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21 ST Editors Letter Train Well.. Eat Well.. Dress Well...

“With the start of a new year brings the start of our new year’s resolutions. For the everyday man in the 21st Century, we understand the struggles of altering your lifestyle for the better. We are here to help, bringing you unambiguous detailed advice and features for a complete lifestyle overhaul. Bringing together three sectoins of individuality, we haved aimed to provide you with all you need to know in a well rounded digest of fitness, nutrition and fashion. Now is the time to shed the bad habits, unsightly fashion choices, unhealthy food and start a fresh.
 We have worked hard to pull together some inspirational interviews, including Mr Britain 2012 Ricky Moore, cooked up some easy to follow nutritional information to help you kick start the new you, and a one-to-one with a personal shopper to overhaul your style. Our collective of writers, each specialising in their own section, have complied in depth analysis, advice and information for you to revolutionise your workouts, change and become more concious about what you eat, and transform the way you approach men’s fashion with a fresh insight. Approach training this month with a one-on-one core session from personal trainer and fitness coach Brendan Chaplain. Confusion about nutrition will be a thing of the past with our complete breakdown of supplements in the ‘Supplement Showdown‘. Once your welbeing is in tact, we teach you how to keep your wardrobe fresh for years in our guide of ‘The Essential Staple Pieces‘. Whether you are stuck with a stale wardrobe, sick of dieting fads that don’t work or looking for a way to improve your workouts, we are here every step of the way to mold you into the perfect 21st Century Man.”

- The 21st CM Team.

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January 2013

Train Well..

Core Strength The truth behind the training (on the cover) Lean Body Challenge Take time out with fitness coach Brendan Chaplin Fitness Q&A One-to-one with fitness trainer Ben Peller

Eat Well.. The Supplement Showdown Complex supplements made simple Blood, Sweat & No Beer Interview with “MR BRITAIN� Ricky Moore Eat Youself Healthy Transform your diet with the 21st Century guidelines (on the cover)

Dress Well.. TK Maxx Shopping Guide Never shop anywhere else once you know how to do it right The Essential Staple Pieces The three items of clothing that will bring everything together (on the cover) The Personal Shopping Experiance Lauren Jackson of Topman guides us with picks and advice 21st Century Man January 2013

‘‘Fear is what stops


‘‘Courage is what keeps you going’’


With Alex Hinds


Core Strength The center of your power When most people think of a core workout, it would likely involve a series of sit-ups in front of a mirror or a heavy set of ab crunchers on that machine in the gym that looks like a hovercraft from a sci fi film. Is this really the best way to target your most important region? lets find out...


o most peoples surprise the abdominal muscles form only a portion of your core region. In order to develop your core it doesn’t just mean slaying your abs to form a six pack. It actually involves various movements which help to strengthen the most important area of your body.

A strong core is not for show, as many elite level athletes

The Hollow Hollowing involves taking a natural breath in ,as you begin to exhale, pull your belly button in towards your spine. Cout for ten. An inability to complete this straight forward task indicates a weakened core.

21st Century Man January 2013

have experienced, it is what enables powerful movements in a variety of different sports. What can an improved core do for you?

Whats in your core?

High performance Strength and conditioning coach Danny Hague gives an insight into the inner workings of a core workout. His expert knowledge has been used in the elite levels of the sport and fitness world.

“If you train the core using flexion based movements like crunches then you are reinforcing poor postural pattern, wreaking havoc on your ability to function and move properly, limiting your strength and power and increasing your risk of injury.�

Inluded in your core, are the muscles of your lower back, your gluteal and your hip musculature as well as the popular ab-


‘‘The Truth behind the training’’ Danny Hague has worked with a number of high profile sports bodies including Great Britain badminton, Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS), Rugby Football league, World kickboxing federation and Sukata Mixed martial arts.


o achieve an improvement in the training of your core region: you must ensure that the spine is stable and that power generated at the hips is transferred more efficiently through the body increasing the body’s stability, this is the key emphasis of increasing strength and power in certain movements, while minimising energy leaks, and reducing injury risk. Hague ,who has worked in the area of strength and conditioning for a number of years and is a fully qualified personal trainer, believes the best way to train the core is through integrated anti-movement patterns. When put more simply it means creating

arms and legs while minimising movement of the torso and lower

back, doing so in a 360 degree environment using multi joint and multi muscle movements will work most effectively. With the majority of muscles in your body, it is relatively easy to determine whether they are weak or not. The same cannot necessarily be said for your core muscles. If you were asked is your chest weak, you’d just settle the debate on the bench press. If asked the same for your core muscles, the test would be much harder.

The Plank-

Get into the position, with your elbows on the floor. Remember to keep your back straight and suck in your abs, as if bracing for a hit in the mid drift.

Chest Fly -

Position the fitness ball between your shoulder blades. This exercise is perfect for regular weightlifters, as it stabilises your sore whilst performing a chest exercise. Keep your back straight and again suck in your core.

movement using your

Key Exercises There are many exercises that will strengthen the core. A large number of core strengtening exercises can be done at home with no equipment.

