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Dir: Sam Fleischner 13-year-old Ricky is an autistic boy from Queens, New York. One fine day, Ricky loses himself in the subway system, taking an adventurous journey in the underbelly of the chaotic metropolis, while hurricane Sandy threatens to flatten everything in its wake. A unique visual experience on the verge of hallucination and an alternative, highly idiosyncratic portrait of New York City and its inhabitants. 22:00 DE WEDEROPSTANDING VAN EEN

KLOOTZAK / THE RESURRECTION OF A BASTARD (Netherlands, 89’) Dir: Guido van Driel

Where the old Ronnie would use a vacuum cleaner to poke your eye out, the new Ronnie is a little lamb. What happened to the devious gangster to change him so radically? Guido van Driel flirts with Quentin Tarantino’s delirious universe in a blood-soaked story made with impressive artistry.


CARTE BLANCHE - ΥANNIS ΒAKOGIANNOPOULOS FREE SCREENING 19:00 PATHER PANCHALI (1955, India, 123’) Dir: Satyajit Ray Seeing the world through the eyes of a little boy, the hardships of everyday life in a Bengali village are instantly transformed into a lyrical symphony of breathtaking visuals. The most important filmmaker in India introduces his own brand of compassionate, humanistic cinema with a timeless emotional appeal. 21:45 THE GREAT FLOOD (USA, 80’) Dir: Bill Morrison In 1927, the overflow of the Mississippi river lead to one of the most disastrous floods in US history. Drawing on archival material, the maestro of avant-garde filmmaking, Bill Morrison, conspires with jazz guitarist Bill Frisell to deliver a mystical experience.

JUST ANCIENT LOOPS (USA, 26’) Dir: Bill Morrison

Magical images of the universe accompanied by grand cello compositions elevate Bill Morrison’s latest work into an unforgettable audiovisual feast. (screens before feature) THEATER 1

18:00 WHITE REINDEER (USA, 82’) Dir: Zach Clark The most feel-bad Christmas story you’ve ever seen on the silver screen, boasts a sophisticated holiday menu of a gruesome crime, an extended orgy, plenty of neuroses and tons of despair, along with a sense of humor that will make the smile freeze on your lips – straight from SXSW. 20:00 ΤΟRΕ ΤΑΝΖΤ / NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN (Germany, 110’) IC Dir: Katrin Gebbe A religious young man falls prey to a seemingly kindhearted family man, but it won’t be long until his sadist side is revealed. Meant to cause controversy, the debut that divided the Cannes Film Festival down the middle draws on real-life events for a shocking parable. Not for the faint of heart. 22:30 NOS HEROS SONT MORTS CE SOIR /

17:30 SHORT STORIES Α’ (97') An international selection of the best short films of the year. 19:30 LES RENCONTRES D’APRES MINUIT / YOU AND THE NIGHT (France, 90’) IC Dir: Yann Gonzalez Ali, Matthias and their transvestite maid are preparing for an orgy with the Slut, the Stud, the Star and the Adolescent. Eric Cantona wears a prosthetic penis next to Alain Delon’s clone (his son Alain-Fabien), who bring de Sade’s “Philosophy in the Bedroom” to life, accompanied by the sounds of M83. Filmmaker in attendance 21:30 THE TREE AND THE SWING (Greece / Serbia, 107’) ΕP Dir: Maria Ntouza Returning to Greece after a yearlong absence, Eleni is called upon to rekindle the relationship with her estranged father, but finds him living with a mysterious woman from Serbia. A modern myth on penance, acceptance and love. Starring Myrto Alikaki, Elias Logothetis and Mirjanna Karanovic. Filmmakers in attendance

OUR HEROES DIED TONIGHT (France, 94’) IC IP Dir: David Perrault

Two professional boxers take on the Parisian underworld in the 60s in the most impressive film debut to come out of France this year. Fresh off the Cannes Film Festival, it boasts stylized visuals, noir atmosphere, expressionistic cinematography and plenty of directorial panache.

22:00 LURK (Greece, 87’) Work in progress Dir: Bill Katsikis On a rainy night when Ann is alone in her isolated villa, a stranger invades her home and her mind, making her worst nightmares come to life. An atmospheric psychological thriller that will take your breath away. Starring Tess Spentzos, Peter Gerald and Aris Athan.


THEATER 2 ALEX VAN WARMERDAM RETROSPECTIVE 20:00 KLEINE TEUN / LITTLE TONY (1998, Netherlands, 95’) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam An illiterate farmer lives with his wife οn an isolated farm. The arrival of a sexy teacher, who’s supposed to help educate him, will lead to a saucy love triangle and the birth of Little Tony. But this farm only has space for one mum. ARI FOLMAN RETROSPECTIVE 22:00 MADE IN ISRAEL (2001, Israel, 114’) Dir: Ari Folman The manhunt for the last Nazi in the world brings an outrageous group of Israeli military officers, Russian killers and other bizarre characters together. Ari Folman enters absurdist territory as he tracks this unlikely group with a cynical sense of humor, a handful of pulp fiction references and plenty of style.

Opening party for the Greek Film Section at BARTESERA

18:00 12 Ο’CLOCK BOYS (USA, 76’) EP Dir: Lotfy Nathan If you’re already acquainted with Baltimore through alltime classic TV show "The Wire", then we’d like to invite you to visit an unseen side of the city, ruled by biker gangs that roam the streets for a little excitement. Poetry meets mean street culture in one of the best documentaries of the year. 20:00 THE LIMOUSINE (Greece, 92') WP Dir: Nikos Panagiotopoulos Three friends from 60s Paris attempt a road trip to modern-day Greece, looping in and out of fantasy and questioning absolutely everything. A situation comedy and a coming-of-age fairy tale or, according to the director himself, "a film that can be heard". Starring Nikos Kouris, Doukissa Nomikou, Dimitris Katalifos and Pavlos Haikalis. Lifetime Achievement Award to Nikos Panagiotopoulos 22:15 SHORT TERM 12 (USA, 96’) IC Dir: Destin Daniel Cretton A supervising staff member of a foster care facility for socially challenged children identifies with a girl she should be protecting, awakening her own personal demons. Grand Jury and Audience Award winner at SXSW, this devastating coming-of-age story will shake you to your core. 00:15 THE CONJURING (USA, 112’) Dir: James Wan Two paranormal experts step in when a family comes face-to-face with inexplicable phenomena in their new country home, in a film that makes "Paranormal Activity" sound like a bedtime story. “Insidious” director, James Wan, returns to suggestive horror films only to throw viewers into a panic with one of the most macabre (and true-to-life) haunted house movies in the history of cinema.

