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Vol.8 Issue 9 January 2020 Edition Leadership Character Building Caring Inclusiveness

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IN THIS ISSUE: COVER: Key Club Week(13) Santa’s Kiwanis Car Wash Workshop(14) Kiwanis Car Wash(15) Kauai Key Clubbers wash MyIntent Prep(16) cars with our Kiwanis Club Feed My Sheep(17) No Sew Blanket (See pg. 15) Making(18)

I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the Objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.


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What are three training conferences hosted every year?


What is one convention hosted by our region every year?

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Kapa’a Kaua’i

Division 22 Makai is made up of the outer islands of Hawaii: Big Island, Kauai, & Maui. It is comprised of clubs from Baldwin, Hilo, Kapa‘a, Kaua‘i, Kealakehe, King Kekaulike, Maui & Waiakea. The name of our division, Makai, refers to the ocean; alongside that, our mascot, the opihi, is a little sea creature otherwise known as a limpet.

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Baldwin King Kekaulike Maui

Hilo Kealakehe Waiakea

A few words from our LTG!

Division 22 Makai Lieutenant Governor

Happiest of New Years, Opihi! It’s the start of a new year and halfway through the winter break, so take the time to prepare for the second semester! With over twelve-thousand hours of service as of November, we are moving forward. Now that we’re moving into 2020, let’s make an effort to focus on another important time of year: recognition season! It is January and that means CONCLAVE! This is a time to elect your new Lieutenant Governor for the 2020-21 term. I am excited to see all of you there! We will also be judging contests so bee prepared! Please take the opportunity to participate in the contests, but don’t forget about knowing the importance of the service that comes with them. Hawaii Convention is also coming up! If you are going from your club, take the time to think about the four HCON on-site contests–oratory, essay, quiz bowl, and talent show. Devote all the time you need to HCON prep, and end the next few months of the 2019-2020 term strong! I am so proud of all of your accomplishments and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us. Thank you for all that you do Opihis!

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DLT’s Messages!

Division News Editor Hello Opihi, Are you ready for the New Year? I hope you are because I am ready for the new experiences that await me. I would like to thank all of you, for pulling through the halfway mark of the year. Time flies and it is already 2020. Conclave is this month at Baldwin High School and the fate of our division is in the election of the next Lieutenant Governor for the 2020-2021 term. I hope to see all of you there! Most of you have been consistent with your article and visual submissions. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication by submitting on time. I just want to remind all of you that your next Article and Visual Submissions due date is JANUARY 3RD. Don’t forget to submit only candid photos and captions in your submissions!

Division Assistant

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Hey Opihi! How was your holidays? I hope that all of you took the time to rest and get ready for a new year. For all you seniors, I know many of you were like me, struggling to finish your college apps by the end of the year. Speaking of finishing things last minute, make sure that you don’t leave your contest portfolios until the last minute! Those portfolios serve to showcase all of your amazing work, both as an individual and a club. Plan out days or personal deadlines for your contests and continue to work on them. Division and District judged contests have different deadlines so be aware of your contest deadline. If you have any questions, you can refer to the contest guides in the Division resource files, the CNH CyberKey, or asking someone like your presidents, advisor, or DLT members. The Spotlight On Service focus for January is Children’s Miracle Network. CMH is one of the Key Club preferred charities. To plan a project for the SOSP focus this month, consider fundraising through fun events like selling hot chocolate or hosting a movie night. After you finish your projects, don’t forget to submit it to the District via the CyberKey!

DLT’s Messages!

