something changed. I started listening to Trump. I listened to his interviews, his rally speeches … and read his position papers. (There are five of them) And the more I learned about Trump, the more I liked him. He may have been a former Democrat (like myself) but there is no question that he is a diehard conservative on key issues and brings a wealth of private sector experience into a role that requires strong leadership. The distractions (and distortions) Megyn Kelly raised were entertaining, but not really issues at all. In the fight to restore our nation’s greatness, what Trump said about Rosie O’Donnell after she insulted him first is completely irrelevant. Trump, a wealthy businessman, has exposed the central problem of our time: Big money donors control our candidates – and it’s destroying our country. By self-funding, Trump can afford to be (and truly is) different. He can do the highly popular things that our leaders never seem to get around to doing (like closing the border and deporting illegal aliens). Like repealing Obamacare and opening up health insurance to nationwide markets.


y self-funding, he can freely pursue what is best for the American people – including a temporary halt on Muslim immigration – without worrying about the pearl-clutching donor class taking offense. That’s what the Tea Party was all about, in my opinion – fighting for the little guy, fighting for American values and rooting out political correctness as well as crony capitalism. Our elected leaders – especially in the Republican party – have failed us. They’ve sold us out for the interests of big donors. And that has enabled open borders and unchecked trade and budget deficits. Once you realize that nearly every single politician has a price – their words become hollow. No matter how much they proclaim to be “conservative” no one in the GOP field is going to be as tough or bold as Trump in stopping illegal immigration. Why? Because their big money donors depend on cheap labor – not just cheap labor that we always imagine – i.e. the Mexican immigrants laboring in fields doing jobs that Americans supposedly “won’t do.” But higher-paying jobs in manufacturing, construction, services and technology. Because Donald Trump raised the issue in his immigration position paper, I started paying attention to news articles about Americans losing their jobs to foreigners in the country on H1-B Visas. And I noticed that many of the candidates – including Sen. Cruz and Sen. Rubio – support increases in H1-B Visas, as well as significant increases in legal immigration. I’m not ok with that! In many cases, tax-paying, law-abiding patriotic Americans are being forced to train their “cheaper” foreign replacements. That’s not right!

Before moving to Phoenix, we lived in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and I recall reading in the newspaper about how the Hershey Company was shipping most of its chocolate manufacturing to Mexico – and many of the remaining jobs in Pennsylvania were being done by Eastern Europeans – who, ironically, had decided to go on strike for better wages and benefits! Companies know they can pay foreigners much less than their American counterparts – all while taking advantage of our schizophrenic “system” that punishes them for hiring American – and incentivizes corporations to park their earnings overseas! Companies shouldn’t be able to dump American workers and import foreigners when there are 90 million Americans out of the labor force!

The more I learned about Trump, the more I liked him.

Donald Trump wants to make America Great Again. And there’s no way we’re going to be great again if the middle class keeps getting the rug pulled out from them. Most of the 13 million job gains since Obama took office have gone to foreigners, while the number of Americans on food stamps has doubled, and the labor participation rate is at 40-year-lows. Trump wants to lower our corporate tax rate to be more competitive. This will allow American companies to hire American workers. He wants to reduce the number of H1-B Visas and build a border wall. He wants to encourage health insurance competition – to make coverage more affordable for individuals and companies. I believe that once more people start listening to Trump, he will win them over, too. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm like the energy I felt at a recent Trump rally in Mesa, Arizona, in December. What had once seemed unfathomable to me – Trump for President – has now become a very real and hopeful possibility.

Trump Means


Having children, raising a family makes a woman look beyond concerns about her own lifetime, and be concerned for the future of her children. I am unwaveringly supporting Donald Trump because he is the candidate most consistently opposed to illegal immigration. Porous borders are a gateway for terrorists to enter our country, putting us in peril and destroying the economy. All other candidates have ambiguous records on immigration & the wall.

A woman's earning power

is undeniably one if the most crucial things to allow her autonomy and self respect. As a head of a single parent household, I work hard to provide for my children. I trust Donald Trump to make fiscal decisions that will benefit the American economy, not the whims of Big Globalist Donors. Cruz and Rubio have supported TPP, which will cede our power of congress, our laws and constitution and gives power to a huge socialist governing body w/ control over our lives without any voting power. "

As a business woman, I am appalled at the haphazard frivolous disregard our leaders have shown to our 20T debt. If I tried to run a business with such a debt and laxity I would be shut down very quickly. Trump will run our fiscal affairs as a successful business.

By Rebecca M., Business Owner

Authenticity is a driving force in an intuitive woman's motivation to vote. Some disapprove of Trump's occasional lapse in formality, or are taken aback at an eyebrow-raising curse but he IS authentic. It matters in the world of our Washington GOP who betrayed us last November & capitulated to Obama.