17:00 GREEK SHORT STORIES - IN COMPETITION ΙΙ (84') page 14 19:15 FRANCES HA (USA, 86’) Dir: Noah Baumbach A dreamy 27-year-old girl looks for meaning in adult life, while trying to survive a black & white, modern-day New York. Humor and sparkling dialogues, characters and situations a hair’s breath away from real life and moments that alternate smiling with tears in a ode to Woody Allen’s “Manhattan”. ALEX VAN WARMERDAM RETROSPECTIVE 21:15 BORGMAN (Netherlands / Belgium / Denmark, 113’) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam Borgman and a team of unspecified origin set their sights on a well-off family and turn their lives into a nightmare. A metaphysical thriller with class consciousness, Alex van Warmerdam’s latest movie is a macabre fairy tale about the archetypal battle between Good and Evil, that tends to favour the villain. Official selection at the Cannes Film Festival’s competition section. Lifetime Achievement Award to Alex van Warmerdam

2 18:15 STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS (USA, 98’) (R) IC Dir: Sam Fleischner 20:30 LES RENCONTRES D’APRES MINUIT / YOU AND THE NIGHT (France, 90’) (R) IC Dir: Yann Gonzalez Filmmaker in attendance 22:30 ΤΟRΕ ΤΑΝΖΤ / NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN (Germany, 110’) (R) IC Dir: Katrin Gebbe

THEATER 1 18:00 HAPPY SLAPPING (Canada, 76’) EP Dir: Christos Sourligas A bunch of losers slap unsuspecting victims, while recording the assaults on their cell phones to post online. Shot by teenagers on their iPhones, "Happy Slapping" is an ode to the irrational violence that plagues contemporary society. 20:00 LA FILLE DE 14 JUILLET / THE RENDEZ-VOUS OF DEJA-VU (France, 88’) IC Dir: Antonin Peretjatko If Godard made slapstick vignettes, they would surely look a little something like this: Hector goes on a road trip with Truquette, but halfway there, they learn the government has decided to slash summer holidays by a month due to the credit crunch. In love with the Nouvelle Vague, this zany comedy stole the audience’s hearts at the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes. 22:00 ALL IS LOST (USA, 106’) Dir: J.C. Chandor One sailor’s desperate fight for survival in the middle of the ocean turns into a fascinating nautical adventure, giving 77-year-old Robert Redford the opportunity to deliver one of the most physically and mentally demanding performances of his career.

THEATER 2 CARTE BLANCHE - YANNIS BAKOGIANNOPOULOS 22:15 STRATEGIA DEL RAGNO / THE SPIDER’S STRATAGEM (1970, Italy, 100’) Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci A young man arrives in a small town in Northern Italy to investigate the circumstances of his anti-fascist father’s death. A brilliant comment on the volatile nature of the truth and the countless mazes of human history in one of Bertolucci’s most underrated masterpieces.

DJ set by following "The Limousine" premiere, at SIX D.O.G.S.


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18:00 TWENTY FEET FROM STARDOM (USA, 87’) MC Dir: Morgan Neville Meet the greatest female vocalists the world has never known! Introduced by Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder and the director of this euphoric tribute to the most legendary back-up singers in the music industry. 20:00 GLORIA (Chile / Spain, 110’) Dir: Sebastián Lelio Boasting a brilliant female lead (Paulina García), awarded at the last Berlinale, Sebastián Lelio’s bittersweet film is brimming with temperament, thanks to a delightful 58-year-old divorcée who delivers life lessons in optimism by taking her life into her own hands. 22:30 KON-TIKI (UK / Norway / Denmark / Germany, 118’) Dir: Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg Could someone cross the Pacific Ocean with nothing but a balsawood raft with a set of primitive tools? Attempted by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdal in 1947, his legendary journey is transformed into an exotic, hearty adventure that will inspire you to push past your own limits. Nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

ATHENS OPEN AIR FILM FESTIVALFREE SCREENING 17:45 THE CIRCUS (1928, USA, 70’) Dir: Charlie Chaplin The Oscar-winning "Circus", infiltrating the titular microcosm, remains one of the best films of the comedic genius that was Charlie Chaplin. ALEX VAN WARMERDAM RETROSPECTIVE 20:15 OBER / WAITER (2006, Netherlands,

97’) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam A waiter has to put up with rude customers, his bed-ridden wife, his demanding lover and his gangster neighbors. Fed up, he requests a few moments of happiness from the screenwriter who determines his life. "Waiter" naturally inhabits the space where reality becomes stranger than fiction, brimming with hilarious gags and deliriously funny scenes. Filmmaker in attendance


17:30 SHORT STORIES Α’ (97’) (R) An international selection of the best short films of the year. 20:15 THE GREAT FLOOD (USA, 80’) (R) Dir: Bill Morrison JUST ANCIENT LOOPS (USA, 26’) (R) Dir: Bill Morrison (screens before feature) 22:45 LA FILLE DE 14 JUILLET / THE


Dir: Antonin Peretjatko

THEATER 1 17:30 GREEK SHORT STORIES - IN COMPETITION III (107') page 14 20:00 SEPTEMBER (Germany / Greece, 105’) Dir: Penny Panagiotopoulou We live for the moment we find a place in someone else's heart. After her heartrending debut, "Hard Goodbyes: My Father", Penny Panagiotopoulou directs a film warmer than words, which was screened at the Karlovy Vary and Toronto Film Festival. Starring Kora Karvouni and Maria Skoula. Filmmakers in attendance 22:30 LA GRANDE BELLEZZA / THE GREAT BEAUTY (Italy / France, 142’) Dir: Paolo Sorrentino “Il Divo’s” brilliant leading man (Toni Servillo) and virtuoso director invite you to a roller coaster ride through the countless pleasures, the wild parties and the all-night drinking benders of Rome, lead by a cosmopolitan writer who got tired of drowning his existential sorrows in expensive cocktails.

THEATER 2 ARI FOLMAN RETROSPECTIVE 19:00 MADE IN ISRAEL (2001, Israel, 114’) (R) Dir: Ari Folman

22:15 ZWEI MUTTER / TWO MOTHERS (Germany, 79’) IC IP Dir: Anne Zohra Berrached Katja and Isabella decide to have a baby, but their endless adventures with sperm donors and fertility clinics turn this simple desire into an Odyssey that will test their relationship. Anne Zohra Berrached’s feature debut aptly highlights the difficulties faced by a homosexual couple, even in a country as advanced and as forward thinking as Germany.

(1955, India, 123’) (R) Dir: Satyajit Ray

00:15 HK: HENTAI KAMEN / HK: FORBIDDEN SUPER HERO (Japan, 105’) ΕP Dir: Yûichi Fukuda Kyosuke gets off on soiled women’s panties. When he wears them on his head, he instantly gains super powers, transforming himself into his all-powerful alter ego “Pervert Mask”, who tries to impose justice using the most degenerate methods. The most twisted b-movie of the year comes from Japan, causing spontaneous explosions of uncontrollable laughter everywhere it goes.

16:00 HITLER - EIN FILM AUS DEUTSCHLAND / HITLER: A FILM FROM GERMANY (1977, West Germany / France / UK, 410’) Dir: Hans-Jürgen Syberberg Heavily influenced by Brecht, this legendary and deeply analytical film by Syberberg constitutes an experimental, poetic and, most importantly, contemporary look on the monstrous phenomenon of Nazism and all the reasons that fostered the rise of Adolf Hitler in fascist Germany.




"September" party at BLUE BIRD

17:45 INCH’ALLAH (Canada / France,102') Dir: Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette A young doctor from Quebec treats pregnant women in a refugee camp on the West Bank. Although she has forged bonds on both sides of the wall, she will soon be called upon to decide where her loyalties really lie. The producers of Oscar-nominated “Incendies” and “Monsieur Lazhar” are back with an equally riveting film. 20:00 ILLUSION (Greece, 100’) WP Dir: Savas Karydas A loner journalist falls in love with a gorgeous Russian immigrant who “belongs” to the most ruthless kingpin in the city. Neo-noir illusions on the wild side of the Athenian landscape. Starring Zenia Kaplan, Yannis Stankoglou, Sifis Polyzoidis and Dimitris Imelos. Filmmakers in attendance 22:15 KILL YOUR DARLINGS (USA, 104’) Dir: John Krokidas Lucien Carr initiates Allen Ginsberg into a world of drugs, jazz and free sex, with a violent twist. The result is a guilty secret that will haunt the most legendary group in American literature forever. Passionate visuals resurrect the New York Beatnik scene, while Daniel Radcliffe delivers a stunning performance.