Division Assistant What’s up Opihi! I hope everyone had a good winter break! Whether you utilized it to catch up on work, fill out college apps (seniors), or just get some well-deserved rest, I think everyone can agree that was needed. Hopefully all of you are rested up and are ready to finish up this key club term strong! It is now January, and you know what that means? This is the last month to work on your MRP and hit the level of recognition you aimed to achieve! Whether you need hours, to attend more interclub events, or whatever it may be, I hope all of you work hard this month in completing those tasks to receive recognition for your hard work! January’s SOSP is Children’s Miracle Network. The Children’s Miracle Network is an organization that utilizes its funds for the treatment of children for families who cannot afford to pay the health care. Whether this project means holding a fundraiser or raising awareness for the CMN, please plan with your club how you plan to participate in the SOSP this month. Lastly, shoutout to the secretaries for turning in the MRFs on time, please continue the good work! Hopefully all of your clubs are on their way to becoming distinguished and meeting our division goal!

MDE Coordinator

Hey Opihi! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break. You all worked so hard in the past year, so it is well deserved. In the near future I will be sending out another MDEF email, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Regarding the last one, if you haven’t already seen or read it, it contains important content such as service hours, promoting key club, HCON, and one of our preferred charities, Children’s Miracle Network. I hope all clubs are as enthusiastic for the new year as I am!

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❏ Every club attains Distinguished or Diamond Distinguished level ❏ Increase the number of bronze applicants from each club based on individual club statistics. ❏ Be a liaison between the district and clubs while promoting each individual club’s service through different media platforms. ❏ Build stronger bonds within our K-Family while educating members about leadership opportunities through Key Club. ❏ Help clubs set individual goals for increasing funds raised for preferred charities and partners. ❏ Promote division projects, Key Club education, recognition, and club service through monthly division platforms (social media, DNEWS, and DCMs) ❏ Target the specific areas of growth for each individual club in order for our division to reach greater heights as a whole.

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January 3

Monthly Report Forms Due at 6:00 pm Articles & Visuals Due at 11:59 pm

January 11

DCMs At Conclave along with Division Judging @ Baldwin High School

January 11 ALL ISLANDS P g 1 0

Conclave and Division Judging @ Baldwin High School

March 13-15: DCON 2020

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Location: Reno Nevada Theme: Service is Out There! On time registration: Registration Fee ($190)+ Hotel room (split amongst up to 4 people) ($170 per night) + transportation cost (flying, car, train) + Friday night dinner = total cost per member Late Registration: Registration Fee ($230)+ Hotel room (split amongst up to 4 people) ($170 per night) + transportation cost (flying, car, train) + Friday night dinner = total cost per member

December 2019 Angel Sanchez (King Kekaulike) Member

Angel is a new member of King Kekaulike Key Club who has been attending almost every service project available. Angel has chaired several service projects, and fundraisers in order to help benefit the club. On top of her busy schedule, Angel has been helping the club president and Faculty Advisor to complete the application for the Youth Opportunities Fund and single service contest.

Aleth Sabugo (King Kekaulike)


Aleth Sabugo has done a lot to ensure the success of her club. Recently, Aleth collaborated with the Baldwin and Maui Key Club Presidents in order to plan a Kiwanis Family Night. Another event, Aleth had put a lot of time into was, Member Induction. She ensured that all of the new King Kekaulike Key Clubbers had a fantastic ceremony that they would remember. Without her, King Kekaulike would not be where it is today; a distinguished club.

Charlene Masuhara (Hilo) Faculty Advisor

Even in Ma’s absences, she continued to check-up on the club’s status. She ensured that everything was running smoothly and that the club had everything needed to succeed.. This amazing Faculty Advisor has also been working extremely hard with the club secretaries to find ways on improving their club’s Annual Report scores.

Tom Goya (Hilo) Kiwanis Advisor

Thomas Goya, also known as Uncle Tom to many key clubbers, has influenced many. He uses his wise words of wisdom to give advice on not only key club but life. His dedication and hard work to ensure our trip to Sumoto was memorable showed his passion and commitment to key club. Uncle Tom is truly a role model.

