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The Czech Centre presents 20th Made in Prague Festival

5 Nov — 2 Dec 2016 #MadeInPrague

A month of exciting cinema, innovative theatre plays, art performances and music from the Czech Republic

Czech Centre London Czech Centre 116 Long Acre London WC2E 9PA 0207 836 3669 Facebook: @londonczechcentre Twitter: @CzechCentreLnd #MadeInPrague

Venues Barbican Centre Silk Street London EC2Y 8DS Box Office: 020 7638 8891 Admission Erotikon: £13.50 / £12.50 (concs.) We Are Never Alone: £9.50 / £8.50 (concs.) Close-Up 97 Sclater Street London E1 6HR Box Office: 020 3784 7975 Admission £10 / £8 (concs.) Deptford Cinema 39 Deptford Broadway London SE8 4PQ Admission Shorts: free admission The Greedy Tiffany: £5 / £3 Frontline Club 13 Norfolk Pl London W2 1QJ Box Office: 020 7479 8940 Admission £10 / £8 (concs.) Gate Cinema 87 Notting Hill Gate London W11 3JZ Box Office: 0871 902 5731 Admission £12.50 / £11.50 (concs.) Goethe-Institut London 50 Princes Gate Exhibition Rd London SW7 2PH Info: 020 7596 4000 Admission £3 / Free for language students and library members.

The Horse Hospital Colonnade, Bloomsbury London WC1N 1JD Info: 020 7833 3644 Admission free Greenwood Theatre King's College London 55 Weston St London SE1 3RA Admission Theatre: £25 / £20 Theremin workshop: for detailed schedule and pricing see The Performance Studio The NINES Copeland Park 133 Rye Lane, 133 Copeland Rd London SE15 3SN Admission free Regent Street Cinema 307 Regent Street London W1B 2HW Box Office: 0207 911 5050 Admission £12 / £11 (concs.) for single screen bookings £10 / £9 (concs.) 2—3 screenings £8 / £7 (concs.) 4+ screenings The Seven Ravens screening: adult £12 / £11 (concs.), children £1.75 The Tabernacle 34-35 Powis Square London W11 2AY Admission free

20th Made in Prague Festival 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Made in Prague Festival. To celebrate this special jubilee we've put together an eclectic mix of films, theatre, art and music that we feel passionate about and want to share with our London audience. The varied programme also gives us an opportunity to work with a multitude of partners at wonderful venues – allowing the Czech Centre to spread its wings and fly from the mighty Barbican to some of the city's most inspiring locations. From the charming Deptford Cinema to the edgy Peckham art scene; from elegant Notting Hill to the avant-garde The Horse Hospital and the hub of independent journalism at the Frontline Club we will showcase Czech culture while remaining centered on film with the Regent Street Cinema as our core venue. The 14 films are created by a new wave of exciting Czech directors and provide strong evidence that another great era in Czech cinematography is imminent. Stories featuring strong female leads (I, Olga Hepnarova), inspire the Female Centric strand, while the 2016 Berlinale favourite Petr Våclav's We Are Never Alone is one of the films exploring Family Affairs. New features sit alongside film classics and documentaries and with an impressive array of special guests attending our screenings for talks and Q&As there is something for everyone.

Tereza PorybnĂĄ Director of the Czech Centre



Sat 5 Nov, 7.30 PM

Greenwood Theatre

Dejvické Theatre: Theremin (Theatre Performance)

A play based on the incredible story of Russian scientist, musician, and secret spy Lev Theremin (1896—1993). Focusing on Theremin's stay in the USA, Petr ‘Buttoners’ Zelenka, one of the wittiest Czech playwrights and filmmakers, explores Theremin's meteoric rise to fame as the inventor of the theremin who thrilled audiences in sold-out concert halls while being run by the Russian secret service. Theremin is brilliantly portrayed by Czech film and theatre star ivan trojan.

