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AFTER THE SUCCESS OF THE Magellano 25 Meter preview in Portofino - with the screening of Open your eyes, Gabriele Muccino’s short film in which the yacht is celebrated among the most exciting works of art of the sea - Azimut Yachts presents its most recent masterpiece to the general public. In fact, the amazing Magellano 25 Metri will be on display in world preview from 1 to 6 October at the Genoa boat show. Thanks to the extraordinary talent of Vincenzo De Cotiis, world-famous architect and artist, Magellano 25 Metres is a yacht



with new features, where materials and technologies meet to create a unique and unrepeatable object. De Cotiis has in fact worked on a special type of resin and, through an elaborate artisan process, the result of several layers, has created precious surfaces in the color of parchment, which become a fascinating decorative element of the rooms. The “artistic fibreglass” has been combined with other materials and essences, creating a game of contrasts of undisputed beauty: brushed Verde Alpi marble, dark walnut tessellated wood, carpeting, polished brass, lacquered wood and cannettato wood. The furnishings are characterised by fluid shapes and much attention has been paid to creating a sense of continuity, expressed through curved lines without interruptions. The interiors of De Cotiis, with their strong and

distinctive character, respond to the refined external lines signed by Ken Freivokh, who has given his personal interpretation of the Magellan Collection starting from the desire to create an object of timeless beauty. The central element from which the entire project is developed is the entirely glazed superstructure, which aims to create the emotion of a penthouse at sea level. A raised wheelhouse directly connected to the external wheelhouse on the flybridge makes the boat particularly suitable for long navigation and allows a layout that guarantees total privacy between owner, guests and crew.





ELCOME TO OUR AUTUMN EDITION 2020. 221, the unrivalled fusion of technology and real estate expertise, is developed by professionals for professionals. The process of renting, buying and selling homes has traditionally been dependent on and best conducted through face-to-face communication and interaction. Overnight, physical distancing and the need for contactless interaction have drastically challenged how real estate is transacted and magnified the importance of digital transformation within the real estate industry. But with a unique combination of capabilities that seamlessly integrates the physical and digital world to deliver unparalleled functionalities that improves, enhances and expands how real estate business is best conducted you could continue enjoying great revenues. Included in 221, is the first-ever Deal Makers Club that provides agents with the ability and power to easily connect and network with their counterparts worldwide to create mutual opportunities. The Deal Makers Club allows agents to expand and strengthen their professional resources and relationships to build and grow their businesses, increase their access to buyers and sellers and close more deals. In addition to the unique Deal Makers Club, 221 is one of the only platforms that allows the purchase and sale of properties using fiat currency or cryptocurrency. The 221 ecosystem encompasses a 360° virtual desk that provides agents with all the tools they need to build, grow and manage their business. Agencies have a real-time, instant view of everything that matters the most. Clients are also delighted with the ease of their own management dashboard that includes secure messaging, online video meetings, auto appointment scheduling, digital signature, and secure rent payments capability in their choice of 9 languages.


221 symbolizes achievement and bright future. Welcome to new beginnings, where success, ambition, drive and motivation goes much further. For more email us at magazine@221realestate.com

TEAM 221

PUBLISHER: 221 Real Estate SA EDITOR: Didier Deschamps ART DIRECTOR: Shirine Moore

Societe au capital de 100,000 CHF Registration : CHE-275.939.913 ISSN 2673-6608 World Trade Center Avenue De Gratta-Paille 2 1018, Lausanne, Switzerland






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221 aims to become the world’s largest professional real estate network on the internet and give you major competitive advantages and benefits. The Deal Maker Club allows you to connect and strengthen professional relationships to build and grow your business, increase your access to buyers and sellers and close more deals to make more money.

The Deal Makers Club is the SMART WAY to increase sales and make money by helping you work smarter, not harder.

Networking has long been recognized as a powerful tool. The more people you know the more chances to sell or rent your properties fast and the moment you join the Deal Makers Club you become professionally connected to the world of deal making. Show your deals, see deals and connect… it couldn’t be simpler.

• Deal Makers Club is THE SHORT CUT to success allowing agents to access opportunities they might not be able to find on their own. • Making money when you sleep is now a possibility by letting other agents maximise your reach to buyers and sellers 24/7, helping to sell your properties as well as providing you with properties to sell. • With an increased number of properties and contacts your access to deals increases. No matter where you are or what time it is, deals can be done. • Gain international exposure by connecting with agents around the world in similar market and access worldwide opportunities. With more contacts you get more deals and increase your ability to close more sales.

Take your business to the HIGHEST LEVEL with 221 Deal Makers Club. www.221realestate.com | 11






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crypto currency. the new normal.

Buy or Sell your property with


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221 Real Estate has exclusively partnered with a world leader for high value real estate and other asset transactions within the luxury market. Idoneus is digitalizing the purchase, sale and rental process for luxury properties, commercial real estate and other assets with a cryptocurrency called IDON and blockchain technology. IDON is a cryptocurrency offered out of Switzerland which was created specifically to facilitate the trade of high-value assets on the blockchain. IDON can be exchanged for other items of value, other cryptocurrencies and can be bought and sold with fiat currency as a trading pair as well.

Idoneus vision. Idoneus is an active institutional investor which is acquiring fine assets globally across multiple asset classes including: Real Estate, Fine Art, Unique Precious Gemstones, Aircraft, Yachts, etc. They are one of the few well-funded, active investors which are providing avenues for owners of unique assets of high-value to move out of dormant holdings into a globally deployable currency. Though, the main focus for most participants is to divest from an asset they currently no longer desire to own and move into an asset holding that has tremendous opportunities for real world utility in the luxury asset space as the token economy expands

why Idon.

globally. Idoneus has a growing client database of thousands of high net worth individuals. Idoneus was created by highly experienced members of the asset management, asset trading and fintech industries. Many believe the IDON Token has the potential to increase the total value of the Luxury Asset Market, as they are allowing greater participation from new sources of wealth who are seeking to transact in the new token economy in a safe and efficient manner. Idoneus is enabling private investors, family offices and institutions greater speed and security of trading regardless of the physical complexities of the asset in question.

For qualifying real estate, an offer from Idoneus or one of its high net worth clients can provide a property owner with full value and a near immediate sale. IDON provides risk diversification, tangible value, utility and token liquidity (expanded descriptions below). Furthermore, IDON is safe, secure and provides protection with its smart contract built into each token. Unlike many property owner’s current holdings, IDON is easily divisible, has no holding costs, has no management oversight responsibilities and can be used as a method of payment for other items of value and is easily moveable throughout the world.security of trading regardless of the physical complexities of the asset in question. www.221realestate.com | 15

benefits. Liquidity Easily divest out of dormant, under-utilized, or under-performing holdings, and move to an asset class with no holding costs and growing utility. IDON can be used to purchase, rent and experience luxury assets, goods and services and is tradable now for other cryptocurrencies, which are both convertible into US Dollars (and other fiat currencies. Utility IDON enables fast, secure, contact-free payment for luxury assets and experiences, such as beachfront villas, boutique hotels, luxury yachts, fine art and more.

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Tangible Value A digital currency that can be utilized to buy or rent physical assets of nearly every kind, often at a relative discount to prevailing market prices. Risk Diversification Keep transactions for luxury assets and experiences within the network, using IDON, avoiding external currency fluctuations and other sector-based shocks.

The Idoneus Ecosystem has been built to be a completely new digital economy for all things luxury, where holders of IDON are able to purchase / rent or otherwise experience luxury assets, as well as trade IDON for desirable services and experiences, often at a discount to conventional pricing. Their vision is to create an economy which brings near instant liquidity for asset owners and instant utility for token holders. An economy where asset holders can monetize an asset (via rental or sale) and move into liquidity overnight. The Idoneus Economy is a place where newly unlocked liquidity can be utilized immediately.

PROTECTING VALUE FOR ALL HOLDERS OF IDON Idoneus understands that protecting the value of one’s assets is of paramount importance. This is true whether holding a physical or digital asset. In order to protect all holders of IDON, Idoneus’ blockchain specialists have embedded a smart contract which allows individual token holders the right to sell IDON on select public exchanges for a value of $10.00 or more per token. This mechanism was put in place as Idoneus desires to avoid any possibility for significant token holders to negatively impact value of the entire Idoneus Economy by one significant holder divesting of their tokens at a grossly discounted value which could be a detriment to the entire ecosystem. This feature gives all holders of IDON the confidence they require, while also providing the freedom to sell tokens privately at a price above or below $10.00 per token, as well as the option to use IDON tokens as payment for other items of value at any price basis two parties deem acceptable. This functionality provides all holders of IDON significant avenues for utility while protecting the overall value of the entire Idoneus Economy at the same time. IDON is accepted for significant transactions worldwide, to include: a wide range of luxury assets, such as original Pablo Picasso artwork, multi million dollar luxury properties, GIA certified diamonds, gold, silver, fine jewelry and more.

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home & work.



by Olga Bocharova

Architect Cingolani, in what way, in your opinion, has Covid-19 changed the emotional and functional perception of domestic spaces? Working from home is changing the way of conceiving domestic environments which have suddenly found themselves at the center of turbulences and problems related purely to professional activities. The new routine inevitably leads to an unbalanced combination of personal and work commitments, so feared by psychologists, for which the home space, born to be a “refuge� from external concerns, is transformed into a place devoid of privacy and exposed to a higher tension. The solution to this change would lie in the transformation of the offer of the hotel sector and the real estate market.

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home & work.

The new lifestyle - which will continue until a later date - has reduced the need to frequent large urban centers. Having the opportunity to give up the hustle and bustle of the cities, more and more people are moving to adjacent countryside locations or even to other regions: just Milan has lost 12,000 residents the last four months. The change, however, is not limited to moving: larger houses are preferred, possibly including outdoor spaces such as private gardens or terraces, the spaces reserved for work needs in order to allow outdoor livability as well as respect for one’s privacy. It should not be forgotten that the home should promote physical and psychological well-being through the functional space division, the use of smart systems and natural materials. Because true luxury lies in the little things used daily, in the comfort that accompanies our habits, in the pleasure of interacting with the objects that we find beautiful and comfortable.

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In what terms will this crisis change the culture of hospitality and its ceremonials? In particular, is it possible that operators in the hotel sector are forced to explore alternative solutions to Leisure and Business? Those who for various reasons cannot leave the cities are looking for alternative solutions. In fact, the reality we are experiencing opens the doors to a somewhat different logic of hospitality. The hotel offer, which until the beginning of this year was exclusively divided between business and leisure, will probably be rethought by the managers: co-working in the common areas, rooms used as offices, relaxation services also available to visitors. Already today various structures around the world offer their rooms for office use, with the possibility of benefit the services generally offered for guests. People who can no longer access the traditional workplace or feel safe doing so need a quiet, clean place to work without distractions; hotels, whose occupancy rates plummeted when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, need to generate revenue.

What opinion have you been made on smart working and what could be a virtuous dialectic between home and office? The interaction and exchange of opinions and ideas between team members are essential for the work process and are obviously benefited by physical presence. Nonetheless, smart working can prove to be useful and even better than working in the office when processing and structuring the inputs received. In this working context, the transformation of the real estate market and of the hotel offer can help to find the balance between work and home.

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home & work.

FOUNDED IN 1912, BERTONE IS ONE OF THE OLDEST and most prestigious “made in Italy” brands in the automotive industry, an innovator and a supporter of its technological and stylistic evolution through its first century of activity. With its great custom cars, from the start of the company to the 1930s, they thrilled an audience made of very demanding collectors and gentleman drivers. Under the leadership of Nuccio, the founder’s son, Bertone experienced a period of great prosperity in the 1960s, riding the wave of the economic “boom” with cars destined to make history, once again a synthesis of masterly craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. The evolution of the automotive sector led to the restructuring of the group. Under the leadership of Aldo Cingolani, Bertone Design started to valorise again the value of the brand, operating in the sectors of architecture and design, industrial design and transport with a team of experts working on projects all over the world. Aldo Cingolani became an honorary member of the Pontifical Academy and participated as a supervisor in the Design Thinking Forum “Inspiring the Future” organised by Lombardy. He is also on the Board of Directors of the FON University in Skopje, launching the Bertone Design Academy project. The Poli.Design of Milan has included him in the Club of the 87 Notable Alumni who are behind the education project “Verso il 2099”. Aldo Cingolani developed “Floating Houses”, three different projects to build a modular and environmentally sustainable floating port on Lake Bolsena. He was invited by the Stroganov Academy of Moscow to hold a lecture in Transport Design and, in collaboration with the Ippiart studio, he followed the students of the Design course as a supervisor in the design of high-speed trains for the New Trans-Siberian Railway. He was a speaker during the Real Estate ConALDO CINGOLANI vention Day at the Milan Stock Exchange with the topic “HoCo-founder and CEO of Bertone Design tel & Retail: the Italian market, signals of the new normal”. For more: https://bertonedesign.it/en/aldo-cingolani





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Innovation and transformation to maximise profitability.

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We Develop Strategies geared to increasing your Profitability and achieving your Business Objectives!

Is Your Hospitality Business as Profitable as it could be?

