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October 31, 2013

Cross Country Girls Qualify for State

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Eaton qualifies seven girls for state meet


adamschott sportseditor

Caleb Leonard

Cross Country girls team show their enthusiasm after qualifying for the state meet in Colorado Springs. From left to right: Mckenzie Reiher, Abby Schott, Kaitlin Carey, Karalee Kothe, Tayler Hays, Leah Garcia, Gabby Ramirez, and Coach Jessica Ruff

calebleonard staffreporter

After a vigorous season of running, the hard work finally paid off for girls cross country team at regionals Oct. 17, when they qualified for state as a team for the first time since 2005.The mens varsity 3A team finished the season well, taking ninth out of 11 teams, while the ladies 3A team will continue to state, taking fifth place out of 11 teams at regionals. Regionals this year was moved from Lyons to Monfort Park in Greeley, because of flooding in September. The ladies team worked very hard with a goal to qualify state this season; and it was accomplished through hard running, sprints, and lots of water. McKenzie Reiher (17) led the girls team taking 15th out of 79 runners with a time of 21:05, while the rest of the team completed the course: Abby Schott (17) took 18th place with a time of 21:38, Kaitlin Carey (16) stole 21st place with a time of 21:59, Tayler Hays (17) finished at 24th place with a time of 22:19, Karalee Kothe (16) took 31st with a time of 22:51, Leah Garcia (17) finished the course in 50th place with a time of 24:18 and Gabby Ramirez (15) completed the course in 71st place with a time of 26:07. The girls were extremely excited when they achieved state. Reiher said “Heck yes! I can’t stop smiling and I want to jump up and down.” Reiher also added “I’m just glad we got state! I am not sure what my goal is other than to run well.” The men’s team finished strong with William Longwell (14) leading the Reds

to 38th of 80 with a time of 18:49. The rest of the varsity men finished the season strong: Tucker Goodwine (15) took 44th with a time of 18:58, Conner Untiedt (16) stole 49th place with a time of 19:14, Josh Gregory (16) finished at 51st place with a time of 19:19, Elias Munoz (17) completed the course with a time of 20:02 at 58th place, Alex Adams (16) finished at 61st with a time of 20:08 followed by Zach Bookhammer (17) finishing the course in 70th place with a time of 21:23. Although the men fell short of their goal of state, some of them were still

Caleb Leonard

Tucker Goodwine(15) and William Longwell(14) chase down their best times at a Regional meet

satisfied that their personal best was achieved. Longwell said,“This was the best [time] this year, I got in the high 18’s.” This course was a bit less vigorous than the Lyon’s course and leveled out for easier running. Most of the composition of the course was pavement (sidewalks) but also included grass, dirt roads, and a little bit of sand as well. Schott said “Running through the sand

was difficult, it was hard to push your legs through.” However, Longwell disagreed and said “It was not hard, but the hardest part was going to the finish on the grass.” Running conditions on Thursday were excellent with partly clear skies, temperatures in the mid 50s including a breeze to help the runners cool off, but brisk for the bystanders. Goodwine said “I enjoy running in the cold; it feels good.” Before the meet started, both the men and ladies teams felt anxious. Goodwine said a few minutes before the start of the race “I’m very nervous.” He also added “I am excited about the opportunity to go to state.” Carey agreed and said “I am extremely nervous but it makes you run faster.” With the season complete for the mens cross country team, it still doesn’t mean that the coaches and fans were not impressed at the work the cross country team put into this season. Head coach Jessica Ruff said,“They [the mens team] did really good. They worked a lot, set goals, achieved and beat their PR’s. The goals for low 19s was achieved.” After struggling the past few years due to the lack of members in the team, the ladies state qualification was a great achievement or not finishing regionals to go to state. Although they have failed to overcome the hurdle of regionals in the past, this year the team pushed forward to state Ruff said,“I am very proud of the ladies team and how hard they pushed themselves and excelled to get into state.”

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Cross Country October 2013  

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