The Plank with leg raise-

Keep your back straight and tighten your abs whilst breathing. All the weight should be on your elbows and your leg dominat leg should be raised slightly above your spine.

Oblique twist- sit with

knees bent at a rightangle and back straight, leaning back slightly. Hold medicine ball in front of core and and lift slowly from side to side 21st Century Man January 2013


(Mathew Roberts pictured right at The European diving championships, Turin 2011) Great Britain diver Matthew Roberts spoke about the importance of core strength in his everyday training. Diving requires a lot of power and flexibility therefore core strength is vital. In order to master the Strong controlled movements in the air requires a lot of training of your core muscles. “In diving you can’t become loose in the air, so a tight core is vital. A typical session is four hours a day every day. 1 hour on dry land, stretching and going over movements. He then spends time going through dives on the board.” To simulate the movement of a dive, Matthew undertakes fitness sessions aimed at improving powerful movements when tired or fatigued.

“It’s different to any cardio vascular sports, as it’s all about muscular endurance. A dive only lasts a few seconds.” Muscle building advice Muscular weakness can occur in many different forms and for a variety of reasons. A lack of improvement in lifting weights may stem from a weakened core. Change this by applying pressure to your core during exercises such as holding your legs off the ground during a bench press or adding a leg raise to your pull-ups.

Health Advice 1. A Strong Core Reduces Back Pain and reduces the risk of injury. 2. A Strong Core Improves Athletic Performance especially quick explosive movements. 3. A Strong Core Improves Postural Imbalances, this is essential for any type of strength training

For More Information Visit

21st Century Man January 2013

Train well

Master of the Lean body challenge and head of strength and conditioning at Leeds Carnegie, Brendan Chaplin has become a renowned coach and excellent educator. With the ethos for his success “eat clean, train smart, get lean” Brendan Chaplin is an innovator in the fitness industry.

By Alex Hinds


went down to the world class weight lifting gym in Headingley, home of British Weightlifting to speak to Brendan Chaplin. Chaplin works with a variety of different athletes from Tennis to basketball, and swimming to rugby. It all began eight years ago for Chaplin. With a martial arts background and a burning passion for the science of strength and conditioning, a younger, thinner Chaplin took every chance he got to help out athletes with their performance, whilst studying for his undergraduate in sport and execise science at Northumbria University. “I was working part-time as a personal trainer when I was at university and continuing my Martial arts. I worked with anyone I could get my hands on, mostly working for free.” Chaplin believes Mixed Martial arts has given him a solid

foundation of knowledge that is transferrable to many of the clients he works with today. One of Chaplin’s key points of emphasis is to start by using your own body weight for training, something stressed regularly in mixed martial arts. “Master your own body weight, before adding loads to a bar for lifting. Martial arts are great for that, it’s all about body weight and movements. Balance, stability a lot of those things I used to do, is now incorporated into my sessions.” Exercises such as plyometric pushups mean you have enough explosive power to throw punches using your arms, chest and shoulders.Dane Mitchell, from Leeds is a Submission Fighter and Judo Expert . He gave his first-hand account of working with Chaplin. “Since training with Brendan I have experienced a ruthless stripping of fat and the development of visible and useful muscle, Ive worked with him for two years and the results have been incredible.”

Chaplin, despite his love for martial arts iknows the importance of strength and power in numerous contratsing sports. His diverse career has seen him work within GB rowing, Olympic swimming, Newcastle falcons Rugby union, Huddersfield Giants Rugby league as well as the English institute of sport and the Talented Athletes scheme. Aside from Chaplin’s eye dropping CV, his most important experience was interning under world famous Strength and conditioning coach Mike Boyle in Boston, USA. “I went to learn from Mike Boyle as an intern, it was a great experience and I learned a lot from him. He still helps me out from time to time and we are able to bounce ideas of each other.” Chaplin adds ‘‘its One of the best jobs I could ever have wanted.” Unlike the bodybuilding industry, Chaplin trains strictly for athletic performance. 21st Century Man January 2013

Train well “Were almost the opposite of bodybuildingWe train movements not muscles. some athletes like rugby players require a high muscle mass, but it’s still sport specific. Our exercises are still used to build strength and power.” Aside from Chaplins busy schedulae, he still continues to offer advice to British sports federations and working on educating future coaches. He has 6 interns working at the world class lifting gym. Peter Simms, intern at Carnegie believes his mentorship is giving students a great oppurtunity.

“He’s excellent at getting his points across and a great person to learn from. It’s a really good platform for us, and we can stay and learn for as long as we want, it’s a great hands on approach.” Chaplin believes the most important element of strength and conditioning is preventing the risk of injury. A fully functional athlete is able to lift more, run harder and train for longer. “A stronger muscle is a more resilient one to injury.”