Hospitality Owners and Operators continually seek and demand cost effective ways to gain a competitive edge, increase revenues and improve their profitability. That’s why Fresheyes Hospitality solutions are such a valuable option. Fresheyes Hospitality Audits are designed and customised to identify those areas within the company’s organization, structure, strategy, systems, tools, processes and practices that have the greatest potential to positively affect revenue growth, increase profitability and returns on investments. We provide a clear, objective and detailed assessment of your current performance capabilities to determine what is being done well, while identifying weaknesses and missed opportunities to drive incremental revenues and profitability quickly.

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Solutions and Services geared towards making your Hotel a SUCCESS. Pre-Opening Solutions Interim Sales and Marketing Leadership Market Research Strategy Development Budgeting & Planning Organizational Structure Development

Talent Acquisition – Getting the Right Team on Board “Go To Market” Strategies Launch Strategies, Plans and Initiatives Digital Marketing Solutions Plus Much More

For more visit www.fresheyes.com

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the new normal.




HERE IS NO SECRET THAT pandemic changed the global economic landscape and has effected every industry in a different way. The new normal will look quite different than what we use to see. Even before the crisis you may have noticed a massive split between the old world and new reality reshaping the life of real estate agencies and agents. For many reasons many have turned a blind eye, hoping that it will go away and ignored what was really happening around them. Regardless of what’s the future holds, your collective experience through this pandemic gives you a new point of view, asking yourself are you ready to take your real estate business to a new normal… One of the positive things that came out of the current situation is that crisis forces adoption. When you look at the current situation, a few points become quite clear that Real Estate Agents needs to adapt quickly to respond to their economic challenges.

A few points you may want to consider: • How am I competing in the digital world? • Can I make more sales while reducing my running cost? • Does working from home suits my business and my employees? • Do I have the right tools to survive in this new world? • Can I use Data intelligence and Video meeting with smart calendar integration, so my team and I save time and money? • Where to go from now? • What should I do to be ready and stay ahead of the race? • Do I have a strong presence in digital world of business? • Do I use my social media channels in a effective and smart way? • Why spending hours in traffic if you can do business from anywhere. • Can I remain competitive while not in a office? Answer is probably yes… in fact it’s the world of today and will continue far in the world of tomorrow.

There is always a big opportunity that lies in accelerated changes and the action that we are taking today. • So what should i do to come out stronger? • Realistic view of current situation • Strategic decision • Reinventing digital capacity by using the new intelligence • Keeping in mind waiting will be counter productive and time is of the essence • Demonstrate strong presence • Create personalized digital nurturing

The 221 Team

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high value mortgages. 221 Real Estate is a proud partner of Enness Global Mortgages. Enness is a global mortgage provider for high value mortgages. With a 221 agent you can benefit from our relationship almost anywhere in the world.

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why Enness.

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Enness works with a global network of over 300 lenders, ranging from small building societies to challenger banks, alternative lenders and global private banks. This has allowed Enness to complete on mortgages for 78 different nationalities across 17 different countries. Enness excels when it comes to solving complex mortgage requirements, negotiating very high value or loan to value (LTV) mortgages and working with challenging structures, individuals or scenarios.

Enness clients.

Enness clients are as unique as the mortgages we arrange for them. No matter their global location, background or requirements, our expert brokers take the time to understand our clients’ circumstances, working with the facts to negotiate the best mortgage solution for their needs. We thrive when it comes to navigating high value, complex and challenging financing scenarios and our bespoke approach ensures we get the best possible outcome for our clients every single time.

unrivalled expertise.

Enness thrive in complex, challenging scenarios and work with whatever circumstances are presented to us. We like to push boundaries, negotiate and will always secure the best possible outcome. Our strong lender network will ensure we find the best possible solution to suit your needs, and where appropriate, we can also advise on alternative approaches to your mortgage solutions..

personal services.

Enness advisors work for and on behalf of our clients. We are on your side and negotiate with our lenders to secure the best possible mortgage finance based on your unique circumstances. We are discreet, responsive and proactive. We will source and negotiate your mortgage funds and then work with all parties to secure the desired outcome in the timeframe required.

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Over the past few years Dubai’s economy has grown exponentially in every field. The city has taken advantage of its diversity, contrasts, and geographical location. Having a remarkable evolution over the years, today the city is not just an international business destination but is also known as a cosmopolitan destination for shopping and entertainment. The country is appealing to foreign investors because it provides great access to important markets like Africa, Asia, and Middle-East and also because it has a greater connectivity to other international business centers in Europe and America. No wonder, every year the investors come flocking to the UAE to invest in its market and make profits. We are proud to introduce some of the finest UAE properties.

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JEAN-LOUIS MAINGUY AND MAURO Lipparini Designers built up area of 26,000 sq.ft. and a spacious plot size of 34,049 sq.ft. Panoramic views of the lake, skyline and golf course.

The villa is one of a kind combining charm, sophistication, modernity and style. It features a lift inside the house, has a gorgeous infinity swimming pool, sunken fire pit, two (2) modern kitchens with oak wood finish, large basement that can accommodate several cars and has beautifully designed massive outdoor spaces best for entertainment, family events and parties. Emirates Hills is the flagship community of Emirates Living, the most sought-after community in Dubai where high net worth individuals live

COLDWELL BANKER UAE Tel. (+971) 4 382 500 Mobile: +971 50 735 6608 www.coldwellbanker.ae

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MINUTES AWAY FROM THE GLISTENING Crystal Lagoons, each of District Ones eighteen distinctly styled mansions is meticulously designed to ensure affluent tranquil living in glorious surroundings. Whether it is a traditional arabesque ambiance with a modern twist youre looking for, open spaces and artistic minimalism youre seeking or simply timeless European elegance you will soon discover that extravagance is simply a way of life in these magnificent homes. Discover exquisite Mediterranean living enhanced by European accents.Teach your son the basics of billiards in the basement, listen to your daughter practice her routine on the piano or enjoy a tropical high-tea with friends surrounded by the cooling breeze and the soothing sound of water flowing past enjoy the freedom to spend your quality time however you want, right in the comfort of your home. The modern seamlessly blends into the magical in these grand family homes where a warm sense of hospitality that never goes out of style. Experience lavish living in elegant surroundings that instantly evokes thoughts of days spent relaxing on the shores of the Mediterranean. Call Sherry Briet on +971 507356608 or visit www.coldwellbanker.ae for further details

COLDWELL BANKER UAE Tel. (+971) 4 382 5000

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3 BED PENTHOUSE AED 75,000,000/ USD 20,419,553

- BUA: 13,.899 sq.ft. - managed and serviced by W Hotel - 4 Bathrooms - 24-hr Front Desk and Security - Key card security access - Easy access to the major road of Dubai - Direct access to the islands white sand beaches with the beautiful views of Palm Jumeirah

Every ensuite bedroom boasts walk-in wardrobes and full sea views, while the living areas offer a grand dining area and show kitchen as well as multiple living and lounging areas. Between the shimmering waters of the Arabian Gulf

and the glimmering Dubai skyline, on the golden sands of the eighth wonder of the world - Palm Jumeirah, is an exclusive destination where excellence has no boundaries. Affiliated to all W Hotels in the world, which is one of the top hospitality brands in the world, residents will enjoy discounts on F&B, butler service etc. The W Residences feature 104 homes spread over eight mansions. This unique development offers residents the extraordinary in every form - from views, design, materials, and finishes to location, amenities, space, and services. Immerse yourself in a lifestyle like no other in Dubai, the luxury capital of the Middle East.

COLDWELL BANKER UAE Tel. (+971) 4 382 500 Mobile: +971 50 735 6608 www.coldwellbanker.ae

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beverly hills.

Synonymous with luxury, exclusivity and some of the finest real estate in the world, Beverly Hills real estate continues to draw admirers and new residents year after year. The Beverly Hills’ lifestyle is refined and elite. Residents have the most desirable gated properties and live a lifestyle that is simply second to none. From American Colonial-style homes to modern architectural wonders to private estates, Beverly Hills is bursting with a variety of architectural styles. While extravagant mansions inevitably come to mind when thinking about the neighborhood, there are also other more understated homes available as well.

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beverly hills.


THIS BRAND-NEW ESTATE BY LONDON-BASED Quinn Architects is the pinnacle of splendor and luxury. Set on a sprawling apx. 1 acre promontory in prime Lower Bel-Air overlooking the Bel Air Country Club, this trophy property is a sensational offering of warm contemporary architecture that makes an unparalleled statement of vision and design. Encompassing apx 14,438 sf of living space, the estate was crafted with a focus on proportion and light with simple and elegant materials and floorto-ceiling walls of glass overlooking views from every room. Private gates to motor court and fourcar garage. Main level glass atrium, living room, bar/lounge, family room, dining room, modern entertaining kitchen and secondary catering kitchen. Three guest bedroom suites, staff suite, and apx 2,100 sq.ft. master with dual walk-in closets, over-sized bath and large private terrace with spa and firepit. Lower level game lounge with bar, wine storage/display, gym with bath and theater. Exceptional grounds with lawn, apx 65 foot infinity pool with firepit and abundant patio space.


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www.221realestate.com | 45

beverly hills.

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1012 N. HILLCREST ROAD, BEVERLY HILLS FURNISHED WARM MODERN MASTERPIECE SET on an over 31,000 square foot lot in prime lower Trousdale Estates with beautiful city views. Newly built in 2016, this property offers epic scale with exceptionally high ceilings, open spaces, and walls of glass that disappear and blur the lines between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Situated behind private and discrete gates leading to the large motor court and impressive floating entrance with water features and unique pivot front door. Enter into the voluminous main gallery connecting the various public rooms. Designed for large scale entertaining, the vast living room flows to the outdoor living room and zero edge infinity pool. Formal dining room with fireplace,

state-of-the-art Bulthaup kitchen, secondary full catering kitchen, and family room with glass enclosed temperate-controlled wine display wall. The master suite features gorgeous city views, closets that rival the finest stores on Rodeo Drive, and spectacular bath clad in book-matched Calacatta slab marble. Four additional bedroom suites each with walls of glass opening to the grounds and pool beyond, and attached staff quarters. Property offered furnished with some exclusions. Art and accessories excluded.


www.221realestate.com | 47

beverly hills.

1615 BLUE JAY WAY, SUNSET STRIP EPIC VIEW MODERN COMPOUND ON WORLD-FAMOUS BLUE JAY Way. Brand new 2020 construction. Approx. 11,500sqft with massive 3,000sqft pool deck and zero edge infinity pool. Walls of glass open to reveal panoramic jetliner views. Private gated driveway lead to glamorous arrival motor court. Beyond is a 3-story glass atrium in the style of an Apple store, wow on every level. Main entertaining level encompasses living room, dining room and a show kitchen designed by Dada complete with walk-in refrigerator and hidden catering kitchen. Grand Master suite with a closet to rival any major estate in the city. Additional living amenities include: wellness center with gym, juice bar and massage, screening room, commercial elevator, 2 offices and total of 5 bedrooms. Architectural features include: Fleetwood doors throughout, closets by Molteni, Dornbracht fixtures and solid concrete construction. Years in the making... once in a generation opportunity.


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www.221realestate.com | 49

beverly hills.


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MASTERFUL DESIGN, METICULOUS DETAIL, AND mesmerizing views brilliantly combine in this Italian-inspired gated estate on the bluff above the rocky shoreline of Lunada Bay known as Resort Point. Custom built in 2008, the property’s elegant yet comfortable flow maximizes indoor/outdoor living rivaling five star resorts and beautifully showcases the stunning surf, sunset, coastline and whitewater views from all major living areas. Disappearing sliding door systems connect the scenic patio and infinity pool areas with the living, dining and master suite, and the grand open floor plan creates an ideal design for entertaining. Soaring ceilings, solid mahogany doors, artfully crafted marble and wood floors, and 8 custom fireplaces are just a few of the dramatic accents throughout.

The luxurious master retreat enjoys whitewater surf and Santa Monica coastline views, dual fireplace, sitting area, huge walk-in closet, bath with jetted tub, oversized separate shower and dual vanities. At the heart of the home a gourmet chef’s kitchen features a 6 burner Viking range with griddle and wok, large island, butler’s pantry plus walk-in pantry and connects to the family/media room and breakfast nook. Don’t miss the temperature-controlled wine cellar, blufftop putting green, spacious gym with sauna, lush gardens, and state-of-the art camera/alarm systems. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own and enjoy a magnificent private estate with over 200 feet of rare oceanfront!


www.221realestate.com | 51

beverly hills.

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WE PROUDLY PRESENT THE ICONIC Rexford Edward Estate! A truly rare opportunity in prime Beverly Hills. Situated prominently on a desirable tree-lined street North of Sunset Boulevard, lies this gorgeous estate property featuring a grand eight-bedroom and twelve-bathroom home with expansive grounds, pool, and lighted tennis court. The elegant floor plan is ideal for a sophisticated but comfortable lifestyle. The dramatic foyer flows to the formal living room, large family room with exposed beam ceilings and warm stone fireplace, formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, and exquisite two-story wood paneled library with beautiful detailing. There are eight bedrooms including a secluded staff quarters and a luxurious private master wing. The master suite features dual bathrooms with walk-in closets, a separate sitting area or office, and a lovely private balcony. You will love entertaining in the sprawling upstairs media room with exposed beam ceilings and bar.


www.221realestate.com | 53

beverly hills.