17:45 GREEK SHORT STORIES - IN COMPETITION IV (91') page 14 20:00 ECHOLOT (Germany, 77’) IP Dir: Athanasios Karanikolas A bunch of friends get together to commemorate the one-year anniversary since a member of the gang took his own life. As they try to come to grips with their tragic loss, their sadness is transformed into an explosion of love, hate, music, dancing, sex and alcohol. Karanikolas captures a youthful perspective on life and death with immediacy and style. Filmmaker in attendance 22:30 DRAGONPHOENIX CHRONICLES: INDOMITABLE (Greece, 126’) WP Dir: Thanos Kermitsis The first homegrown sword & sorcery feature, based on a fantasy comic book series penned by the leading man himself, is one screening away from attaining cult status. Ιn an Age of Darkness, the mighty Dragonphoenix Empire rules the World of Elebros with an iron fist. Only Dragar, an enslaved warrior, makes a stand and remains indomitable. Starring Yannis Roumpoulias, Konstantina Georganda, Meletis Georgiadis and Kyriakos Koroyiannis. Filmmakers in attendance


2 18:30 SHORT TERM 12 (USA, 96') (R) IC Dir: Destin Daniel Cretton 20:45 TWENTY FEET FROM STARDOM (USA, 87') (R) MC Dir: Morgan Neville

THEATER 1 CARTE BLANCHE - YANNIS BAKOGIANNOPOULOS 17:30 THE SEARCHERS (1956, USA, 119’) Dir: John Ford A civil war veteran (John Wayne) turns the search for his kidnapped niece into a personal Odyssey. This legendary Western replaces politically correct heroics with personal obsessions, prompting Orson Welles to reply "Ford, Ford and Ford", when asked about his three favorite directors. 20:00 MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (USA, 108’) Dir: Joss Whedon Love pangs, hilarious misunderstandings and two couples in permanent emotional turbulence.“The Avengers” director brushes Hollywood millions aside and shuts himself in his house with a bunch of his best friends. 12 days later he delivers one of the most unconventional and fascinating silver screen adaptations of the popular stage play that would even make Shakespeare proud. 22:15 FRUITVALE STATION (USA, 85’) Dir: Ryan Coogler The real-life shooting of a young African American man by a white cop is transformed into a film grenade full of anger and tears, programmed to go off during Oscar season, after sweeping awards at Cannes and Sundance.


20:00 WAITER / ΓΚΑΡΣΟΝ! (2006, Netherlands, 97') (R) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam


22:00 ABEL (1986, Netherlands, 100’) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam Abel is an eccentric 31-year-old who still lives with his parents. When he gets kicked out of the house, he unknowingly hooks up with his dad’s mistress. Warmerdam aims his poisonous arrows at the Dutch bourgeoisie in one of the greatest debuts in contemporary European cinema.

UNDERGROUND (Greece, 95’)

Dir: Giannis Haritidis The Greek underground scene from the 60s and 70s, its psychedelic influence on visual arts and the avant-garde fusion of beat and surrealism in poetry, is delightfully captured through some of its most characteristic representatives. Featuring Leonidas Christakis, Panos Koutrouboussis, Kostas Ferris and Dimitris Poulikakos. Filmmakers in attendance


monday, september 23rd 2013 1 17:15 GREEK SHORT STORIES - IN COMPETITION V (122') page 14 20:00 FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON (Greece, 87’) WP Dir: Angelos Spartalis In 1869 America, 100 years before the Apollo 11 moon landing, the bellicose are yearning for new conflicts as a cannonball is about to be fired into the Moon. Angelos Spartalis delivers the first Greek full-length animated film ever made, based on Jules Vernes’ book of the same name. Voiced by Dionyssis Savvopoulos and Psarantonis. Filmmakers in attendance 22:30 W IMIE... / IN THE NAME OF... (Poland, 102’) Dir: Malgorzata Szumowska A priest in the Polish countryside comes face to face with carnal desire and his own repressed sexuality, when a young man unexpectedly barges into his life. The human libido clashes with religious duty in a controversial drama that won the Teddy Award at the Berlinale.

18:00 LONG DISTANCE REVOLUTIONARY: A JOURNEY WITH MUMIA ABU-JAMAL (USA, 120’) Dir: Stephen Vittoria Member of the Black Panther Party and a political activist, Mumia Abu-Jamal awaited execution in his cell for 30 years, after being charged with the murder of a police officer. Is Mumia a political convict, charged with a crime he didn’t commit just to shut him up, or is he nothing but a murderer? 20:30 THE STONE ROSES: MADE OF STONE (United Kingdom, 96’) MC Dir: Shane Meadows One of the most influential bands of the "Madchester" movement announce their reunion and the director of “This Is England” documents their tumultuous relationships with the true dedication of a die-hard fan. Will the Stone Roses manage to conquer the world again? 22:30 FATAL (South Korea, 103’) IC Dir: Lee Don-Ku A timid young man, forced by his schoolmates to participate in the gang rape of a drugged girl, is still racked with guilt. When he runs into the victim ten years later, he’s ready to do anything to make it up to her. A heartrending thriller about the weight of a guilty conscience.

21:00 OLGA ROBARDS (1989, Greece, 89’) Dir: Christos Vakalopoulos A burglar accidentally discovers the identity of the woman behind a series of assassinations of prominent Arab businessmen in Athens and decides to stake her out. 20 years after his death, Christos Vakalopoulos remains an unrivaled force in Greek cinema and the festival pays tribute to his lasting influence with a screening of his only narrative feature, starring Olia Lazaridou and Antonis Kafetzopoulos. Discussion to follow. Yorgos Ikaros Babassakis will moderate.


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17:45 SHORT STORIES Β’ (95') An international selection of the best short films of the year.

22:00 NOS HEROS SONT MORTS CE SOIR / OUR HEROES DIED TONIGHT (France, 94’) (R) IC IP Dir: David Perrault

20:00 DE JURK / THE DRESS (1996, Netherlands, 103’) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam This dress is harbinger of disaster. A man gets fired because he disagrees with the design, the woman who buys it, dies, and the girl who wears it becomes the target of a manic ticket collector. Provocative, cheeky and always hilarious, “The Dress” follows its owners' desperate quest for true love.

MORNING PRAYERS (Bosnia and Herzegovina / Greece / Serbia, 21') Dir: Konstantina Kotzamani, Katarina Stanković A teenage couple comes face to face with an unexpected event that will change their lives forever. A tough coming-of-age story in the darkness of Sarajevo. (screens before feature) THEATER 1 18:00 SOUND CITY (USA, 108’) EP Dir: Dave Grohl Do you want to know all about the legendary studio and unsavory conditions some of the most emblematic albums in rock history were recorded under? Dave Grohl has all the answers, as he takes it upon himself to walk us through one of the lesser known pages of rock history, along with Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Trent Reznor and countless others guitar heroes. ARI FOLMAN RETROSPECTIVE 20:15 WALTZ WITH BASHIR (2008, Israel, 87’) Dir: Ari Folman A director who fought in the 1982 Lebanon War talks to people from his past, in an effort to understand why he doesn’t remember anything about that period. Defying the dividing line between documentary and dream-like animation, Folman delivers an invaluable commentary on memory that swept awards at festivals around the world, only to end up at the Oscars. Filmmaker in attendance 22:45 IN FEAR (United Kingdom, 85’) Dir: Jeremy Lovering A young couple is driving to a music festival when they get lost on the way to their hotel. Darkness falls, the gas is running low and the worst part is, they’re not alone in this road rage labyrinth. If you think a no-budget film taking place inside a car is impossible to scare you to death, you’d better think again! THEATER 2 ALEX VAN WARMERDAM RETROSPECTIVE

19:30 KLEINE TEUN / LITTLE TONY (1998, Netherlands, 95’) (R) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam


21:45 DE LAATSTE DAGEN VAN EMMA BLANK / THE LAST DAYS OF EMMA BLANK (2009, Netherlands / Belgium, 90’) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam Emma Blank is dying. Her husband plays her butler, her sister the maid and her brother the dog, only to inherit her non-existent fortune. A distant cousin to “Dogtooth” and “Festen”, the film is a case study on the contemporary ghost of totalitarian regimes and a humorous experiment on the dark side of human nature.