21st Century Man January 2013

“If it’s not broke, dont fix it” Looking at athletes today compared to 50 years ago, there is such a contrast in power; athletes are much bigger, stronger and faster. The advancement in the fitness industry has enabled new training methods such as cable machines and the introdustion of isolating muscles. Chaplin is more of an old school guy and prefers kettle balls, pull ups and plyometrics. “Things have changed, the fitness industry has become somewhat overrated. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.” According to Chaplin, too many people are calling themselves strength and conditioning coaches as opposed to a personal trainer, even those who have never worked with athletes.

Chaplin claims “It can be quite fickle, and business orientated. .” The change in athletic performance has had some positive effects on sport. New methods, supplements and nutritional research have played a major role in having more explosive athletes. Despite this , people can be reluctant to start weight training because of the pressures of this super athlete generation. It’s as much of a challenge mentally as it is physically. “In today’s world with a steroid orientated focus, as a coach you have to be empathetic to people’s confidence. When you’re training in a proper programme, people realise that it’s not about getting super strong and massive especially not straight away. It’s about seeing results in your chosen sport, the confidence will come.”

Train well

Eat clean, train smart, Get lean. Take the lean body challenge. Chaplin’s most noteworthy achievement was his Lean body challenge. A 3 week programme designed to test Chaplin’s skills as a coach and give people a chance to help people with their image or their sport. Chaplin took no money from the initiative, but allowed people to make donations to charity. The lean body challenge, an online, email, Facebook project was seen as a success by many. Hollyoaks actor and dancing on ice star Chris Fountain was so impressed by the outcomes, that he posted a video on YouTube courtesy of

Super strong, Super fast, Super Lean! “I just completed 3 weeks of hard work on the lean body challenge and lost over a stone. I’m really happy with the results, and if there’s another one you’d better take part.”

He added ‘‘The lean mass challenge will have plenty more carbs, but will still follow the eat clean, train smart, get lean principle.’’ Chaplin is also working on another project called the super series. A sequence of online programmes that have the titles: Super strong, super powerful, super lean and super fit. It will be Backed up with online knowledge to find out why you’re doing certain exercises, and an online database of features and advice from credible experts. ‘‘I’m more into helping people on a mass scale and the internet affords that opportunity.’’

I work with a lot of athletes and really enthusiastic fitness people. I can reach and help more people this way. He plans launch in the early New Year.

For more on Brendan Chaplin visit www.brendanchaplin. Or follow him on twitter at BrendanChaplin. To buy the lean body methods book online at

The Lean Body Challenge Results Before


and there may just be another one. Following on from the success of this challenge, Chaplin wrote the challenge into a book which is available online and plans a follow up, the lean mass challenge. ‘‘The diet plan is strict but manageable.’’ 21st Century Man January 2013

Basketball : More than a game By Alex Hinds

Ben Peller, a national league basketball player turned bodybuilder gives his view on what makes basketball players such impressive athletes.

AH: Hi ben. Thank your speaking with us today. You obviously have quite knowledge of sport and fitness. What things are you involved with at the moment?

AH: Basketball is always advertised as a noncontact sport. Therefore what is the importance of strength when playing a game of basketball?

BP: Hello Alex, its my pleasure. Currently I am playing basketball in the 2nd team at Leeds Carnegie, and spending a lot of time shooting and lifting. I am also in the procces of starting my Personal training business whilst reading a degree in law.

BP: It is advertised that way, but non- contact is incorrect, it is semi contact and you need to be strong to be able to score while being fouled, keep control of the ball if there is a little contact and stand your ground against your opposing man.

What is your philosophy for training basketball players? My philosophy for basketball players is go hard or go home. You need to put 100% in, on and off the court. Lift correctly, eat well, and sleep well. To be an elite player in any sport you have to train that way. Though I believe training for basketball is one of the hardest, it has high strength and fitness elements as well as an impeccable skill level. 21st Century Man January 2013

AH:Unlike other sports, height, speed, vertical jumping ability are important aspects of a basketball player’s workout. Is it possible to be too heavy or too strong for basketball?

A player can be heavy which is often apparent in the bigger players such as power forwards and centres, such as the Legend Shaq, but even he could leave the floor and carry his weight.

BP: It’s very possible to be too strong, but very uncommon. It is possible to be too heavy. As you said vertical jump is an important part of the game, and if you can’t move your body weight off the floor you are going to have a problem in higher levels of the game.

AH:What do you see as the most important aspect of basketball fitness and why? BP:Personally I believe the most important aspect is cardio, because it’s all well and good being able to shoot like a pro, but if you can’t get

up and down the court then you are useless in a game as you will be a play behind, especially later in the game, when everyone is tired and you need to be able to make a shot. When one is tired, everything becomes harder. AH:In the NBA today, we see numerous remarkable physical specimens such as Dwight Howard and Lebron James. How much of this is genetic and how much is this due to countless training methods? BP: I believe a lot of playing at that level comes with genetics, as the game is surrounded by tall players, but its not enough being tall, or just having talent, because they are only the basics, the key to being the next Lebron James, is hard work and determination and never giving in. Those players ate, slept and breathed basketball and that’s why they are today at the top of their level, but there is plenty of hope for the smaller players, Nate Robinson at 5ft 9 is one of the best dunkers in the NBA.