BEVERLY HILLS LUXURY EXPERT IN THE LUXURY REAL ESTATE MARKET, BEVERLY Hills real estate agent Jade Mills is renowned among colleagues and clients alike for her integrity, loyalty and professionalism. Jade is currently ranked the #1 Agent Worldwide for Coldwell Banker and the #6 Agent Worldwide for all Brokerages. In the last three years, Jade represented three of the top record-setting sales in Los Angeles for over $100 Million each: The Chartwell Estate for $150,000,000, The Manor (aka The Spelling Manor) for $119,750,000, and The Playboy Mansion for $100,000,000. To date this year, in 2020, Jade has already sold over $60 Million in residential real estate. An expert in luxury properties, Jade is devoted to serving the needs of real estate buyers and sellers throughout Los Angeles including Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Holmby Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and the Hollywood Hills. She was named the International Ambassador for Coldwell Banker in recognition of her established alliances and global relationships with International markets and her development of Jade Mills Worldwide. Jade also holds the title of Co-Chairman of the International Luxury Alliance, which is an elite network of professionals focused on the highest level of client service and business integrity. Jade Mills Worldwide is the culmination of many years spent developing relationships with leading luxury brokers around the world. Through this exclusive international partnership, Jade’s listings reach an unparalleled audience of buyers worldwide. Her global influence is further complemented by her state-of the-art website, which vibrantly showcases her client’s properties through full-screen, high-resolution imagery.

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With over thirty years of real estate experience, Jade is both nationally and internationally recognized for her sales achievements and has a reputation as one of the most trusted and admired agents in the Los Angeles real estate market. When working with her, you can count on nothing less than an executive staff of seasoned professionals with an intimate knowledge of Los Angeles real estate who are devoted to serving your needs around the clock. Jade has four children, Tiffany, Zach, Alexis, and Austin; and seven grandchildren, Charli, Boden, Konah, Scarlett, Sam, Stevie, and Lucy. Her three older children also have their real estate licenses and her youngest son Austin develops social media branding and travels for the NBA interviewing athletes and owners. She is very proud of her children for their continued success. Jade also works very closely with her husband Adam, who builds and designs luxury homes, from Beverly Hills to Malibu. Adam also designs and develops Jade’s business and marketing plans. She is extremely close with her entire family and is very grateful to them for their tremendous love and support.

www.221realestate.com | 55

beverly hills.

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As a mother of four, Jade has been an active participant in the Beverly Hills School System for many years and she is also a strong advocate of several charitable organizations in her community. Additionally, Jade is currently a board member on the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and is on the Board of Governors at Cedars-Sinai. She has been honored by The Aviva Foundation for her support, charitable work, and continuous effort to better the foundation. Jade’s personality and style blend exceptionally well with the perseverance and stamina that have earned her a reputation as one of the most honorable and respected real estate professionals in her area. Having earned the esteem and admiration of her associates, she has built an incredible network of fellow agents. She receives calls on a daily basis from other agents asking for her advice and recommendations on listings for their Buyers. Furthermore, she is continuously invited to speak at real estate and corporate functions, giving her listings exposure to thousands of agents across the country. Also, with experience as an interior designer, she is able to assist her clients in realizing the full potential of each property she represents. Jade possesses a natural repertoire of dynamic qualities that set her apart and enable her to successfully procure the goals of the discriminating buyers and sellers she represents. Whether you are interested in sumptuous yet discreet Bel Air estate, a property in Beverly Hills, a condominium, or a pied-a-terre, Jade is ready to show you the finest, most exclusive listings, with an eye to your own particular taste and needs. You can rely on Jade to help you realize the full potential of your luxury real estate investment while maintaining your privacy in the strictest fashion.


COLDWELL BANKER GLOBAL LUXURY 310.285.7508 www.jademills.com homes@jademills.com CALRE #00526877

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new york.


For foreigners, investing in New York property can be seen as a safe haven for assets due to the limited supply and high demand. New York City offers several distinct investment options to suit different types of investors. More than most cities, New York City has many neighborhoods with distinct flavors. Lower Manhattan, for example, has neighborhoods such as Chinatown, SoHo, Greenwich Village,, LES (Lower East Side) and Manhattan where people can live in larger homes in a city where space is scarce. This diversity allows investors to pinpoint the type of property that’s most suitable for them and their budget.

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new york.


ELEGANT AND UNIQUE, THIS LARGE 1-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom home designed by Leopoldo Rosati is situated on the eighth and ninth floors of 870 Fifth Avenue with Western exposures of Central Park in every room. Entering on the lower floor to a large open foyer with a generous walk-in closet and grand staircase leading to the second floor. A thoughtfully designed powder room sits just off of the entrance and the gallery leads into the adjoining living room all lit by the multiple windows facing Central park. The windowed kitchen, also facing Central Park, is outfitted with a top-of-

60 |


the line appliances: Miele dishwasher, a Subzero refrigerator, and a Viking range. A dining room with a separate service entrance sits just outside the kitchen completing the lower floor of home 8/9C. Ascend the elegant staircase to the full-floor master suite graced with Western exposures of Central Park. The floor boasts two walk-in closets and two additional closets. The Botticino Marble master bathroom is replete with a standing shower and separate soaking tub. This floor also has an entrance that can be accessed from the 9th floor elevator. Adorned in coveted details, ample closets,

pristinely finished hardwood floors, this elegantly designed duplex is the ultimate Fifth Avenue home. 3% Flip Tax Paid by Buyer (or $45 per share whichever is greater) 870 Fifth Avenue is a 20 story cooperative with an entrance on 68th street. Residents enjoy white-glove service, full-time doorman, landscaped roof deck, resident gym, laundry room and a storage unit in the basement conveys with the apartment. This pet-friendly building is conveniently located in the heart of the Lenox Hill and is in close proximity to Central Park, the Museum Mile, fine dining, boutique shops and all public transportation.


LOOKING FOR VALUE IN THE heart of Chelsea? Look no further! This beautiful spacious 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom loft is one of a kind apartment, due to the fact that it was a combination of two apartments in the building. Masterfully designed by a well known NYC architect and designer, this apartment has soaring 11-foot ceilings and oversized windows that bring in natural light from its South and West exposures. The open kitchen features Carrara Marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, custom Solid wood cabinets, Tom Dixon lighting, wine cellar, built-in drawer microwave, subway tiles. A corner living room, with original whitewash wood floors, features a beautiful Marmorino brick fireplace and an acoustic insulation throughout.

The master bedroom features abundant custom fitted closets and an ensuite master bath, which features Tadelak plaster walls, porcelain tiles, Duravit fixtures, a rain shower, Dornbracht hardware and Artemide lighting.A second bedroom features spacious closets, a fire place and is located directly across from a second full bath, which features custom design porcelain tiles, a Duravit toilet with Sensowash heated seat, Robern medicine cabinets, Flos lighting. The third bedroom is also spacious and features abundant closet space.In addition to the 3 spacious bedrooms, enjoy an additional den/ media room with custom steel stairs, custom solid wood millwork (mezzanine rail and media unit). Chelsea Mews is a striking terra cotta clad former industrial building that was converted to loft apartments in 1984. The building features a 24-hour doorman with live-in superintendent. Amenities include an immaculately landscaped common roof deck, renovated hallways and laundry on every floor.Located between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, the building has ideal proximity to public transportation, the High Line, Eataly, Madison Square Park and all of the amazing food, nightlife and shopping that Chelsea and Flatiron have to offer.The co-op is pet friendly and allows pied-a-terres, gifting and co-purchasing. Maximum 80% financing and 2% flip tax paid by buyer or seller.

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new york.

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Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker 10 East 53rd Street, 15th Floor New York NY 10022 347.446.9088

Sofia is an accomplished real estate broker with over $350 million in sales completed to date. A native of Florence, Italy with fluency in four languages (English, Italian, French, and Spanish), she boasts not a stellar sales and service record, but a discerning clientele that spans the globe. Sofia began her real estate career in Italy negotiating international real estate transactions that included the rental and sale of luxury villas. She moved to New York City in 2005 and continued to excel in her career, providing the highest level of service to her clientele from across the country and around the world, including from London, Paris, Dubai, Qatar, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Israel.

Specializing in the Manhattan luxury market, this seasoned broker has been regularly featured in such major publications as the Wall Street Journal, Real Deal, China Daily USA, Real Estate Weekly, and others. She holds the prestigious REBNY Certified Negotiation Expert designation, which distinguishes her as a skilled negotiator on her clients’ behalf. Sofia is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York and FIABCI, an international real estate federation with a presence in 60 countries. She is also a young member of the Downtown Association, the oldest private Clubhouse of New York, and a member of the Core Club. In April 2015, out of hundreds of candidates, she achieved #3 status in the Native Society’s Top 10 Rising Stars in NYC Real Estate Brokerage, nominated by her peers and judged by leaders of all major NYC real estate firms. Currently, Sofia is furthering her expertise by pursuing an MBA in real estate project management. On the creative side, she is a classically-trained pianist and singer who loves music, gourmet food, reading, art and travel. Sofia is also an avid runner and an NYC marathon runner dedicated to raising money charitable causes.

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Sardinia, or in Italian ‘Sardegna’, is not a mainstream Mediterranean destination but a sophisticated Italian island, west of mainland Italy and south of Corsica. With over 1,800km of unspoilt coastline, it is renowned for beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, fascinating rock formations and...a lot of luxury boats. Being the second largest Mediterranean island, it has so much more to offer with history and vibrant towns with local traditions and colourful festivals. It is the perfect place to own a secondary residence.

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IN THE HEART OF PORTO CERVO, JUST A FEW STEPS away from the center, stands this amazing modern masterpiece. The villa frames views of the sea, the islands Mortorio and Soffi and Porto Cervo. The property features 5 luxury bedrooms with en suite bath, each one with private access to the outdoor spaces. True pride of the villa is the outdoor area with a 5 star infinity double-pool with relaxing waterfall, star lights and heating system, rooftop lounge with 360 degree views to bay and Porto Cervo. The home offers a unique movie theater, a beautiful spa with finnish sauna and outdoor gym equipped with spray refreshing system. The villa features eos full diffusion system, technical room, room for the staff with separate entrance, private bath and kitchenette, spacious loundry and storage rooms. This unique property sports a hill-top position in Porto Cervo’s most desirable location.

UN GIOIELLO NEL CUORE DI PORTO CERVO! COLDWELL Banker Luxury è lieta di presentare in esclusiva questo capolavoro in stile moderno. La villa offre una vista panoramica spettacolare sul mare e le isole Mortorio e Soffi e domina il golfo di Porto Cervo. La proprietà dispone di 5 lussuose camere da letto con bagno en suite, ognuna con accesso privato agli spazi esterni. Fiore all’occhiello della villa è l’area esterna con una doppia piscina a sfioro a 5 stelle con cascata relax, stelle luminose a fibra ottica e sistema di riscaldamento, area lounge panoramica con vista a 360 gradi sulla baia e su Porto Cervo. La proprietà offre un cinema unico, un bellissimo centro benessere con sauna finlandese e palestra all’aperto dotata di sistema di nebulizzazione. La villa dispone di un impianto eos di diffusione totale, locale tecnico, camera per il personale con ingresso indipendente, bagno privato e angolo cottura, ampi locali lavanderia e deposito.


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THE SPLENDID VILLA WITH THE SWIMMING POOL IN A dominant position has an incredible panoramic view of nature with its rocks of extraordinary shapes, Mediterranean plants and the wonderful sea of the Archipelago La Maddalena National Park. The precious natural materials used in the interiors of the villa make the property perfectly integrated into nature. The unique feature of this property is total and absolute privacy. Three large bedrooms, each with private bathroom and independent entrance. A semicircular covered terrace with beautiful arches connects all the rooms. Covered barbecue overlooking the sea equipped for cooking and eating outdoors. Covered parking. Swimming pool with luxurious Bisazza mosaic. The house is ideal for living all year round.

LA SPLENDIDA VILLA CON LA PISCINA IN POSIZIONE dominante ha un’incredibile vista panoramica sulla natura con le sue rocce della forme straordinarie, le piante mediterranee e il meraviglioso mare del Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago de La Maddalena. I preziosi materiali naturali utilizzati negli interni della villa rendono la proprietà perfettamente integrata nella natura. La caratteristica unica di questa proprietà è la privacy totale e assoluta. Tre ampie camere da letto, ognuna con bagno privato e ingresso indipendente. Una terrazza coperta semicircolare con bellissimi archi unisce tutte le stanze. Barbecue coperto con vista sul mare attrezzato per cucinare e mangiare all’aperto. Parcheggio coperto. Piscina con lussuoso mosaico di Bisazza. La casa è ideale per viverla tutto l’anno.


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VILLA IN CALA GRANU PC30103SA – 1.000.000.= EURO

IN THE CROSSROADS BETWEEN CALA GRANU and Porto Cervo Marina, a stone’s throw from the Giglio and Cala Granu beaches, we offer an enchanting home with a breathtaking view over Corsica and the La Maddalena Archipelago, with a swimming pool and circular ground. Completely covered in stone, it follows the features of the first architecture of the late seventies with wooden inlays designed by local artisans. The villa is elegant and reserved, central but secluded, an excellent combination for lovers of privacy and lovers of the Mediterranean scrub. The living room and the kitchen, thanks to large bright windows, enjoy a view of Corsica and the

72 |


sea facing it and dominate the exterior in correspondence with the equipped covered patio and the swimming pool. Fully furnished in Sardinian and Marine style with elegant and pleasant pastel tones. Three rooms that make up the property separated from the living area by an armored door, all with en suite service with window and grates in them. Video surveillance and air-conditioned, it also has an independent irrigation system and satellite system. Flowery and well-kept garden with wild juniper trees and typical shrubs. The swimming pool has its own adjacent sunbathing relaxation area. Car garage and parking space, electric gate.


