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Leo’s heart was pounding. It was almost summer vacation! Leo sat looking at the clock, waiting for the bell to ring, when the principal came on the intercom. He said

whoever wants to come down to the office at the bell can enter their name in a draw to win a trip to go and see Captain Tory’s new ship. Plus you get to attend a 10 day

cruise to Disneyland. Since we live in Maui, it’s not too far. As soon as Leo heard that he was even more excited for the bell to ring. As soon as it rang Leo made a run for the

office. Luckily Leo was the first to arrive. He signed up and ran home to tell his mom. The next day there was an announcement. Leo Veldez had won the cruise!!!!

Leo screamed and did a little click with his ankles. Leo’s mom was also excited but sad that her only son was leaving without her. Leo stayed up all night thinking about the

cruise. When Leo was about to leave his mom said, “Leo before you go I want to tell you something very important. When me your dad got divorced, we didn’t tell you

about your older brother Mage. He ran away when you were 3 and we never wanted to tell you.� Leo was SHOCKED! When Leo finally calmed down, he hugged

and kissed his mom and ran to Captain Tory’s boat. As soon as he got there, he could see that Captain Tory had a sad look on his face. He had lost his boat. Someone had

stolen it. When Captain Tory swung his lantern 3 times the schooner appeared. Right when the boat got to shore the sky got grey, the moon slowly came out

and a tall dark figure appeared behind Captain T. It was Darth Mage. Leo had no idea it was his brother. Mage had had his name changed to Darth Mage. Darth Mage held out his

sword, lowered it closer to Captain Tory’s back, and slowly stabbed Captain T. He fell to the ground and never woke up. After Captain Tory fell to the ground Darth Mage said


Before anyone could say anything, they disappeared in to the darkness……….

Harris Burdick Mystery  

My version of the story...

Harris Burdick Mystery  

My version of the story...