21st Century Man January 2013

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food” Hippocrates



The supplement showdown Achieve your goals with the right whey It’s no secret that committing to a strict diet is hard, especially if you work long hours or aren’t able to eat nutritious meals regularly. This can have a profound affect on how well you train and the way you look. Without enough protein and fats in your diet, it is hard to make any progress towards your goals. This makes a good quality whey protein drink a necessity for anyone wanting to put on muscle mass or maintain their present figure. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the most expensive products are the best, you are able to get a better product and pay less than you would imagine for a protein drink with incredible nutritional content. Tyrone Lee, a personal trainer at Pure Gym, Leeds, uses Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey. “I use the ON whey because it has a high protein content and very little saturated fat, expense doesn’t always guarantee quality.”

When comparing the nutritional value of different supplements you need to consider a number of different areas. A good quality protein will have a high protein per serving content, over 70g per 100g serving is good. It’s also important to keep the carbs low as the majority of the ones used in whey protein come from refined sugar, which is hard for your body to break down. The final thing you have to make sure of is that the product has a low saturated fat content, as this will make it harder to get as lean as possible. The pictures on the right show the nutritional values of two popular whey protein drinks. This shows that the cheaper Optimum Nutrition product beats the more expensive USN product in every aspect.

USN 100% Whey Protein Price per 908g £35.99 Per 100g serving Calories: 401kcal Protein: 70g Total carbs: 8.2g Sugars: 5.1g Total fat: 9g Saturates: 5.3g

ON Gold Standard Whey Price per 908g £27.70 Per 100g serving Calories: 378kcal Protein: 81.6g Total carbs: 5.5g Sugars: 4.2g Total fat: 9g Saturates: 2.1g

21st Century Man January 2013

Blood, sweat and no beer, what it takes to be a champion

Nutrition If, when you think of a world-class bodybuilder, you think of a lifetime of dedication and hard work, you would be right. But as with everything, there are two sides. We talk to 2012’s Mr Britain and runner up NABBA World Champion body builder Ricky Moore about his career and what it takes to be the best.

It is 2:30pm, Ricky enters the lobby sweating and dressed in his gym gear, carrying a mammoth portion of two chicken breasts and pasta, his fourth meal of the day. He sits, takes a minute to relax before setting on his gargantuan portion and explaining exactly why a grown man is eating animal pasta. “The animal pasta is actually a funny story. You see, the best kind of pasta is part oat, part wheat, it gives

you all the energy you need without all the bad stuff. The only issue is, it’s only available in the kids aisle at supermarkets. It’s pretty fun guessing what kind of animal you are about to eat though, I think this one is a rhino”. At 32, Ricky arrived in the body building scene a little late, but immediately took it by storm. Having never competed before, he won his first competition in 2008, the WABBA North of England tournament.

“I thought, I will put my heart in the ring, see what happens and I won, so I was obviously doing something right.”

“Four years ago, I noticed there was a local competition before my yearly trip to Ibiza. I was in pretty good shape so I entered the competition. I thought, I will put my heart in the ring, see what happens and I won, so I was obviously doing something right”. Having been a personal trainer for almost 10 years he saw this as an opportunity to get ahead of the game. The personal training career path is one crowded with a lot of people offering you the same advice. If there is a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd, you have to do it and you will succeed. “Body building is one of the biggest passions in my life, but it wasn’t always that way. In the beginning it was more of a marriage of conveniences. I wanted to find a way to get myself noticed, so I used bodybuilding as a means of generating interest. Since then it has become a bit of an obsession”. His desire to promote his personal training career through competing finally lead him to the 2012 Mr Britain competition where he placed first, as well as a second place at the NABBA World Championships. His success in 2012 also lead to some high profile personal training clients including Tom Hardy who said, “I really enjoyed my sessions with Ricky, I just wish I was in the area for longer so I could have had more”.

I’m too sexy for my, well, half my shirt Ricky Moore

21st Century Man January 2013

With the 2012 NABBA World Championship title in his sights as well as the title of Mr Universe he isn’t about to slow

Nutrition down. He will begin training properly for these competitions about 12 weeks before they start, dropping his weight an astonishing amount in a short space of time from 110kg to around 95kg. The key to dropping the weight is losing any fat while retaining the muscle mass. The best way to do this is to do at least 40 to 60 minutes of cardio activity a day at medium intensity. “A lot of people think that the best way to burn off fat is to run as fast as you can for as long as you can. In reality, your body is using muscle as an energy source when you do this. You need to allow the body enough time to break down the fat and use that as an energy source, the best way to do this is

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Ricky, I just wish I was in the area longer so I could have had more” - Tom Hardy

Gavin (Ricky’s client) 2011

walking at a brisk pace on a treadmill at a steady incline”. While world championship success is important, Ricky still stands by his clients and personal training being the most important factor in his success, “The best part of personal training is seeing your clients making progress and how they change using your advice. Once you see them taking positive steps inside and outside of the gym, you know you have achieved something. Learn more about Ricky at

Gavin 2012

21st Century Man January 2013


Eat yourself to health Build lean muscle without breaking the bank The recent increase in VAT raises many questions about sports supplements, most notably, are they really worth it? Companies are marketing their products as a vital component of a healthy lifestyle and a must for any gym goer. This isn’t always the case. In fact, you are able to get all you need in your regular diet in order to be healthy and achieve a toned physique.