Alternative party following "The Stone Roses: Made of Stone" at THE GIN JOINT


22:00 UPSTREAM COLOR (USA, 96’) Dir: Shane Carruth Shane Carruth’s (“Primer”) new masterpiece is a scifi romantic thriller that proposes a totally outrageous explanation for love at first sight. The inexplicable attraction between two people is all the excuse Carruth needs to totally restructure movie grammar, dazzling audiences with his directorial bravado.

18:15 LE CHANT DES ONDES / WAVEMAKERS (Canada, 97’) MC Dir: Caroline Martel “Wavemakers” tells the story of an ingenious and highly sensitive musical instrument that turns electrical pulses into melodies. The Ondes Martenot has been extensively used in both the film and the music industry by bands like Radiohead, writing a little-known chapter in the history of music that’s stranger than science fiction. ΑRI FOLMAN RETROSPECTIVE 20:15 THE CONGRESS (2013, Israel, 122’) Dir: Ari Folman An actress concedes to selling her image and voice to a film studio that will create a 3-dimensional, ageless digital copy of herself. A mixture of live action and hallucinatory animation, Folman's vision of the future breaks the barriers of the wildest imagination. Lifetime Achievement Award to Ari Folman 23:00 COMPUTER CHESS (USA, 92’) Dir: Andrew Bujalski Do you remember when Yuri Kasparov used to triumph over IBM’s super computer? Andrew Bujalski, the guru of DIY cinema, turns the clock further back, documenting an imaginary chess convention where chess maniacs battle primal computers and then computers take turns outwitting each other! Α tearfully funny homage to the VHS aesthetic in all its 80s glory.

21:00 PILLOW (Germany / Greece, 91’) Work in progress Dir: Konstantinos Kakoyannis Relationships within a small group of friends are put to the test during a camping trip to the countryside. Is turning their back on civilization enough to bring these six people closer together or is anti-conformism an individual choice? Starring Rinio Kiriazi, Kleopatra Markou, Panagos Ioakim, Konstantinos Papatheodorou, Mirto Strampi, Aris Tsampalikas and Takis Moschos. Filmmakers in attendance

2 20:00 MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (USA, 108’) (R) Dir: Joss Whedon 22:15 INDIA BLUES (Germany, 93’) Dir: George Markakis The relationship between two men filtered through eight different emotional states they experience: pain, desire, happiness, jealousy, attraction, peace, love and anger. George Markakis breaks the mold of queer cinema, reminding audiences that emotions are more important than the chronological order of the events that provoked them.

THEATER 1 18:00 GREEK SHORT STORIES - IN COMPETITION VI (112') page 14 CARTE BLANCHE - YANNIS BAKOGIANNOPOULOS 20:30 BEAU TRAVAIL (1999, France, 90’) Dir: Claire Denis The arrival of a good-looking soldier at a French Foreign Legion outpost in Africa awakens latent sexual desires in a disciplined staff sergeant. "Beau Travail", probably Claire Denis’ best film to date, is an imposing drama featured prominently in Sight and Sound’s Top 100 Films of All Time. 22:45 LOVE ETERNAL (Ireland / Luxembourg / Japan, 93’) IC Dir: Brendan Muldowney Ian is obsessed with death: he likes to spend his time on suicide forums, trying to approach young women who want to kill themselves. Until one day love wreaks havoc in his life. A macabre love story offering irrevocable proof that love and death are only a hair’s breadth away.

THEATER 2 ΑLEX VAN WARMERDAM RETROSPECTIVE 18:15 DE NOORDERLINGEN / THE NORTHERNERS (1992, Netherlands, 108’) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam In his autobiographical and most beloved film, Warmerdam blows the whistle on the veiled racism, the colonial attitude and the religious fanaticism of Dutch society. His "Northerners" live in a half-finished apartment complex from the 60s, crippled by sexual repression and family dysfunction. ΑLEX VAN WARMERDAM RETROSPECTIVE 20:30 DE LAATSTE DAGEN VAN EMMA BLANK / THE LAST DAYS OF EMMA BLANK (2009, Netherlands / Belgium, 90’) (R) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam


wednesday, september 25th 2013 1 17:15 GREEK SHORT STORIES - IN COMPETITION VII (119') page 14 JOUR DE FRANCOPHONIE IN COLLABORATION WITH THE TV5 MONDE TELEVISION NETWORK 20:00 LE PASSE / THE PAST (France / Italy, 130’) Dir: Asghar Farhadi Ahmad’s return to Paris by way of Iran to sign his wife’s divorce papers triggers a chain of unexpected reactions that reveal hidden secrets. Ecumenical Jury Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for Asghar Farhadi’s transfixing European debut. 22:45 BOXER (Greece, 90’) WP Dir: Giorgos Panteleakis Is there a human side to a boxer with swollen cheekbones and a bloody nose? Following the transition of a veteran athlete into his new role as coach, this forceful documentary uses testimonials from people who have tasted their share of blood inside the ring to push boxing stereotypes into a corner. Filmmakers in attendance

thursday, september 26th 2013



18:30 DAS MERKWÜRDIGE KÄTZCHEN / THE STRANGE LITTLE CAT (Germany, 72’) Dir: Ramon Zürcher An average German family, a middle-class Berlin apartment, a day like any other. Jacques Tati’s visual gags meet Chantal Akerman’s essay films in a lighthearted experiment that confirms the invisible magic of domesticity. GENERATOR (Greece, 19') Dir.: Nikoleta Leousi When middle-aged Savas sees his family business fail, he will resort to deeds he never thought he’d be capable of. (screens before feature) GEORGES FRANJU RETROSPECTIVE 20:30 LA TETE CONTRE LES MURS / HEAD AGAINST THE WALL (1959, France, 93’) Dir: Georges Franju After an intense confrontation with his authoritarian father, François finds himself committed to an asylum he will desperately try to escape. A Kafkaesque nightmare depicting the battle between traditional and modern psychiatry, reason and insanity, freedom and oppression. THEATER 1

18:15 THE KING OF COMEDY (1982, USA, 110’) Dir: Martin Scorsese A lonely young man (Robert De Niro) abducts his TV idol (Jerry Lewis) in order to achieve success in showbiz. Scorsese’s riskiest and most heavily misunderstood film celebrates 30 years since its original release with a restored print. 20:45 LOVELACE (USA, 93’) Dir: Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman The “Deep Throat” backstory springs to life through Linda Lovelace’s biography. Amanda Seyfried acts her heart out as the ultimate porn queen, who starred in the most famous adult film of all time. 23:00 LAST SUMMER (USA, 73’) IC IP Dir: Mark Thiedeman A youthful queer film about the tender love story between two boys that could have very well been made by Terrence Malick: a delicately moving debut that packs a rare visual punch. KING KONG (Greece, 25') Dir: Nikos Kiritsis A 50-year-old man works at a zoo. An unexpected event will trigger a spiral of violence and despair. (screens before feature)