Waiakea P g 1 2


Waiakea has been working diligently to serve their homes, schools, and communities. Since the start of the term, Waiakea has served over 2,500 hours of community service, and over $500 of funds raised for service. Over the past several months, Waiakea has been working on their Division/District contests to ensure that they receive the recognition they deserve.


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Key Club Week

Hilo High Key Clubbers creating a sample article and visual to understand the process of what to do. -Ashley Lavarias (Hilo)

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During the month of November Key Club International provides its clubs with the opportunity to participate in Key Club week. Key Club week gives its members opportunities to show what Key Club is all about. Each day has an emphasis to promote the club within our home, school and community. This year, the international themes of the 5 days was “Show your K in every way” Monday, “Kudos to the Key Players” Tuesday, “Dare to Care” Wednesday, “Random Acts of Kindness” Thursday, and “Connect the K’s” Friday. Clubs all around the world participate in this event. Hilo High School Key Club participated in various activities throughout Key Club week. The first day of Key Club week was “Show your K in every way” this day our members wore any Key Club school to show their spirit. On Tuesday, “Kudo’s to the Key Players”, the members of our club made 40 cards for our faculty and Kiwanis advisors, adult volunteers as well as our officers to show our appreciation. For “Dare to Care” our club had a penny war during our meeting. We raised $150 was donated to March of Dimes. Finally, on Thursday, “Random Acts of Kindness”, members carried out random acts of kindness and showed our aloha!!! Jonathan Okamura (Hilo)

Santa’s Workshop

Key clubbers are utilizing their creativity to make christmas ornaments made out of recyclable items. -Kristelle Languit (Kapa’a)

P g 1 5

On November 16th we went to Pi’ikoi building in Lihue to do ur Santa’s Workshop event. Every year in December Kapaa Key Club and other clubs from the high schools around the island come together to upcycle materials and make them into Christmas ornaments that wi be displayed at the Festival of Lights event at the end of the month. When we arrived at the building we were debriefed about the materials we could use and the job we had to. There are 4 tables and each had different projects each member of the could work on . I helped with creating plastic bottle bees for one of the new trees that will be setup at a later time. I had a lot of fun bonding with the other members and other students from Kauai High, we were able to get along well as we worked on our own separate projects. I’ve been coming to this event every year so far and it’s one of my favorite events to attend. I was glad to see our new members also enjoy the event and I hope that we continue doing it every year. Jaime Kasahara (Kapa’a)

Kiwanis Car Wash

Kauai Key clubbers wash cars with our Kiwanis Club -Ayden Quinn (Kauai)

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On November 3rd, the Kauai High Key Clubbers hosted a car wash at Kukui Grove from 8:30 to 3:30. I signed up to do the first 2 shifts as it would be a good way to get hours all in one place and you get to interact with other members. During the event, I was given the responsibility of shooting the cars down with water before we start and after we wash the car. This job provided little to no difficulty as it was really simple and in my opinion a lot easier than scrubbing and washing cars. The only thing though is that I got soaked often, but it is a car wash, so I was a bit more drenched than others. During the second shift, it actually rained, so along with getting doused with the hose, the rain also came down as well, which was pretty fun for everyone. At the end of the day, although it was a little tiring, the event was a success as everyone worked together and had fun talking and getting to know each other better while raising money from the event Dalson Cua (Kauai)

MyIntent Prep

KKHS Key Clubbers are pictured learning how to stamp tokens and craft macrame bracelets -Angel Sanchez (King Kekaulike)