Breakfast - Egg white omelette

So what are the benefits of sports supplements? If there are any at all.

THE MYTH To achieve a great looking healthy body you need to buy all the products that sports supplement companies advertise. Whether it be Jack3d to give you an energy boost and help you sustain strength during a workout or Serious Mass to put on that bit of bulk that would otherwise evade you. There are thousands of products available, all promising different outcomes with half the effort. It’s easy to see why this would appeal to a lot of people, someone who might not be able to commit as much time to the gym, or may not have the knowledge to build themselves a nutritional and balanced diet to achieve the results they desire.

Ingredients 8 egg whites 2 tablespoons semi-skimmed milk Handful fresh spinach leaves Handful fresh plum tomatoes 2 mushrooms


2 tablespoons full fat cottage cheese

Your body needs protein to function. Nerves, tissue and bones are all made up of proteins. This is why it is necessary to eat protein on a daily basis in order to stay in peak physical fitness, to aid their repair and growth. The need for protein increases when you start pushing your body beyond its natural limit by exercising or lifting weights on a regular basis.

Total - 34g protein, 250kcals, 23g carbs, 3g fat

Studies show that people wanting to maintain muscle mass should be eating 0.8g of protein per kg of bodyweight per day. So if you weigh 75kg, your body needs 60g of protein per day, the equivalent of two chicken breasts. If you want to gain size, you should be eating 1.7g of protein per kg of bodyweight. Carbohydrates have acquired a terribly bad name for themselves in recent years. Due to huge misunderstandings and a great deal of over simplification, many people would sooner kick their grandmother than have a bowl of rice.

21st Century Man January 2013

“Your body needs carbs for energy, if they aren’t there your body will use something else. If your muscles don’t have any carbs to burn, they start to cannibalise and use themselves as an energy source.”


Ingredients Fresh wild rocket and spinach leaves Fresh plum tomatoes 100g feta cheese 70g chicken breast Two teaspoons balsamic vinegar Handful of crushed cedar nuts

total - 30g protein, 451kcals, 47g carbs, 22g fat

Lunch - Feta cheese and chicken salad The notion that carbs are always bad for you is untrue. Some carbs do contribute to weight gain, but they are also a valuable source of energy, vitamins and minerals making them a key component of a healthy balanced diet. Proper consumption of carbohydrates can give you the energy boost you need in your workouts. Studies show that athletes should be eating around three to four grams of carbs per pound of food they eat. Meaning the average person going to the gym four times a week would need around three grams of carbs per pound of food they eat. Ashley Garlic, a self employed personal trainer says, “To understand why carbs are important you have to see them as an energy source. Your body needs them for energy, if they aren’t there your body will use something else. If your muscles don’t have any carbs to burn, they start to cannibalise and use themselves as an energy source”.


around 30 minutes before your workout will give you an energy boost. Coffee also has a metabolic boosting effect, meaning it will speed up your metabolism.

EAT PEANUT BUTTER - When training for size, a good quality peanut butter like Whole Earth Organic makes an excellent pre workout snack. This will give you a big energy boost and help you stack weight quickly.

GO GREEN - When trying to cut up you should

drink a good quality green tea, Dragon Well or Longjing are amongst the best and least costly. Green tea has been proven to surpress your appetite and allow you to fo longer between meals. This makes it the perfect mid morning drink to help you shed those unwanted pounds.

THE GOOD STUFF There are four different foodstuffs that, if you want to make sure you’re getting the right amount of protein and vitamins you should be including in your diet; Meat - It is a well known fact that meat is high in protein, but some are more beneficial than others when it comes to protein content per portion. White meat contains less saturated fat than red as well as more protein, meaning that it’s better for building a lean physique and for your heart. It’s often the case that meat with less fat has more protein, for example, chicken or pork contain higher amounts of protein than steak. Fish - Some fish contain amongst the highest amount of protein in any foodstuff. An added bonus is that fish contains very little fat and is rich in vitamins and oils, like omega 3 which reduces your chances of heart disease. Nuts - Nuts like Brazil and Cedar nuts contain very high amounts of protein and are packed with the natural fats and vitamins the body needs for energy. Cedar nuts in particular contain high amounts of vitamins A, B, D and E. Best used as a snack between meals to keep your energy levels up and get protein outside of your main meals. If you are trying to stack instead of just maintain muscle, then a good quality organic peanut butter is a brilliant way to keep away the hunger and get lots of protein. Peanut butter is a great energy source as well as being packed full of natural fats and calories that will pile on the pounds. Dairy - Dairy produce can be a hindrance if you eat the wrong types. Many people believe that drinking full fat dairy is a good way to gain muscle, that isn’t untrue, you will gain weight, but it won’t always be good weight. Full fat dairy products are full of additives that the body doesn’t need and are often very high in sugar. Manufacturers use sugar amongst other products to make their