NEL CROCEVIA FRA CALA GRANU E PORTO CERVO Marina a due passi dalla Spiaggia del Giglio e da quella di Cala Granu, proponiamo incantevole villa con affaccio mozzafiato sulla Corsica e sull’Arcipelago di La Maddalena, dotata di piscina e terreno in pianta circolare. Completamente rivestita in pietra ricalca le fattezze delle prime architetture di fine anni Settanta con intarsi in legno disegnati da artigiani locali. La villa si presenta elegante e riservata, centrale ma defilata, un ottimo connubio per gli amanti della privacy e gli amanti della macchia mediterranea. Il salone e la cucina abitabile, grazie ad ampie finestre luminose godono della vista sulla Corsica e sul

mare prospiciente e dominano l’esterno in corrispondenza del patio coperto attrezzato e della piscina. Completamente arredata in stile sardo e Marino con toni pastello eleganti e piacevoli. Tre le camere che compongono la proprietà separate dalla zona giorno tramite una porta blindata, tutte dotate di servizio en suite con finestra e grate nelle stesse. Video sorvegliata e climatizzata, presenta anche un autonomo sistema di irrigazione ed impianto satellitare. Giardino fiorito e ben curato con alberi di ginepro selvatici ed arbusti tipici. La piscina ha una sua area relax prendisole adiacente. Box auto e posto auto, cancello elettrico.

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sardinia. discovery

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INDEPENDENT HOME WITH DOUBLE SEA VIEW ON CALA DI VOLPE AND Pevero Golf Club. It’s an exclusive and unique property of its kind. The location is enchanting and allows you to enjoy the peace and silence of the surrounding nature and admire the 360-degree panorama. It dates back to the 80s and is one of the first villas built in the historic area of Cala di Volpe. The swimming pool is important with its patio and relaxation area. A dream come true.

VILLA INDIPENDENTE CON DOPPIA VISTA MARE MOZzafiato su Cala di Volpe e Pevero Golf Club. Si tratta di una proprietà esclusiva e unica nel suo genere. La posizione è incantevole e consente di godere della pace e del silenzio della natura circostante e di ammirare il panorama a 360 gradi. Risale agli anni 80 ed è una delle prime ville edificate nella storica zona di Cala di Volpe. La piscina è importante con il suo patio e zona relax. Un sogno che diventa realtà


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THE VILLA STANDS ON A PROmontory and enjoys a breathtaking view of the Costa Smeralda sea. The large garden houses a salt-water swimming pool, a bar area with a counter and various breakfast oases located here and there to choose from and defend against the mistral winds. Finally, a large covered terrace overlooking the sea. In the most reserved area adjacent to the villa there is a large barbecue and outdoor kitchen. The interior of the property is spread over 2 levels. On the first floor entrance hall with fireplace, living room, kitchenette, 2 double bedrooms, one with private bathroom and walk-in closet. Service bathroom also to the living area. Downstairs double bedroom, large bathroom with double sink and laundry room.

LA VILLA SORGE SU UN PROmontorio e gode di un panorama mozzafiato sul mare della Costa Smeralda. L’ampio giardino ospita una piscina d’acqua salata, un’area bar con bancone e varie oasi colazione dislocate qua e là da scegliere e difendersi dai venti di maestrale. Per finire ampia terrazza coperta vista mare. In zona più riservata adiacente la villa grande barbecue e cucina all’aperto. L’interno dell’immobile si sviluppa su 2 livelli. Al primo piano ingresso salotto con camino, soggiorno pranzo, cucinotto, 2 camere matrimoniali di cui una con bagno privato e cabina armadio. Bagno di servizio anche alla zona giorno. Al piano sottostante camera matrimoniale, ampio bagno con doppio lavabo e lavanderia.


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ROLLS-ROYCE MOTOR CARS announces new Ghost Extended, offering the indulgence of enhanced rear seating space with no compromise to Ghost’s driving dynamics. Ghost Extended is the product of an exhaustive process of consultation with a new generation of Rolls-Royce clients. This global, highly dynamic group of entrepreneurs expressed a desire for a chauffeur-driven business tool for the week that can transform into a serenely comfortable and dynamic self-driven saloon at the weekend. Ghost Extended is the response. First customer deliveries will be made in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The most rear legroom in a four-seat sedan with the exception of Phantom Extended


170mm longer than Ghost, offering greater space and legroom for rear-seat occupants

Ghost Extended offers 170mm more space than Ghost, providing more rear legroom than any four-seat sedan with the exception of a Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended. Customer centricity has informed every step of the development process. A key learning was that Ghost Extended customers wanted no compromise to Ghost’s pure, minimalist design. The marque’s designers worked to cloak the extra length by only extending the rear door and body around the rear door apertures, preserving the lines of the car.

80 |


Provides enhanced rear comfort with no compromise to driving dynamics

Presents own identity within minimalist Post-Opulent design philosophy


REAR SUITE SERENITY A suite of enhancements to the rear of the cabin reflects Ghost Extended’s flexibility. For the first time, a reclining Serenity Seat can be selected, offering a new dimension of rear seat comfort akin to a business jet cabin environment. The rear cabin also provides the perfect environment to transition from business to leisure. To enhance this, a Champagne fridge is provided between the rear seats and has been developed with exacting attention to the needs of the Rolls-Royce client. To achieve this, the marque’s engineers consulted

with a Master Sommelier. They learned that the optimum serving temperatures of non-vintage Champagne is around six degrees centigrade and vintage Champagnes is around 11 degrees centigrade. To that end, the refrigerator operates two cooling modes, chilling to six degrees and 11 degrees.

TECHNOLOGY WITHOUT OBTRUSION Ghost is the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever created. For Ghost Extended’s entrepreneurial customers, access to WiFi and cutting-edge infotainment systems is essential for use during the business day. However, technological functions have been deployed with care to reflect customer demand for a serene environment, free from unnecessary distractions. The commitment to delivering a pure, detoxifying space extends to the air within the cabin. To deliver this, Ghost is equipped with a new Micro-Environment Purification System (MEPS). This technology enhances existing air filtration systems through software and hardware. Highly sensitive Impurity Detection Sensors detect ambient air quality, automatically activating fresh air intakes into Recirculation Mode. If unacceptable levels of

airborne contaminants are detected, the air is passed through a nanofleece filter that is capable of removing nearly all ultra-fine particles within the cabin in less than two minutes. A suite of technologies enhances the driving experience in urban and country settings. This includes laser headlights with more than 600m of illuminated range and key safety enhancements including vision assist with day and night-time wildlife and pedestrian warning; alertness assistant; a four-camera system with panoramic view, all round-visibility and helicopter view; active cruise control; collision warning; cross traffic warning; lane departure and lane change warning. An industry-leading 7x3 high definition head-up display and self-park ensures absolute effortlessness whatever the driving conditions.

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TOSA CUCINE, LEADER IN THE FURNITUre and furnishing sector, is unique among Italian kitchen manufacturers for the exceptional flexibility of the design systems behind all its models - systems that allow Stosa kitchens to satisfy all possible needs of space and style, from modern to contemporary classic. Innovative materials, a vast range of colours and finishes, and the attention to detail typical of truly authentic Italian craftsmanship come together to create advanced design solutions inspired by constant technical research and unrivalled creativity, making all Stosa kitchens personal and unique.

Suspended tall units and base cabinets in matte Pomice glass and Rovere Nero (Natural). Central island in Basalt Black Satin Neoltih®. Plinth and groove handles: Nero Spazzolato.

ALIANT A blend of style and organisation, Aliant kitchens benefit from the modular design of the Evolution System: greater capacity base cabinets, deep drawers, tall units and wall units, two base cabinet shelves, tops that fit flush with the doors, attractive interiors, an 8 cm plinth and groove handles in Nero Spazzolato or Titanio that enhance the volumes and give the kitchen a geometric look made even more rigorous by its clean lines. Modular design allows Aliant kitchens to express themselves in so many different ways and create unique solutions for any environment. Attractive islands finished in HPL mimic the

82 |


textures of marble, stone or clay and complement the cooking range with refined, linear kitchen furniture enhanced by the transparency of glass. Aliant’s fascinating solutions even dialogue with the home’s living zone. The result is a robust and refined kitchen that matches your personality. This latest Aliant composition boasts a top and doors in Neolith, a sintered stone. This solid, compact and tough material belongs to a revolutionary family of materials developed over the last ten years to provide an innovative solution to the needs of architects and interior designers.

NEWPORT Newport kitchens are aimed at a global market and satisfy international tastes. Essential design allows wood - the noblest of materials - to find a contemporary form of expression. Typically classical details, like shaker doors and large areas of glass, merge perfectly into a kitchen composition characterised by evident linearity, making Newport kitchens extremely versatile and ideal for both metropolitan and traditional contexts. The doors’ lightweight peripheral frame features inward-sloping vertical elements that contrast with slender horizontal elements with practical handles. Stosa’s wide range of worktops, all perfectly compatible with the Rovere, smooth

decapĂŠ Frassino and matte lacquer finishes of the doors, give the Newport kitchen a decisively personality. The Newport range also includes living zone furnishings. Sideboards, open elements and suspended glass door units offer infinite design opportunities: compositions allow refined stylistic details to dialogue among themselves and cleverly flavour the warm sensations of wood with striking industrial chic touches. Newport blends the needs of style and tradition without renouncing the excellent ergonomics and functionality of Stosa kitchens, which are universally acclaimed for their innovative solutions and topquality materials.

Tall units and base cabinets in Rovere Avena. Glass-door wall units with door frames in Rovere Avena. Hood units with smooth doors in Lava lacquer. Worktop in natural white Carrara stone. Central island with shaker doors in Lava lacquer. Island worktop in natural white Carrara stone. Snack bar and legs in Rovere Avena. Backs: natural white Carrara stone Base cabinet plinth: Rovere Avena veneer Island base cabinets and plinth: Lava lacquer

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T THE TIME WHERE consumers are becoming more cautious about buying products and understanding where it’s coming from, what it’s made of, how it’s manufactured, and under what environment...big brands try their very best to preserve their house’s quality and integrity. Incontrast, the rest of the heavyweight brands lost their soul, replaced hand craftsmanship with the automated production line, and tarnished their history for corporate greed. Yet, they still call themselves “luxury”… You may have noticed a shift in consumers’ behaviour and their return to buy good craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics, and impeccable tailoring. People are starting to understand that they don’t need to stay loyal to brands and become a walking billboard to keep a particular image and pay mostly for a logo than a product. Understanding Luxury is buying the right thing, not

every entry level item loudest logo. The increase of digital intensification, social media, and high quality personalised digital experiences is giving silent luxury visibility and power on a grand scale. They can now achieve their full potential and play a significant role in raising their Independent and authentic brands. The brands that are showing consistency in high-quality and creativity with consideration for our planet are now more desirable. These so-called luxury brands, focused on selling conspicuous glitzy, compromised quality products with a prominent logo have diminished their brand value by overexposing it and lowering their standards. We, as consumers have a responsibility to buy sustainable and uncompromised quality. I believe it is time for the world to see the light and realise that being the billboard for someone else is not so glamourous. S.Moore - Fashion Editor

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Many foreign investors are attracted by Portugal’s assets, namely a quality of life, a relaxed and authentic setting, a very attractive cost of living, and increasingly cosmopolitan cities. It is these strengths that have made Portugal the ideal place in Europe and the world to live or invest. In 2019, more than half of all real estate transactions in Portugal were purchased by foreigners. Portugal has achieved something that seemed impossible to get out of the economic crisis in less than ten years and become a key destination for real estate investment. Today, it is one of the most attractive countries in the world and attracts more and more international buyers every year. Property prices in Portugal soared by almost 8% (7.7% in real terms) y-o-y in November 2019, to an average price of ₏1,312 per square metre, based on figures released by the InstitutoNacional de Estatistica (INE).

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SUPERB CONTEMPORARY VILLA- EXAMPLE of perfect balance with nature, next to Estoril Golf Course. Designed by Guedes Cruz Arquitectos Atelier, this luxury villa extends along a gentle slope of 5,000m2 to the Estoril golf course, with different plans that create true living paintings of the grove, a beautifully manicured garden and swimming pool. Social area - (on 2 floors): Entrance hall, living room, dining room, with access to large terrace, games room, library and conservatory, cinema room, 3 half baths. Private area - Master suite – with walk-in closet and terrace; 2 suites, with walk-in closet, one of them with a terrace; two Junior suites. Service area - Fully equipped kitchen with breakfast area, pantry, staff suite, laundry / utility room. Covered patio. Staff accommodation - with living room, bedroom, kitchen, IS. Garage - 4/5 cars, with plug in charging system and 2 outdoor parking areas. Equipment – Home automation, elevator, 2 heated swimming pools (the outdoor pool has an electric cover), gym, sauna, Turkish bath, wine cellar, air conditioning, solar panels, borehole water, video surveillance, garden lighting, automatic irrigation.