01 of 23 Made in Prague Festival Gala Opening with a performance by theremin virtuoso Lydia Kavina (Lev Theremin's granddaughter) during the interval. In collaboration with Dejvické Theatre. Written, directed by: Petr Zelenka Cast: Ivan Trojan, David Novotný, Martin Myšička, Jiří Bábek, Zdeňka Žádníková, Klára Melíšková, Jaroslav Plesl, Eliška Boušková, Pavel Šimčík, Václav Jiráček, Petr Koutecký

English surtitles

Greenwood Theatre

Sat 5 Nov, 1 PM—6 PM Sun 6 Nov, 9 AM—5 PM

Theremin workshop: Hands Off (Music Workshop)

Continuing the tradition of Hands Off festivals and the UK theremin fun meetings, the Theremin Academy team is offering free presentations and workshops for the public, given by Lydia Kavina, Ms Hypnotique and Charlie Drapper. There will be seminars about various aspects of theremin history, music, study and instruments; individual lessons and ensemble sessions. Technical upgrades and theremin instrument repairs will be offered by Thierry Frenkel.

02 of 23 In collaboration with Theremin Academy.

Sun 6 Nov, 7.30 PM

Greenwood Theatre

Dejvické Theatre: A Blockage in the System (Theatre Performance)

A Blockage in the System is based on the short story collection The Acid House written by the wellknown Scottish novelist Irvine ‘Trainspotting’ Welsh. Daniel Majling's stage adaptation, while centered only on one of the stories, paints a sensitive portrayal of Edinburgh's underbelly and keeps Welsh's poetics fresh. Given the Alfred Radok Award, the top Czech theatre award for the Best Play and the Best Actor (ivan trojan) in 2012, it is considered the most vulgar play in Dejvické Theatre's history.

03 of 23 In collaboration with Dejvické Theatre. Recommended age 15+. Written by: Irvine Welsh / Daniel Majling, Directed by: Michal Vajdička Cast: Ivan Trojan, Václav Neužil, Miroslav Krobot, Martin Myšička / Pavel Šimčík, Martin Pechlát, Jaroslav Plesl, Hynek Čermák / Matěj Hádek, Petr Vršek, Jana Holcová, Klára Melíšková, Lenka Krobotová

English surtitles

Greenwood Theatre

Mon 7 Nov, 7.30 PM

Dejvické Theatre: The Winter's Tale (Theatre Performance)

Polixenes, King of Bohemia, has been on a long visit to the court of Leontes, King of Sicilia, and his wife Hermione. Groundlessly, Leontes becomes convinced that his heavily pregnant wife has been having an affair with Polixenes… Shakespeare´s last play full of bizarre misunderstandings and brilliantly fragmented insights into human greatness and failures. The Dejvické Theatre approaches this magical and complex text as a “psycho-thriller with a happy ending” full of subtle irony and humour and with stunning stage design and fabulous cast.

04 of 23 In collaboration with Dejvické Theatre. Written by: William Shakespeare, Directed by: Ondrej Spišák Cast: David Novotný, Martin Myšička, Lenka Krobotová , Miroslav Krobot, Pavel Šimčík, Jaroslav Plesl, Petr Vršek, Veronika Khek Kubařová, Vladimír Polívka, Simona Babčáková, Zdeňka Žádníková

English surtitles



Sat 5 Nov, 4 PM


Erotikon + live accompaniment by Lydia Kavina [theremin], Thomas Ang [piano] (Film Classic)

This landmark of Czech cinema explores the moral consequences of a night of passion between a Prague playboy and a provincial stationmaster's daughter who becomes pregnant. Abandoned by the philanderer, she marries another man, but still dreams of the passion she experienced with her former lover. Restored by the Czech National Film Archive, Erotikon is the forerunner to director Gustav Machatý's Ecstasy and a landmark in European silent film.