21st Century Man January 2013

Nutrition drink tastier. If you are serious about your training then replace full fat with almond milk as it is rich in vitamins and minerals, most notably vitamin B which contributes to muscle regeneration. It also has very little fat and sugar content. As well as protein and vitamins from meat, it is vitally important to get carbs to keep energy levels aloft. Without them, your muscles will tire prematurely and you won’t be able to train as hard. The difference between good carbs and bad carbs is like comparing the lakes of Yellowstone to Jackie Stallone’s face. One is natural and beautiful, the other a man made disaster able to make a grown man shiver. Bad carbs like sugar are altered a great deal and had all of their natural nutrients and fiber removed in preparation, all in the name of improving their taste. Good carbs aren’t altered in any way, they are natural like whole grain rice and beans. Here is a list of good carbs to include in your daily diet. Vegetables - An invaluable source of protein, carbohydrates and crammed full of vitamins. As such, they are a must for anyone wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle and look their best. Spinach in particular aids muscle growth and repair as it prevents muscle and bone loss. Brown Rice - Rice in its natural state, no additives or colouring, just plain old rice. Brown rice contains high amounts of manganese, the mineral that helps produce energy from carbs. If you think it is a little boring, liven things up with a few spices and it beats egg fried any day. Lentils - Lentils contain an incredible amount of carbohydrates and protein even in the smallest of servings. Use them as an accompaniment to a meal and they are guaranteed to give you an energy boost as well as aiding muscle development.

THE VERDICT Getting a toned body is never going to be easy, it requires hard work and dedication. If you are looking for an easy fix, something that is going to get you big or ripped within weeks, you aren’t going to find it. Extravagant supplements aren’t necessary when you get any of the above into your daily diet. There are products that can be helpful when trying to achieve goals, but these aren’t absolutely essential. Ricky Moore, 2012’s Mr Britain recommends a whey protein drink and a good quality multi vitamin. He says, “Supplements are just a time saver most of the time, having one shake in the morning is easier than making porridge and egg whites”. So, while they aren’t an absolute necessity, certain products can make your life a little easier when used in moderation. A good quality whey protein will have a high protein content, above 70g per 100g serving is a good amount. It should also have a low carbohydrate count, this is important as a lot of whey proteins use some additives and refined sugars for taste. You should aim for below 8g of carbs per 100g serving. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, taking a whey protein drink within 30 minutes of your exercise speeds up muscle recovery. Whey protein drinks that come recommended by the professionals are Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, and My Protein Impact Whey Isolate. Both will set you back around £25 a kilo. For more tips on healthy living visit 21centuryman.

Dinner - Chicken and peanut stir fry Ingredients 100g chicken 160g stir fried vegetables 100g egg noodles or 100g brown rice 60g peanut sauce Handful of seeds or crushed nuts to garnish Large handful of fresh spinach leaves Total - 50g protein, 650kcals, 70g carbs, 20g fat

21st Century Man January 2013

“Style is when they’re running you out of town and you make it look like you’re leading the parade.”

- William Battie

Fashion for men

Guide To Shopping Take TK to the Maxx Finding a certain degree of style whilst on a budget can be treacherous. Large price tags and small pockets often lead to a cheaper alternative. Cheaper price is fantastic, however cheaper quality is not so great. Cheap quality means cheap look, something that may bring the estimation of you down in the eyes of others. This no longer needs to be the case. With up to 60% off recommended retail price, shop tactically, shop smart, and completely open your horizons to the wonders of TK Maxx!


irst gracing these shores in 1994, TK Maxx has since made itself an iconic high street destination, but have you ever truly utilised it to its full potential? Like other shoppers, you will have most likely trawled the rails, walked around sections of the store, perhaps even tried an item on, only to leave and head to the next store with the same closed approach. However TK Maxx cannot be treated in this way. Shopping in TK Maxx is the equivalent to a treasure hunt; you must be mentally prepared to scout every inch of that store completely, with an open mind, and see it right through to the end. Why you ask? Because this store is the best kept secret in men’s fashion. It’s your weapon to fill your wardrobe with style, with quality, and with your own individual flavour, whilst still remaining affordable.

Dress Well

goods, with all new stock taken directly to the shop floor, so what you see is what you get. And what you do get is a goldmine, housing plenty of safe seasoned garments such as Ralph Lauren, Farah and Hilfiger, guaranteeing you to walk away with at least something. But where TK Maxx takes precedent is the mass of unknown brands from around the world that they manage to get their hands on. Brands such as Cro-Jack, Mishka, Bolongaro Trevor and Nicole Farhi are just a few to name that this shopper has managed to discover in countless hours spent raiding TK Maxx.