P g 1 7

After school on November 26th of 2019, King Kekaulike’s Key Clubbers banned together to begin prepping for this years MyIntent bracelet, keychain, and necklace sales. At this event, Key Clubbers learned how to make MyIntent bracelets and stamp tokens. Those who demonstrated their knowledge and skill for stamping were able to become certified. MyIntent products are sold by King Kekaulike’s Key Club as a sort of fundraiser. MyIntent products were also sold last year as a means of fundraising for HCON and proved to be quite popular with students, teachers, and members of the community. “What is MyIntent?”, one may ask. MyIntent is a well known company that strives to give people inspiration to help achieve their goals. The tokens of MyIntent products are stamped with a word or phrase that gives personal inspiration to the wearer. Someone who strives to be more generous towards others may stamp their token with the word, “Generosity”. Being able to create and share MyIntent’s message and products with others has resonated deeply with many of King Kekaulike’s Key Clubbers. These MyIntent products will be sold at the KKHS Craft Fair in early December as well as individually. Funds raised by the products sold will go towards working Key Clubbers HCON payments. Kali Spalding (King Kekaulike)

Feed My Sheep

Our set up at the Feed My Sheep Event. Everyone is preparing for visitors to arrive and pick up groceries! -Hie-Luna Beamer(Maui)

P g 1 8

Our annual Feed My Sheep Key Club event was a huge success this year! Even though the number of volunteers was not as high as before, the result was better! One officer, three key club members, and three Kiwanis advisors were able to step it up, work together, and produce quality work for the community. Each member handed out a different set of groceries for the visitors, ranging from lettuce, oranges, juice, and muffins. Two of our new members, Micayla Ban and Hannah Okamoto, reported that this event was a lot of fun! Although, they had to stand up, in the sun, for hours, the smile on everyone's face made everything all worth it.

Hie-Luna Beamer (Maui)

No Sew Blanket Making

Waiakea Key Clubbers making no sew blankets for Kiwanis Family House -Liza Miyazaki (Waiakea)

P g 1 9

On November 14, 2019 from 12:25pm to 12:55pm the Waiakea High Key Club worked in Mrs.Sato’s classroom and made no-sew blankets for the Kiwanis Family House. We cut the sides of the blanket into strips then tied those strips into knots to give the blankets some decoration. Our faculty advisor, Mrs. Sato made sure that everyone was on task and doing the jobs they were assigned to. Overall, the service project was a success because everyone did what they were supposed to do. Tia Teramoto (Waiakea)

Check out the District Newsletter & updates at: > NEWS > NEWSLETTERS

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SPOTLIGHT ON SERVICE FOCUS: The CNH Spotlight on Service Program was created by the Service Projects Committee to promote International and District initiatives as well as to encourage active participation with organizations/initiatives. The program gives clubs the opportunity to showcase their unique service projects that positively impact their home, school, and community.

January: Children’s Miracle Network

Click HERE for the Spotlight on Service Submission Form


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Officer, Regional, and Candidate training conferences


Hawaii Convention

CONTACT INFORMATION Presidents (Leadership Team) BALDWIN Hawaii Technology Academy

Jordyn Picadura


Cain Ross


Angeline Roslin


Allyson Casasola


Faith Yung


Aleth Sabugo

MAUI P g 2 2

Lia Delizo


Dylan James Guamzn

Iolani Mangoba

CONTACT INFORMATION DLT, RA DIVISION LEADERSHIP TEAM Lieutenant Governor Kainalu Yoshida Division News Editor

Division Assistant

Division Assistant

Estin Tantisira

Carina Cook

Dalson Cua



Tech Coordinator

MDE Coordinator

MRP Coordinator

Jonathan Okamura

Ryleigh Hernando

Allyson Casasola



REGION 18 ADVISORS Region Advisor Charlene Masuhara Chmasuhara

Region Advisor Joshua Chang Joshuamchang

Region Assistant Scott Iwanaga Scottiwanaga


“Caring- Our way of life.” Key Club Website: Official Newsletter of Division 22 Makai

Profile for Division 22 Makai News Editor

D22M I Makai Messenger- January 2020  

Hello Opihi, I hope all of you had a relaxing and festive winter break. You deserved the well needed rest and relaxation for your hard work...

D22M I Makai Messenger- January 2020  

Hello Opihi, I hope all of you had a relaxing and festive winter break. You deserved the well needed rest and relaxation for your hard work...