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I hope that everyone has had great Key Club week! Although it has already ended, it is never too late to show your Key Club pride. Honestly, Key Club week should be every week. We must always abide by our motto, “Caring – Our way of life” after all. Also, thank you for sending me pictures of you guys participating in Key Club week! It’s always nice to see what each club is doing. If you would like to see those pictures, check out our Instagram page @d22makai. Maybe

you can get an idea of what your club can do next year. Thank you so much for making Key Club week such a success! Till next year! Kyle Arron Morden D22M News Editor, Kauai High School



Educating young minds is not only important, but fun as well! There was lots of learning and fun at the Pukalani Elementary School Math Night. Members got to interact with children through reading books, carving pumpkins, making graphs, and other enjoyable mathrelated crafts/activities. Math is a hard and sometimes painful subject for students. Even for elementary students who are just starting to get the hang of it. It is always a rewarding opportunity to serve the youth for not only educational purposes, but joyful and fun reasons too.

Juliet Moniz King Kekaulike High School


Lieutenant Governor Day On Saturday, October 22nd, Key Club hosted an overnight activity where we got to hang out with our Makai LTG, become more familiarized with our officers, and participate in multiple workshops. In the spirit of Halloween, the officers dressed up as Disney characters and split us into groups. We started off the evening with fun icebreakers to learn new names. As the night progressed, we attended three workshops. In the first, we learned information about the start of the club, the different positions, and who currently holds the titles. We were also reminded of the motto, “Caring: our way of life,� as well as the core values: caring, inclusiveness, leadership, and character building. Next, we made little trick-or-treat bags to gift our teachers with. These goodie bags were small gestures to show appreciation for all the work they do and wish them a Happy Halloween. The last workshop helped us prosper and really challenge ourselves within the club; the officers went into detail about how to become eligible for the different recognition statuses as well as how they could aid members in achieving them. To end the night, we separated into groups and created skits to convey the Key Club values. The tricky part was including our group leader(s), who portrayed certain characters. Not only did I enjoy acting out our skit, but it was very amusing to see what everyone else came up with. Overall, LTG Day was entertaining, full of high spirits, and very helpful as a Key Clubber. On top of making new friends, I realized that Key Club was immense and meant much more than just earning service hours.

Cheyann Fujii Kauai High School


United Way Walk-a-thon

On Saturday, October 29, Kauai High Key Club participated in the Kauai United Way Walk-a-Thon. The Kauai United Way Walk-a-Thon is an annual fundraiser that raises money for local charities and assists people in our community. Key Clubbers met at 8 o’clock in the morning at Kukui Grove. At first, I thought I would be super tired since it was

early in the morning, but the Key Clubbers’ energy around me was contagious and definitely woke me up. Then, we walked around the mall with the other organizations that participated. Knowing that I was part of a group of people who were walking for a good cause was an amazing feeling. When we finished, we were able to take our club photo. My favorite part of it all was when the seniors were able to take a picture together, because it was a nice way to remember our final Walk-a-Thon as Key Club members.

Sharae Cua


Kauai High School

Tamba Run On Saturday, October 1st was the Tamba Run. The chair in charge, Mrs. Kitamura split us up into groups and told us what jobs were needed for the event. We chose to be cheerleaders, so we were given a sign that said, “You can do it!� As the runners pass by, we cheered them on and encouraged them to keep going. We also had to make sure every runner was doing okay and if anyone needed help. Encouraging the runners helped me realized that in Key Club, we are leaders who help and serve the community to become a better place. Allana Pinoliar Kapaa High School


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