In order to get the full potential out of TK Maxx, you must shop with a game plan. All clothes on rails face left; therefore you want to be standing to the very left end of the rail when you begin a section. Push clothes back on the rail as far as you can with your right arm, and then begin to pull each item towards you with steady procession until one finally catches your eye. Price tags are usually attached to the left sleeve or label of the item, so be sure to examine this, as it states the R.R.P, the TK Maxx No two TK Maxx stores are the same. Each store receives new deliveries daily, if not several price, and whether the item is in season or not. times if it’s a prime store in a large city. With this rapid turnover rate of clothes from warehouse to If you like labels but don’t want to pay full price for store, expect to find something new every single them, TK Maxx will be the only high-street store day, something almost all other high street stores you ever need to visit. You’ll never need to pay full cannot boast. There are no stockrooms to hoard price to stay fashionable ever again. 21st Century Man January 2013



No matter your style, staple pieces are the ultimate essential for today’s man. They are the clothes that will get you through days when your convinced you have nothing to wear. A good piece can transcend seasons, seamlessly weaving different outfits together. They should give you durability, comfort and style. Here at the 21st Century Man we understand the pressure you face to spend less, especially in the current financial climate, however these are not items you should be looking to save money on. There is no compromise. Think of it as purchasing a car; a long term investment. These essential items of clothing must be bought with the same thought and care. Investing in high quality garments will provide you with a long-lasting style base for years to come. Here we focus on the core essentials, a single item of clothing for the upper body, lower body and feet. We present, The Essential Staple Pieces that should be resting in every man’s wardrobe..

21st Century Man January 2013

Upper Body – Knit A

quality item of knit that properly fits is one of the most flattering garments a man can wear. Well crafted knit will instantly give you a slimming, more toned appearance. Functionally it will keep you warm, from a style perspective it can break up your wardrobe, molding different outfits together. Narrowing the endless choice of Knit to one item is not an easy task, however approaching the colder months; this seasons ‘knit-to-know’ is the Roll-Neck (turtle neck rolled down). Once associated with geeks, the roll-neck is is now the perfect alternative to a formal shirt, as well as being a casual classic. This item should boast quality with a slim fit and textured feel. Look no further than knit-wear by Reiss. For years now Reiss have made strides in providing a high end backdrop of

Dress Well clothing for men to pick from. They have differentiated themselves from their competitors by sticking to their high-street ethos, but not letting this stop them making the type of men’s garments you’d expect from the most expensive of designers. Jessica Levick, a buyer for Reiss states, “Turtle-necks are the most comfortable garment you can wear. They move with the body, and they’re flattering too. They make life so easy: you can wear a turtle-neck to work and then afterwards throw on a jacket, and it becomes very dressy.” For a roll-neck that will stay relevant throughout the seasons, try Reiss’ ‘Neptune’ knit polo (£79), to be worn casually during the day or with layers in the evening.

Lower Body – Levi 501’s B

ought correctly, one pair of jeans can stay relevant through the day, the night, year after year, no matter what else you wear to compliment it. Trends will change, but the jeans will stay the same. When taking all of this into account, there simply cannot be an alternative when calling Levi’s 501 Original the perfect pair of jeans. Originally made for work-wear (mine-workers in particular) Levi’s are steeped in history. The 501’s have barely changed shape since the 1950s when people began wearing them for general use. Synonymous with iconic film stars such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, Levi’s were able to infiltrate their clothes into film studios being a Californian company, thus enabling them to staple themselves into American culture. Reece Churm of Levi’s states, “From the 70s-80s was marketed as a fashion piece as it had the quality and association with rebellious culture, through young iconic people. They stand the test of time now as the red

Reiss Neptune Knit Polo Available from tab and quality is known about and passed down through generations. Young girls and guys are cutting the 501 jeans into shorts. They have reinvented themselves with the times and what is relevant.” With an array of quirky designer jeans out there to buy, it can be hard matching them up with the rest of your wardrobe. The lack of update to the 501 is a refreshing change in this day and age. They can be worn cuffed or uncuffed (an unfamiliar option for most jeans), with shoes or trainers, T-shirts or shirts. This one simple item of clothing can open your wardrobe to an array of possible outfits. Wearable all year-round, year after year, with a style certain to never grow old, you’ll cer21st Century Man January 2013

Dress Well tainly be wearing your monies worth. For a pair of Levi 501s that are guaranteed to boost your wardrobe potential for any occasion, try Levi’s 501 Originals in black or denim (£70-85), available online or from your local Levi store.there to buy, it can be hard matching them up with the rest of your wardrobe. The lack of update to the 501 is a refreshing change in this day and age. They can be worn cuffed or un-cuffed (an unfamiliar option for most jeans), with shoes or trainers, T-shirts or shirts. This one simple item of clothing can open your wardrobe to an array of possible outfits. Wearable all year-round, year after year, with a style certain to never grow old, you’ll certainly be wearing your monies worth. For a pair of Levi 501s that are guaranteed to boost your wardrobe potential for any occasion, try Levi’s 501 Originals in black or denim (£70-85), available online or from your local Levi store.