05 of 23 In collaboration with Barbican. Part of Cheap Thrills: Trash, Movies and the Art of Transgression showing at the Barbican 28 Oct—6 Nov. Gustav Machatý, Czechoslovakia 1929, 85 min Cast: Ita Rina, Oleg Fjord and Luiji Serventi

English intertitles

Gate Cinema

Tue 8 Nov, 8.45 PM

Eva Nová + Q&A with director Marko Škop and actress Emília Vášáryová (Female Centric)

Once a well-known actress, Eva Nová is leaving rehab for the third time determined to start life anew; to pick up her career and make amends with her estranged son Doďo. It was her older sister who brought Doďo up when Eva, pursuing her career and lovers, abandoned him. Fighting resentment and anger built up over the years she doggedly follows the notion of second chances. A heart-felt drama with a brilliant central performance by the leading Slovak actress emília vášáryová.

06 of 23 In collaboration with the Embassy of Slovak Republic in London and the Slovak Film Institute. Marko Škop, CZ/SK 2015, 106 min Cast: Emília Vášáryová, Milan Ondrík, Anikó Vargová, Žofia Martišová

English subtitles

Thu 10 Nov, 7 PM

Frontline Club

A Country in Motion: Films from Burma (Czechs Abroad)

An evening dedicated to the recent social, political and cultural transitions in Burma presented through the eyes of its young filmmakers. Free elections, gender equality and fighting poverty are recurring themes in the short films selected by Igor Blažević, thinker, political activist and founder of the One World Human Rights Festival in Prague. Followed by a discussion with Burmese filmmakers and experts, reflecting on the films and Czech – Burmese parallels, Václav Havel's friendship with Aung San Suu Kyi, and the input given by Czech filmmakers to Burmese documentarians.

07 of 23 In partnership with the Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival, the Human Rights Dignity Institute and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Regent Street Cinema

Fri 11 Nov, 7 PM

I, Olga Hepnarova + Q&A with director T. Weinreb and actress M. Olszanska (Female Centric)

Set in 70s Prague, and shot in glorious black & white, I Olga opened the prestigious Panorama Section of this year's Berlinale. Based on real events, it's the story of a deeply troubled woman unable to fit in or find a place in the world. At the age of 22 she took revenge on society and killed eight people, becoming a mass murderer. Condemned to death she was the last woman to be publicly executed in Czechoslovakia. Was Olga a monster or a victim? The UK premiere is followed by the UK general release on 18 November.

08 of 23 Followed by I, Olga party with Budweiser Budvar and DJ music. In collaboration with MUBI. Tomáš Weinreb, Petr Kazda, CZ/PL/SK/F 2016, 104 min Cast: Michalina Olszanska, Martin Pechlát, Klára Melíšková, Marika Soposka

English subtitles

Sat 12 Nov, 4 PM

Regent Street Cinema

Doomed Beauty (Female Centric)

A terrific study follows the rise and fall of actress Lída Baarová, whom beauty propelled into movie stardom and whose affair with Goebbels overshadowed the rest of her life. Expelled from Germany but considered a Nazi collaborator back in Prague, she is later imprisoned and forced to live in exile. Recalling her tea with Hitler and the ill-fated affair, Baarová's view of herself as a victim is juxtaposed with archive footage and movie extracts questioning the tragedy of her fate.

09 of 23 Helena Třeštíková, CZ 2015, 90 min Cast: Lída Baarová

English subtitles

Regent Street Cinema

Sat 12 Nov, 6 PM

The Noonday Witch (Female Centric)

A modern version of Karel Jaromír Erben's 19th century poem follows the young widow Eliška (anna geislerová) who moves into her late husband's home village. With grief still fresh and lacking money Eliška relies heavily on her new neighbours while building a new home and keeping father's death from her daughter. The stress of lies, a blisteringly hot summer and ‘the curse of the Noonday Witch who steals children midday’ all add to the atmosphere of unease in this sinister psychodrama which explores the real threats to the family.

10 of 23 Bookended by live music by Tom Oldfield (cello) exploring the musical themes of the film composed by Ben Corrigan. Jiří Sádek, CZ 2016, 89 min Cast: Anna Geislerová, Karolína Lipowská, Daniela Kolářová, Jiří Štrébl

English subtitles

Sat 12 Nov, 8 PM

Regent Street Cinema

Home Care + Q&A with director Slávek Horák and actor Bolek Polívka (Female Centric)

Vlasta, a dedicated home care nurse, works long hours travelling all over the countryside to visit her patients while her retired husband Láďa (bolek polívka) potters about at home waiting for his dinner. After a freak accident involving frogs this 30 year old routine comes to an abrupt end and Vlasta is forced to reevaluate her life and face mortality. Beautifully written and performed, full of wry humour and acute observation, this is a life-affirming drama in the style of Miloš Forman and Jiří Menzel.

