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DASHBOARD: 2012 Service Quality Surveys 211 Central East Ontario - Quality Assurance Program Survey Targets


Total Surveys Target

Total Surveys Completed




Caller Ranking CIRS

Caller Satisfaction

Total contacts # of Callers who made Ranking 1-10 Ranking 1-10 agreed they (or attempted) Helpfulness of Listening skills understood info & to achieve CIRS of CIRS referrals provided completed by CIRS surveys




330 or 99.3%

Why callers didn’t get help from referrals Service full – no wait list


Service full – put on wait list


Not eligible


No transportation to service


Service no longer available


No answer, busy, no call back from Service


Not determined


Service Outcomes

# of Callers who agreed they would call again

# of Callers who followed up on referrals

# callers who received help (of those who followed up)

# of Callers transferred to 211 at end of survey for further assistance

328 or 98.7%

308 or 92.7%

201 or 65.2%

23 or 6.9%

Survey Target Rationale In 2012 Community Connection set an annual survey target of 271. Each year, a sample size calculator ( is used to determine the annual target. This target was reached by applying the following determinates: - Population size: 1.2 million - A 5% margin of error - A 90% confidence level. Survey Participants To determine survey participants, calls are conducted in the normal way and at the end of some calls callers are asked to participate in a survey. If permission is granted, the caller’s first name and telephone number is collected. Community Connection's quality assurance team performs each follow up call three days after the initial call, using a set of questions that include both caller satisfaction and call outcome measures.

Caller input on best features of 211 Easy to remember


Know the information is accurate


Helps you sort through what you need


Always speak to a live person


Third-Party Service Quality Evalution In addition to Community Connection's quality assurance program, a third-party research firm (contracted by Ontario 211 Services Corporation), conducted an additional 140 surveys with Community Connection's callers. The positive outcomes of these surveys contributed to Ontario 211 winning World Class Certification in 2012.

2012 211 central east ontario service quality & outcomes  

211 is a free 24/7 helpline that helps people find services in their community.

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