As a self employed real estate broker I have to pay out of pocket costs for 100% of health insurance for my family. Obama care costs are crippling. Despite that, I have made the choice to pay $30K a year to send my children to private high schools in an environment that reflects traditional values, and to avoid Common Core. I am horrified at what has happened to our public schools, the downgraded quality of education and the anti-Christian anti-patriot sentiment pervading our curriculum. At great sacrifice I drive 4 hours a day, taking them to two different schools every day, 30 miles apart and then go to work. I see Mr. Trump's presidency as my only hope for economic relief from the backbreaking burden of ACA. I trust that Mr. Trump will improve the economy and lift some of the confiscatory business taxes that are preventing me from saving for the future, providing for my children and living my life to the fullest. We are not bigots. We are not without compassion. We also do not want our neighborhoods to be infiltrated with undocumented refugees, illegals, ISIS imposters, and illegal drugs. I trust that Mr. Trump will be our best chance to protect our borders, culture, and economic integrity.

I will vote for Trump because I have a teenaged daughter to protect. Watching the horrors committed against young girls of Germany and Sweden is sobering. As a mother of an 18-year-old girl, I am heartbroken seeing what out of control refugees have done. I support Donald Trump as the candidate most trusted to prevent this atrocity from seeping into our country. Trump had the courage to confront this issue; others have been ambiguous about immigration

Donald TRUMP changed my life By Sabine Durden, Activist

My only child, my son Dominic was killed July 12, 2012. Since his murder I have been trying to share his story and bring awareness to the problem of illegal immigration. Most mainstream media outlets wouldn't talk to me, and the few that did tried to downplay the issue. I wanted my late son to have a voice but I wasn't being heard. I was so distraught and I lost all hope in ever being able to continue my sons legacy and prevent others from feeling this kind of grief and pain. I became more depressed and hopeless.

“Mr. Trump became my hero that day

he still is.”

On July 10, 2015 I received a call and was asked if I would like to meet Mr. Trump in Beverly Hills. He met a few of us parents who lost their kids because of an illegal alien, without media present or his bodyguards - Just him and us – the grieving families. We got to share our kids’ lives and stories. He gave us all the time we needed. We cried and laughed together and I knew my life had forever changed at that moment. After 1.5 hours of sharing he asked if we wanted to share our stories with the world. Another room was set up for the media and we finally got to share what we all have been going through. After that day, I received many calls from different large media outlets like CNN, Fox, MSNBC and many others and went on to continue telling about my amazing son and the sad fact how our Government doesn't enforce our current Immigration laws and continues to put all US citizens at risk. Mr. Trump became my hero that day and he still is. He is not politically correct and he speaks his mind. He says it how it is and doesn't sugar coat it. He is a fresh breath of air in an all too stiff and rigid political arena, and most of all, he can't be bought. He speaks up for us - the people - and you can trust me on this - he cares deeply.

Sabine Durden Her only child was killed by an illegal immigrant from Guatemala.

Never Forgotten

He had a Felony Armed RobbNery conviction and 2 previous DUIs. No driver’s license. No Insurance. Sabine is a Legal Immigrant from Germany. Dominic was a 9-1-1 Dispatcher. He was riding his motorcycle to work when he was killed. Dominic was a volunteer 1st responder with over 10,000 hours of volunteer time.



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By Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass, Author of the explosive true story: Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker When I was a girl, my mother repeatedly said “SPS” – self praise stinks. Not sure where she got it, but I’m guessing it was a sentiment passed down from her parents, old school folks who, no doubt, viewed bragging as brash and inappropriate. Looking back, I’d say they were half right. Self praise has its place, especially where it is directly tied to self confidence. Enter Donald J. Trump, a man with an endless supply of self praise. Heck, had I been like him, I might well have spared myself a 2-decade long harrowing legal battle with my former government employer that nearly sent me off the deep end. Albeit an exemplary employee, I lacked the confidence – and, at that age, the savvy – to navigate the sea of chauvinist pigs who set out on a path of vengeance that altered the course of my life forever. Had I been of Trump’s ilk, and had they been of his, I’d likely have avoided a nightmare that raped me of the American Dream. Donald J Trump needs no help promoting himself, after all, he’s usually the first to rattle off his long list of accomplishments. But why not? He’s worked his tail off his entire life, gainfully employing countless people, and entertaining the masses to boot. But there are the detractors, the jealous and/or uppity folks who see Trump as nothing more than a side show of sorts, an obnoxious, audacious, sexist, and, as of late, man of ‘New York Values’, rather than a serious presidential candidate. How foolish. What his detractors fail to realize is that not only is Trump one of the most accomplished men on the planet, but that there is another side to this bombastic billionaire, a more humanistic side he chooses to keep safely under wraps perhaps, as though, to maintain his New York tough guy persona. As a pragmatist, Donald J Trump employs those who help achieve and maintain the ‘yuge’ success of his business empire. This includes countess women. Trump adores women! Not only has he married three (admitting to this being his Achille’s heel) but he also employs them. Lots of them. And unlike Hillary (or Obama), he treats them as they deserve to be treated: according to merit, not gender. As if this needs to be said, Donald J Trump is a business mogul. He didn’t become one by discriminating against or demeaning women. Any successful businessperson will tell you that it is pragmatism, not sexism, that turns a profit.