11 of 23 Slávek Horák, CZ 2015, 90 min Cast: Alena Mihulová, Bolek Polívka, Tatiana Vilhemová, Zuzana Krónerová

English subtitles

Goethe-Institut London

Tue 15 Nov, 7 PM

Schmitke + Q&A with director Štěpán Altrichter (Czechs Abroad)

Julius Schmitke (peter kurth), German wind turbine engineer and man of few words, is sent to a small Czech village in the Ore Mountains on the Czech-German border to fix a mysterious creaking in one of his old models. The atmospheric misty woods, incomprehensible speech and habits of the locals and the strange things which keep happening all add to the mysteries he encounters in the search for his inner self. Set between a comedy and mystery, this visually enchanting debut about a mid-life crisis successfully blends humour with fear and the surreal with the banal.

12 of 23 In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut London. Štěpán Altrichter, CZ/G 2014, 97 min Cast: Peter Kurth, Johann Jürgens, Helena Dvořáková, Jakub Žáček, Petr Vršek

English subtitles

Sat 19 Nov, 8 PM

Deptford Cinema

The Long Night of Czech Shorts (Shorts)

A twisted 19th century queer romance about one of the nation's most influential writers; a black comedy about death full of hunters, drunkards and morbid humour; a horror inspired by Karel Jaromír Erben; an allegory about people and the borders they create and a tragedy about a woman with an unhappy childhood are amongst films featured in this curated collection of the best Czech shorts. Includes Ondřej Hudeček's Peacock, finalist at the 2016 Student Academy Awards, and Jan Saska's Happy End, fresh from the Cannes Film Festival.

13 of 23 In collaboration with Czech and Slovak Stories. Various, CZ 2015, 90 min

Deptford Cinema

Sat 19 Nov, 10 PM

The Greedy Tiffany (Midnight Horror)

Pepa drinks cheap booze making a living robbing cottages and pawning the stolen goods. When he stumbles upon video footage pointing to a mysterious treasure, he sets off on a hunt armed with a metal detector. As the craving for money fights his sense of self-preservation and moral scruples he develops a cunning plan to unearth the sinister prize. An amusing minimalist allegory about the dark side of human nature and the unhealthy pursuit of prosperity.

14 of 23 Followed by The Greedy Tiffany party until 2 am. In collaboration with Czech and Slovak Stories. Andy Fehu, CZ 2015, 75 min Cast: Leoš Noha, Jiří Panzner, Pjeer Van Eck

English subtitles

Fri 25 Nov, 8 PM


The Shop on the High Street (Film Classic)

Tóno Brtko is appointed ‘Aryan controller’ of an old Jewish widow's sewing shop in Nazi-occupied Slovakia under anti-Jewish laws. The widow, barely aware of the war around her, considers Tóno to be simply her new assistant while he attempts to protect her from the encroaching Nazi horror. Wonderfully written and performed, and with an extraordinary score, the film becomes a devastating examination of how minor compromises can finally lead to complicity in the horrors of tyranny. 1965 Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Language Film.

15 of 23 In partnership with Second Run. Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos, Czechoslovakia, 1965, 125 min Cast: Idá Kaminská, Jozef Króner, František Zvarík, Hana Slivková

English subtitles

Regent Street Cinema

Sat 26 Nov, 4 PM

Always Together (Family Affairs)

25 years ago cyberneticist Petr and teacher Simona opted for a life outside mainstream society. Today they have nine children, all living together in a caravan in the midst of nature with no running water or bathroom, relocating to Spain each winter to busk. With the despotic father controlling the whole family what is the cost of this freedom and what does the family gain from its nonconformity? Director Eva Tomanovรก observes the lives of the children defined by their father's experiment.

