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tool. Tree removal, conservation grazing, bracken cutting and burning are just some of the methods used to prevent the landscapes natural succession, which is an on-going struggle with a lack of funding and volunteers making conservation a challenge. Burning is perhaps the most controversial of all the conservation methods due to its destructive appearance, however it is one of the most eyecatching and beneficial techniques for habitat creation. Without it many specialised species that are dependant on heaths could be lost; wildlife from the small Gorse Shield-Bug (Piezodorus lituratus), to the endangered Dartford Warbler (Sylvia undata) that feeds upon them and even our rarer species of snakes and lizards all have an uncertain future. The striking nature of these images is oddly captivating and works for grabbing people’s attention, drawing them in. I have seen that these images mean

different things to different people, but ultimately they work as a conversation starter and get people talking about conservation issues like this in the UK. This body of work could have just been a passion project and simply an exploration of species, and in many ways the book produced as part of this portfolio is a species guide. However I like to think that it goes beyond this and highlights the relationship between the species, their environment and conservation. Having done this project for just under a year I can confidently say that there is a diverse range of subjects out there for you to observe, and I invite you to spend an hour on a heath to see what you can find. However the overriding message of this series is that without the crucial management work none of the wildlife highlighted would be there for you to go and find yourself, and the most effective way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to get involved.

Jack Hendy


205DPI - No.23  

This month features a huge variation of coverage, starting with one of our own trusted photographers Dominic Steinmann in a fantastic Real T...

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