ΑRI FOLMAN RETROSPECTIVE 19:30 SAINT CLARA (1996, Israel, 85’) Dir: Ari Folman 13-year-old Clara has the ability to predict the future, which she uses to share quiz test questions with her schoolmates. But what happens when she falls in love? A rare portrait of teenage angst and the quest for love, reminiscent of John Hughes and David Lynch all at once. 21:45 FAN (Greece, 90’) Work in progress Dir: Dimitris Mpitos An 11-year-old girl pulls the pin out of a hand grenade, staging her parents’ relationship from scratch. Childhood vengeance offers a poignant answer to the cruelty and selfishness of the adult world. Starring Yorgos Valais, Irini Drakou and Danae Androulaki. Filmmakers in attendance



18:30 LOOKING FOR THE LOCRIANS (Greece, 71’) Dir: Iris Zachmanidi Three mentally disabled men cohabit in a controlled housing unit in Amfissa, a city with a rich historical past that reaches all the way back to the very first Hellenes, the Locrians. They manage their household and forge bonds with the people around them, proving that lust for life is stronger than the stigma of disease. Filmmakers in attendance 20:15 IT FELT LIKE LOVE (USA, 82’) IC Dir: Eliza Hittman A 14-year-old girl is anxious to lose her virginity. A coming-of-age story in the streets of Brooklyn during a long, hot summer, as seen through the ethereal lens of a brilliant first-time director. 22:00 WHAT RICHARD DID (Ireland, 87’) Dir: Lenny Abrahamson Up until yesterday, he was the most envied and popular teenager in his school, but a thoughtless fight will cost him a lot more than his good reputation. Abrahamson’s all-powerful drama introduces Jack Reynor, one of the most fascinating new talents in the past few years.

18:00 HARMONY LESSONS (Kazakhstan / Germany / France, 110’) IC Dir: Emir Baigazin

A gang of underage thugs terrorizes the students, until a social misfit decides to fight back. An intense revenge story on bullying turns into a lesson in precision filmmaking in the hands of a newcomer from Kazakhstan. GEORGES FRANJU RETROSPECTIVE 20:15 LES YEUX SANS VISAGE / EYES WITHOUT A FACE (1960, France / Italy, 88’) Dir: Georges Franju A distinguished surgeon abducts and mangles young women as involuntary organ donors in a desperate attempt to restore his beautiful daughter’s face. Deeply influential, the French filmmaker’s masterpiece merges Jean Cocteau’s poetic cinema with the horror of an exploitation film. WILD BEAST (Greece, 15’) Dir: Aggelos Frantzis The wild beast is getting ready to abandon the sewers. Its roar can be heard through the apartment building’s windows. (screens before feature) 22:30 SPRING BREAKERS (USA, 94’) Dir: Harmony Korine It’s time for the guiltiest pleasure of the movie season. Watch Harmony Korine’s luscious schoolgirls star in the most violent, sex-crazed holiday of the school calendar with James Franco making up the numbers as a white gangsta rapper. ELVIS IS DEAD (Greece, 8') Dir: Stergios Paschos Nikos and Sofia have broken up, but Elvis will bring them back together. (screens before feature) THEATER 2 ΑLEX VAN WARMERDAM RETROSPECTIVE 20:00 ABEL (1986, Netherlands, 100’) (R) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam CARTE BLANCHE - YANNIS BAKOGIANNOPOULOS

22:00 STRATEGIA DEL RAGNO / THE SPIDER’S STRATAGEM (1970, Italy, 100’) (R) Dir: Bernardo Bertolucci

Cocktail Party for the Jour de Francophonie – TV5 Monde at the garden of the Numismatic Museum of Athens

GEORGES FRANJU RETROSPECTIVE 18:00 LA TETE CONTRE LES MURS / HEAD AGAINST THE WALL (1959, France, 93’) (R) Dir: Georges Franju 20:15 HARMONY LESSONS (Kazakhstan / Germany / France, 110’) (R) IC Dir: Emir Baigazin 22:30 HAPPY SLAPPING (Canada, 76’) (R) EP Dir: Christos Sourligas

THEATER 1 18:00 DIE LEBENDEN / THE DEAD AND THE LIVING (Austria / Poland / Germany, 112’) Dir: Barbara Albert A young Austrian discovers her grandfather was a guard at Auschwitz and decides to explore her family’s past during WWII. Her trajectory starts from Berlin and circles a festering wound that’s still torturing Europe: Nazism. 20:30 PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER (Russia / UK, 86’) MC

17:15 GREEK SHORT STORIES - IN COMPETITION VIII (122') page 14 20:00 THE SENTIMENTALISTS (Greece, 100’) Work in progress Dir: Nikos Triantafyllidis “The Teacher” is a loan shark who smuggles antiquities in hearse. The dirty work is carried out by two youngsters, who make the fatal mistake of falling in love. Branded as “Sentimentalists”, they need to be eliminated immediately. Starring Takis Moschos, Haris Frangoulis, Dimitris Lalos and Iliana Mavromati. Filmmakers in attendance 22:15 I AM DIVINE (USA, 86’) Dir: Jeffrey Schwarz John Waters’ muse, a timeless gay icon, unparalleled cult figure and subversive symbol of alternative pop culture: the infamous Divine left her mark with her shocking performances and provocative lifestyle. “Vito” director Jeffrey Schwarz explores every aspect of her tumultuous life, giving her the movie portrait she really deserves.

Dir: Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin Arrested for blasphemy, they were targeted by Vladimir Putin and his lackeys, becoming global resistance symbols overnight. Are you ready for the Pussy Riot onslaught and their unholy rhymes? 23:00 BIG BAD WOLVES (Israel, 110’) Dir: Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado A cop operating on the fringes of the law, a bereaved father thirsty for revenge and a teacher suspected for a series of heinous crimes against underage girls, whose bodies are always discovered headless. The "Rabies" directorial duo returns with a twisted tale that would make Park Chanwook seethe with jealousy, a sardonic thriller full of black humor, relentless tension and unexpected plot twists.


NORTHERNERS (1992, Netherlands, 108’) (R) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam

GEORGES FRANJU RETROSPECTIVE 17:45 NUITS ROUGES / SHADOWMAN (1974, France / Italy, 100’) Dir: Georges Franju A ruthless criminal is looking for the Knights Templar’s legendary lost treasure with the help of an army of human robots. Occult rituals, mass murders, secret organizations and references to pulp adventure novels, constitute an orgasmic universe brought to life with unique style and inexhaustible imagination. Surprise party for "The Sentimentalists" at Karytsi square


friday, september 27th 2013 1


17:30 GREEK SHORT STORIES - IN COMPETITION IX (119') page 14 20:00 LUTON (Greece, 100’) Dir: Michalis Konstantatos The ordinary lives of a high school student, a lawyer and a family man collide in a society that demands the kind of self-containment that can only bear violence. Starring Nicholas Vlachakis, Eleftheria Komi and Christos Sapountzis. Official selection at San Sebastian. Filmmakers in attendance 22:30 COLDWATER (USA, 104’) IC Dir: Vincent Grashaw Inspired by real-life events, the film follows Brad, who's locked up in the Coldwater reform facility where the meaning of horror is redefined by the methods of punishment. Founding member of the team that gave birth to indie sleeper hit “Bellflower”, Vincent Grashaw will keep you nailed to your seat with his directorial debut. Filmmaker in attendance 00:30 SHARKNADO (USA, 90’) Dir: Anthony C. Ferrante A tornado swallows up sharks from the Pacific Ocean and spews them out over Los Angeles, where the residents respond with... bombs! This inconceivable film set Twitter on fire and gave new meaning to cult entertainment.