16 of 23 In collaboration with the Institute of Documentary Film Eva Tomanovรก, CZ, 2014, 75 min

English subtitles

Sat 26 Nov, 6 PM

Regent Street Cinema

Family Film (Family Affairs)

Liberal parents Karel and Eva (karel roden and vanda hybnerová) go sailing in the Indian Ocean with their beloved dog Otto, leaving their two children home alone. Given free range, Anna invites over her free-spirited best friend Kristina while her hormonallychallenged brother skips school. The storm brewing at home turns into a full blown crisis when the boat goes missing during a storm and Otto almost steals the show. A daring script fusing black comedy and a drama full of shocking revelations transforms into a poignant observation of domestic life.

17 of 23 Olmo Omerzu, CZ/GE/FR/SI/SK 2015, 95 min Cast: Karel Roden, Vanda Hybnerová, Daniel Kadlec, Jenovéfa Boková

English subtitles

Regent Street Cinema

Sat 26 Nov, 8 PM

The Snake Brothers + Q&A with director Jan Prušinovský (Family Affairs)

The concept of brotherly love takes a mighty beating in this story of two thirty-something siblings (played by the real-life Hádek brothers) making ends meet in a small industrial town. Grass Snake, unemployed and liking his drink too much, is forever coming to the aid of his junkie brother and thief Cobra until the day he seizes an unexpected opportunity. The brewing crazed standoff between the brothers has tragic consequences in this down-to-earth drama full of rough-cast humour.

18 of 23 Jan Prušinovský, CZ 2015, 111 min Cast: Matěj Hádek, Kryštof Hádek, Jan Hájek, Lucie Žáčková

English subtitles

Sun 27 Nov, 2 PM

Regent Street Cinema

The Seven Ravens & Workshop for children (Family Screening)

A beautiful fairy-tale based on Božena Němcová and the Brothers Grimms' story about a young girl who saves her brothers from a horrible curse placed on them by their mother. Bohdanka embarks on a journey to lift the curse which turned her brothers into ravens by single-handedly making them nettle shirts. This is a story of courage, perseverance and the power of words, truth and true love.

19 of 23 Followed by an art workshop for children. In collabortion with the Czech School without Borders.

Alice Nellis, SK/CZ 2015, 97 min

English subtitles


Wed 30 Nov, 8.30 PM

We Are Never Alone + Q&A with director Petr Václav (Family Affairs)

In a small Czech town, a handful of people come together: a paranoid and rage-filled prison guard; his hypochondriac neighbour and the latter's silent, despairing wife; a lovesick nightclub manager and a stripper who is a single mum. Their encounters weave into a drama of explosive proportions that exceeds the provincial setting of this anonymous place. The desire to survive and give meaning to one's life becomes the crux of the film which shifts from the realistic to the bizarre with dark humour.

20 of 23 Part of New East Cinema. Presented in collaboration with the Barbican and Calvert 22 Foundation, curated by The New Social. Petr Václav, CZ/F 2016, 105 min Cast: Karel Roden, Lenka Vlasáková, Zdeněk Godla, Miroslav Hanuš

English subtitles

Visual Art

Visual Art

Fri 18 Nov, 7 PM

The Horse Hospital

AutopsiA Thanatopolis (Exhibition and Performance)

The mysterious project AutopsiA brings its complex and thought-provoking work to the UK for the first time with an exhibition presenting films, lectures, music, graphics, and specially commissioned new work. Inspired by London's alternative culture of the late 1970s, AutopsiA started in socialist provincial Yugoslavia and relocated to Prague in the 1990s. Its shadowy, spectral, multi-layered practice includes installation, richly orchestrated music releases, performance and video, all marked by a distinctive combination of technological and mystical sources.

21 of 23 In partnership with Divus and The Horse Hospital. Exhibition: Sat 19—Sat 26 Nov, Mon—Sat, 12—6pm.

