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in my company car. Lots of the pictures I shoot get published online a few hours after they happen or are published in print the day after. It’s very rewarding to have several pictures published on a daily basis. It is also a very selfdependent job. I see my boss less than once a week and I hardly ever met my co-workers at Keystone as we are never in the same place at the same time.

might also happen that I get a call from the editor on route to an assignment and have to turn back to shoot something more important or more news-relevant. Yes, it can be quite busy and hectic. For example, one day I could work for only a few hours, but on another day I can work for over 12 hours. You have to be very time-flexible and adaptable to different cultures and groups of people.

The press photography industry is known to be busy and hectic, what is a normal day like for you?

And how do you treat your days off ? Do you shoot for yourself or do you try and distance yourself from the camera as best as possible?

The day usually starts the evening before. I check the calendar, which is synchronized with the one of the picture desk. Then I plan my assignments for the next day, check the journey time and write the caption as best as possible. Most assignments are planned the day before. Other things like accidents you cannot plan. It

If I see something interesting to photograph during my off-days, I tend to pick up my mobile phone and shoot it. Then I don’t have to care as much about composition or lighting. I don’t like to carry huge DSLR’s in my spare time but they are still indispensable for a news

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