icking just one shoe to take you forward through your days is a tough task, as there are so many different shapes, sizes and colors. However, like a fine wine, or a Rolex watch, some things are crafted to stand the test of time. The Adidas Gazelle is a classic example of this, designed with such a distinctive shape that pioneered the original three-strip design which still makes them relevant today, 44 years after they were first issued. Originally made for indoor football, the Gazelle developed a personality of its own, from Muhammed Ali and Franz Beckenbauer, to Bruce Lee and Run DMC, breaking the boundaries of sport crossing into mainstream culture. Stanley Johnson, of Adidas Originals shared his thoughts on the Gazelle appeal. “Most football casual stuff stands the test of time quite well, you just need to look at both of Adidas’ Gazelle and Samba trainers. The shape hasn’t really changed, even the gold foil Adidas mark on the shoe is the same as it was in the 60s. They sit right on jeans, go well with a shirt, and finish off any casual look.” The shoe remains simple, a flat sole made

Levi’s 501 Denim Available from

Feet – Adidas Gazelles of soft leather, with a suede finish and the symbolic three stripes. They compliment any pair of jeans they are worn with, and give your casual look an air of brilliance. Anybody pulling off a pair of Gazelle’s is sure to earn the respect of those equally informed. For a pair sure to compliment anything it’s paired with well, try the Adidas Gazelle’s in the classic blue (£60-70) from your nearest Adidas Original store or online.

Adidas Gazelles, blue Available from

21st Century Man January 2013

Dress Well

One-on-one with your very own PERSONAL SHOPPER Clothing for men is becoming more significant within the fashion industry, with menswear recently staging its own dedicated London Fashion Week, proving that men are finally as conscious about clothing as women are. Topman has been able to capitalize on this more-so than its competitors, leading the way in men’s high-street fashion. With the introduction of Topman’s new Personal Shopper service, Lauren Jackson, a Personal Shopper at the new flagship store in Leeds, speaks to us on day-to-day life in-store and what men should be wearing.


eing a personal shopper lets me take pride in something that I love. I keep myself fashionable, but I have a really keen eye for men’s fashion. Topman’s new Personal Shopper service is designed to cater men who don’t have the time to shop, or those who aren’t confident shoppers. I’ll help them find something to wear for whatever occasion they are shopping for. My day is usually packed with appointments. To prepare for a client, I will go over the details we already have in place, such as their size, or if they already have an occasion in mind when booking. I’ll set up a pre-wardrobe with it in mind, as well as preparing the clients private room; it’s all time saving and helps to be prepared. When the client arrives, we usually have drinks ready to relax the client, everything from water to beer. I like to get chatting to build a rapport which helps me understand the person and make things easier than dressing somebody you don’t know anything about. I’ll assess the clients general style from the off, then ideas will flow as to how to upgrade this persons look. I’m great at dressing blank bases, so I’ll find out the client’s height and shape and go from there. The biggest mistake men can make is not dressing to proportion. Dressing strict to your body shape makes a huge difference to your overall image.

I make an effort to stay on top of the latest men’s trends, but things change at such a fast pace it’s hard to always be right up-to-date, which is why I try to dress my clients in a way that remains classic and relevant. This season, Bomber Jackets have dominated the catwalks in lots of styles, something I would definitely recommend to be a key staple for men’s wardrobes. Another key staple for this season going forward will have to be the Deep Tan Brogue Shoe, the best shoe a man can wear in my opinion. However if I had to recommend one essential staple on a budget, it would have to be any Trench Coat worn properly. They have the power to give you a complete fashion overhaul. 21st Century Man January 2013

Dress Well Over the next few seasons there are definitely a few pieces that will be staying relevant, such as a simple Wool Pea-Coat, navy in particular. I really love this jacket, its a classic take on the jackets worn by the old European sailors, plus most men can pull it off and its easy to wear over almost anything. The Bellfield Camo Worker Jacket is also a great piece that’s going strong. Camouflage is a great casual look if done properly.



As for a style icon for men to look towards no matter the time of the year, it has to be David Beckham for me. He always looks smart, timeless and handsome whatever he is wearing. Only he can get away with wearing boot cut jeans, something I really despise, and even then he rocks them well. David always looks good, and should be an inspiration to all men out there.



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Lauren’s Top 5 RULES FOR GUYS


Its important to look good everyday than look different everyday, so make sure you fully assess yourself before you leave the house.


If it doesn’t fit, you must quit. Dress to your body type. There’s a fine line either side of too tight and too baggy, know your middle-ground.


Your clothes do not necessarily need to match, except socks of course, but colour tones must compliment each other. Try your best to keep the colours you wear seasonal.


Casual sweatshirts or jumpers should be broken up between your bottom layer. Try wearing a longer white t-shirt underneath. This will not only keep you warm in the cold, but it will soak up any excess sweat, and break up your outfit perfectly.


Guy must book haircuts in advance. By the time you realise you need a haircut, so does everybody else!

21st Century Man January 2013

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