The truth about Trump ....he is a man of

admirable character." I wholeheartedly support Donald J Trump. The truth about Trump is that when it comes right down to it, he is a man of amirable character, a man whose humility shows through his innumerable good deeds, the stuff about which he does not boast. Case in point: when Jerry Falwell Jr endorsed Trump, he told of how Trump’s limo broke down on the side of the road and how a family stopped to help. How did he thank them? He paid off their mortgage the following day. Most recently, at the New Hampshire debate when ABC completely flubbed the intros, leaving Dr Ben Carson uncomfortably floundering side stage, Trump, whose name was called to the podium, stayed behind with the doc while the other candidates – some snickering and making quizzical facial gestures – brushed by him in a rush to take their spots. These are not the traits of a narcissist, of a man too self-absorbed to occupy The Whitehouse but rather a man who, when it all comes down to it, possesses not only strong, instinctive leadership skills, but the loyalty to, well, yes, Make American Great Again. I want to close by saying that as a woman with great self respect, a woman who has been through hell and back suing her former employer for sex discrimination, a story so harrowing and so unbelievable it will make blood shoot out of your eyes, I wholeheartedly support Donald J Trump. Yes, Donald J Trump, the man without a filter who, albeit a bit over the top, has every right to boast whilst interviewing for the most important job of one’s lifetime. Donald J Trump, a man with impeccable skills and the humility to match, not only deserves to toot his own horn, but to be the 45th president of these amazing United States of America, the country that I love.

All In For By Amy Moreno, Graphic Designer & Marketing Pro

I’m a “go big or go home” type of person. Once I make up my mind to support someone or something, I’m all in. I did my homework and researched the candidates and, as a result, of that intense and thorough research, I realized that my brief political flirtation with Ted Cruz was over. He is not the type of candidate that I can get behind. He’s far too dependent on corporate donors. I feel his involvement with H1B’s is very troublesome – and to make matters worse, I thought his “poison pill” excuse was silly. I’m also concerned about his legal status to run for office – and the ONLY way we’d get to the bottom of that particular matter is after the Democrats dragged it through a prolonged court fiasco. No thanks. I connected with Trump on many key issues such as immigration, trade, jobs, and “refugees.” But one issue in particular really caught my attention. Political correctness. I truly believe that this country is being choked to death by political correctness, or as I like to call it, “Social Marxism.” It has infiltrated every aspect of our lives from work, school, entertainment politics, you name it - political correctness has permeated the very fiber of our being. It’s eating away at the heart of who we are as a country. People are afraid to express themselves for fear of being labeled racist, sexist, and cruel or whatever the “offense du jour” happens to be. When Trump came along and began speaking candidly on so-called taboo subjects like illegals, trade, and radical Islam, which have been quietly swept under the rug by both parties, I instantly took notice.

Many people claim to be offended by Trump’s “bombastic approach.” I’m not – because I realize that when you have ventured so far off course like we have, you occasionally need to make a very sharp turn in order to get back on track. In other words, Trump isn’t some unhinged madman spewing hate and vitriol. He’s actually quite normal. The people who are offended by Trump’s “words” or “phrases” have been knowingly or unknowingly indoctrinated into the PC way of life over the past eight or so years and are reacting according to that warped doctrine. The political establishment on both sides of the aisle continues to propagate the PC movement. It’s about ultimate control and driving a particular agenda. That’s why establishment stiffs like Brit Hume are “appalled” by Trump -- because Trump isn’t following their politically correct rules -- he can’t be controlled or spoon-fed their open-border/globalist agenda so he is branded an enemy. Trump is shaking up the status quo and the establishment is being brought to their knees. I relish watching them squirm, especially after eight years of broken promises, lies, and manipulation by the Republican Party. It’s high time they reap what they have sown.


I support Trump because he’s the lone voice of common sense in a world full of agenda-driven shills. I don’t care that he’s been married three times or that he invited the Clintons to his wedding. I care about today and I believe he is the right man for right now. His business savvy and commanding leadership skills are exactly what this country needs in order to get back on track.

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