COLDWELL BANKER LUXUS CASCAIS Número de referencia: CB01-0055 | Price € 6 500 000 Pedro Novaes (+35)1919589053 pedronovaes@cbluxus.pt

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AND 8 ROOMS, FOR SALE IN SANTO ESTÊVÃO, BENAVENTE IN A REGION KNOWN FOR THE RICE FIELDS, PLANES to lose sight and ideal for equestrian activities, is the ‘Monte dos Duques’. A few kilometers from the village of ‘Santo Estevão’, this exceptional property is surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal and has in its proximity two golf courses. Served by land access by motorway and just 30 minutes from Lisbon international airport, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, this property offers the perfect setting to relax in an area close to the Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve. Located in Ribatejo’s extensive wetland area, the ‘Monte dos Duques’ is a unique property with 32 hectares, which allows you to enjoy the peace, tranquility and security characteristics of Portugal. A compliment to rural life, the homestead is ideal for agricultural and livestock activities with its vast areas of riding, grazing and artificial lake. Horse lovers also find perfect conditions here, with the riding arena and polo field on the neighboring property. Leisure is not forgotten, and the swimming pool and the extensive lawn (where you can land a helicopter) plus the tennis court promise hours of fun. In addition to the beauty of the property, the main house is also a prominent spot on the ‘Monte dos Duques’. Constructed according to traditional standards, it was designed by the architect António José Brito e Cunha

and finished by the architect Maria José Salavisa in 1995. As the excellent sun exposure and privileged view over the fields, the building has more than 1500 square meters of floor space and highlights for quality details and materials. The vaulted ceilings in ancient brick and tiles, an old Portuguese art, are one of the great assets of the house. Apart from the beauty and character they provide to the spaces, they are essential to maintain proper temperatures in each season, conserving the heat in the winter after being warmed by one of the six fireplaces and keeping it cool in the summer. Another singular aspect is the stone floors of the ground floor, idealized by the architect Maria José Salavisa. Due to the complexity of leveling old slabs from monasteries, it took two years and the manual work of three people to finish this unique element of the house. Already on the top floor, the one of the rooms, the tropical wood of ‘Ipê’, coming from Brazil, provides a welcoming character. The bathrooms and the main rooms also received special attention with the application of hand-painted tiles from Sant’Anna Factory, founded in 1741. From the tropical to the rural landscape motifs, tiles are one of the main decorative elements, complementing the rustic atmosphere of the remaining house, which also has details such as fitted wardrobes and doors in solid wood. The main house consists of six en-suite bedrooms, two living rooms with fireplace, dining room with fireplace, fully equipped kitchen, laundry space and pantry. The property also includes a guest house, the house of the housekeepers, garages and several spaces for agriculture machinery.

COLDWELL BANKER LUXUS CASCAIS Número de referencia: CB01-0004 | Price € 5 500 000

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IN PRÍNCIPE REAL, ONE OF THE MOST ARISTOCRATIC and central neighborhoods of the city of Lisbon, the Faria Palace is reborn. Its location, the most trendy in the city, offers fantastic views and its centuries-old garden contrasts with the surroundings, full of life and color, which lasts several blocks. The target of a deep rehabilitation, by the hand of the award-winning Architect Souto Moura, the Faria Palace thus becomes a luxury housing condominium with only six apartments, five in the palace (T3 to T5+1) and a Villa with garden (T3), in which one of the main features is the amplitude of space, with areas be-

tween 220 and 390m² of gross private area and generous right feet. Located on the ground water of the old mansion, with 314 m² of area and 178 m² of gardens, we have a 3 bedroom apartment, which for its unique features and details, make it one of the most extraordinary spaces of this development. We talk about the page with autonomous access by the main façade, with direct entrance to the living room, allowing a space amplitude and a glamour never seen before. History, comfort, sophistication and timelessness. Everything you can enjoy in this development.

COLDWELL BANKER LUXUS CASCAIS Número de referencia: CB01-0057B | Price € 3 500 000

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THE PROMENADE BUILDING, SANTOS, LISBOA PENTHOUSES. SEVEN BEDROOMS APARTMENT with 441,85 sqm of private area and 415,60 sqm of terrace. Eight parking place, storage, swimming pool, fitth floor. The riverside are of Santos has been prized for the requalification and revitalization, both commercial and residential. The Promenade building, in a privileged location next to Cais do Sodré, is a new construction that will lead directly to the river Tagus promenade. This development offers apartments with typologies 1 to 6 duplex bedrooms with areas between 69 and 448 sqm, where most of the fractions benefit from a frontal or lateral river view and the penthouses also have a swimming pool. The Promenade also has an indoor pool and gym as well as a hobby workshop equipped with a three-car workshop, plastic arts studio, shipyard, sound studio and a 24hour Lobby Bar.

COLDWELL BANKER LUXUS CASCAIS Número de referencia: CB01-0006AU | Price € 7 950 000

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PALÁCIO FARIA ‘EXOTIC TASTE. EXTRAORDINARY SPACE’ LUXURY DEVELOPMENT IN PRÍNCIPE REAL, ONE OF THE MOST ARISTOCRATIC and central neighborhoods of the city of Lisbon, the Faria Palace is reborn. Its location, the most trendy in the city, offers fantastic views and its centuries-old garden contrasts with the surroundings, full of life and color, which lasts several blocks. The target of a deep rehabilitation, by the hand of the award-winning Architect Souto Moura, the Faria Palace thus becomes a luxury housing condominium with only six apartments, five in the palace (T3 to T5+1) and a Villa with garden (T3), in which one of the main features is the amplitude of space, with areas between 220 and 390m² of gross private area and generous right feet. Located on the 1st floor of the old mansion, with 347 m² of area and 26 m² of balconies, we find the apartment T5+1. With an extraordinary right foot, a configuration worthy of generous families, which combines leisure and convivial areas, with areas of refuge and tranquility, with maximum comfort and harmony. History, comfort, sophistication and timelessness. Everything you can enjoy in this development.

COLDWELL BANKER LUXUS CASCAIS Número de referencia: CB01-0057C | Price € 3 800 000

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costa brava.

The Costa Brava boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in Spain. As a result property in Costa Brava is in demand, as more and more buyers become aware of the areas many attractions including its vibrant cities, beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, excellent climate and breathtaking scenery. All of this combines to create a hugely attractive lifestyle for its fortunate residents. Tourism is also very buoyant in the region, making it an ideal location for anyone planning to invest in a holiday home abroad.

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costa brava.


100 | AUTUMN 2020

VILLA DE LUJO CON VISTAS panorámicas a la Cala de Aiguafreda en una situación privilegiada. Zona muy tranquila, a cinco minutos de la cala y a diez minutos del centro del pueblo de Begur. Construida a mediados de los 80 y muy recientemente renovada en su totalidad con un aire moderno.La propiedad cuenta con 220 m² construidos en parcela de 1.680 m² y con piscina privada.

Está edificada en tres niveles. En la planta de entrada encontramos recibidor, 1 aseo de cortesía y vestidor. Descendiendo al segundo nivel encontramos espacio abierto a salón con chimenea, comedor con salida a gran terraza con magníficas vistas al mar, cocina completa y 1 suite con baño con ducha y acceso a zona piscina. La planta de abajo cuenta con 3 suites con sus respectivos baños, siendo uno de ellos con bañera y los demás con ducha. Observaciones: Grandes ventanales con vistas impresionantes desde todas las estancias. Orientación sur, totalmente protegida del viento de tramontana y muy soleada durante todo el día. Calefacción. Aire acondicionado. Piscina privada.

COLDWELL BANKER PRESTIGE BEGUR Número de referencia: GI07004CB Áurea Pinilla (+34) 625 482 746

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costa brava.

102 | AUTUMN 2020

VILLA SITUADA EN EL TÉRMINO DE PALAMÓS, COSTA BRAVA EXCELENTE VILLA DE LUJO QUE DISPONE de una superficie construida de 643 m² sobre parcela de 1.490 m². La propiedad está situada en la prestigiosa zona residencial de “Cala Margarida” en Palamós, a tan solo 150 metros de la playa de Cala Margarida, La Fosca. La casa edificada en 3 plantas, se distribuye de la siguiente manera: La planta baja consta de recibidor, salón, comedor y acceso directo al jardín, piscina, cocina completa con comedor, 2 dormitorios dobles y baño con ducha. La primera planta está compuesta por 5 dor-

mitorios, todos ellos en suite, entre los cuales se encuentra la master suite con vestidor y extensa terraza privada con vistas al mar. En la planta sótano hay gimnasio con Jacuzzi y sauna, bodega, sala de billar, sala de cine, lavadero, sala de máquinas y garaje. Apartamento para el servicio con cocina, salón, 1 dormitorio y baño con ducha. Observaciones: Acabados de gran calidad, suelos y azulejos de cerámica. Cuenta con electrodomésticos de alta gama. Hilo musical. Alarma. Aire acondicionado con bomba de calor. Gran zona de piscina estilo chill-out con bar y cocina. Casita de obra con barbacoa.

COLDWELL BANKER PRESTIGE BEGUR Número de referencia: GI07004CB | Precio € 2.400.000 Áurea Pinilla (+34) 625 482 746

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costa brava.

104 | AUTUMN 2020


Costa Brava Managing Director +34 972 307 827 +34 625 482 746 aurea@cb-prestige.com Áurea acumuló una extensa experiencia de 10 años en el sector inmobiliario antes de unirse a Coldwell Banker Prestige Begur, aunque estudió Imagen y Sonido. Actualmente es una de las mayores especialistas en propiedades de lujo de la Costa Brava, y su gran objetivo profesional es que Coldwell Banker lidere el mercado inmobiliario en esta zona. Optimista por naturaleza, le apasiona viajar, leer, y cualquier plato de marisco o pescado. Como buena enamorada del mar, adora vivir en la Costa Brava y su casa ideal sería de una sola planta y con vistas al Mediterráneo.

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Barcelona has become one of the first tourist destinations in Spain. It has everything to please the majority of visitors with a history among the oldest in Europe. Barcelona is a city full of life that never sleeps. The variety of artistic treasures, the romanesque churches

AUTUMN 2020 2020 106 |AUTUMN

and the great names in modern art and architecture, Dali, Gaudi, Miro, Picasso is simply the city of marvels. Barcelona seats between the sea and the mountains, and has the reputation of being the most cosmopolitan, modern and avant-garde city in Spain.

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108 | AUTUMN 2020

IMPECABLE CASA MODERNA CON PISCINA Y JARDÍN IMPECABLE CASA MODERNA DE 350 M² en una fantástica parcela de 600 m² con piscina y jardín privado, con muy buena distribución: En planta principal disponemos de un agradable hall de entrada que te deja ver la bonita escalera de diseño y vistas al jardín. Amplio salón-comedor a dos ambientes con salida a agradable porche o comedor de verano y acceso directo a jardín con piscina privada. Luminosa y bonita cocina totalmente equipada con agradable office y salida directa a jardín. Habitación con baño de servicio, zona de aguas. Aseo de cortesía y acceso al parking para 2 vehículos interior + 3 o 4 vehículos exterior. En la 2ª planta, disponemos de 3 habitaciones (1 de ellas en suite con baño y vestidor) dos tienen salida a una agradable terraza con bonitas vistas a mar y a la ciudad. En el distribuidor disponemos de un pequeño closed o habitación de armarios, que da acceso a la amplia y majestuosa habitación principal en suite de unos 35-40 m² con baño completo que dispone de ducha, bañera y unas bonitas vistas.

En la 3ª planta, disponemos de una amplia suite de 35-40 m² con chimenea (actualmente sala de estar), baño completo, vestidor y salida a un solárium de 60 m² con fantásticas vistas al mar y panorámicas a la ciudad. Casa con instalación cerrada de cámaras y vigilancia 24h. Dentro de un recinto privado que se compone de tan sólo 3 casas. Muy cerca de los colegios internacionales, acceso directo a las rondas y a 5′ minutos de Avinguda Diagonal. Situado al oeste de la ciudad se sitúa el exclusivo barrio de Pedralbes. Su nombre proviene del catalán antiguo “Petras Albas” (piedras blancas) en referencia a las piedras blancas del Monasterio Medieval y ya aparece documentado en el año 986. Siempre ha estado vinculado al lujo y a las clases altas. De hecho fue el lugar elegido por Elisenda de Montcada, cuarta esposa del rey Jaume II, para fundar en 1327 el monasterio de la Clarisas que aún sigue en pie. Las propiedades en Pedralbes son ideales para las personas que busquen vivir en una zona tranquila y residencial sin altos edificios. Donde se encuentra una de las avenidas más exclusivas de la ciudad, la Avenida Pearson. Las casas de Pedralbes son escogidas por las familias que buscan un estilo de vida privado pero al mismo tiempo cerca de la ciudad. Estas familias suelen escogen el barrio ya que en el se encuentran los colegios internacionales. El aeropuerto esta solo a 15 minutos en coche. Muchas de sus propiedades destacan por incluir parkings cerrados, vigilancia 24 horas y terrazas con vistas a la ciudad o al Tibidabo.

COLDWELL BANKER PRESTIGE BARCELONA Número de referencia: B02220BA | Precio € 2.060.000 Daniel Cano (+34) 931 595 095 (+34 ) 650 430 607 daniel@cb-prestige.com

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CASA CON VISTAS IMPRESIONANTES Y MÁXIMA PRIVACIDAD IMPRESIONANTE CASA UNIFAMILIAR con vistas de Barcelona, en proceso de reforma, con un precioso jardín a pie plano con piscina desbordante. Situado en una de las zonas con más privacidad de Pedralbes. Está distribuida en 4 alturas: En la zona noble encontramos el hall de entrada, un fantástico salón, un amplio comedor, la cocina totalmente equipada, un despacho y un baño de cortesía. Ésta planta tiene unas fabulosas vistas del jardín y piscina. En la primera planta tenemos una zona de noche con la suite principal con vestidor y terraza, y 4 suites adicionales. La segunda planta alberga otra suite con terraza que disfruta de unas espectaculares vistas. En el sótano encontramos la habitación de invitados/de servicio con baño completo. Dispone de una zona de ocio con home cinema, baño turco y baño completo. Tiene un parking con capacidad para 6 coches.