17:45 OH YEAH, SHE PERFORMS! (Austria, 98’) MC Dir: Mirjam Unger Austria’s indie pop scene is alive and kicking. Sweet riffs, feminist rhymes and plenty of talent are squeezed into a music documentary that follows four female musicians, who prove day in and day out that, when femininity meets inspiration, the results can be riveting. 20:00 JISEUL (South Korea, 108’) Dir: Muel O In post-war South Korea, the inhabitants of a village take refuge in underground caves to escape the violent anti-communist persecution of the state. A brilliantly orchestrated anti-war effort based on real-life events, “Jiseul” is a heart-wrenching requiem for a martyrdom site and everyone who died there. Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. 22:30 OUR VINYL WEIGHS A TON: THIS IS STONES THROW RECORDS (USA / France / UK, 96’) MC EP Dir: Jeff Broadway What is the most revolutionary record company in the history of hip-hop? Kanye West, Common, Flying Lotus and Mike D of the Beastie Boys provide the answer, in a documentary that’s overflowing with music.

GEORGES FRANJU RETROSPECTIVE 22:00 JUDEX (1963, France / Italy, 93’) Dir: Georges Franju Enigmatic avenger Judex kidnaps a corrupt banker on a quest for justice on behalf of his victims and then takes his innocent daughter under his wing to protect her from her father’s demonic mistress. A tribute to popular silent era series, “Judex” is Franju’s most surrealist film, an inspired carnival of disguises and dream-like sequences.


saturday, september 28th 2013 1

GEORGES FRANJU RETROSPECTIVE 18:00 THOMAS, L’IMPOSTEUR / THOMAS THE IMPOSTOR (1965, France, 92’) Dir: Georges Franju An unapologetic dreamer, 16-year-old Thomas takes advantage of his similarity to a famous general’s nephew in order to serve in the army and experience the glory of war first-hand. Balancing lyricism and realism, Franju adapts a novel by Jean Cocteau, illustrating the warravaged landscape as an arena of absolute absurdity, full of hollow delusions and unfulfilled fantasies. 20:00 IT FELT LIKE LOVE (USA, 82’) (R) IC Dir: Eliza Hittman 22:00 PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER (Russia / UK, 86’) (R) MC Dir: Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin THEATER 1 GEORGES FRANJU RETROSPECTIVE 17:00 THERESE DESQUEYROUX (1962, France, 105’) Dir: Georges Franju Trapped in a loveless marriage, Therese attempts to poison her husband. When she fails, he decides to keep her captive in their country home. The asphyxiating atmosphere, together with an outstanding performance by “Hiroshima, Mon Amour’s” leading lady Emmanuelle Riva, paint a portrait of an enigmatic heroine on a selfdestructive trajectory. 19:00 DIE BLECHTROMMEL / THE TIN DRUM (1979, West Germany / France / Poland / Yugoslavia, 162’) Dir: Volker Schlöndorff On his third birthday, Oscar decides he’s going to stay a child forever, reacting to the hypocrisy of contemporary society. Based on this surreal premise, Volker Schlöndorff adapts the epic and deeply allegorical novel of Nobel laureate Günter Grass, which chronicles the rise of fascism through the eyes of an eternal child, a pitch black satire oscillating between raw, poetic images and grotesque savagery. Lifetime Achievement Award to Volker Schlöndorff 23:00 MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS (USA, 75’) MC Dir: Tom Berninger A fascinating and highly confessional backstage pass to the shows, the drama and the everyday life of The National’s exhausting tour schedule, directed with painful honesty and a welcome dose of rock star voyeurism by the lead singer’s little brother. Filmmakers in attendance THEATER 2 ALEX VAN WARMERDAM RETROSPECTIVE 18:00 GRIMM (2003, Netherlands, 103’) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam Abandoned in the woods, two siblings travel to Spain to reunite with their uncle, but the sister ends up marrying a rich surgeon who has his eye on her brother’s kidney. Brothers Grimm fairy tales, spaghetti Westerns and urban legends collide in a morbidly amusing film. ARI FOLMAN RETROSPECTIVE 20:15 WALTZ WITH BASHIR (2008, Israel, 87’) (R) Dir: Ari Folman

"Luton" party at TIKI BAR


18:00 OH BOY (Germany, 83’) Dir: Jan Ole Gerster Young Niko doesn’t give a damn about anything. His life is turned upside down when his dad stops his allowance and his shrink diagnoses him with a mental disorder. The existential crisis of the 30something generation is beautifully framed in black and white, against the seductive cityscape of Berlin, in this delicately ironic feelgood dramedy. 20:00 AWARDS CEREMONY FOR EMERGING GREEK FILMMAKERS The Awards Ceremony will be followed by the screening of the film: THE ENEMY WITHIN (Greece, 107’) EP Dir: Yorgos Tsemperopoulos A ruthless gang breaks into the house of a quiet family ransacking their everyday lives. A chilling story that deals with the merciless dilemmas of a credit crunch society. Starring Manolis Mavromatakis, Yorgos Gallos, Maria Zorba, Ariadni Kavalierou and Elias Moulas. Filmmakers in attendance 23:00 A FIELD IN ENGLAND (UK, 90’) Dir: Ben Wheatley In 1648, a group of British soldiers defect from a Civil War battleground only to follow a mysterious character into a treasure hunt with the aid of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Instead of going for gold, they fall prey to strange alchemy, inexplicable transformations and other side effects. After “Sightseers”, Ben Wheatley is back with another twisted diamond in the rough.

18:15 BLACKFISH (USA, 82’) Dir: Gabriela Cowperthwaite The shocking death of a killer whale trainer by the star of the SeaWorld show is the culmination of a series of accidents and the chronic criminal mistreatment of marine mammals. “Blackfish” is a devastating documentary that reveals what happens when Nature takes revenge on human arrogance. 20:00 DON JON (USA, 90’) Dir: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut tells the story of a porn addict and his relationship with a young hottie played by Scarlett Johansson. A cross between “Jersey Shore” and “(500) Days of Summer”, “Don Jon” is one of the most daring, funny and refreshing comedies of the year. 22:15 ALIENATION (Bulgaria, 77’) Dir: Milko Lazarov A couple crosses the Greek-Bulgarian border to illegally adopt an unborn child. Everything has been arranged in advance, from the transaction point to the camouflaged compartment in the trunk of the car. Christos Stergioglou (“Dogtooth”) stars in a promising directorial debut, fresh off the Venice Biennale. Actor in attendance

18:30 MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS (USA, 75’) (R) MC Dir: Tom Berninger Filmmakers in attendance 20:15 COLDWATER (USA, 104’) (R) IC Dir: Vincent Grashaw Filmmaker in attendance 22:30 SOUND CITY (USA, 108’) (R) EP Dir: David Grohl THEATER 1 17:30 ATHENS OPEN AIR FILM FESTIVAL FREE SCREENING SUMMER IN ATHENS: FEAR AND HOPE (60') Allegiansimilation (The) by Dimitris Kanellopoulos I’ll Take a Deep Breath and I’ll Tell You by Alexandros Hatzis Washingtonia by Konstantina Kotzamani Schoolyard by Rinio Dragasaki Alina Hatson by Venetia Evripiotou The films were shot in the streets of Athens, within the framework of the Athens Open Air Film Festival, and produced by the Greek Film Center. With the support of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO). CARTE BLANCHE - YANNIS BAKOGIANNOPOULOS 19:30 ILUMINACJA / ILLUMINATION (1973, Poland, 92’) Dir: Krzysztof Zanussi After the trials and tribulations of first love and the death of his best friend, a young science student loses his faith in the truth. A philosophical essay on the limits of knowledge by the Polish master of transcendental cinema. NUIT ET BROUILLARD / NIGHT AND FOG (1955, France, 31’) Dir: Alain Resnais With this poetic essay-documentary, Alain Resnais delivers the most creative and devastating film about Nazi concentration camps ever made. (screens before feature) 22:00 AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS (USA, 105’) Dir: David Lowery A cross between the untainted beauty of “Badlands” and the violent honesty of “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Ain't Them Bodies Saints” is a passionate love story between an escaped convict (Casey Affleck) and his young wife (Rooney Mara) against the vast expanses of rural Texas. An ethereal variation on the classic crime film genre, it’s a melancholic elegy on the fragile nature of love. 00:15 CHEAP THRILLS (USA, 85’) EP Dir: E.L. Katz A wealthy couple lures two desperate friends into a twisted betting game for ample reward. The Midnighter Audience Award at SXSW is a comedy that’s as bloody as it is black. THEATER 2

