22 West Magazine - 2021 June Graduation Issue

Page 26

Kelly Marie Tran: An Inclusive Hollywood In an evening with Long Beach State students, Kelly Marie Tran shares her journey as an Asian American woman making history in media.

by Jireh Deng


s the daughter of immigrants, Kelly Marie Tran’s parents escaped war in Vietnam to America to start a new life. She describes how lucky she feels to have been able to pursue an acting career


when her parents at her age were just trying to survive. “Where I got was only made possible because I had reached a certain level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where I got to that place where I could think about

self-fulfillment. My parents didn’t get that,” said Tran. The journey she described wasn’t easy, starting at community college and having to work as a student to pay for her own tuition and expenses. PHOTO BY KALEEN LUU