COLDWELL BANKER PRESTIGE BARCELONA Número de referencia: B06267BA | Precio € 11.500.000 Ingrid Lluís (+34) 32 413 082 (+34 ) 625 482 740

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MODERNA CASA REFORMADA CON VISTAS FANTÁSTICA CASA ADOSADA TOTALMENTE reformada de diseño, con una superfície de 350m², con jardín y piscina y magníficas vistas a Barcelona. Ubicada en Can Caralleu, en Sarrià. Muy cerca de un excelente gimnasio/club social, transporte público y acceso directo a la Ronda de Dalt, en una zona rodeada de colegios internacionales, el Mercat de Sarrià. La vivienda unifamiliar se compone de una planta principal con agradable terraza chill-out, con pérgola y bancos de madera, zona de barbacoa y comedor exterior para 10 personas. En el interior, un hall de entrada nos lleva al espacio diáfano que contiene un salón a dos ambientes y comedor con grandes ventanales. La moderna cocina está totalmente equipada y está semi-in-

tegrada al salón-comedor. Completan el espacio un aseo de cortesía, despensa y habitación de servicio con baño y sala de plancha. La primera planta contiene la suite principal: dormitorio con grandes ventanales y vistas despejadas de la ciudad, gran vestidor, baño completo y despacho, con una agradable terraza. La segunda planta tiene dos habitaciones con sus respectivos baños completos y ventanales y una luminosa sala de estudio/sala de juegos. En la azotea encontramos una gran terraza/solárium con piscina privada y vistas panorámicas a Barcelona, Tibidabo y el Parc de Collserola. En el sótano está la zona de aguas y parking para 2-3 coches más motos y bicis. Servicio de consergería y vigilancia 24h.

COLDWELL BANKER PRESTIGE BARCELONA Número de referencia: B07298BA | Precio € 1.800.000 Daniel Cano (+34) 931 595 095 (+34) 650 430 607 daniel@cb-prestige.com

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MAJESTUOSO PISO CON VISTAS A LA PEDRERA FABULOSA VIVIENDA EN ESTADO impecable con acabados de primera calidad. Ubicada en Passeig de Gràcia, uno de los lugares más demandados de la ciudad, con unas vistas espectaculares de La Pedrera de Gaudí. En un edificio de 1885 que perteneció a los Condes de Brias, con elementos neoclásicos y modernistas. La fachada dispone de ménsulas esculpidas y balcones de balaustrada. En la zona terminal del edificio se concentran los elementos arquitectónicos más significativos, la tribuna noble sobre la que destaca una cúpula revestida de cobre. La vivienda se compone de un gran salón de techos altos con molduras y salida a tres balcones amplios con espectaculares vistas a La Pedrera.

114 |


La zona de noche consta de 4 dormitorios con vestidores y 3 baños completos de travertino, más un aseo de cortesía. Todas las estancias tienen parquet, armarios empotrados y carpintería con doble cristal climalit. Ideal para inversores muy exigentes que buscan una pieza única en la calle con más demanda de Barcelona.

COLDWELL BANKER PRESTIGE BARCELONA Número de referencia: B07322BA | Rango De Compra: 3 M – 5 M Marso Novi (+34) 932 413 002 (+34) 659 935 917 marso@cb-prestige.com

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Rome is the the capital of Italy, a thriving city, a wonderful place to live and work and a prosperous city with a blooming economy and a vibrant, diverse city. It is not only one of Europe’s major tourism destinations but is also ranked as one of the top ten most attractive cities in Europe in terms of foreign direct investments. Rome’s tourism sector is extremely strong and is growing so fast that there are numerous opportunities for foreign investment opening up within this field. Real estate is proving to be extremely attractive to foreign investors, and is becoming a key industry for them.

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TERRAZZA FEDRO, A NEW FORM OF LIVING IN ROME IMAGINE TO BE ADMIRING THE LANDSCAPE OF ROME, relaxed in your private pool, when the long shadows of a perfect summer sunset magnify the classic forms of the Eternal City, designed and built by those who shaped Western culture. Terrazza Fedro is the new form of living in Rome: an exclusive and prestigious residential complex made of luxury homes, that are about to come to light against one of the most stunning belvederes of the Eternal City: Monte Mario. An absolute novelty in the real estate market of the Capital of Italy, with no other equivalents. A resort immersed in green, a newly built complex with the added value of contemporary design and fully equipped services. An architecture of international scope, unique in its genre, where luxury and fully customised spaces meet, able to sa-

WWW.TERRAZZAFEDRO.IT Facebook @TerrazzaFedro | Instagram @terrazzafedroroma

118 |


tisfy all the demands of those who will want to live in Terrazza Fedro. The client is Green Stone, the first umbrella-fund, closed-end investment company in the Italian real estate sector, with residential projects in development both in Rome and Milan. A team of site architects, together with a pool of interior designers, has been involved in the redesign of the rooms and in the decoration of these prestigious and high-end spaces. The exclusive partnerships established with some of the most famous and firstclass Italian brands in the field of furniture and product design have made all this possible. Like the small jewel-up crown of Terrazza Fedro, the attics and the rooftops stand out as the most iconic elements of the project. A frame of luxury and elegance, where you can enjoy a view like no other.

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120 | AUTUMN 2020

LUXURY HOMES, SURROUNDED BY GREEN AND WITH A VIEW ON THE CITY THE HILLS OF ROME STAND OUT AGAINST THE SKY, THE rooftops of the city seem to stretch out until the footsteps of Monte Mario, green surrounds the classic-inspired architecture of the site. From Terrazzo Fedro, a tiny complex comprised of only 34 apartments – located in a perfect position, protected from the city noise and traffic, immersed in luscious gardens and tree-lined paths –, the view stretches out to the center of Rome, a UNESCO site, home to some of the most famous artistic and architectural beau-

ties in the entire world. This new residential complex, structured in four buildings, looks over the Prati neighborhood, a symbol of elegance and exclusiveness, but also onto Vatican City and Saint Peter’s Basilica, with its unmistakable cupola that has been dominating Rome’s skyline since centuries. Two steps away, the prestigious Villa Miani and the elegant Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria resort emerge, alongside La Pergola, the renown three-star Michelin restaurant led by the chef Heinz Beck.

WWW.TERRAZZAFEDRO.IT Facebook @TerrazzaFedro | Instagram @terrazzafedroroma

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122 | AUTUMN 2020

YOUR DREAM HOME CONTEMPORARY LINES, EXCLUSIVE trends, new living solutions. Inhabiting Terrazza Fedro means entering a residential dimension where exclusiveness meets the prestige of an important architectural signature, giving life to a new concept of contemporary urban living. Without a doubt, the design of these luxury homes represents a breaking point with the traditional way of building, attained through the embrace of a new philosophy of design, based on the relationship between the construction artifact, the human being and nature. Colours and materials make it an outstanding architectural work, an icon and a symbol of classicism and of the future that will come. The apartments, available in several types that go from a two-room to a five-room duplex, thanks to a perfect equilibrium between the different souls of the project, guarantee the comfort and wellbeing to those who will inhabit them. The living room, the convivial heart of the house, opens up to the terraces through its big glass doors. The private sphere, instead, finds its ideal solution in the precious single and double suites, characterized by a distinctive design. The loggias are true openair lounges, designed to live en plein air the whole year, taking advantage of the favorable climate of the city. The ample external spaces look over the natural landscape. With the option of being furnished, they are characterized

by soft and irregular shapes. The wellness space looking over the dome is one of the key elements of this unique, contemporary and urban idea of luxury. The choice of the precious materials that characterize its internal spaces: this is also the uniqueness of Terrazza Fedro. A catalogue of marble, ceramic and fine wood tells the story and the essence of this project, allowing for a variety of chromatic and material combinations. They will meet the needs of those who have style, and will appreciate its contemporary character, always in an harmonious relationship with the classic and the surrounding landscape. Warm colours and bold shades confer luminosity to the spaces and allow for a combination of elements with an innovative design. And to allow the maximum level of customization, Molteni&C|Dada and Ethimo, two renown leaders in the sector of interior design, have been involved in the project.

WWW.TERRAZZAFEDRO.IT Facebook @TerrazzaFedro | Instagram @terrazzafedroroma

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ITALY’S MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS 221 Real Estate is a proud partner of Affida, a leading Italian mortgage provider. By using 221 agents you can benefit of our relationship with the opportunity to get your dream property or investment financed.

124 | AUTUMN 2020

some of Affida banking partners.

why affida.

The president Stefano Grassi, has been in the mortgage world for over twenty years and with a team of over 200 trained professionals they work hard every day to give you the best mortgage. With the experience and knowledge of the mortgage industry, Affida has one of the strongest Italian banking recognition and offer unparalleled service to its clients.

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126 | AUTUMN 2020



TUSCANY www.221realestate.com | 127


128 | AUTUMN 2020


TALY’S MOST CULTURALLY-RICH REGION with exceptional marine and costal facilities share its borders with Lazio, Umbria, Marche, Emilia Romagna and Liguria. The region is divided into ten provinces, all of which are special in their own way : Massa Carrara, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno, Grosses, Pistoia, Prato, Arezzo, Siena and its capital Florence is birth place to some of the most famous Italian Renaissance art and architecture in the world, to name a few Michelangelo’s “David” statue, Botticelli’s works in the Uffizi and the Duomo basilica. This most beautiful city is a combination of open air museum and major fashion hub, home to big names in a fashion world like Roberto Cavalli and Salvatore Ferragamo. Tuscany first started to pick up its history in the Bronze and Iron Ages, starting at around 1,100 B.C. A lot of controversy between religion was brought up in the early times of Tuscany, and eventually the land was essentially split into two. Each province having its own strength, for instance, one in banking, another having a dock, specializing in silk, and more. But that time is when Florence rose to the top as the cultural capital, and still holds the title for the most populated province.

The land comprises of around 66% steady slopes, not mountains, however these slopes highlight the most stunning dusks one will ever witnessed. Tuscany’s beach holidays are ideal opportunity to appreciate the boundless golden sand beaches and Mediterranean sea. From dawn to dusk, you can enjoy the delights of the most amazing endless beaches and mouth-watering cuisine of the region with much sought after Tuscan wines like Montecarlo white wine and classic Chianti reds or perhaps one of the a super wines from a unique grey and blue clay of Masseto hill. When you are the proud owner of free standing villas or apartment in a most romantic Italian region with spectacular sea views, vineyards, great restaurant ,cultural and fashion events ,international airport close to Pisa and regional airport in Florence, you are living in la dolce vita dream.

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HISTORICAL VILLA IN MONTEPULCIANO, SIENA IT THE PROPERTY DATES BACK TO THE 1790 WITH architectural features of the House of the reclamation of the Valdichiana more known as “House Leopoldina” with a central tower shaped hipped roof “Cloister-vault”, and with its rural outbuildings used until 1970 for drying tobacco, all surrounded by a 1.5 hectare plot with garden of native plants perfectly cured, an orchard and an area for outdoor dining room equipped with a gazebo. Situated in Montepulciano whose history dates back to the Etruscans (4th century BC), is famous for its excellent vineyards producing the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG. Montepulciano, Siena, lies at an altitude of 605 metres and is located between the Valdichiana and the Val d’Orcia. This type of property, of which there is a very wide historiographic documents, historical heritage unique in the world, is a peculiarity of Tuscan countryside called della Valdichiana: were the first rural houses that, in 1700, sprang up among the farms in following the continuation of the reclamation of the Valdichiana by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Peter Leopold I of Lorraine. The main villa of 724 square meters. trading was perfectly and elegantly restored with arches, vaults and crosses and luxury amenities. The renovation of the property has followed the principles of bio-architecture and all the materials used are natural and eco-friendly in the spirit of an ecologically sustainable use, supplemented by an electrical systems made with demotic BTicino, world leader in the sector. The villa is part of the cadastre Leopoldino of Florence which has only 120 original houses of similar type, but this is a real masterpiece in Val di Chiana: is one of the few survivors who kept untouched the brick vaults dating year of construction. The Villa has three floors, the ground floor and first floor measure 334 sqm, plus a “Dovecot” measuring 56 square meters (livable and usable as studio, which

130 | AUTUMN 2020

offers unbeatable views both out of Montepulciano for Cortona). In the Villa you enter the ground floor through a main entrance, where there is a toilet for guests, which opens into a hallway to a spacious (24 sqm) and modern Italian design kitchen, a dining room (24 sqm) before entering into an im West 147mq salon, consisting of three adjacent areas separated by arches with a monumental fireplace. The entire ground floor is open plan, made even more pleasant by the choice of using a white resin seamless flooring. Also located on the ground floor there is a laundry and an interesting room, with a separate external access, currently used as a warehouse but it can easily become a liveable area, already prepared according with en suite bathroom, for possible Maid or janitor. On the first floor is reached by a beautiful original stone staircase. Magnificent is the large living room with a height of over four meters, with its original fireplace, the corners of which you get to four bedrooms with bathroom and master bedroom (45 sqm.), preceded by a two-storey wardrobe with one bathroom (5 MQ.) that precedes the large bathroom (24 square metres). The master bedroom is accessed via a staircase, “colombaia” (56 sqm.) well lit. The complex also has two annexes, with a total of 194 square meters, still partly to be reclaimed but in good condition. In some of these there is the pellet boiler can heat the whole House and connected with a system where you can customize the activation in the various areas of the House, and water plants.