18:00 HITLER - EIN FILM AUS DEUTSCHLAND / HITLER: A FILM FROM GERMANY - PART I (1977, West Germany / France / UK, 217’) (R) Dir: Hans-Jürgen Syberberg

18:00 OLGA ROBARDS (1989, Greece, 89’) (R) Dir: Christos Vakalopoulos ΑLEX VAN WARMERDAM RETROSPECTIVE 20:00 GRIMM (2003, Netherlands, 103’) (R) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam

Greek Film Section party at TAILOR MADE, THROUBI and ROOSTER


sunday, september 29th 2013 1 18:00 THE LONG GOODBYE (1973, USA, 110’) Dir: Robert Altman Detective Philip Marlowe (Elliott Gould) gets caught up in a web of lies while helping out a friend who’s accused of murdering his wife. Altman’s brilliant film noir – probably the most controversial detective novel adaptation in the history of cinema – returns to the big screen 40 years after it was first released in a commemorative screening. 20:30 ON THE JOB (Philippines, 121’) Dir: Erik Matti Two law-enforcement officers and two convicts forced to carry out contract killings for high-ranking prison officials, are caught up in a deadly whirlwind of political corruption that puts their loved ones at risk. A relentlessly cynical and downright dirty thriller by Filipino master of suspense Erik Matti, based on a real-life story. 23:00 AWARD-WINNING FILM The Closing Gala will conclude with the screening of one of the award-winning films.


Dir: Nicholas Wrathall A provocative gay writer and intellectual, a close personal friend to Tennessee Williams and Paul Newman and a man of high social standing, Gore Vidal was the voice of American consciousness, criticising the ills of the establishment through his witty quotes and scathing articles. Discover one of the most fascinating and controversial personalities of the 20th century. 20:30 MY SWEET PEPPER LAND (Kurdistan / France / Germany, 95’) Dir: Hiner Saleem A former independence war hero and a young school teacher are appointed at a Kurdish border town, but the conservative local community and the corrupt tribal chief’s men both turn against them. The most authentic Western of the year comes from the most unlikely of places: the Middle East.

press screenings



GEORGES FRANJU RETROSPECTIVE 18:00 THOMAS L’IMPOSTEUR / THOMAS THE IMPOSTOR (1965, France, 92’) (R) Dir: Georges Franju 20:00 LOVE ETERNAL (Ireland / Luxemburg / Japan, 93’) (R) IC Dir: Brendan Muldowney

THEATER 1 18:00 WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW? (Taiwan, 104’) Dir: Arvin Chen Weichung’s wife wants another baby, which only makes him doubt his sexual orientation, flirting with a male customer and going out to gay bars. But his difficult journey to self-awareness does not lack a sense of humor or tenderness, and even boasts some magic realism and unlimited amounts of optimism. 20:15 REWIND THIS! (USA / Canada / Japan, 94’) Dir: Josh Johnson A horde of producers, actors, directors, avid collectors and video rental store owners let their nostalgia for the VHS years run wild. Josh Johnson unleashes the most sacrilegious film genres in an orgy of video footage from his favorite splatters to cult masterpieces and shamelessly cheap nudie films. In short, everything that changed the face of home entertainment 22:15 SPRING BREAKERS (USA, 94’) (R) Dir: Harmony Korine


Thursday, September 19th 11:00 LES RENCONTRES D’APRES MINUIT / YOU AND THE NIGHT (France, 90’) IC Dir: Yann Gonzalez 13:00 NOS HEROS SONT MORTS CE SOIR / OUR HEROES DIED TONIGHT (France, 94’) IC IP Dir: David Perrault Friday, September 20th 11:00 ΤΟRΕ ΤΑΝΖΤ / NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN (Germany, 110’) IC Dir: Katrin Gebbe 13:00 STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS (USA, 98’) IC Dir: Sam Fleischner Saturday, September 21st 11:00 LA FILLE DE 14 JUILLET / THE RENDEZ-VOUS OF DEJA-VU (France, 88’) IC Dir: Antonin Peretjatko 13:00 SHORT TERM 12 (USA, 96’) IC Dir: Destin Daniel Cretton Sunday, September 22nd 11:00 MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS (USA, 75’) MC Dir: Tom Berninger 13:00 TWENTY FEET FROM STARDOM (USA, 87’) MC Dir: Morgan Neville Monday, September 23rd 11:00 THE STONE ROSES: MADE OF STONE (United Kingdom, 96’) MC Dir: Shane Meadows 13:00 SOUND CITY (USA, 108’) EP Dir: David Grohl

17:00 DE JURK / THE DRESS (1996, Netherlands, 103’) (R) Dir: Alex van Warmerdam

Thursday, September 26th 11:00 COLDWATER (USA, 104’) IC Dir: Vincent Grashaw 13:00 PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER (Russia / United Kingdom, 86’) MC Dir: Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin Friday, September 27th 11:00 REWIND THIS! (USA / Canada / Japan, 94’) Dir: Josh Johnson 13:00 CHEAP THRILLS (USA, 85’) EP Dir: E.L. Katz

TICKET PRICES €4: Press screenings (for the public) €5: Matinee screening (starting until 19:55) €6: All other screenings (starting from 20:00) Unemployment card holders can get free tickets for same-day screenings, subject to availability.

festival sections

19:30 CLOSING GALA AWARDS CEREMONY The Awards Ceremony will be followed by the screening of the film (entrance by invitation): LA VIE D'ADÈLE (CHAPITRE 1 & 2) / ADELE: CHAPTERS 1 & 2 (France / Belgium / Spain, 177') Dir: Abdellatif Kechiche This year’s Palme d'Or is a female romance, a comingof-age story and a study on carnal desire and sexual pleasure all rolled into one. Featuring a jaw-dropping performance by Adèle Exarchopoulos, this is a movie you can’t afford to miss this year. Actors in attendance






MUSIC & FILM In Competition (ΜC) Out of Competition


RETROSPECTIVES Alex van Warmerdam Retrospective Ari Folman Retrospective Georges Franju Retrospective Carte Blanche - Yannis Bakogiannopoulos



Wednesday, September 25th 11:00 SHARKNADO (USA, 90’) Dir: Anthony C. Ferrante 13:00 IT FELT LIKE LOVE (USA, 82’) IC Dir: Eliza Hittman


ΑRI FOLMAN RETROSPECTIVE 22:45 SAINT CLARA (1996, Israel, 85’) (R) Dir: Ari Folman

18:00 HITLER - EIN FILM AUS DEUTSCHLAND / HITLER: A FILM FROM GERMANY - PART II (1977, West Germany / France / UK, 193’) (R) Dir: Hans-Jürgen Syberberg

