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An author once noted:

“This is Burma. It is quite unlike any place you know about.” How right he was.

Myanmar, otherwise known as Burma, is a located in Southeast Asia, just North of Thailand. The country is yet to be Westernised, and therefore carries a timeless essence. For me, the main charm of this place is the people. The communities are renowned for their welcoming spirit, and it was this that touched me the most. Myanmar fascinates me, every single detail. Its intense colours, magnified with the changing shadows and light. The endless blue skies, the heat, the rich red earth. The exquisite crumbling buildings, and behind it all is the old making way for the new. The tranquil rhythm of the streets, even at their busiest. The great diversity of its people. A turbulent history, oppression, an uncertain political future, hope in the air. Visiting Myanmar is a feast for all the senses and a great heart-opening experience. The folk I’ve met are absolutely beautiful, always leaving me

18. Nicola Miles

with their words ringing in my ears: “Come back soon, bring your friends”, “Please keep me inside of your heart.” I’ve lost count of how many chairs have been pulled up for me on street corners, in front of a store or around a fire, as nothing but their kindness and good will are what come first. I’m intoxicated by the interaction & the stories we exchange, the inquisitive, curious & often forward questions “How much do you earn?’’, ‘’How many lovers have you had?’’. The hellos, waves, ‘’Take my photo!,’’ smiles, gifts of food and green tea. The laughter and singing - such melodies! I think about why I’m here. A fortunate white westerner, coming and going as she pleases and who has no real ties with the land except that her own country once colonized it. I’m here to photograph, to document the landscape and the souls that I come across, and to make friends. To be around so much kindness & generosity of spirit, and also join in, seems good enough reason to be here.

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