LA VILLA RISALE AL 1790 CON CARAtteristiche architettoniche di Casa della bonifica della Valdichiana più nota come “Casa Leopoldina” con torre centrale a forma di tetto a padiglione “Cloister-vault”, e con i suoi annessi rurali utilizzati sino al 1970 per l’essiccazione del tabacco, il tutto immerso in un terreno di 1,5 ettari con giardino di piante autoctone perfettamente curato, un frutteto e un’area per i pranzi all’aperto attrezzata con un gazebo. Situata in Montepulciano la cui storia risale agli Etruschi (IV secolo a.C), è famosa per gli eccellenti vigneti che producono il Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG. Montepulciano, in provincia di Siena, si trova ad un’altitudine di 605 metri ed è situato tra la Valdichiana e la Val d’Orcia. Questa tipologia di immobili, di cui esiste una amplissima documentazione storiografica, patrimonio storico unico al mondo, è una peculiarità della campagna toscana denominata della Valdichiana: furono le prime case rurali che, nel 1700, sorsero in mezzo ai poderi in seguito alla prosecuzione della bonifica della Valdichiana per opera del Granduca di Toscana Pietro Leopoldo I° di Lorena. La villa principale di 724 mq. commerciali è stata perfettamente ed elegantemente ristrutturata con archi, volte e traverse a vista e finiture di lusso. E’ possibile realizzare una piscina. La ristrutturazione della proprietà ha seguito i principi della bioarchitettura e tutti i materiali utilizzati sono naturali ed eco-compatibili nello spirito di un uso ecologicamente sostenibile, completati da una impiantistica elettrica realizzata con demotica BTicino, leader mondiale del settore. La villa fa parte del Catasto Leopoldino di Firenze che annovera solo 120 case originali di simile tipologia, ma questa rappresenta un vero e proprio masterpiece in Val di Chiana: è una delle pochissime, superstiti, che conservava intatte le volte in mattoni risalenti all’anno di costruzione.

Coldwell Banker Prime Properties (+39) 06 89671280 Price: $ 3,736,495

La Villa si sviluppa su tre livelli, il piano terra e il primo piano misurano 334 mq, più una “colombaia” che misura 56 mq (vivibile e utilizzabile come studio, da cui si gode una vista impareggiabile sia su Montepulciano che su Cortona).

Nella Villa si entra al piano terra attraverso un ingresso principale, dove si trova un bagno di servizio per gli ospiti, che si apre in un disimpegno di accesso ad una spaziosa (24 mq.) e moderna cucina di design italiano, ad una sala da pranzo (24 mq.) per poi entrare in un imponente salone di 147mq , composto da tre aree adiacenti separate da archi con un monumentale camino. Tutto il piano terra è open space, reso ancor più piacevole dalla scelta di utilizzare un pavimento in resina bianca senza soluzione di continuità. Sempre situato al piano terra c’è una lavanderia e un interessante stanza, con un accesso esterno separato, attualmente utilizzata come magazzino ma che può facilmente diventare una zona vivibile, già impiantisticamente predisposta con bagno privato, per l’eventuale donna di servizio o custode. Al primo piano si arriva attraverso una stupenda scala in pietra originale. Magnificente è l’ampio soggiorno con una altezza di oltre quattro metri, con il suo camino originale, agli angoli del quale si arriva alle quattro camere da letto con bagno ed alla camera da letto padronale (45 mq.), preceduta da un guardaroba a due piani, con uno antibagno (5 mq.) che antecede il grande bagno (24 mq.). Dalla stanza da letto padronale si accede, tramite una scala, “colombaia” (56 mq.) ben illuminata. Il complesso immobiliare ha inoltre due annessi, per un totale di 194 mq, in parte ancora da bonificare ma in buone condizioni. In una parte di questi è sistemata la caldaia a pellet in grado di riscaldare tutta la casa e collegata con un sistema in cui è possibile personalizzare l’attivazione nelle varie aree della casa, e gli impianti dell’acqua.

www.221realestate.com | 131

Majestic Tuscany

132 | AUTUMN 2020

“CASA ISOLA” EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY, IN CANNELLE AREA. Bedrooms 3, Bathrooms 3 € 1.350.000 Rif: V482 Coldwell Banker Argentario +39 0564 815900 Cassiano Sabatini + 39 335 6916221; portosantostefano@cbitaly.it

Elegant villa located in one of the most popular areas of Monte Argentario. You can enjoy breathtaking sea view towards the island of Giglio and Giannutri and spend pleasant moment in front of amazing sunsets; even from the inside of the house. The villa is surrounded by a private park that guarantee the maximum privacy and tranquillity. The insteriors, recently renovated, are made with high-quality materials, and the windows let the property be luminous and bright. Beaches eaches are a few minutes afar

Elegante villa situata in una delle zone più rinomate di Monte Argentario. Dalla proprietà si può godere di una vista mare mozzafiato verso l’isola del Giglio e Giannutri e trascorrere piacevoli momenti davanti a tramonti meravigliosi; anche dall’interno della casa. La villa è circondata da un parco privato che garantisce la massima privacy e tranquillità. Gli interni, recentemente ristrutturati,sono realizzati con materiali di pregio, e le numerose finestre rendono l’immobile particolarmente luminoso. Le spiagge distano pochi minuti.

www.221realestate.com | 133

dream properties.

VILLA IN A DOMINANT POSITION OVERLOOKING THE SEA Bedrooms 5, Bathrooms 4 € 1.470.000, Rif. V463 Coldwell Banker Argentario (+39) 0564 815900 Cassiano Sabatini (+39) 335 6916221 portosantostefano@cbitaly.it

134 | AUTUMN 2020

In the renownned area called “Pianone”, luxury villa, one of its kind, built on one floor. Built in exposed stones, it is characterized by huge outdoor spaces that are absolutely its strenght. Big terraces and the solarium roof let you enjoy an incredible panorama overlooking the sea and the green of the hills of Monte Argentario. The villa is surrounded by a private park of around 2.000 sqm.

Nella rinomata zona denominata “Pianone”, villa di lusso unica nel suo genere si sviluppa su un unico piano. Costruita in pietra a faccia vista, è caratterizzata da ampi spazi esterni che ne sono assolutamente il punto di forza. Le grandi terrazze ed il tetto solarium permettono di godere di un incredibile panorama con vista sul mare e sul verde delle colline del Monte Argentario. La villa è circondata da un parco privato di circa 2.000 mq.

VILLA LA SVOLTA Bedrooms 6, Bathrooms 5 € 1.950.000. Rif. V433 Coldwell Banker Argentario (+39)0564 815900 Cassiano Sabatini (+ 39)335 6916221 portosantostefano@cbitaly.it

Located in the exclusive Cala Piccola consortium, this stunning villa stands in a dominant positin with an exceptional sea view towards the islands of Giglio and Giannutri. It is perfect for those looking for a villa with spacious and bright interiors, surrounded by large outdoor spaces. The big terraces overlook the intense blue of the sea and offer amazing sunsets. The large private garden is perfect to enjoy total privacy and tranquillity. From the villa, is possible to reach Cala Piccola private beach in few minutes.

Situata nell’esclusivo consorzio di Cala Piccola, questa splendida villa sorge in posizione dominantecon eccezionale vista mare verso le isole del Giglio e Giannutri. È perfetta per chi cerca una proprietà con interni spaziosi e luminosi, circondata da ampi spazi esterni. Le grandi terrazze si affacciano sull’azzurro intenso del mare e regalano meravigliosi tramonti. L’ampio giardino ed il parco privato sono perfetti per godere di totale privacy e tranquillità. Dalla villa è possibile raggiungere in pochi minuti la spiaggia privata di Cala Piccola.

www.221realestate.com | 135

dream properties.

HISTORIC VILLA WITH POOL & SPA ON THE HILLS BETWEEN LUCCA AND PISA CBI082-1110-RMAT41 € 4.950.000 Agenzia Coldwell Banker Prime Properties (+39) 06 89671280 Daniel Meloni +39 338 7596505 daniel.meloni@cbitaly.it

136 | AUTUMN 2020

Castellaccio di Filettole is an exclusive location with a great history behind it. It is a tri-level property, surrounded by a magnificent park of about 3 hectares . The interiors are characterized by the large refined and elegant spaces, with large frescoed halls and preserve rich furnishings, works of art and wonderful decorations. The mansion has a beautiful swimming pool, a SPA and a tennis / soccer field. Today’s appearance is mainly the result of eighteenth-century work that we can still appreciate today and has been perfectly restored in recent years. Next to Pisa, Lucca and Tuscan coasts - above all next to Versilia - this luxury property is perfect for Tuscany’s lovers. Beds 8 - Baths 9 Sq Ft. 12,917

L’incantevole Castellaccio di Filettole è una location esclusiva con una grande storia alle spalle. La proprietà si sviluppa su di tre livelli circondata da un magnifico parco di circa 3 ettari. Gli interni si caratterizzano per gli ampi spazi raffinati ed eleganti, con grandi saloni affrescati e meravigliose decorazioni. La villa è dotata di una splendida piscina, di una SPA e da un campo da tennis/calcetto. L’aspetto odierno è frutto soprattutto dei lavori settecenteschi che ancora oggi possiamo apprezzare ed è stato perfettamente restaurato negli ultimi anni e si trova a breve distanza dalla città di Pisa, da Lucca e dalle coste toscane soprattutto della Versilia. 8 Camere 9 Bagni 1.200 mq

HISTORIC LUXURY MANSION AT UGOLINO GOLF OF IMPRUNETA – FLORENCE CBI082-1110-RMAT78 € 2.400.000 Agenzia Coldwell Banker Prime Properties (+39) 06 89671280 Daniel Meloni +39 338 7596505 daniel.meloni@cbitaly.it

Villa di Valiano at the Golf of Ugolino. The historic villa is surrounded by a manicured and exclusive garden, surrounded by the whole landscape of Chianti Fiorentino, characteristic for the vineyards and for the gentle views of the surrounding hills, located a few hundred meters from the Ugolino Golf Club and a few kilometers from Florence South. The villa, consisting of two floors, is accessed entering a courtyard, embellished with a wonderful loggia, which enhances its historical features. Details make the property unique, as a majestic fireplace, in the welcoming living room, overlooking the garden adorned with centuries-old cypress trees and the typical wooden beamed ceiling in the bedrooms. 8 Beds - 7 Baths - 7,664 Sq Ft.

La Villa storica di pregio, è circondata da un giardino curato ed esclusivo di circa 1.500 mq, immerso nel paesaggio integro del Chianti Fiorentino, caratteristico per i vigneti e per le dolci vedute delle colline circostanti, a poche centinaia di metri dallo storico e famoso Golf dell’Ugolino. Alla Villa, composta da due piani, si accede entrando da un meraviglioso loggiato, che ne esalta le sue caratteristiche storiche. Particolari e dettagli rendono la proprietà unica, come il maestoso camino del soggiorno al piano terra con vista sul giardino adornato da cipressi secolari e al primo piano le camere con il tipico soffitto a travi di legno, dalle quali si può godere la vista mozzafiato delle colline toscane. 8 Camere - 7 Bagni - 712 mq

www.221realestate.com | 137

dream properties.

LIBERTY-STYLE VILLA ON THE TIRRENIC COAST IN THE CENTER OF LIVORNO CBI082-1110-RMAT69 € 1.350.000 Agenzia Coldwell Banker Prime Properties (+39) 06 89671280 Daniel Meloni (+39) 338 7596505 daniel.meloni@cbitaly.it

138 | AUTUMN 2020

The Art Nouveau “Liberty” style villa, from the early 1900s, is made up of three floors. It has subsequently been completely renovated with high-quality finishes while maintaining the exterior and original peculiarities of the property, increasing its fine finishes and amenities. The property complex being sold, as well as from the first floor and second floor of the historic villa, is composed of a large private garden that alternates in a very well-groomed and coordinated way walkways, niches and pergoles. The floors of the main rooms are Venetian marble or parquet. Vertical movements between the floors are guaranteed by an important marble staircase located in the center of the building. 9 Beds – 6 Baths - 8,719 Sq Ft.