The Performance Studio

Wed 30 Nov, 8 PM

Pavel Sterec: Performance (Performance)

A perfomative lecture with Pavel Sterec, a Czech visual artist and researcher interested in science, social structures and our dependency on tangible or symbolic capital. Or, as he himself writes: “I experiment on a small scale with social engineering as an artistic procedure�. His latest project, presented during this lecture, explores possibilities of building a collective identity between our own bodies and among living organisms through redefining the role of parasites in our society.

22 of 23 Organised in partnership with The Performance Studio.

The Tabernacle

Fri 2 Dec, 8 PM

Made in Prague Festival Closing Night Party with DJ Ventolin

The jubilee Made in Prague festival closing party takes place at the stylish Grade II listed building of The Tabernacle. Adding to the quirky vibe will be Czech DJ Ventolin (david doubek) with his hilarious audio-visual show, mad dancing, DIY lights, electronic music mixed live from various devices, microphones tesla & grundig and video by VJ Majstrstyk. In addition to the music frenzy, an unorthodox Christmas market will feature Czech design, fashion, music and books.

23 of 23

12159_BUDVAR_A5_AD_138mmX105mm_AW.indd 2

21/09/2016 10:32

Royal quest Discover for yourself the life and times of Charles IV.

Charles IV travelled frequently to Karlštejn Castle during its construction to inspect the builders’ masterly work and to ensure that the castle would be a safe place to house the imperial crown jewels.

Karlštejn 30 minutes from Prague





 Sat 5 Nov, 1 PM—6 PM Greenwood Theatre Theremin workshop: Hands Off (music workshop) 02 of 23 4 PM Barbican Erotikon 05 of 23 7.30 PM Greenwood Theatre Dejvické Theatre: Theremin 01 of 23  Sun 6 Nov, 9 AM—5 PM Greenwood Theatre Theremin workshop: Hands Off 02 of 23 7.30 PM Greenwood Theatre Dejvické Theatre: A Blockage in the System 03 of 23  Mon 7 Nov, 7.30 PM Greenwood Theatre Dejvické Theatre: The Winter's Tale 04 of 23  Tue 8 Nov, 8.45 PM Gate Cinema Eva Nová + Q&A with director Marko Škop and actress Emília Vášáryová 06 of 23  Thu 10 Nov, 7 PM Frontline Club A Country in Motion: Films from Burma 07 of 23  Fri 11 Nov, 7 PM Regent Street Cinema I, Olga Hepnarova + Q&A with director T. Weinreb and actress M. Olszanska 08 of 23

 Sat 12 Nov, 4 PM Regent Street Cinema Doomed Beauty 09 of 23

 Sat 26 Nov, 4 PM Regent Street Cinema Always Together 16 of 23

6 PM Regent Street Cinema The Noonday Witch 10 of 23

6 PM Regent Street Cinema Family Film 17 of 23

8 PM Regent Street Cinema Home Care + Q&A with director Slávek Horák and actor Bolek Polívka 11 of 23

8 PM Regent Street Cinema The Snake Brothers + Q&A with director Jan Prušinovský 18 of 23

 Tue 15 Nov, 7 PM Goethe-Institut London Schmitke + Q&A with director Štěpán Altrichter 12 of 23

 Sun 27 Nov, 2 PM Regent Street Cinema The Seven Ravens + Workshop for children 19 of 23

 Fri 18 Nov, 7 PM The Horse Hospital AutopsiA Thanatopolis (Lecture and Performance) 21 of 23

 Wed 30 Nov, 8.30 PM Barbican We Are Never Alone + Q&A with director Petr Václav 20 of 23

 Sat 19—26 Nov, Mon—Sat 12—6 PM The Horse Hospital AutopsiA Thanatopolis (Exhibition) 22 of 22

8 PM The Performance Studio Pavel Sterec: Performance 22 of 23

 Sat 19 Nov, 8 PM Deptford Cinema The Long Night of Czech Shorts 13 of 23 10 PM Deptford Cinema The Greedy Tiffany + Party 14 of 23  Fri 25 Nov, 8 PM Close-Up The Shop on the High Street 15 of 23

 Fri 2 Dec, 8 PM The Tabernacle Made in Prague Festival Closing Night Party 23 of 23

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