Tuesday, September 24th 11:00 LOVE ETERNAL (Ireland / Luxemburg / Japan, 93’) IC Dir: Brendan Muldowney 13:00 HARMONY LESSONS (Kazakhstan / Germany / France, 110’) IC Dir: Emir Baigazin


IC: International Competition MC: Μusic & Film - In Competition WP: World Premiere IP: International Premiere ΕP: European Premiere


greek short stories - in competition SLOT I “Cards” by Christina Pitouli “EXI[s]T” by Vagelis Zouglos “Why Can’t You Just See Me?” by Eleni Tomadaki “Five Bullets” by Kostas Christoforidis “Boil” by Ira Dika “Lea” by Konstantinos Antonopoulos “Intravenous” by Antonis Stelianesis “Slay” by Christos Mouroukis “The 6th Key” by Anna Stratoudaki “Vir-gene” by Nikos Avgoustidis SLOT II “Paradox” by Tatiana Soultana Koumoutsi “The Shadow” by George Vassalos “Invoice” by Charalampos Kontopanagos “Thirteen Blue” by Jacqueline Lentzou “A Hardworking Robber” by Michael Felanis “The Furies Hostel” by Costas Gounaris SLOT III “Big Bad Sheep” by Paris Patsouridis “The Day of Roses” by Lowtronik “BOX” by Katerina Yiannakopoulou “Fairy…Tails” by Emy Tzavra-Bulloch “And No More Shall We Part” by Sofia Georgovassili “The Second Man” by Fokion Bogris “Polk” by Vladimir Nikolouzos & Nikos Nikolopoulos SLOT IV “Wonderful Days” by Maria Ligkou “Swordfights” by Nasos Gatzoulis “Redhulk” by Assimina Proedrou “Smashed Out” by Dimitris Nakos “The Human Bat” by Petros Ioannidis “The Little Palace of Aoria” by Vassilis Panagiotakopoulos SLOT V “The Sneeze Project” by Stavros Theiakos & Panayotis Ioannidis “JOUR FIXE” by Ulee Manolakou & Eleni Lampropoulou “Divitis Pauper” by Liza Apostolopoulou “Van Draggers” by Stephen Gekas “Children the Dinner Is Ready” by Stamatina Kappatou “Close Embrace” by Alexandros Skouras “The Invitation” by Vasilis Goudelis


“Sanctimony” by Dimitris Vavatsis “Post Orgasmic” by Menelas “7 a.m.” by Dimitris Tranos SLOT VI “Mother Queen” by Artemis Anastasiadou “Dead End” by Tonia Mishiali “On the Threshold” by Anastasia Kratidi “If Rape Were Legal” by Alexandros Sipsidis “Driving Lessons” by Bill Kalamakis “Dust” by Thanasis Tsimpinis “Travel Express” by Natassa Xydi SLOT VII “Now You Know” by Maxim Cirlan “DebtFools” by Despina Economopoulou & Philippos Vardakas “Leakage” by Maria Papadaki & George Rosolymos “Conservation” by Ifigenia Dimitriou “De Nuevo” by Christos Karteris “Amaltheia” by Yorgos Spanias “Stuffed Tomatoes & Peppers” by Fotis Velentzas “The Balloon” by Natalia Lampropoulou “She” by Eftychia Iosifidou “Jesus Stopped at Gyzi” by Amerissa Basta SLOT VIII “Nicoleta” by Sonia Liza Kenterman “I Am Not Here Now” by Zisis Kokkinidis & Ion Papaspyrou “Family Thrill” by Dimitris Stratakis “Memory Reloaded” by Despina Charalampous & Panos Pappas “Anna” by Spiros Charalambous “Amendment 10/60” by Akis Polizos “Α Sound Story” by Alkioni Valsari SLOT IX “Consideration” by Nancy Spetsioti “Fuck Freud” by Adam Karipidis “Nice Moustache Giorgio” by Anastasios Gotsis “Man in a Box” by Elias Papastamatiou “The Dinner” by Dimitris Argyriou “Inker Street” by Stavros Ladikos “Post Scriptum” by Denise Dionysiou, Ismini Fragkioudaki & Elvira Hasapi “Don’t Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out” by Yannis Tsakiridis “Bob Goes to the Parthenon” by Stella Kyriakopoulos “Pieta” by Alexandros Tsadilas

sidebar events parties PARTIES The Festival Press Office is located at the IANOS bookstore mezzanine (24 Stadiou St) Office hours: Monday to Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00

THURSDAY 19/9 Opening party for the Greek film section BARTESERA, 25 Kolokotroni St, Syntagma Sq.

FRIDAY 20/9 12:00 Alex van Warmerdam The eccentric Dutch director visits Athens on the occasion of the festival’s comprehensive tribute to his work. Are you ready for a crash course on his own special brand of independent, unusual and quirky European cinema?

FRIDAY 20/9 DJ set by at SIX D.O.G.S. following “The Limousine” premiere, 6-8 Avramiotou St, Monastiraki

WEDNESDAY 25/9 12:00 Ari Folman The established Israeli filmmaker, who first garnered international attention for “Waltz with Bashir”, talks to Athenian audiences about his controversial filmmaking style and the unknown facets of his fascinating career. The event will kick off with the screening of the prophetic anti-war documentary “Comfortably Numb” (“Sha’anan Si”, 1991 / 40’), Folman’s first foray into non-fiction, never before screened in Greece. SATURDAY 28/9 11:00 Volker Schlöndorff The Oscar-winning German auteur instigates a dialogue with Athenian audiences about his multi-faceted career, his legendary anti-fascist film “The Tin Drum” and its allegoric connotations that seem to be as timely as ever. 12:00 Greek Short Stories - In Competition Awards announcement for the Greek Short Film Competition.

SATURDAY 21/9 “September” party BLUE BIRD, 4 Ipitou St, Syntagma MONDAY 23/9 Alternative party following “The Stone Roses: Made of Stone” THE GIN JOINT, 1 Christou Lada St, Karytsi Sq. WEDNESDAY 25/9 Cocktail Party for the Jour de Francophonie in collaboration with TV5 Monde Garden of Numismatic Museum of Athens, 12 Panepistimiou St. THURSDAY 26/9 Surprise party for “The Sentimentalists” Karytsi Sq.

SATURDAY 28/9 15:00 Adèle Exarchopoulos The French actress of Greek descent, awarded with the Palme d’Or for “Adele: Chapters 1&2”, and her fellow actor Jérémie Laheurte talk about the film that set Cannes on fire.

FRIDAY 27/9 "Luton" party TIKI BAR, 15 Falirou st, Makrigianni

SATURDAY 28/9 FRIDAY 27/9 20:30 ATHENS BIENNALE 2013 - AGORA The Athens International Film Festival collaborates with the 4th Athens Biennale 2013 in an advance showing of the AGORA show. Through a joint effort by curators, collectors, art historians and other art professionals alike, this year’s Biennale will attempt to answer a burning question: “Now What?” (Exhibition duration: 29/09/2013 – 01/12/2013)

Greek Film Section Party TAILOR MADE THROUBI ROOSTER Agias Irinis Square DANAOS 1 & 2 109 Kifisias Ave, tel: 210-6922-655 ODEON OPERA 1 & 2 57 Akadimias St, tel: 210-3622-683

MEETING POINT 10 Karytsi St, Karytsi Sq.

IDEAL 46 Panepistimiou St, tel: 210-3826-720 48 Iera Odos &134-136 & Megalou Alexandrou St tel: 210-3612-046







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Athens International Film Festival - timetable 2013  

The screening timetable for the 19th Athens International Film Festival.