La villa in stile liberty degli inizi del ‘900 si sviluppa su tre piani. La Villa è stata successivamente completamente ristrutturata con finiture di grande pregio mantenendo l’aspetto esteriore e le peculiarità originali dell’immobile, aumentandone nel pregio le finiture e le dotazioni. Il complesso immobiliare oggetto di vendita, oltre che dal primo piano e secondo piano della Villa storica, è composto da un ampio giardino privato che alterna in maniera molto curata e coordinata camminamenti, nicchie e pergole. I pavimenti delle stanze principali sono in marmo veneziano o in parquet. Gli spostamenti verticali tra i piani sono garantiti da una importante scala in pregiato marmo posta nel centro del fabbricato. 9 Camere - 6 Bagni - 810 mq

VILLA WITH POOL IN THE HEART OF TUSCANY IN MONSUMMANO TERME – PISTOIA CBI082-1110-RMAT75 € 1.350.000 Agenzia Coldwell Banker Prime Properties (+39) 06 89671280 Daniel Meloni +39 338 7596505 daniel.meloni@cbitaly.it

Villa recently and complete renovation with a special focus on the maintenance and preservation of the original features. The villa, located in the heart of Tuscany, is spread over three floors and is surrounded by a beautiful and lush garden with olive trees of about 2,500 square meters with a large swimming pool with hot Jacuzzi. The property has large glass openings directly on the pool and a veranda with panoramic terrace which will allow you to walk with your eyes between the Tuscan hills and the view of Montecatini Alto. Its position is convenient to easily reach both the sea coast of Versilia and Florence. 10 Beds – 10 Baths - 5,382 Sq Ft.

Villa di recente e completa ristrutturazione con una particolare attenzione posta al mantenimento e alla conservazione delle caratteristiche originarie. La Villa, situata nel cuore della Toscana, si sviluppa su tre piani ed è contornata da un bellissimo e lussureggiante giardino con olivi di circa 2.500 mq con una grande piscina con idromassaggio. La proprietà ha ampie aperture a vetri direttamente sulla piscina e una splendida veranda con terrazza panoramica che vi permetterà di spaziare con lo sguardo tra le colline Toscane e la veduta di Montecatini Alto. La sua posizione risulta comoda per raggiungere facilmente sia la costa marittima della Versilia che Firenze. 10 Camere - 10 Bagni - 500 mq

www.221realestate.com | 139

dream properties.

REFINED VILLA WITH POOL ON MONTESPERTOLI’S (FLORENCE) HILLS CBI082-1110-RMAT81 € 2.950.000 Agenzia Coldwell Banker Prime Properties (+39) 06 89671280 Daniel Meloni +39 338 7596505 daniel.meloni@cbitaly.it

140 | AUTUMN 2020

Elegant and prestigious property with swimming pool in the hills of Montexpertli just 31 km from the center of Florence, the result of a skilful and sophisticated renovation that has been able to give the property luxury connotations. The Villa has three floors giving it, along with a large terrace, a panoramic momentum both on the garden of about 4000 square meters, extremely well cared, on the vineyards and on the surrounding countryside typical Tuscany. The interiors have been particularly well cared for in the renovation bringing luxury details such as frescoes, stucco and fine marbles. Its location makes it easy to reach locations of particular interest such asVersilia and Chianti region. 4 Beds - 6 Baths 6,566 Sq Ft.

Villa elegante e di prestigio con piscina sulle colline di Montespertoli a soli 31 km da Firenze, frutto di una sapiente e sofistica ristrutturazione che ha saputo dare alla proprietà connotati di lusso. La Villa si eleva a tre piani donandogli, insieme ad una ampia terrazza, un magnifico slancio panoramico sia sul giardino, di circa 4000 mq estremamente curato, che sui vigneti della campagna circostante tipicamente Toscana. Gli interni sono stati particolarmente curati nella ristrutturazione apportando particolari di lusso quali affreschi, stucchi e marmi pregiati. La sua posizione risulta comoda per raggiungere località di particolare interesse come la Versilia ed il Chianti. 4 Camere - 6 Bagni - 610 mq.

VILLA WITH ANNEX OVERLOOKING SISMANO CASTLE - UMBRIA CBI082-1110-129631 € 3.200.000 Agenzia Coldwell Banker Prime Properties (+39) 06 89671280 Daniel Meloni +39 338 7596505 daniel.meloni@cbitaly.it

Magnificent Villa with dependance, set on a hill overlooking the Umbra countryside and breathtaking views of Sismano Castle. The complex has striking landscape and scenic features, of value and is immersed in the green of a land of about 13 hectares, between olive trees and vineyards. The main Villa is finished with fine details, in the floors, in the decorations, in the fireplaces, wood windows and armored doors. The first floor is accessed by an imposing staircase that opens into a majestic salon with a with a luxurious marble floor and a ceiling illuminated by a multitude of spotlights that make it very suggestive. The complex is about 50 kilometers from Spoleto, about 120 from Rome and 70 from Perugia. Beds 8 - Baths 8 Sq Ft. 9,687.

Magnifica Villa padronale con dependance, collocata su una collina con affaccio della campagna Umbra e vista mozzafiato sul Castello di Sismano. Il complesso gode di un panorama suggestivo ed è immerso nel verde di un terreno di circa 13 ettari, tra ulivi e vigne. La Villa principale, di grandi dimensioni, è rifinita con dettagli di pregio, nei pavimenti, nelle decorazioni, nei camini, negli infissi a taglio termico e portoni blindati. L’imponente scala che sale al primo piano apre in un salone maestoso con una pavimentazione di lussuoso marmo con un soffitto illuminato da una moltitudine di faretti che lo rendono molto suggestivo. Il complesso dista circa 50 chilometri da Spoleto, circa 120 da Roma e 70 da Perugia. 8 Camere 8 Bagni 900 mq.

www.221realestate.com | 141


142 | AUTUMN 2020


Malta is the largest of an archipelago. It sits nestled in the beautiful Mediterranean, surrounded by blue seas and enjoys 300 days of sun. Malta is an attractive investment choice for a number of reason’s each of which is appealing to companies and private persons alike. In 2019 the Global Wealth Migration Review – published by the New World Health – declared Malta as the second safest country in the world for women and children and the safest in all of Europe for the second year in a row. Another report published by United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security, ranked Malta as second (only after Qatar) in terms of its susceptibility and ability to successively deal with a natural disaster. With a stunning climate and low crime rating Malta is a safe and secure place to live and raise a family, with a world class health system which is ranked 4th globally, a treasure trove of history, culture and traditions, impeccable cuisine, excellent education and a global foothold, Malta is a stable, smart and sound investment choice for anyone.

www.221realestate.com| 143


AN EXQUISITE DETACHED VILLA SANTA MARIJA ESTATE AN EXQUISITE Detached Villa set on around 2 3 tumoli and spread over 3 spacious floors having magnificent surrounding landscape including 3 open terraces a terraced roof garden with a pool and a large deck area enjoying panoramic unobstructed sea views extending up to the island of Gozo Internally the property comprises a welcoming hall a kitchen and open plan sitting and dining room enjoying stunning sea views 4 double bedrooms with en suite facilities a gym wine cellar office cinema room cloak room guest bathroom and a laundry room The open deck area includes a large pool with cascade a

144 | AUTUMN 2020

bar a dining and BBQ area for entertaining and other pool facilities Complementing this property is a garage at basement level serviced by means of 2 driveways Truly a unique property. Bedrooms: 4 Locality: Mellieha

DANIEL DEBONO +356 21413355 / 99451255 info@excel.com.mt Price â‚Ź6,000,000

www.221realestate.com| 145


BUNGALOW BUSKETT A ONE OF A KIND WELCOMING BUNGALOW LOCATED ON the outskirts enjoying tranquility and country views finished to high standard. On entering the property, one will find a comfortable reception area leading onto a large living room, good size kitchen and dining room all overlooking the patio with amazing views. On this level one will also find 3 double bedrooms all with en-suite, main having a full bath & shower. On the same level, one will also find a guest-toilet, pantry as well as a kitchen. On the upper level, a library/ study or additional bedroom with a terrace overlooking the garden and magnificent country-side views of Buskett. At basement level, a large games room, wine cellar and a relaxation area. It includes also a one car garage with patio and drive- in that can park an additional 7 cars front garden. Property is set on 1350 sqmts of land with option for another 400 sqmts

Bathrooms: 3 Bedrooms: 3 Locality: Buskett

ANDREI FARRUGIA +356 99451255/ 21413355 info@excel.com.mt Price â‚Ź3,500,000

146 | AUTUMN 2020

CHARACTER HOUSE MOSTA BREATHTAKING 400 YEAR OLD FULLY CONVERTED palazzo style character house, on an 840sqm footprint, in a very quiet area in Mosta, yet close to all amenities. This highly converted property retains its typically old Maltese features , such as patterned tiles, arches and niches. Ground floor level, one finds a welcoming hall with two adjacent rooms, a large formal dining room with a fireplace, a guest bathroom and a kitchen/breakfast room, two more rooms and a very spacious sunny courtyard. Upstairs, three double bedrooms (main with bathroom ensuite , a

separate bathroom, and a library. Permits in hand to build a pool in the 600sqm garden, and permits also in hand for the addition to a 2-3 car garage at the back of the property. An amazing property which is certainly a must view! Type: Character House Bathrooms: 3 Bedrooms: 3 Locality: Mosta

CHARMAINE MAGRO +356 21413355 info@excel.com.mt Price â‚Ź1,590,000

www.221realestate.com | 147


DANIEL DEBONO Excel Homes Real Estate Ltd Daniel Debono has shown an interest in business and real estate since a young age. After his formation years, he has worked in real estate for over 20 years in various roles including general manager. Now at the head of his own company Excel Homes Real Estate Ltd, where he has moved on to focus on what is close to his heart, upmarket real estate. Excel Homes Real Estate Ltd (Malta), a company which focuses on quality upmarket properties in selective parts of the Maltese Islands, deals with local and international clients both as sellers as well as buyers. Daniel Debono’s passion for the property market has ensured that not only has he managed to build a qualified management team but also to secure an enviable reputation for delivering excellent service in the up-market sector within the Maltese Islands. “Our property consultants are always ready to go the extra mile to meet clients’ objectives and even to help each other to ensure clients get the best possible service,” emphasises Mr Debono . “Even the office layout has been designed so that staff are in a permanent networking meeting to promote the highest level of communication.” Excel Homes Real Estate Ltd has recently moved into its new corporate head office in Attard (Malta). Designer finished open-plan offices on three floors which help foster a team spirit among the consultants, managers and administrative staff. Moreover the company is currently at the final stages of opening 2 further offices in the city of Valletta as well as in Sliema, to be able to offer a better service to its steady stream of clients. Daniel Debono is married to Sabrina and together they have a loving family of two teenage boys Stephen & Nicholas as well as four dogs.

148 | AUTUMN 2020

Mr Debono, who holds a Masters in Business Administration from Henley Business School (University of Reading, UK), has also graduated in Business Management at the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, UK. and is often engaged to deliver corporate seminars, lectures and presentations on various business & real estate management areas. Excel Homes has a selective portfolio of up-market, quality properties in Malta and Gozo. www.excel.com.mt

Excel Homes Real Estate Ltd (Malta) Triq il-Linja.Attard . Malta Mob (00356) 99451255 Tel (00356) 21413355 Email info@Excel.com.mt Web www.Excel.com.mt www.facebook.com/Excel.Homes.Malta

www.221realestate.com | 149

221 brings a sm

150 | AUTUMN 2020

mile to your face.

www.221realestate.com | 151

221 211 services.

buy smarter. with 221…i can tour online and contact every agent in a few click 221 provides tools to manage the entire process. From secure messaging, automated property tour booking to managing offers, contracts and payments. All into one solution and best of all it’s FREE…




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thinking of selling? 2Advertise an unlimited number of properties for FREE and also get the tools you need for FREE

152 | AUTUMN 2020

rent faster.

With 221‌I can apply with a few clicks! Apply for property rentals with 221and save time. With 221 you get on top of the queue and you can apply for multiple property rentals quickly and easily with ONLY ONE APPLICATION FORM & A FEW CLICKS

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SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE FREE, EASY, SECURE AND ENCRYPTED DATA COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FORM ONCE ONLY and Apply for as many Rentals as you want without having to fill in new application forms again and again. No more big emails to send with multiple unsecured attachments that get lost or do not get through. Manage everything from your own FREE dashboard and modify your personal data in real time with the automatic update sent to the agent and the owner.

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221 services.

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Unlimited property advertising for FREE Get you FREE management dashboard to sell and manage property sales or rentals from anywhere!



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154 | AUTUMN 2020

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221 211 services.

short stay. For a week or more, find the perfect place 221 ONLY work with Real Estate Agents and Property Management Groups, therefore assuring quality, consistency and service to the guests using 221.

Fully furnished for a holiday or for business travel. Short stay apartments can be found in most destinations, giving you all the luxuries of home in the locale of your dreams, such as a glamorous beach or cultured city. The apartments range in size, allowing both large families or groups of friends and couples or solo travellers to enjoy the luxurious accommodation. Whatever kind of holiday you’re looking for you will find the perfect accommodation.

city homes. 221 apartments are fully equipped with everything you need, from custom furnishings and decked-out kitchens. Our City Collection features a wide range of carefully curated homes in world-class cities - exclusive to 221 Agents. These private homes are individually vetted and managed by the 221 Agents to make sure they respond to your expectations.

luxury rentals

Our premium selection of luxury rentals is geared for the exceptional traveler craving more than just high-end accommodations. Opening doors to the finest homes and villas in the most desirable destinations. A beachside estate in Ibiza, a villa in Tuscany or an apartment in Milan or one of Europe’s culture capitals – wherever you’re headed, every home is handpicked for space, character and comfort.

156 | AUTUMN 2020

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158 | AUTUMN 2020

Profile for 221 Real Estate

221 Real Estate  

221 is the complete solution for your real estate business, with features focused on usability to engage more users, capture more leads, gai...

221 Real Estate  

221 is the complete solution for your real estate business, with features focused on usability to engage more users, capture more leads, gai...


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